he would make a fortune tho

Tales of Miss Fortune (Part 5)

Welp, here we go pals. It is a lil bit meh. There is some dirty tak in the second aprt so caeful. Buuuut the next one will be fun, fun, fun. Here’s a hint: Someone gets drunk

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Adrien was pacing across his living room, sighing and groaning and running his hands through his hair. He was pretty close to make a hole in the floor. Which would have been unfortunate given he lives in a penthouse. He would probably come crashing through the roof of his downstair neighbors. Tho, last time he checked, the apartment downstairs wasn’t really in use, it was some sort of holiday residence of a foreign rich business man. All the better, if he makes a hole through the floor then he won’t bother anyone. At least his mind could be at ease with one thing. Cause sure as hell it wasn’t with the rest. Adrien continued pacing, his thoughts an entire mess.

Meanwhile, on the couch, Plagg was getting an eye twitch. He couldn’t even enjoy his delicious Camembert in piece, because Adrien was going through an early twenties crisis. Well, he was going through a crisis every week, but this was one of the over the top ones. Honestly, Plagg would probably be more indulgent if there was something important to worth get so worked up over. But no. Of course not. Adrien was getting worked up over the fact that his brain and his dick had diverging opinions.

“Kid.” Plagg called out.

Adrien, finally happy that someone acknowledged him, started pouring his heart out. “Oh my god, I can’t like her, I have morals, I’m a hero, I can’t just like a thief, but I do. I like her a lot and I even touched myself thinking of her… “

“Too much information, kid.”

“… and whenever I do that it is the best masturbation session ever even if I do it like twice a year. And it isn’t fair I’m not supposed to be attracted to her.”

“Kid, honestly… “

“Does it make me a bad guy and no longer a hero cause I’m attracted to her?”

“Kid!” Plagg flew in his face and slapped his nose. “Calm down. Seriously. There is nothing wrong being attracted to her. Honestly, what’s the worst thing that she had done?”

“Well, she stole the Mona Lisa and… “

Plagg scoffed. “Kid, please. I was alive then and I can tell you Leo hated that piece of junk. And the model herself got let expression than the ones you are working it. So don’t tell me this nonsense.”

“But she is a villain.” Adrien complained again, making Plag squeeze his cheeks.

“Kid, listen, no one cares. You are literally angry over your dick functioning properly. How do you humans say nowadays? Righ. You need to chill. So just go get to your room and take care of that nonsense and let me enjoy my cheese in peace.”

Adrien nodded and left the room. But five minutes later when he was laying down with his hand slipping down his pajama pants, it wasn’t Miss Fortune who appeared once he closed his eyes. It was Marinette. Adrien rolled over on his stomach and screamed in the pillow.

Fuck him.

Mornings were never good for anyone. They were especially not good when you were thrown across the floor of a small abandoned factory hall. It was a good thing he hadn’t gone to sleep at all last night, because Miss Fortune had an early start. She stole a sapphire necklace from a private collection, thus forcing him to chase her while the sun rose over the city of Paris. Actually, when put like that it sounded a bit romantic and he wondered if she did it on purpose. Knowing her, she probably did. Picking himself off the ground he attacked her again. And honestly, he had no idea how he managed, but he got a good enough grip to send her tumbling across the floor. He was ready to go for another offensive move and maybe manage to snatch the necklace. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her curling herself into a ball.

“Miss Fortune?” he called out. The only answer he got was a low whimper that it reminded him of a kicked puppy.

Oh no. Did he hurt her? They hadn’t been pulling their punches when they fought, not ever. But they had never injured each other seriously either. Chat walked towards her.

“Why are you so rough with me kitten?” she whispered when he was finally close enough to touch. Kneeling next to her, she turned her around to face him, careful not to hurt her even more.

Miss Fortune looked up at him with the most innocent gaze he had ever seen on her. He barely managed to hear her when she spoke next. “I thought you’d be gentle.”

Chat felt remorseful. He reached for her trying to help her in a sitting position. And just as he reached for her shoulder, she seized his hands. And that sweet, innocent look vanished as soon as it came. With a smirk, she whispered. “You look entirely vanilla.”

The next thing Chat Noir knew was that he was hoisted up on her shoulders before being thrown tumbling across the floor. He tried to get up, but she was faster. She came behind him, her thighs engulfing his, her chest pressed against his backside and her left hand holding the string of her yoyo as he wrapped it against his wrists. Her right hand reached for his hair, running her fingers through it, almost soothingly.

“So how is it, kitten?” she gripped his hair, forcing his head in such a position that exposed his neck. “Are you rough in bed?”

Chat hissed through his teeth as she dragged her tongue along his exposed skin at a torturous pace. Her voice was low, almost predatory and he liked it more than he should. “Talk with me, minou. Are you going to be rough with me? Push me on my stomach and pound me into the mattress? Or aren’t you even going to bother with a bed?” she giggled. “Will you just push me against a wall and just take me there? Or bend me over whatever flat surface you see first to make your job easier? Are you going to leave marks all over me? I love territory marking.”

As if to prove that, she sunk her teeth into the gentle skin of his neck just under his jaw, biting and sucking before licking it. Chat bit his tongue to keep from moaning. And suddenly, she changed her movements. Her grip on his hair lessened and returned to soft caresses while she was pressing soft kisses along his neck and jaw.

“Or will you be gentle like I aways imagined you being. Just lay me on a soft bed and show me with gentle kisses and affection. Whispering the sweetest things as you spoil me and make sure to not leave one patch of skin unkissed. Going down on me, eating me all night long as if I’m your favorite dessert and you just can’t get enough of me. Is this how you prefer it, chaton?”

Her lips moved upwards, setting against the shell of his ear, her tongue reaching out just for a small lick that sent shivers down his spine. And he never thought orders could be whispered seductively, and yet.

“Answer me.”

“Both. I’m flexible when it comes to it.” he choked out, unable to resist anymore. not when she was so close, showering him with attention and kisses. Not when he could smell her, such a sweet perfume that made his mouth water. He had limits.

Miss Fortune giggled against him. He could feel the vibration from her chest against his back. And to his surprise, she pushed the sapphire necklace in front of him. Settling his ponytail aside, she kissed the back of his neck.

“This is your reward for being such a good kitten. I like you when you are cooperative. You are such a sweet tame kitten when you want to. I’d like to see a little more of this from time to time. But until then.” she pressed a long kiss to his cheek. “Au revoir, mon amour.”

The next thing he knew was that his hands were free and the heat from her body disappeared. He let himself fall on all fours, breathing heavily. And even with her warmth gone, his face was still burning.

Such a good kitten.

Chat whimpered pathetically as he let himself fall against the floor. Why, why did she had to know how to press all his buttons?

Damn his bad luck.

Modern elves! because i love these two

I saw and read some awesome modern AUs around here and thought i would throw some sketches and thoughts too! -tho mine are a lot less original haha-

Solas could be a professor or a psychologist? or historian? his family was rich and politically influential but they weren’t on good terms due to opposing views. When his parents die in an accident he feels responsible for (and maybe is in some way? or maybe survivor’s guilt?), he inherits a fortune but doesn’t do much with it He lives a simple life (hiding mostly), paints as a hobby and is an insufferably picky eater. Sera makes a living off a travelling street stand and part time jobs, she has a lizard pet and gets involved in as many social causes as she can with her Jenny squad, wears mostly hand me downs from friends and has a colorful reputation in pubs. She crashes at Solas’ place sometimes and he wakes up to lizards and pranks, he tries to get her back into school, she eats all his cakes and cookies. I love to imagine these two interacting because there wasn’t enough of it in game and i think they have a lot in common AHHH i just love modern AUs, if you write or know any that you like please throw them my way! 

Damn tho in 05x01 Mance Rayder tells Stannis “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come” right before he is executed (burned alive and then mercy killed by Jon) This was such a significant moment in Jon’s life and character development. 

In 07x05 Jon tells Dany the same line “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come” right before he leaves on his suicide mission beyond the wall.

Jon really thought that was going to be the last time he saw Daenerys. Makes so much more sense now why he would bend the knee after she saved his life and pledged to help him defeat the Night King

Imagine teen!Sherlock having this huge crush on teen!John, falling quite obviously head over heels for him, he is so blatantly smitten that literally the entire school knows. Except for John. Sherlock is just too shy to approach him out of nowhere, he talked to him maybe twice? Thrice? Each time stammering and blushing really hard. John, being as equally smitten and for whatever reason as equally afraid to speak to this tall, cute boy, thought it was extremely adorable tho, turning pink as well, something that has rarely (make it never) happened to him before. He even tried to flirt and make Sherlock smile at least a bit but Sherlock didn’t seem to understand his point at all, he rather excused himself in fear of being made fun of. Because who would ever want him, right? Definitely not John Watson (even though he is the kindest, most beautiful soul Sherlock’s ever had the fortune of knowing albeit from a distance). That’s what Sherlock thinks at least, no one has ever been attracted to him, such concept feels to be quite surreal to Sherlock, people usually just point their fingers at him, laughing and whispering behind his back as he walks down the hallway, calling him names, freakweirdo. He tries to ignore it, concealing, but in reality… it just hurts him too much. People are rude to him, always, constantly, often pulling pranks on him so there’s no surprise they strive to make fun of him once again, right on the Valentine’s Day, in the most cheesy, yet cruel way possible.

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