he's done some terrible things but look at WHY

Y’all do realise that the only reason Ciel acts the way he does he’s being raised by a literal demon. Like this child went through a horrific traumatic experience that left him with major trust issues and rather than get the love and support he needs he has a this avatar of evil itself encouraging and magnifying every destructive emotion because he finds it amusing.

Ciel’s not a terrible person - Sebastian is.

Or okay you know what else I think of sometimes, with the whole “If Harry had had a good home life” and why Dumbledore needed him to not have a loving home in order to craft him into a weapon/martyr, is this: Dumbledore not even trying to stick his neck out for Sirius and not even questioning for a second him betraying James suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Because think about it: Dumbledore knows Sirius, he taught him for seven years and knew him afterwards in the Order. He's seen the love Sirius had for James, saw Sirius leave his own family and basically become a part of the Potter family and yet, to our knowledge, he doesn’t even raise a hand to help Sirius when he’s arrested, just allows him to get sent to Azkaban without a trial. Whereas Snape, SNAPE, who is a KNOWN Death Eater (and we can assume he’s done some terrible things to become a Death Eater, especially one in the Inner Circle), Snape not only gets  trial but gets off with no jail time based on Dumbledore’s word alone.

Why?! Dumbledore sticking his neck out for Snape but not for Sirius doesn’t make sense unless you look at what Dumbledore needed. Dumbledore needed Snape as a spy, and really, his plans were far better suited if Sirius was locked up, guilty or not. Because you can bet that Sirius would never have taken Dumbledore’s ‘Harry needs to stay with the Dursley’s" nonsense, he would’ve fought tooth and nail to get rightful custody of Harry, and then what? Harry would’ve grown up in a loving environment, Harry would’ve had someone to fight for him–someone with REAL knowledge of the wizarding world and (presumably since he was raised as a Black) some type of political savvy, even. Think of that! Think of the fuss Sirius would’ve raised during the Chamber of Secrets debacle. Think of what Sirius would’ve done to Rita Skeeter for printing lies about his godson if he weren’t a wanted felon. And we all know that Sirius would’ve been loyal to Harry over Dumbledore, and that was a problem.

tl;dr: Dumbledore is a sketchy mofo and I hold him partially accountable for Sirius Black’s suffering, and like 95% accountable for Harry’s.

i’m disgusted by the people who say they’re happy over xxxtentacion’s death. that they’re glad he got shot. that they’re glad he died. that they think the world is a better place without him. i’ve read so many disgusting post from people celebrating his death, and it makes me sick to my stomach, that there are people out there who think like that.
and i’m seriously asking myself what’s even worse; killing someone, or truly wishing someone’s death and being happy over the fact, that a human being, a human being like you and me, regardless of what the fuck he has done in the past, died.
jahseh was 20, he was so fucking young, trying to find his place in this world, trying to find answers, trying to figure out who he really is. you know how much life you haven’t lived yet when dying that young? you know how much you haven’t experienced? 
x did some horrible, terrible things, i won’t deny that, but that doesn’t fucking justify his death. you are allowed to see only the bad parts in someone. you are allowed to look at all the horrible things someone has done and base your opinions of that person on these things. but mocking over someone’s death is just…i can’t even find words.
especially those narrow-minded people who’ll only look for the ‘bad’ in one. it’s not like his life was about the shit he did. he helped, he fucking saved so many people. there is a reason why many people looked up to him. there is a reason why so many people loved and appreciated him and his work. 
he was aware of the fact, that he did terrible things, infact he wanted to change and do better. he organized charity events, he raised money, people seem to completely ignore that. again, he did terrible things, and these good things he did won’t hush up the bad things he did, but at least he accepted his mistakes and fucking tried to do and be better than that.

humans are like sailors on boats, floating in this infinitely big sea. together we are a big fleet. if one boat sinks, some others will sink too. there will never be one single boat sinking on its own. we all have friends and family, people we love. and so did jahseh dwayne onfroy better known as xxxtentacion. his boat sank, and so did many others. regardless of his actions in the past, it’s about being there for each other now, especially when it comes to his friends and his  family. people who loved x. we don’t need more boats to sink.

being happy over this tragic death, is.. it’s just disgusting.

especially those people considering themselves as ‘good humans’ because they think such people deserve it, or consider this whole thing as an act of justice. that wasn’t justice. that was murder, and you really need to have an evil mind to say something like that. you are not better than someone like xxxtentacion and his past, if you really think like that. 
i don’t celebrate what xxxtentacion did, but i also don’t celebrate his death.
i never looked up to or supported the bad things he did, but i always looked up to his work. his music. i separated these two things. the way he could express himself was so indescribably and his music helped me through really fucking harsh times, and i’m clearly not the only one who thinks like that. i don’t know where i’d be without his music, stories and words.  and like i said, he tried to change and be a better person and also organized charity events and raised money.
actually, it’s true what xxxtentacion said. nobody cares until you’re dead.
nobody cared about all this shit before they heard he was shot.
i read about these theories that he’s still alive and just plans something for a new album or whatever and seriously, i wouldn’t even be mad or something if all this was planned and just show. because it just shows that he’s right. it just substantiates his statement, and that’s fucking sad.
you don’t need to agree with what i’m thinking, but all of you who are seriously happy about his death and celebrating this murder, you’re all just disgusting to me.

thank you for your music x, thank you for your message.

rest in peace


“We’d like to volunteer.” Cassian said.

She didn’t trust him. She didn’t trust anything the galaxy could throw at her. “Why?”

He smiled, and it died on his face. “Some of us-” He hesitated, waited until Jyn’s gaze had met his. “-most of us, we’ve done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion.” He spoke matter-of-factly, as if it were the most obvious truth in the world. “We’re spies. Saboteurs. Assassins.”

Jyn spared another glance at the soldiers. They were looking at her, one and all, as if awaiting judgement.

Was it a confession?

“Everything I did,” Cassian said, “I did for the Rebellion. And every time I walked away from something I wanted to forget I told myself it was for a cause that I believed in. A cause that was worth it.”

He was almost stumbling over his sentences, forcing each out before he lost his nerve. Like a man wrenching a dislocated limb into place, one agonizing pull at a time.

He went on: “Without that -without a cause- we’re lost. Everything we’ve done would have been for nothing. I couldn’t face myself if I gave up now. None of us could.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Alexander Freed


Cassian Andor Appreciation Week  
Day One :: Favorite Scene
“We’d like to volunteer,” Cassian said.
She didn’t trust him. She didn’t trust anything the galaxy could throw at her. “Why?”
He smiled, and it died on his face. “Some of us—” He hesitated, waited until Jyn’s gaze had met his. “—most of us, we’ve done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion.” He spoke matter-of-factly, as if it were the most obvious truth in the world. “We’re spies. Saboteurs. Assassins.”
Jyn spared another glance at the soldiers. They were looking at her, one and all, as if awaiting judgment.
Was this a confession?

So @packratofdenialism gave me this idea for a fanfic where Meredith lives and she and Yondu coparent Peter. This happens in my head because Yondu got suspicious when Ego told him to pick another kid up “in about a year” and investigated and decided to help Meredith out as a way of dealing with the guilt he feels since he’s come to the conclusion Ego’s done something awful to the other kids he’s brought him. Here’s a scene from before Yondu and Meredith go to the Collector for a potential fix as their last idea. They’re waiting in a bar for the Collector to send for them, and Meredith ends up making Yondu come clean as to what he thinks is really going on (he initially lied to get her and Peter to come with him by pretending Ego sent him).


“If this doesn’t work though…you’ll still take Peter to his father, right?” Meredith asked.

Yondu went still.

“Yondu?” she asked. “You’ll promise me, won’t you? That you’ll take him home?”

“…Can’t promise you that, Meredith,” he said quietly.

“What?” she asked.

“I can’t,” he said stiffly. “Can’t promise you…because I won’t do it.”

“Why the hell not?” she demanded, leaping to her feet. Her world spun instantly and Yondu grabbed her before she hit the floor. “I thought you wanted to help us!”

“I am helping you!” Yondu said. “And I won’t be helping him if I take him there!”

“Why?” she yelled.

“Cause none of the others ever came back!” he snapped.

“…Others?” she asked as Yondu slowly sat her back down on the stool. “What others?”

“His other kids,” Yondu said. “I…I took Ego his other kids. No one ever saw them again.”

“He….had other kids…” Meredith said. She felt very cold all of the sudden as things started make some sort of terrible sense. Why Yondu was so cagey about why “Ego sent him” to pick her up and try to find her help. Why the Ravagers crew clearly hadn’t had a clue of where to start looking for how to deal with a tumor. The oddness of the tumor being so hard to operate on even for more advanced species…

“Yeah. I didn’t tell you cause you wouldn’t have let me help,” Yondu said. “But…you’re not special, Meredith. He’s done this before. It’s not that he couldn’t bear to watch you die. It’s that he told me to wait until you did die to get your boy and bring him to Ego.”

Meredith took a deep breath as she tried to understand what the hell she was being told. She’d known something was up with Yondu’s original story for a while now, but for it to be that…

“That’s what all the whispering was, then?” she asked. “All those times you stopped talking when Peter or I came over?”

“Some of the crew figured you weren’t really cargo. ‘S why I made you quartermaster. Shut up the whiners if you were puling your weight,” he said.

“And what happened if I was cured and demanded to go see Ego?” she asked.

“…Honestly I was going to let Horuz handle it. He likes being an ass so he could have broke it hard and not minded the fallout,” Yondu said. “I’ll admit, was not looking forward to Peter crying. Makes a chest twist up when he starts whimpering like that…”

“You think the tumor’s weird.”

She wasn’t entirely sure why she said it, why she remembered him saying that.

Yondu nodded slowly, “Yeah. We’ve been told that. Remember, you thought it was just, uh, intimate exposure to…”

“No. No you think…you think more,” she said. “You don’t think it was an accident, do you?”

Yondu cringed a bit under her gaze. She was right. He’d put a lot more thought into this than just a favor to a dying woman. He’d thought of the why as more than some accident. He just hadn’t said anything.

“…You think he did it on purpose,” Meredith said slowly.

“I don’t know what-”

“I didn’t say you knew, I said it’s what you think,” Meredith corrected, cutting Yondu off. “That’s what you think happened.”

Yondu sighed, “I know he knew about it. And I know he told me to get ready to pick Peter up when you died, which he had a pretty good timescale for, despite never seeing the boy alive meaning he’d bene gone for over six years. And I know every kid I ever brought him was never seen again and he didn’t seem to give a damn about any of their other parents.”

Meredith let that digest. It made terrible sense. Ma had been right all along. Just a fling for a guy using her who left her with a kid.

Oh god what was that thing he’d planted on earth? She’d have to send a call home over it, tell them to get…oh who did you even call to deal with that shit?

“How many did you bring him?” Meredith asked, trying to focus on the issue at hand, on verifying what Yond was saying now when he’d lied at the start.  

“’Bout a dozen,” Yondu said, staring at the bar top. “Wasn’t counting really; I was greedy and I admit it. They were his kids, he said pickup for pay so I picked up. Don’t know if he had anyone else doing it. Probably did. If I got suspicious enough to stop others probably did too and I was just the next he asked. Guy’s been around a long time.”

“And you never heard from them again?”

“Not even the ones I suggested should call if they needed anything,” Yondu said. “Last one…last one I was going to turn down. She was young. Younger than Quill.”

Meredith bristled at that. “Chronologically or developmentally?”

“Both,” Yondu said. “But the crew needed money and Ego could make gems so I caved. Not proud of it. Gave the kid a com, told her to call me if she got scared, or in a year if it went well. An anniversary call. Said I’d give a present if she did.”

“She never called.”

“Nope. Would have been three days before he called me about you,” Yondu said. “I don’t know what he’s doing to his kids, Meredith, but it ain’t good. I have my way? I never take that boy of yours near Ego.”

“So you know he’s collecting his children who are never heard from again…and you think he was going to kill me…why?” Meredith asked. “Why not just have you take Peter?”

“Maybe he figured, boy has your genes, he’ll make his way back to you before I get him to Ego,” Yondu said. “But he won’t do that if you’re not there.”

“Jackass,” Meredith muttered. “…Him, not you.”

“Nah, I’m a jackass. Took all those others to him, didn’t I?” Yondu asked.

“Wish you hadn’t?” Meredith asked.

Yondu “mm’d” in a manner she took to mean agreement.

“That’s why you helped, isn’t it?” she asked. “You felt guilty.”

“S’ not really guilt in your case,” Yondu said. “Didn’t have a thing to do with you or your boy.”

“But you had ‘a thing to do with’ around a dozen of Peter’s…siblings,” Meredith said. “With Ego’s other children. You wanted to keep Peter safe, didn’t you?”

Yondu huffed, “Maybe I just wanted to piss the jackass off by keeping Peter from him.”

“You didn’t need me alive for that,” Meredith said.

“…Was lousy. What he was trying to pull with you,” Yondu said. “Was crap.”

“Think he did that to any of the other…parents?” Meredith asked.

“Don’t know. He didn’t give me timescales for them,” Yondu said. “Just said to pick up one of his kids. Just did it. Never asked. I was a fool who never asked.”

“Yeah, well,” Meredith sighed. “I was a fool who fell for a spaceman. So we’re both fools.”


That’s part of what’s written so far! Hope everyone likes it!

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11 - Soulmates AU

Fate traced paths across galaxies and centuries and wound its way through the lives of every living thing. Sometimes it left marks. Hints. Suggestions. Reminders. There were people that fate had marked then abandoned to follow the path on their own. 

Allura’s mark was gibberish. Beautiful gibberish but untranslatable. She had tried. Advisers around the court had tried. Three symbols. Blocks of angular lines. She practiced how to write them. The marks were the same colour as the other marks on her skin but smaller and more delicate. Each stroke drawn with a tiny pen. They meant something but she made it to adulthood without ever learning what. 

Fate was busy spinning its web and war came and it all stopped feeling so important. The marks were a hint to her path but she woke up one morning to news of attacks and battles and her path was clear. She didn’t need some warning in some undiscovered language to tell her that her planet was her responsibility, that the fate of the universe came before childish whispering about marks and romance and finding the one that fate intended for you. 

They lost. She slept. She woke to a universe that was still fighting that same war. She woke to find it all in her hands and she wasn’t ready. She wasn’t ready for Voltron to be her responsibility. She wasn’t ready to pilot a ship built for thousands of people and every one of those people were dead. Fate hadn’t left her another choice so she did what she could. 

“What are you drawing?” he asked. 

She looked up to find Shiro leaning over her and looking down at the piece of paper where she had been doodling. Her screen was still running calculations and she was waiting for the computer to give her back an answer so she could finish plotting this course. One of her symbols. One of her soul marks sketched out in different sizes and patterns across the page. 

“It’s nothing, I’m just bored,” she said. 

“Huh,” he said with a shrug. 


“Where’d you pick up that word? Something of Keith’s?” 


“Does it mean something in Altean? It’s just shockingly similar to the kanji for gold. This one more than this one but it’s still close enough to be readable.” 

“You can read it.” 

“Yeah,” he gave her a funny look. She was staring at him. The symbols had meant nothing for so long that to have someone lean over her shoulder and just read it like any other word left her unbalanced. Pidge had taught her the letters of their language in return for a lesson in Altean. It had been fun to trade language rules and details back and forth but it put to bed any theories that her marks might have something to do with these aliens who were running around on the Ship of Lions. 

Now Shiro was looking over her shoulder and telling her that she was wrong. She held his gaze for a long moment and then wrote out the full set. He frowned at the paper and then glanced at her when she was done. 

Shiro laughed and sat down in the chair beside her. 

“You’re screwing with me,” he laughed again. “You looked so serious. I thought this was going to be some bizarre alien thing where you’d previously made contact with Earthlings or something. Your stroke order is terrible by the way.” 

“Why am I screwing with you? What does it mean?” she smiled at him because he was laughing and she was too surprised by the reaction to do anything but smile back at him. 

“It’s my name.”

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Can you give me some advice on how how to write damian and Tim? Like their dynamic as brothers? Love your blog btw!! <3

You know what? Let’s do a proper relationship analysis. Buckle down y’all, because this is gonna get long.

Now here’s the thing: we all know that Tim and Damian don’t get along, right? Even when they aren’t physically fighting, they’re insulting, and they’re rude, and they just don’t like each other. That’s important! But it’s more important to understand why they don’t like each other. 

So let’s talk motivations.

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Connor wasn’t sure what was going on, or what his dad had planned, but he was getting a little scared. He knew his mom was scared too, but he didnt want to freak her out even more by showing that he was too.

He was different, he was more like her and not his father, the ruler of everything agonizing and terrible. He didnt think that his father would actually hurt him, or his mom, but then again, he knew that at any point Balor could turn on everyone.

“Dad…where are we going?” Connor asks. His tiny little voice was shaking.

Balor smile down at his boy and pats his head.

“Don’t worry son, we are going somewhere special.” He says carrying him down a dark hallway. “There is something you need to see.”

Balor stops at a plain wooden door and carefully sets Connor down and grabs the knob. He kneels down slowly to Connor and smiles.

“Ive got something to show you son, its something Ive shown your brothers and sister, but you need to make me a promise.” He says.

Connor smiles a little and nods, all the fears he had almost completely vanished. Balor looks around briefly before holding his pinky out to Connor. The little boy mimicked his father’s actions and curls his tiny finger around his dads.

It was such a violent contrast, his tiny, innocent little hand compared to the large clawed hand of the king.

“What is it?” He asks.

Balor grins, the rows of razor sharp teeth protruding slightly.

“In that room, there’s someone that Ive been hiding in there. Someone very mean and nasty. Someone I think you can hurt.”

Connor’s eyes widen slightly, not knowing fully what his dad was talking about, but he was still excited.

“But if I take you in there you cannot tell mommy understand? She wont be happy if she knows who is in there.” Balor says. He smiles when his son nodded slowly and stood up, taking him back into his arms and reaches carefully to open the door.

The old door creaks, and the demon king steps in. Connors eyes strain to the dim lighting, but his eyes catch onto a figure that was hung on an old burned cross on the far side of the room.

The only light there was shinning on the figure.

Connor is clinging to his father as they got closer. Balor feels the tension in his sons grip but still proceeds, and he begins growling the closer he got.

Balor stops, and sighs.

“Wake up (y/f/n)…Ive got a little guest.” Balor says. Connor doesn’t say a word, he just watches as the man groans.

He looks horrible, blood all over him, several bruises and cuts all over his body. He was an absolute mess. It looked like his face had gotten stung by hundreds of bees, and his arms and legs were wrapped in barbed wire.

Connor cringes when the man’s mouth opens.

His tongue was gone.

The man begins to groan, his words couldn’t be heard, making Balor laugh.

“Do you know who this man is Connor?” Balor asks. he looks to his little boy whom seemed transfixed on the man before them. Connor shakes his head. Balor slowly approaches the man, still holding his son and smirks when the weary eyes open up.

“This is your grandpa…your moms dad…” he says. There was malice laced in his voice. “Do you know why he is here Connor?”

Balor back tracks a little and pulls out a chair and sits himself down. Connor eases himself on his dads lap and looks from the man and then back to his dad.

“No? Why would he be here? Why isnt he spending time with mommy?”

Oh this was Balor’s favorite part. The reveal. He was everything his wife’s father should have been, a protector, a loving, caring father that loved his children to death. He’d do anything to keep them safe even if it meant destroying the whole world to do it.

This is what he did to mold his children.

“Well, that’s because he doesnt love your mommy.” He says. The little boy looks puzzled. How can someone not love his mom?

“Why?” He asks.

And part number 2.

“Well, you see he isnt a very nice man. Remember when we told you a lot of bad people come down here to be punished, well…he has done some pretty terrible things.” He waits for the man to quit his groaning. “Especially to your mom.”

The little boy looks horrified. How could anyone be mean to his mom? All the time he has known her she was the nicest, most beautiful person on the planet.

“What did he do?”

“Connor, he did terrible things to mommy. He’d hit her, kick her, yell at her, and then one night, he does something even worse. He kills her big brother, and her own mommy right in front of her.” Balor says.

Connors eyes began shifting. Their sweet baby blue hue turning dark.

“He’s terrible Connor, he’s an evil man. He had a debt to pay, and he used your mommy to pay it. He thought i was going to hurt her, but I never did.” He slowly reached out to the small table next to them and grasps a knife.

The old man sees it and begins to struggle. There was no realistic way he was going to get away from them, but he fought each time.

Balor slowly sits up, handing his son the knife. Connors eyes are black, just like his dads as he holds the knife. The king slowly sets his son down onto the floor and smiles.

“What did I tell you to do to people who hurt your mommy?”

Connor is staring at his grandfather.

“Hurt them.”

“That’s right..” Balor says standing tall. He’s making eye contact with his wife’s father and smirks. “He hurt her, and he said if he ever got out of here then he would hurt her, and your sister…you don’t want that do you?”

No one would ever be able to hurt his mom, no one. How could someone do something so horrible to her? Connor couldn’t believe that his mom would ever have a bad life, he sees how she is here and how much his dad loves her.

Now he feels a very new emotion.


Balor is all smiles when his child gets the idea, and the screams coming from the room could be heard in several halls.

All but the one where his wife and three other little ones were waiting on them

(All credits to the amazing @sinip759 for the art work. Still amazing as always)

Dick Grayson/Nightwing X Reader- Tricks Up My Sleeve

Stacks of papers littered your eating space, mocking and taunting you because of another’s selfish actions.  Money lost and overdue bills was all you could see.  There were no letters saying the man that was behind this was put behind bars, that you were going to get the millions that he stole from you and your father, or you were going to see your father again.  No matter what you did or he evidence that you compiled, no one helped you take down the man that was making your life a living hell. On top of stealing your money, the man had been leeching money from the citizens of Blüdhaven for years under the noses of all of the shitty law enforcement that never even bothered to glance at your case.  You knew that you were biased.  Your father had a difficult past with the people of Blüdhaven, but his action and options should not be rewarded with a life sentence of something he did not do.  The mayor of Blüdhaven may seem like a gift from Heaven, but he was definitely a devil in disguise.  The only thing keeping you together was your current boyfriend and best friend, the one and only Dick Grayson.  You were lucky to meet the flirty man, and even more lucky to know that he’s a person that doesn’t listen to rumors.  He looked past your family history and made the world feel sane again, but only when it allowed it to be.  Your world would crash further down when you would be notified that your bank accounts have been drained and your father’s condition was worsening.  You placed your head in your hands, forcing the tears away, knowing that crying won’t fix anything.  

“You okay, (Y/N)?” Dick asked and popped his head from your shared bedroom.  “Did you get more?”

You nodded and sucked in a shallow breath into your burning lungs, “I don’t know why anyone won’t help me, Dick.  I know my father has done some terrible things in the past, but he does not deserve to rot in a cell with murderers and criminals.”

“(Y/N), you know that something good will come,” Dick reassured you, placing a hand on your shoulder, “but you need to be patient.  Whoever is doing this to you and your dad, he’ll pay soon enough.”

“Dick, do you understand how long this has been going on?” you asked.  “This has been going on for years, and no one has bothered to look at my case.  It either gets thrown in the trash or he has someone in his pocket take care of it.  I can’t do this any longer, Dick, it’s tearing me apart.”

“I’ll look into it, (Y/N), and I’ll ask my buddies that I trust to help me,” he said.  

“Then you will get involved, and they will, too,” you said and stood up.  “I won’t let anyone else be tormented by him.”

“Okay, (Y/N), but I’m still looking into it,” he said, pulling you into a hug.  “I still have some other tricks up my sleeves for this kind of thing.”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure I’m sure.”


You knew that the ‘tricks up my sleeve’ meant dressing up as a vigilante and asking/beating up criminals.  It was a little surprising to find out your boyfriend was Nightwing, but it wasn’t like he wasn’t trying to keep it a secret.  Whenever you had to take a breather from your life, you would head up to the roof and relax.  It wasn’t long until your secret hiding place wasn’t a secret anymore.  Nightwing had landed on the roof and flirted with you nonstop, making your day a little brighter.  He chatted with you for about twenty minutes when he said he had to go, but by then you were sure that he was Dick.  Seriously, you’d notice his ass anywhere.  Your nerves weren’t eased until you found his Nightwing gear stashed in between some couch cushions when you were cleaning.  You understood why he didn’t he didn’t tell you, but it wasn’t like you didn’t have a secret of your own.  Dick knew about your father and his work, but he didn’t know that you also helped him out with designing and testing the inventions he created.

“Get ready to have a taste of your own medicine, dirtbag,” you growled, removing the binoculars from your eyes.

Dick wasn’t the only one that had tricks up his sleeves, you had an arsenal up yours.  You rarely went out to do vigilante things, due to your boyfriend being Nightwing and your liking of anonymity, but when you did you meant business.  You tried to do it the legal way, but sometimes the government and legal systems can’t do what you need.  If Batman and other powerless vigilantes can do it, why can’t you?  Grappling to the unsupervised section of the mayor’s building, you steadily made your way to his empty office where everything you need was located.  Even if the guy was a rich two-faced bastard, he had shitty security.  You quickly entered the office after messing around with the security system and made your way to the computer.  

“Bingo,” you muttered as you hacked into his files, plugging in an USB to download everything you could get your hands on.

As you continued to open his secrets, you returned all of the money he stole from you and the citizens of Blüdhaven with a few simple commands.  You wished that was the only thing he did.  There was a file that involved your father.  The son of a bitch arranged for your father to be sentenced to death.  Pushing your anger down, you finished downloading everything and shoved the USB in a compartment in your suit.  After that, you finally let all of your anger out.  The computer went flying, breaking against the wall instantly on impact.  Furniture was the next thing that you took your anger out on, which resulted in a few broken windows.  When you heard heavy footsteps approaching the door, you jumped out of one of the broken windows and sent your grapple to the nearest building you saw.  You looked back to see about a dozen armed men enter the room and look out the window, but you were already too far gone to be in trouble with them.  A sigh of relief escaped from your mouth, but you knew that you still had to turn in the evidence and get your father back.  Before you knew it, you were tackled in the air and sent crashing onto another building’s roof.  You ungracefully picked yourself up from the ground and looked at your opponent, who was Nightwing.

“Listen, dude, I’m not in the mood for fighting right now,” you said and stretched.  “Can we get a raincheck?”

“Sorry, sweetcheeks, but I’m afraid I don’t have your number,” he said and threw a fist at you.

At first you were only defending yourself from his attacks, but soon enough you had to go on offense to get out of there.  As you were throwing a punch, he swept his leg under your feet, making you fall on the ground again.

“Now you’re going to the police,” he stated and handcuffed your hands behind your back.

“I can’t! I swear I’m innocent!” you shouted, trying to convince him that you’re on his side.

“Yeah, that’s what they all say.”

“Take off my mask, Dick,” you said.

“What did you say?” he asked and walked back over to you.

You gulped, “I said take off my mask, Dick.”

You watched his gloved hand move up to your face and tear your mask off your face.

“What the hell?” he asked and backed away.

You let out a humorless laugh, “That’s what I thought when I found out you were Nightwing.”

“(Y/N)? What?” he asked, staring at you as if you had two heads.

“Please let me explain before you start assuming things,” you begged.

“You better have a really good explanation for this, (Y/N),” he said.

You snorted, “It’s not like you didn’t keep a few secrets from me.”

“Fair enough.”


You stood near the gate of the prison, clutching onto the letter that was sent to you by the prison, with Dick by your side.  After you had told Dick what you had done and the evidence you stole, he took it and said that he would make sure that the mayor went behind bars the next day.  Since then, you received a letter saying that your father’s sentence was revoked and he could return home.  You bursted into tears when you finished the letter, happy that your father’s name was finally cleared.

“You excited?” Dick asked.

“Excited?  I’m more than excited!” you shouted and looked over to the now opening gate.



He nodded and dropped his bag in time to catch you in a hug.  You wrapped your arms around your neck and felt tears soak into your shirt.

“I’m so glad to see you again,” he whispered.

“Me too,” you whispered. “Me, too, dad.”

Your dad broke the hug and looked behind you, “Who’s that?”

You looked over to Dick and smiled, “That’s Dick, my boyfriend.”

Your dad made a face and elbowed you, “Do I need to have a talk with him?”

Dick laughed, “It would be an honor to finally get to meet the man that raised the love of my life.”

“You got yourself a smooth talker, (Y/N). Kinda reminds me of myself.”

“Is that how you convinced mom to marry you?”

Severus Snape is NOT a Good Man

WARNING: Snape fans will not like this post. but really, it is just one person’s opinion. so don’t take it too seriously, kay? I’d love to debate about this with someone, though. Feel free to argue any if not all of my points.

Many Harry Potter fans paint Snape out as some sort of martyr who lived a unjustly tormented life. They make James Potter and Sirius Black out to be villains that relentlessly bullied Snape, completely overlooking Snape’s own actions.

1. Snape was a death eater

I know he had a abusive childhood. But so did Harry and Sirius. Just because you are bullied does not mean that you should be a pure-blood supremacist. I know he was bullied. So was Neville. But Neville didn’t go on to drive away his only friend and become a bully himself.

Also, while this doesn’t apply to this point, I have to take a second to defend James and Sirius. I am not justifying bullying in any shape or form. James and Sirius were completely in the wrong. I am merely pointing out that Snape gave as good as he got (“Snape was a special case. I mean, he never lost an opportunity to curse James, so you couldn’t really expect James to take that lying down, could you?” -Remus Lupin). They led him to the Whomping Willow, but Snape fired the Sectumsempra curse at James, which easily could have killed him if it didn’t miss. Also, he destroyed James’ family by telling Voldemort about the prophecy. This action killed James and Lily, got Sirius locked up in Azkaban for 12 years for a crime he didn’t commit, and left Harry a orphan.

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2. His relationship with Lily

Any remotely redeemable actions that Snape took was for Lily. But his love for her didn’t stop him from offering Lily and her family up to Voldemort after overhearing a prophecy regarding Harry’s birth. He was fine with Voldemort killing Lily’s child and husband, the people whom she loved more than anything. Snape only backtracked at the thought of her death. Think about it. If the Chosen One has been Neville, he never would have lifted a finger to help.

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3. He was a bully

He used his authority to favor Slytherins and penalized others for no warranted reason. He forced Neville to feed his toad a potion that was potentially poison. Neville’s parents were tortured until insanity, and his boggart was Snape, because he was that afraid of him! Snape made fun of Hermione’s large front teeth. He constantly called his students idiots. He tried to ‘out’ Lupin as a werewolf. He victimised Harry because he looked like James Potter. And he shows no remorse for his actions.

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BUT, with that said, I love Snape as a character. Severus Snape is not a good man; he is a man who made terrible choices, a man who paid for it with everything that is dear to him. I won’t deny that he has done some good, brave things in his life(which is why I won’t say he’s a evil character) but he has also never shown remorse for how he treated Harry. But the thing is, his experiences have made him spiteful and a bully. But was he brave? Immensely. He has done bad things, and that’s why he does everything in his power to make it right. THAT’s what makes him such a compelling character, and his moral greyness is way more interesting than the “Snape was a good” trope.

I just realized what I hate the most about this storyline

It’s that’s it’s way too close to the truth, as weird as it sounds

Too close to the truth about white male privilege

Jack has canonically done some terrible things. Does he ever get called out for it? No, as a “cute white guy” he gets infantilized, taken care of, encouraged, looked after wherever he goes, and anyone who speaks up against him has a couple of episodes at the most before they are ready to die for him

And no, “he’s only a baby” doesn’t count. He admitted to being sentient in the womb, and he made himself grow up, into an incredibly stupid adult, but still

As a woman one year older than the actor who portrays him, I consider this downright insulting, and that’s why I will never tolerate Jack Kline under any circumstances.  

“You can’t love me,” Lucifer shouted. “You can’t!”

“I can and I will. I don’t fucking care if you’re the devil or whatever, I love you, Lucifer.”

Lucifer sat down. He didn’t want to fight with you. “I don’t deserve to be loved, okay,” he said after a moment, looking up at you as he spoke. “I’m a bad guy. You could have anyone in the world. Why choose me?”

You took his hands. “Because I see you for who and what you are and know that you can change. You can be good if you just try. I’ve done some terrible things myself, but I still consider myself to be a good person. It’s the same with you, Luci. You’ve been painted into this role of the villain, but it’s something you choose to be. So, let me love you, and show you that you deserve it.”

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imagine, jugram showing harri something on a screen for serious work stuff. then random porn video ads pops up and it won't close.

As surprised as she was at the sudden sight of two people doing the do on his screen, as annoyed she was from the sight. Because why, why was such thing on his computer-thing. Rather judgmental she would stare at him, wondering if he watched such stuff on lonely nights. Her gaze would return to the screen, ignoring his attempts to click it away, some fascination was there as it had been forever since she had done it herself or ever seen it. Sex was not foreign to her but only because of her past self, it felt and looked familiar. Though the noises were rather unappealing and she had the feeling the woman was not really honest with her pleasure.  “The man does a terrible job,”  she murmured, not really understanding why these two were doing it in the first place. It does not look forced but still odd. It was not the best video, but it still gave her a tingly feeling in her lower parts, which of course, did not feel bad but certainly was inappropriate in such situation. Then again, it was Jugram’s fault and not hers.  “Explain…”  Pornography was an unknown term for her, so the reason why such video would exist on his Pc made absolutely no sense to her. Some possible reasons came to her mind, but such sight, that such thing was even possible, was new to her. Of course, she knew of the cameras in Las Noches but that such acts would ever be recorded in other places? Was this live?  

“I didn’t know you were a voyeur…”

A Year Every Minute Pt. 77

Papyrus could feel his father trembling in his arms, but it wasn’t in sadness. No, this was definitely something else. “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.” He repeated, squeezing his father tighter and feeling his still somewhat pliable body give under the pressure.

Slowly the bone in Gaster’s hand dissipated and his arms reached up not to hug Papyrus but to grab his shoulders. He didn’t push him away or wrap his arms around him, he merely held onto him, as though his son was the only thing anchoring him down and keeping him sane.

His gaze was fixed upon the door, his pupils wired and manic. Eventually Papyrus stood upright, blocking Gaster’s stare with the image of his loving face. He took hold of his father’s arms and held him there tightly before noticing the blue glow of Undyne’s spear beside him.

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So, I just want to say a few words about why I will always defend Helena on Orphan Black. Some people just simply say “She was brainwashed, but still she’s a fiend. She’s a vicious killer.” Helena has done some terrible things, but she is perhaps the best written, and most human character on the show.

She wasn’t just brainwashed, she was physically, mentally, sexually (by Henrick, what he did to her is just as bad as rape) and emotionally abused. She was locked in cages, kept from the sunlight (hence the dark circles, pale skin, vitamin d deficiency), starved, fed like an animal (look at her eating habits), told she was evil “they said I have devils in me”, that the only way of redeeming herself in God’s eyes was killing the clones. When she failed to kill clones (Sarah as evidence) she was beaten more, and was threatened with her own life. She only wanted family, and the minute it seemed like she was getting to finally feel what a family is like she began to change. 

The fact that she changed so quickly and all it took was Kira “Helena, what happened to you?” This shows just how much Helena craved and needed love. It also proves how good a heart she truly has. She did kill Amelia, but in Helena’s warped sense of justice Amelia deserved it because she separated her from her sister and sent her to the nuns who abused her and is responsible for her pain. Sarah shot her trying to kill her and the next time she saw her all she did was hug her and tell her she missed her. Then proceeded to ask her for help because she knew Sarah was all she had. When she met Jesse and he asked her about her life, she told him the lives of her sestras, because she felt hers was insignificant. She’s an incredibly dynamic and vulnerable character. Perhaps, the most out of the entire show. She can go from brilliant sniper, to cuddly cute in 2.5. And then tonight’s episode with Mrs. S just proves all of this!

Little Pink Plus Sign - Rose POV - Part 8/?

I remember a story that Lissa’s mother had told us. We were only seven years old, and after begging Rhea to tell us a bedtime story, she’d conceded.

“Once upon a time,” she began, “there lived a beautiful young maiden in a faraway land.”

Though the story began as so many of the others, it quickly turned into something much different. After losing her father, the poor young maiden had to live with her horrid stepmother and equally terrible stepsisters. She was forced to do all of the chores in the house while the others had their fun.

Halfway through the story, Rhea caught a glimpse of my frown. “What’ wrong, dear?”

“It just doesn’t seem fair…” I explained.

Clasping her hands together, she looked at me with such tenderness and compassion. “Oh darling, life isn’t always fair. It won’t always treat you kindly, my dear Rosemarie, but you only lose when you let it kill the love in your heart.”

Laying in the hospital bed now, I recalled those words. My face was wet and my stomach and heart ached. Pain coursed through my body and I searched for an explanation, some terrible thing I’d done to deserve this.

Life isn’t always fair.

I glanced at Dimitri. He was in the hallway talking in hushed tones with the doctor, though I wasn’t sure why they were whispering. I could figure this one out on my own. I’d seen the blood. I’d felt the pain. I knew.

It won’t always treat you kindly.

Hanging his head, Dimitri approached my bedside, but I refused to look at him. Somehow it was all worse now that I’d lost not one, but two of our children, two that we would never have the chance to have again. I had failed. I didn’t deserve him.

“The doctor said that –”

“I know,” I said, cutting him off. I was surprised by the apathy in my voice.

“Rose, you–”

“Just go away.” I wanted to be alone, to pity myself and wallow in the sadness the consumed me. The last thing I wanted was for Dimitri to be here, forgiving me. “Please.”

“You can’t just shut me out, Rose. I’m here,” he said desperately.

“Well you shouldn’t be. I don’t know why you would still want to be with me. I did this Dimitri. We’ll never have children because of me.”

“Rose, you’re being completely irrational. Please just–”

“NO!” I practically screamed. I couldn’t look at him right now. I couldn’t see the tears in his eyes and know that I had put them there.

“Rose! Listen to me!” his voice filled with despair.


He took my shoulders and began shaking me. “Rose!”

I woke up in a cold sweat, my entire body shaking violently. Dimitri was still holding onto my shoulders. Quickly pushing him away, I threw the blankets off of myself to check for blood, but there was none to be found. Then I lost myself in the tears.

Dimitri held me tight whispering over and over again, “It was just a nightmare, Roza.”

It may have been “just a nightmare,” but it was too real, too…possible. All this time I’d been fooling myself, celebrating this pregnancy rather than worrying about it. Honestly, I’d never felt so helpless. I had very little power to protect these babies, and after so many years of having it drilled into my head that I had to do everything possible to defend those around me, this killed me.

I leaned into Dimitri’s chest and tried to calm myself back down. Getting this upset couldn’t possibly help anything.

“Shhh, it’s okay. I’m here,” Dimitri whispered, stroking my hair. “I love you. I’m here.”

Still shaking, I wiped the tears from my eyes and took Dimitri’s hand in mine. He leaned back, allowing me to rest on his shoulder. Rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb, Dimitri began singing an old Russian lullaby. Though I had no clue what the words meant, I found great peace in it and allowed myself to imagine him singing it over a crib. The thought made me smile.

Once the song was over, he shifted to get a glimpse of my face. “Roza, are you alright?”

That was a good question. “I…think so…”

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked playing with a strand of my hair.

Scoffing, I answered, “No.”

“Okay,” he said simply. Kissing the top of my head, he settled in and wrapped his arm around me.

After several minutes of silence, I whispered, “It’s not fair.”


“It’s not fair,” I said a bit stronger. “People get pregnant all the time and don’t have to worry about miscarrying. I bet they don’t wake up from terrible nightmares and live in fear.”

“Oh, Roza…who said life is fair? Look at all we’ve been through. None of it was fair, and yet here we are. I love you and I love our two little babies, and that will never change.” He paused for a second before saying, simply, “That’s enough for me.”

“What did I do to deserve you?” I said a bit sleepily.

He laughed soft and deep. “You have no idea how amazing you are. You’re so strong and so full of love. It’s incredible. I always wonder what I did to deserve you.”

Suddenly, I remembered Rhea’s words.

Oh darling, life isn’t always fair. It won’t always treat you kindly, my dear Rosemarie, but you only lose when you let it kill the love in your heart.

Sitting up, I kissed him lightly. “I love you, Dimka.”

He cradled my face in his hands and said, “Я тоже люблю тебя, Роза. Навсегда и день.”

Willow loved her Mommy and Daddy. Willow loved Grunkle Stan and Uncle Dipper. Willow loved the Shack and the Library and Miss Mack the Lunch Lady and cartoons and the color smorqwakle. Willow loved lots of things. And Willow loved her parents and uncles very very much so.

But she loved her brother and sister more.

It was mean, the reason why, and she knew better, she was seven for Pete’s sake, she wasn’t dumb. Obviously you shouldn’t love one person more than another. That wasn’t fair. And Willow was pretty sure that even if it was true it should probably be the adults she loved most first, then her triplets, and maybe Gompers in third.

But Acacia and Hank had never given her the Look.

She wasn’t stupid. She and Hank were in TAG after all.

(Or as Acacia called it, “your dumb special nerd class.” But Willow could see in her colors that she wasn’t trying to be mean. She was glad not to have to do extra work and be away from her friends.)

Willow knew adults lied to kids all the time. She knew that there were adults out there that could hurt her (many had already tried.) She knew that there were adults that didn’t act like adults should.

Willow knew not everyone saw the colors she did. She knew things that she knew she wasn’t supposed to know. And she knew by their colors and the Look that her parents and uncles knew it too.

(Her fire, on the other hand, didn’t seem to worry them anywhere near as much, which was just weird.)

Grunkle Stan gave her the Look when the colors flared up in public and she pointed them out to him. His colors said he was worried he wouldn’t understand enough to help her. His colors were sad because she reminded him of someone, someone like her. He gave her the Look and she wanted to scream because she didn’t need him to understand, she just wanted him to hug her and just… Be there. Be her weird smelly old Grunkle. That’s all she really wanted and needed from him.

Mommy gave her the Look when she ran to Mommy crying because she had just seen a Bad Man at the grocery store and no one else could see that he was Bad but here and looking at him made her feel dirty inside. Mommy gave the best hugs because she was warm and squishy and half the time her sweaters were scratch and sniff so she smelt good too. Willow didn’t mind the hugs; that’s what she needed and wanted. She minded how Mommy looked at her like she was a baby. She knew that wasn’t what Mom meant by the look and she knew she wasn’t being fair. But that’s what Mommy’s Looks made her feel like; like she was small and dumb and couldn’t do anything, just like when she had to sit out at recess because her asthma. Willow just wanted Mommy to make things better, at least for a little bit, not take what made her her away.

Uncle Dipper gave her the Look when she mentioned the flash of color she saw on the mailman despite wearing her bubble. Or when she opened her mouth and a voice that wasn’t hers came out. What made her so mad when Uncle Dipper gave her the Look was that it was so confusing. He was the one that was teaching her about the colors and her fire and what it meant when she woke up knowing Grunkle Stan shouldn’t get in the car that morning. Uncle Dipper came in her dreams and took her places in the Mindscape no other humans went to! They were going over a weird spellbook he had gotten his last summon! He was teaching her everything she knew so why did he get so… so… what was the word Mommy had used? Canstiparted. Yeah, that sounded right. Why did Uncle Dipper Look at her all Canstiparted? She couldn’t tell if she was doing something wrong but that couldn’t be it and she was so confused sometimes she just wanted to kick a hole in the wall and cry. She couldn’t even cheat and look at his colors. Uncle Dipper had told her it would hurt her brain to look at his colors, but personally Willow thought he was being a big dumb poop butt who didn’t want her to see what he actually thought of her.

She could put up with all that though. She could come up with reasons behind the Looks, even if, as with Uncle Dipper, it came down to being a Big Stupid Poop Butt Face. Their Looks hurt but she understood, or she tried her best to understand even when she didn’t want to be nice and just wanted to be upset.

But nothing hurt her like when Daddy gave her the Look.  

Just yesterday she had asked why Grunkle Stan always came out of the basement a little sad, and she saw Daddy’s colors go down from bright happy yellows to deep, terrible pinks. He Looked at her and around him the pinks were so intense she could feel it like a fuzziness on her teeth. Daddy was pink on Father’s Day sometimes. He was pink like that when they had been in Bend with Uncle Dipper, and a man from one of the churches had pointed at her and yelled mean things at her. (She wasn’t sure why Uncle Dipper had called him a witchsniffer after he was done scaring him. Being a witch would have been really cool, but she only Saw things.) Some days she saw he was a little pink so she went over to cuddle him, but that just made him Look at her, sigh, and get even more pink. Willow didn’t get it. There was something there he hadn’t told the three of them, she could see the bare edges of it in his pinks. But what was it? Why wouldn’t he tell them?

Was it something wrong with them?

Or was it something wrong with her?

Hank and Acacia never Looked at her. They never worried about what she Saw or Said. They never bugged her about it. If they gave her hugs, they were just hugs because they were worried about her and they loved her; there was nothing extra in them. Her Sight wasn’t scary or freaky to them. It was just another way to get some ice cream out of Stan or to get Jerry McAllen in trouble for peeking under the stalls in the bathroom or figure out if Daddy had made dessert that night. They didn’t expect anything of her. She was just their sister who Saw a few extra things. That was it.

With her brother and sister, she was free.

And that was why, and she didn’t care, Willow really really really didn’t care about how bad it made her.

That was why she loved them the best.

hey can u do one where y/n wears glasses but she hides it from Jack cuz she feels insecure bout them, and then one day she falls asleep with them one and Jack comes home early and is like awww she wear glasses and he takes them from her and runs around the house with her chasing after him but since she doesn’t have her contacts in she bumps into a wall and Jack feels really guilty and shes like “Sorry i cant see for shit” then Jack asks why she hides it and then fluffy shit lol thanks babe

AN So IDK if you guys saw my post from my other blog (probs not) but I’ve decided that my imagines are going back to one every other day, (even though I didn’t keep the one every day idea very well) and that I’ll try to keep up with this schedule. School just started and so I won’t have as much time anymore, but I’m still posting these. If you happen to follow my 5SOS imagines blog, then you’ll still get an imagine every day it’ll just be alternating, ya feel? Anyways, thanks so much for supporting, I love you guys. Requested by tumblr user: jalexisjalex. And also what do you guys think of Alex’s first Tumblr post in what seems like forever? Either shoot me a message or reblog this and put what you think in the tags, I’m curious. Enjoy the imagine friends, I love you xx

Your POV

I already took my contacts out and I was trying to watch my favorite movie while I fell asleep. I didn’t think I needed my glasses, but apparently I did because I’m not falling asleep for shit. I hated wearing glasses. I hated the way I looked in them, which was why I always wore contacts all the time. Even if it meant I had to fall asleep with them in.

Jack wasn’t going to come home any time soon, so I had a chance to take a nap. But I couldn’t fucking sleep so I grabbed my glasses from my bag and put them on. Now I can see the movie, but since I could see what was going on, I passed out because I already saw this like fifteen times.

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