he's finished under top 10 in the league twice in the past six seasons

deancas: first signs of spring, 2k

Rated: T (probably a G, to be honest)
Summary: Dean had never been interested in soccer.  That is, until his niece begins playing in a youth soccer league.  It also doesn’t hurt that he falls in love with her coach.


Growing up, Dean had never cared for soccer.  His interest in sports had only ever extended to football, mostly, though his father’s habits kept him from ever trying out for the team despite the football coach’s yearly passionate pleas.  

Nope - Dean was strictly all-American in his sports taste - none of that floofy European futbol crap that Sam became obsessed with in his sophomore year.  

That all changed one day, years and years after high school, when Dean’s six-year-old niece turned her big brown eyes on him and in her best big-girl voice politely asked him to come to her first U-8 soccer game, please, Uncle Dean, I need you there.

And that was all it took.  Dean was sold.

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12/29/14 Predators @ Blackhawks: “Toews spots 5-hole, and beats Pekka there before he can squeeze.” - Preds announcers