he's good too


jeremy leaning in while josh is talking is??? such a lance thing to do??? i love them both so much thanks for bringing my favorite characters to life i’m really gonna miss you two 


he really is a hero

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Chess master Mikoto

Munakata would probably love this, except Mikoto keeps refusing to play chess with him. The fun part of this would be if we’re not talking like super genius Mikoto or anything but just normal Mikoto who happens to be really good at chess, like imagine him actually beating Munakata and Munakata just gets this tight fake smile because he can’t believe he lost to Suoh of all people. Like say Mikoto’s grandfather was really into chess and he taught Mikoto how to play, he didn’t know what else to do with the kid and generally just let Mikoto do whatever he wanted but he figured having a chess partner would be nice. Mikoto didn’t care much for chess but he learned because it was the rare time that he actually got to spend time with his grandfather and didn’t feel like some kind of burden or unnecessary presence, he actually felt like this was a small part of the world where he could fit. He picked up the game unexpectedly quickly and soon he was giving his grandfather a hard time with it, his grandfather was amazed because he didn’t think this kid had that in him. After his grandfather dies Mikoto still plays from time to time but he doesn’t really have any kind of passion for it, it’s just a thing he can do.

Then one day he has to go to Scepter 4 for some reason and is dealing with Munakata in his office, he sees Munakata’s chess set lying around and maybe makes a move idly without thinking about it before leaving. Munakata doesn’t notice it until later and is impressed because whoever did that move grasped the flow of the one-sided game immediately and made a very clever move. He can’t quite believe that it was actually Suoh who did it but he invites Mikoto back just to see, Mikoto’s all annoyed when he realizes that Munakata wants a game because Mikoto has no interest in that. They’re all sniping at each other over the chess board too, Munakata making comments about the game being more disciplined than he would have expected from Mikoto and Mikoto’s just like you talk too much Munakata as he takes Munakata’s King. In the end Mikoto wins and Munakata probably immediately wants a rematch, Mikoto just smirks and says he has to leave. Munakata totally won’t leave him alone after that though, he would be determined to beat Mikoto in the next game (and probably enjoying having an actual rival to play with, since no one in Scepter 4 will agree to play with him) while Mikoto doesn’t want to be bothered by it. Kusanagi and Totsuka would probably be amused by this, like King has an unexpected hobby huh and Totsuka wants Mikoto to teach him while Kusanagi’s just amused that Mikoto’s gotten the Blue King’s attention this way.

Jesus told me to stay home today, so that’s what I did

  • No cereal
  • Couldn’t fin anything to wear for the spirit day (pink out)
  • Had to change pants if I wanted to not be cold (So I had to put everything that was in my jean pockets into my now pockets)
  • Cats being overly liveable (that is, more than usual)
  • And the bus just fucking drove past me

Thank you jesus

I wonder how Vulcans see Human marriage. When Vulcans pair off, it’s a bonding of their very souls, while Human marriage is just combining finances

So imagine Jim on one knee in front of Spock with tears in his eyes talking about how this is what he’s wanted more more than anything else and how if Spock says yes he’ll spend the rest of his life making him happy and Spock is just like “Captain, are your student loans that bad?”