he would sing to her and she would listen

If you don’t think Silver Springs is one of the most cold-blooded songs ever, then you’re wrong. Stevie Nicks could have replaced every single lyric in that song with “fuck you” and it literally would have been the same song. If you can’t hear how much she fucking hates this dude and wants him to die, you’re not listening hard enough. She would not care if he was dying, gasping for his last breath, at her feet. She’d probably look down at his sorry ass and just sing “tell me, was it worth it?”

Silver Springs is the most eloquent, angriest, pettiest break up song of all time. She literally wrote it with the intent of him having to not only have to hear it, but play it constantly and be reminded of just how much he fucked. Not only did she have that intent she had the audacity to explain her evil intent. She gave no fucks. “You won’t forget me. The sound of my voice will haunt you. You’ll never get away from the woman that loved you.” Tell me you would not take that as a threat. Like…bitch, you’re gonna what? She says “never” which means she was planning to fuck up this dude’s entire life for the rest of his life.

The song was so badass that the fucker kept it off the album and I 100% believe it was because he was scared for his life

Silver Springs has been my favorite song for years. I just listened to it for the first time in a while and was once again struck with the fact that it’s the best song of all time.

In my heart of hearts, I truly think Stevie silently chuckles to herself every time she hears it or performs it because her prophecy came true. That song will haunt him for the rest of his life. He’ll never escape it. Which means she won. And that’s what life is all about: winning.

The End

Monsta X Reaction #16 - They walk in on their wife singing to her belly when she’s pregnant

@eddycakeway18​ asked: Monsta x and Bts walking in on their wife singin to their 9 month pregnant belly

Hyunwoo: He would melt into a puddle of happiness when he sees this. He would lean in the doorway with a dreamy smile as he listened to his wife singing, enchanted by her melody. His thoughts as she sung would be all about their future with their child(ren) and how amazing they would be together.

Originally posted by trainingpanda

Hoseok: *pretend you’re the child* He would go and lie down next to you and stroke your belly as you two sang together and in the end, he would tell you that you’re the love of his life and he would give up everything for you and his child if it ever came to that.

“You two are always first jagiya… You two are what makes my life better than any other person’s on the planet. I love you”

Originally posted by kihn

Minhyuk: He would be stuck in the doorway, clutching his heart.

“Jagiya~ What you’re doing to me isn’t right. You’ll kill me with your sweetness before the baby is even born”

He’d hug her and kiss the top of her head then and ask her if there was anything she wanted (like a snack, drink, or foot massage) while he was there.

Originally posted by h-yungwonho

Hyungwon: He would peak around the doorway when he heard his wife singing and spy on her.

The things she does when I’m gone… He would think to himself, a goofy smile plastered on his face.

He’d then walk into the room swaying back and forth to her tune, and would even sit on the floor and join her, singing directly to her stomach and the baby.

Originally posted by yixseok

Jooheon: He would be extremely emotional. He would have a few tears falling down his cheeks as he burst into the room and grabbed his wife in a gentle hug and gushed about how amazing she is and how in awe he was of everything she was doing. He’d constantly praise her about how amazing of a mother she was going to be and how much he loved her

Originally posted by kihqun

Kihyun: He would be pretty giggly and fluffy. He would walk in the room smiling from ear to ear and when his wife stopped singing, he’d encourage her to continue. He would put his hands on her stomach and sing backup for her. The two would spend the next few hours singing and talking lovingly to the baby

Originally posted by sonhyunwoomx

Changkyun: He’d walk into the room without hesitation and burst into song right with her. The moment the song ended, he would start singing one of Monsta X’s slow songs and have her sing along with him.

“I want our baby to know their dad’s songs from the moment they are born!”

Originally posted by tochangkyun

(Mino, Zico, Jay Park) Reaction to dating a tiny girl with a strong and powerful voice


Mino would be so confused as he heard his tiny girlfriend sing for the first time. Her strong and powerful voice would kick him out of concept, which would cause him so stare wide eyed and with an open mouth at her but after a few seconds his shocked face would turn into a smiley one. From then on his girlfriend would have to sing on a daily basis for him because he can’t get enough of this paradox situation.

Originally posted by ssonqs-archived


The second he heard his girlfriends voice he would turn in Producer-mode. At first he just stared at her with an open mouth until he realized what pontential she has. He would listen carefully and follow every movement of her till the end. The moment she stops singing he would jump up and bear hug her while attacking her with his aegyo voice trying to get her to approve to be part of one of his songs. From then on he has to listen to her voice on a daily basis because he can’t get enough of it.

Originally posted by ukwno

Jay Park

At first Jay would stare at his girlfriend with a raised eyebrow as she started singing but after a few seconds he would get so turned on by the fact that his girlfriend has such strong and powerful voice hiden in her tiny body. He would eye her closely while she showed him a new side of her and wouldn’t move even one inch till she was done with her performance. She would stare at him with a worried expression because he didn’t said or moved since she started singing but after a few seconds Jay jumped up and pulled her towards him and whispered something inappropiate into her ear.

Originally posted by andupinda

I hope you liked it!♥ Mondays is our reaction day so feel free to request!

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A New Normal

Request: This wasn’t requested but i wrote it waaaay back before i was even on tumblr so i wanted to post it. I have a part two already done if anybody wants it. 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

I couldn’t breath. Her grip on my throat was to tight. I opened my eyes for a second to see my boyfriend Derek fighting against her berserkers. Kate’s grip tightened as Derek got closer to her.  

“Don’t come any closer Derek or she dies” She said almost like she was singing. This was all my fault. If i hadn’t started dating Derek all off this wouldn’t be happening. My friends would have been safe. Derek would have been safe. Kate was angry. Angry at my relationship with Derek. She wanted him and she wanted me dead.

“Let her go please Kate” Derek pleaded. His eyes never looking at me. He didn’t want to see me hurting. If i had listened and stayed home this wouldn’t have been happening. He knew something would have happened but i couldn’t stay home and do nothing while my friends were all out here fighting.

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Hoseok’s ideal girl (my opinion)

-          Accidentally really messy, like she doesn’t even notice until he mentions it in annoyance. Then she will manically clean up feeling sickly guilty because she’s just the type of person to bully herself until he tells her it’s okay.

-          Unpainted nails, she just prefers plain and short yet clean, will never be caught with dirt in a single nail.

-          Even though Hobi is very positive, she takes a neutral outlook on life

-          A beautiful singing voice but would never want to perform on stage since it’s not her dream

-          Harmonises and sings along to songs in their shared bedroom, Hobi would love to sit and listen, in awe that while multitasking she sounds so gorgeous.

-          Gets really into the lyrics when singing along to songs

-          Works in a smart profession that is also creative, maybe a journalist or an editor of a fashion magazine

-          An avid reader; romance, tragedy, classics…

-          The type not to be a fan of mystery since she can’t take not knowing any answers and sneaks a peak at the end to find out the outcome then moans that the story is boring because there’s no angst left.

-          Loves to read aloud when not in public and Jhope likes to listen to her books even when she’s reading a book in English and he can’t understand just because he loves to hear her voice.

-          Speaks Korean well but is more fluent in English so has conversations with Namjoon in English just to annoy Hobi since he can’t understand.

-          Loves kids and they love her too

-          Refuses to let Hobi buy a dog since she’s scared it will get lonely when she’s out and he is on tour, their schedules are always pretty packed.

-          Wears natural makeup but hates when people see her without any even though she looks exactly the same with and without.

-          Short hair that falls only to touch her shoulder slightly

-          A cheeky smile that she doesn’t like but everyone else adores

-          When he’s on tour she misses him but with her mentally demanding job she won’t be the type to get that upset

-          Hobi will get upset on the other hand so she will send him videos of her singing, just talking and even dancing his choreography when she can sense that he’s missing her

-          Feels most at ease when she has head in a book while watching nature

-          Hates heels and refuses to wear them, will list a full set of reasons why they aren’t worth it just for fashion

-          Wears casual outfits that usually include boyfriend or mom jeans with flower patterns and light colours

-          Dances quite well but doesn’t really like it so only does it to surprise Hoseok or if he aegyo’s her into dancing with him

-          Completely loves Jung Hoseok with all of her heart and couldn’t imagine a life without her sunshine.

Originally posted by cyyphr

Originally posted by yvii7books

-Ailee <3


For @fullysketch’s @badboyandprincess AU. So, This is my random headcanon… lol. A Bad Boy Marco and Princess Star AU. “Every night, Marco always have trouble falling asleep (its nostalgia or something like that lol) and has to stay up all night because of it. But ever since Star came, he was able to fall asleep comfortably now (except for the times that he always think about her and her kindness. Me trash! XD) ‘cause every night before going to sleep, Star would always sing a lullabye (Yes you heard me! Singing! Since Canon Star can Dance, I want AU Star to have a lovely singing voice). Star would always sing a lullabye before going to sleep on her balcony. She would just, let her hair flow in the wind and just enjoy the peace in her surroundings then just, sing. Marco would go sneak up to her bedroom and take a peak at her at the balcony. He would just rest his head on the wall and just listens to her singing. When she finishes singing, marco would quietly tip toed quickly to his room to avoid being caught by Star (which would be embarrassing to him to be starring at her in the middle of the night). Marco would go back to his room and sleep. (Lol my headcanon sucks! XD sorry about that…)” I was listening to this list of songs while drawing this…. “Glitter” - Fairy Tail, “Hoshi no Nagareru Yoru ni” - (Megumi’s Song) Special A, and “Dear You” - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. All are japanese but, I really love listening to them before going to sleep. And I just imagine Star singing them all. XD omayghaad….

clockworkmurderer  asked:

What would be their reactions to having a sister who is overly self conscious and has a soft voice, but after a lot of bullying at school, finally just stops talking altogether and doesn't even speak with her brothers? Just makes gestures or nods or shakes their head.

Awww :/

Sweden: I think Sweden wouldn’t try to force her to speak or anything since he struggles with a similar problem. He would just let her know that he loves her and would be willing to listen when she’s more ready to speak

Denmark: I think Denmark would be really upset but he would try to hide it and just smile at her and say “You have a beautiful voice, it’d be a shame to stop using it”

Norway: REVENGE. Then he’ll work with his sis to get her confidence back up.

Finland: I think he’d encourage her to join a choir or something, so she sing instead of talk and maybe give her some self confidence or at least an opportunity to make new friends.

Iceland: I think he would feel sad deep down but he wouldn’t know how to express that, so he just doesn’t say anything to her about it. He does watch out for her more closely though.

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How BTS would react to a girl being added to their group.(request)

Seokjin: This freaking awkward gentleman would always make sure that she was okay and that she felt like she belonged but, very awkwardly would ask her.  “Oh, I’m sorry was it your turn to sing? Do you need water or… no okay I’m sorry please continue.” 

Originally posted by chimchams

Yoongi: Would always help her if she needed help with something. They would both constantly be in the studio listening to each others new ideas for the up coming album.                                                                                                                      “Do you think I should move this line over here instead of having it here? Don’t you think that would flow better when you are rapping?”

Originally posted by jeonbase

Hoseok: This ball of sunshine would be so excited! He would want to show her around, would help her with dancing whenever she asked for help, and probably highkey have sing-offs.                                                                             “You’re doing great (Y/N)! Keep it up!”

Originally posted by bangtanbighit

Namjoon: So nice and kind! Would always have long conversations with her about anything and everything. Always ask each other about fashion advise while they work in the studio.                                                                                 “Okay so this lyric is more meaningful so sing it with a lot of passion, but heres the real question can you help me with #kimdaily?”

Originally posted by eatjin

Jimin: This mother freaking angel! He would make her feel at home always making sure she has what she needs and if not he would go and get it. He would help her with singing in the studio.                                                             “Do you need anything before we start practicing? Food? Water? Do you want to sit or stand?”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Taehyung: This smiley little shit would introduce her to EVERYONE and take her everywhere going on little adventures at two in the morning. Would defiantly goof off while singing in the studio.                                                                       “Hey (Y/N) there’s a new ice cream place downtown we should go check it out!”

Originally posted by averageoppa

Jungkook: This boy would be so shy!! He would most likely do what he did in the early stages of BTS wait till she’s asleep to eat and shower. Once he warmed up to her it would be hard to get them away from each other.                “Is (Y/N) coming with us to go to the bathroom? What do you mean no?!”

Originally posted by bwipsul

  ~Admin Zee

BTS: Their crush turns out to be a talented singer

J-Hope: J-Hope would be really proud of her, and be willing to do anything to help her along with her talent.

Originally posted by livelovehoseok

Jimin: Jimin would help her whenever he hears her sing. Letting her know when she went off key, helping her out keeping time. He might even give small vocal lessons.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jin: Jin would be there for her no matter what. If she needed his help, he’d help her. If not, he wouldn’t. But he would support her.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jungkook: Jungkook would be a proud boy, even if they weren’t dating. He might try to push her to try out for some sort of singing occupation or competition.

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Rap Mon: He would also be proud of her, and be willing to listen to her sing whenever, as it would be soothing to him.

Originally posted by forjimin

Suga: As he needs someone who can sit and listen to his creations, he would do such an act for her, hoping that will earn him some points.

Originally posted by yoongbeans

V: V would brag about it everywhere he went. If she asked him not to, he would stop, but until then, he’d talk about it nonstop. He’d be so amazed and proud. Even if it annoys the rest of them.

Originally posted by dammithoshi

Under the Sea a Siren Sings

Juliet, a free spirited mermaid was just beginning to get on her fathers nerves.
“Now now, calm down, she’s only being curious, you learned about them when you were-”
“UNTILL I LEARNED THEY HUNTED US! LOOK!” He points the the large gash on his eel like tail with spines “LOOK WHAT THE HUMAN FILTH HAS CAUSED!!”

Juliet was only so far from her father as he yelled and swam around madly, provoking her maid with his anger. She sighed softly. He was right, humans were dangerous. But so fascinating! She would listen to the pirates on the boats sing and she would visit land marks of all kinds. She would swim to the bottom of sunken boats and look at the art that sunk with it. She never met harm to her father, she just wanted to know, she wanted to learn, she wanted to sing in sweet harmony with one. But she couldn’t, she was a siren of the sea, a song from her could drive a man mad.
Maybe she’ll find one human who can handle her voice, and maybe, maybe that human could make her swoon.

But for now, she had to deal with her raging father who was about to blow a gasket.
She flinched and sighed “yes papa…..”
He then began to forbid her from swimming 50ft from the mermaids tribe. But as all the mermaids know (including her father) that would not happen.
So, when know one was looking she swam away, as fast and as far as her fins could take her, until she heard the singing of a angel……


anonymous asked:

Would Simon ever sing "King" by Lauren Aquilina to Nahyuta when he's sad? Cause that would be cute.

So I had never heard of this song (or this artist really) and I had to go listen to it and it is beautiful and perfect for our two boys thank you so much <3

I imagine that Simon often doesn’t know entirely how to comfort people in the traditional way - he usually is a “tough love” sort of person (just look at his interactions with Athena whenever she gets in a bind; he’s always shaking her out of things or harshly reminding her of what is important).  While that approach can work and often does for him, there are situations where that is the least helpful thing and actually can just make people more upset, because they feel like he either is being insensitive or is not really listening to them. 

Nahyuta’s transition into power isn’t as smooth as it seems - there are people who are not at all happy with the fact that he is the interim ruler due to his hand in Ga’ran’s regime.  Despite the fact that he was doing it for the sake of Rayfa, there are still some who question him and think that his crimes under the former queen should bar him from ruling, and they’re afraid that he - like his aunt - will not wish to give up power when the time comes.  On the other side are people who actually still support Ga’ran; though they are few, they are kind of loud and make things rather difficult for him. 

(as usual with things I do, this got long ahaha)

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EXO react to their child waking them up at night because of monsters under the bed

Hi~ Thanks for requesting love. 

*Gifs as always do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due.

Xiumin: Minseok isn’t a heavy sleeper, so he wouldn’t be especially bothered by his little daughter rushing to him out of trepidation. At first, he would hoist his daughter up to the bed, being extra cautious not to stir his slumbering wife. Listening carefully to her fearful sputtering, he would chuckle softly, proceeding to carry her back to her room, setting her carefully back in bed. “If you ever get scared sweetie, just remember the “Three Bears” song. I hear that scares monsters away,” Minseok would advise in a hushed voice, patting his little girl on the head affectionately. He would slowly start to sing the song, gradually picking up as his daughter follows suite. He would stay with her until she falls into a soporific state.

Originally posted by xiundeer

Luhan: Highly befuddled as to what is tugging at his hand, Luhan would stir from his sleep uncomfortably, somewhat vexed until laying his gaze upon his small daughter, the fear-stricken glaze evident in her eyes. At this Luhan would soften his disposition, albeit being awoken unexpectedly. “Honey, it’s almost midnight. What’re you doing still awake?” he would ask gingerly, intaking all of his daughter’s trepidation from the “monsters” frightening her. “Monsters? No monster is going to scare my little girl. Show me where you saw them baby.” *insert manly Luhan* He would follow her back to her room, scrutinizing for the supposed monsters. He would then grant his daughter a proud grin, before scooping her up into bed once more. “They’re all gone honey. Daddy scared them all off. Remember, your daddy is really strong, so no monsters will be coming back now that they saw me.” 

Originally posted by elaysium

Kris: Instantly concerned upon catching his alarmed son, Kris would cast away all lingering torpor to tend to his son, already worried. While listening to his son explain he spotted monsters under the bed, Yifan would pat him affectionately, taking instant notice of the small baby blue bear his little boy clutches closely to him. “See your bear?” he’ll inquire softly, resting a hand upon his son’s shoulders. “If you hold him close to you, he’ll give you all the strength to scare the monsters away; so don’t let go of him,” Yifan would advise his son steadily, guiding his little boy back to his room. Despite leaving him alone, Kris would still check up on him occasionally to ensure his son is slumbering comfortably. 

Originally posted by taorisland

Suho: He would probably take this the most seriously, instantly scooping his son up and leading him back to his room. Immediately, Suho would scour the room for some picture books to take his little boy’s mind off of the ‘monsters.’ “Books are always a great way take your mind off of scary things,” Suho would expound on, proceeding to open the first book and read it with ample amounts of zeal, eliciting pure giggles from his son as well as garnering his attention wholly. Joonmyun would continue to read bedtime stories to his little boy, until somnolence has finally claimed him for the night. I can also see him looking into how to dispel the idea of “monsters under the bed” for his son, before it becomes a full on phobia. 

Lay: Firstly, it would take a lot of activity for Yixing to awaken, considering I consider him one of the heaviest sleepers in EXO. So upon hearing his little girl’s shrill cries for help, he would awaken stiffly and abruptly. Still attempting to assess his thoughts, Yixing would listen to his daughter’s evident anxieties with the “monsters.” Though he’s still immersed in a soporific stupor, he would be able to make out his daughter’s concerns. Granting her a sympathetic smile, Yixing would pull his little girl on the bed beside him and his wife, patting her head affectionately. “You can sleep with us tonight princess. Anytime you see monsters, you can always come here to sleep,” with a swift kiss on the forehead, he would drift back to sleep placidly. 

Originally posted by shannoony-kpop

Baekhyun: He’s somewhat amused/empathetic seeing how innocent and puerile his little daughter is as she sobs softly about how scary the ‘monsters’ are. “If they scare you, then you have to scare them back!” Baekhyun would instruct promptly. “How do you think there’s never any monsters in my room? That’s because daddy learned to get rid of them!” He’ll proceed to tell tales of how many monsters he’s managed to defeat, inspiring his little girl to follow suite. “Every night before you go to sleep princess, you have to tell the monsters to “be gone!” If you say it really bravely, they’ll start to leave you alone! It’s easy.” Baek would have his daughter recite her vanquishing words before bed as a practice run. 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Chen: Instantly, I think Jongdae would take the brisk approach and just dispel the idea that there aren’t monsters residing underneath his son’s bed. The quicker he is to dismiss these anxieties for his child, the better it will be in the long run. Not to mention, the fact that Chen did mention not believing in spirits and ghosts rather bluntly just furthers my conjecture that he would take this approach in this scenario. He would chuckle softly before leading his fearful little boy back to his room. “There aren’t monsters buddy, see?” Jongdae would casually lift the covers for his son to scrutinize over. “See? Nothing under here except for all your toys.” Slightly sympathetic over seeing his son’s unsure expression, he would pat him affectionately, adding: “you know, if you’re still scared, there’s always room for you in my room buddy. Since your mother’s a heavy sleeper I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you being there,” he would snicker jestingly. 

Originally posted by chenc-17

Chanyeol: He’ll play along with his son’s concerns, amusingly. “What? There couldn’t be any monsters! Didn’t you know that daddy put a special barrier over your room so no monsters would come in?” Chanyeol would explain to his little boy the tale of how he acquired special powers and abilities and how he was able to encapsulate his son’s room with a forcefield. “My powers must be wearing off! I’ll show you how to replace the barrier, but you have to brave if you’re really up for it!” he would encourage his son vivaciously, teaching him in the middle of the day how to put up super barriers and the explaining the types of monsters it repels. “There, no monsters can attack you now buddy, since the barriers been replaced.” 

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn

D.O: Somewhat similar to Chen, Kyungsoo would want to dispel the belief that monsters exist to his frightened little girl, but rather than bluntly saying it, he would gingerly explain it. “Baby, what you’re seeing is perfectly normal for your age, but you’ll realize soon that there aren’t any monsters. Just say that every night before you sleep.” Though his daughter remains unconvinced, Kyungsoo would still mollify her frenzied senses with a nice, soothing cup of milk tea, while staying by her bedside, proceeding to lull her to somnolence with alleviating lullabies. If her fears persist, Kyungsoo may become a little more concerned. 

Originally posted by dohkyungcutie

Tao: He’ll take the soft route with this, since he has analogous fears to his daughter’s. “Monsters? Yeah, I know how that feels princess. Believe it or not, daddy’s also pretty scared of ghosts and monsters. But that’s okay princess; it’s fine to be scared of it,” Tao would explain while keeping his little girl within his arms. He would want her to know that fearing these things are normal, however, a sense of bravery would have to manifest eventually. “If the monsters give you a bad scare, just remember that daddy knows wushu baby! And those monsters will leave you alone.” 

Originally posted by ztaohs

Kai: Like Yixing, it would take a miracle to pull Jongin from a deep slumber. Eventually, once his son succeeds in awaking him, Jongin would listen intently to his sobbing little boy as he laments on the monsters that keep scaring him. He would feel sympathetic, but would also come up with a good solution. “You’re also scared when it’s dark right? Well, I hear that monsters are afraid of light, so why don’t we get you a nice nightlight buddy? Then they should leave you alone.” He would be sure to take his little boy with him to shop for night lights, possibly buying more than one just to seal the deal. Jongin would let his son pick out which light entices him the most, to which Kai would chuckle saying, “yep, that one looks good. It’s top of the line for fighting off monsters.” 

Originally posted by mybaekhurts

Sehun: Sehun is more so amused than concerned when he sees his rattled son, attempting to explain how he saw a scary goblin creeping from his closet door. “You really saw that?” he would ask, slightly teasingly, but also empathetically. “Well, nothing like some cartoons to keep your mind off of the monsters right kiddo?” Sehun would carry his little boy to the T.V room, flicking through the channels to find some decent cartoons for him and his son to watch as a distraction. “Don’t tell your mother about this. I know it’s late, but just this once, I let you stay up.” He may even give him a cookie or a small cup of ice cream as well, just to pacify him. 

Originally posted by kai-tastrophe

Be sure to send me more requests lovelies! <3


Too Sexy For This Song: Part 2

Read Part 1 here

A soulmate AU where every time a song is stuck in someone’s head, it’s because their soulmate is singing it. This time, Adrien learns a bit about his soulmate.

AO3 link

The first time Adrien heard her, he was instantly fascinated. He knew all about the unique voice connection between soulmates after watching his parents use it so often. Father would be at work late, and Mother would sing silly songs until he came down to dinner. Mother would be frustrated by something, and then she’d suddenly relax and listen to his father’s soothing voice in her mind.

The first song Adrien heard from his soulmate was simple. “Frère Jacques…” she’d sung in the middle of the afternoon one day. At first, the sound startled him, but when he understood what it was, he was thrilled beyond words. He’d wondered and wondered might be the best song to sing to her. After all, he wanted the first song she heard from him to be important. Now that she’d reached out, of course, he couldn’t resist the urge to return the favor. Besides, after hearing her sing, he knew exactly which song to pick.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” he’d softly sung back to her, smiling as he imagined her somewhere listening to him.

Seconds later, she was singing back, “Twinkle, twinkle little star…”

He was thrilled. Considering his only friend was the daughter of one of his parents’ friends, another connection was amazing. And this girl had such a sweet voice. He was sure he had the best soulmate ever.

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okAY BUT JUST LISTEN dean’s daughter would TOTALLY be into like everything Disney and so Dean would be off work bc Christmas or something and would spend all day every day for like a WEEK just sitting on the couch watching all these movies and singing the songs into her ear as she giggles and then one day Cas gets home and she’s standing on deans toes and he’s twirling her around the room while “once upon a dream” plays in the background an deans singing along and Cas just stands in the doorway for like five full minutes just watching them (and he totally takes a video for later blackmail) and it’s just thE CUTEST THING UGH

Just a Little More Time

I blame @regina206 for this…and the fact that I love “Book of Life” and the songs in it…

This is just a like…suuuuper feelsy Rebelcaptain fic that kind of takes place at the end of Rogue One, so obviously HUGE spoiler alert for this!

Also, you really should listen to “Te Amo Y Más” while reading this, or at least while reading the song part. And the best part is it is actually Deigo Luna singing so that is actually how Cassian would sound if he sang! (bonus, you could also listen to the English version, both are lovely <33) Also, I have a headcanon that maybe Cassian’s mom sang this to him when he was a kid, or he heard his parents singing it to each other…it’s just like…his calming song…

Fic below the cut because spoilers are no fun for those who haven’t seen it!

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Headcanons cuz i have no chill

Rhys would treat Sasha with so much care, he’s the one treating her broken arm and he would cook homemade soups for her, but he sucks at everything and in the end Vaughn is the one cooking for Sasha.

For Sasha’s birthday Rhys would buy Pearlescent guns from the Vault Hunters and he’d be the one baking the birthday cake.

Sasha would ask Rhys to go camping with her to the Highlands. She’s the one killing the stalkers and Rhys is the one setting up the tent. They would sing songs at night. Rhys will serenade her.

Rhys would listen to Radio Hollowpoint everytime Dj Rakkattact plays music while he’s working with Vaughn at what’s left of Helios

I could hear it from down the hall. It resonated off the walls of the ship in a beautiful symphony of words. Walking careful as to not make any noises, I made it to the room where the sound was coming from. Leaning against the doorway, I couldn’t stop the smile that overtook my features as I watched her. She swayed slightly to the music coming from her lips as she put some of her belongings back on her shelf. Her voice was absolutely perfect, angelic, and I could listen to it forever. I had never heard her sing before and I didn’t think anyone had. God did I love her, but I never could build up the courage to say so. Everything about her was perfect. The way she tried to hide her smile, the way her hands glided over the shelves so delicately, and now her voice. I worried that this would be the only time I would ever hear it. Letting out a small sigh, I slid my arm down the doorway and leaned my shoulder on it. The moment the sigh hit (Y/n)’s hears she froze. Turning around quickly, she saw me and I gave her a smile. Red blossomed on her cheeks and she looked anxious. “Oh, God. Did you hear that.” She brought her hand up to her face, her finger grazing her bottom lip, another thing I loved. I chuckled slightly and nodded. “Oh fuck.” She slightly whispered as she covered her smile with her hand. “You have an amazing voice. I’ve never heard you sing before.” I took a step forward into the room. She turned her head away briefly and then brought it back. Shaking her head lightly, she spoke “I don’t like to sing in front of people.” “Why?” I was genuinely confused at why she wouldn’t. Letting out a small sigh, she answered “It’s embarrassing.” “How? You could probably stop the Empire with one note.” “Stop.” She said with a small laugh and a dismissing wave of her hand. I took a few more steps forward to where i was right in front of her. “I mean it,” I took her hand in mine, “It’s beautiful.” She looked up at me with a shy smile. “Oh forget it.” I spoke out loud to my self. She looked confused but didn’t have long to think before I put my lips on hers. She seemed shocked but kissed back. It was short but full of love. I smiled into it which only caused her to smile back. We broke the kiss and she broke out into a small laugh. “It’s about time, Skywalker.”

Things Johnny misses about Aisha

  • the way she always smelled good, he never could pick out exactly what the scent was but it was a mixture of soap and some kind of flowery shit. He wished he had asked her what is was, so that he could recreate it now.
  • The way she would absent-mindely sing while cleaning or taking a shower or just doing chores in general. He always did love listening to his girl sing.
  • The way she would fuss over him when he came back from a job roughed up, and how she would take care of him, spending hours helping him clean himself up and bandage himself back up.
  • The way she didn’t take any of his shit. Mostly everyone else was scared of him, not Aisha. He was scared of her.
  • The way she always made sure to say ‘I love you’ before he left, or before they hung up, even if she was mad at him so Johnny would always know how she felt about him in case something happened to him.
You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 10)

Mixed with her excitement was a very present sense of nervousness, not that Lou Ellen would admit that, but the moment they had her sign a waver and such and have her parents sign it as well, she began to feel nervous. When she first got the news that she had won the contest all she could think about was how fun this would be.

She was now singing another tune as she listened to Ghost King list his rules. It was clear this was not all fun and games. Her heart was racing and beating so loud she thought Ghost King could hear it. As if sensing her nervousness he looked at her and placed a hand over her shoulder and gave it a comforting squeeze.

“Remember. If you get scared or it gets too much for you, just let me know and we’ll make sure you get home safe.”

“Thanks. So how exactly did you get into the whole ghost hunting gig?”

Ghost King seemed to go into deep thought, in search for an answer before he took in a deep breath and looked back at her. “Well….for as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to see them…talk to them…and sense them. When you’re young, you’re curious. I got curious and decided to just listen to whatever was pulling me to that old house on Asphodel Lane, you know the one?,” Lou nodded, “Well of course I had to break in, but once inside the pull was gone and I was just so relieved, but I saw them, all the spirits in that house, they were nice. I don’t know….it just became second nature for me to go back to that house and talk to the spirits there. But then it got condemned and a new house was built and put on the market. The spirits were not happy. I tried to reason with them, but they didn’t want to hear it. I even tried to stop the selling of it but no one believed me that the ghosts wouldn’t like it. So they sold it. The family got haunted….it was bad. The daughter ended up in a hospital. From then on I kinda vowed to gather evidence of the existence of spirits so people would listen…..but anyways why don’t we go inside it’s almost time to start filmimg.”

Lou could only respond with a nod, she was a bit shocked with how open he was, not to mention the fact that he apparently could do this at such a young age. It was interesting! It was astounding! It was a bit worrying….


Nico had no idea why he just basically told Lou Ellen his whole life story, maybe because it was the first time someone asked him? He didn’t know for sure. She was easy to talk to. That was something he liked about her. But it was also something he feared about her. She gathered secrets. She was trustworthy if she was your friend, but get on her bad side…and yeesh! That was a terrifying thought.

He got the cue from the crew that they were about to start, Nico let his night vision goggles hang loosely around his neck and handed Lou Ellen a pair.

“What are these for?”

“So that we can see. The power hasn’t been on in thirty years. Actually it’s not even connected to a power line anymore. So you’re gonna need them.” He said with a chuckle.

She nodded and let hers hand around her neck like he did.

After the initial introduction and interviews of past employees and patients, Nico always gave and a brief history of the place they were going to be investigating, he explained to the viewers why they had the night vision goggles as he had done to Lou Ellen, he even showed the documents stating as such. As he finished this, Lou gasped from beside him. He looked at her and tilted his head questioningly. Her eyes were wide in awe and shock.

“Remember how you said there was no power?”

“Of course, why?”

Instead of answering him, the girl before him pointed to a window of the building on the third floor, a light in one of the rooms was on. The camera guys quickly zoomed in on it as one had his camera focused on Nico and Lou Ellen.

“Oh wow. Activity right off the bat. This should be fun.” Another gasp and Nico saw the light turn off but there was the distinct shadow of someone in the room. He could already sense it’s intent.

“We’ll avoid the third floor for a while….let’s head in.” He mumbled as he took the goggles off, and motioned for a crew member to cover him as he unzipped his hoodie and slipped the goggles on and zipped the hood back up. Lou and the crew had of course tried to catch a glimpse of him without the hood but to no avail. Even the member who hid him had to have his back to him, so he of course didn’t see anything.

“Let’s go.”

They followed in silence, Lou was beside him softly clutching the sleeve of his sweater as the front doors swung open with loud refusing squeaks. They walked in and Nico nodded at the crew member outside to lock them in. Along with the three man camera crew, Nico had people stationed outside to make sure no outside interference could mess with the filming.

As soon as they stepped inside, Nico felt the temperature drop, it seemed like Lou Ellen did as well since she put on the sweater they had given her right away.

“Okay. Let’s head over to room 103, to recap that was the room the past nurse, Ms. Amanda Gardner was telling us about earlier,” Nico spoke to the camera, “Where patients reported hearing a woman singing and smelling perfume at random times, and it is also where people have reported seeing a little girl apparition on multiple occasions. As we do this, Michael Butcher,” Said man waved at the camera and smiled,“ one of our camera men is going to go around the first floor setting up x cameras, he is wearing a go pro so you guys can see him doing so, he is also going to be placing EVP recorders beside the cameras, he will be carrying one himself.”

And then they were off, each step taken Nico could sense some spirits lurking curiously but he could also sense they were low energy so there was no use speaking to them. On their way to the room Nico stopped and put a finger to the skeletal design’s teeth, his lips, everyone stood still and was silent. She was here. The little girl spirit the staff had called Elizabeth. Nico told the people with him as such. Lou Ellen was about to ask him something but was cut off by a giggle. Nico turned around and so did everyone else.


Lou couldn’t believe her eyes. There! Right there, in front of her. Caught on camera was a little girl, who smiled at them and then ran around them and into room 103. It was……Lou couldn’t even describe how she was feeling. All she knew was that her mouth was open in shock. As was the crews, Ghost King quickly ran after her only to stop at the doorway. A camera man and Lou followed only to see……


No little girl.


But she had just ran inside.


And then they all simultaneously smelt a vague scent of flowery perfume.