he's adorable you guys

NCT Jaemin as your Boyfriend

disclaimer: female reader is used.

-Jaemin as your boyfriend would be adorable, and clingy.
-but, before he is your boyfriend, you guys had to meet.
How you met
-You guys met at a coffee shop, 
-you two met by pure chance
-He dropped his wallet, and you picked it up for him, something small like that
-you both made eye contact as you handed it back to him
-your hands had a bit of a touch too
-embrace the uwu 
-when you looked at his face you were like WOAH
-you wondered if he was real
-little did you know it was the same reaction for you from him
-you two talked for a bit whilst waiting for coffee
-but then said goodbye
-both of you regretted not asking for numbers
-but you got another chance by freak chance
-it was raining
- you got off the bus to meet a friend, and tried your best to stay dry
-you failed
-suddenly there was an umbrella over you
-you guessed it-, its NOT Jaemin
-its your friend Jeno.
-Jeno says he wants you to meet some of his friends, since you were new in town
-you agreed
-you both headed to that same coffee shop
-When you walked in the door you heard something like a dolphin
-”thats chenle”
-When you sat down, you heard the bell jingle again, indicating someone entered.
-boom, its Jaemin.
-”sorry i was late- y/n?”
-so yea, you two had a mutual, funny huh
-You both started talking a LOT more
-he was quite flirty
-honestly you were already whipped
-so was he
-He offers you his jacket, because he had an umbrella so he wasnt wet, whilst you were soaked from the rain.
-that made you fall harder
-you both exchanged numbers
-he messaged you right away, that would make you smile
How he asked you out
-he would wait
-probably until you were both really close
-but mainly because he was nervous
- he didnt know if you felt the same
-but you clearly did
-Jeno would have to convince him
-but hed eventually ask you if you wanted to watch a movie 
-you agreed, assuming the others would be there
-they were not
-honestly, was a bit awkward at first
-he would wait till the right moment, and would smile at you
-Youd look at him and be like??? why r u staring and smiling
-hed use some cheesy line like
-”because youre pretty”
-”i got lost in your eyes”
-either way, youre now blushing
-if you looked down hed softly tilt your chin up so you were looking at him
-”would you go out with me?” hed say, lookinf at you directly
-Youd be in shock
-hed think he said something wrong
-he definitely did not
-youd shake your head and wrap your arms around his neck
-youd probably jump a bit too fast, making you lose your balance
-his arms, around your waist, to stop you from falling
-but you just fall onto him
-he chuckles and hugs you tightly
-”didnt know you were that eager “ hed wink
-he realises you still havent answered
-he would most likely hold you close until you answered him
-ofc it was a yes
Daily life as a couple
-waking up from a nap on the couch, in his arms 
-was the BEST
-he would legit cuddle to you
-didnt let you go
-he loves to see you in his clothes
-seeing you with sweater paws makes him uwu
-hed pull on your (his) hoodie strings so you were close enough to kiss
-all . the . time.
-no complaints though,
-they were the best.
-hed always hold your hand
-Loves to take you places
-thinks youre the light of his life
-will randomly back hug you
-likes to tease you only because youre cute
-especially when youre mad
-but when youre really mad
-he will apologise
-expect more hugs
-apology hugs
-he will try to cook for you
-i repeat, try.
-lots of long text conversations when he is away working
-you are close with the dreamies
-anniversaries are over the top
-like he takes you to an amusement park
-takes you on scary rides bc he likes it when you hold him
-probably (if he is allowed) makes a post about it
-cutie probably has them on his wall
-he has a photo of you in his phone case
-”to make sure he always wakes up beside you, no matter where”
-he teases you about your height
-which is annoying
-but also really cute
- both of you are so sweet
-cutest couple on the blockTM
-honestly adorable

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keith birthday week
day two: birthday!

some of my favourite keith scenes/quotes

anyways kun is so eloquent and good at speaking, have you seen him speak during the red carpet for the dream concert??,also he has an angelic face and a cute mole next to his eyebrows ,he’s so well mannered and soft spoken , he can do magic tricks too, and not like the stupid predictable ones, like intricate and complicated ones,anyways kun is a gem @sm give us more kun content

“A figure skating battle, with the NEET princes on ice! Is it coming?! It’s their quadruple axel attack!”

The Worldwide Figure Skating Battle Championship

Holy shit, you guys, it looks like Yuri on Ice is infiltrating Hesokuri Wars now, because the next event has been announced and it’s figure skating themed. It’ll be officially launched on Friday, March 10th at 18:00 JST after maintenance!

Now if you’ll excuse me…

They’re all… so sparkly… Ichi’s in a purple frilly outfit… and not that I can tell from the image but it’s safe to assume that it’s form-fitting… being a skating outfit and all…


~Mod Ichi