he's hot tho


Yeah so I got some time (absolutely not, I just didn’t sleep lmao) and did this.

Hawks tried to be a little shit but Endeavor don’t know shit so it backfired. Hawks loved it and will did it again

Enji is now proud to have someone (don’t tell him he’s not his true son) who really like him lol. Also I drew him glasses because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It kinda make him hotter ? And he’s 46 y/o now, he needs glasses to read ?

Who am i lying to ? daddy kink lmao 


Public reminder: Raven is a bombshell.

So this is actually gonna be part 1 of a little comic series I’m gonna be doing for team STRQ’s experience with their own Vytal festival dance! All of which should be made to stand on their own, but I just wanted to share my little headcanons for how I think things went down. ❤

This comic in particular came from my desire to draw Raven in a slayin’ dress, and to showcase how I think her relationship with Summer Rose was like, but more of that is to come!

Look, I know this new Star Wars movie is gonna push some underdeveloped bullshit hetrosexual romance. But we all know that before he fell in love with Leia, known bisexual Han Solo was getting the dicking down of his life by Lando Calrissian. 

Random headcanons

Deceit loves to lounge around without his cape and gloves on but hates the others seeing him without them.

Virgil always takes his hoodie off the moment he’s not around the others and ties it around his waist.

Roman would love to sling his sash straight into the sun but no it’s what a prince wears.

Logan loves all his ties(he has rainbows and patterned ones too) but only wears the blue one around the others, so they think him serious.

Patton loves his cat hoodie to the ends of the earth, but would prefer to actually wear it instead of having it around his neck all the time (he refuses too ever since Logan told him to put it back).