he's such a sweetheart how could anyone not love him!

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I see that your requests are open! Could you please do fluff headcanons of Mirio with an s/o who has an amazing friendship with Eri? (Bonus if Eri loves her like she would a sister or mother!) Thank you for taking the time to read this!

This is just too precious! I hope you enjoy!

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Mirio Togata

🥐Mirio was very nervous about introducing you to Eri. Though don’t get him wrong it was nothing on your doing! More that he was afraid that Eri wouldn’t take to you like she did him, and having his pseudo sister afraid of the love of his life would break his heart. Though thankfully it seems he has nothing to worry about.

🥐“Eri this is my girlfriend! Beautiful perfect girlfriend, Eri!” He motioned between the two of you as you stood in front of one another. Eri looking extremely cautious as she was a few seconds away from hiding behind her big brother. Though you made sure to jump right into action.

🥐“It’s great to finally meet you Eri. I’m Mirio’s girlfriend.” You leaned into the child, using a hand to make a wall between him and your words. “Which means I know all the ways we can mess with him.” You gave a comical wink as the little girl laughed. Should he be worried by this new friendship?

🥐The answer was yes. You began to teach Eri all your ways to prank his poor self. It also didn’t help that Eri seemed to look up to you like a mom, or big sister figure so she followed whatever you said like it was holy. Though you have gotten her out of her shell, and would do all the girly things with Eri that he never understood. So a few pies in the face weren’t that bad compared to the good you’ve been doing.

🥐In the beginning he was pretty worried about how dates would go now that the two of you were dedicated to Eri like parents would be, but once again his worries were not going to come true. Having days out with Eri tagging along turned out to be more fun than either of you expected. Though there was those few times when people thought you two were Eri’s parents, but you never seemed bothered by it. Did you two seem old enough to be parents? Well, it didn’t matter. He just enjoys watching you be an amazing surrogate mom to the little girl.

🥐He sometimes catches you two whispering to one another while you braid her silver hair. He got curious one time so he decided to listen in. “Are you and Mirio married like how most mommies and daddies are married?” “No sweetheart, but maybe one day we will be. So which color ribbon do you want this time?” He could only smile giddily at your blunt answer. Yeah, maybe one day soon.

🥐Totally loves cuddling with you and Eri for a bedtime story. Just your voice reading out the words in a variety of tones could put anyone to sleep! Well, according to Eri it’s just him who falls asleep at the sound of your voice.

🥐“Uh can I call you my mommy and daddy?” Eri had wandered up to you two and popped that question out of nowhere. He was lost for words, but you knew exactly what to do. “Of course honey! If that’s what makes you comfortable then I don’t mind one bit.” You bent down to scoop her right into a hug, and looked at him with eyes full of hope. You were probably nervous of what he was going to say. “Do you really see me like a daddy Eri?” When she nodded he couldn’t hide the smile completely enveloping his face, and the tears welling up in his eyes. “Then of course you can call me that!” He joined you two on the floor, making sure to pull you both into his arms. The three of you couldn’t of been any happier than that moment.

Dating Daniel Seavey Includes
  • so many cute and cheesy nicknames for eachother
    • you call him sunshine and he calls you his star
  • he’s super affectionate
    • in public he’s more lowkey and shy, but when it’s just you two he’ll wrap his arms around you and nuzzle his face into your neck
    • he’s even more affectionate when he’s tired, he’ll lean into you or lay on your lap
  • spoils you so much
    • he would buy the moon for you tbh, but he also has a thinking for making you songs or playlists because he knows they mean just as much to you  ( and mixed tapes omg)
  • super blushy and stuttery at first because he doesn’t know how to act around you and he’s not sure if you feel the same way
    • he’s not super smooth but he’s the sweetest bean and once he realizes you like him, he becomes more comfortable. 
  • whenever you go to his concerts he always smiles at you before smiling at his feet and continuing to sing 
  • singing his original songs to you, ones he wrote without the guys that no one has ever heard before
  • he would 100% make a mashup of your favorite songs 
  • introducing you to the guys
    • you’re super nervous because what if they don’t like you? and he’s a total sweetheart about it and reassures you that they will love you
      • he’s also lowkey nervous that you’ll like one of them more than him which you laugh at when he tells you years later because how could you want anyone other than your sunshine?

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{reaction} the reader *a girl* is the new member of nct 127 and is openly bisexual, then the female interviewer begins to fondle the reader's thigh and blink at her (everyone realizes it), how would the member of the group that is her boyfriend react to that?

Oooooooo this is a good one! Here you go! (I hope I could do this request justice) eeee


 Most of the time in you, and Taeyong’s relationship, he is a super sweet angel. But when he sees this happen before him, he’ll want to take control of the situation. He would move her hand away from your legs, not roughly or rudely (respecting that she is a woman) and saying sternly:

“Excuse me, but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t touch my fellow member, or my girlfriend so much.”


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 Taeil would be very jealous. He would wait for the first break in camera time and go to you, grabbing your hand. He would then directly speak to the interviewer, you by his side.

 “You should be a lot more respectful and professional with your guests, don’t touch her again.”


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 Johnny would be EXTRA. Once he saw the interviewer touching your thighs, he would get up and grab your hand to help you stand up from your seat. He’d walk you over to his seat and motion you to sit down. Then he’d sit by the interviewer.

“I think this seat arrangement is a lot more appropriate.”

e x t r a

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 Yuta would be confident in your relationship. He would notice this and interrupt the interviewer a lot so she would get distracted, and stop what she was doing. Yuta would give you looks, letting you know he was cautious about his. Afterwards he would pull you aside.

“I don’t have to worry, do I?”

You would tell him that you’re only his, and he didn’t have to worry about the interviewer.

cocky hoe

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  Doyoung would feel the situation was out of his reach. He would feel heartbroken, and scared during the whole interview. He would fear you could be taken from him, and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. After the interview, he would pull you aside and ask about it. You would see how upset it made him, and would assure him that you can’t be taken from him, and not to worry about the interviewer. He would look at you with the sweetest smile.

“I was really scared, Y/N. I don’t want to lose you to someone else.”


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   Jaehyun would be uncomfortable, and wouldn’t know how to react at first. Then, his eyes would shift from you, to the interviewer. In the middle of the interviewer speaking, he would turn your chair facing him, and try to show that you are HIS girlfriend, and HE was the only one who could be friendly with you. (He would be bold as hell)

“Hey, you know I love you more than anyone ever could, right?”


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   Winwin would pretend he doesn’t care. Winwin is a sweet baby, but in situations where he feels threatened, he will try to be manly and confident. He would stay silent during the interview, looking clearly unhappy.  Once the cameras turn off, but everyone is still around he would speak to the interviewer:

“Miss, I’d appreciate that you acknowledge the fact I’m Y/N’s boyfriend. What you did back there was not okay.”

yes you tell him baby

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  Mark would be silent. He would do all the talking with his eyes. He didn’t want to be unprofessional, and ruin the interview for any of his members. He observed that you were the only member being touched so much, and would lock on to the interviewer with pure jealously in his eyes.  Once the interviewer caught his intimidating gaze, she would quickly stop and continue professionally.

He would pull you aside afterwards

“I didn’t want you to humiliated on an interview for the world to see, you’re so much more than some woman’s play toy. You’re my girlfriend, and you deserve a better image while your debuting with us.”

BITCH this is so much whaT am i writing

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  Haechan would be very sad. He would be worried that maybe he wasn’t good enough, and he wouldn’t say anything during the interview. He would automatically regret not saying anything though, and would feel even worse. He would be obviously unhappy, and you’d eventually have to check on him. You’d cheer him up and let him now that the interviewer was out of line, and that everything was ginger to be okay.

“I’m sorry I didn’t stick up for you, Y/N. I just love you so much, I can’t lose you.”

again we don’t deserve angels

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Breakdown (hehe) of In Trousers

This all my interpretation of what each song means

Marvin’s Giddy Seizures: This song is like all about that kid who wants attention negative or positive, doesn’t matter. I think this is Marvin asking for attention, trying to make people either see him or think he needs their help/care. I think this need for attention could be stemmed from his parents who are never mentioned, which might be because they aren’t active in his life, and this could be why he has “giddy seizures” and fits, why he needs love. Marvin is selfish, abrasive, egotistical, narcissitic, and demanding. It’s also worth noting the darker parts mentioning death are not seen by others, whether it’s because he doesn’t want those to be seen or if they’re not as much of a spectacle.

How The Body Falls Apart/Your Lips and Me: I think the first part with all the girls are how sex and love don’t always work, you cannot rely on sex to keep your marriage or relationships together. The relationship is falling apart, like the body.

Trina/Marvin’s wife is singing of her relationship with Marvin. She knows Marvin isn’t hers to keep and there’s another lover, she talks of Marvin’s parents, his dad is down and suicidal and his mother is witholding of love, which is kind of relfective of Trina and Marvin. Trina even says she didn’t ask to be his mother, and she tries witholding love. The parakeet not flying or moving may be a metaphor for their relationship not going anywhere. 

My High School Sweetheart: His sweetheart wants ether sex or something more from Marvin, she has her “wants and needs”. The sweetheart is saying a person wants sex and love, Marvin doesn’t want that, at least not with his SH. Or being a perosn could be seen as how Marvin doesn’t see anyone else as a person since he is a narcissist. His love of miss Goldberg stems from the attention and limelight she gives him.

Set Those Sails: Every musical has sailing in it, Bill, what’s up with that? Sailing over rocky, stormy water is a metaphor for life. The bravery it takes to steer through life, how that journey turns a boy into what can be hoped is a good man. This song talks a lot about courage, boys, men, and failing. How his past has shaped him into who he is. It also references his role as Colombus, an explorer, like how he is exploring who he is and his sexuality. This sonh can also be seen as reinforcing what society wants Marvin to be, a “good man”, meaning a heterosexual manly man.

My Chance to Survive the Night: I think I’ve unpacked this one before, but it’s Marvin understanding who he truly is, and it’s not heterosexual. He tried to love girls, but he found only men (one man) fulfilled him, made him feel smart, and played his games. Having to relax may be everyone telling him to not think about his true identity. The lyrics “a queer little word” can reflect both him figuring out he isn’t straight, but knowing it’s a slur, also his internalized homophobia that’s still there.

I Am Wearing A Hat: This is Miss Goldberg, Trina, and Marvin relfecting on their loneliness. Wearing A Hat is easy and normal, like heterosexual marriage, if Marvin marries Trina he’ll be normal. Trina also marries Marvin for money, and she knows Marvin isn’t marrying her out of love. This song is about people enforcing society’s views on what an average family should be and look like.

How Marvin Eats His Breakfast: This song highlights a young boys immaturity, and the ladies are mocking him. The girls see him as a child, meek and small, while Marvin sees himself as a man, commanding and important. He is the most important thing or person to exist. This song also has so many sexual references and innuendos.

A Breakfast Over Sugar: They’re most likely discussing their divorce, or the want of one, Trina knows of Marvin’s affair. Marvin asks her to not express her sadness trying as he doesn’t want to stay, Trina is begging him to stay, she can sleep with others as long as they’re married. Marvin thinks separating is best. Sugar can be seen as love.

Whizzer Going Down: Obviously this is Marvin and Whizzer together, it’s not so hidden the song is about sex and Florida. Whizzer is “indiscreet” meaning he might not be hiding his sexuality in a stereotypical way, like how he dresses or acts. Playing easy may be alluding to all the metaphors about games, or the confidence Whizzer displays in Falsettos later on. Marvin is also nervous with Whizzer, as he sweats and bites his nails, maybe because he’s scared of being seen with a man, or he isn’t 100% confident in his love yet. Also it’s funny how Marvin’s past “lovers” cheer him on in this song?? Idk, something I thought I’d point out.

High School Ladies/Miss Goldberg: LISTEN APPARENTLY EVEN BILL FORGOT WHAT HIGH SCHOOL LADIES IS SUPPOSED TO MEAN SO I GUESS I’M ALL YA GOT!! The ladies are seen as feminine and obidient, doing as they’re asked, going where they’re asked. There’s also a few sexual innundoes, but the most interesting is the banana with Marvin screaming, maybe embarrassed or not wanting to hear their answer, or just the ladies. This also highlights his intimacy (or lack of) with women, and his doubts in his sexuality.
Marvin (jesus christ dude) wants to have sex with Miss G, Miss G doesn’t want his childish bullshit. The r*pe aspect is taking her glasses and seeing the eyes she hid, he’s taking part of her and seeing what she hides from others. “Except the things he wants” “Marvin always gets the things he wants” Love.

Nausea/Love Me: This is my favorite song, and probaby the most straight forward. It’s Marvin repressing his sexuality. The game is women, which he’s playing, and it’s not an easy game, he doesn’t understand women because he doesn’t like them. But the game promises “a perfect life”.
Love me for what I am is Trina showing the audience and Marvin her true colors, who she is, flaws and all, which is funny because Marvin hides nearly every part of himself, except his need to be dominant over the people in his life.

Michael/Your Lips (reprise)/Victory Shower: Marvin discovers his sexuality.
Trina is finally accepting Marvin is not hers, they’re divorced, and he has left them. She’s gonna forge through life without Marvin.
I don’t even know about the fucking shower guys, he’s celebrating the divorce? the kosher dick he’s getting?? his bitch attitude? Bill you’re killing me. I can tell you this song does reinforce that marvin is selfish as HELL.

Another Sleepless Night: Loneliness. Empty beds after separation, sleepless nights due to mistakes one’s made. All the characters reflect how small or big one feels when left alone, how it’s sad and it leaves one thinking how this happened, why, and can it be fixed? 

In Trousers (The ((fever)) Dream): Trousers= pants, men wear pants. Society, blah. blah you get it by now? Common motifs in this song and the musical is women being feminine, soft, and obidient, and men are crude, loud, and demanding. And the loss of love. The four ladies could be Trina, the high school sweetheart, miss G, and Marvin’s mom. They all lost love. In Trousers might actually be a way of being “discreet” hiding emotions, passions, acts of “love”, etc.?


Drunk In Love

Pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader

Word Count: 1,270

Warnings: Swearing and alcohol

Summary: You have a little too much to drink and accidentally spill your feelings towards Dean.

A/N: I’ve had this sitting on my desktop for a while now and I didn’t have any use for it so I thought I’d just share it with you guys. Since it is from a while ago, I’d like to apologize for any errors I might not have caught!

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It was no secret that you weren’t that much of a drinker. Yeah, you had the occasional shot, but that was only during a celebration. You’ve never really gotten drunk or experienced a hangover and now that you think about it, maybe that was a good thing. However, that didn’t stop your closest friend, Dean Ambrose, from constantly trying to persuade you to come to the local pub with him.

“C'mon, doll! You’ve been working your ass off lately and I think it’s about time you just kick back and relax” he pleaded.

Of course, you weren’t too keen on the idea of going out for drinks with him of all people. You’ve known Dean for a long time now and you knew exactly just how much he loved his fair share of alcohol. In fact, you wouldn’t be all that surprised if he ended up staggering drunk in the middle of the afternoon. Well maybe not that drunk, but just enough to impair his judgement. On the other hand, if anyone could read you, it was Dean. He could tell when you’ve been stressing out.

“So what do ya say, sweetheart?” Dean asked.

He was now bouncing impatiently waiting for a response. When you met his gaze, you instantly felt drawn into his soft, baby blue eyes. It reminded you of a cute little puppy. It was no use fighting the urge to say yes.

“Fine, fine! I’ll go!” you caved.

Dean gave you a big smile, putting his dimples on full display.

“I knew you couldn’t say no to the big ol’ puppy dog eyes” Dean chuckled.

You roll your eyes and playfully punch his arm.

“Whatever” you giggled.

Though you seemed reluctant about going, inside you were quite pleased that you had yet another excuse to hang out with the lunatic fringe. You hate to admit it, but there was something different about Dean. He had that kind of face that immediately stopped you in your tracks. With a guy like him, he’s probably used to that abrupt pause in a person’s natural expression when they made contact with him. Not to mention, that nonchalant fixed stare and weak smile you gave him all the time. You were almost certain the way you blushed was a dead giveaway.  Of course, you tried your best to push your feelings aside. There was no way you were going to risk losing what you already had with him.

It wasn’t long till you two had finally reached the bar. Everything was just like you imagined it to be; several conversations being spoken in loud voices that competed with the heavy metal music that prevailed the atmosphere. It was a generally young crowd comprised by university students, but it was too dark to tell for sure. Everyone was either slumped over in their bar stools or socializing in small groups, with the exception of one woman who was crying in the corner. Dean took your hand in his and slowly led you through the large crowd. His hand felt soft and reassured you that there was nothing to worry about. Though, that feeling was very short lived since he was eager to get to the bar.

“We’ll take two” Dean said to the bartender.

You picked up the shot glass and looked at Dean.

“Cheers!” he exclaimed.

You brought it up to your mouth. Well here goes nothing. You felt a burning sensation on your tongue which then proceeded to turn into a bitter taste that ran down your throat. Shot after shot, you felt reality slowly slipping away in favour of fantasy. You didn’t mean to drink as much as you did, but you felt so exhilarated that you didn’t even notice. It wasn’t too long until you were convinced the room was spinning.

“De-Dean! Why is the room sp-spinning so fast?!” you slurred.

You hopped off the bar stool and attempted to walk across over to Dean, who was socializing with some other group of people. Everyone saw you struggling to keep your balance and you were well aware of it. It felt like you were being possessed. Your legs didn’t work as you told them to and neither did your arms. You know that your brain is sending signals, but whether your body was receiving them was a whole other story. You stumbled the whole way, flailing your arms in the air to attain some sense of stability.  You were about to fall over, that is, until two arms wrapped around you.

“Careful, Y/N” Dean said sympathetically.

Dean was very gentle with you, after all, he’s been there and done that. Though, that didn’t stop him from finding it amusing at just how drunk you were.

“How many drinks did you have?” he laughed.

“I-I don’t know what you’re ta-talking about!” you stuttered.

It was pretty obvious that there was no way you could get home safely by yourself so Dean picked you up and carried you to his car.

“Aw, come on! Just one more dri-drink!” you whined.

“Maybe another time, doll” Dean chuckled.

It was when you sat in the passenger’s seat of the car the alcohol really kicked in. The jokes you told suddenly seemed ten times funnier and you finally got the courage to flirt with the guy you’ve been head over heels for ever since you met him.

“D-Dean, I just-I just can’t stop thinking bout’ ya!” you begin to ramble. “It’s almost like you’ve infested my thoughts, ya know? I mean, love scares me. It re-really does. But somehow you’ve ma-made me feel so… reassured”

Dean’s eyes widened. You couldn’t quite read the expression on his face, but that didn’t stop your drunk rambling.

“I find rejection so te-terrifying. Like, here you are opening your heart to someone who doesn’t want it. I’ve be-been through that more times than I can count. And lemme tell ya, it sucks. You end up feeling lonely, heartbroken and sad as fuck” you slur.

Of course, you finally realized what you were saying, but it was too late. The damage was done. You had finally made your declaration of love, the speech you’ve been rehearsing in your bathroom mirror for months now. The silence felt like venom that seeped through your skin and spread to your whole body. Your hands trembled and it wasn’t too long until you felt yourself tense up. The silence wasn’t something Dean intended, but he was well aware of it.

“I… I’m sorry!” you blurt out.

You ran out the car, ignoring Dean calling after you. You scrambled to get your keys to open your front door, but your hands are so shaky you drop them. As soon as you bent over to grab them, you felt a heavy force weigh down on your shoulder.

“Y/N…” Dean said.

“If you came here to make fun of me, then go for it. I don’t care” your voice sounded shaky this time around

“Y/N, wait…” he said again.

“Just go ahead and tell the whole world that I have a huge crush on Dean fucking Ambrose!” you yelled.

“Y/N, you’re not listening to me” Dean spoke softly.

“Tell them all I’m just a fragile-“

The next thing you knew, Dean’s soft lips crashed into yours. Not innocently like a tease or anything, but passionate and loving. The warmth from his lips radiated and spread throughout your whole body. You felt so relieved you couldn’t help but smile onto his lips. He pulled away for a moment and gazed into your eyes.

“Truth is, Y/N… I’ve kinda liked you for a while now too”



therapist: you seem… stressed…

All that glitters is not gold

Pairing: AJ Styles/You

Summary: You aren’t happy with how the company’s been treating you and you’re ready to leave. AJ however doesn’t want to see you go.

You lean against the top rope at the far side of the ring, just soaking in the empty arena and the bustling activity of the crew setting up. Thousands and thousands of empty seats stare back at you just waiting to be filled. A few more hours and they will be. There was a time when the thought of performing in front of such a crowd would have excited you, not so much these days.

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#Malec moments 2x15

Cr: Ocearielle

- What really gets to me was all those ‘I’m fine’ smiles he always have for Alec whenever Alec show his concern: all shiny wide eyes, bright smiles.. but his voice was tinged with tears… ;__;

- When Alec called Magnus’s name multiple times.. just how gentle and soft was his voice

- Yes, i love that scene of Alec waking up on Magnus’s bed too BUT god fuckin’ dammit, this is about Magnus so it kinda pissed me off that people just keep on focusing on how hot Alec is and how it’s obvious he is the little spoon..etc - 

(which btw, he is NOT. If you noticed, he turned fully on his back THEN reached out next to him.. he didn’t reached out behind him only turning when he can’t find Magnus. So it means, he turned fully on his back and reached out to pulled Magnus closer/onto his chest or simply just for the comfort of touching his lover. Which means, he expects Magnus was sleeping but turning the other way or just on his back or on his side, facing Alec’s back.. They MIGHT spoon before/after that.. Alec might be the little spoon or it might be Magnus.. This is not a big deal but with all these infantilizing of Alec trend, I feel the need to smack down whatever minuscule ‘evidence’ these infuriating delicate-daisy-flower!bottom-only!alec stans fans keep insisting on. Sorry not sorry)

- Magnus is hurting and fans as usual just keep harping on bout Alec’s luminous pale skin against the red bedsheet.. Seriously, guys? -.-

- Oh~.. I’m worried bout Alec and his position as NY Institute leader…I HOPE the show won’t follow the book : where literally everything that is good goes to Golden Boy Jace and Clary at the end and the rest of the characters just there and getting shit. 

(Spoiler: Raphael even died.. after he kinda betrayed Magnus >.<.. No! just NO, okay!)

- Anyone noticed that for all his sass and his ready witty answer for everything, Magnus never really answers back when anyone put him down for being Downworlder/being racist. He just keeps quiet… I know he’s used to it but still… it makes me sad :(.. 


He’s the cutest littlest sweetheart~.. he’s so cute, i wanna cry.. 

How could ANYone shouts at him?? How could ANYone hates him??!! And he was all alone after that.. ;__; 

- Alec’s hand could cover the entire side of Magnus’s head.. XD

- Oh and good news: Alec didn’t wax his chest hair~!! They’re still there~!! XD (the happiest person abut this gotta be Matt thugh..lol)

- Alec snores. I love it ^^ (yes, I have it bad..)

- I wish Alec won’t stand like he was at attention in military assembly so much.. Like he should be more at ease with his own lover, shouldn’t he? `

…. all in all~.. an okay episode. I love Simon storyline and yeah, it makes me kinda hate jace a bit (the WHY is in my other post).. I think Alberto and Kat were amazing amazing amazing during that breakup scene. 

Malec part~.. as usual, Harry slayed it. When Magnus cries, I wanna kill someone. His every expression was perfect.. Those looks in his eyes.. amazing!

I wish they make Matt be more at ease when with Magnus. I like that Alec insisted that Magnus talked to him. 

What else… umm~ oh yes, 

i seriously do NOT want to be around the fandom when they stripped Alec off his position, deruned him and basically makes him gets the short end of sticks as usual while Jace and Clary gallivanting around happily, breaking rules left and right and still coming out as winners, reigniting their passionate love. 

Malec, The Lightwoods.. heck, the entire Downworlders has some serious problem now and ahead.. but ofc we gonna see more on Clace and their ‘we wanna fuck each other but lets be coy and flirty to show our tragic attraction to each other while making other people pay for our selfish actions coz hey, we’re the main MAIN characters so it’s our goddamn rights’ drama. 

And Sebastian, you’re a psycho and you made a mess of everyone’s life. But still, I’m sorry you got turned to burnt crispy chicken, man~… 

Oh, and this is still beautiful~..

A Primer on Curses

Cursing may be one of the most controversial types of magick among witches and other magicians.  There are magickal practices that outright forbid it, while others embrace it wholeheartedly.  Truthfully, it is a grey area where powerful magick meets justice meets moral quandary.  While there are times that a witch will be required to curse someone, it should never been done so without serious consideration and forethought.  

It can be very tempting for a witch to use her power to curse when emotions are running high, especially for the novice.  But one of the fundamental lessons of witchcraft is patience; we cast our spells, release our energy into the universe at large, and wait for it to come to fruition.  Cursing is no different, it requires forethought, planning, and the quiet reserve of power that a witch develops though time.

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Silly Girl

Characters- Demon!Sam x Reader, Dean and Cas in flashbacks

Words- 1205

Prompt for @totallysupernaturaloneshots Writing Challenge: “Silly girl, do you think I actually loved you?”

Warnings- Lots of flashbacks, Sam’s a dick, well he is a demon. Sorry. Talks of self-hatred, it worked so bite me. Somewhat emotional.

Tags: @totallysupernaturaloneshots


“You look gorgeous tied up like that, did I ever tell you?” Sam was stalking around you, while you were tied to a chair.

The man you were looking at was not your Sam, not the one you fell in love with. He was a demon. After you finished up your last hunt with a witch, you noticed there was something different about him.

“Answer me when I talk to you,” He spat.

You turn to him, “Sam I can cure you, this is not you,”

He chuckles, “Of course it’s me Y/n/n, just a bit improved,”

“Sam please, come back to me, I need you,”

“It’s so pathetic because I know you mean it, you would be dead if it wasn’t for me, I always have to save your ass on a hunt, I am done babysitting you anymore, I am tired of it,”

You turned your head, you couldn’t look at him, “Sam this is not you talking, not the Sammy I fell in love with, don’t you remember anything, fight Sam!”

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ok but Bucky calling peter “dollface” or “sweetheart” and peter giggling and blushing uncontrollably while tony frowns from across the room

Okay this, this so much. Oh my gosh like, it doesn’t even start as Peter going out of his way to flirt and make Tony jealous. Peter is just too much of an adorable sweetheart for anyone to ignore. And Peter would love the nicknames he got from Bucky, he’d love the old terms Bucky would use with him and how nicely Bucky would treat him.

Like Bucky would always ask if he could bring Peter a coffee or bagel or something from the office. Sometimes he’d bring candy for Peter, along with some awful joke about how it’s so sweet, just like Peter is. And like, aahhhh, Peter swooning over Bucky. Peter just gazing up so lovingly at Bucky, who isn’t even paying attention. Peter working his way to get as close as he physically can with Bucky. Scooting up next to him, getting under his arm a little. And Bucky constantly complimenting Peter and making Peter laugh and blush. Yeah, it’s what I need. And at first Peter doesn’t really even notice Tony glaring. He only notices when Bucky leans down close to his ear and says in a low voice that Tony has been giving them dirty looks all day. Then Peter glances over at Tony, and Tony just rolls his eyes and scoffs and walks away. And yeah, behold the birth of Peter realizing he like to make Tony jealous.

Love Conquers All : Welcome Back Home.

Part One : On the Run

Summary : Bucky and [Y/N], are returning home. Made out session, frosty welcome, and a well deseverded punch.

Pairing : AURoyal!Bucky x Peasant!Reader.

Warnings : Fluff, and some angst(a tiny bit).

Words : More than 2K, I believe..

A/N : I never thought that would happen, but here we are, Part Two! I’m so happy that it’s finally post and you guys could read it. A lot of people like the first Part, and it makes me glad. Thank you all. Big shoutout to the best girl in Mexico @whatmakesmebeme-tblr who just rules. With her help I have made so much better work. She’s amazing as a beta! She deserves as much as credit as me for writting this part. 😘

At her trial, Princess Catherine said that her country, Hogsland was “A gloomy and cold rock, in the vast see of the Atlantic. Not as big as America but much bigger than Iceland. Where the monarchy stands among the old stone, from centuries. Nobody could ever change that the Royal Family is a very big part of this country’s history. We are kind of invincible. People of Hogsland think we need them but to be fair they need us. We are the rulers and you can’t get rid of us so easily…“. Really isn’t like the monarchy could fade away into space, you knew it, Princess Catherine also knew it. She was a woman who never had the chance to be understood by her people, and the rest of her life was history. As for your story, is only about to begin. You have made the choice to come back home. You knew that running away with James was just for a short period of time, you will have to return home one day. Maybe when Steve became King and forgive his brother. But not so soon. Why did he had to take such a harsh decision? That will have so many repercussions, not only for the family, but also for the entire country.

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sweet-barnes  asked:

lol hi! can i request 79 and 100 pls and thx💛💛

Hello!! I’d like to dedicate this to your dogs bc I love them <3

79. “I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”
100. “You’re the only one I wanna wake up next to.”

“Am I good enough for you?”

Bucky’s head snapped up in Y/N’s direction, his book immediately forgotten about. “What do you mean? Of course you are, sweetheart.”

Y/N looked down, playing with her fingers as they trembled, Bucky’s intense gaze laying heavy on her shoulders. “It- it’s just- you’ve seen the magazines. You know what they say; i’m too young for you, I’m not an avenger like you are, my life’s not exciting and extreme. I’m boring and you’re not and I- I’m just not good enough.”

Bucky felt tears gather in his eyes, his mind racing to piece together the best answer he could. She, his sweetheart, the love of his life, felt like she wasn’t good enough. He thought he was doing everything right; he told her he loved her everyday, he bought her flowers on Fridays and he always, always told her just how amazing she was. He hadn’t even noticed she felt this way, and now, she was sat beside him with tears in her eyes and looking smaller than he’d ever seen her.

“Y/N, sweetheart, I need you to listen to me. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Not the magazines, not the public, hell, not even the team. I love you, that’s what matters. I love your apartment, and how cosy it is. I love how smart and kind and caring you are, that’s what matters to me. You’re the only one I wanna wake up next to, the only one I wanna come home to, the only one I wanna spend the rest of my life with. Please, please don’t think any differently. You’re more than enough.”

Neither of them payed attention to the tears running down their faces, instead moving forward until their arms were wrapped around each other tightly. They stayed like that for what could’ve been hours, holding each other, placing gentle kisses wherever they could reach.

“I love you, Y/N, don’t you ever forget that.”

Reaction to You Trusting People Too Easily. . .

A/N be careful with who you trust guys! Stay safe.

Kai ~


He would be a stressed mess. He would watch you at all times to make sure you are safe and not falling into the wrong hands of a deceitful person. He would constantly lecture you about how unsafe it is to always trust random people you don’t know.

Suho: “Jagi, sweetheart, it’s unsafe to trust everyone all the time. Please be more careful, okay?”

Y/N: “Suho-”

Suho: “No. Just promise me okay?”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


D.O. would want to kill you each time. Not cause he hates you, but simply because each time the members tattletale on you about you being so trusting in someone that day, he would die a little with thoughts of what could have happened to you had that person been ill willed. However he knows it’s you simply being your kind and sweet self, and he would find himself forgiving you once again. It would be an endless cycle.

Baekhyun: “Hey Kyungsoo, guess what’s Y/N did today?”

D.O.: “Again Y/N?”

Y/N: “Really Baek?”

Baekhyun: *laughs mischievously*

Originally posted by kyungsuhos


His boy, lawd help you. He would be on your case at all times. You giving someone directions on the street, he’s up your ass about it. You’re ordering coffee, that person must have tricked you into getting that flavor coffee you ordered. Maybe not to that extreme, but with him being over protective everyday, it would begin to feel that way. However, you know it’s just because he loves you and doesn’t want you in harms way, and you simply need to be patient with him, and get your priorities straight and not trust every single person every single goddamn time. You both would be a ridiculous mess. I can’t even.

(I don’t know how this relates to what I just wrote, but he’s sexy here, so it counts)

Originally posted by yoursyellow


He would find it adorable when it happened with him or the members, because he would never take advantage of it and hurt you, and he knew the members wouldn’t either. However, out in public, he would be more alert. If you were to meet him somewhere, and you were ten minutes late, the worst possible scenario would pop into his sweet little mind and he would blow up your phone with calls and texts all wondering where you are and if you are okay.

*you arrive at the designated meeting spot ten minutes late*

Y/N: “Xiumin!”

Xiumin: “Oh, jesus Jagi, I was worried. What happened?”

Y/N: “I saw a dog and wanted to pet it. He was so cute.”

Xiumin: “Next time send me a text or call me, okay? You have no idea what was running through my head.”

Originally posted by drawien


Lay would be understanding and know that it was just how you were brought up and part of your personality. He would actually see more of the beauty in it rather than the negative aspects. He would, of course, be worried about your well being at times and of course talk to you about “stranger-danger” and things like that, but overall, he would love you too much to bother you about it. There would be those moments when things go a little too far and he can’t help but get worried, but he would never allow himself to get mad at you. Overall, he would just find it cute and adorable and it would get him all flustered and blushy.

Lay: “Ahh, Jagi you’re too cute with all your gullibleness.”

(Can we all collectively admire how adorable this cinnamon-roll-of-a-unicorn is?? Please?)

Originally posted by justforluhan


Chen would nag you about it non-stop. This would be something that would get in between you two. You guys didn’t fight often, but when you do, you can bet that it was you being too trusting, whether it was to strangers or your friends. He would think that it’s something childish and that you should grow out of it. However, he would still love you to no end, and this harshness would just be out of his love for you.

*After a fight*

Chen: “I’m sorry that I can be so mean, but knowing that I can’t always be there for you because of my work, that kills me. And to know how trusting you are… What if something happens to you? It would be my fault for not being there to protect you.”

Y/N: “It wouldn’t! You’re right, I should learn to not trust people so much. I’ll work on it. Promise.”

Chen: “I love you Y/N.”

Originally posted by kiimjongbae


Kai would be a mix of Lay and Suho. He would be like Lay because he would know that it’s a part of who you are, a sweet never expecting trusting person, in which he would adore and love about you. Your sweetness (that could mean two things *wink wink*) and your kindness. However, he would find at times that the stress of worrying about you too much for his sweet little heart to handle, and therefore he would lecture you about the dangers of trusting anything with two eyes. He would try to be kind about it, not wanting to hurt your feelings or make you think he doesn’t love you anymore, cause it would be the exact opposite, and he wouldn’t want to lose the love you two share.

Kai: “Just be careful with who you trust right? No getting into cars, no eating anything from anyone who doesn’t work in a restaurant and no-”

Y/N: “Yes Jongin, I know.” 

Kai: “You know I love you right?”

Y/N *smiles*: “Yes, I know that too. I love you too.”

(He’s a sweetheart. Guys, let’s protect him. We gotta. I mean look at that smile. Look at how his cheeks fluff up. He’s such a fluff.)

Originally posted by kaizzzi


Baek wouldn’t do much about it to be honest. He would be too distracted with your sweetness (again, that could mean two things) and your kind personality to notice the flaws in it. He would love playing around with you though, making you believe different things and playing pranks on you. He would have the guys join in too just to make it that much more fun and enjoyable. However, I think he would notice if someone was taking advantage of you, whether it’s his members, though they would never, so it wouldn’t be them, they love you too much. More likely it would be a stranger. And if that were the case, he would no longer be the puppy we know, and he would be the protective no-nonsense boyfriend that secretly hiding for moments like these.

Baekhyun: “Hey Jagi! Chanyeol broke his leg! We need you to come to the studio!”

Y/N: “What!? Oh no!”

*scurries off to the studio when Chanyeol is hiding behind the door to scare you*

*you enter and he jump scares you*

Y/N *screams*: “Not funny! You nearly gave me a heartattack you two!”

Chanyeol *trying to get his laughter together*: “We love you Y/N!”

Baekhyun *pulls you in against his chest for a hug*: “And I know you love us Jagi!”

Y/N: “Yeah, and you’re lucky for that too.”

(This is legit the perfect gif for this. I’m so happy you guys don’t even know.)

Originally posted by kimjongbae5326


Luhan would in a way find it annoying. He had to watch over you, and make sure you end yourself up in trouble, he also then would get pissed off at the people taking advantage of you. It’s just a whole lot of work. However, he would work on that flaw with you and remind you, like Kris, not to believe everything you hear. He would still love you to no end though, and would find your kindness so endearing and absolutely love how caring and down to Earth you are. He would like that you need him to protect you though, and that would definitely inflate his self confidence.

Luhan: “It’s okay, I’ll protect you.”

Originally posted by meiren-menglu


Tao would get so pissed every freakin’ time. Like, you would be the only person to bring out this level of sassiness from him. And that means a lot considering how sassy he already is. He wouldn’t even be able to deal. Like, he would want to rash on you to try and get some sense into that head of yours, but he would also wanna beat the shit outta the strangers who talk to you, but like he also kinda wants to watch to see how far you would go, and like, if you had any natural survival instinct or nah.

Tao: *this bish. I swear is gunna be the death of me. she literally believes this dumbass owns a giraffe.*

He’d be so lost and wouldn’t know what to do with all his emotions.

Originally posted by mickyawesomnessninja


Sehun would find it hilarious. He would let whatever was happening and watch from the sidelines, just enjoying the show. He would never let it get too far to the point you would be in danger or get harmed in some way, and would always in the end jump in to get you away and back in the safety of his presence. He would afterwards, scold you, telling you how even a four year old could tell that person was lying. However, before the end of the day, he would demand you to remember to always call him if there was a problem and he wasn’t around to be there for you, and he would find a way to get to you.

Sehun: “Remember to call me when you get into a situation like that and I’m not there.”

Y/N: “Okay Sehunnie.”

Sehun: “People can only bother you when I’m around so I can enjoy it.”

Y/N: “I get it.”

Sehun *kisses you*: “Good. Now get some sleep, you look tired. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

*Sehun laughing on the side while you listen to a fake, overly dramatic (clearly not real) story from someone*

Originally posted by huntertainment


Kris would not find it funny at all. All he could think about was your well being and how he should protect you. He would be your own personal guard dog. If you ever call him, he would waste no time answering the phone, he would keep his phone on him at all times in case you needed him when he’s not with you. He would use his intimidating persona to scare people off who would try and both you, and would always remind you to not believe everything you hear. He would keep a secure hold on your hand while out in public to make it known to people that you are with him. However, he would make sure to keep in mind that you need your own space, and would never over crowd you, as he too needs his own time too.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

A/N this was a really cute and fun reaction to write, and I liked adding in Kris, Luhan and Tao. I love all three of them, so I think I’m just going to add them in all future EXO reactions because they’re still my babies and I just really miss them. 

Anyway, keep the requests coming in!

Kai ~

anonymous asked:

uf bros with an S/O who isn't necessarily innocent but won't see how things could be sexual unless told the sexual way? (hope it makes sense lol rip me) - would you look at that it's an anon

This ask is older than jesus and I apologize



  • He loves seeing how far he can go when it comes to saying stuff without you noticing
  • He’ll tease you about it too because, really? It was that obvious and you didn’t realize it was a sexual comment? Really, sweetheart??
  • No one else is allowed to tease you though. Only him. If anyone else chooses to tease you he gets mad.


  • He thinks it’s adorable. You’re so… pure
  • It makes him want to ruin you even more ;3c
  • But really though, if anyone coughsanscough makes you feel bad about it, he’s going off on them because how dare they..
  • And also, he’ll gladly explain the things to you
What Are You Doing To Me, Sweetheart? (Relish)

A/N: So this is another part to this series! ‘What Are You Doing To Me, Sweetheart?’ Also I’m not sure if I already used ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis. This isn’t like a series series but just…idk im not really explaining this well lol

Here is Tenderness 

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

He should have stopped himself.

After 5 excruciatingly long years of knowing you, with him going to Hell and him trying to get back up on his feet without worrying Sam; he should have known better than to drag you into the depths of his very being. Because how could anyone withstand such darkness? The anger and the pain that coursed through his veins daily and gave him enough life to get up each morning, kill a monster or two and drown himself in a fifth of whatever liquor was lying around – was not someone that you should be with.

 In any way.

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Y'know what else would be hot as hell Katy? Eren telling Armin how much he loves and appreciates him 😍😍😣😣😖😖😖😤😤😤

I agree on so many levels, especially in the fifties!au :,)

Armin smiled as he pulled out the bouquet of flowers out of his locker. He laughed softly and held them close to his chest, then began to look around for Eren. The brunet was stood at the end of the hall, hands stuffed in his pockets as he slowly walked over to him with a shy smile. It warmed the blond’s heart instantly.

“Hey, Babe.”

Armin carefully put the bouquet back into his locket before spinning around to wrap his arms around Eren, giving him a tight hug. “You’re such a sweetheart, you know. You treat me better than anyone ever could, Eren.”

Eren’s hands immediately went down to his boyfriend’s waist. His lips curled into a bashful smile, making him duck his head into the crook of his neck. “You’re such a beauty. Have I ever told ya’ just how much I love ya’?”

Armin looked up at him and nodded. “Mhmm. You do every day.”

“I’d give ya’ the world if I could, but you’d be content with just a kingdom.”

Armin stared into Eren’s eyes lovingly. He hadn’t known how he’d been lucky enough to end up with someone as sweet and kind as him. He was so grateful.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Angel.”

Who Cares?

Prompt: Reader and Keanu have a big age difference between them.

             ********************************You’re 25*********************************** 

     The lady in front of you decided to buy the entire grocery store, use 3 different credit cards, and wait for her child to get her a last minute bag of chips. Needless to say, you spent a lot of time looking at the magazines and deciding if you should get the regular or the king sized Kit Kat. Your eyes landed on a magazine with your face on it, and you picked it up. After reading the headline, you slammed it down next to your Kit Kat, feeling a mixture of anger, sadness, and insecurity.

     After finally paying for your groceries, you drove yourself back to your apartment you shared with your boyfriend, Keanu. As soon as you walked through the door, you set the grocery bags on the kitchen table, grabbed the magazine, and flopped on the couch. You turned to the article about you, getting more angry and upset with every word. About halfway through the article, you threw the magazine across the room, breaking down into tears on the couch. How could some people be so mean? Why should you be ridiculed for falling in love? 

     After hours of crying, you finally decided to clean yourself up, since Keanu would be home in about 30 minutes. You trudged up the stairs, walking into the bathroom to splash some water on your face. You looked at yourself in the mirror, cringing at the patchy redness of your eyes and cheeks. You turned on the water, and splashed it over your face a few times. It made you feel a little better, and definitely helped the redness of your face. Once again, you descended the stairs to go to the kitchen and start dinner. 

     You heard the door open just as you were finishing up the food. Keanu walked in, spotting you in the kitchen. “Hey baby,” he said, wrapping his arms around you. You turned around in his arms to face him, giving him the biggest, most fake smile you’ve ever given anyone, “Hey, how was your day?” Keanu being Keanu, he could instantly tell that you weren’t as happy as you appeared to be. 

     He drew his eyebrows together, bringing out the crease in his forehead you love so much, “What’s wrong?”

     “Nothing, why?” You kept the smile on your face, even though you knew it was extremely unconvincing.

     He sighed, “Please don’t lie to me sweetheart,” he grabbed both of your hands, “c’mon.” He led you over to the couch, sitting the two of you down. “Now, can you please tell me what’s going on?”

     Your eyes flickered over to the magazine still laying on the floor across the room, before meeting Keanu’s again. He turned to look in the direction your eyes went, spotting the magazine. His head turned back to you before he got up to retrieve the magazine. He picked it up, glancing at the cover as he walked back to the couch. He slowly sat down next to you, and flipped to the article that had been torturing you for the last few hours. You watched his face change from concerned, to confused, to hurt, and finally to angry. He threw the magazine onto the coffee table, putting his head in his hands. You could feel tears pricking your eyes once again, especially now that you’ve upset Keanu too. 

     You cleared your throat, getting Keanu’s attention, “Why do people hate me so much?” Keanu’s eyes softened, and he opened his mouth to say something, but you beat him to it. “All these people, they don’t even know me, and they’re calling me a slut, a gold digger, a whore…just because I love you,” tears slowly made their way down your cheeks, and Keanu turned to face you.

     “Babe,” he grabbed your hands again, “I love you so much, and you know I don’t care what all these people say about us. These people don’t know anything about our relationship, and I don’t care how old you are, I’m so in love with you. I know you’re not what they say about you, and so do you. It pisses me off how people can be so close minded, but we don’t need their approval. I’m so damn lucky to have found someone like you, and I’m going to need you to tell me I still look good when all my hair falls out.” 

     Your jaw dropped in a pretend shocked face, “Not your beautiful hair!” You both chuckled, and Keanu reached his hand up to touch your cheek. “I love you so much, Keanu,” 

     “I love you too,” he said, leaning in to press his lips against yours, “and as long as we’re together, who cares?”

this was hella cheesy 

Better Place - Bruce Banner x Reader

Originally posted by phanitori

Words: 963
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark
Warnings: One swear word? (I think), lil baby sad, cheesy af
Requested by: anon
Hi there! Can I request a bruce banner x (f) reader based on song- better place by rachel platten. And they’re already a couple but bruce feels like he isn’t good enough for her. And the reader will do anything to prove him wrong. And can you pretty please make it a lot of fluff. Thank you. P/s: your blog is super amazing!
Authors Note: HOLY SHIT THIS ONE WASNT POSTED AT 11 GUYS MARK THIS IN HISTORY LILLY IS POSTING AT A 8:39 PM WHICH NEVER SEEMS TO HAPPEN ANYMORE! Also this is a song fic based off of the song above ^^ And you can check it out here!

Masterlist. Request List.

You woke up to the sunshine in your eyes- which seemed to happen more and more recently- all on accident. You had been going to sleep at strange times which caused you to wake up at strange times, which was strange for you.

Before a few weeks ago, you and your boyfriend would go to bed at the same time and talk for anywhere up to an hour, and wake up at the same time. He was always the one to shut the curtains before you two went to sleep, and you would be the one to open them when you awoke.

But recently, he hasn’t been coming to bed, so he never closed the curtains. You hadn’t been able to find him without contacting FRIDAY; he seemed to be avoiding you. You were beginning to get scared of what was going on with him, and if you did something wrong.

You took a deep breath and went to walk out of your room. Your routine without Bruce has gotten boring, and even sad. You would get breakfast in your pajamas, get dressed and ready for the day, then do your job as the facilities part-time nurse (for those missions that don’t end so well) and part-time scientist (how you met Bruce even!).

Bruce wasn’t even in the same lab as you anymore. You, Tony and Bruce used to work in the same place. But one day, Bruce stopped showing up to the lab. That was when you noticed he started to distance himself from you.

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