he wouldn't have it any other way

I still can’t believe Cosima’s response to Felix saying “I smelt lesbians in my bed last night” was “I won’t apologise for my heart” but that’s not what he’s annoyed about it’s the fact she ‘followed her heart’ in his bed???

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So I know Steve is in those school detention videos, but do they ever try to get you to be in any of them too?

they tried. they did not succeed.

this occurred for two reasons. 1. steve made those videos while i was still with hydra, so i wasnt around then. and after i came back and they asked me to do them, i watched steves videos and saw how dumb he looked. so i passed. 

and 2. steve only did them in the first place because he got blackmailed. 

so back during the war, steve had a reputation among the howlies as being terrible with women. which he was. so every so often when we were on leave, one of us would get it into our heads to try and help stevie develop some sort of game, in hopes that we would have to listen to him pine for peggy carter less. 

he did a lot of pining. 

we were all hanging out at a bar near camp after a stressful operation, killing time before the next transport turned up. morita was running late because he was getting a stark update for his radio kit, but the rest of us were already a few drinks in and well on our way to heckling steve into doing something dumb. 

(we didnt have tv back then, so we had to get our entertainment somewhere. and let me tell you, steve is better than the kardashians in terms of just-cant-look-away decision making.)

so dumdum had convinced steve that he had the perfect line, and all steve would have to do was walk up to some dame and say it. steve obviously wasnt interested in anybody but pegs, but he admitted that a bit of practice just holding conversation with a lady would probably do him some good.  dumdum pointed out a lovely dame with long brown hair and a WASP uniform sitting up at the bar, whispered the line in steve’s ear (because he didnt trust the rest of us with his perfect line) and sent steve off. 

we watched as steve made his way over and sat down. he’d never looked more awkwardly enormous as he did wedged into the bar stool next to that tiny dame. he flagged down the bartender, ordered a couple drinks, and turned to deliver dumdum’s line.

except that right then, the bartender slid the drinks down the bar to him, and his arm caught them both as he turned. 

so he delivered the line and then promptly doused the dame in two pints of terrible beer. 

that’s when morita showed up. and just as the lady delivering a really lovely slap across that chiseled-as-rushmore jawline, jim morita says:

“what the hell is steve doing with my wife??”

because it turned out his wife was a civilian pilot who’d joined the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots, and happened to be the transport pilot we were waiting for. none of us even knew he was married. he and his wife both kept their rings on their tags under their uniforms. her name was jenny, and she thought the whole thing was pretty damn funny.

she and steve both refused to divluge what exactly the line had been. but it must have been pretty bad, because when jenny and jim morita’s son found steve after the war, he used it as blackmail to get steve to do those videos. turns out he’s a high school principal somewhere in queens. and he’s on some sort of educational board that makes those things. 

but morita never had any blackmail on me to pass along, so i got out home free. 

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You don't think the other boys are at least jealous of Harry? Why wouldn't they be? He's getting all these amazing opportunities like the BBC show, got to be on James Corden's show for a whole week and performed with Stevie Nicks, and he got his own Rolling Stones cover, and a lot more... there's no way they aren't jealous

Because he’s their friend and they may be happy for him? And they have far more knowledge and context about the ups & downs of Harry’s life? And they may not define themselves in terms of Harry’s success any more than they define themselves against any other artist? Not everyone has a jealous disposition.

how come there’s no vernon au

WHEN HE’S AN ABSOLUTE FLIRTY QUIRKY MESS??? like i think vernon would be the BIGGEST FLIRT tbh like he looks like the type of guy who’s so comfy and happy with his silly dumb self i bet he’d throw TONS of compliments to ppl he loves because he just wants to make them feel good nd make sure they have a good time!! looking at you with those pretty big brown eyes like you’re the only thing that matters to him at this v moment!! he’s confident and happy in his own skin and he would want everyone else to know they’re valid and loved. himself i want all the cheesy winks and lowkey yawn-and-place-arm-around-while-watching-a-movie and not-so-casual-thigh-grab-while-laughing-hysterically he’s an aquarius and while he does have his reserved side that consists of netflix&chill w/kraft mac in his undies when he’s re-energized HE’S BOPPIN floating around from friend 2 friend while doin the cha cha slide. he’d hype u THE FUCK UP “yolo mutafuckaaaaa” he’d be the one to flirt shamelessly and not realize it because he’s just that nice of a person and compliments just come naturally and when the time comes he’ll have that shy smile and rub the back of his neck and internally debate whether he wants to kiss u or cuddle tf out of u either way it’s a good time

I know y'all are tired of hearing about my relationship but here's some boy positivity

My boyfriend has vitiligo. When he told me this the first time we talked, I said I thought it was cool. He was genuinely shocked that I didn’t make fun of him or ask to see it. The first time I really saw it was when he posted a picture on Instagram that shows it pretty obviously. He said he thought about taking it down, but I told him how much I liked it, and he decided to keep it up.

He’s very insecure about his chest because of how much his vitiligo covers it. He told me this early in the relationship and I reassured him that I wouldn’t find it weird/a turn off. When he finally felt comfortable showing his chest in either snapchats or on Skype, I once again reassured him that I didn’t think it was weird. I actually really like it. It doesn’t change how I felt about him.

When he asked me why I liked his vitiligo, I told him, “because it’s a part of you.” And you know what he did? He cried. Which leads me to my next point.

My boyfriend is a very emotional person. He cries about things. He cried(several times) the first time he skyped me, saying he couldn’t believe I was his girlfriend (which btw was the sweetest thing and made me cry too). Boys are always told they shouldn’t be emotional or cry, and I think that’s ridiculous, as someone who is extremely sensitive. Instead of telling him to man up, I help him get through it. I tell him it’s okay, because it is.

The best thing about this boy?

He is just as accepting of my flaws as I am of his. My anxiety and depression which weigh very heavily on the both of us, my stretch marks, my insecurities. He accepts all of it.

Girls are not the only ones who are allowed to be shy or nervous in relationships. Girls are not the only ones who are allowed to be emotional or cry over little things.

Boys can be insecure. Boys can have flaws. Boys can be emotional. Boys can be human.

Boys, never settle for someone who won’t accept your shy side. Never settle for your dream girl/boy if they won’t let you cry or be emotional. Find someone who will understand you and accept you as you are, no matter how long it takes. I promise it will be worth it. While self love is very important, sometimes having someone else admire you just makes things all the better. Especially when they admire you at your most vulnerable.

Boys, keep having feelings unapologetically. Break the norm that boys should be emotionless. You don’t have to be a “tough guy” to find love. You don’t have to be anything but yourself. And if all else fails and you feel no one is one your side, I personally support and accept your feelings. Let them out. You deserve to have them.

Business Trip

Here it is! A continuation of the business AU that @gouguruheddo so loves. Here is the first part, though you don’t really need it to enjoy.

“Quit?” Erwin asked, his one eyebrow arching. Levi resented his boss’s…smoldering. Levi had been working here for a week and had never seen Erwin—Mr. Smith—look less than perfect.

“Yeah. Quit,” Levi shrugged, hands thrust awkwardly into his pockets. “Given the circumstances.”

“The circumstances, hm?”

“Stop being so cool,” Levi said. “We were practically dryhumping one another in that club. And now I work for you! It’s…what’s the word? Untoward.”

“Untoward,” Erwin repeated. He obviously had a nasty habit of parroting back Levi’s words. Smugly. Condescendingly.

Levi ran a hand through his hair and huffed. “I don’t know what you want me to do here.”

“Have you heard about the trip?”


“It’s to Toronto. In a few months. I think it would be…interesting. I mean if we went together.”

Levi sighed. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t know. Let me think about it.”

“Sure. Levi.”

Levi turned to go.

“Oh, and Levi?” Erwin called. “Superb work so far.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever you want, boss.” He walked out the door, satisfied to hear Erwin’s deep chuckle resounding behind him.

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I kinda miss the old Dark, tbh. Like, don't get me wrong. I love his character improvement from when he took over your blog, but I mean, Dark was a villain. The way you wrote him made him a PERFECT villain, and that's why I loved it so much. The sense of dread you felt when you hear Dark's Aura ringing in the background, when Dark entered a room, when his shell cracked. When he was so cold he wouldn't let anY of he other egos into his office. When literally nO one could intimidate him, when he

was unstoppable. I think those are what made me like him so much. He was just so… evil. Like he just… idk from the way you write him, he was scary. And I think when he didn’t have his humanity made it all the more special as to why, when he showed little glimpses of weakness and actually caring for the egos, I think that’s why it made him so special. Or I’m not making any sense but what can you do🤷‍♀️ 

And I loved writing him as a terrifying villain. Dark really pushed me to write like I never had before because I’d never been that great at writing villains before him, but I feel like he really clicked in my head.

But, the cardinal rule of good characters is that you have to make them dynamic.

Dark is someone who is used to getting his way, to manipulating and bullying others into submission, but as the other characters have changed, banded together, and stopped him, Dark has been forced to wake up and realize that he’s going to have to change or he will end up alone and without a purpose.

So he’s going to change. If he doesn’t, he looks like a trademark stupid villain who doesn’t realize that he’s never going to have his way. It just doesn’t make sense. Dark is smarter than that.

But for Dark to accept his emotions, accept his humanity, and accept his role as a leader of the Egos, it’s only natural. Don’t get me wrong. He will still happily manipulate and bully others, especially if they threaten him or the Egos, but he has changed. Because he has to. Because he has in the past, so it only makes sense for him to do it again now.

Heroes don’t stay the same, and neither does a villain.


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Here's my rap: My name is Ruby and although I'm a nerd You better believe my rap gon be heard If you diss my main man Jace, You best believe I'll get up in your face I'm kinda weird and I'm kinda gay But to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way I'll beat ur ass at a game of mtg You won't win a game of modern against me You can bet your cards and you can bet your soul, But you won't beat my best deck; izzet control

Hey Ruby, it’s Ben. Jace is truly the best
Except his sense of fashion, can’t say that I’m impressed
If you really pressed me, put me in a stress-test
I confess he may be brilliant, but he’s never well-dressed!

Weird and gay? Please, of course you’re welcome at my table
That’s why it’s called The Gathering, we welcome all labels
But Modern? And Izzet? Control? Seems bleak
When you could Always Be Commanderin’, like my pal Rafiq

Or Glissa, Niv Mizza, Ruric-Thar, or Shu Yun
That’s what happens when you fight me - this battle is done!

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Headcanon that Mari becomes a successful designer, despite Gabriel's involvement. Adrien, in part to spend more time at home, in part to run from his abused feelings surrounding modeling, becomes a stay at home dad. Alya and Nino bring their kids over for babysitting, and Adrien wouldn't have it any other way. The first time he was called Uncy Adry, Adrien knew there was nothing more enriching to him than looking after these kids. They all have Boardgame nights. Everyone is happy.

Yes please

Day 11: Zombie Plan

Fic #11 for the FYRTFF October Scarefest Challenge.

~400 words. RPF Genfic.
Read on AO3.

“With all the weapons we have in this place, I’m definitely coming here when the zombie apocalypse hits…”

Ryan walked in to catch the tail end of a conversation about the variety of weapons they’d been stockpiling.

“We talking zombie apocalypse plans?”

“Yeah!” Jeremy enthused, “What’s yours?”

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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: why did that one guy Antok in the Blade of Marmora have a tail? like he clearly has a long black tail. was it part of his uniform? that wouldn't make any sense because none of the other members look like they have tails. none of the other Galra in general seem to have tails. do all Galra have tails and they just hide them under their clothes? or is it just a thing that some of them have? is it genetic? or maybe it's the trait of another alien species and Antok is only part Galra like Lotor and his generals? either way, are they born with it, or does it grow in later in life? is it a recessive trait? since Keith looks mostly human does that mean he didn't inherit it, or does he have a tail and he's always hid it under his DOES KEITH FROM VOLTRON HAVE A TAI

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Fic-lit prompt: You and TFP Soundwave have been a thing for a while. You spend most of your time on the nemesis, and Soundwave wouldn't have it any other way. However, the vehicon minions really do not like you there. Out of fear from Soundwave, they mostly leave you alone. However, during a solar flare the nemesis goes black and you and Soundwave are separated. One of the vehicons 'accidentally', badly, hurts you. What does Soundwave do when he finds you in some corner of the ship badly hurt?

You couldn’t feel your legs. Alone in this long hallway on the Nemesis, you kind of wondered if anyone was going to come back. You’d been left here by one of the vehicons when the lights went out, after you’d fallen off the table and twisted your ankles. You thought he’d take you to Soundwave, or even Knockout, but no; he’d abandoned you on one of the lower levels. It was no secret that most of the troops hated you, but you never thought they would do something like this. Completely alone, you had no way to contact your lover, because goddammit, you’d dropped your phone. 

But someone would have to come this way sometime, right? You weren’t going to die here. In the darkness you could hardly see anything, so you shut your eyes, ignoring the prickle of tears that stung behind your lids. That’s when you heard the familiar chirps and whistles of Laserbeak. Said surveillance drone was headed your way by the sounds of it, and you could faintly make out the little red light on its head. 

“Over here!” You called weakly, your voice hoarse as you fought to hold back your tears. Laserbeak cheeped again, before landing in front of you. Practically as soon as it had, a ground bridge opened up, and through stepped Soundwave. You were almost blinded by the light it gave off, but you had never been more relieved to see him in your life, “Soundwave..!”

The TIC moved forward, and his drone reattached; softly, he picked you up with his tentacles, being wary of your injuries. With you now safe in his grasp, he turned on his heel strut and went back through the bridge. On the other side, you found yourself in his quarters, out of harms way.

A hiss of air, and he removed his mask to reveal a pair of worried violet optics and a subtle frown.

“[Name],” He spoke quietly, using his own voice for once (and only ever for you), “You are hurt.”

By now the tears had spilled over your cheeks, and you rubbed at them pitifully, unable to keep the watery smile off your face.

You were just so glad he’d found you again.

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To the "brotherly" anon: On top of what's already been said I'd also take the staff support into consideration. If they truly wanted us to see their relationship as only familial and nothing else they wouldn't support it in the way they do. Especially when they create things on their own. I'm still trying to figure out how the "Shiro loves you, baby / #he is looking at keith" thing could be interpreted in a non-romantic way. Like.. is that even possible? It's so specific. Also: zaggar parallels.

REAL TALK. if they’re going to try to pair them off with other characters, this is going to be one of the most epic relationship writing fumbles i’ve ever seen. i’m still not convinced there will be any romance, but they have such a pit to dig themselves out of if they want to build any other romance.

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Can all the people who thought that all the characters in ACOWAR were OOC just remember that they were at war? Rhys wouldn't have been in the mood for flirting, and everyone would be trying to process what happened in Hyburn, keeping up with what was going on, and dealing with everything else in the book. The Inner Circle in ACOMAF were relaxed because Hyburn hadn't mobilised any armies, but by this point he had. They were exhausted. Sorry for the ramble my love!

I think this is a great point. And I think we also have to remember that Maas has to set up the spin offs. So that means she had to find ways to talk about the other characters and spend time developing them enough. So that took away from some of the main characters, and gave us more information about the other characters and how they act. 

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i love that chris says in his tlos dedication "i've never been good at instructions, but i wouldn't have it any other way." very telling.

I cried the first time I saw the dedication. And anyone whose ever visited my main page knows how much I love it as it is my top photo.  It’s beautiful and speaks volumes.  And it was pretty blatant to anyone paying attention.  The Darren/Froggy connection was talked about for years.  And it’s not just the dedication. The entire book speaks volumes. 

And that particular line is Chris telling all of their oppresses, all of the people who told him to walk away that he loves Darren.   And him telling Darren there is no one else for him and  no matter what they say.  He is standing by his side.    And that for him there is no “choice” because Darren is his life and partner no matter the obstacles  

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the book:

He’s not the definition of perfection.  But he’s  perfect to me.”

 And that is honestly what I think Chris thinks and believes about Darren.