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Okey but i am a sucker for angst and well i was thinking what do you think would happen if lotor wouldn't "save" keith and keith actually killed himself to save the mission... What do you think shiro would do and feel? Cause i have no idea... Well i can imagine him screaming at keith not to do it to find another way but what would he do after ?

You know the really awful thing about this? At first, Shiro would be congratulating him, saying good job. Because Team Voltron had no idea what was happening on the other end, they just knew Keith was going to try and stop the ship. And it stopped. So, mission success, right? Shiro commends him for his efforts, but the cruel irony there is that, if it was actually Keith who stopped the ship, he’d be dead. Shiro would be there smiling and telling Keith how proud he was and hearing–nothing. Dead silence. 

Keith’s comms are completely down. It could be nothing, just some interference, the others reason. But Shiro tenses, and his stomach drops. Something’s not right here, he can feel it in his gut. The few seconds between when Coran’s call is received and they open up comms are the longest of his life. It’s childish and cowardly, but he doesn’t want to answer. Doesn’t want to hear the words. And even as Coran speaks, relays Keith’s world shattering decision–Shiro hardly listens. The words are there, punctuated by sharp breaths and wretched sobs, but Shiro doesn’t need to hear. He already knows what happened, can feel it in his bones.

Keith always gave back more than the universe deserved. 

The flight back to the castle is a streak of stars and warbled static. Shiro doesn’t know how long it takes. Shiro isn’t sure when they made it back. Shiro hardly remembers sitting down until Hunk is already offering him a blanket and Allura insists he eat some food. He’s glassy-eyed and numb when everyone offers their condolences, hands reflexively clenching every now and again. The light that shoots up his galra tech arm is sheer impulse, but the flare is still enough to startle. Lance walks him back to his room and tells him he should rest. 

For the longest time, Shiro wonders why he did it. How did he do it? Was he calm and composed right up until the very end? Did he scream? Did he cry? Did he break down and steel himself with some sacred oath of duty before he blasted himself to pieces? Did he ever think about how the others would feel? How he would feel? Did he ever believe his life was worth anything at all?

And you know what else is cruel? Keith didn’t even get to say his goodbyes. Not even so much as another, “It was an honor flying with you.” He was going to die without telling his team one last time how much they mean to him, without telling Shiro. He couldn’t bare to say his goodbyes, there wasn’t time, they would’ve tried to stop him–there are a number of reasons not to, so he didn’t. It’s for the best, he must’ve told himself. If he doesn’t acknowledge it, doesn’t speak the words aloud, then this can’t be real. Just close your eyes and it’ll all be over soon. It’s a thought Shiro can’t cut loose, and he lets it close around his throat with every shaky breath. 

And it isn’t until the horrible sinking sensation creeps up on him in the midst of another sleepless night, slicing right through him like a knife–that he realizes, choking back a sob that devolves into a mindless scream. “It was always meant to be yours.”

Had Keith kept piloting Black instead, he would’ve been saved. 

Just know that we’re here for you whenever you need us.” “I know you are. And I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”

He can’t bare to set foot in Black for a long time after that.

SummerSlam addition - Baron Corbin

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summary:  Baron Corbin & Reader has just had their first baby and so 4-6 months after her delivery and she’s backstage at Summerslam so everyone can meet the new addition? (Extra points for Baron being Mr.MITB in this one since it’s after MITB)

It was one of the biggest Payper Views of the year; SummerSlam. Baron was going to be cashing in his Money in The Bank contract tonight and I was going to be there for that. Our son, Y|S|N, just turned four months today and everyone was wanting to meet him.
Both brands will be backstage so they will be able to see him. “You ready to go see daddy win the championship tonight?” I cooed at Y|S|N while I buckled him up in his carrier. He just smiled at me. I snapped a picture and sent it to Baron saying: 
Y|S|N can’t wait to see you win the championship tonight. We are on the way!

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do you ever think about how much attraction and feelings jack and elizabeth have for each other and how important their impact have been in each other’s life

for starters, let’s begin from elizabeth’s point of view. in dead man’s chest, the only thing she keeps saying is how much she wants to find will and save him.
so at the beginning, that’s where the compass points, towards the chest, and jack prepared sailing to this direction. but as the movie went on she starts feeling confused about what she REALLY wants.
jack embodies freedom and piracy for her. and in a way, that’s what she really dreamed of, during her entire life. being free, on a ship, doing whatever she’s eager to and going wherever she wishes to be without receiving orders from anyone, freedom.
there’s also this special connection they have, the flirting. but this teasing thing these two have is so heavy that she never had this with any other character. like, for real, sometimes you literally think they’re going to make up on that boat in front of the whole crew.
so the compass, that shows you what you really want, worked perfectly fine. and it pointed in jack’s directions. two. fucking. time. like at this point it’s more of a confirmation than a revelation.
she desperately wants to fight it, to deny it, but she can’t. the compass has spoken lol. and i’m not a superstitious kind of person but 👀

now let’s analyze jack’s point of view. at the end of dmc, when he realizes he has been trapped by elizabeth on his own ship, he doesn’t even feel hatred, he’s… amazed. amazed by this beautiful ‘sophisticate’ woman who turned out to be a real pirate.
he doesn’t resent her. the man is about to die because that bitch chained him and left him there to be eaten by a giant octopus and he freaking SMILES because he’s proud of her. i mean, for real, that’s one of the most fucked up yet interesting thing i’ve ever seen in a fictional relationship.
there are also so many other examples (that were formerly given in other rants here so i’m not gonna enumerate them) in awe that show how jack feels about her, how he sees her, and that was also very interesting because it showed the complexity of their dynamic.
i’m going to talking about the new movie now because as much as i hate how they handled jack’s character i was pretty happy with the sparrabeth hints that we got.
okay so i know the ‘does mommy ever ask about me’ scene might seems too pervert and inappropriate (it actually was considering he was talking to henry, her son, lmao) but i liked it. and i’m probably biased because i would have given anything to hear jack mentioning elizabeth.
what really disturbed me was how jack made sex jokes about literally any woman he crossed path with, especially carina and the comments he made in that undressing scene on the boat like please… no
but it’s different with elizabeth because he has history with her. and i think a part of him tried to hide his disappointment when henry said 'no’ with (sexual) humor.
and the moment henry tells him who his parents are and jack straight up responds with a look of repugnance on his face 'you’re the evil spawn of these two’ lmaooo you can literally feel the aversion he has for the will/elizabeth relationship.
like seriously how in the hell is he still jealous AFTER 19 YEARS OF NOT SEEING HER?? it’s just so obvious that he still feels something for her I’m bald

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FOR THE BREAKING A CHARACTER DOWN - I'm asking about both of your children (Kanda and Alma). XD

OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’m always to talk about them all the feel I have ;___;

Starting with Kanda

How I feel about this character: It’s a little bit ironic to me, I remember how I thought he would be the least interesting character, but here I am now. Kanda is just… such a good kid??? He makes me so sad, but at the same time I am so proud of him for living through so much awful things, and his character development destroys me. He lived for so many years dealing with a trauma and trying not to care about people who belong to the organisation that brought so much suffering to his life, but even after being able to leave, he returns to help Allen. And how he stops blocking all of his emotions, dealing with them now, even if it hurts. Oh god, I just want him to take more care about himself. 

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Oh that’s too simple XD I can’t really bring myself to ship him with anyone who is not Alma. I don’t mind other ships, of course, cause everyone can ship what they want, but Yulma is just such a special ship for me, they just really got on the highest level of love I could feel toward pairings. I’m so inspired by them, I have too many feels about them, and I just can’t stop appreciating everything they had in canon. This writing, this tragedy, all the spoken and unspoken love they had for each other in both lives… It’s just way too beautiful ;_____;

My non-romantic OTP for this character: THERE’RE SO MUCH. I really enjoy him interacting with others, because it speaks so much about his character! I really love the sibling-like relationship he has with Lenalee - it feels like they do not even need to talk much to understand each other. Same goes to him and Marie, man, I’m so happy that they were the first one to see Kanda when he returned to the Order AND HE SMILED AT THEM OH MY CHILD. 

I’m also really happy about how much his friendship with Allen improved?? Like, we couldn’t even call that a friendship at the beginning, but they’ve come so far, and the things Allen did for Kanda and Alma after learning their story breaks my heart. Allen’s truly an angel ;w; And so is Johnny, I really enjoyed the chapters with their interaction. 

I’m also really week for him interacting with Link, I just really enjoyed their talk. And I believe in combat they could be LETHAL.

My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t even know?? I only remember seeing long-long-long ago one opinion that Alma’s arc has ruined his character and I’m still so angry about it, because, I really love this arc and the way his character is developed from being overpowered closed person to a very tragic child, who went through so much awful thing he didn’t deserve. So I just want to protect him, and I’m glad he’s appreciated enough here on tumblr.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: why did ch. 200 just happened? It really really hurts me, that his most treasured memories for now are about Alma dying in his arms because it’s the only time they were able to spend together after so many years apart ;_____; They both deserved so much more! 

But sadness aside, I really am intrigued and happy about the arc Kanda’s getting now, becoming a General and going deeper to the Order’s core man that really gives me Roy Mustangs vibes somehow. And him finally being able to remember Alma makes my heart warm. I also want to know so much more about their past lives, and I hope we’ll get there in manga someday. 

And just… I really want them to meet each other in the end, whether it an afterlife or reincarnation. Not too soon of course, because Kanda has a lot of things to do, but I believe Alma would wait for him forever, what was their promise to each other after all ;w;

And of course how can I not talk about Alma too ^^

How I feel about this character: Alma is one of the dearest characters to me, honestly! I actually got myself into DGM because my friend noticed to me that I might like him, and she was right! He breaks my heart and his story reminds me of my another most favourite character ever from Fate series. Maybe it’s just my type of characters - I easily fall for those, who went through too much, who are filled with rage and hatred just as much as they are filled with love. And that really suits to Alma, not to mention the narrative of becoming a monster just because other people wanted that. The way he tried to use hatred to cover from unbearable sadness and fear of being unloved by the most precious person… It makes him so human, I want to cover him with a blanket and say lots of nice things to make this child feel easier ;___; Sorry, I just really love him, ahaha.  

All the people I ship romantically with this character: well, we all know the answer, I’m so invested Yulma it’s not a secret for anyone anymore ^^

My non-romantic OTP for this character: his relationship with Sixth Laboratory breaks my heart. He loved them genially despite them hurting him, and that’s the reason why his rage was so hard after learning the truth. Ah, I really love to think of some happy modern AU where Edgar and Tui adopt him, and Bak is the most nervous elder brother Alma could have (but most precious too)  

I really like to think of him being really close to Lenalee in some kind of AUs. I feel like they could understand each other’s bitter feelings about the Order, and help to each other with dealing with them. Not to mention that Lena is one of the closest to Kanda, so she might have understand how important to him Alma is and would do her best to support him. And she could tell him more about what kind of person Kanda became while they were apart <33 Ah, that’s too much of opportunities to explore! I could talk about all of them for hours I guess ^^”

My unpopular opinion about this character: Well… I guess I just really want him and his past incarnation to be treated and appreciated as different characters, and same goes with my love to my ship. I’m endlessly in love with the aspect of them being reincarnated lovers, but I actually fell for their relationship and story in their current lives. So, it makes me a little bit uncomfortable when people say Kanda loves Alma because he is that person he had been searching for. Their relationship is so much more complex than just that. 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: like I said already, sometimes I wish ch. 200 didn’t happen, but that’s also a thing that makes me love Yulma so much, so… I’m just really happy that Hoshino even has drawn an AU for us with him being okay, how can I complain after that? So I just wish for them to have at least one hint of reunion in the afterlife or reincarnation or anything like that, because they SHOULD be happy and together, they deserve it so much! So I’ll keep on believing ;w;

Request: Hiii!! Can I request a drabble??? “I don’t think you should pick up random magical creatures to bring home.” with Dean pwease? Ily!!! 😚

@thewondersofsmut I really don’t know what to call what I just wrote lol but I loved writing something different for once so here it is! <3

Magical Creatures - Dean x Reader - AU

Once upon a time in a realm far far away, a place filled with magic and dragons, you and Dean were living happily ever after, when the reign was put in danger by the ferocious troops of sir Crowley, commonly known as “The Demon.”

He possessed a vast army and had already conquered many lands and villages, submitting them to his ruthless authority, but, no matter how strong and smart he was, you were not going to surrender.

The nobles’ council was promptly reunited in order to gather forces and forge alliances, while knights and soldiers were training, preparing themselves to fight a difficult, if not invincible, enemy, thing that was spreading fear and lowering the morale. 

Dean, as King John’s son, was supposed to follow him to battle and fight at his side. It didn’t matter that the Winchesters were royalty, they were always next to their men, fighting with them and dying with them, and this didn’t really fill you with joy or reassurance. So you decided to take the matter into your own hands and find a solution.

You spent all your time looking for alliances of your own, using diplomacy and the tactics that your father, sir Robert, had taught you. The only thing you “forgot” was to mention your plan to Dean.

The poor man had spotted you more than once while you were busy bringing a magical creature of some sort to your place. At first he decided to give you space, but this resolution perished the second he spotted you with a giant, walking side by side towards the village as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Of course it wasn’t that rare to see giants, but the world was full of prejudice, so many people just preferred to leave them alone.

“What are you doing?” Your promised husband asked you, looking really confused and worried, as if you had lost your mind.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you have to stop doing whatever this is, Y/N. Honestly, I don’t think you should pick up random magical creatures to bring home, especially now-“

A loud groan interrupted his speech, the ground under your feet trembling as if shook by an earthquake, and Dean’s eyes widened when he realized that the giant was responsible for it.

“I apologize, Ronald,” you said loudly, patting the giant’s booted foot that was almost as big as you, and then glared at Dean, “random magical creatures? Really?! How would you like if I called you a random human?!”

The elder Winchester only frowned, still looking confused, so you decided to explain everything. “I think we can win the war, Dean. We didn’t have many allies before, but we do now. Elves, giants, dragons and fairies. The fairies can heal people, so we won’t have casualties. Every soldier will return home after the war; I think this alone can raise the morale of your men. And if the mermaids agree, well, The Demon’s ships won’t be a problem either.”

Dean was looking at you in awe. No one had ever been able to forge alliances with magical creatures before, the distrust had always been too high for that to happen, but now you had and he was so proud of you, but still remained speechless. So he decided to express his feelings with actions, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close, kissing you deeply with love and gratitude, “Thank you,” he said, caressing your cheek, his lips about to meet yours again. Before they could, though, little drops of water started falling from above, “It’s raining with the sun out?”

“No, it’s just Ronald,” you whispered, “romantic gestures make him cry.”

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ColdFlash, 22, please!

22. Two miserable people at a wedding AU

“If you don’t make your move tonight, Leonard, I swear to God, I’m not taking you to any more of these,” Sara teases and looks around the grand hall, probably to locate the wine. Len can’t blame her - social events have never been a favorite pastime for either of them, but he has a very specific goal in mind tonight, even without Sara’s ribbing.

Unfortunately for him, as a known pirate, he cannot exactly secure an invitation for himself - even though trading his precisely constructed nautical maps with the Royal Navy has given him enough leeway that he isn’t in danger of getting arrested, and his wealth means that at least half of the people present tonight can’t afford to make an enemy out of him when their centuries-long family trees tremble under the weight of their debts. They still stare, though, and Len still has to drag Sara to yet another snobby event to get his hands on his most recent target.

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So Petyr’s scared/confused look at the end of the Godswood scene was him realising that:

-he truly loves Sansa, and she has rejected him
-she now knows what his weakness is (it’s her)
-she will use it against him and eventually kill him next season
-she’s outsmarted him and he’s both proud of her and slightly in awe of her

…All in all it makes for the greatest ship ever.


“I think well of the President. He has a face like a hoosier Michael Angelo, so awful ugly it becomes beautiful, with its strange mouth, its deep cut, criss-cross lines, and its doughnut complexion. My notion is, too, that underneath his outside smutched mannerism, and stories from third-class county bar-rooms, (it is his humor,) Mr. Lincoln keeps a fountain of first-class practical telling wisdom. I do not dwell on the supposed failures of his government; he has shown, I sometimes think, an almost supernatural tact in keeping the ship afloat at all, with head steady, not only not going down, and now certain not to, but with proud and resolute spirit, and flag flying in sight of the world, menacing and high as ever. I say never yet captain, never ruler, had such a perplexing, dangerous task as his, the past two years. I more and more rely upon his idiomatic western genius, careless of court dress or court decorums.” – Walt Whitman, March 19, 1863, letter to Nat and Fred Gray

Whitman wrote several poems about Lincoln after the President was assassinated, including “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” and “O Captain! My Captain!” Whitman also delivered public lectures commemorating Lincoln’s death beginning in April 1879.

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) is proud to support both the Walt Whitman Archive (http://www.whitmanarchive.org/) and The Papers of Abraham Lincoln (http://www.papersofabrahamlincoln.org/).

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I think People really dont give Jensen enough credit for how much better he is handling destiel and the shipping side of the fandom these days compared to how he use to be. He is a lot more open to the fandom in general. So proud of him

yeah ppl are always pointing to old videos to say how awful he is and i’m like…….he literally seems to be changing his mind more and more at every event. and not just that, but his attitude, too. he has grown so much in how he acts at public appearances and how he behaves toward fans and i’m just like…..please stop crucifying him for things he said even just a year ago when /so much/ has happened since then.

(also, side note: while i watched the SDCC panels i couldn’t help but notice how serious he was in comparison to, say, jibcon in may or even last year’s nerd hq panel, and i kept thinking, “why is jensen being so quiet and serious? what’s going on?” and then he answered the question about how he’s directing right now and i was like oOOHHHHHH the poor angel’s stressed out and thinkin about camera angles and shit. so u never know what might be going on to affect how he acts in public.)