he's so good

do u ever cry because neil has been through so much abuse from both his parents and yet he’s still kind. i know people will lose their goddamn minds if you claim that neil is soft but like y'all gotta understand that softness =/= weak or nice. softness is the way neil tries to mend aaron and andrews relationship. softness comes from neil telling andrew that he was amazing before walking to his death. neils softness is the way he lets allison put make up on him, it’s knowing he’s going to die so he dives headfirst into spending time with matt and dan. it’s how he’s willing to spend the money he’s conditioned to save on a vacation for the foxes. he’s soft in the way he’s surprised when nicky hands him andrew’s gift, in the way he asks nicky if they’re friends, he ditched exy and kevin to get ice cream with nicky for them all, this all comes from a place of softness and tenderness and i know i know neil is still rough edges and anger and pettiness and harsh words spit as bodies collide but this isn’t exclusive from being the same boy who tried to calm down andrew on a plane bc he’s afraid of heights. don’t erase his tenderness because you can’t fathom that it can exist alongside his fire and passion. after everything he’s been through, after his father’s abuse and his mother trying to beat his essence out of him, he still has kindness and softness left. let him have it.

The assumption is that most of them have Thief 101 skills. However, they all have their strengths, and you won’t see a ton of crossover. Sophie and Parker do the lifts and pickpocketing; Eliot never touches computers except when it’s a plot point that he has to; Hardison is the only hacker and never does sleight-of-hand, etc. and can’t pick a lock. We wound up giving Eliot and Hardison more con stuff because, well, Kane and Aldis are just really frikkin’ funny. You will note that Eliot is almost never part of a long con – short scenes only.

There is a definite arc to Parker’s ability to roleplay throughout the season, and Sophie’s tutelage is one of the little relationship runners. It pays off in a big way in an upcoming episode. You’ll note that usually, even when she’s good, she’s very close to blowing it at all times. Same thing with Eliot and Hardison cross-pollinating skills as their relationship – I wouldn’t call it a friendship – evolves over the course of the season.

—  John Rogers, on the characters’ specific set of skills.

I want to talk about what Rhys says about Cassian here because I haven’t seen it mentioned before (although I’m sure it probably has, because this fandom misses nothing) and it just says so much about the type of person Cassian is.

I mean he’s a born and bred warrior, honed from a young age to fight and kill. Is one of the most powerful Illyrian’s of all time, is the commander of Rhys’ armies, has fought in centuries worth of battles and wouldn’t for one second hesitate to kill anyone who harmed his family or any innocent (which is another thing I love about him!).

But he doesn’t enjoy killing, doesn’t take any pleasure or glory in it. He even mourns the death of people he’s killed. Because no matter how good or bad they may have been their lives meant something. And to take a life takes a little bit of your soul. No matter how battle hardened Cassian might be he still feels that impact on his soul. Death still has an affect on him, even when it would be so easy after so many years of killing to lose his humanity, to become hardened to its effects and stop caring, stop feeling. Yet he remains so incredibly kind hearted despite everything! I just think this one little sentence speaks so highly of Cassian’s character and I love him so much!