he's kidding right

Bleach 686, An Abbreviated Summary:

Ishida-kun becomes a doctor

Ichigo-san becomes a priest a smiley underground clinic man with slightly more refined hair than he had when he was a kid

Orihime becomes a teacher is a stay-at-home mom

And then they all run down the slope together one last time and watch their former classmate who is now a rock-n-roller or something professional boxer friend on TV

The End

My co-worker who is always so happy to see me (despite the fact that I’m new & don’t speak to her often) was chatting me the fuck up today & as I’m like wallpaper-ing she randomly comes up behind me and is like,
“…so do you have a boyfri-are you dating anyone?”
& I was like high key taken off guard because like that’s not really something someone you’ve spoken to like once asks lmao but I just said no b/c I’m focusing on my degree. I didn’t wanna be like “no I don’t have a bOYFRIEND BECAUSE I’M GAY GET IT RIGHT”
Soo anyway as the day progresses her & another one of my co-workers joke about him being broken hearted or whatever & I jump in on it & then she’s like all the girls I’ve dated were crazy u know tryna throw the fact that she is a wlw & im just like girl same I dated some crazy girls too
And literally the rest of the day she was always going out of her way to talk to me blah blah blah and THEN she asks “So what type of girls do you usually date…girly? or?” and idk she was just always around me and always speaking to me after that and uuuhhh

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Do you think Henri changes his name to Lafayette after moving to France?

you mean like his last name???? probably. (I mean I would lol hahaha)

or he just added it to his name even though it’s ridiculously long already

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rip we're gonna have to meet at the pub.. in secret.. "the wives you know what theyre like [heterosexual laughter]".. the missus

wife: ur always coming home late!!! are u cheating on me!!!!
me: i work all day woman!!! one of us has to earn money to support this family!!!
wife: so im worth nothing to u anymore???!!!!! do u even love me at all??!!!!!
me: we got married when we were young and dumb!!! i dont even know if ive ever loved u!!!!!!
wife: pack ur things and leave!! the kids are staying with me!!! 
me: ill see u in court!!!!!

*~only hetero relationship things ~*

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❤ !!

a masterlist of prompts and sentence starters // @onixiri

❤: one of our muses says the first “i love you” to the other ((CUUUTE OMG))

“Hey, do ya hear that?” Kyo asked, lightly nudging Tohru with his shoulder and accidentally cutting her sentence short in the process. A muffled jingle ran out across the neighborhood, much like one from a music box. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, but I think it’s the ice cream truck.”

He knew the look in Tohru’s suddenly widened eyes well enough to know she secretly wanted to find that ice cream man. He stifled a laugh and interlaced his fingers with hers. “Well, c’mon, then! What’re you waitin’ for? Let’s go find that ice cream truck.” 

Together, the two took off running, stopping only catch their breath or bump into one another as they switch direction at the last minute if the jingle sounded further away. Eventually, finally, they found their ice cream truck. They ordered in botched sentences, as they were still catching their breath. Almost immediately after they got their ice cream and the ice cream man had driven away, Tohru’s, in all of her excitement, splattered off her cone and onto the ground. 

Kyo didn’t think he had ever seen such a heartbroken look on someone’s face. Tohru looked as though someone had just punched her in the face and turned her depressed puppy-dog eyes right onto him like, “did you see that, too?” 

The weird events that had brought them to this random place in the middle of nowhere and the hoops they had jumped through to get this ice cream, only to have it fall to the floor roused a chuckle from Kyo. Through his laughter, he blurted out the phrase he’d been thinking all this time, “God, I love you..!”

He hadn’t planned on saying it, he just said it in the heat of the moment, and after hearing himself, his smile dropped instantly from his face and was replaced by a slowly spreading blush. ‘I just said that out loud, didn’t I?!’ he thought, the silence between the two suddenly feeling long and overbearing. 

But before he could apologize for speaking without thinking, Tohru was already beaming and saying it back to him. It eased his embarrassment a little because part of the reason he was so anxious was because he had just forced a lot of commitment onto her by saying that phrase and he thought maybe he’d made her uncomfortable, but obviously that wasn’t the case. He managed a small, awkward half-smile before scooping his ice cream off his cone and putting it onto hers. “Well.. since your klutzy-self dropped your ice cream, why dontcha have mine? I don’t even like ice cream. I just told you about the truck ‘cause I thought you’d be excited, so why don’t you take it as an ‘I-love-you’ present?”

I even made it giffy this took two whole days to make jeez

look at the Sceney, gothy, preteens who have no idea in heck how to do their hair 

I love them

*passes out*