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Richie Tozier woke up with a long, overdramatized yawn. He sat up and blindly reached for his glasses, which was made more difficult in the dark.

In search of his glasses, Richie flung his left hand to the side of his bed where his drawer would usually be, and instead of feeling a cold, hard surface, he felt a soft, warm lump.

“Jeez, Rich,” a bizarrely familiar voice groaned, “that’s one way to wake me up.”

Richie froze.

After five seconds of wracking his brain of any memory that would piece together why there was a stranger in his bed, he flung himself out of the bed, accidentally tangled himself in the sheets, and tried to frantically escape the mess of linen.

“Hold on, Richie. Do you want your glasses? They’re on your bedside table.”

Richie sprung to his feet and put on the glasses on the table.

And, to put it lightly, Richie was not ready for what he saw.

First, he noticed that the bed he had previously been sleeping in, was not his bed.

Then, he realized that he was in a room that he did not recognize.

Finally, he saw that in his bed, looking distraught, was his absolute worst enemy, Eddie Kaspbrak.

The last thing Richie remembered before he fainted was Eddie asking, “Are you okay, baby?”


in one universe, richie tozier has been living with his long term boyfriend and childhood best friend, eddie kaspbrak, for three years and counting.

and in another, richie tozier has been fighting with his long term enemy that he’s known since childhood for his entire life.

and somehow, the two richies got… misplaced in each others universes. this is going to be interesting, to say the least.

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A trans Will gets his period and Nico’s an amazing boyfriend :)

ok so i have a feeling u were aiming more towards a dysphoria-related list but im unfamiliar with dysphoria and dont want to write anything incorrect so here this is

  • nico goes looking for will at the infirmary one day but kayla tells him that will left early bc he wasn’t feeling well, and then handed nico a bottle of water, a gatorade, some ibuprofen, and a chocolate bar and nicos like,,,,,, why???? And then goes to the apollo cabin to find will
    • hes curled up in bed asleep so nico sets the stuff next to his bed and is about to walk away but will wakes up and tells nico to lay down with him so nico asks whats going on bc will literally never takes a sick day and will gets a little embarrassed but explains that hes on his period
      • nicos confused at first bc like he knows that will is trans but i guess he just doesnt fully understand so wills gotta explain a little bit more to him
    • so nicos like “ok,,,,, so how do i help?” and wills like “what do u mean” and nicos like “how do i help how can i fix this??” and will just starts laughing and hes like “well u cant FIX it but like hang out with me here today and that’ll help” and nicos like “ok will these things help too” and picks up all the stuff that kayla gave him and wills like “ooh yeah those help too hand me that chocolate bar”

thanks for the suggestion!! sorry its super short

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Yuuri’s wings were bare. His old feathers had molted nearly entirely, steadily replaced by the new gleam of midnight blue. Still fresh and not yet fully formed. It left him looking oddly messy, patches of blue amongst greying black, with sharp contrasts between the spots.

Yuuri had traced a few more days onto Victor’s palm that morning, before disappearing back inside his mass of blankets. Peppered down feathers billowed out after him, driven by the force of another sneeze.

Victor had never expected something as cute as a molting siren. Yuuri had spent a week practically nesting in their bed, devouring any food that Victor brought him, affectionate beyond a fault whenever Victor groomed his wings. In the evenings, he seemed to turn from a bird to an octopus, suctioning himself to Victor’s side with all their limbs entangled.

The crew, concerned for Yuuri’s weakened state and sudden disappearance, had left offerings of hand-carved toy boats outside the cabin. Yuuri chirped happily at each, causing a mess when he proceeded to drown one in a glass of Victor’s rum.

Victor stayed with him as much as he could, for Yuuri whined in complaint whenever he left, writing pleas for Victor to return quickly into the sheets and across his skin. He laid beside Yuuri so that the siren could still play with his hair, braiding a few of his molted feathers into the silver.

“Captain!“ The call was preceded by a hasty knock. Without awaiting a response, Mila came in through the door, concern writ across her face. “Come, quick. I don’t know how we didn’t see them coming but— no, Yuuri, not you. Stay here.”

Victor rose from the bed, leaving Yuuri with a squeeze of the hand to follow his quartermaster to the deck. He had no chance to question her worry, he saw it clear when he stepped out. Beside their ship was another. Flying the colors of the Royal Navy. And Victor recognized the gruff elder man standing at command aboard it.

“Surrender the siren, Vitya! We know you have it on board. Give it up and I let your crew be. This time around.”

Victor’s eyes darted to Mila beside him, seeing her hands hovering over each hip. One over her pistol, the second over her sword. He echoed the movements. “Not without a fight, Gramps!”

I am in my own Harry Potter AU hell.

And just because I can:


Malfoy looked up from his desk, quill poised over the parchment as his son hovered by the study door. Aware that he was frowning, Draco lifted his expression into something more neutral. He was vaguely aware of his own father always frowning whenever he’d tried to talk to him as a boy, and he didn’t want Scorpius to one day think the same about him.

“Come in, come in. Shut the door, you’ll let the heat out.” 

The Greengrass estate was a crumbling ruin compared to Malfoy Manner, with only half the library and none of the artifacts Draco had spent the last few years archiving and putting safely away behind spelled glass. But for now it was home, chilly stone walls and all.

“Did you want something?”

“Yes.” Scorpius replied, pausing to tug at the hem of his dark shirt. There’s still a bruise under his eye, faded to be sure, but the mere presence of it made Draco’s heart skip a beat. When he’d seen Severus Potter crawling out of the rubble, face covered in blood and no sign of his own son, he’d known terror like no other.

And Draco Malfoy was intimately familiar with the machinations of terror. He’d been hugged by it once.

“Well,” he prompted, setting aside his work entirely and giving his full attention to his son. “What is it?”

“I want my friends to come visit.”

Draco blinked. Whatever he’d been expecting, it wasn’t that. “Your…friends?”

“Albus Potter and Rosie Granger-Weasley. I would like them to come stay.”

Draco blinked again. Later he’d laugh—somewhat despairingly into a decanter of fire brandy—at the absurdity of the notion that his boy, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, was best friends with a Potter and the hybrid off-spring of a Granger Weasley, but the threat of impeding hysterics was quelled under the defiant gaze of his son, narrow chin lifting at some unspoken challenge. 

“I see. For how long?”

“A…a week…maybe two…They’re going to France for the Quiditch Cup Primaries…” he glanced down and Draco spied the curled up parchment hidden up his sleeve. “So it wouldn’t be for long.”

Draco glanced at his desk, to the fireplace, then back to his son. “I don’t…”

I want my friends…friendshow often had Astoria lamented his lack of playmates as a child, how often had she fretted that Scorpius’ only interaction had been with adults—or books, or enchanting his own toys for someone to play with. And how quickly had Scorpius’ face crumpled at the utterance of two simple syllables. 

“…know if two weeks would be wise, given your mother’s health. She’s still recovering from the move. But I shall discuss it with her, and see what can be done.”

Scorpius stilled, the beaming smile on his face reigned in to something calmer, even now, not wanting to get his hopes up too much. “Thank you. For what it’s worth, we will be good.”

Draco snorted at that, remembering the last time a Malfoy, a Potter and a Granger and a Weasley had been together at their age. “Somehow I doubt it. Go on off you go, go see what your mother is up to. She’s enjoying having you home.”

“And I am enjoying being here,” Scorpius replied, in that curiously courteous and stiff way of speaking he’d always had, even as an infant learning his words. “I am happy to be here, with you, and mother.”

“I’m…very glad to hear it.” Draco replied, unsure what else he was supposed to say to such an open admission said so politely like one was discussing the weather. “Now go on, off you go, I need to finish this manuscript before I lose the thought.”

“You’ll talk to mother though, wont you?” Scorpius pressed from his space by the door. “You’ll ask…”

“Yes, yes.” Draco waved a hand, “I’ll ask if the Potter spawn can come stay with us. Just for a little bit. To say thank you for…everything.”

Reassured, Scorpius left, closing the door behind himself with a firm click. 

Draco waited several more moments, counting to a hundred before opening up the top desk of his drawer and pulling out his correspondence folder, flipping through them until he found the appropriate manila envelope, writing the address of the Ministry Neatly to the front. 

Clearing his throat politely, he composed himself, then tapped it to life with his wand.

“Hello Potter,” he spat with a vicious familiar glee, unable to keep from laughing, “I’m not sure which one of us is going to be more surprised by this turn of events, but I swear to gods if you break my son’s heart by saying no, I will personally send you a red Howler on the hour every hour till the day one of us dies. Now, about dates, the last week in June works well for us…”

Eddie Lives AU

-Somehow Eddie survives with being grabbed and his arm is severely damanged but still in tact with his body

-The Losers defeat IT and take Eddie to the hospital because he’s bleeding out

-Richie carries him and refuses to leave his side until the nurses force him to wait in the waiting area with the rest of the Losers

-His clothes are stained with blood, and he’s dirty and tired and shaking because what if they lose him?

-They all wait there for Eddie, but then Myra shows up

-Of course, she’s Eddie’s emergency contact

-She gets to go into his room because she’s his wife

-Beforehand though she’s complaining to the nurses, telling them that Eddie should have never left home

-It reminds Richie a lot of Mrs. Kaspbrak, and his heart breaks a little because Eddie tried to hard to find freedom

-Anyway Myra gets to go into his room

-she’s in there for five minutes before she leaves crying

-“Is there a Richie Tozier here?”

-Richie, despite being exhausted, shoots up

-“He’s asking for you.” She says, voice cracking. She’s not wearing her wedding ring anymore, but she plays with it before she leaves the hospital

-Richie is shaking as the nurses lead him to the room. They explain that it’s protocol to let the emergency contact in before any other visitor

-Richie doesn’t really listen until the nurse tells him that Eddie’s been up all day, and he’s been asking for Richie the entire time

-“Before you go in, Mr. Tozier, there’s something you should know.” Richie’s blood goes cold. He hears “couldn’t save” and “amputation” and his mind goes blank. He opens the door

-Eddie looks like an angel, even with sunken eyes and tear stained cheeks and when he tries to sit up, Richie’s heart breaks again as he sees how Eddie struggles

-They don’t acknowledge it at all, nor does Richie bring up the fact that Eddie’s been asking for him, or the fact that Eddie’s own wedding band has been removed

-Eddie simply tells him that he can’t sleep, so Richie climbs into the bed next to him

-They can’t sleep the same way they did growing up, on their sides with Eddie’s nose pressed against the back of Richie’s neck

-So Richie lies on his back and Eddie lies on top of him, listening to his heart beat as Richie’s arm wraps around his torso

-Richie can’t help it anymore. He blurts out an apology, says that he’ll never let anything happen to Eddie again, and he cries

-Eddie cries too, because he doesn’t think he deserves love like this

-Soon enough, Eddie’s well enough to have all of the Losers in his room during visiting hours (he’s gotten healthier thanks to Richie prompting him to eat and sleep)

-They all decide to move to LA together when Eddie is fully healed, because he’s recommended a prosthetic doctor there

-Richie immediately offers that Eddie lives with him, that they can finally make something out of these years of loving each other

-Eddie declines, because he wants to see if he can live by himself like this (he has to learn how to write with his left hand, and shower, and eat and everything, he’d just slow Richie down, he says)

-And he has therapy in LA scheduled, but he just doesn’t want to become dead weight and he has to learn how to live with this

-And it breaks Richie’s heart but he can’t say no to that, Eddie needs to learn how to live by himself


-Months later, all is good. Eddie gets a job as a teacher, and has a prosthetic that he can bend at the elbow. He decides to buy a sling so that he just looks like he’s injured his arm

-Ben proposes to Beverly and at the wedding, Stanley catches the bouquet (but gives it to Richie, because he is already married to Patty AND Bill sorry I don’t make the rules)

-Richie holds onto them because Eddie can’t, but Richie puts a flower behind his ear instead

-During the wedding photos, Eddie insists on standing to the left of Richie because he can hide his prosthetic arm if he angles himself against Richie, but Richie one-ups that by lifting Eddie so that his prosthetic is against his chest

-After the photos, Richie puts him down and sheepishly apologizes, but Eddie smiles

-It’s been so long since he’s smiled

-And they’ve been trying to be normal, but Eddie decides that he’s ready for abnormal now

-Or, he decides that as he watches Richie pull Stan to the dance floor and dance with him to Africa

-Eddie asks Stan if he can steal Richie, and of course Stan obliges because “Richie’s been talking about you the entire night”

-Eddie tells Richie that he’s learned to live like this (with a prosthetic arm, things are harder but not impossible, and every day it gets a little easier), and now he knows that he can’t live without Richie in his life

-Richie cries but they plan to live together now

-Sometimes Richie stops by Eddie’s school when he’s teaching to pick him up for lunch and all of the students flip out because “holy shit our teacher is dating Trashmouth Tozier from the radio??”

-And honestly not many students realize Eddie has a prosthetic arm because of the sling, they just think it’s paralyzed

-But one day Eddie drops a notebook and Richie says, “Hey, need a hand?” And he holds up the spare hand that Eddie has in case his detaches from the wrist joint

-And Eddie takes off the prosthetic and hits him with it and the class is shocked

(This is low key inspired by my uncle with a fake leg who throws it towards the TV when his favorite team loses)

BTS Reaction to: You calling them baby boy for the first time

Anon asked: “hello! <3 i hope you’re having a good day. can you do a reaction where you call them ‘baby boy’ for the first time and they really like it and they get all flustered/soft/blushy etc ? or you can do it however you think they would react! i really don’t mind :) i love your writings so much they’re really amazing! you’re honestly my favorite account. YOURE DOING AMAZING SWEETIE! xx”

author’s note: THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is gonna be really fluffy. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


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“Thank you so much for making dinner baby boy. I really appreciate it.” 

The moments the words left your lips a bright smile crept on to Seokjin’s face. His cheeks would heat up and he’d hide his face behind his hands, making you laugh. He had never thought that a simple nickname would affect hem this much. 

“Ah you’re making me blush Y/N.”  


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Yoongi was a big softie for you, so when you called him baby boy in front of the other members he didn’t care what they’d think. He’d smile uncontrollably as he pulled you closer. Pressing a kiss against your cheeks as he started blushing. 

“Yoongi, why are you blushing?” 

“Because I really like that nickname Y/N.” 


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“Baby boy, can you give me my tea?” 

Hoseok would literally be like this. He’d blush furiously as he hides behind you, trying to calm himself down a little. You laughed at his behavior as you turned towards him, gently running your fingers through his soft locks as he finally removed his hands to look at you. You giggled when you saw his rosy cheeks and asked, 

“Do you like that nickname Hobi?” 

“Yes, you should use it more often.” 


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Namjoon stared at you in shock before a bright smile spread across his face, showing his dimples. He was the dominant one in your relationship but to his surprise he found himself liking the nickname a lot. He chuckled as he hid his face, making you laugh too. 

“Did I make you blush?” “Yeah” 

“Hm maybe I should call you that more often then.” 


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He’d be so happy and giggly when you called him that. Jimin would be surprised by his own reaction. Never having thought that a simple nickname would affect him so much. His cheeks would turn a soft shade of pink as he wrapped his arms around your waist and hid his face in the crook of your neck. 

“Ah Jiminie, you’re seriously too cute baby boy.” 


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You and Taehyung were trying to come up with cute nicknames for each other when you said it. Taehyung would playfully raise his eyebrows before blushing furiously. Chuckles as he hid his face behind his hands. You cooed at the sight as you gently removed his hands from his face. Smiling at him before leaning in to press your lips against his. 

“If you like that name I can call you that more often.” 

“I’d like that very much Y/N.”  


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Jungkook’s heart would melt after hearing those words. His signature bunny smile spreading across his face as he giggled. Jungkook wrapped his arms around your waist as he hid his face in the crook of your neck. You gently leaned back to give him a kiss as you held his face between your hands. 

“Just when I thought you couldn’t get any cuter you did it again baby boy.” 

“Ah Y/N you’re seriously too much” 


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Request: For the next bratty!y/n and daddy!harry writing you should do one where y/n is ‘mad’ at him (for a childish reason) and says stuff like ‘i won’t ever have sex with you ever again’ but they end up having really rough sex lol. Idk, i thought this would be funny, i had a dream about this too. Love your writing btw !

(A/N: your overwhelming love for Brat Y/N has FINALLY brought out this piece! It’s crazy how well this idea has grown into over 2-3 pieces so I hope you enjoy this and send me your thoughts!!)

A piece where Y/N gets a tad jealous, and Harry has to show her she’s the only one he wants.

Y/N knew she was being irrational.

She knew that whatever she was feeling right now was being of her blowing things out of proportion.

But she couldn’t help but glare at the waitress every time she would come by at the table. Harry wasn’t returning any of her attempts though. In fact, he was holding Y/N’s hand across the table, rubbing his thumb over and inbetween her knuckles the whole time they were seated at the restaurant. Y/N would see the way her hand would rest over her shoulder, giggling as he asked her for another bottle of wine.

“Oh anything for you, Harry.”

Y/N rolled her eyes huffing out as she turned her head away. Harry looked back at his girlfriend before smiling slightly chuckling.

“Hey…. wha’s the huffin’ and puffin’ all ‘bout sweetheart.” He prodded leaning forwards, tugging her hand towards him a bit.

Y/N only rolled her eyes looking at him.

“You don’t see it? She’s practically all over you! Touching your arm and giggling over something that isn’t funny in the slightest, I’m pretty sure I saw her glare at me when you grabbed my hand.”

Harry chuckled pressing his cheek against the back of her hand. “Y/N.. you know ‘m not paying attention to her in the slightest.. right?” Y/N only shook her head looking at him.

“But she thinks you are! That’s why she’s come over here 5 times to refill your water even though it was already full.” She scoffs trying to move her hand away from his. Harry only tightens his grip on her hand tugging her towards him again.

“You’re the only girl fo’ me… ‘ave to be polite to the person serving us food.. we can go in a minute jus’ relax…” Harry murmured slow pressing his lips against the back of her hand. Y/N watched him softening her gaze and un-tensing her muscles. He smiled to himself seeing her relaxing, squeezing her hand.

Y/N had nothing to be worried about, this was her man. Her Harry. She was getting riled up for nothing. He made it clear that he’s only hers, and that’s more than she could ask for.

But when their check came back with a pink pen scribbed in the waitress’s hand writing saying ‘call me ;)’ along with her phone number, Y/N’s cheeks flamed in jealously. Her eyes flickering up to Harry’s face as his left dimple indented into his cheek, shaking his head to himself. Y/N wanted to just get up and pour the bottle of very expensive wine they had received on the house, all over that girl’s head. Once Harry had paid the bill, handing over the check with a wink at the girl making her flip her hair giggling, Y/N was out of her chair already making her way towards the entrance to get to their car as fast as possible. Unfortunately, Harry’s lanky legs were quick to catch up to Y/N, tugging on her hand as they walked to where they parked.

“Babe slow down will you?” Harry huffed, Y/N letting go of his hand once they stood in front of his car.

“Don’t you wanna head back to her maybe? Take her and show her a good time?” Y/N crossed her arms glancing back into the restaurant. She knew what she was saying was wrong, but she couldn’t help but seethe with jealousy knowing this girl was purposely getting under her skin by flirting with Harry bluntly.

Harry rose his eyebrows pausing his hand in his pocket as he reached into grab the keys. Slowly stalking towards her.

“‘Scuse me?” Y/N stepped back with every step he took forwards towards her, until her back hit the passenger side door. She swallowed thickly placing her hands behind her, looking into his eyes. Only the street light was illuminating on both of them, despite that, Y/N could tell Harry’s eyes were twinkling with amusement, but more than that she could tell his jaw was tensed at the accusation.

“I….. I said maybe you should take her back home, she seems so desperate, I’m sure you’d think she’d be better in bed than I am.” Y/N murmured quietly keeping her eyes down away from his.

Harry grabbed her chin, tugging it up till her eyes met his. He leaned down till they were nose to nose.

“You are so stupid you know that?” Harry growled moving his hand to cup her jaw, pressing his thumb just under her lower lip and tugging it down. “I don’ want anyone else, but you.” His mouth dropped down onto her, his tongue immediately slipping into his mouth. His thumb kept pressed under her bottom lip to make sure his tongue had free reign to dominate every inch of her mouth to show her who she belonged to. Y/N let out a whimper into his mouth when she felt his fingertips pressing against the back of her head, feeling herself feel light headed from the lack of oxygen. Their lips pulled away with a light ‘smack’ sound, Y/N letting out a gasp of air looking up and him through bleary eyes.

“‘M gon’a ruin you when we get home… show you exactly.. who I want in my bed..”

The moment Y/N stepped into their house, Harry had slid his arm under her knees, and the other around her lower back carrying them upstairs. Both their eyes locked together in a tense staredown as he walked them to their bedroom, kicking the door shut with his foot. Harry walked over to the bed and lied Y/N down right in the middle, looking the neck tie he had worn, never taking his eyes off her. Once he had his tie an jacket tossed off, he pressed his knees down into the bed, slipping off Y/N shoes slowly, tossing them to the floor as well before pressing a kiss to her ankle bone. Y/N head slightly lifted up off the pillows looking at him, biting the corner of her mouth. Pressing his hand son either side of her head, he leaned down pressing his mouth deeply against hers, letting his weight rest comfortably over her body. Y/N’s hands pressed against his taut back over his flimsy t shirt, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist as they licked into each other’s mouths. Harry swallowed up each of her moans, feeling them bubble in his chest as his hips moved on their own accord against her center. Layers of denim reducing the touch to feel each other right there. Y/N tugged on his lower lip with her teeth as she pulled her own lips back. Harry looked down at her through hooded eyes before bringing his forehead down to hers.

“‘M the only one kissin’ you silly right now.. not even thinkin’ ‘bout her.. only you.”

Y/N turned her head to the side whining out as she tried to move her hips up against his. Harry hand moved back to her jaw, tugging it towards him so she had no other choice but to look at him.

“I should be punishing you fo’ thinkin’ I would want another girl in bed…” Y/N shook her head quickly looking at him.

“N-no no no no no I’m sorry I didn’t mean any of it…” She quickly rambled before being shushed by Harry’s thumb pressing into her mouth, pressing it against her tongue. He let her tongue loll around his thumb, biting down onto his own plushy lips training his eyes on her mouth. Harry kept his thumb in her mouth before pulling it out and dragging it down her chin and the middle of her throat. Y/N’s head instinctively tilting up as he pressed against a point in her neck dropping her jaw slightly feeling her windpipe close in. Harry’s mouth dropped down under her ear, sinking his teeth down into the skin. Y/N’s hand quickly gripped over his shoulders tightly whining out trying to squirm away from him.

Petal….. quit movin’ will you?” Harry murmured in her ear, sitting up and slipping off his shirt. Y/N’s eyes greedily moved over his upper half, her mouth watering as his warm skin was on full display for her. Harry smirked more to himself seeing the way Y/N was driving herself mental just with his shirt off. His hands moved to pop open the button of her jeans, glancing up at her as he tugged them down. Her legs moving a bit to make the process of getting these jeans off a whole lot easier for him. Once he got them off, he leaned down on his stomach to sink his teeth into the plushy flesh of her inner thigh. Y/N’s thigh jerked, slightly giggling once his teeth made contact with her sensitive spot. Harry couldn’t help a huge smile slip through, and she could feel it against her skin.

He couldn’t help himself, she was just too damn cute.

Her giggles immediately melted into her moans once Harry’s mouth pressed over her clit over her panties. He just moved them to the side, letting his tongue slip out to just get a taste of her. She was properly soaking for him, bucking her hips up slightly as his tongue moved away quicker than she wanted him to move. Harry looked up at Y/N licking over his lips, seeing her chest move up and down shakily. He hooked his fingers into the waistband before tugging them down her legs and wasting no time into latching his mouth back on her. Y/N let out a yelp, dropping her hands down to tangle in his hair, feeling his tongue work her nerves into overdrive. Her eyes were squeezed shut tugging at his hair to move his head faster against her. Harry’s nails were digging into Y/N’s thighs, making sure she didn’t move one inch as he suckled on her clit. His tongue showing no mercy on the bundle of nerve, making her back arch and writhe under him, wanting to pull away but keep him there till she came. She lifted her head up to look down at him, already seeing his bright eyes looking up at her.

He was the epitome of sex right now in her eyes.

His button nose just barely peaking out as his tongue delved its way deeper into her entrance. His lower half of his face completely hidden from her sight, based on the noises he was making, she was sure she was all over his jaw and mouth. His hair flopped into his forehead and eyes, making Y/N writhe even more at the sight. Her head was thrown back and a loud moan escaped her every time his nose bumped against her clit. Her release getting so close she could feel her body burn and warm. Harry abruptly pulled back making Y/N look at him quickly nearly sobbing out.

Harry moves to quickly slip off his jeans and boxers, just as eager as she was to cum. Y/N took off her shirt and bra at the same time so nothing would be inbetween them two, Harry glanced between her chest and eyes before leaning down and wrapping his wet mouth against one of her nipples. Y/N looked down at him holding the sides of his jaw, arching her back up to his mouth. Harry’s large hand covered over her other breast as his eyes were shut, letting his teeth just barely tug at the nipple between his teeth. Y/N winced slightly, whimpering out pleads as she tugged his head up to meet their mouths together. Harry blindly slipped one of his hands between their two bodies, wrapping it around the base of his shaft. Y/N parted her lips from his once she felt the tip of his cock brush against her swollen clit. Harry’s eyes opened to look down at her biting the corner of his mouth.

Beg fo’ it…

Y/N looked at him blinking a few times to get her thoughts into order before shaking her head. Harry rose his eyebrows just slipping the tip into her, seeing her eyes flutter shut. He pulled out just as quick, making Y/N’s jaw clench looking up at him.


He moved his free hand to wrap around her throat, pressing his thumb just under her chin.


Y/N took a shaky breath shutting her eyes before looking back at him. “You know how much I want you cock H… just give it to me.. show me ‘m yours.. show me that girl is nothing to you.. I’m the only one you want..” Y/N murmured looking at him, seeing his lips press together to hide his smirk.

“Say you’re sorry.”

Y/N whined flopping her hands back on the bed. “Sorry for what!?”

“Fo’ thinkin’ I would want to fuck a girl other tha’ you…. fo’ thinkin’ I would wanna make love to a girl other tha’ you.. say you’re sorry.” Harry spoke firm, but slow as he slowly pressed his cock into her heat, making Y/N eyes widen looking up at him. Her choked breaths as she held the side of his jaw.

“I…… I’m sorry…”

Harry presses himself all the way in, his hips grinding down against her clit making her cry out. “Sorry fo’ what.” Harry spoke through clenched teeth as she tried squirming under his. “‘M not movin’ till you say the whole thing baby….”

Y/N huffed, her eyes welling up with frustrated tears swallowing thickly. “I-I’m sorry for thinking you’d wanna be with any girl other than me…” She shook her head looking up at him with pleading eyes. He brought his head down, pressing their noses together, pulling his hips back and slamming them back in making Y/N cry out.

“Apology accepted.”

Harry’s hand held Y/N’s jaw the whole time his hips pounded into hers. Making sure she kept contact with him the whole time, making sure to nudge the tip of his cock against the spongy part of her walls that made her tummy coil. Her hand gripped his wrist tightly with one hand while the other was held down by Harry’s hand. Her mouth turned to pant hotly against his thumb, making Harry lean down and press his lips repeatedly over her cheek and down to her ear.

“You are the only girl I want, no other person will ever amount to how much I fucking love you…” He whispered keeping his mouth pressed against her ear. Y/N squeezed her eyes shut feeling more that just the tears of wanting to cum in her eyes, but the utter love she has for him

God I love you too…” Y/N mewled out turning her head to look at him, her tears slipping down her temple into her head. Harry looked at her clenching his jaw as his hips slowed to steady slow pace, making his own eyes well up with tears. Y/N looked up at him, moving her wrist from his hands to cup over his cheeks rubbing under his eyes. He dropped his forehead to hers. Turning his head to hold her hand against his cheek, pressing his lips to the palm of her hand. Y/N smiled through the pleasure flopping her head back and shutting her eyes, feeling her tummy ready to explode. Her thighs tightened around his hips, showing Harry that she was just as close as he was.

His hands slipped down to hold the bottoms of her thighs around his hips, pressing his forehead tightly against her own, both their choked up whimpered getting caught in each other’s throats. Harry’s mouth pressed down into hers, their noses smooshing together as Y/N’s body shuddered as she came. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck to hug him to her, letting out mewls into his mouth. Harry let his forearms rest on either side of her head, framing them in as he felt himself cum. Thick spurts coated her walls making Harry quiver as the aftershocks went through his body. Both their mouths lazily slotting together, completely locked into their own world at this moment. Y/N was the first to pull back, licking over her lips as she looked up at him. Harry’s cheeks were flushed pink, lips swollen from their kisses, his eyes were shut trying to catch his breath. She was stuck in a moment of awe just looking at him.

Harry’s eyes peaked up, smirking lazily dropping his mouth down to hers in a soft peck.

“Got somethin’ on my face?”

Y/N giggles shaking her head as she looked at him, running her fingers through his hair.

“Just… love you and all…” Harry looked at her tucking her hair behind her ear, pressing a firm kiss to her forehead.

“I love you too pet….”

How To Get A Guy To Like You

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Summary:Sometimes, internet can be helpful with love problems.
Warnings: Swearing
Word Count: 2.441
A/N: Thank you so much for the notes on the imagine before this one, people! They make me so happy, and I hope you’ll like it too! Friendly reminder, I absolutely love feedback! :) 
Gif’s not mine!

Growing up as a hunter sure had its disadvantages. Aside from the constant danger, being overall socially awkward due to not having time to get to know people, and always having to be on alert, you also made your peace with having to accept you didn’t know everything, especially when it came to humans, but you knew that you had to look for help when you needed it.

“Sam, I need help.”

Sam’s head shot up and he put the book down, sitting up straight almost immediately, “Sure. Are you in trouble?”

You cleared your throat as you sat down across him, and his eyes searched yours,

“Is this about Lucifer?”




“Is it-“

“How do I get a guy to like me?”

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Dean squeezes Cas’s hand a little as he points out a shooting star that zips by. They’re lying on their backs on top of the impala in the middle of a desert strip.

“Alright, Cas, you win,” Dean says, sighing deeper into a sense of comfort and calm. “This isn’t too bad.It was a good idea.”

He can see Cas smiling in that way that makes his eyes crinkle as he pulls Dean closer, kissing him on the forehead.

Dean blushes.

“What is it with angels and stars, anyway? You’d think you’ve had enough of the skies for a lifetime. Hell knows I’d be happy if I never got on a plane again.”

Dean smirks. “Literally. Hell knows.”

Cas rolls his eyes. “I knew what you meant, Dean.”

Another star pummels through the sky in a curved arc, appearing and disappearing in a flash.

“Really, though,” he continues. “Why?”

Cas sighs, looking as if he’s struggling to accept the fact that Dean is unwilling to let it go.

“It’s…” Cas starts, uncomfortably, “kind of personal.”

Slowly, Dean nods. Cas can have his secrets if he needs to.

“Ok. No biggie,” he shrugs while trying to avoid the curious itch in his brain.

But Cas looks torn, anyway. Even if Dean isn’t going to push it, suddenly it seems like he’s contemplating it.

“I want to tell you, but it’s going to sound kind of strange.”

Dean, cocking an eyebrow:

“Try me.”

Cas bites his lip.

“When I pulled you from hell…” Cas starts reluctantly, “I put you back together again.”

Dean waits for Cas to continue. He knows this, but somehow it’s still strange to hear it out loud. Strange to think about. He nods.

But, Cas has a half smile and his hand is getting slightly tighter in Dean’s as he talks.

“Well,” he says. “Humans are made of atoms and matter. Cells. Water. Dust.”

Dean squints, looking down at his own skin, feeling goosbumps prickling.

Cas sits up on the Car, glancing down at Dean as if he were a fond memory.

“You’re made of comets and stardust,” he says proudly with a smile. “I put bits of the stars inside you. So, the sky doesn’t really make me think of heaven. It makes me think of you.”

Dean sits up, too, squinting.

“Cas,” he says. “That’s… kind of a weird thought.” He smirks, “and a little bit sappy…”

Letting go of Dean’s hand, Cas turns away, looking frustrated.

Dean glances again at his arm, wondering suddenly about the patch of freckles near the elbow that reminds him of a constellation.

He smiles.

With his thumb, Dean reaches out, running it along Cas’s jaw, pulling his boyfriend’s annoyed gaze back to him.

“You make me think of heaven, too,” Dean finally whispers. “Not the real, nightmare one. But the one where it’s you and me under the stars and the cold metal of the impala underneath us. And I get to hold your hand for as long as I want.”

Cas squints. “You’re talking about right now,” he says.

“I’m talking about right now,” Dean confirms.

Cas’s smile is shy and perfect, and there’s another shooting star over the tip of his left shoulder.

“I can live with that,” Cas says.

Dean pulls Cas in for a deep, long kiss, his thumb still perched under Cas’s chin.

“Mia piccola stella,” Cas says with a smile when they pull apart.

Dean makes a face.

“My little star,” Cas says, proudly.

Dean smirks, and doesn’t even call his boyfriend a sap again as they tangle themselves back into each other’s arms to watch the meteor shower. Instead, Dean returns the forehead kiss grabbing Cas’s hand again..

“This was a good idea,” he says, and Cas squeezes his hand back.

anonymous asked:

How do you see Ben being redeemed? I really feel like it is going to be hard to do in a believable way. When I watched the movie I first thought his redemption was a given but everyone I went with came out thinking he was pure evil and too far gone... I was shocked that I was the only one that hadn’t felt that way and was wondering if it was me who didn’t get it right. A friend said the dice disappearing was symbolic of Ben disappearing and my jaw hit the floor. What?!

I’ll go more into depth with this in meta writing but I think it’s fairly clear from TLJ that they are aiming for redemption. Many people used Kylo/Ben’s emotional instability at the end of the film as an excuse to write him off as unsalvageable which speaks more to their biases than the writing, I think. 

You can at least tell your friend that the dice are the perfect symbol for a redemption arc. They’re a deep cut reminder of his father, brought to him by his uncle and left by his mother, and we close the film with them disappearing from his hands in a wash of blue and the Force. Gone, but never forgotten. Luke makes sure Ben can’t forget the family he lost, as he warned that he would always be with him, like his father. He gives his life for it, like Han. And in narrative storytelling, we don’t conclude this kind of sacrifice with an empty reconciliation.

(side note: I will never forgive JJ for cutting the scene of Kylo walking on to the Falcon in The Force Awakens and standing in the exact same spot and position his father did.)  

Combine that with the Millennium Falcon door shutting in his face and him bowing his head while still on his knees? This is a penitent person, suddenly alone again and with no one but himself to blame. I think I’ve said it a million times, but Han did save Kylo on that bridge–just not the way anyone wanted or expected it to happen. 

^Also if that’s the face of unredeemable evil, I’ll eat my hat.

Ambiguous Love

Hi friends! I spent so much time with this story and love it very much. Hopefully you will too. 
Songs that inspired this incase you wanna listen to them: 
-Aint Me by Kygo
-Attention by The Weeknd
-Comes & Goes by Greg Laswell

Request: Kinda, it’s about H being jealous but the main plot is from me. 
Warning: Mild curse language and lots of heart break. 

Gif isn’t mine and I would probably melt if he were to look at me like this.

A sour taste on his tongue combined with foul thoughts clouding his mind was what let him know that something was very wrong with him.

Harry was aware that his eyes weren’t supposed to stare at the guy standing close to Y/N as if he was murdering him in his head over and over again, even when that was just what was going on. With narrowed eyes he watched the foreign male touch his hand to her back in a far too intimate gesture as he laughed at something she’d said. How dare he do that?
Harry sat with his back to the kitchen as he watched her where she stood in the living room. He made a mental note to remind Jeff not to invite this guy again next time he held a small get together at his place.
Harry’s jaw tensed. Y/N was his. He was the only male she should give her attention to. The only one who should have his hands on her.

The guy wasn’t anybody Harry knew by name and he was sure to never bother to learn it either. He knew the guy was somebody who’d come around to these kind of parties a couple of times already and every time he was lingering around Harry’s Y/N the moment he had the chance. Harry did not like that one bit. Hot jealousy rushed through his body and with one last sip from his beer he got to his feet.

This needed to stop. He knew that it was him who caused Y/N to be alone and without a boyfriend and he wasn’t oblivious to how upsetting that was to her at times. This was unfair he knew but somehow Harry couldn’t find it in him to feel guilty. Other guys weren’t blind and found Harry gawking at the girl they were trying to chat to more than just intimidating, so with the majority of them one glare sufficed for their hands to pull away and leave Y/N’s smooth skin.
Harry felt like his behavior was justified. There was no way he could let his Y/N fall for a man who surely wouldn’t adore her enough. Harry wouldn’t ever allow Y/N to have a male’s hands on her body who couldn’t possibly be as tender with her as she deserved. If this meant Y/N would be alone and have no-one but Harry to love on her then so be it.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and began to walk over to where she was, his mind busy trying to come up with an excuse to steal her away. The unknown guy noticed Harry’s presence before Y/N did and like the rest of the flirtatious males he withdrew his touch from her almost instantly.
Harry didn’t say anything, not even when the guy greeted him with a polite smile. Instead he took hold of Y/N’s small hand, giving her fingers a tight squeeze before he began to pull her away from the bloke and towards the kitchen where he knew they would find some peace and quiet.
Slowly Harry relaxed. Feeling her warm skin in his palm and being able to just pull her closer and into his side where he could breathe her in… it had a smile pull at his lips.

With quick feet the girl hurried after him.

“What’s wrong?” her kind voice wondered once her friend pulled her into the deserted kitchen and she gasped quietly when his hands forced her up against the counter.

With discomfort written all over her face she pressed her hands against his chest so he would allow her to move away from the cold counter and closer into him.

“Ouch,” she complained quietly, “What the matter, Harry? Are you okay?”

„Who was that?“ Harry’s words were spoken was rough and lower than he intended and both of his hands balled into fists at his sides.

Y/N’s expression softened. “Harry, you can’t tell me that you don’t like Craig either. You haven’t even spoken to him. He’s quite nice, you know?”

„Quite nice?“ Harry repeated, stepping closer to her body, pushing her right back against the counter, „Huh? Was that bloke quite nice to you then?”

„Yes,“ Y/N tried to argue, her hands brushing up against his shoulders in an attempt to calm him, „And I don’t like how you always make me feel as though I need your approval when I talk to a guy.“

Harry swallowed hard. With a sigh he raised his hand and her body relaxed when his palm touched her cheek gently.

„You don’t need my permission. Of course you don’t.” He sighed before shaking his head, a deep frown on his forehead as he tried to figure out what he wanted to say. The words were right there on his tongue.
“S’just… I don’t like it, you know? You with another guy.”

“Why?” Y/N wondered, her hands squeezing his shoulders, “I wouldn’t let anybody treat me badly, you know that. There’s neither reason to be protective nor worried.”

At that he rolled his eyes. Oh how wrong she was. As wrong as one could be. “That’s not what’s bothering me. How could anybody mistreat you?”

And he meant it then. How could anybody hurt the girl standing in his arms? She was so utterly kind without ever demanding anything in return. Her heart beat for the people she loved and it melted his own when she looked at him like he was all she could see.
That was what he was so afraid of losing. Losing to somebody else.

“Not with you gawking at every move either of us make, no,” Y/N giggled, again not understanding just how deep the meaning behind his words was.

With a sigh rumbling through his chest he stepped closer, his hands finding her wrists and she whined when he forced her arms up with a gentle but swift yank so they would wrap around his neck. A satisfied hum escaped his lips and he closed his eyes. Catching on to what he wanted she wound her fingers through his soft curls and pressed a loving kiss to his cheek when he stepped close enough for them to be embracing tightly. Y/N laughed quietly.

“Harry, love, how much did you have to drink?”

“A beer,” he grumbled truthfully, a frown forming, “Can’t a man get some love from his favorite girl without being accused of anything?”

“Of course he can,” she replied in a whisper, her heart beating so fast she feared it might fly right out of her chest and away into the sky. She tightened her hold around his shoulders and shivered when he moaned at the sensation of her fingers scratching the back of his neck.

Harry pressed his mouth to her neck. “Do we have to go back?”

“To the party? Yes,” she giggled against his jaw, “But we don’t have to stay that much longer.”

This pleased him. “Good. Don’t want you near Craig.”

“Hey, you just said that you agree with me not needing your permission for what I do.”

Harry pulled back and looked at her with arched brows. “So you want to do-”

She groaned and shook her head rapidly with her eyes squeezed shut. “No, I don’t want to do anyone so don’t even start.”

Reluctance gnawed at his insides but he forced himself to step out of her hold anyway. She was right. He needed to let her have space. Y/N gave him a warm smile before leaning up to press another kiss to his skin, this time his cheek.

“Harry, please…” she spoke softly, her lips brushing his cheek, “I really want to finally meet somebody, you know? And maybe Craig is going to ask me out so… don’t scare him away.”

There was nothing he could say.
Harry’s heart sank when he watched her step away from him and walk back into the living room where he knew Craig awaited her already. And sure enough when Harry followed, discomfort flooding his body, he saw the male he already disliked greatly smile and hold out a hand for Y/N. Greedily he grabbed her fingers and brought them to his wet lips, a sight that made Harry’s stomach turn. Surely Y/N didn’t like this behavior either, he thought and true enough Y/N’s smile wasn’t all honest. The guy squeezed her shoulder before saying something that made her laugh and for a moment Harry could actually feel himself wanting to punch the guy blue. A feeling Harry was not used to at all.
Harry wasn’t a fighter. He was a lover. But oh if Y/N didn’t provoke a side out of him he hadn’t known before.  
Fuck it.
Harry’s feet carried him towards his Y/N before his mind could catch up and in few quick strides he reached her. His hands found her shoulders, squeezing and rubbing them soothingly to get her to turn around and face him.

“Harry?” she wondered, surprise and confusion written all over her features, “What’s wrong now? Are you okay?”

“Sorry, Craig.” Harry breathed the words dedicated to the male standing behind Y/N but his eyes never left her lovely face.

They heard Craig ask what Harry was sorry for but neither of them got to reply before Harry leaned down and connected his mouth with Y/N’s warm lips. It took a lot of bravery not to pull away when he felt the girl gasp and her entire body go rigid. His heart beat so heavily in his chest and his head was dizzy but he refused to stop kissing her and instead continued to move his lips against hers with as much pressure as he dared. It was when he felt the soft touches of her hesitant fingers agains his neck that he knew he’d won. Sure enough she began to return his kiss, moaning and whining against him quietly whilst she allowed her arms to wrap around his neck.
Harry could have rejoiced.
Y/N’s lips were soft, warm and fitted so perfectly against his own he wondered how he hadn’t kissed her before. Her body cuddled into his as if she were his missing puzzle piece and he liked how well his own arms wrapped around her waist. She gasped when his tongue poked into her mouth and he sighed deeply upon getting to kiss her properly. His hands grasped her neck, the back of her head before letting them drop to her backside where he allowed himself to hold onto her in the least groping way he could.
His heart swelled when he heard her giggle softly and he moaned upon feeling her hands move across his shoulders.

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Thin Mints and Menthol (Steve Harrington x Reader)

This is now a series!

PART 2   


Pairings: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: It’s set a year after Season 2 has finished and you’re a senior in high school who’s often getting into trouble with the law for petty crimes. And Hopper usually gets you out of trouble. Then one night the new officer Steve Harrington joins him.

Words: 1.7k (YIKES)

Warnings: Mild swearing, mild mentions of smoking, hints towards abuse. Slightly OOC Steve

A/N: Okay so this is the first time I’ve ever written anything so please go easy on me, I just love Steve and I’ve had this idea in my head for a few days so I had to write it down.

You sit on the cold step outside the gas station. Mr Pritchard stood looming over you smugly, as the Chevrolet Blazer pulls up, ‘Hawkins Police Dept.’ printed on the side. Parking itself roughly. Chief Hopper steps out of the vehicle quickly reaching into his pocket to his packet of cigarettes, he removes one and places into his mouth. He walks over to you whilst sparking up. There’s a ghost of a smile playing on his lips. The passenger door suddenly opens, startling you, it was usually just Hopper himself who dealt with you.

Steve Harrington? That’s new. You chuckle slightly as he walks to join Hopper stood before you. He’s staring at you in confusion. You scoff and hang your head. “This is the third time this month you’ve been caught shoplifting (Y/N).” Hopper says as he blows smoke out of his mouth. “I’m starting to think you’re enjoying the excitement.” He chuckles.

“I’d raise my hands in defeat if this asshole,” you say jerking your head towards Mr Pritchard “hadn’t tied my arms in front of me with fucking rope.” Hopper glares at Pritchard, the old man crosses his arms in defiance to Hopper. He huffs slightly and begins to explain to Hopper that you had been trying to run away. Bullshit. Everyone knew you didn’t run once you were caught. As Hopper and him get into an argument you lean back and glance at Steve as he’s scribbling furiously in a notepad. The khaki coloured uniform he’s wearing looks freshly starched, his name tag shines under the glare of the street-lights. His hair is pushed back and looks neat, except for the strand that’s fallen out of place. It bounces in time with his writing.

“You, er, don’t need to do that”

“Huh?” He says stopping mid-word on the page. He stares at you confusedly.

“He never presses charges against me. I usually just get a two week ban.” You tell him, grinning. A small smile tugs at his lips. “That’s what you get for shoplifting a packet of Salem's’ I guess.”

Salem’s? Refreshing. Wouldn’t have pinned you for a menthol kind of girl” You both laugh. “Well, Hop- I mean, the Chief told me I should write everything down…” He says placing the pen in between the pages. He closes the notepad, holding it in his left hand. He stands awkwardly waiting slightly too close to Hopper. You’re shocked, since when did Steve Harrington want to be a cop? It was unusual to say the least, you always figured he’d end up at an Ivy League college. Yet here he was standing before you looking slightly uncomfortable. He’d been in the grade above you, and was ten times more popular than you were. The ‘King’. That was till Nancy Wheeler broke up with him, started dating the Byers kid, and he faded into obscurity. You’d still see him in passing but he’d mainly kept to himself focusing on his studies, always in the library. You’d heard rumors he was friends with some fourteen year olds, but you didn’t know him well enough to find out if they were true or not.

“Do want me to untie you?”

“What?” You ask as you realize you hadn’t been paying attention.

“The rope. Do you want me to untie it?” He asks again. You look at his hands. His notepad, you notice, is safely stowed away in his breast pocket.

“Oh, sure. Yeah, please. That would be great.” You say stuttering over your words slightly. You internally kicked yourself. You can’t believe you’re getting nervous over Steve fucking Harrington of all people. He bends down slightly, you’re inches apart, you can feel his breath on your cold hands as he reaches for them. You lift them up slightly from your lap. He starts to try and unknot the large knot that Pritchard had tied it with. He pauses and looks up at you, smirking. He lowers his voice.

“Now, you’re not going to dash the moment it’s unravelled are you?”

“On my honour.” You whisper. You smile at him.

“Oh, were you a Girl Scout.” He asks as he starts to work on untying you again.”

“Unwillingly, but yeah I was for about five years. Prettttttttttty sure, I sold you some Thin Mints once.” You told him struggling back a laugh.

“What, really? How old are you?” He moves his hands away from yours. You grin at him.

“I’m seventeen, but my birthdays in a week. I figured you wouldn’t recognize me.” He snickers quietly and slowly begins to tackle the knot again. You watch his hands move across the rope, grazing your wrists lightly, sending shivers up your arms.

“No I’m afraid I don’t think I’ve seen you around, I know I’d remember if I had someone like you before.” You look up at lock eyes with him. The rope around your wrists falls into your lap. Steve takes both your wrists in his hands and looks and the marks left on them. He rubs the rope burn with his left thumb. His brow furrowed, he opens his mouth as if to say something.

“Alright! I won’t press any further charges, just tell her that she needs to stay off of my property. For good this time, I’m giving her a permanent ban!” You both gaze up at the two men who had been having a heated debate about your actions.

“That seems fair. You hear that (Y/N)? You’re permanently banned from this gas station.” Hopper tells you whilst Steve helps you to your feet. “Permanent means no entry, and no sneaking in with a hat and sunglasses on like you did at the convenience store down street. Steve glances down at you with an amused look etched across his face. 

“You really did that?” He says questioning you.

“I thought it was a good idea at the time. I was very mistaken.” You tell him with a huff as you fold your arms, the temperature had dropped quite drastically. He leans his head back laughing, his hair moves like it has a mind of its own.You stare at him in awe. He is annoyingly pretty. You think to yourself. Boys like him shouldn’t be so pretty.

You bite your lip to stop yourself from joining him in his laughing fit. Instead you peer over at The Chief who’s not paying attention and is instead staring at his watch. He walks up to you and gently takes you by the arm and leads you towards the vehicle.

“We need to be leaving, its 9pm and I need to pick up El- I mean, Jane from Mike’s after dropping (Y/N) at her house.” He tells Steve who nods and makes his way over to the car, he gets in and you can see he’s still beaming. “See you later Fred.” Hopper says to Mr Pritchard as he opens the door for you.

“Bye Fred!” You say as Hopper pushes you into his car. Mr Pritchard walks into the gas station ignoring your exaggerated goodbye.The door slams behind him the car shaking slightly. He puts the keys into the ignition and sets off driving in the direction of your house. The mood in the car is some what hostile. You go to make a smart remark to relieve tension, but Hopper stops you.

“Whatever you’re about to say (Y/N), save it. This is your final warning. Like I said earlier this is the third time this month that someone’s stopped you shoplifting. I’m sure you’ve done it more you just haven’t been caught. I’m worried about you kid.” He gazes at you in the rear-view mirror, you turn away so you don’t make eye contact. “Next time I pick you up, you’re going to be in handcuffs. You understand?” You nod, there’s a prick behind your eye. Tears begin to well up in your eyes.

“I’m sorry… Sir.” The air is suddenly as icy as it is outside, despite the heating sputtering it’s warm breath around the car. You zone out and begin to stare outside, watching houses as they pass by. Wondering if their teenagers were as troublesome as you were. You’re startled as a tear falls onto your cheek, you quickly go to scrub your eyes. Uncaring if you smudge the eye make-up you have on. You didn’t want to let Hopper down, he’d looked out for you each time there had been an incident. And yet you knew he was serious this time despite always telling you it was the final time he was clearing up after your messes. Somehow the presence of Steve made you embarrassed. Why do I even care? I don’t even know him. You think to yourself. And yet looking at the wing mirror and seeing him give you a reassuring smile was comforting, you return it sadly and turn to stare out the window again.

As the car drove up to your house the lump in your throat grew. It was fear. Fear of what was waiting for you at home. The lights were on meaning you were in for a rough ride. You sit forward as the car draws to a halt. Wincing as your hand touches the cool metal of the handle.

“Tell your old man to go easy on you.” Hopper says to you. Without turning to face him you open the door getting out.

“Thanks for the ride boys.” You say plastering a fake smile across your lips as you slam the door shut. The grin instantly drops from you face as you make your way up to you red front door. You can feel both Jim and Steve’s eyes watching you.

“Do you think you could get me any of those Thin Mints? I’ve got a real craving!” You hear Steve shout to you. Turning to face him, he’s beaming from ear to ear. You start laughing, you flash him the middle finger and give him a sarcastic smile as you close the door. Blocking you off from the world. You place your hands on the door and lift your eye to the peep hole to watch as Hopper’s car rolls out of sight. You sigh as you hear angry footsteps approach you. Grabbing at your arm, pulling it from the door.

“And where the fuck have you been?”

Part 2?????

I Own You

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 2500

Warnings: NSFW (smut!)

A/N: Since I’m back on tumblr, I decided to repost some of my old work and fanfics! Hope you enjoy! 

Originally posted by rosamundamuddyfoot

A dull headache was the first thing that woke you up. You blinked few times to clear your sight and look at the empty side next to you.

Turning around you noticed that the sheets were a pure mess and then you noticed that it was 2 p.m.

“Ah, great!” you groaned and then pulled to covers to the side.

You were naked and probably got awfully drunk last night.

Then it hit you. You had a fight with the god of mischief before you let tequila possess you.

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Chasing Pavements

Originally posted by giffingshit

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) came back to Hawkins and attended Snow Ball to have fun with the party, but then discovered something that would just break her heart.

Word count: 1.653

Posted: 22nd of November 2017

A/N: Hey guys! Another imagine is up. This song stumbled on my Spotify playlist and I thought of doing it with Steve Harrington x Reader, since it would be less awkward. I had no bad intentions when I was writing this, okay? Finn is my son!

Anyway, I loved this scene and it really captured my heart. Guys, find someone who would look at you like the way Mike looks at Eleven.

I hope you like it and enjoy reading guys! Please tell me what you think about it in the comments below, thank you!

- G. x

Link: Jessie’s Girl (Part 2); Jealous (Part 3); Can’t Fight This Feeling (Part 4)

It was your school’s Snow Ball and you were really happy that you were able to come back to Hawkins in time and attend the event without any problems.

Your cute dress swayed as you walked across the gym, doll shoes slowly tapping on the floor. Your face slowly became red and hot as you noticed that some people were looking at you, observing you from head to toe. You were so shy and timid, but you kept on roaming your eyes around and you could see the different types of decors and designs that have been used to embellish the venue. At first, you couldn’t believe that they managed to fix your simple and old school gym, but then you thought that nothing was impossible.

“(Y/N)!” Your four boy best friends chimed in unison as they caught your glance. You sheepishly smiled at them as they walked towards you to give you a tight, but warm embrace. They welcomed you back and you could say that they missed your presence so much, nevertheless you left them without any warning.

“Oh my God, you are all good looking,” You complimented the boys, right after examining their outfits. You were obviously surprised, because they grew up so much in the past few months that you were gone. “and Dustin, I love the hair!” You winked at him, earning a wide and sweet smile from the boy. You thought that maybe he got some tips from Steve Harrington, one teenage boy that he used to detest so much.

“You don’t look too bad yourself either, (Y/N).” Mike exclaimed back, flashing you a flattered smile. Your heart suddenly beat fast as you heard his sweet words, making you blush a little bit too. You heard your friends cheering for you and Mike, making their eyebrows dance wildly to poke fun at you.

“I think that you two should talk.” Lucas said, excusing himself from the group. Your eyebrows were knitted together as you couldn’t understand what Lucas meant. You earned some cheeky smiles from Will and Dustin, meaning that they were teasing you with Mike.

Of course, after all the years that you have known each other, they knew what you felt for Mike. He was your first crush, maybe your first love too. It was obvious and your friends noticed it by the way you looked at him, by the way you cared about him, by the way you talk to him. They said that sparkles were always seen in your eyes and your smile was warm enough to emanate heat and love. In fact, they were right. You liked Mike and you just couldn’t deny it. But why Mike didn’t seem to notice it?

“Idiots!” Mike playfully exclaimed and the boys just shrugged everything off, quickly following Lucas’ path to leave you both alone.

You took the empty seats near you and you watched some kids as they slow-danced with their partners. You could feel the tension between you and Mike and it somehow made you feel uncomfortable, nevertheless he was your best friend and you had a strong on-going bond.

“Why did you leave?” Mike suddenly blurted out, breaking the silence between you. He tried to catch your gaze, but you did your very best to avoid it. “I mean, suddenly. Without saying goodbye to the party.”

You quickly felt guilty for leaving them with their obliviousness. You thought that you weren’t that important to them that they would never notice your absence if you ever left. “I’m sorry. My grandfather suddenly felt bad, making us move back to Chicago for a while.” You downheartedly explained to him.

You were really feeling bad for leaving them behind. They were your best friends and you missed them. You also heard that some incredible things happened during your absence.

“I am offended, do you know that?” He grabbed your hand and squeezed it a little bit. Your heart skipped a beat and you bit your lower lip as you tried to understand his statement. “Why didn’t you call or write? I was worried sick about you.”

“And you are right to feel that way,” You said without any hesitations. You knew that they didn’t deserve it. “I just don’t know why I didn’t write as soon as I reached Chicago. I am not even searching for any excuses, I am just sorry.”

“Will needed you beside him, the boys,” He muttered with a big disappointment in his voice. “and I did too.”

“I’m sorry, Mike.” He caressed the palm of your hand with his thumb and he shook his head, meaning that it wasn’t nothing. “I even promised you that I would never leave you.”

“It’s already passed,” He nonchalantly exclaimed, being the empathic Mike that he was. “I was just afraid of Will’s situation, the Mind Flayer, and, of course, I was worried about you. I really did, I didn’t want for you to go away.”

You took a deep breath and he really knew how to make you feel bad. You were afraid of Will’s situation too, mostly after what happened to him last year in the Upside Down. You were with them and you shared great memories together, nonetheless your fear of losing one of your friends.

“I had no choice, Mike.” You looked at him for a short period of time, but then detached your gaze off him.

“I know, but, first, it was El and then it was you.” He disappointedly responded, thinking of how bad the world was without his friends. “I have always needed you, my best friend, beside me.”

You flashed him a sad and apologetic smile, although you were happy to know that he still considered you as his best friend. You did nothing but just bad things, you should have never left them without saying any word. “I am really sorry, Mike. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s fine,” He slowly nodded his head as he squeezed your hand once again. You felt the excitement and the electricity the whole time he was holding your hand, but did he feel the same? “it really is!”

An awkward silence was built between the two of you. You should be partying, instead of sitting in a corner. You both unleashed a deep sigh as you felt worse for what has happened in the past months.

“Mike,” You broke the silence as you caught his soft gaze. All of the kids were dancing, except the two of you. There was a sweet song going on and it was a shame if you would have just stayed there, alone and motionless. “What do you think if we-“ You courageously started your proposal, oblivious of what was about to happen.

Words suddenly left your mouth as you saw a familiar silhouette standing in front of the gym’s entrance. Your heart suddenly fell on the ground, breaking itself in little pieces, as Mike stood up, leaving your hand as fast as he could. He took a step forward and you quickly stood up, ready to follow him.

“Shit, guys!” You heard Dustin exclaim desperately, but you didn’t mind him. You just let things run through your mind, without processing them properly.

You tortured your reddish lower lip as you remembered some particular happenings in the past.

“Everything will be alright, Mike! She will come back.” You assured the frightened boy beside you. His eyes were red and puffy as his tears endlessly flowed down. He just lost his friend, his loved one.

“What if it never happens?” He managed to say the words perfectly in between of his desperate sobs.

“Then it will be my turn to make you feel better.” You blurted out as your heart beat in a jiffy. “Aren’t that what best friends for, Mike?”

Of course, you were just a best friend in his eyes. It didn’t matter if you loved him, someone else captured his heart and that was Eleven.

“You will never leave me?” He downheartedly asked you. He was afraid to be left behind and you perfectly understood why: he cared about you.

“Never, Mike, never.” You fearlessly stated with a smile “I promise.”

The loud and sweet familiar song broke your thoughts, still staring at the girl. The space between them and Mike slowly diminished as she walked towards your direction.

“Eleven?” You mumbled softly, but Mike still managed to hear it. You couldn’t deny that the girl changed, she grew up and her hair was longer than the last time you saw her. She was a beautiful girl with a precious heart and it was so hard to hate on her. In fact, you never did. Mike might have loved her, but you would never hate on her just because of that.

“Yeah, she’s back!” Mike excitedly exclaimed. “You knew it all along.”

“Yeah.” You faked a smile before breaking your gaze with Mike.

Mike corrugated his forehead as he noticed the fake smile on your face, he was your best friend and he knew you very well. “So, what were you saying?”

“Oh, nothing!” You lied through your teeth as you shook your head. “Have fun, okay?”

“Same to you, (Y/N).” He cheerfully smiled before giving you a sweet kiss on your cheek. He wanted for you to be happy, nevertheless your happiness was about to dance with some other girl.

You gave him a nod while you watched him heading towards Eleven’s direction. You silently watched them as they talked, noticing how Michael Wheeler grabbed her hands.

“Thank you!” He mouthed to you and you just smiled at him, slowly turning away with a shattered heart from the couple in front of you.

You thought that you would just give up this time, not even trying to chase pavements anymore. After all, Mike was already contented with his girl and it was not even worth to fight for his love anymore.

stargazing || b.b.

Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky was your everything, his loss devastated you in more ways than you could have every imagined, all you wanted was to have him back. 

Warnings: angst, fluff

Word Count: 2.4k

A/N: this literally made me sob that my mum had to ask if i was okay and i had to lie and say i was watching a sad movie

“Do you ever just feel an urge to just do something? Something you’ve wanted to do for the longest time, but were never in the right moment?” You asked, turning your head to look at Bucky. He was staring right back at you, eyes glimmering underneath the night sky, “I always do when I’m with you, doll,” he whispered, a smile on his face before his lips connected with yours.

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Genius Lance Pt. 2

After a long, painful writing session, I bring you part two! I hope everyone enjoys as much as the first part! <3           

“Blue Paladin!” Kolivan called looking to each side when he left the bridge. Lance looked behind him with a slight wince, but at noticing that it was Kolivan relaxed a bit.

“Sorry about all of that big guy,” he said sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.

“We must talk Blue Paladin,” he stated, walking towards the boy.

“Oh, um, okay,” he started. “Is the lounge okay?” he asked.

“Wherever you are comfortable,” Kolivan replied putting his hand on Lance’s back. Lance nodded his head and started leading him to the room. They sat down on the couch and Lance looked down at the ground waiting for Kolivan to start. He expected the leader of the Blade to berate him for storming out of the room and nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt his hand settle on his upper arm. He turned to look at the galra, unlike usual, he had a soft open expression on his face.

“Please explain to me Blue Paladin, why does this upset you so much?” he asked calmly.

“You can call me Lance you know,” Lance muttered moving his gaze to the other side of the room.

“Lance then; I’m afraid I don’t understand much of what happened on the bridge, would you please explain to me? If you don’t mind,” Kolivan asked. Lance took a deep breath and nodded his head in understanding.

“Basically they were making fun of me, calling me stupid, saying that I didn’t understand anything they were talking about,” he said bitterly. He clenched his fists up on top of his knees glaring at the floor.

“But that isn’t true,” Kolivan finished for him. He nodded and closed his eyes against the rage that was building in him again. Just as quickly as it built, it fell and sadness grasped him instead.

“No it isn’t, in fact, it’s the exact opposite,” he said looking into Kolivan’s eyes. “Where I’m from, I’m considered a genius,”

“Is that so?” Kolivan drawled giving the young man a calm smile. Lance gave a small nod and looked forward.

“Yup,” he said popping the p at the end. “In Varadero, I was top of the class and ready to join the military there just like the rest of my family, but then the Galaxy Garrison found out about me and my skills as a tactician and programmer. They offered me a full ride scholarship and me and my family citizenship if I accepted, I mean how could I even think about refusing? I mean I don’t know how citizenship works in space, but I must have been somewhat important if they offered it to me,”
He couldn’t stay still anymore and leaped off the couch to pace in front of Kolivan who sat quietly to listen to the upset paladin. His face scrunched up a bit in confusion when Lance mentioned citizenship, but decided not to ask questions yet.

“So that’s what we did, I accepted the offer and started learning English which isn’t fucking easy. But that’s okay because we made it, and I had my family with me too which is something a lot of people can’t say,” he paused to take in a shaky breath and pushed his fingers into the bridge of his nose. He stood stiffly, letting himself take a few breaths before he continued.

“So the Garrison!” He cheered trying to perk himself up. “They offered to give me all of these things and in exchange, all I had to do was get a spaceship to Kerberos,” Kolivan quirked his eyebrow at the statement. “I know, easy right,” he said sarcastically.

“I thought the Green Paladin said that the mission that brought the Black Paladin here was the most advanced your planet has been with space exploration,” he said. Lance puffed up his chest and gave a smug little smile at the statement.

“Of course it was, that was why I was so important,” he started only to slump a moment after. “Well, I didn’t do it alone, of course, so I guess I’m not that important; never mind, we’re getting off topic,” he shook his head as if trying to dislodge the distracting thought.

“It is correct to assume that this Kerberos mission is important though?” Kolivan asked. Lance’s head whipped around to look at him with his mouth gaping.

“Yes! Its basically the only reason why I was at the Garrison in the first place, as I said before I was just going to join the military in Cuba with my family but this opportunity was to die for,” he stated, squeezing his eyes shut. He thought of the opportunities that opened up to them when they moved and sighed.

“Anyways, we went to America and next thing I know I’m at orientation for classes and I was going to just join the generic fields engineering, computer science, meteorology you know; but that morning before I went to go, my mamá sat me down and told me to find something that I would grow to love and I would never grow tired of. I was kind of confused because at this point I was so sure of my path, that I already had my class sheet filled up and ready to hand in at the end of the tour,” he thought of his mamá and the smile she gave him before he walked out that door. Looking like she already knew that he was going to have a great day.

“She was so adamant about it and I didn’t know why, I already knew what I liked and I was going to gain the key to my future as well, I thought she was crazy,” he admitted shaking his head and dropping to sit next to Kolivan again. He was about to open his mouth to comment but stopped when he saw the easy smile stretched across his face as he got lost in memory.

“That is until we visited the flight simulators; they walked us in and it was just the pod and blank space and suddenly it just got pitch black, we were all freaking out. But then, there was this big flash and there were stars everywhere and planets, galaxies and meteorites, just everything and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life,” he gave a breathless chuckle as he looked at Kolivan. “Then the sim started and I was just mesmerized; whoever was in that booth was dominating the front lines, no one could get close to them and I must have stood there for twenty doboshes with my mouth hanging open, watching them. But then, they turned off the sim so we could meet the pilot and ask questions about the classes and stuff; and after a few minutes out pops Shiro,”

“I didn’t realize that you met the Black Paladin so soon,” Kolivan commented. Instantly Lance shook his head and waved his hands around frantically.

“Met is a loose term! A very very loose term, I didn’t even speak to Shiro until we saved him in the desert before coming to space,” he said flustered. Kolivan only nodded his head and looked forward.

“I see,” he said coaxing Lance to continue his story.

“Well, anyways, Shiro got out to do a little talk about the classes, what a pilot in the Garrison does, and all about the missions he had already been on; and when he talked about piloting I could see in his eyes how much he loved it, and that’s when I knew that I wanted to fly and when I decided that Takashi Shirogane was my hero,” he admitted quietly rubbing the back of his neck. “I was right, I did love it, it was the one thing in my life so far that was actually difficult for me to learn, and I wasn’t good at it. I-I knew that I wasn’t but it didn’t matter because I loved it so much, it made me feel human sometimes,” His face was glowing with happiness, but as soon as it appeared it was gone again and the boy was looking dejectedly at the ground.

“I don’t know when Pidge and Hunk started thinking that I was stupid,” he said curling into himself. “I wasn’t around much during the first while of the Garrison, whatever free time I had I spent it with the other scientists working on the Kerberos mission. I guess it started when I used sneaking off into town as an excuse when they asked why I was gone for so long,” he let out a humourless laugh and felt his throat tighten. “Now that I think of it, it does sound like something an idiot would say,” Kolivan could see the paladin slowly breaking down beside him and scooted closer to offer some sort of comfort to the boy.

“Keith I understand, he hates me,” he muttered trying to blink away the tears that were forming in his eyes. “All he’s seen from me so far has been an empty-headed flirting mess,” He clenched his jaw tightly, he didn’t want to cry about this, and it was a dumb reason to. He curled his arms around himself and lifted his legs onto the couch.

“But Shiro, I thought he saw more to me than the others did, and it hurts but I guess I deserve it after getting him and his crew stuck in space,” he choked finally letting himself sink into the pain. Kolivan let out a quiet rumble and pulled the boy to his chest to rest underneath his chin. After a moment’s hesitation, Lance gripped onto Kolivan’s suit tightly and let out a sad wail. The galra continued to rub his back and let out comforting noises.

“It was okay at the Garrison because I had my family to talk to and they knew, but out here they all thought I was some clueless idiot,” he whispered to Kolivan listlessly. “I’m nothing without my brain, so what was I even worth to them?” Kolivan closed his eyes and cupped the back of Lance’s head to cuddle him closer.

“Lance, you are worth much more than you realize,” he said softly. “You are an exceptional pilot, a glorious marksman, and now we realize you are a genius. Your teammates are the ones that assumed you to be something you’re not, now they have to face the consequences of their actions, not you,”

Lance didn’t answer and only nodded his head from where it rested on Kolivan’s chest.

The team turned to the doors when they heard them hiss open. Kolivan’s face was blank but he had his hand on Lance’s shoulder. Lance smiled up at the galra and walked to his friends who immediately started apologizing.

“I’m so sorry Lance!” Hunk cried grabbing him by the shoulders and sniffing as tears poured down his face.

“I’m sorry too!” Pidge joined latching onto Lance’s legs when Hunk lifted him in a hug. Lance gave them a weak smile and patted Hunk gently on the arm when he started sobbing into his shirt.

“It’s okay guys, I forgive you,” he replied. “Can you please let me down now?” he asked kicking his feet around.

“Sorry!” Hunk wailed as he placed his feet on the floor. He wiped his eyes and nose and looked guilty down at the ground as Keith walked up to Lance.

“I’m sorry Lance,” he said sincerely. “You’re right, I’m a condescending jerk sometimes and I let it get out of hand,” he shifted from foot to foot and avoid looking at him. Lance let out a huff of laughter that made Keith’s head shoot up.

“I forgive you,” he said punching him lightly in the shoulder. Keith gave him a hesitant smile and stepped back when Shiro came forward. He had a sad frown on his face and his eyebrows were wrinkled in guilt.

“I failed you as a leader and as a friend Lance, I should have paid more attention to my teammates, I am so so sorry,” he said weakly, guilt evident in his voice. He tried to keep his eyes on Lance’s face but slowly found himself looking to the floor instead. He looked back up when he felt a hand on his shoulder and found Lance giving him a soft smile.

“We all have something we could work on, that doesn’t mean you failed us as a leader Shiro, I forgive you,” Shiro let out a breath of relief and put his hands on his knees.

“Shiro?” Lance’s voice asked hesitantly. He stood up and looked at the paladin.


“I know it wasn’t really my fault but I need to get it out, so I’m sorry I got you captured on Kerberos,” he announced. Shiro’s face scrunched up in confusion as he looked at Lance.

“Huh? But you didn’t have anything to do with Kerberos,” he said cocking his head. Lance twiddled his thumbs absentmindedly and scuffed his shoe on the ground.

“Actually, I planned the entire voyage and programmed the ship,” he admitted not looking up from where he was looking. There was a beat of silence before they let out various sounds of disbelief, Pidge grabbed him by the shoulders and madly shook him screaming.

“I never noticed your name in the reports,” Shiro said thinking back, trying to pick out names from the papers.

“Oh, I had the codename Cub,” he said. At that Pidge’s arms and mouth dropped in shock.

“You’re Cub?” She asked, he nodded and gave her a smile. “Oh my god, you’re the best hacker I’ve ever seen, I based all of my codes off of yours,” she admitted, still in shock.

“Wow, thanks!” He said scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment.

“How the hell do you manage to pull this off?” Keith asked astonished. Lance looked around at his amazed teammate. They may not be the most perfect people in the world, but they were family to him. He put his hands on his hips and gave them a grin.

“Would you like to hear the whole story?”

Part 1

anonymous asked:

Can you make a story where taehyungs best friend loses a bet so they have to wear a vibrator all day during school that taehyung controlls and can turn on and control how fast or slow it goes when he wants thanks :))))))

Black Panties:

You stretched out your stiff joints as you rolled over in the cocoon of sheets that were on your bed. The big comforter sliding off one side as the sheets trapped your legs into the confines of the ends. You didn’t want to wake up, but the soft sounds of ‘Boys’ by Charlie XCX alerted you that your alarm was going off. Rubbing your hands over your face you sighed softly, cracking your eyes open and damn near falling out of the bed as you gasped and yelped with fright. Taehyung was sitting on the edge of your bed smirking down at you as he watched your frightened state clearly unaffected by the inhuman noises you were letting out of your mouth.

“Taehyung! What in God’s name!” You cried out detangling yourself from the covers to place them over your chest covering up your breast that were spilling out of your tank top. Taehyung gave a boyish grin that lit up his facial features and brown orbs that seemed to melt you in every time you looked at him.

“You did give me a key to come over whenever I wanted. Besides, it is time for me to tell you the punishment that’s in store for you.” Taehyung boasted proudly sticking his chest out and you groaned falling back against the soft sheets letting them flip up around you, your eyes slowly falling back closed.

“Five more minutes.” You grunted but Taehyung wasn’t having it. He crawled onto the bed and started to tickle you with his fingertips running up and down your sides causing your loud yelping noises to come back full fledge. Your body squirmed under him as your arms pushed out to attack him but he dodged every attack that you had in store for him. He straddled your waist laughing down at you, his blonde hair falling into his eyes as he let his own deep chuckles wrap around the both of your ear drums causing you to shiver because his everything was intoxicating. “Mercy!” You called out and finally he pulled back smiling down at you both of your breathing ragged as he plopped back down on his ass and you squirmed to sit up, if your hair was disheveled before it looked like a tornado landed on top of your head now.

“Go get ready bed head.” Taehyung teased as he ruffled your hair combing through the locks but also gripping at your hair causing you to gasp and look at him.

“it’s too early.” You slapped at his shoulder and he pulled you onto his lap before you stood up and pulled down the booty shorts that you had on. Taehyung had no problem sliding his hand up to caress your ass cheeks as he watched you walk away into the bathroom.

You stood there and started to brush your teeth and wash your face doing the main things that would help you get rid of your sleepy state. You started to mess with your hair running your fingers through it and combing it out, fixing it to make it look presentable for the day. You didn’t feel like putting on makeup or anything that required extra work because you had also stayed up late the night before and now you were dreading every making such a decision. Once you walked back out to Taehyung your eyes finally look in what he had on. Black skinny jeans that had rips at the knee and a long sleeved blue sweater. His newly dyed blonde hair was getting him attention for sure and you always being around him saw how he ate that shit up.

“So, having a good morning blondie?” You teased him as you went to your closet to look for some clothes frowning because you didn’t know what to wear.

“I did. Also, I wouldn’t wear anything too tight if I were you.” Taehyung stated and you groaned softly to yourself, deciding on leggings and a T-shirt of your favorite anime. You walked out with the clothes in your hand and saw that Taehyung had just finished making up your bed. Your heart swelled as you watched the male, he took care of you and it was times like this where you questioned why you two kept the title of just best friends. You did everything together. Even each other. The thought made your cheeks tint pink but you waved it off as you sat the clothes down onto the edge of the bed standing in front of them watching him. Taehyung saw you and he came to sit by your clothes smiling up at you gripping onto his backpack.

“I told you not to make a bet with me. I know things and I have people that tell me things. And you can imagine how happy I was when I heard first hand that our biology quiz was canceled for today.” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows and you groaned inwardly. You had been on his ass all week about studying for the test on Friday because you didn’t want him to fail. Both you and Taehyung had the same major so he was always in your classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and you wanted to help him out. But he insisted that there would be no test today and for you to calm down. One too many insults back and forth between the two of you; and your mouth was opening a bet being placed on if there was a test today or not. The bet went for a range of things. If he won you had to try out these new panties that vibrated and if you won he had to wear a skirt to class all day and not complain about it.

“Shut up, just because you know things it doesn’t mean you are always right.” You said bitterly and Taehyung mocked you nodding his head as he pulled his backpack onto his lap unzipping it and taking out the new package for you. He undid it and slipped another package out and your eyes watched as he placed the vibrator into a little opening compartment where your pussy was going to be resting and your legs lightly buckled. Your pussy tingled as you thought about it, your heart rate slowly starting to pick up as sweat prickled at your temples on each side of your head. Taehyung held up the remote and smiled happily before handing over the black panties.

“It doesn’t matter if I am always right or not. I was right today so be a good girl and put on these panties or I will spank you.” Taehyung threated you and you slowly started to strip.

“You make that sound like a bad thing, but I don’t want to be late for class once again so I might as well take my loss.” You grumbled out your complaints as you started to peel of layers of clothes until you were in nothing. Slowly, you stepped into the panties and pulled them up your legs before your bra and then your clothes. It felt snug against your pussy and the part that you dreaded the most had come true. The bullet pressed against your clit the most. You sighed to yourself before you searched for your shoes keys and your backpack.

“I’m going to drive today.” Taehyung stated and you nodded your head knowing that he had a motive up his sleeve so you weren’t going to question him about it.

Once you were at school, you got out of the car and walked beside the male towards your first class. It was like any other day but you couldn’t help the nervous feeling you felt swirling into the pit of your stomach wondering when he would turn the panties on or use them against you. The thought alone had you wanting to run away from him and hide, he was ruthless when it came to things like this.

You were in the classroom before you knew it, your mind finally focusing onto the task at hand. You loved English class, it was the only class you were the best at and it helped that you occasionally dabbled in writing yourself though it wasn’t that good. The teacher came in wearing a dazzling smile on his lips that made your heart stop along with the rest of the student body in that classroom. Once he started to talk you forgot about everything including the stupid lost bet between you and Taehyung. Taehyung himself did not like the fact that you were drooling over your professor because the male also flirted with you.

“Raise your hand if you can tell me what kind of emotion Shakespeare must have been facing when he was writing this story.”

Your hand went up immediately and the teacher smiled, his eyes training on you as he turned to face you stating your name. As soon as your lips parted Taehyung had fished the remote out of his pocket and turned the vibrations up to the medium setting. A soft moan left your lips as your mouth stayed perched open from surprise. Some of the people in the classroom laughed finding it funny and others finding it ‘cute’. Some girls who had it out for you sneered their noses up at you finding what you did to be an insult. Taehyung himself felt very proud as he watched you stammer over your words and try to get your answer out.

“Thank you very much for that explanation. Anyone else?” The teacher asked avoiding you for the rest of the class period but honestly you could care less. Your hands gripped the edge of the desk and you pinpointed the vibrations pressing it down against the seat so that you could rock your hips against it gently to not alert anyone else of the vibrations that were present. In no time, your orgasm was swelling in your stomach, your mouth falling open again as you started to pant, the sweat starting to prickle at your forehead and neck, you were sure your juices were slipping past your bottoms and landing on the seat itself. You were shifting to get it to press harder against you but the moment you thought you’d cum, the vibrations were cut off. Your body jolted violently against the seat and you covered it up by reaching down into your backpack as if you suddenly remembered you had to get something out. Looking up at Taehyung you watched him tap the remote against his knee before he pushed it back into his pocket.

Orgasm denial was your biggest kink, so it only helped you become more wet because you knew the more worked up you got the more the orgasm would be when you were finally allowed to cum. Taehyung was thinking the same thing, he waited for twenty minutes to pass before he turned it back on the lowest setting this time, letting it soothe your puckered pink clit but not give you enough to make you cum like you wanted. As the class was winding down you gathered your stuff happy that Taehyung had once again turned off the vibrations and let you pack up as he did so as well. You were both walking down the hallways to go towards your next class when you felt the high vibrations of the panties press against your clit. Crying out you fell against Taehyung reaching out blindly for him as the sensitivity overtook your pussy. Your hips rutted against nothing and Taehyung wrapped his arm around your lower back pulling you towards him. You looked so beautiful with ragged breath and disheveled hair. Your body starting to coat in sweat as you trembled from the pleasure that he was giving you. Taehyung led you to class, slowly walking with you but the shifting of your weight only added in helping the bullet tear up your clit.

The moment you were in your next class you held onto the edges of the table, bending over to drop your backpack down you felt as if your very spot itself was being fucked. Your legs gave out and you fell against the floor as Taehyung turned off the vibrations. One of your fellow classmates came to check on you, wanting to see if you were okay and once you assured her that you were fine your high slowly came down. Your legs wobbled a bit but you were able to make your way into the seat your heart rate calming down a bit.

It drove you crazy the whole class. You sat in the front of this class where Taehyung sat in the back. The whole class period he drove you crazy giving you, an intense two minutes of the high settings watching as you gripped onto the desk so hard that your knuckles changed colors only for him to deny you and shut it off. And then repeat it for a longer period with the volume on low. You couldn’t even count on your hands how many times he had denied you in the past hour alone. Your eyes were so close to rolling back at one point that you had to shut them and wince, squeezing your legs together you heard the teacher speaking to you asking if everything was okay. It went that way for every class period. Of course, you had breaks throughout your classes where you went to lunch or the library to study and hang out with friends where Taehyung became bolder, doing things like gripping at one of your legs to push them apart letting the bullet tear up your clit as your nails dug into his arms. Your cheeks had become swollen from how much tears you had shed over the course of the first half of the day.

Your biology class was the worse. As soon as the teacher started to explain why she did what she did Taehyung made sure to turn the vibrations on for ten seconds on maximum only to shut them off and let you rest for five seconds. You were frustrated, beyond mad at all the teasing. You were fed up and you needed the pent-up energy to be released. Your hands gripped onto the table again in the middle of the classroom and you started to cry, your body shaking from the ruined state it was in. Your pussy felt so sensitive it was hurting to even close your legs. It was throbbing and you knew there was a puddle in your seat. Shifting your legs down against the spot, you let your leggings take up the wetness, hearing your teacher once again call for you, you eyed her with a pained expression.

“Do you need to go to the nurse dear? You don’t look so well.” She said with worry written on her face.

“I- don’t feel so good but I really can’t miss class.” You whined softly letting your tears fall down your face making it seem like you were just upset behind the thought of having to leave class. Your teacher gave you a gentle smile as she shook her head.

“I am sure that your syllabus will show you the work for next class assignment. You can always email me and I will assist you in any way possible.” Your teacher stated and you nodded your head slowly wiping your puffy eyes and stuffing your belongings into your backpack as the vibrations were shut off.

“Yes Mr. Kim?” The teacher asked Taehyung and he cleared his throat sitting up and trying his best to keep the shit eating grin from his face.

“May I take her to the nurse? She doesn’t look like she will be able to get there on her own if she’s in that much pain.” He pleaded waiting for you to stand up and brace against the table worried that you were going to fall if you didn’t. Your teacher typically didn’t want anyone to walk out of class but because you looked as if you needed a helping your hand. She gave him a nod when concern on her features as she watched you sling your backpack over your shoulder. Taehyung moved to scoop you up in his arms carrying you out of the classroom walking down the hallway as he smirked at you, he was being a bit too nice to you but as soon as he started, it ended. Taehyung sat you down and turned the vibrations back on medium as he watched you.

“Stand up and walk to the bathroom.” Taehyung demanded and you gazed up at him with an incredulous look on your features shaking your head left to right. “Stand up and walk or you won’t cum for a whole week at least not with me.”

You puffed your cheeks and nodded your head standing up you took slow steps to the bathroom that was around the corner and down the hall. It was torturous for you to walk all that way and Taehyung stayed behind you teasing you with shifting the remote settings from medium to low. You pushed open the door harshly and Taehyung followed you turning the vibrations up on high. He watched you run for a stall before your legs gave out and he chuckled. He was a bit sadistic when it came to you and it knew one day he would have to learn how to control it but today was not that day. He pushed the stall door open watching as your body pressed against the wall, your legs wobbled and you were crying looking at him need in your eyes, unruly lust there as well. The sight made Taehyung’s already hardened shaft feel as if his pants couldn’t get any tighter and the amount of blood that rushed there almost made his head sway as well. He gripped both of your backpacks hanging them on the little clip that was behind the stall. He locked the stall and he moved towards you in the tight space spreading your legs wider with his own. His hand reached down to feel the drenched soaking wet fabric. He looked in your eyes as he pressed the vibrations hard against your clit watching you yelp out in pain more than pleasure.

“My poor baby does it hurt?” He teased as he felt your hips react before he moved to shut off the vibrations once he knew you were close again. You nodded your head, your hands reaching to pull him closer, you knew what he wanted and needed.

“Please Taehyung.” You spoke your voice barely a whisper. “Please fuck me, I need you deep inside of my pussy. I know you miss it. I miss feeling you. I miss having your thick dick buried deep inside of me stretching me out as you fuck the shit out of me. I want you to ruin me. I want you to make me cum. I don’t think I can take anymore. My pussy hurts so bad but I still want you, I need you to make this better. Only you can. Please Taehyung, please Daegu.” You called him that nickname when you were needy or wanted to get under his skin because you knew he loved it and he could never say no. Pressing gentle kisses against his lips and soon all over his face. Taehyung growled against your ear as you started to suck and nibble on his lobe. His hands gripped at the sides of your hips yanking down the leggings from your body. Next the panties followed, he was so eager that when he picked you up by the back of your thighs, your bottoms rested against your ankles but he never took them off.

“Hold them up.” You nodded your head grabbing at your bottoms holding them with your hand, Taehyung started to unzip his pants and pull out his hardened shaft that was throbbing and warm in his hand. The tip angry and red, little beads of precum already on the tip from how worked up he had made himself all day. He moved to press his body against yours, resting your legs up against your chest. Your hands had to move up to grip onto your bottoms making sure that it was easy for the both of you to get this quickie on. Taehyung grind his hips against yours, his thick appendage dragging up and down your pussy lips grazing your sensitive clit and you whined more feeling something real against you this around. Taehyung coated his shaft with your juices and slipped his member down against your dripping opening. He slipped inside of you with ease your juices making the perfect lube from how wet you had been all day. Taehyung let his hands grip onto your thighs, his nails digging into the flesh as he started to deeply grind against you. He fucked you deep and hard, bottoming out instantly to help aid his thrusts. Your body moved up and down against the wall as Taehyung ate up your cries, the lewd sounds of your squelching pussy could be heard in the bathroom. Taehyung started to jackhammer inside of you, fucking you so fast and hard that you could barely get out any word moan or phrase. Your eyes rolled back as you held onto the bottoms above your head your toes curling in the shoes as he snapped his hips against yours. The bathroom door swinging open along with the animated chatter of voices let you both know that you weren’t alone. Taehyung moved to press his lips against yours, his tongue slipping past your parted lips. He sucked eagerly on your tongue searching the roof of your mouth and around the insides of your cheeks. Your spit mixing as he ground his hips in deep circles against you angling himself to find your spot. Your muffled cries were almost heard by the girls that were chatting, peeing and fixing their makeup discussing dinner plans for after class. Taehyung had you in a state of ruin, he was good at picking your body apart and making you feel on cloud nine. Your back was arching against him as your pussy eagerly squeezed him deeper inside, being so used to being molded and fit perfectly for him.

As soon as the girl’s left he pulled back. Rotating and slamming his hips harder against yours, causing the walls of the stall itself to shake lightly and sound off from the force. “Are you going to be a good girl and cum for me? That’s right wrap that pussy around my dick you little dirty slut. You fucking drenched out your panties, and leggings I should have stuffed them in your mouth and made you fucking clean them, now look at us. You’re lucky that was our last class for the day or I would have had to take you home and spank your pretty ass before fucking you into my mattress. Who’s my good girl?” he asked slapping your ass.

“I am.” You mumbled in the mist of your moans.

“Who?!” He shouted growling as he bit on your bottom lip pulling it with his teeth.

“ME!” You wailed out as your head shot back so hard it lightly hit against the stall.

“Good girl now fucking cum before you get us caught.” He demanded continuing to pound away at your G-spot. You didn’t know if anyone could hear you shouting out his name during incoherent shit but you had a feeling that the people passing by hinted at what was going on unless everyone was in class which you hoped they were. You gave into his command. Basking in the feeling of his dick penetrating you at just the right pace and spot, your stomach tightened up and the fire slowly consumed you until you were cumming with silent cries of pleasure that Taehyung swallowed as he kissed you again. Feeling your cum on his shaft, the male couldn’t help but immediately follow you. He had been waiting, his balls had been tightening to the point where it hurt but he had to wait to cum because he wanted you to cum first and now you were both meeting your end. Taehyung buried his face into your neck holding onto you as your hearts beat into one another. Slowly your highs faded and he was pulling out of you, even going so far as to dry your leggings with the automatic dryer in the bathrooms as you kept a look out at the door. Soon the both of you were walking back towards his car hand in hand as the both of you gloated in pleasure.

Feed The Alpha

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Derek x Reader

Warnings: +18 gif under cut, oral, Dom!Derek

“(Y/N) could you…” Derek trailed off and sighed when the books he’d been holding out to you fell to the floor where you’d been stood with a loud smack.

When he glanced over the room he found you’d wandered off to sit with Scott and Lydia while they talked quietly. Derek cleared his throat a few times in hopes of getting your attention without causing a fuss but his attempts ended as a growl which made Stiles jump as he plodded into the room.

“What’s up buddy?” Stiles teased with a grin as he glanced over at you. “Aw is someone jealous?” He said in a tone you’d use to talk to a puppy.

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48 and 50 with Bucky?

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48. “Fuck…I feel I’ve been hit by a car.”

50. “Give me 5 bucks, I’ll explain later.”

“Fuck…I feel I’ve been hit by a car” you groaned, digging your face more into the pillow.

“I’ll take that as a compliment darling” Bucky smirked, kissing your shoulder over one of the many marks he left last night. The sexual tension between Bucky and you had finally reached its peak. Well, it reached its peak over and over again. “Coffee?” Bucky asked, moving to kiss up your neck.

“God, please” you rasped, turning just in time to see his cheeky smile.

“That sounds familiar” he said pecking you. You couldn’t help but smile back at the man who was now getting off the bed slipping on his boxers. He cracked the door open, checking side to side if any of the Avengers were there. You couldn’t see from the bed, but when Bucky sighed and dropped his head you knew someone was there.

“How badly do you want this coffee?” he looked to you. When you gave him puppy dog eyes, he groaned and clenched his fists. “Okay give me 5 bucks, I’ll explain later” you raised a brow curiously but pointed to your purse in the corner of your room anyway. He took the money and left the room.

Bucky saw Steve was still sitting on the couch when he walked down the short hallway. “So…” Steve drawled, a small smirk on his face.

“Look, here’s your money. You were right, okay? She likes me back” Bucky handed him the note with a huff making his way to the kitchen. Steve pocketing the note with a smirk. 

It’s Friday I’m in Love

It was on a Monday that Richie Tozier met Eddie Kaspbrak.

Richie was 5 and Eddie was 6 and Richie knew instantly that Eddie was going to be his best friend.

It was on a Tuesday that Richie learned that sometimes boys liked other boys the way that they were supposed to like girls.

Richie was 7 and in the grocery store with his mother. He saw two teenage boys holding hands and he pulled on his mum’s sleeve, and asked her, why those boys were holding hands? And she told him “because they like each other, Richie. More than boys should like each other. Stop looking at them” and then she dragged him away from where the two boys stood laughing to each other.

When Richie saw Eddie at school the next day, he asked him “Hey Eddie, we like each other, right?”

“Of course we do Richie” Eddie said, without looking up from the book he was reading.

Richie looked down at where Eddie’s hand was held in his own, and nodded. Of course they like each other.

It was on a Wednesday that Richie realised what the way that he liked Eddie really meant.

He was 11 and while his friends all talked about wanting to kiss girls like Beverly Marsh on the lips and wanting to hold her hand at lunchtime, the only lips that Richie wanted to kiss was Eddie’s. The only hand that had ever felt right in his was Eddie’s.

Richie wondered what this revelation would mean for his and Eddie’s friendship. Whilst Eddie had never spoke of wanting to kiss girls, he had also never spoke of wanting to kiss Richie. And Eddie still looked at Richie the way that he always had. He still felt the way he had always felt about Richie.

It was on a Thursday that Richie finally kissed Eddie.

Richie had just turned 13 and every single time he saw Eddie his heart would race and his stomach would erupt in butterflies. When Richie pressed his lips against Eddie’s in a sudden impulsive movement, he thought that for sure it would be the end of their friendship. That Eddie would hate him for it. But when he felt Eddie’s lips move against his, God, he was filled with such an incredible indescribable joy.

He was drowning. He was drowning in happiness, he was drowning in Eddie, and he didn’t want to be saved.

It was on a Friday that Richie was in love with Eddie.

They were 14 and it had been coming for a while now. Being around Eddie filled Richie with such a painful happiness, as if every part of him was on fire but in the most beautiful way and he never wanted it to stop. It was as though Richie had been standing at the edge of a cliff, and now, lying on Richie’s bed next to Eddie, Richie jumped. With no hesitations or second thoughts, he let himself fall down, and down and he was gone.

The thing is though, Eddie hadn’t jumped with him.

It was on a Saturday that Richie felt heartbreak for the first time in his life.

He was 17 and his knuckles were covered in his best friend’s blood. Richie had felt his entire world crumble around him, felt his reality slipping, when he walked into Eddie’s bedroom to see him sat on Bill Denbrough’s lap. An incriminating purple bruise was half visible under the collar of Bill’s shirt and Eddie’s traitorous fingers were tangled in Bill’s hair.

Ironically, it had been Bill who had apologised to Richie, blood dripping from his nose, telling him that he was sorry, that they hadn’t meant for it to happen, that it didn’t mean anything. Bill’s words barely reached Richie though, because all he could hear was his own heartbeat in his ears, and he couldn’t see Bill from where he stood in front of Richie. All he could see was Eddie. Sat on his bed, not saying a word. His bottom lip between his teeth, and his hands clasped tightly in his lap, but no trace of sorrow or regret on his face.

Eddie’s eyes held contact with his. Richie’s vision was blurred with the tears that he didn’t realise had been falling.

“I hate you” Richie lied. But still, Eddie said nothing.

It was on a Sunday that Richie Tozier left Derry.

He was 18 and he had no intention of ever going back.