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Trump’s NY campaign co-chair Carl Paladino writes disturbingly racist and transphobic Obama “wish list”

  • Carl Paladino, who served as a co-chair for Trump’s New York campaign, outlined an overtly racist and transphobic list of wishes he has for 2017, 
  • Paladino said he wants President Obama to catch “mad cow disease” and for first lady Michelle Obama “to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.”
  • Paladino, a Republican who ran an unsuccessful bid for governor in New York in 2010, laid out his disturbing wish list in an alt-weekly newspaper in Buffalo, New York, where he currently serves on the school board. 
  • Paladino confirmed he wrote the wish list himself when asked by the Buffalo News.“Of course I did,” he told the Buffalo News. “Tell them all to go fuck themselves.” Read more

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Things Harry doesn’t know about Draco (or things he pretends not to know)

He claims he takes his coffee black as night. Sugar and cream are stealthily added when Harry’s back is turned.

He’s always wanted to get a tattoo. After the pain of taking the Dark Mark, though, he isn’t sure he’d be able to go through with it. He’s got a stash of potential tattoo designs hidden in the back of his closet, though. Just in case.

As much as he hates his nickname, he is rather fond of ferrets. He wouldn’t mind getting one as a pet.

His favorite color is dark red. Mostly because Potter looks so damn good in it.

He used to put on plays he wrote himself for his parents as a kid. Narcissa definitely did not tape all of them and show each one to Harry the first time he went to the Manor for dinner. 

When he was little, he collected newspaper clippings which mentioned Harry’s name, long before he ever thought he would meet him (or date him for that matter). He still has the binder full of them somewhere in the attic.

He told Harry the nightmares stopped awhile ago. They still come back sometimes.

He secretly listens to the top 40 Muggle radio station when Harry is out. 

He has been building a steady collection of Harry’s old hoodies and flannels in the back of his closet. He wears them whenever Harry is gone for an extended period of time.

He told Harry he hadn’t started liking him ‘til their fourth year when they were 14 (Take 14, divide that by two, and add one, and then you’d have the truth).

He LOVES collarbones. He could devour Harry’s for every meal of the day. 

He tried to write Harry a love poem one time. Harry still thinks it was Ginny who wrote it.

He smiles a lot more now than he used to. That’s not much of a secret, though.

He bought the ring last Wednesday.

He thinks the words “I love you” twice as many times as he says them out loud.

He’s okay. He’s okay.

Today was a rlly shitty day so I wrote this thing to kinda get my mind off of it all. I could definitely use some positive thoughts and prayers to get me through this week. Love you guys xx


I'm getting emotional

You know what I love? Mark Gatiss, the little gay boy who grew up reading Sherlock Holmes, who saw it and knew it and was in this hell before any of us, who had TPLOSH as his only reference…he wrote himself in the room. He got to see it with his own eyes. He got to be there.

I am so fucking grateful for him, that he got the chance to turn his dream into reality; and profoundly happy for him, that he got to be there and be a part of the moment that will go down as television history.

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Hi B, I think it would be nice to ask you. Sorry if this bothers you. But, could you list the characteristics that you admire in Louis and explain why? I think it would be a nice post. Sorry my English, hope you understand.

Bothers me?!?! Why on earth would this bother me?! this anon is AWESOME!!  

I love his strength.  The fact that he barely got any solos in the beginning and his mic was turned down low and he was told he wasn’t good enough did not slow him down at all.  He kept fighting and working his ass off and made himself completely indispensable for the band.  He wrote so many amazing songs that showcased him.  It would have been so easy for him to say fuck it and just blend into the background but no, he kept going.  Not to mention how much strength it took to perform a song he wrote for his mother just days after she passed away.  

I love his ability to show his vulnerability.  Which I suppose goes hand in hand with strength.  Talking about how he’s writing about his “deepest love” and tweeting about how nervous he was to do something on his own.  Which brings me to my next point…

I love how genuinely grateful he seems to be.  He doesn’t seem the type to take anything for granted.  He knows he’s lucky to be such a megastar.  That doesn’t happen to many people, let alone to the levels of fame that One Direction has reached.  He’s so appreciative of and TO all his fans.  and speaking of fans…

I love how he is with fans.  He’s always so kind and lovely, even if they might not necessarily deserve it.  He listens to them.  He connects with them.  He speaks french with them.  He makes them feel good about themselves.  

I love that he is the Ultimate Big Brother.  He takes care of everyone from his siblings to the boys.  Knowing that he’s known as the leader of the group, making sure everything is taken care of. 

I love how talented he is.  I love how he knows his strengths and weaknesses and knows how to use them to his advantage to tell these amazing stories with his words, his melodies, and his voice. 

I love how much he gives back.  Whether it’s financially, playing in a game, or just using his name, Charity Louis is everything.

I love how FUN he is.  He’s not afraid to be childlike and goofy and do things to make other people happy.  I love his friendships with Liam and Niall in particular.  He gives them such SHIT and they LET him.  because they love him so very much. which brings me to…

I love how much good he brings out in others.  He instills this loyalty in people.  Just seeing how much support was around him for JHO.  Looking at Calvin’s instagram message to him and the fan project he put together.  People love to love Louis.  And that says a lot about who he is as a person.  

I love how much he loves his family.  How close they’ve always been and how much closer i’m sure they’ve all become.  Watching him with Lottie and with Doris in particular just fill my heart with so much joy.  

And then there are those little things that just can’t be put into words.  He’s just so lovely????  I can’t not love him.  Please, God, let 2017 be his year.  This kid deserves the world.  He gives so much of himself to other people be it his family, his friends, his fans, complete strangers he doesn’t even know.  Let him get some good back.  

One day in the future, Neil will cough on an inhale of cigarette smoke and realize that it doesn’t remind him of a burning car and a burning body anymore.

Instead, each wisp of smoke smells like beach fires with the upperclassmen, the smoke in Andrew’s hair after their team barbecue, of the hazy night sky when they’re sitting out on the roof together. And Neil will realize that he’s truly okay, that he’s found a family that loves him, that he has the life he’s always wanted, that his mother’s ghost doesn’t need to haunt him anymore.

One day in the future Neil will say “no thanks” when Andrew offers him a lit cigarette. Andrew’s eyebrow will go up, but he won’t say anything in favour of stubbing it out on the concrete to save for later.

One day in the future Andrew will realize that he doesn’t have to be self-destructive, that he doesn’t need drugs to feel.

One day he’ll wake up in the morning and realize that he finally has a good reason to live - not promises and deals that unwillingly bind people to him. Andrew will think of his apartment, of his two cats, of his job that is actually sort of fun, of Renee on the other side of the world still insisting on sending him snail mail, of Kevin sometimes dropping by to restock his fridge with healthy food. Andrew will think about his nephew who isn’t nearly as much of a little shit as he expected, of his cousin who constantly tries to Skype him, of the man who looks at him like he’s the world and who he sometimes looks at the same way.

One day Andrew will decide to quit smoking, cold. He’ll shove his remaining half-packet into Neil’s hands and tell him he’s done. And Neil will ease the aching need with heavy kisses and a breathless “yes”.

One day both Neil and Andrew will quit because they don’t need the nicotine, because they’ve already found their happiness.

Vincent van Gogh
Self-Portrait with Pipe and Straw Hat
Paris, September - October 1887 
oil on canvas, 41.9 cm x 30.1 cm
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)

Van Gogh was eager to practise painting portraits, but was mostly unable to afford models. Instead, he bought himself a good mirror and used himself as his subject. He later wrote to his brother Theo: ‘because if I can manage to paint the coloration of my own head, which is not without presenting some difficulty, I’ll surely be able to paint the heads of the other fellows and women as well.’

This work is a spectacular example of the amazingly rapid progress Van Gogh made in Paris. The summery palette and loose brushwork betrays the influence of the Impressionists. The smock, hat and background consist of large, outlined areas of colour, while the face and beard are built up in more detail using different tones.

It has often been assumed, given the light, sunny colours and the broad-brimmed straw hat, that this self-portrait was done in Arles. It was in fact painted during a Paris winter, shortly before Vincent departed for the warmer south.

Ace Attorney
  • Prosecutor: [frantically scribbling on a post it] I can prove the defendant's guilt!! I have a signed affidavit here from, uh, GOD!!
  • Prosecutor: [holds up post-it, it says "He done it! Love and kisses, God."]
  • Judge: 😵 this is quite the damning bit of evidence! No cross-examination will be necessary, in light of this I have no choice pronounce the defendant--
  • Phoenix: OBJECTION!! Your honor he clearly just wrote that note himself.
  • Judge: hmm, that's a heavy accusation Mr. Wright. But, you know the law. You have 24 hours to find the real killer and discredit this "God" person or else I'm finding YOU guilty of this crime and putting you to death!!
classic jung ilhoon lines
  • my love for you is like extreme obesity
  • option like potato
  • i have everything but height
  • i saw it in a book yesterday, ‘100 ways to captivate older women’
  • when you get on the bus, you’ll get a little sleepy
  • the weather was so good back then, better than me
  • hit me if you wanna hit me
  • can’t explain this with science
  • i want to taste that alley way kiss once more
  • again tonight, my mouth can’t stay still
  • i’ll tell you everything i couldn’t say in bed
  • if you’re a hotel, you’d be five stars
  • feels like you’ll have a boyfriend who’s in the army
  • you ask why a guy like me has flowers on his phone background
  • i don’t know if i still have feelings
  • our old emotions smell of breakup
  • now we back, pack your bags
  • i know all the rules of being single so take me away, i’ll give you my address
  • maybe I’m hitting puberty late
  • movin’ mountain
  • it’s like wanting to have kids but not knowing if i’d be a good dad
  • what I can’t understand is how I used to want to be an adult so bad, but that little boy suddenly grew up and now I want to be that little boy again
  • don’t even do sns because you could be a fb star
  • get rid of all your unwanted followers
  • she is flyer than beyonce
  • it’s just staring at a pie in the sky
  • sometimes, i wanna love myself like i love you baby
  • avoid your parents asking when you’re coming home
  • i ain’t no casanova 
  • when I walked you back home, it was the house of another guy 
  • bitches and marijuana
  • the reason I hate winter, the couples on the streets in the annoyingly cold weather
  • when I stand in a crowd, smile to the cloud
  • i always live in anxiety
  • cover me with the blanket of explanations
  • i become like bland kimbap
  • there are a million unemployed people, i don’t really know much about that, but I just wish that number was in my bank account
Suddenly a wild Gillette Holmes appeared

What the hell are you all worked up about Heimish?

First, there was Arthur Conan Doyle. Then, there was William Gillette. He co-wrote the first Holmes adaptation as a play with ACD himself, and then starred in it as Sherlock for pretty much the rest of his life. In 1916, the play got a film adaptation, using the same cast as the play, both titled simply Sherlock Holmes.

It was incredibly popular when it debuted. An entire generation had Gillette as the definitive Holmes. Then time happened. It’s estimated that something like 80-90% of all early/silent-era films have been lost forever, because early film material corroded really quickly and preservation wasn’t a thing yet. The 1916 Sherlock Holmes was assumed to be one of those films. Up until now, the definitive Holmes has been widely referenced without any extant canon material, going only off of people’s memories who had seen the play or the movie.

Then, in late 2014, the Cinematheque Francaise announced they had found a complete copy, and teamed up with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival to do a full digital restoration. Film nerds (that’s me by the way, hello!) around the world simultaneously piddled with joy. The finished product has just started to be shown at film festivals. My understanding is that the very first American public showing was last week at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival? I think maybe? I got to see it today and I have words about it.

I’m here for BBC Sherlock, give me one reason why I should care.

I’ll give you three reasons: Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, and Sue Vertue. Listening yet? Good.

The very first frame of the restored film is a thank you to 8 individuals who were patrons of the restoration. 8 people who financed this entire thing. Name number one, at the very top of the list? Mark Gatiss. Guys. I cannot even tell you the wattage of my shit-eating grin in the theatre. I genuinely thought I could not adore this man any more. Name number 4: Steven Moffat. Name number 8: Sue Vertue. The showrunners haven’t just seen this movie, they made this movie happen. (Thank you so much, showrunners!)

And actually, here’s a fourth reason: Gillette’s Holmes is in some ways more of a template for future Holmes adaptations than ACD’s was. Two words ACD never linked up with Holmes: pipe and deerstalker. (They showed up in a few of the Paget illustrations, that’s it.) And you know what ACD Holmes never said? “Elementary, my dear Watson.” You know what Gillette’s Holmes said? “This is elementary, my dear fellow.” Guess who created and name Billy? Gillette. Basically, our common understanding of Holmes is as dependent on Gillette as Bela Lugosi is for Dracula.

Here’s a fifth reason, because what the fuck: Gillette’s Holmes falls in love. On screen.

After seeing the film, I really do think this is something we should have on our collective radar. Gillette Holmes is probably the most definitive Homes adaptation out there, and the writers are paying pretty goddamned close attention. Beneath the jump cut, I’m going to analyze, squee, draw parallels to our generation’s Sherlock, and talk implications.

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