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EXO reaction - teasing them while sitting on his lap

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He’d be shocked at the feeling of your lips in his neck, but his dominant side would take charge and rush you to the nearest private area.

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Knowing how a little shit Luhan is he would probably tease right back, touching your inner thighs.  He wouldn’t let you get away with that.

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Kris wouldn’t let you off his lap, not because he has to hide a boner, but because he wants you to finish what you’ve started.

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He would be a bit embarrassed by your actions, but soon his horny side would completely take over!


This boy is a master with his hips. He would grind with you, feeling you. That is as soon as he figures out what your doing :)

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He would instantly stand up and walk to the bedroom.

“You think you’re getting off that easily?”



“Really? You know teasing leads to punishments”


Giggling mess. His already large eyes would be even larger when he finds out your moving on his lap on purpose.


By far the most embarrassed. He’d give you a shy “Don’t.” and shift in his seat to hide his obvious boner.


He’d bite your ear to try to contain you. He’d turn your head to kiss you but bite you lip teasingly instead.


Literally *GIF*


Your teasing plan would instantly backfire when he kisses and nibbles your sweet spot.

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If Guy Fieri was to play OverWatch who do you think he would Maine also thank you for checking out my mixtape, your blog is the Mad note! Also it is Thursday my dude!!!

i feel like guy fieri would give everyone a chance (to ride the bus to flavortown) before deciding on reinhardt. blizzard would hear about him playing reinhardt and decide to give reinhardt a skin named ‘Flavortown’. it’s literally the same as reinhardt’s default skin but the helmet is off and it’s guy fieri’s face there instead

When he gave Nate a glass of water and helped him to make a few sips, he suddenly heard Nate’s phone buzzing. He took it out from his pocket and saw the familiar name.

“Alright, listen here Dain, I bet you’ll find words to explain all of this. Nate’s unconscious in my bed right now and I’m totally clueless what’s happening and what to do next.”

“The only thing I could say is that you’re stupid, Tobias, like very stupid, like… fucking dumb,” he wouldn’t think this adorable and kind fairy guy who would never even use the f-word could be so furious, though his tone was as pitched as usual. “I’ll hand the phone to Wendy before I get mad at you again.” in the background he heard Wendy demanding from Dain to hand her the phone and scolding him for being so harsh, and Dain giving a lot of “but darling, he…” lines in return.

This has probably been discussed before, but let’s stop for a moment and imagine Gregory’s reaction to discovering that his boy was mentored by the very man he wanted to keep him away from. Like, Gregory even said that he didn’t want someone like Von Karma around Miles, he didn’t want someone cruel and manipulative to be a source of knowledge for his son. Now, he trusted Miles. Miles was a brilliant kid, he wouldn’t fall so easily for Von Karma’s tricks, but Gregory didn’t think he would die by that very man and end with him unintentionally abandoning his nine-year-old son. He didn’t expect his fears to come true. While Miles was smart as hell, it would make sense why he would listen to Von Karma. He just lost a father at a very young age, his mind and heart are not in the right place. He’s hurting and he’s vulnerable because of it. But like, what would be Gregory’s reaction to finding out his son was taken in by Von Karma? My guess is first, he feels anger. How dare you take my son and make him like you? , then he’d feel regret and guilt, If I hadn’t died, I wouldn’t have abandoned my boy. He wouldn’t have been taken away and manipulated. But after that, he’d be proud of his child, because even with all the shit Von Karma put him through, he turned it around with the help of his friends and became the man he was meant to be, even if he was a prosecutor. His boy is 35 now and he’s the Chief Prosecutor and he changed the way the prosecutors worked. I don’t know why I rambled about this. I’m just emotional about the Edgeworth boys and like thinking about these kind of things.

BTS reaction to their little sister getting heartbroken

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Jin (Seokjin)

Jin would be flipping furious. He is a very traditional manly man and would see himself as not only his sister’s guardian but also her protector. I don’t really think he would be physically violent with whoever hurt her but he would be demanding to know the details so he could speak with the person personally. Jin has the “man of the house” mentality and would not be okay with anyone messing with his sister. 

If I ever see you near her again, I will not let you off easy. That is a warning and a promise. 

Suga (Yoongi)

Suga would act first ask questions later. Out of all of the guys, I think he would be the most likely to start some sort of brawl. Even if he didn’t beat up the person who hurt her himself, it;s guaranteed that someone would be shoving that individual VERY HARD against a wall just to make sure they get the message that Suga’s sister is not one to be played around with. Suga doesn’t fuck with people hurting those he loves. 

Fuck off you asshole. Never show your face around here again or you won’t have any face left. 

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Namjoon would be angry but instead of lashing out or demanding to hunt down the person who hurt his sister, he would instead be a listening ear. Namjoon is level-headed in most situations and would want to be there for her when she needed him. He would bring her water, blankets, whatever she needed to feel comfortable and would sit with her in silence if that’s what she wanted. RapMon would just be there. As a reminder that she is loved. 

Talk to me when you’re ready. 

JHope (Hoseok)

Hobi would be absolutely distraught that his sister was in pain and his entire focus would be on her and what he could do to make her feel better. He would be furious whenever he thought of the person who hurt his sister, but that would not be often at all. All of Hobi’s energy would be directed to caring for his loved one. He would be like Namjoon, attentive and sympathetic, though I think he would be less likely to want to hear the whole story since it would just make him completely enraged and emotional.

Look, I brought you your favourite books, some tea and a laptop. Let’s watch that drama you love. 


Jimin would try to be real tough guy about it and as his sister explained the situation he would be swearing and saying threatening things in strong satoori. Ultimately though he would choose to focus more on his sister and how she was feeling rather than on getting revenge. Jimin would immediately launch into his advice, rattling off reasons why she was better off and how he’d always suspected that the person was not a good thing in his little sister’s life.  Jimin would be one to try to distract his sister as a way of making her feel better. 

Let’s not think about it now! It’s over and they aren’t worth your time. 1 v 1 me in Mario Kart?  

V (Taehyung)

Tae would listen very quietly when his sister explained the situation to him before merely shrugging and pulling her into a hug. Tae would be annoyed that someone made his sister cry but wouldn’t be enraged by any means. He would genuinely think that this was meant to be and that his sister would find someone much better to spend her time with. 

It’s alright. There’s plenty more people in the world.


Oh boy. Jungkook would be angry more out of pride than anything. Sure, he would be sorry for his sister but he would be most furious about the fact that someone was hurting his family. If he was upset enough about it (or in a particularly vengeful mood) Jungkook would honestly ruin that person’s life. Do not cross Jungkook, ever. He may not react as explosively as some of the other members but he is loyal, clever and cunning. He would repay the wound 100000x over. 

So the plan is I find out more about their friends, where they go, how they spend their day and then…

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what does Dream swap error think about cross and Nightmare?

He thinks they’re idiots. He’d probably describe them as ‘not really my friends but I hang out with them anyway for some reason that I have yet to comprehend, probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a very lonely person and they’re the only ones who accept me and are anything close to friends of mine and gosh frickity dang my life is depressing I’m gonna think about something else’.

Also he would admit that he kind of ships them.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: It is no mistake that in the reveal trailer for The Last of Us: Part II Joel was portrayed as a fading figure: faceless and distant. No, I don’t believe the story is about Joel’s death. However, I do believe that his death may play a significant role in the story. In The Last of Us, Joel loses his humanity with the loss of his daughter, Sarah. When he meets Ellie he not only saw the humanity within himself resurface, but he also found his purpose to survive “to the edge of the universe and back.” What if Joel thinks he loses Ellie in Part II? He would be losing his daughter for the second time. He would be losing his purpose and humanity. Even worse, what if he believed it was his fault? That aside we know that the story is going to be played from Ellie’s perspective, so we know she won’t die; which is why I’m concerned. If Ellie is alive, and Joel is dead, why is Joel dead, and why is Ellie so angry. Is she angry at someone else? Is she angry at herself? Rather than love being the fuel and the purpose to continue this story, it’s hate. Is she fighting the world because it’s taken everything from her, or is she fighting the world to save what it has taken? Is it the loss of someone she loved that fuels Ellie’s rage, or the loss of herself? Who is it that Ellie is really fighting for?

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Destiel and "I thought you were dating my brother!"

“I thought you were dating my brother?!” Dean blurted out, his fingers flying to his lips, the lips Castiel had just kissed.

Castiel blinked at him owlishly. “Why would you think that?” he asked.

“Because, because you talk on the phone and hangout and-”

“That’s what friends do,” Castiel says, an obvious tone to his voice, “and Sam and I *are* friends, but when it comes to doing things more… physical or romantic, I am far more interested in you.”

Dean swallows hard; he can’t deny the prickle of jealousy he’d felt every time he saw Sam and Castiel together, wishing he could be the one with Cas.

“Really?” Dean asks.

“Yes, really,” Castiel replies with a smile as he leans forward for another kiss.

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Poor baby Dan. But I think he will find happiness in someone else, Chloe isn’t his person. Oh wow, Grey’s Anatomy crept it’s way into here. Oops. But I actually want him and Ella to be together. 

I think that this will come into play at some point. But I’m pretty sure there won’t be any stupid triangle ish. The writers have done an amazing job so far and I’m pretty they will continue to SHOOK us.

I think that Jace honestly believed that all he had to do was get to Alec, just get there and everything would be okay, he didn’t even allow himself to think that it wouldn’t - until Alec dropped the adamas stone. I think that that was when Jace realized that Alec might actually die on him, leave him, that he might not save his parabatai, after all. 

Seventeen reacting to their crush crying

Hi there!! I was wondering if you could do a seventeen reaction when their crush comes running to them crying and asks for a hug ?? Thank you ❤❤❤❤ 

@zanzaalk Thank you for requesting!! I hope you like it <3

S.Coups: He’d give you the tightest hug, and then he would ask you what’s wrong in a grave tone of voice. If you were crying because of what someone said, he would tell you not to listen to them and that you shouldn’t concern yourself with what those sorts of people think. He would offer to give that person a “talking to”, but his main concern would be your feelings.

Wonwoo: He’d give you a big hug and let you cry. Once you’d calmed down, he would ask you what’s wrong, listening carefully. He would offer to help you with whatever it was that made you cry (i.e. If it was a person, he’d offer to confront them with you, if it was something personal he’d offer his support throughout the issue, etc.) Afterwards, he would check up on you in intervals to see if you’re doing alright.

Mingyu: Once he’d given you a hug, he’d probably freeze up trying to think of the right thing to say. However, he’d do his damned best to help you calm down, and tell you that it’s going to be okay. He’d be incredibly angry at whatever hurt you, but he’d keep that under the surface, focusing more on how you felt in the moment. Once you’d calmed down a bit, he’d suggest the two of you go and do something to take your mind of whatever is upsetting you. 

Vernon: He’d be blushing like nobody’s business at first, but once he realises you’re crying, he becomes deeply concerned. He’d give you a firm hug, saying that it’s okay and that he’s here for you. He’d tell you that he would be there if you needed it, and he’d stay with you while you cried, offering comfort and support. Once the two of you had parted, he’d send you texts to see if your okay (and maybe he’d send a meme or two to cheer you up)

Woozi: He’d hug you immediately, trying to calm you down. His concern would turn to anger, and he’d be furious at whom or whatever hurt you. If it was a person, he’d insist that you shouldn’t worry and that you should ignore them, and if it was a situational problem, he’d start thinking of ways to solve it. He’d promise to have your back, and he’d hold to that; you’d somehow find the week to be easier after talking to him. He’d also give some stellar advice.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would be mildly surprised at first, but once he realises your crying, he’d become very soft. He would give you a gentle hug, and ask you what’s wrong. He would deny any bad things said about you, telling you that you’re wonderful and you shouldn’t worry. He’d probably brainstorm some creative ways to get back at whatever made you cry, making you laugh in the process. 

Joshua: Let’s be real, Joshua would be great at comforting you. He would give you the greatest hug, and then he would patiently ask you what’s wrong. He’d tell you that everything is going to be okay, and offer to help you in any way he can. He’d let you cry on his shoulder, and he’d listen to you talk about your feelings if you wanted to. He’d tell you you needn’t worry if it was about someone being cruel to you, and if it was a troubling situation, he would offer help in as many ways as possible. 

Seungkwan: He’d give you the warmest hug, and then immediately jump into carertaker mode. He would fret over you, asking you what’s wrong and if there was anything he could do to help. He’d do his best to make you smile, making dumb jokes and telling you that you’re amazing. His main concern would be making you feel better, showering you with compliments and telling you that it’s all going to be okay. 

DK: He might start crying with you. He’d give you the biggest bear hug, telling you not to cry. He’d feel terrible about the fact that you’re crying, and tell you that he’s here for you and he’s willing to listen if you wanted to talk about it. Like Seungkwan, he would do everything he could to make you smile, telling you terrible jokes and being goofy. If anything, it would be his earnestness that’d make you smile. 

Hoshi: He would immediately hug you tightly, telling you gently to calm down. Then he would find somewhere for the two of you to sit down, while you explain what’s going on. He would be incredibly patient with you, telling you to take your time and that he doesn’t mind whenever you get overwhelmed. The next day, you’d find that he’d bought you something from a bakery to help start the day a little better. 

Jun: He would give you a gentle hug, before tenderly asking you what had happened. He would be very thoughtful, asking you what you needed/what he could do for you. He’d happily stay with you while you talked about what was wrong, or if you just needed to be with someone and cry. He’d manage to subtly give you compliments about whatever you’re insecure about/what’s concerning you. 

The8: He would hug you while threatening to fight whatever hurt you (you wouldn’t really know if he was serious or not). Like S.Coups, he’d tell you not to listen to anyone who was giving you a hard time, telling you that they don’t deserve your attention (and that you’re better than them anyway). He’d tell you that you that you shouldn’t worry yourself, and he’d take you somewhere to distract you. He’d compliment you to try and make you feel better, 

Dino: He would get very worried about you very quickly, fretting like Seungkwan would, but in a quieter manner. He would give you a long hug, telling you that it sucks, and that you don’t deserve to be crying. He’d feel bad about not being able to fix the problem for you, but he’d give you heartfelt compliments and tell you that he’s there for you no matter what. He’d probably suggest the two of you go get ice cream to try and cheer you up. 

Aaaah, I’m sorry some of these were a bit samey. I hope you enjoyed it and that it wasn’t terrible! If you’d like me to change it at all, let me know <3 Also sorry this is seven years long

I love people who headcanon (in Klance) Keith or Lance having gay panic- like, no. Their sexualities are the least of their worries.

Lance is bisexual through and through, he probably went through his ‘gay panic’ when he was 12, and even then he’s totally the type to embrace it and act/pretend that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Now, Keith… Keith is gay but he would never have gay panic because he wouldn’t GET it. He doesn’t care what others think, first of all, but even if he did, he wouldn’t understand what’s “wrong” with being gay.

But, oh boy would they have crush induced panic. Lance has “I can’t like Keith, I barely even get along with Keith!” panic, and Keith has “Lance can’t be cute because Lance is absolutely disgusting and horrible” panic. It would all be very dramatic.

I’m reading people comments under Johnny Depp’s acceptance video of Favorite Movie Icon award at People’s Choice Awards.
They’re saying ‘What a shame! They’re awarding an abuser as an icon!’ or ‘Look at him! He can’t even speak! Look at his eyes! I can’t even imagine what substance he’s on!’ and 'how much he paid to be awarded?’.
All I just want to say is: please, don’t fucking speak if you don’t know people.

- HE ISN’T A FUCKING ABUSER. To introduce him on stage was Jada Pinkett Smith, a FEMINIST and human rights activist. Do you think she would do that if he was reportedly considered an abuser?!
-He wasn’t dope, he’s shy and he was visibly getting emotional on stage.
- Be sure he didn’t paid anything.
He didn’t paid for the past thirteen years and even this time he didn’t.
Us- his fans- wanted him to win cause he deserved it more than anyone else.

So, do yourself a favor. Shut up, cause when you say things like that you look like a bunch of idiots. You know, it sounds like you’re kidding yourselves lol

So, I’m not sure why this is happening aside from the fact it is late and my brain goes into overdrive after midnight, but between thinking about fandom tropes and reading a lot of fic fills I couldn’t help but think about some of the tropes I haven’t yet seen for Washette.

The one that immediately came to mind was amnesia, and wow, did I fall down that rabbit hole. Like, can you imagine? If George forgot who Lafayette was? Or vice versa?

Lafayette would be half distraught, half determined. George would be so confused why this young man is tending to him all the time, focused entirely on making him comfortable and trying to jog his memory.

On the other hand, George, I think, would grieve deeply. Seeing Lafayette look at him without that love, that recognition, would be heartrending. I’m not sure if he wouldn’t try to distance himself just to avoid the hurt. But if he did, I think something in Lafayette would know he was missing someone critical.

And, of course, when their memory came back in both cases would have all the joy of a reunion, all the relief of a resurrection. Anyway, I made myself Feel Things so now other people have to suffer too.