he's there for you because he loves you and you push him away again

Commission piece for “The Proposal” by superserum

“I got a little bit of sleep, but mostly I was too excited for you to be home,” Derek admitted, voice a little weaker than usual as he kept his eyes locked on the little box. He was prepared to talk as much as he needed to, as long as it would take for Stiles to notice to box. In fact, he opened his mouth to answer his next question, about to go grab his food from the kitchen, when the fork fell and clattered against the tray and the syrup jar was knocked over in the quest for the ring box, which Stiles had his hands on now.

Doing a little damage control, Derek slid the tray safely away in an attempt the salvage the food in his boyfriend’s excitement. He watched as Stiles looked at the ring and tried to form words, but really it was just a few noises and hand gestures that made Derek laugh, scooting closer as he took the box gently from Stiles’s hands.

“You’re my favorite person in the world. And I want to make you breakfast every morning, and kiss your drool-covered mouth to wake you up, and listen to you tell me stories,” Derek started to say, fidgeting with the ring and taking it out of the box. “You’ve really turned my life around for the better. And I can’t imagine living life without you by my side to help steady me. To keep me calm when I need it, and to help me loosen up when I’m too serious. I need that - I need you, okay?”

God, he felt like he was rambling, but everything had been built up so much in their time apart that Derek didn’t want to leave anyone out, “I want to be the reason that you smile every day, just like you are for me. I want to be that for you forever.” He offered the ring out to Stiles with one hand, the anticipation at full blast now, “Will you marry me?” he added on, hands actually shaking a little now, licking his lips and watching Stiles.


And there Derek was again, perfectly saving his pancakes from complete and utter annihilation in Stiles’ excitement, laughing at his awkwardness and just generally being a beautiful person. It made his heart swell with everything. Joy, excitement, anxiety, exhilaration.

When Derek took the box, his fingers were shaking and Stiles had to look down and count each one, flexing them in turn, then turning to his boyfriend with wide eyes as he spoke. Stiles wasn’t a big crier, he was usually the type of person that was shocked into silence, or who immediately got distracted by planning something for revenge. Even in happy movies, he just grinned and chuckled at everyone else who had tears down their faces. But it would be a blatant lie if he claimed that there weren’t tears beading down his eyes that slid down his cheeks when he grinned so hard that his eyes almost closed.

Flinging himself at Derek, Stiles took the ring and pushed it onto his finger, clambering into his boyfriend – no, fiance’s – lap and kissing him silly. “Yes. Oh my god, Derek. You didn’t even need to ask. God, I love you so much and I had already asked – oh my god, were you in on this with my dad? Is that why he was so against me proposing to you for Christmas? Because, if not, we’re going to have a problem, but given that you have a good head on your shoulders…” he trailed off, shaking his head with a smile that hurt his cheeks as he held up his hand in front of Derek’s face.

“Look!” Stiles chirped, rolling around in Derek’s lap so that his back was against his boyfriend’s chest and his hand was outstretched in front of the both of them. He tilted his head back and rested it on Derek’s shoulder, “I think it’s the second most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and you’re the first. But you could have proposed to me with a ringpop and I wouldn’t have cared, because I want to drool on your shoulder, and make you watch awful comedy movies with me, and have you console me when I mess up cooking rice – and I want that, and a cat, and a vegetable garden, all with you. Forever.”

you, Mister (Eddie Brock/Venom x Reader)

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: Venom’s jealously finally reaches a breaking point while Eddie and you are getting intimate.

Rating: R (Fem!Reader, fingering, double penetration, tentacles, size kink, over-stimulation, unprotected symbiote sex)

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When he kisses you, the world falls away around you. His hand is under your ear, thumb caressing your cheek, and it was soft, slow, reassuring in ways that words could never be.

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*tapping incessantly at your window*

Listen. Listen. I understand wanting to stay true to the canon characterizations of the sides but I think we’re overlooking a great opportunity within AUs to make those characterizations something that developed as a result of their background as opposed to something inherent.

For example: I can’t stop thinking of a human au where little kid Logan is absolutely enamored with fairytales, and fantasy, and romance. He soaks up every story of true love, uses magic to explain anything and everything, looks at every challenge as a wicked beast to conquer. But as time goes on the magic is slowly snuffed out of his life.

His mom gets sick. And then she gets sicker, and sicker, and eventually no amount of desperate, tearful kisses from his father can make her wake up again.

He gets bullied at school, taunted because “fairytales are for girls”, told that all the things he wants to believe in aren’t real. He’s pushed to the ground and no one comes to help him up again.

He realizes he’s gay, and there are no fairytales for someone like him.

He finds himself in a relationship that is manipulative, and unhealthy, and abusive, and love doesn’t save him, love blinds him and keeps him trapped for far too long.

And so Logan turns to logic, because he’s tired of having his heart torn apart, and there is comfort in the things that can’t be taken away. He buries himself in math, and science, because those aren’t things you believe in, those are things you know, and Logan holds onto that like a shield. He donates all his story books and starts carrying textbooks.

By the time he gets to college you would never know he had ever been anything other that the stiff, hot headed nerd he is now. That’s certainly all Roman knows him as when they move into the dorms and become roommates. And more than that he’s an insufferable nerd, always correcting Roman on everything, practically every other word out of his mouth is “FALSEHOOD”, although he’ll begrudgingly admit to being impressed with how the boy can rattle off sources like a wikipedia article.

They butt heads a lot- Roman with his head in the clouds and Logan with his feet firmly on the ground and both with passionate souls. They spend the whole semester bickering and arguing until finals come around and they both find themselves run into the ground preparing for exams. It’s past midnight, both boys studying quietly, and Roman is two seconds away from banging his head on his desk so he decides a snack is in order. As he stands to leave he happens to look over Logan’s shoulder and sees a astronomy textbook open to a picture of a stellar nebula.

Roman points to the picture curiously, “What’s that?”

Logan is surprised, but too tired to really think about it, so he quietly explains, giving a condensed but still comprehensive outline of the places in the universe where stars are born.

Roman’s eyes are wide with wonder, “That’s magical.

Logan frowns, not in anger, just confusion, “It’s not magic. It’s science.”

But Roman only shrugs, “Why can’t it be both?”

And Logan doesn’t have a response to that.

So that becomes their relationship- Logan shows Roman all the wonders of their world, all the things so much stranger than fiction, and Roman shows Logan how to see the magic in all those things. They’re walking back to their dorm one night at the beginning of summer and as they pass through the quad they see dozens of fireflies floating gently above the grass.

Roman gasps and starts slapping Logan’s arm, “Lo! Lo! Look!!”

And Logan nods, stopping to appreciate the sight, “They’re called lampyridea.”

Fairies.” Roman whispers. And before Logan can correct him, or make any sort of comment, Roman dashes into the field, twirling and giggling amongst the glowing insects. And when Roman cups his hands around one of the tiny lights and gazes at it in absolute wonder, smiling wide and too distracted by the one in his hands to notice the two that landed in his hair, Logan believes in magic again, if only for a moment.

He believes in it again the first time Roman kisses him, even as his head screams at him not too. He wants to run away, but he doesn’t want to either, so he compromises by telling Roman everything. Swallowing back the shame, he admits that love feels more like a horror story than a fairytale, and how hard it is to believe in a happy ending, and how scared he is of being trapped again because God he loves Roman and it’s terrifying.

And Roman holds him close and says, “Let’s write our own story.”

And they do, and it’s better than either of them could imagine because it’s not a fairytale. Their story doesn’t end after falling into each other’s arms, they get to wake up in the morning and do it again. Their love is more than grand gestures and adventures and flowery poetry, it’s sitting quietly together because that’s all they need to feel loved. It’s bickering playfully, arguing and butting heads, actually truly fighting with slamming doors and everything but coming back and working through it because their love is stronger than their anger.

So they both grow up believing in science, and magic, and each other.

Princess | Peter Kavinsky

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I sighed resting my head back against the bus seat, I hated taking the bus but Peter and I were in a weird spot right now so of course I wasn’t going to sit in awkward silence with him just to get a ride to school.

“Why so blue L/N?”

I opened my eyes to see Jake Brakowski, turned around in the seat in front of me, with a soft smile of his lips.

Any other girl’s heart would flutter at the sight but mine belonged to Peter. I didn’t answer him, just looked at him, hoping my eyes would tell him the story my brain couldn’t.

“Let me guess it’s the boyfriend?” He folded his arm over the seat and rested his chin on them.

I simply nodded and looked out the window, wondering what Peter was doing, probably focused on Lara Jean like he always was.

She was pretty, I knew she was. She had such great style, is really nice and she was so smart. I was jealous, but of course I wasn’t going to admit that, so when Peter asked me why I was always so cold around her I couldn’t simply swallow my pride. Instead I was vague with my answers, barely looking him in the eyes because I was afraid if I did he would realise how much better off he is with her and would leave me.

He stormed out of my room, after an hour of my childish act, I didn’t blame him for slamming my door shut and leaving me to my thoughts. I felt extremely guilty, sick to my stomach even, because I love Peter and I’m so afraid that he won’t want me because of how insecure I am.

“Hey,” James pulled me away from my thoughts again. “You guys are going to be okay. I mean you guys are everyone’s couple goals.” He smiled and I couldn’t help but smile back.

The bus stopped and everyone piled out, I waited until everyone trailed out, not wanting to get trampled, and James seemed to wait with me. We walked out together and he threw his arm over my shoulder.

“Keep your head up, or you’re not going to win best smile like in the 6th grade.” He teased, brushing his fist on my chin softly. “I mean you were lucky that year because Jessica got hit in the face with a soccer ball and lost her tooth, but you’re still a knockout, you got to know that at least.”

I laughed and blushed as he continued complementing me while we walked to class, I knew it was all to make me feel better, but it was working. For a moment I forgot about my fallout with Peter, I felt okay.

That is until, said tall brown haired boy came storming around a corner towards James and I.

“What the hell is going on here? You getting cosy with my fucking girlfriend Brakowski.” He shouted, getting angry pushing against Jake’s chest, who quickly took his arm off my shoulder, backing away.

“N-No, she just looked down and I was helping her feel better.” He tried to defend himself but Peter was in a rage and just pushed him again.

I forced myself between the boys, pressing my hands on Peter’s chest, “Stop it, he really was just helping me feel better okay?”

“No. Not okay. You’ve been acting weird all month, and finally we when stop talking to each other you cozy up to this idiot. Is this why you’re also so quiet because you were planning on leaving me for this punk? Huh?!”

“Peter I’m not talking to you when you’re like this, so calm down or we’re not talking. Just find me when you’re done being an asshole.”

I shoved myself away from his chest and stormed off, not wanting to deal with him in this state, because it made me both angry and terrified. I hated when Peter yelled, it reminded me of when my parents would fight and that always scared me to the bone.

I sat at the top of the bleachers, my legs to my chest, my face hidden in my elbow as I sniffed and brushed away my tears. I was so confused and hurt, my mind felt all muddled and my heart was lost in my head.

I got so lost in myself that I didn’t even realise that someone sat beside me.

“Princess you got to tell me how you feel. I don’t understand anything anymore.”

I sniffled and chuckled, “I don’t either.”

“All I need to know is if you love me or that…” he sighed, stopping himself from getting angry, “or Brakowski?”

“You Peter, it’s always been you.” I assured him, turning to face him.

“Then why where you being so cold?”

I took a deep breathing knowing I’d have to just be honest with Peter, “because I wasn’t sure who you loved.”

“What are you talking about?”

I sobbed suddenly and held my hand over my mouth to silence my cries, Peter quickly pulled me in close to him, and I cried on his shoulder. Not being able to stop the tears anymore, just crying my eyes out until I had none left inside me.

Finally, all that escaped my body was sniffles.

“Lara Jean.” I mumbled into his jacket.


I pulled away and looked at my hands in my lap, “I said, Lara Jean, she’s the girl who made me feel this way.”

“What did she do to you?”

“Nothing… Nothing at all, well besides captivate your attention,” I chuckled coldly.

“What? She’s just my friend Y/N.”

“It doesn’t feel like that, when you cancel our plans to be with her. When you abandon me just because she calls out to you. When you don’t answer my calls or texts, but when we’re together and she happens to text or call you, you immediately stop our conversation to talk to her. I just don’t feel like I’m your number one anymore Peter. And you know me, I’m not going to fight to be important to you. Either it’s me or it’s not.”

He sighed and looked down at my broken state, my eyebrows frowned in frustration, and my lips slightly parted as I debated on whether or not I needed to say anything else. Slowly he took my hands in his and brought them to his lips before resting them in his lap.

“You are the most important person in my life, beside my mother and my brother Y/N, and you should know this, it’s my job to make sure you do, but I’ve failed you. I let you think that some girl was more important than you, but she’s not.” His voice cracked and I felt the tears prick my eyes again. “You are my sun, my moon and my stars. You’re my princess Y/N and I’m so sorry that I made you question if I loved you at all, because truly, you have my entire heart. I don’t want anyone else but you. You have to believe me.”

“I do, but why were you giving her so much attention then?” I needed to put my mind at ease.

“Because,” he sighed. “She was helping me pick out this.”

Suddenly Peter got down on one knee, and pulled out a little black box and I gasped. “No. No way, what is happening?”

“Y/N,” he softly grabbed my left hand and kissed my knuckle again, “I love you so, so, so much, and I plan on marrying you one day but for now will you accept this promise ring, and be my princess forever? Well until we have a little girl and then you become my queen.”

I chuckled and started to cry again, “Of course I will.”

Peter quickly slid the ring onto my left ring finger, knowing I would immediately jump into his arm, and wrap my arms around his neck soon after. He continuously told me he loved me over and over again, kissing my neck, making me giggle in his arms.

I pulled away for a second and admired Peter’s face, I pushed back his curls and left a kiss on the corner of his lips, making him roll his eyes.

“If you’re going to kiss me, you better kiss me properly princess.”


Hi again, wow I’m actually on a roll. I am feeling so much love from everyone and I can’t stop writing, but I also think it’s because I haven’t been to work in a few days so the life hasn’t been sucked out of me yet. But I know this isn’t as long as my other ones but I hope you still enjoy it!

Anyways thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who is liking and reblogging my stuff, like it’s crazy, never felt this much love before. Especially as my followers are growing like literally two night ago I was on 839 and now I’m 87 followers away from 1k and it’s blowing my mind, I started this blog barely over two years ago and I’ve so close to 1k I feel like crying lol

Anyways again, I’m working on another Peter K smut but I want you guys to send in more requests they’re fun and I like including you guys in my work, so don’t forget to request your little hearts out 

I love you  ♡

Imagine Kissing Loki for the First Time

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Request: Hc for your first kiss with Loki?

Warnings: swearing, fluff


• Loki not knowing why or how you like him so much because he thinks so little of himself and is extremely insecure

• Like seriously everyone tells him the way you feel but he never believes it until you tell him

• Once you do tell him you’re crazy about him his heart fills with joy and he can barely contain his excitement

• You can’t even really tell of course cause he has such a cocky exterior when it comes to women wanting him and so all you notice is his sly smile

• However his slight arrogance is so fucking attractive like damn it really makes you want him even more

• Almost immediately after confessing your love to one another he wants to kiss you

• He SO would take his time cause he’s such a fucking tease and now he knows how badly you want him

• Pushing your hair behind your ear so delicately and brushing his fingers against your cheek

• Slowly leaning in and glancing down at your lips as he licks his own in anticipation

• You needing him so badly to just fucking kiss you already

• Him finally planting his lips on yours with such love and passion that you’re almost literally blown away

• Your heart RACING

• His heart RACING

• You’d never known how badly you needed his lips on yours until the moment he actually kisses you

• Him smiling with a tint of blush on his cheeks afterward

• “Well that was certainly something,” he’d say, chuckling nervously as he’s overtaken with happiness

• “Shut up and kiss me again.”

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okay but seriously, if you’ve ever had a partner with a chronic illness or have one yourself you’d know that you shouldn’t ever threaten a relationship because they want to follow their dream. the person with the illness THEMSELVES are the most aware of all, shiro knew what he was getting into (maybe not the abduction part) and wanted to do it while he was still in his prime. adam gave him an ultimatum between that and their relationship, and basically sent shiro away alone. i don’t like adam.

Christ the people on this website are self-important. 

Adam said in the episode that he wouldn’t go through this again. Shiro had already left him for space once, maybe more than that, and was going to do that again, be he sick or not. Adam breaking up with Shiro had less to do with Adam not supporting Shiro’s dreams and more to do with the fact that Adam was scared and hurt. He’d probably been with Shiro all through his previous missions and all through his illness and once again Shiro chose the mission over him. 

Neither of them are bad people. Shiro wanted to keep striving for his dreams and Adam wanted him to stay safe, with him. He was afraid of losing him and no, an ultimatum probably wasn’t the best decision he could have made, but he was hurt and scared. 

Y’all are so willing to jump to the defense of people who are sick, but what about the people in their lives that suffer too? Adam didn’t suffer because of Shiro’s illness, he suffered because of Shiro’s choices. As far as Adam was concerned, Shiro had already accomplished his dream. Maybe that wasn’t really the case, but if they were planning on getting married, Adam was probably focused on moving forward. With whatever little time he and Shiro had left together. Only for Shiro to go on a dangerous, potentially life-threatening mission? Adam probably loves Shiro so much and just can’t fucking win. First he knows he can’t spend his whole life with Shiro and so pushes forward anyway, only for Shiro to make a choice that could potentially end what little time they had together? Christ, yeah, I feel bad for Adam. 

Just because a person is sick or pursuing their dreams, doesn’t mean they have an excuse to hurt other people. If Shiro kept leaving, sick or not, and Adam wasn’t down for that, then he had every right to break off their relationship. They wanted different things. 

Yes, it was messy. Yes, it was shitty–likely on both their sides. But sometimes things are just shitty and you make shitty decisions and that’s life. It doesn’t make someone a bad person. 

I’ve lived with people whose illnesses were unconsciously used as weapons to control the people around them. I know what it’s like to watch someone you love make decision after decision that unknowingly hurts you because they felt vindicated in their choices and so that made everything they did “okay.” I’ve made decisions in my life to strive for my dreams that have strained and hurt the relationships I had with other people, and I knew that was the price. I don’t blame them. Am I annoyed they can’t put aside their feelings in order to support me? Yes. But I get that when someone leaves and they’re doing something dangerous, it hurts. And that no amount of support or self-control is going to make that feel any better.    

Shiro had the right to pursue his dreams and Adam had the right to disagree with it, be afraid, and even end their relationship. 

He didn’t break up with Shiro because of his illness, he broke up with him because Shiro was willingly putting himself in danger and Adam didn’t want him to. He thought there was a real chance he would lose him, as did the rest of the fucking garrison. Kudos to Shiro for pushing on and Commander Holt for believing in him, but that doesn’t make it any less shitty for the people left behind. 

Shiro made a choice and while that choice wasn’t wrong, it had consequences just as all choices do. One of those consequences was hurting the man he loved. 

Accomplishing your dreams is all well and good when it doesn’t threaten your well-being or anyone around you, but when it does, those people being hurt have to react and deal as well. Maybe ending things with Shiro was what was healthiest for Adam’s mental well-being. Maybe he was angry and upset and said some things he didn’t mean. Maybe he’s a faulted character who was just trying desperately to keep the man he loved in his life. 

Y’all are so fucking judgmental and see everything in black and white. Or refuse to see both sides of a complicated situation. The creators themselves said that Shiro and Adam had a long, beautiful relationship (who the fuck do you think was probably there through all of Shiro’s illness? Who the fuck do you think was with him when he was diagnosed?). And if Adam was really an asshole, I doubt Shiro would have stayed with him. 

Odds are, Adam had been there to support Shiro in every mission he’d had before, with every complication with his illness. With everything. 

How much heartbreak and debilitating concern is someone supposed to go through before they can’t take it anymore? This wasn’t a matter that Shiro had no control over. He willingly chose to put himself in danger, and be it his dream or not, Adam shouldn’t be expected to bottle up his emotions and suffer. It’d be different if Shiro had no choice, but he did, and he chose his dreams over Adam. Like, people do that every day and break up because of it. It doesn’t make either of those people “bad” people and if you think it does, your expectations of the people around you are unfair and unreasonable.  

He didn’t end things because of Shiro’s illness. He ended their relationship because he was tired of being hurt and abandoned. And while I support Shiro reaching for his dreams, I also don’t blame Adam and support him in doing what he thought he had to in order to protect himself and his emotional well-being. 

People need to get off their high horses and realize that most situations are more complicated than they appear and most people aren’t terrible because of one decision, especially when that decision is made out of desperation. 

The culture on this website is so fucking biased and disgusting, it’s incredible. 

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beleaguer → jhs

↳  pairing: hoseok/reader | smut

↳  au: enemies to lovers, fuckboy!hosoek

↳  warnings: dirty talk, fighting, daddy!kink, pet names, grinding, multiple orgasms

↳  word count: 2.4k

⁙  summary: your neighbor is a pain in the ass.

⁛  A/N: repost from an old blog!

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“Go away Hoseok.” You growled.

Your neighbor was standing in your doorway, claiming to need some cold medicine while he was the picture of good health. His cheeks had a healthy warm glow to them and he had a shit eating smile on his face.

“Aw, don’t turn away your sick friend.” He pouted, keeping his hand in the doorway so you couldn’t close it.

“One, you’re not sick and two, if you call yourself my friend again I’ll decapitate your fingers with this door.” You hissed, narrowing your eyes when he barked out a laugh.

“Ouch, pretty harsh sweetheart. How can you be so cruel?” He chided, still wearing the same grin.

You rolled your eyes. “Because you kept me up all night with your fucking shouting and drinking with your fuckboy friends!”

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Loving Affection with Sweet Pea || Headcanon

Summary: Sweet Pea didn’t grow up with a lot of love or affection, until Y/N helps him experience what he’s been missing out on.

Warnings: so incredibly fluffy

A/N: we need more sweet pea in our lives; all day every day. GIF sourced from @jordanconnordaily

  • he had learnt to flinch when somebody reached out to him
  • not due to pain
  • but due to the inability to fathom affectionate behaviors 
  • he had to grow up too fast too early as a child
  • becoming the man of the house before he hit double digits 
  • hugging wasn’t natural to him, nor the odd kiss on the cheek his mother neglected to provide for comfort
  • compliments didn’t go so far either
  • he couldn’t figure out whether they were from the heart or from sarcastic notions
  • sweet pea wears a permanent scowl because he had nothing to make him smile
  • that being said ~ when toni and fangs were by his side, they managed a small laugh from him and the odd smirk
  • but it was you that turned his world completely around
  • the first time you met him you smiled
  • “cool jacket”
  • sweet pea scoffed not knowing that you were being nice 
  • you didn’t take his cold shoulder to heart and just smiled again
  • always giving sweet pea compliments after that though to show him that you were sincere
  • he’d always ignore them and wonder why you were making fun of him
  • little did he know you were just trying to be friendly 
  • one day you saw sweet pea and reggie fighting in the hallway, archie pulled reggie away and you took sweet peas hand and pulled him around the corner
  • he spent a good five minutes in a daze as he stared at your interlocked fingers 
  • thinking about how something so simple could easily settle him down 
  • he didn’t properly hear your voice until you snapped him out of it
  • “sweet pea are you okay?”
  • you’re just dabbing away at his bleeding split lip with a tissue
  • his eyes flicking up to you as he nodded, the corners of his mouth twitching into a small smile
  • he asked you out to pops after that
  • stating that it’s the “least he could do” 
  • sweet pea walking you back to your house after 4 hours of getting to know each other 
  • he could still feel the ghost of your fingers intertwined 
  • and he’d just take a large gulp and nudge your hand with his
  • so scared to properly hold your hand again tho
  • didn’t wanna push any boundaries 
  • but your touch was so soft, he was craving it
  • you caught on to what he was doing and continued looking ahead when you held his hand again
  • sweet pea instantly relaxing his shoulders
  • sighing out in content 
  • biggest smile on his face 
  • he didn’t know why holding your hand felt so good to him, but you were just so gentle and warm and he felt so at ease 
  • sweet pea frowning when you have to let him go at your front door
  • still thanking him for a great afternoon 
  • kissing his cheek before you went inside 
  • pleaseeee
  • he would be straight on the phone to fangs and toni like
  • “FUCK”
  • literal heart eyes for your after that, but he was still so scared to be close to you
  • he didn’t know what the butterflies in his stomach meant 
  • or how he couldn’t stop thinking about you 
  • thinking about your lips against his skin 
  • just hanging out with him more and more, every day 
  • going to the bijou and absentmindedly dropping your head against his shoulder when watching the movie
  • he’d evidently tense 
  • and you’d pull away blushing and muttering an apology 
  • sweet pea throwing his am around your shoulders and pulling you back into his side 
  • leaning down to whisper in your ear “no no, it’s okay, i like it…” 
  • after a while he’d sink so comfortably into the seat and move his hand from beside your shoulder to across your waist 
  • hanging out at sweet peas trailer when he finally lets you kiss him again 
  • sitting on the couch when he pulls you onto his lap, straddling him
  • he’d be smiling so wide against your lips
  • moving your arms around his neck 
  • dragging your hands through his hair
  • sweet pea would think it’s the best thing in the damn world
  • he’d just pull back and drop his head, moaning so loud
  • “that feels so fucking good, y/n… keep doing that…” 
  • he’d be putty in your hands 
  • after that, it’d be easier to show sweet pea affection
  • and he’d eventually start showing it back
  • like stroking your sides and squeezing your waist, hands
  • stealing kisses whenever he had the chance 
  • always touching you 
  • he was absolutely whipped in the best way possible 
  • and he had you to thank for it 

“Ouch! Fuck.” Draco muttered as a hot drop of oil sprang out of the frying pan and onto his finger. He quickly stuck the thing in his mouth for a bit to cool down as he turned the stove down a bit. Cooking wasn’t really his thing just yet, but he was getting there. “Stupid oil. Water works so much better.”

“Hey, give me that.” Suddenly Harry was at his side, pulling his finger out of his mouth instead of resting on the couch like Draco had told him to do. His boyfriend was quick to kiss the hurt finger before conjuring an ice cube and rubbing it over the tiny sore spot. “You shouldn’t let the oil get so hot. It jumps.”

“I know, it just caught me by surprise.” Draco said distractedly as he eyed his boyfriend’s tender ministrations. Harry hated seeing Draco hurt, but even for his standards this was very extreme. “It’s just a tiny spot on my finger though. I’m not dying.”

“But you’re hurt.” Harry didn’t meet his eye as he kissed the burnt finger several times before holding the ice against it again. “I’m just trying to ease the pain.”

“But it’s not-”

Please, Draco.” Draco immediately shut up when he heard Harry’s small voice. The voice that was only used to say a special kind of thing. “My aunt… She never let me run a finger under the tab. So it’s just-, I need this, okay?”

“Okay.” He turned the stove off entirely and wrapped his free arm around Harry to pull him close. Meanwhile Harry summoned their First Aid kit and put some burn cream and a bandaid on his finger. Excessive, but Draco wasn’t going to mention that. He was too busy stopping himself from apparating away and murdering the Dursley’s. “Anything you need, alright?”

“Thank you.” Harry let go of his finger and melted into the hug. Draco pulled him in closer and took a closer look at what was on his bandaid: Dinosaurs. Purple dinosaurs.

He snickered. “Did you buy those for Teddy?”

“No.” Harry’s voice was small again, but for different reasons now. “I bought them for me.”

Draco thought he would laugh at that. He really did. Only he didn’t, because it was the most adorable yet somehow also heartbreaking thing he’d ever heard. So instead of laughing he pulled Harry even closer and whispered, “You’re the most amazing man I’ve ever met.”

Harry couldn’t say the same about him. It seemed talking was a bit of a challenge in that moment. Making an odd squealing noise was possible though so that’s what he did before he pushed his face into Draco’s neck, which was just as good. Maybe even better.

“I love you.” Draco smiled and pressed a kiss to the top of Harry’s head. “I love you to the moon and back.”


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: Smut. There’s smut. It’s very tame, very fluffy, but still smut. 18+ only, please. 

Summary: You spend a soft, sleepy morning with your beautiful soldier. 

A/N: Hi, everyone! So, this is my entry for @captain-ariel-barnes 4k Writing Challenge and my title prompt was “Naked”. Congrats again on 4k, love. You deserve it. 

This one took me a while to finish - and that’s because it’s smut. Soft™ smut, (because when do I write anything that isn’t Soft™, honestly) but still smut. Please don’t roast me for this amateur smut, it is my first try. Anyway, enjoy! 

(A quick shout out to my beautiful friend @akamaiden for reading a draft of this story and helping me feel more confident in this smut. Mari, darling, you are an angel)

My Masterlist


You wake in the cool hours of the night to lips trailing over your jaw.

His breath is hot against you, his hands even hotter as the settle on your skin - one at your waist, the other between your cheek and the pillow underneath your head.

A light sigh leaves you as his thumb sweeps against the skin under your eye. As he leans forward and presses a quick kiss to your lips. Pushes himself flush against you. Rests his forehead on yours and breathes out onto your nose.

Snarky thoughts edge their way into your mouth. They almost part your lips and spill into the air. They almost comment on your soldier waking you at some ungodly hour of the night.

But your mind flits back to those days when his touch was so sparing. When he barely reached out for you at all. It makes all of those remarks die before they can even come to life. It makes you push your face into his hand and smile when he chuckles.

There’s something to be said about how far Bucky has come in the time you’ve known him.

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Not Who You’re Supposed To Be

A Miraculous oneshot!

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

Ladybug had finally agreed to Chat Noir’s constant requests for them to reveal their identities to one another after a particularly nasty akuma.  They were both prevented from transforming for some time.  The destruction, while eventually repaired by the lucky charm, was extensive, and she had been forced to realise that if they could have contacted one another out of costume they might have put a stop to it sooner.  This was for the greater good.  They would be able to contact one another out of their transformations and, as Chat had pointed out, they could brainstorm ideas about the identity and whereabouts of Hawk Moth.

They were supposed to find out who they were, learn each other’s names, and exchange phone numbers.  They were not supposed to be standing in an alleyway, staring at one another, as they realised they not only knew one another, but well.

Chat Noir was not supposed to be Adrien Agreste.

Chat Noir was supposed to be some flirty boy she had never met!  Cute, sure, but not Adrien!

Ladybug was definitely not supposed to be Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Ladybug was supposed to be some mysterious girl with bright eyes and strong morals…alright, so Marinette did have bright eyes and strong morals but…

‘Oh come on!’  Adrien threw his arms out and his head back in frustration.  ‘After all this time you turn out to be my classmate?  My friend?’

‘Adrien…’  She started, but he wasn’t done.

‘How did I not see it?  It had to be you, didn’t it!’  He walked away before spinning and turning back to her.  ‘How could it not be you?’

‘Adrien…’  She tried again, but he continued to rant.

‘You couldn’t talk to me, you barely even made eye contact, but I thought we got past that.  You’ve been turning me down all this time!’

‘Adrien, I didn’t know…’  Her heart sank at how angry he was, but part of her jumped to her defence, reminding her she hadn’t done this on purpose, that she had been just as in the dark as he was.

‘This is so stupid!’  He stopped in front of her again, his cheeks red.  ‘Why would you keep turning me down?  We’re best friends, both sides of us!’

‘Now wait a second!’  She argued.  ‘That works both ways!’

But he wasn’t interested in listening.  ‘Who do you keep turning me down for?  Nathaniel?  I swear, every boy in our class has had a crush on you at some point!  And why wouldn’t they?  You’re amazing!  It’s Luka, isn’t it?  I know he’s older, and smooth, but why?  Who could be better for you than me?’

‘It’s you, you idiot!’  She snapped and Adrien staggered back as though struck.  ‘You’re the reason I couldn’t date you!’

‘It’s…what?’  He said in a rush of breath, not believing what he had heard.

‘It was you!’  She gesticulated wildly as she vented her anger, her hands finally landing by her sides clenched tightly.  ‘Who else could be better than Chat Noir?  Who else would I fall in love with because of his stupid green eyes, and stupid blond hair, and stupid sweetness?  I should have known it was you, because you’re both so…so…’

‘What?’  Adrien yelled back, absolutely stunned by her confession.

‘Perfect!’  She shouted.  ‘You’re stupid and you’re perfect!’

It took Adrien a single blink to process what she had said before he crashed his lips into hers, knocking her back into the wall, one hand cupping her cheek as the other pressed into her waist.

Marinette gave a small surprised squeak before giving herself over to the kiss, her hands making fists in the front of his shirt.  The kiss was desperate and sloppy, the clashing of teeth and desperation of years of frustration and unrequited love.  When they finally parted they were breathless and flushed, their lips swollen and sore.

‘Does this mean we’re a couple now?’  Adrien growled as he looked into her wide bluebell eyes.

‘It had damn well better!’  She retorted angrily before pushing up on her toes to kiss him again.

“I know you want more. But I can’t give you more than my body.” She said while he sat on the edge of her bed his back turned to her. “I know.” He simply responded as he put his shirt on. “I never asked for more.” He said while turning around to face her. She looked sleep deprived. “Yes.” She said with a weak smile. “But your eyes say something different. Your movements tell something different. They tell a story of their own. Of desiring affection that transcends physical pleasure. And I can’t give this to you.” She breathly closed her eyes and then opened them again. “I can hear you saying I love you when you believe that I’m asleep.” He wanted to say something but then she interrupted him by saying “No, listen. Let me, let me speak. Perhaps I like you. Perhaps I like you even a lot.” She paused as tears fell down her cheek. “But I’m not. It’s not worth it.” She said under sobs. “I will push you and push you away and until you’re against a wall and can’t do anything than pushing me out of your way to the floor. You will hurt me because I hurt you that you have to hurt me in order to breath and move again. And then and then you will hate me and I won’t feel your body next to mine anymore. I will just be lonely again. And I can’t be lonely again. ” She concluded while brushing her tears away. “But what if it works?” He asked while coming closer to her. “What if it works? Then you would never have to be lonely again.” He said while pulling her against his chest. “Then I would never have to leave again in the morning.” He hated seeing her defeated by her own thoughts. “I love you.” He hummed into her ear before kissing her forehead. “I let you push me against every wall as long as you don’t leave me.” He said. “I never left you before.” She said while a hiccup escaped her mouth. “ 
He laughed. “Yes, I know, the leaving part belongs to me.” She hiccuped again. “Should I get you a glass of water?” She nodded. “I love you.” She hiccuped again looking up to him. “ I love you.” He replied while smiling and then he gave her a quick kiss on her lips.


Drunk in love

@coralreefskim you asked for this one <3

excuse my typos i might have missed :c

Keith, Lance comes to find out, is a poker when drunk.

“Boop,” the fearless Black Paladin of the Black Lion, an essential member of the universe’s most powerful weapon, mumbles quietly as he pokes, once again, Lance’s nose with a goofy smile. “Boop!”

Keith’s also cute.

“Okay, alright, enough poking,” Lance chuckles fondly as he tightens his grip on his husband’s waist. He hums as he takes out his house keys and opens the door to their house slowly.

“But you’re squishy,” Keith laughs softly, reaching out to pinch one of his husband’s cheeks as they walk inside. “Squish.”

“You’re so drunk,” Lance mumbles quietly as he gently pushes the hand away and closes the door behind them. He smiles fondly, though, brushing his husband’s hair away from his face before letting his hand rest against Keith’s cheek. “So drunk.”

Keith’s face seems to shine brighter at the words.

“Drunk in love,” Keith throws back happily with a confident grin, leaning forward until his lips ghost over Lance’s. “Drunk on you.”

“Oh boy,” Lance whispers, swallowing dryly as he looks from Keith’s eyes to those lips. “You don’t play fair, baby.”

“But Rey is a good baby,” Keith says softly as he frowns slightly in confusion. “He’s the best baby.”

Lance sound that sounds between a dying whale and a hyena.

“You’re killing me,” Lance whines as he shakes with laughter. “You really are killing me, amor.”

“Sh, baby’s sleeping,” Keith shushes him, glaring at him with no heat as he slaps him on the forearm. “Sleeping baby.”

Lance tries not to snort at that, because never mind that their son is at a sleepover with his parents on the other side of town.

“Oh, right, the baby’s sleeping,” Lance gives in as he raises his free hand in surrender. “Let’s get you to bed too? I can see someone else is sleepy.”

Keith hums, eyelids dropping tiredly as he nods. “Yeah, okay,” he agrees softly as he snuggles closer to his husband’s warmth and sighs contently once his face is completely hidden on the brunet’s neck. “Warm.”

Lance smiles tenderly, turning his head just enough to drop a kiss on his drunk husband’s head. “I love you so much.”

His smile widens at the soft press of lips against his skin that silently tells him what words can’t at the moment.

The Way You Taste (Smut)

A/N: Super excited/nervous about this one. About 3.3k which is long for me, I’m not good with length usually lol. So, yeah. Feedback is appreciated. :)

The morning had been pretty routine: gym, shower, coffee, 8AM work meeting. But with Shawn finally at home after months of being away, the last thing she wanted to do was leave. When she got out of the shower this morning, she caught herself watching, watching as his back muscles make themselves rather prominent underneath his white t-shirt when he reached up to ruffle his fingers through his hair because let’s face it, there was no use in trying to run a brush through that curly mess. Her eyes lingering on his body, traveling up as she took notice in how toned he’s gotten while being away. Startled when her gaze met with his in the mirror. A smirk spreading across his face, catching onto what was happening. She blushed, walking past him to head into the bedroom before he grabs her by the wrist, pulling her into him.

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Cloud Nine | Peter Kavinsky

Word Count: 2.1K+ 

Warnings: Very light make out sesh, slight mention of anxiety, angst, cheating. 

A/N: Hey guys! My name is Gabbi and this is my first imagine as I’m hopping on the Noah Centineo bandwagon. Let me know if you like this one and would like more. Request are always open. Happy reading! 

Originally posted by helvitas

          This was definitely not how I would typically spend my Saturday night, but Stasia, my best friend certainly had other plans for us tonight. It was supposed to be a quiet night at my house, binging on popcorn and cheese puffs, but then her boyfriend called. As soon as she picked up the phone, I knew we were going wherever Ace wanted. I didn’t mind too much and Stasia seemed happy with Ace, so I never pushed. If I had known where we would end up that night, I would’ve stayed as close to my bed as humanly possible. Nevertheless, I sat in the backseat of Ace’s jeep, third wheeling once again.  

          “Stasia, did we really have to come to the lacrosse game? He’s here.” Y/N didn’t like to come to school events anymore, really. Partly, because my ex boyfriend was always apart of them, front and center. It was one of the reasons why I loved him so much, but now it was just goddamn annoying. “C’mon honey, he’s on the field it’s not like you’re going to see him. It’ll be fine.” 

         We continued to walked up to ticket booth, showing them our student passes before headed to find a seat on the bleachers. Thankfully, the game had already stared, so we didn’t have to endure all the pre-game nonsense. I respected the sport, I really did, but I didn’t want to see him lead the team out on their first playoff game with everyone screaming his name. Just wasn’t something I wanted to witness or be a part of anymore.

          I hated myself for spotting him immediately, even with his helmet on. His signature white compression, tights he wore underneath his shorts giving him away. Plus, he was the only one wearing them on the field, so it was easy for me to spot him. I tried to pay attention to the conversation Ace and Stasia we’re having, but here I was again, completely enthralled by him. He always had this effect on me, even when we were dating. I couldn’t believe he was my boyfriend and that he wanted me, he chose me. 

          He had been everything to me. He was my best friend who ended up being my boyfriend, but I hadn’t seen him since everything happened. Frankly, I don’t know if I ever wanted to see him. Yet, here I was at his dumbass lacrosse game, courtesy of Ace and Stasia’s need to join the rest of civilization. Although, being here, it made me wonder if I done the right thing. In the moment, it felt like I had all those months ago but seeing him again didn’t clarify any doubts I was currently feeling about him. 

          I watched as the clock winded down to zero, the ring of the buzzer filling the stadium. Everyone cheering loudly due to the win the lacrosse teams scored tonight. The spirits were at a high tonight, and it wasn’t just because of the stoners smoking their blunts. Maybe I could actually use one right now. 

          “You okay, babe?” Y/N looked over at her and gave Stasia a half smile, it was the best I could do given the circumstances. I knew I had zoned out for a moment, so Stasia was waiting for me patiently with her impatient boyfriend.c 

          “Stas, I think I’m gonna stick around for a bit. You guys don’t have to wait up. I’ll be fine.” She gave you a nod, knowing this wasn’t something she should push, before ushering Ace in the other direction towards the exit.

          As soon as everyone filled out of the field, that’s when I began walking towards the locker room before I even knew where my feet were carrying me.  I stood to the far right of the entrance, waiting for everyone to come out, knowing he’s always the last one to leave. I felt my palms begin to sweat, and my hands began to shake but I couldn’t back out. This was the closest I had come to confronting him in the months we’d had been apart. I needed to do this for me. A few moments later he came out of the locker room, and I couldn’t believe it was him. Right in front of me. His tall stature making me feeling incredibly small, insignificant even. 

          “Peter?” He stopped dead in his tracks, knowing that voice was only existed in his dreams now. You couldn’t really be here. You never were anymore. If he tried to talk to you, you always went in the other direction. Peter tried for a few months, but eventually gave up on being your friend again. You so clearly wanted nothing to do with him and he had to accept it. Although, he still found himself thinking about you from time to time. You were his first and he was yours, it was hard to give up something like that. 

          “Y/N? What are you doing here?” I wasn’t really sure what to say. I didn’t really know why I thought this was a good idea. I knew it wasn’t. If it included Peter and I, it never was. We tried to make ourselves fit as a couple so hard, but we just never did. 

          “I actually don’t know. Just, um, please forget you saw me here tonight. Cool? Thanks.” I tried to walk away from him, but he grabbed my hand, pulling me towards him.

         For the first time in months, I was looking at Peter and he was focused in on me and it felt suffocating. His hand had intertwined with mine, while the other left limp at my side. Peter’s curls fell perfectly on his face, still looked a little damp, but perfect nonetheless. 

            God, the way he was looking at me had to be intoxicating. He looked like a deer in headlights, and I wasn’t sure if I should feel prideful that I still had this effect on him or frightened I still did. The beautiful brown haired boy with wholesome brown eyes, looking down on me like I aligned the stars in the sky. Just for him, but we both knew I wasn’t that kind. 

          “Please, don’t go yet. I need a second with you.” I gulped, very fucking loudly or at least that’s what it felt like. My nerves already kicking in with the slight physical contact with Peter.

          Then, his hand left mine and I felt exposed in the cool autumn hair without his warmth until I felt his hands cupped my cheeks, and I felt warm again. Peter’s thumb slowly grazed my lip, which had to be quivering by now, but I was completely okay with it this time around. Slowly, he leaned down so his forehead was leaning against mine, shuffling his body closer to mine. My hands found his waist, wanting to feel secure while I’m with him a moment longer. It didn’t matter how long it had been or the issues we had with one another, he was my home. Whether it was platonically or romantically, it was the truth. 

          Peter was so close to me now. So close. I could hear every breath he inhaled, and feel every exhale. “Please, don’t leave me again.” My heart broke at Peter’s words, yet I said nothing. We just continued to hold each other, neither of us wanting the moment to end. Although, maybe Peter knew this wasn’t good for either of us, so he backed away, losing any contact we once held before.

          Peter stood there uncomfortably, the intimacy of the moment they shared suddenly hitting him. He knew he shouldn’t have been this close with you, especially not when he had a girlfriend.

          “Yeah, right. How could I forget? I should go, Peter. I’m sorry.” I walked away from him and I began walking home, alone and in the dark. Such a perfect fit in comparison to the rest of her life. Until, Peter ran up towards you, against all internal wishes you had for yourself and for him as well. 

          “Y/N, I can’t let you walk alone, in the dark at night. Let me take you home.” You knew he was right so you let him do just that. Here you were again, in Peter’s Jeep and you could almost smell her perfume lingering in his car. Every time you thought of her, you felt like you didn’t have a place with him anymore. She was his best friend and his girlfriend. What could you be to him? You had been replaced and as selfish as it sounds you wanted to be that to him again but reality is a real bitch slap in the face. 

          There you sat confused as ever when Peter’s hand found your exposed thigh, your short dress slightly hiked up. I looked up at him, but his line of focus stood with the road in front of him. I decided not to think anything of it as I faced the other window. 

          Finally, we arrived at my home, which was right next to Peter’s. Always so convenient as he would like to say. For some reason, we both still sat in the car with the engine still on. Maybe we didn’t want the night to end because when it did, I’d have to forget about this night entirely if I still wanted to maintain my sanity.  

          “I want to say something just in case I never get to say it again.” Y/N looked at Peter again, before slowly nodding her head, waiting for him to speak. Silently, scared of what he might say. 

          “You need to know I never meant to hurt you. The way it all went down wasn’t my intention nor was it the plan. I loved you, Y/N. More than I have loved anyone, and I fucked it up. I know that. I should’ve went to you about everything, but I went to Lara Jean and it’s so fucking messy, now. I made my choice and I know I should stick to it, but don’t I have the right to change my mind?” I shook my head. He’s just having a lapse of misconstructed judgement, and then this feeling will be over. He’ll be over me, and I’ll be the one that has to move on. Peter will be with Lara Jean, and I’ll be the one alone, once again. Setting the reset button all over again was something I was so desperately trying to avoid. 

          “Peter, just leave it alone. All three of us know, Lara Jean is the one you’re in love with. Let’s all do each other a favor and bury this in the ground and never dig it up again.” I never understood why Peter couldn’t just leave it, alone. I just wanted to leave it all in the past.

          I unbuckled my seat belt, turning to say goodbye to him, before I left the car but he had other plans. Before I even knew it was happening, he grabbed me by the waist, lifting me over to his side, so I was sitting on his lap.

          “Peter, what the hell is your problem?” There he sat, as he stared at me intensely, without uttering a sound. In the back of my mind, I had the itching reminder that the boy’s lap I’m sitting on has a girlfriend. I tried to remove myself from him by opening the door, but Peter just closed it shut again. Persistent as ever.

          “Fuck. You’re my problem. You always will be.” With that, he’s lips found mine and I forgot every thought roaming through my head. My fingers threaded through his curly locks, as I kissed him back with a passion I hadn’t felt in so long. He’s tongue traced my bottom lip, side to side, teasing for an entrance I wasn’t willing to give, just yet.

          Peter grabbed me by my hips, encouraging me to move them with his own. I immediately gasped out in surprise, his tongue slotting in at the moment of vulnerability. He kissed me as if this was going to be the last time, and I believe it would be. So, I was going to do something I’d only ever done with Peter. I don’t think it’ll ever feel right if I ever did it with anyon me else. This was the chance which was given to me and I would take. I would accept any consequences along with it.

          I pulled away from Peter for just a second, slipping off my lace thong, before stuffing it in the pocket of his gym shorts. Kissing him hard and fast, once again.

          Peter was now clear on exactly where this was going and part of him wishes this would end, for Lara Jean’s sake and for his own. He didn’t know if he could ever come back from this or how he would. There was a clear line he was crossing with Y/N and he wasn’t sure if he was ready for it. 

          It wasn’t that Peter didn’t want to have sex with you because he really fucking did. You were the most beautiful person he ever had the pleasure of knowing, inside and out. You genuinely cared about people, and always put everyone’s needs before your own, but he had a girlfriend. Peter definitely didn’t want to make you feel like the other woman. It wasn’t who you were to him and he didn’t want to compromise who you were just because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. Peter knew everything you stood for and it’s why he loved you so much. He would hate himself if he turned you into the other woman.  

          Peter pulled away from you, detaching his lips from your for a moment. “Can we pause for a second?” I nodded slightly, thinking I did something wrong. Honestly, what had I been thinking? Peter would come back running to me when he had Lara Jean. She was perfect. They were perfect together. Yet, here I was again with him. Awkwardly, just sitting in his lap with my panties in his pocket completely exposed to him.

          “Umm, did I, uh, do something wrong?” I ran my finger through my hair nervously like I always did, before returning them to my lap. I knew I was being absolutely selfish in this scenario, but it was Peter. I couldn’t help it when it came to him. 

          “No, of course not. You’re perfect.” Peter cradled my face in his left hand, with his right arm around my waist. “It’s just, um, Lara Jean and I are still together and I need to figure some stuff out. Yeah?” I nodded my head, understanding the situation I had put us in. I needed to give him time to process everything that had happened between us and maybe I did to. This was Peter Kavinsky we were talking about. There was always strings attached, most of the time they were pulling at my heart. 

          Before, I could say or do anything I heard a loud knock on the door and I was faced with Lara Jean with a look that would kill as I sat on Peter’s lap with my thong hanging out of his shorts. 

Fuck, what had I gotten myself into. 

The Avengers Knowing Peter Has a Crush on You Would Include...

Originally posted by stallingdemons

  • Natasha was the first one to notice it 
  • She was your mentor so after your training session she caught Peter staring at you, all sweaty and tired in your short workout clothes
  • You just thought he was passing by and smiled
  • “Hey Peter, what’s up?”
  • “W-what? O-oh. Right. Nothing much.”
  • Peter nervously scratches the back of his head while Natasha smirks internally, giving Peter that knowing look
  • She kept it to herself though, unlike Tony when he found out
  • You decided to bring both of them some water because they had been working in the lab for hours
  • When you try to pass over the cup of water to Peter, his hand is shaking so much and he’s so nervous he almost drops the cup
  • You giggle at how awkward he was being while Peter stutters 
  • “I-I… Thanks. F-for the water.”
  • “No problem Peter. See you around?”
  • “Y-yeah.”
  • The moment you leave the room Peter exhales and turns around, only to see Tony smirking with his arms crossed
  • Peter blushes before opening his computer to work then Tony pushes the computer screen down, snapping it shut
  • “Nope. You are not working again until you tell me what just happened.”
  • “W-what do you mean, Mr.Stark?”
  • “You like (Y/n).”
  • “… No I do not. I-I mean, I do like her but not in that way-”
  • “Alright so you don’t like her…”
  • Peter sighs in relief
  • “Exactly.”
  • Tony’s smile just gets bigger
  • “You love her.”
  • Peter freaks out again
  • “Wha- Mr.Stark!”
  • Tony chuckles
  • “Don’t worry, Peter. I can tell she likes you too. She’ll say yes if you ask her out, you know.”
  • “I-I’m not too sure about that…”
  • “Alright, then how about I HELP you to ask her out.”
  • “I-I’m gonna go now.”
  • Peter runs faster than he has ever run out of the lab, running into Steve on the way out
  • Steve looks at Peter scurrying away then looks at Tony’s smirk 
  • “…What happened?”
  • “I just found out that our precious Peter has a crush on (Y/n).”
  • “Oh. Good for him, she’s a nice girl.”
  • “Yeah, if only she knew that he liked her so much….”
  • “Whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t do it Tony.”
  • “…I’m gonna do it.”
  • Tony basically makes it his mission to get you two together
  • And god does he do EVERYTHING to make it happen
  • He moves your workout sessions to times when Peter’s around the tower
  • He starts randomly asking you to go to Peter’s apartment to pick up something “important” 
  • He’ll quietly slip in comments of how you and Peter should go out for a movie or something after dinner 
  • You don’t think much about it cause you enjoy spending all that time with Peter
  • Meanwhile the rest of the team catches on to what Tony’s doing
  • Natasha is amused
  • “I noticed it first, but good for you.”
  • Bruce and Steve thinks Tony should leave you two alone
  • “Tony, again, just leave them alone.”
  • “I agree with Steve. Just let them do their own things without you interfering.”
  • Of course that doesn’t happen because Tony is stubborn Clint and Thor are totally on board
  • “I say we make it a bet: a thousand dollars for whoever can get (Y/n) and Peter together the fastest.”
  • “That’s a terrible idea-”
  • “Shut it, Capsicle. Clint, I like the way you think.”
  • “I shall also enter the bet, I am positive I can get Lady (Y/n) and Brother Peter to court.”
  • “Alright, deal. I’m so looking forward to both of you giving me a thousand dollars.”
  • “We’ll see about that Stark!”
  • For the next few weeks your life starts to revolve around Peter in one way or another
  • Thor keeps on mentioning Peter during your conversations
  • Clint starts to skip out on training sessions and instead make Peter train with you
  • You’re starting to think the Avengers are up to something but you just figure: maybe they want you to make a friend around your age
  • It works, because you and Peter become best friends
  • Like so close you can crash at his apartment whenever you want and every Friday night the two of you go out for dinner
  • One night you’re both at a diner and you look over to see a couple making out
  • You turn to Peter and ask him a question
  • “…Have you ever had a girlfriend?”
  • Peter chokes on his food
  • “W-what?”
  • “Or a boyfriend, whichever.”
  • “I… No.”
  • You’re genuinely shocked
  • “Really?”
  • “W-why is that so shocking?”
  • “Well… Cause you’re so likable. And cute. And kind. It’s crazy to me that you’ve never had a significant other… Have you ever been on a date then?”
  • Peter takes a deep breath before responding
  • “No, but… this could be my first one.”
  • It’s your turn to stutter
  • “W-what?”
  • “(Y/n), i-if you don’t mind, d-do you m-maybe wanna make this a date?”
  • “Sure. I-I mean, yes. Definitely yes.”
  • The rest of the night you hold hands with him, do cutesy couple stuff and cuddle on the couch of the Avengers tower
  • Eventually both of you pass out from a long day while an action movie is still playing in the background
  • Tony stumbles into the living room late at night to find you two like this in front of the television
  • He takes a photo of you two cuddling before turning the TV off and going back to his room
  • But not before he sent the photo of you two to the Avengers group chat with the caption: “guess we all lost the bet”
  • When Peter wakes up the next morning and sees the photo, he’s embarrassed but also proud
  • In fact, he saves the image to his phone and makes it his lockscreen
  • You however use this to tease Peter whenever you wanted to
  • “(Y/n), come on, that’s not fair-”
  • “Not fair like the time the Avengers made a bet on us because you were too scared to make a move?”
  • “…. That was a low blow.”
  • “I know, but I still love you.”
  • Peter sighs before wrapping his arms around you and placing his head on your shoulder
  • “I love you too.”
  • Basically, the Avengers caring and shipping you two together worked out in the end
  • even if that meant a thousand dollar bet needed to take place
  • “…. Since technically Peter and I got together by ourselves, can we get the thousand dollars?”
  • “(Y/n)!”
  • “Okay okay I’m sorry for asking.”

a/n: I impulsively wrote this out of nowhere lmao

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BTS reacting to accidentally insulting you during an argument - the aftermath.

pairing: bts x reader
fandom: bts
warnings: language
genre: angst ; fluff
previous: x

a/n: omfg thank you so much bb! tbh I really enjoyed writing the first one and as soon as I got your request, my mind began thinking about continuing scenarios, so here it is! hope you like it ♥

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“His Wedding” Part 13 (end)

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 9528 (i’m so sorry, it’s the votes you can blame)

Warnings: angst, a lot of it. 

Author’s Note: the ending is not satisfying, like at all. 

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i don’t want to say anything else but there’s another a/nat the end of the chapter, read it too!! 

ps. there’s a HIMYM reference somewhere in the beginning look out for it!!!

‘His Wedding’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

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Previously in His Wedding:

“Do you wanna leave, though?”

“I don’t know.”

And suddenly, he water flowing down the river was more interesting than this conversation. Bucky could be leaving. For once and forever. You push down the lump in your throat, left foot kicking at the railing.

“Well, that’s great, right? I mean, this is where you met Lily for the first time. This place is special for both of you.”

“It is. But…” He pauses, looking deep and intently into your eyes, “But it’s not home.”

Bucky very well knows, that that’s only a part of what he wanted to say. Why couldn’t he say it? Why couldn’t he tell you, that you are home? That you are the one he wants to come back to, always and forever.

Both of you spent the night in your beds, tossing and turning, trying to forget today ever happened. Your last moments together were forced deep down in your hearts, never to be brought up again.

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