he wouldn't want it to be about himself

Don’t think about the Inner Circle reacting to the realisation that Rhys has effectively sacrificed himself to keep them and Velaris safe.

Don’t think about Mor’s anger and anguish that he’s engineered this so they can’t go to him; can’t save him; can’t get him back because he knew that she’d want to tear the world to shreds to bring him home; the only blood family she has left. 

Don’t think about the silence that would cling to Azriel like a veil, the shadows around him becoming so thick and dark that the others can’t see his agony for what his brother has done for them. 

Don’t think about Cassian slumping into the nearest chair, utterly speechless, for the first time he can remember, as he thinks about the enormity of what his brother has done and the horror of it brings tears to his eyes.  

Don’t think about Amren reacting with stoic calm, quieting Mor’s rage, drawing Az out of himself, rallying Cass. She’s as angry and shocked and horrified as any of them but she is Rhys’ Second. She will hold them together for him. As he would want her to do. 

Don’t think about how, as the years drag on, and they’re confined to Velaris by Rhys’ sacrifice; unable to leave lest the magic he tethered to them break and expose them and put them in danger; something he has worked so hard to do and they can’t bring themselves to make in vain, hearing the rumours that surround him. 

Don’t think about them hearing how he has become Amarantha’s whore and everything that entails. Don’t think about how that makes Mor feel sick to her stomach that the same fate he wants saved her from and helped her heal from is now his lot in life. 

Don’t think about Azriel imagining his brother trapped beneath the earth, unable to see the sun, unable to spread his wings and fly the way he knows he loves to do. The way they did to him when he was a child. 

Don’t think about Cassian seeing everyone he loves around him; Mor and Azriel and Amren, being there with them, safe for Rhys’ sacrifice, and shattering when he remembers that his brother is completely alone. An outcast. As he once was. 

Don’t think about them hearing about all of the horrific things that Amarantha forces Rhys to do; killing all of the Winter Court children. Don’t think about Amren, Amren who knows how much he struggled with his power, how hard he worked to contain it so it would never control him, so it would never hurt anyone, who helped him leash it and contain it, hearing this and feeling something die within her because she knows what this will do to Rhys, how much it will destroy him. 

Don’t think about the Inner Circle beginning to lose hope too; as Rhys did. Don’t think about them being sure that they’ll never see him again. Even if Mor and Cassian come up with a new scheme to try and break him out of there every other week; and Azriel takes risks the other would kill him for to try and get ears Under the Mountain because maybe that would help; and Amren keeps herself going through the long years by telling herself that she has to keep the court together, has to keep the Inner Circle strong, has to keep his people alive and cared for and hopeful so that when he comes back he can resume his rule with ease.

Don’t think about the fact that Rhys and his Inner Circle were separated from each other for fifty years and how much that must have broken all of them. Just don’t do it.  


Sammy, close your eyes.


AOS spin-off that should have been - “Most Wanted”

“Grant Ward has gone rogue and now he’s “Most Wanted”. At the top of every wanted list produced by every government agency on the planet, Grant is a man on the run and reluctantly teaming up with a new ally: the mysterious “Slade” who happens to know more about Grant than he’d like. Slade promised him answers and he’s going to get them one way or another. But the more time he spends with Slade, the deeper this ex-spy turned mercenary finds himself buried in a conspiracy that dates back generations, finding that everything he thought he knew about the people who raised him was a lie. Did Grant Ward finally find the redemption he hoped for? Can he be the hero he’s always wanted to be? Or is evil literally burning in his veins?”  ( idea and synopsis by wanderingrookie )

with Brett Dalton as Grant Ward, Sam Elliott as Carter Slade and special appearance by Chloe Bennet as Skye / Daisy Johnson

Dinosaur March Madness continues to make me want to draw my OCs, and these three would DEFINITELY be bitter about getting outvoted in the first round.

Naughty Boy just continues to be so shady every time he talks about Zayn.  He pauses a lot, thinks a lot, and it reminds me of how Harry chooses his words so that he’s telling the truth even if you don’t know it at the time.

He keeps saying things like “I understand everyone needs someone to blame” and “it will all blow over soon”, "Zayn’s his own man” and “no one can tell Zayn what to do, least of all me”.  

With my already biased perspective, it sounds to me like Naughty Boy finds his role as a the villain a bit ironic, knows that eventually (hopefully soon) people won’t be blaming him anymore because Zayn will be back, and that Zayn has been fighting his management tooth and nail over the things he can fight them on.

Also, saying Zayn is writing a “soulful” album and that “the less [Naughty Boy] says about it, the better” is a bit weird.  Soulful can apply to anything written using real emotions, so it’s not that Zayn is necessarily leaping eagerly into various types of genres and sound production.  Soulful is about the meaning, not the sound.  That’s a bit of a dodge from what the interviewer asked.  

The second line sounds to me like one of those times where the boys are using a coy line, but in the end it’s the truth.  Literally, there’s a big secret, so Naughty Boy can’t say more about Zayn writing because it’s not allowed and really not advisable.

Anyway, take this for tinhatting if you want, but my point is that once again, nothing Naughty Boy has said actually supports the idea of Zayn leaving and going solo.  Words are put in his mouth or implied by the context, but he seems to be playing Harry’s dodging game.  He actually seems to be hinting at a return.

I think it’s time to stop with the bullshit that Sophie “dresses badly” because she wants to “shame Benedict”, she “doesn’t give a shit about herself and her husband” or because she “wants attention”, especially because this fandom spent years saying that Benedict “dressing badly” means that “he’s a cutie the man can’t dress himself the poor thing somebody help him.”

I mean there were a goddamn blog called what are you wearing benedict? made by his fans to make fun of his outfits, because Benedict Cumberbatch dressing badly is funny instead of insulting