he wouldn't though


[In order of comming out: Jared to Evan- eight grade. Evan to Jared- sophomore year. Connor to Zoe and Zoe to Connor- senior year. ~mod c]

My kink is watching larries fighting on twitter about the “E” tattoo Louis has on his hand and how it can’t stand for Eleanor bc it’s for one of his twin siblings ajansjsnsn

Andrew: *pulls back curtain while Neil is in the shower*

Andrew: Are we - stop screaming, it’s me - are we out of ice cream?

okay but: neil and puns
• he makes puns about everything
• literally everything
• they’re not even good puns
• they’re the super cheesy awful puns
• the Foxes love it because every time he makes a pun he gets this smile on his face
• and hes so proud of himself
• and the Foxes are like loO K at thsi lOoK at O UR sO N heS hAPP Y s O pUr E,,,,,,,,
• wymack’s just like “i don’t get paid enough for this”
• but secretly he enjoys seeing neil smile just as much as the rest of the Foxes ((wymack makes me cry so much okay he is so good and i just,,,, come talk to me about wymack, actual dad™ who has adopted all the Foxes i’m crying i love him so much))
• they can’t bear to tell him that the puns are awful
• his favorite thing to make puns about though is how he and andrew met
• “he really swept me off my feet.”
• “he took my breath away”
• “i couldn’t breathe for a full 10 minutes after seeing him”
• and the worst one: “it was like i’d been hit with an exy racket.”
• every time
• every fucking time anyone asks him about how they met
• he will make a super awful pun
• andrew raises the percentage every time he does it
• because what the fuck neil???
• but anyways
• at this point no one knows how they actually met
• they know it was when andrew, kevin, and wymack went to offer neil a spot at PSU
• but that’s it
• even the Foxes don’t know
• they try to pry it out of kevin or wymack (they think neil and andrew would never tell them)
• kevin’s response is “‘why aren’t you focusing on exy, we’re at practice nicky, what the fuck, go play exy"
• or if its a reporter he’ll just stare at them and steer the conversation back to exy
• wymack just walks away
• eventually they give up
• so at first when neil makes a pun out of it they just smile softly like oH my gO D that’s so pure????
• until they see neil smile with that little grin he gets every time he makes a pun
• and andrew rolls his eyes, mutters a number, and walks away
• and they’re like what??? is he making a pun??? what is happening??? how did they meet??? what the fuck neil
• basically neil makes puns and no one knows how andrew and neil met

• nicky: hey andrew how did you and neil meet
• andrew: *rolls his eyes and looks at neil*
• neil: oh he hit me with an exy racket
• foxes: what the fuck

One of my favourite things about Dirk Gently as a person is that he’s spent sixteen years being hunted by violent psychic vampires and he still attempts to hide under the bed when they break into Todd’s apartment.

sooo this post inspired the outfit and as I found time to squeeze some drawing in have a go!!


I love how in this scene Yu is literally ready to follow Yosuke anywhere

Meanwhile the others are like “Bruh. No way. You’re on your own on this one.”


I think I broke Deacon. Uh. Bye…? (Tbh this is exactly how I feel about University Point as well.)


Deacon PLEASE. xD (He went on like this after the restart for a while but THANKFULLY has stopped now. xD )


I wouldn’t really be living up to the name of my blog if I didn’t subscribe to some sort of monster Reaper! I love all the different interpretation’s I’ve seen sooo much, but here’s a quick doodle of what I’m playing around in my headcanon. This is partially my bias toward faceless dudes and partially me trying to explain the pale parts you can see on his arms. I lean toward seeing him really ghostlike and smokey, but I’m honestly still sort of playing around with it! I’m really inspired by this gif on my personal blog. 


Eric Bittle??? Yes what an angel what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of Bitty spill out of jacket] w-what a fucking wonderful human being! i- these are all mine mine im just [gathering them up practically beaming] listen i just listen [thousands of pictures of Bitty scatter across the floor] im holding them to be framed for my apartment just listen
—  Jack Zimmermann probably

is it just me, or does this seem kinda like a… club meeting…

kind of like a…

hey! hey! hey! don’t you……… forget about me….. YEAH!!!!!

kind of club meeting….

I can’t believe we let Father’s Day go past without any angst about a tiny Svlad Cjelli growing up in a CIA facility, attaching himself to the only authority figure to show him a shred of kindness only to be met with broken promises and a project name he never liked.

Does no one remember Jumin likes classy/elegant not super sexy/flirty clothes? I know he’s crazy for the MC, but I’m still pretty sure he prefers the cuter/more elegant lingerie than the “look I’m barely even here” stuff.

c’mon fandom.

pay attention to what he says.