he wouldn't have it any other way


J: I mean, like, are you ready? Because you weren’t when I was pregnant.
M: Okay, come on. I - It was pretty shocking. We were engaged, it wasn’t mine.
J: I know.  
M: But it’s not some theoretical baby any more.  It’s Mateo. So yeah, I’m in. I’m in.

People are like ‘he didn’t 100% confirm he’s not going solo, it would’ve been so easy’
And I’m like, have you not heard the rest of the interview? It took him ten minutes to say he hasn’t got sheep placenta facials? And he answered it in the weirdest way possible 'I mean I wash my face? But I don’t… Use… Any part of a sheep…’
Are you gonna get conspiracy-y over why he didn’t just say 'no, I’ve never done that’? Is he launching his own brand of sheep placenta facials and he didn’t want to spoil the news?

  • Me: why didn't Rami Malek have more screen time in natm 2 <.<
  • a post: Rami Malek couldn't be in natm 2 more because he was filming the Pacific at that time
  • Me: thank god thank god thank god thank god thANK GOD THANK GOD thankgidp thank godf tssahnk gfod thank god thank the lord in all his glory