he would have a tumblr

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what do you mean whit is pining after slug?

dat boi in love

frankly who wouldn’t be


The infamous clothes swap is finally here!
When you start off with dressing up D.va all cute and things escalate and you get a Junkrat in a thight suit and a Lucio that, just like in comp, just fills whatever role is left.


#ʜᴀᴘᴘʏᴄʜᴇɴᴅᴀʏ16 | ᴊᴏɴɢᴅᴀᴇ ᴀs ᴄᴏʟᴏᴜʀs ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴀɪɴʙᴏᴡ

do you realize that if the Beatles were young and famous now Ringo would have a video blog with all the random shit they’d get themselves in to, John would tweet random strings of words/jibberish alongside incredibly wise thoughts, George would have a tumblr with a url he would keep a secret, and Paul would post shirtless pics on Instagram

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Hi hi, I was wondering with the adoption brother AU, what if you added on the Galra!Kieth to that? How would Shiro be affected knowing his own family had actual bloodline connections to the enemy that tortured him for years?

I actually had something like that in my drafts! Basically it was something like lil Shiro on his way with his fam to adopt Keith and he was under the assumption that his new brother was going to be an actual “alien” because apparently Keith literally came outta nowhere. he was disappointed to find that his lil brother was in fact not purple or green thus calling him ugly

Later though when Galra Keith became a thing he was shook for a while and then starts laughing hysterically and says something like “i can’t believe my brother’s a fucking alien furry” and he was alright with it because 1) thats his brother that he loves to hell and back and 2) his childhood wish came true


Swap and Swapfell!!

im still trying to figure out how tf to draw these boys lmao


im still indecisive af on what sf!sans’ color scheme is rip

I was grabbing a drink in the kitchen when Josh called out “Hey Nick, you wanna play some CoD?” I stuck my head into the loungeroom, Josh was kicked back on the couch, wearing nothing but a pair of footy shorts, his feet on the coffee table, “Sure” I shrugged as I plonked down next to him. 

As we played Josh lazily scratched at his crotch. Eventually he leant sideways and as I looked across I could see his cock hanging out the right leg of his footys “You like that?” It took me a minute to realise that Josh was looking straight at me “What? No it’s just that you’re hanging out” I was hoping to play it off “So your big bro doesn’t make you ‘hot’?” Josh scoffed.

Holy shit, somehow he knew about Tumblr. The look on my face would have removed any doubts “That’s right, I know. Thought I’d freeball and see what happened” I couldn’t find any words to reply, so I just awkwardly blinked, Josh tugged at his foreskin, he was starting to get hard, “You wish you could suck this?” I was red with embarrassment “Josh..I …yeah, I guess so”.

“You guess so? Well you’re in luck, I haven’t had a beat today so you can help me out” I was in shock, I just sat and stared at Josh’s stiffening dick. “Suck me off Nick, help your bro out” Josh cajoled “Josh, I….” Josh ran his hand up his abs and circled his nipple with his index finger, licking his lips “Isn’t this what you wanted?” This was the 'sexy Josh’ that usually only came out when he was taking the piss with the boys.

The little hint of classic smartass Josh behaviour was enough to tip me over. I slipped off the couch and knelt between Josh’s legs, he lifted his hips as I slipped his footys off causing his meat to slap back against his abs.  I paused for a moment to appreciate the muscled god I was kneeling before, savouring the idea that Josh wanted this. Josh slouched down the couch, using his right thumb to push his shaft upright and putting his left hand behind his head “Kiss it”.

I leaned my head in and cautiously flicked out my tongue, lapping Josh’s piss slit and gently circling the edge of his hood, he let out a low groan and pushed lightly on the back of my head. I bobbed up and down the length of my brother’s thick meat “Yeah, suck it” murmured Josh. As I sucked I milked the length of Josh’s shaft, gliding my hand to meet my lips, loving looking up at Josh. 

Josh was well and truly fulfilling his end of the bargain, he now had both his hands behind his head exposing the light dusting of hair in his pits and stretching his skin taut across his well defined chest. Hearing my brother’s gentle groans was very nearly to much for me to bear but I kept my focus on Josh, I wasn’t getting my nut until he did.  

As I stroked I pulled back on Josh’s sheath, exposing his head to my enthusiastic tongue. Almost immediately Josh began a stream of encouragement “Yeah! Fuckin’ hmmm Yeah, suck it! Fuckin’ slut!” Before too long Josh’s words gave way to grunts, his hips bucking as he pumped his hot cum down my throat. I gulped down all of Josh’s seed then rested my head on his 'v’ enjoying the warm skin of his lower abs against my cheek.

I like to imagine Rung’s segway going as fast as a small vehicle.

Triple Guy Date.



Two guys can go out on a date? Who’d a thunk it.

Apparently Ice Bear.

Timon walked by Ice and Zang’s side to an amusement park. If Timon was gonna go out on his first guy date with anybody it would be his two good friends.

So far this place seemed very Disney world-esc. There was a bunch of human children here (with their parents) that like always with the bears bros in California at least, payed no mind to the animals. If anything they thought they were cool and cute.

“So what you guys wanna do first? Souvenirs? Rides?” What else was there to do at an amusement park? Besides plenty of food. “There’s a place under the log ride you can rustle up some grub.” water tended to attract mosquitoes. Nothing against the amusement park employees.

Another up date on my buddy who started XIV ^^

He is a hellsguard boy

He initially was gonna go elezen, but then saw roegadyn and immediately fell in love

He’s a baby tank! Picked gladiator to start with. I explained what tanks do in the game and he’s excited to learn (though I am also worried some df douchebags are gonna awful to him when he starts tanking dungeons)

Likes to jump. Like he hops around everywhere and I dunno why I find it so funny

He’s at level 5 so far and slowly starting to learn everything and so far enjoys the game. I hope he ends up sticking with it!

reasons tumblr should appreciate percy weasley/oliver wood more:

  • puns! oliver thinks percy is prefect. percy thinks oliver is a keeper.
  • oliver wood. i probably don’t need to explain this one.
  • percy the prefect. i know, i know, but he deserves more love than he’s getting from the fandom (or at least less hate), poor thing.
  • opposites attract. besides, percy is just as obsessed with his grades as oliver is with quidditch; it fits.
  • more puns! angelina saw percy and oliver coming out of the broom closet. oliver gives percy wood.
  • they’re in the same year at hogwarts and share a dorm (and may have been the only two gryffindor boys in their year - think of the fanfic).
  • percy is a weasley, meaning lots of opportunities for awkward family dinner situations/the twins being awesome.
  • puuuuuuns! oliver thinks percy riding his broom is one of the sexiest things he’s ever seen. there’s more than one reason the title of head boy fits percy very well.
  • it’s a ship. tumblr loves shipping.
  • just a shitload of puns, really.