he wouldn't have it any other way

I still can’t believe Cosima’s response to Felix saying “I smelt lesbians in my bed last night” was “I won’t apologise for my heart” but that’s not what he’s annoyed about it’s the fact she ‘followed her heart’ in his bed???

Business Trip

Here it is! A continuation of the business AU that @gouguruheddo so loves. Here is the first part, though you don’t really need it to enjoy.

“Quit?” Erwin asked, his one eyebrow arching. Levi resented his boss’s…smoldering. Levi had been working here for a week and had never seen Erwin—Mr. Smith—look less than perfect.

“Yeah. Quit,” Levi shrugged, hands thrust awkwardly into his pockets. “Given the circumstances.”

“The circumstances, hm?”

“Stop being so cool,” Levi said. “We were practically dryhumping one another in that club. And now I work for you! It’s…what’s the word? Untoward.”

“Untoward,” Erwin repeated. He obviously had a nasty habit of parroting back Levi’s words. Smugly. Condescendingly.

Levi ran a hand through his hair and huffed. “I don’t know what you want me to do here.”

“Have you heard about the trip?”


“It’s to Toronto. In a few months. I think it would be…interesting. I mean if we went together.”

Levi sighed. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t know. Let me think about it.”

“Sure. Levi.”

Levi turned to go.

“Oh, and Levi?” Erwin called. “Superb work so far.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever you want, boss.” He walked out the door, satisfied to hear Erwin’s deep chuckle resounding behind him.

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Here's my rap: My name is Ruby and although I'm a nerd You better believe my rap gon be heard If you diss my main man Jace, You best believe I'll get up in your face I'm kinda weird and I'm kinda gay But to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way I'll beat ur ass at a game of mtg You won't win a game of modern against me You can bet your cards and you can bet your soul, But you won't beat my best deck; izzet control

Hey Ruby, it’s Ben. Jace is truly the best
Except his sense of fashion, can’t say that I’m impressed
If you really pressed me, put me in a stress-test
I confess he may be brilliant, but he’s never well-dressed!

Weird and gay? Please, of course you’re welcome at my table
That’s why it’s called The Gathering, we welcome all labels
But Modern? And Izzet? Control? Seems bleak
When you could Always Be Commanderin’, like my pal Rafiq

Or Glissa, Niv Mizza, Ruric-Thar, or Shu Yun
That’s what happens when you fight me - this battle is done!

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Headcanon that Mari becomes a successful designer, despite Gabriel's involvement. Adrien, in part to spend more time at home, in part to run from his abused feelings surrounding modeling, becomes a stay at home dad. Alya and Nino bring their kids over for babysitting, and Adrien wouldn't have it any other way. The first time he was called Uncy Adry, Adrien knew there was nothing more enriching to him than looking after these kids. They all have Boardgame nights. Everyone is happy.

Yes please

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Can all the people who thought that all the characters in ACOWAR were OOC just remember that they were at war? Rhys wouldn't have been in the mood for flirting, and everyone would be trying to process what happened in Hyburn, keeping up with what was going on, and dealing with everything else in the book. The Inner Circle in ACOMAF were relaxed because Hyburn hadn't mobilised any armies, but by this point he had. They were exhausted. Sorry for the ramble my love!

I think this is a great point. And I think we also have to remember that Maas has to set up the spin offs. So that means she had to find ways to talk about the other characters and spend time developing them enough. So that took away from some of the main characters, and gave us more information about the other characters and how they act. 


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Right?!?! Plus Bryan Fuller is one of her good friends, they see each other often, he wouldn't have done that if it would have upset anyone! This is a good day.

Totally! I feel like the only thing the entire x-files fandom on tumblr has agreed on these last few months is that Bryan Fuller is a huge Gillian fangirl. I concur that it is doubtful he would’ve retweeted that if he thought it would upset her in any way. So, can we PLEASE get back to gillovny being a fun thing to joke about because GOD I am exhausted 

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the problem with you supercorp shippers is that you won't even TRY to understand Mon el and his actions. you're always ready to point out everything wrong he did even when HE DIDN'T. He was ashamed of himself and who he was on Daxom and why wouldn't people side with him? Not everyone wants to be a hero and Kara was being too self-righteous and she does like the attention of being a hero, she's not perfect. The way Mon el behaved throughout the show was rational and he's only now learning to deal

with emotions. Sometimes people get jealous and that jealousy leads to frustration and anger. And all of their “yelling” at each other is the more cute and couple-y than any of the karolsen moments i have ever seen. Mon el deserves Kara, he deserves a second chance at a new and good life and he certainly deserves a lot better than the way this fandom treats him.

Half way through your rant you either realised I ship KarOlsen or you just really hate both ships. But since M0n El is the only one you care about I’m not gonna waste my time and I’ll just answer what you asked (said?). Also, I’m sorry if this post ends up in the pro m0n el tags, anon mentioned his name. 

Let’s get to it buddy. (I’ll even use bullet points so that you don’t get lost, okay? Okay) I’m assuming this rant is about the whole “worst scene in my opinion” thing right? 

  • Why should supercorp shippers or any person who dislike m0n and/or thinks Kara deserves better even TRY to understand him?
  • If he was SO ashamed of who he was on Daxam, then why did he continue being the same person on Earth? 
  • I agree with you not everyone wants to be a hero, doesn’t mean you abuse your strength and powers on those who you know are weaker than you. That’s called being an asshole
  • Kara- *lost her planet* *hid her identity and powers till she was forced to use them and save her sister* *helps people because she is selfless* *would sacrifice her life if it meant she could save someone* YES SHE WANTS ATTENTION
  • There’s a thing called trust. And I would’ve considered the whole jealousy thing if Kara didn’t give him a five minute long speech about how she wants to be with him (even then that amount of jealousy is way out of line) BUT GUESS WHAT? She did give him a five minute long speech and said “NO” to Mxy at least a thousand times. 
  • Cute, couple-y banter “The food you like is gross” “No it isn’t” “Ugh, you’re gross” “Seriously?” “nope, ily” “ily too” or something
  • Not cute, couple-y banter “I SAID LET’S KILL THE IMP!” “KILLING IS WRONG AND I WON’T DO IT” “YOU ARE FULL OF YOURSELF” “I EXPECT BETTER FROM YOU” (sounds kinda familiar)  
  • Kara doesn’t deserve M0n, she deserves someone a lot better than him
  • A second chance is fine, but a tenth chance is a little too much

J: I mean, like, are you ready? Because you weren’t when I was pregnant.
M: Okay, come on. I - It was pretty shocking. We were engaged, it wasn’t mine.
J: I know.  
M: But it’s not some theoretical baby any more.  It’s Mateo. So yeah, I’m in. I’m in.

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Fic-lit prompt: You and TFP Soundwave have been a thing for a while. You spend most of your time on the nemesis, and Soundwave wouldn't have it any other way. However, the vehicon minions really do not like you there. Out of fear from Soundwave, they mostly leave you alone. However, during a solar flare the nemesis goes black and you and Soundwave are separated. One of the vehicons 'accidentally', badly, hurts you. What does Soundwave do when he finds you in some corner of the ship badly hurt?

You couldn’t feel your legs. Alone in this long hallway on the Nemesis, you kind of wondered if anyone was going to come back. You’d been left here by one of the vehicons when the lights went out, after you’d fallen off the table and twisted your ankles. You thought he’d take you to Soundwave, or even Knockout, but no; he’d abandoned you on one of the lower levels. It was no secret that most of the troops hated you, but you never thought they would do something like this. Completely alone, you had no way to contact your lover, because goddammit, you’d dropped your phone. 

But someone would have to come this way sometime, right? You weren’t going to die here. In the darkness you could hardly see anything, so you shut your eyes, ignoring the prickle of tears that stung behind your lids. That’s when you heard the familiar chirps and whistles of Laserbeak. Said surveillance drone was headed your way by the sounds of it, and you could faintly make out the little red light on its head. 

“Over here!” You called weakly, your voice hoarse as you fought to hold back your tears. Laserbeak cheeped again, before landing in front of you. Practically as soon as it had, a ground bridge opened up, and through stepped Soundwave. You were almost blinded by the light it gave off, but you had never been more relieved to see him in your life, “Soundwave..!”

The TIC moved forward, and his drone reattached; softly, he picked you up with his tentacles, being wary of your injuries. With you now safe in his grasp, he turned on his heel strut and went back through the bridge. On the other side, you found yourself in his quarters, out of harms way.

A hiss of air, and he removed his mask to reveal a pair of worried violet optics and a subtle frown.

“[Name],” He spoke quietly, using his own voice for once (and only ever for you), “You are hurt.”

By now the tears had spilled over your cheeks, and you rubbed at them pitifully, unable to keep the watery smile off your face.

You were just so glad he’d found you again.

Okay so I saw you had posted “imagine matsu’s crush sending everyone the script of bee movie” and I thought it was really funny so I wrote reactions to it. I hope it makes you smile. -Sakasen

Osomatsu: As an avoid shitposter he has prepared an entire folder of Bee Movie reaction images. The group chat is spammed with Barry x Adam pictures ala MS Paint. Even after banning him he just creates a new chat with everyone in it. Every time he sees his crush in person he gives them a printed meme. There is no escape. A monster has been created.

Karamatsu: Thinks that their crush genuinely likes Bee Movie so he reads all of it in one sitting. In about a week he’ll be trying to explain his Bee Movie theories and critiques to his crush. “The character motivation for Barry in Act 2 was stunning,” It gets even worse when he buys the merchandise for them. Oh god. Are those matching Bee Movie t-shirts?

Choromatsu: Confused, lost, and afraid. Why did his crush send this? Do they really like this kind of stuff? In secret, he rents the movie and watches it to try and understand. He re-watches multiple scenes in case he missed something. Crumpled notebook paper is everywhere and charts are on the walls. Osomatsu comes in to tell him it’s time for dinner, Choromatsu shrieks that he’s trying to find the meaning of life. He writes an entire book on his research of Bee Movie and gives it to his crush.

Ichimatsu: Their crush notices Ichimatsu’s behavior has altered around him a bit. He’s fine when his brothers are around but when it’s just him and his crush he says things like “Buzz” and “Honey is… good.” Ichimatsu sounds unsure of himself. Later on he starts wearing an antennae headband and when his crush finally asks about it he replies with: “Are… Are you not into sexy bees?” He is dead serious. Please help this man, he only knows about lolcat memes.

Jyushimatsu: He memorized the entire god damn thing. Now he has the ability to spurt random lines of the script at will. The worst part is that he yells all of it, claiming that a movie is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone. It will be 3 AM with everyone else fast asleep when Jyushimatsu sits upright and proclaims “ACCORDING TO ALL KNOWN LAWS OF AVIATION THERE IS NO WAY A BEE SHOULD BE ABLE TO FLY”

Todomatsu: Won’t admit it, but he is 100% meme trash. Pretends to be annoyed by the Bee Movie script at first but ends up sending it back to his crush. Then it becomes a test of meme capacity. Now other movies are getting involved; Space Jam, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, Shrek 3… The scripts have become synonymous with love letters. 

You know, when I first watched episode 2 of Fresh and Eas was brooding about having failed to defeat the Precure and Soular and Westar told her not to worry, she’d still done a great job gathering all that despair energy, and they could handle the rest

I’d assumed it was a passive-aggressive way of insulting her abilities, and I’m sure she did too

but you know what

knowing Westar I have a feeling he was genuinely trying to make her feel better and never imagined it could be taken any other way.


The Bransons in Ireland

Where Tom writes for an Irish Republican newspaper, and who enjoys tinkering and fixing cars for his neighbors and family, while Sybil is a working mother, serving as a nurse and starting to take some courses towards pursuing a career as a doctor.  They have three children with a fourth on the way.  And while there are times when things are hard and money is scarce, they continue to bet on each other, and life becomes more than just bearable.  It’s wonderful.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day S/T fandom!

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One of my characters lives in a strict household where he is neglected. Meals are taken away and he is locked in a dark room. What are some other ways of abusing him that wouldn't leave any visible marks?

  • Verbal abuse. A parent calling a child stupid or worthless can be ridiculously harmful to their self esteem and emotional well being. 
  • Sleep deprivation? They could make him do chores all night or just straight up not allow him to sleep for a night.
  • Isolating him from any potential friends. Making him come straight home from school everyday and not allowing him out of the house on weekends, not allowing him to talk to anyone on the phone or have access to the Internet to chat. It might not sound like such a big deal but especially with such a strict family having some friends to talk to would be indispensable.
  • Ice baths.
  • The silent treatment from the whole family. They would just pretend he doesn’t exist, not talk to him and pretend not to hear him, even when he needs something.

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Hi Edd, hope you're having a great weekend. I have kind of a strange question for you. I love your writing and think your depiction of Jon is one of the best, most in-character out there. You've clearly thought deeply about his person & motivations and I've greatly enjoyed his various relationships in your fics--Dany, Sansa, Val, etc. It's got me curious. Could you imagine any scenario where he wouldn't be straight, or at least bi? If you were to pair Jon with a male, who would it be and why?

Interesting question. 

Answer has to be sure, I’m totally open to bisexual Jon. My reasons for that actually feed into your second question and it all comes straight from the books. 

I think Jon x Satin would be a great pairing. Jon respects Satin as sworn brother and values him above many others at the Wall. That esteem goes both ways and while we might not have seen Satin giving Jon the once over, the same can’t be said for our dear Lord Snow. 

Behold, a sampling of Jon’s admiring of Satin:

-He was pretty as a girl with his dark eyes, soft skin, and raven’s ringlets.

-Satin was loosing quarrels at the wildlings on the steps, then ducking down behind a merlon to cock the crossbow. He may be pretty, but he’s quick.

-“It was the priestess we were laughing at,” said Satin, a lithe and pretty youth who had once been a whore in Oldtown.

-Satin’s voice was sweet as song

-He could smell Horse’s unwashed breeches, the sweet scent Satin combed into his beard…

-Satin was all grace, dancing with three serving girls in turn but never presuming to approach a highborn lady. Jon judged that wise.

That last part kills me. Considering the rest of the passage, I doubt GRRM intentionally made Jon look jealous but on a reread I enjoyed it immensely.


More Random Sentence Starters
  • "I'm just saying, that bird looks a hell of a lot like Thor."
  • "Who told you you were allowed to use my computer? How did you even figure out my password? There's no way in hell you just guessed 'wreckmejustinbieber' all on your own."
  • "I reject the notion that I could ever be too old for Pokemon."
  • "I'm pretty sure that's a sign that you need a new bra."
  • "Can I adopt your dad?"
  • "If I'm ever in a coma, it's going to be your job to read me bedtime stories every night. And if you ever read me anything other than The Chronicles of Narnia, I'll die just so I can haunt you."
  • "Fuck you, Santa's real."
  • "It smells like death and regret; I would sooner kiss you than put my tongue on it."
  • "My cat said I can't go out with you this weekend, so it looks like you're flying solo."
  • "I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there's this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date."
  • "I would literally fight you for the last Oreo. To the death if it's double stuffed."
  • "Is it okay that I replaced his lube with hot sauce or did I over-react a little?"
  • "I want a really big bag of Cheetos or a sword sharp enough to kill a man—I'm not too picky."
  • "Why are you such a nerd?"
  • "My sister warned me about people like you, people who are always asking for tampons but never seem to have any to spare when you need one."
  • "I call eternal dibs on every copy of Twilight ever. I want every single copy in existence. All of them. Give them to me now."
  • "If your name was Pikachu I wouldn't even choose you."
  • "Does your dad know that he raised a furry? Does he feel deep shame for it?"
  • "Sherlock your way out of my house."
  • "She called her dog a whore so I kidnapped it to give it a better home, so this is your brand new, sorta stolen dog. If you call it anything other than fluffy, I will end you. I'm pretty sure it's a she. Also never take it to the park on Third."
  • "This tastes like a bachelor party gone wrong."
  • "I either want to set you on fire or make out with you, I can never tell."