he would do anything for her


Derek x Reader

“Hello Love.” Klaus hummed as he spotted you at the end of the bar, Camille would stop serving people to give you notes or when it wasn’t busy she’d sit and help you study.


“What do you want Klaus?” You sighed.


“To offer you the pleasure of my company.” Klaus smiled and you rolled your eyes.

“Believe me your company is anything but pleasurable.” You sighed and grabbed your books. “I’ll come back tomorrow.”


“Alright, see you later (Y/N).” Camille waved at you before turning to scowl at Klaus who had an innocent look on his face.


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Dear mods of NoChocolate, I have a question that may require some research so if it is too much I apologize, please ignore me. Does Sans ever use exclamation points in his dialogue aside from when he dunks you? I think he might use some when he's talking in his Toriel voice, but aside from that I just don't remember any.

(undertale spoilers)

Actually there are a few more times that Sans uses exclamation points! In addition to the two you have already mentioned, we have the following.

» Dinner with Sans

do you get what i’m saying?
that promise i made to her…
you know what would have happened if she hadn’t said anything?
…You’d be dead where you stand.

» Exiled Queen Ending

undyne spearheaded the revolution, of course.
she was pretty mad after what happened to asgore.
she threw the queen out of the castle with her strength.
then she became the empress of the underground…
and banished the queen back to the ruins.
seems like undyne’s… hmmm…
even more vehement about destroying humanity than ASGORE.

Note: Dialogue may vary depending on who dies, but Sans will always say the “but hey! it’s not all bad!” lines if Toriel is exiled.

» Genocide Battle

well, here goes nothing…
are you ready?

» Sans After Chara’s Tenth Death

hmm. that expression…
that’s the expression of someone who’s died ten times in a row.

Hurt | L.H

It wasn’t until three weeks ago that y/n realized the severity of her broken relationship. She was with Luke and he was with someone else but she couldn’t say anything, he claimed he loved her but she swore he only loved when she was in pain. It was a sad thing really. She would explain how much he hurt her but he couldn’t do anything accept tell her that it was her fault and that she need not cry over everything; she was deserted and no longer knew what love felt like.
It was midnight now and she was alone in their shared bed scrolling through old pictures of them that happened to be in her gallery. Luke was in fact in their shared flat but he, was on the phone with his girlfriend; he told her that it was only his sister but y/n didn’t understand why he would want to know what color his sisters panties were. The lonely girl began to feel tears prickling in her eyes but wiped them dry quickly and closed out the app.
She sat back on her pillows and looked over to her nightstand where a book of lyrics she had liked sat. She moved over a bit so she could grab it and looked through the words, suddenly she felt the urge to want to sing them.
“I told you how you hurt me baby, but you don’t care.” She sang, sitting up fully. “Now I’m crying and it’s hurting baby, but you don’t care. Aint nobody tell me this is love. Why are you immune to all my pain?” Y/n didn’t realize it but she was now standing, getting louder by the minute. “I need you to tell me this is love, you don’t care and thats okay.” She sang the last lyric before she hit the chorus but stopped, feeling herself beginning to get choked up.
“Well I care. I know you don’t care too much but I still care.” Her voice croaked weakly. She started to sing the next verse but she heard the bedroom door open and Luke’s figure emerge from the dark hall.
“Don’t let me stop you.” He said softy. “Keep going.” Y/n wiped the tears from her cheeks and shook her head, getting up and turning to him. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be so loud, I was just heading to-” “Y/N. Keep singing.” She swallowed the lump in her throat and thought back to the place she was at.
“Ever since I knew my power I made you cry.” He sang for her, his voice raspy and laced with something like sleep. Y/n head shot up as she heard him, how much did he hear? Did he see her crying? Did he actually care?
“And now everytime our love goes sour, you won’t sympathize.” She blurted out.
“I saw the tears falling down to your ears. You think I like when you’re in pain.” He sang back, walking even closer to her.
“I try to tell you all my fears, You still don’t care. That’s okay.” Y/n didn’t sing the last part, her voice wouldn’t let her; it was barely a whisper.
“But I care.” He whispered back.

Am I the only one who thinks that the episode DIDN’T completely destroy Alex’s character? Here’s why:

I found it 100% impossible to believe that Alex would beat up DeLuca that much with Jo right there, even if he did think that DeLuca was about to sleep with her. But when Alex implied that he thought DeLuca was trying to take advantage of Jo, my opinion changed. Alex loves Jo more than anything and if he thought DeLuca was trying to RAPE her…of course he would fly into a rage. Alex has a temper and always has. If he thought DeLuca was trying to hurt Jo, it is completely IC for him to lose his shit. Obviously he would not be thinking straight and would do things he would regret. It’s clear that afterwards Alex realized he’d screwed up because he took DeLuca to the hospital. 

The only thing that really bothered me about the episode was when Alex said that Jo gives up on people when things get hard and blamed it on how she was raised or “not raised”. That was uncalled for and pissed me off. It was an incredibly low blow and I find it hard to believe that Alex would use Jo’s childhood against her when he had a difficult one himself. But I think they will eventually move past it because I’m sure now that Alex realizes how wrong he was he is definitely guilt-ridden. I do hope he gives her one hell of an apology though because it was an incredibly cruel thing to say and he owes her that. 

Ultimately I’m not too worried because it is obvious to me that Alex will get out of this somehow. Since he is a main character and Justin does not seem to be leaving anytime soon obviously they will find a way for him to not go to jail or lose his medical license. Perhaps DeLuca will drop the charges or Alex will plead down to a misdemeanor. I don’t know exactly what will happen but I know Alex will be fine in the end. 

I actually really enjoyed this episode because I have not been so gripped by a Grey’s episode in two years. Also, when was the last time Alex or Jo got this much screentime? I couldn’t believe how much focus they got in the episode, especially Jo! 

Jolex is rising. Everything will be fine. I have faith guys. 

- Jackie aka @karevsprincess

What kind of boyfriend would Jaemin be?

- You and Jaemin both attend the same high school, but you have zero knowledge that the other exists
- He’s in the year above you, and he’s also impossible to get to
- Due to his idol status, his attendance is more than a little spotty, and even when he does show up to school, he’s constantly being harassed by rabid fangirls
- You’re not a loner or anything, but you are a free spirit who definitely prefers having her own space and doing her own thing
- While all your friends eat lunch together in the nosiy and overcrowded cafeteria, you like to go to the rooftop and indulge in some alone time
- Your day had started out well enough, but it quickly turned into the stuff of nightmares, you flunked an exam, got hit in the head repeatedly with a volleyball in gym, and you’re suffering from the worst cramps ever
- Jaemin’s day just so happens to be equally crappy, he also failed an exam, he can’t seem to learn the new choreography, and the fangirls won’t leave him alone  
- While trying to evade his stalkers, Jaemin stumbles upon the staircase leading up to the roof, where the two of you meet for the first time
- It’s pretty much love at first sight for both of you, you’re the only girl in school who actually treats him like a normal human being and he isn’t a jackass like every other guy you know
- He’s a total sweetheart who will do anything and everything for you, within reason of course
- Between school and his career, you would assume he has no time for you, but that’s where you’d be wrong, he makes time
- You guys always sneak off to the rooftop to spend your lunch periods together, he calls you between practice sessions, and constantly snapchats you whenever he goes on tour or out of the country
- I feel like he can be a little clingy every now and then, but it’s only because he really, really loves you, and attention
- When you two first started talking he was so beyond awkward, but it’s kind of charming when he does it
- He takes such good care of you, regardless of your age, he is going to baby you
- He always makes sure you’re dressed warmly in the winter, that you’re wearing sunscreen in the summer, that you’re eating enough without overdoing it because he doesn’t want you ending up with a stomachache
- Jaemin loves it when you shower him with affection, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in public, but he’s someone who wants you to constantly affirm and reaffirm your love for him
- You two have super embarrassing nicknames for each other, which you only use in private because the one time you used them in front of his members they made fun of you for six straight months
- He wants to do everything with you as a couple: couples cooking, couples outfits, couples yoga, couples cleaning, you guys even got couples detention once
- He’d honestly be happy doing anything as long as he gets to do whatever it is with you
- Don’t ever give him the silent treatment because it’ll most likely lead to waterworks and an even clingier Jaemin
- Every time he has a new comeback he consults you on what he should do with his hair
- He’s very open with you about everything, like when you first met he was almost too shy to talk to you and now you’re like woah, Jaemin TMI
- I feel like he might come off as a little flirty when he’s speaking to other girls, but that’s only because he’s such a friendly guy, you’ll quickly realize you have nothing to worry about because all of his love is for you
- You two are literally so love that from an outsiders perspective it’s a little disgusting

Don’t think about how the last time Lucy and Lockwood interacted pre-TCS ended

Don’t think about how Lockwood, who usually keeps his emotions so in check, must have felt if he got outwardly angry enough to yell and storm off

Don’t think about Lucy being left there afterwards and what she must have been feeling because she’s doing this to protect him

Don’t think about how that was the last time they saw each other for four months

Don’t think about how Lockwood got up the next morning to find she’d already gone

And really don’t think about him realising if anything happened to Lucy in those four months that would have been the last time he would have seen her

Kind of continued from my last set of doodles-I wondered what kirigiri would’ve said if she had seen naegi in his despair! state!

I don’t think she would’ve been angry at him for trying to take his life (like what naegi said).  Rather, she would have reminded him of her reasons of dying and cheered for him? At least, that’s what I’d do if I were to be in her place

My dear Yoosung…

Yes, I played Mystic Messenger and since everyone is going bananas over it now, I decided to draw my favourite boy.

I keep seeing fan art of 707 all over the web, it seems like he’s everyone’s favourite but I’m here to say Yoosung deserves more love too!

My dash is lacking Yoosung fan arts so I decided to solve the problem doing some myself haha

Excuse me for the cheesy quote and fonts BUT I wanted to somehow show how Yoosung cares deeply for MC and would probably even die for her or something LOL I won’t spoiler anything but if you played/will play his route you will understand what I mean.

Btw, for doing this drawing I was inspired by one of his CGs, my personal favourite! I friggin love roses and flowers in general, it’s one of my favourite gifts to receive! (*´▽`*)

Anyway, I hope you like it! :D

Art © Blueem

Mystic Messenger © Cheritz

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Never trust a man who causes you so much distress that if your friends invite you out and he's there you won't hesitate to say no ((coming from someone who would do anything to hang out with her friends))


He is not your father, you don’t need his permission to do simple things, and if he makes you feel like you do then something is wrong.

(And even your father doesn’t own your body, getting your hair cut or even an abortion shouldn’t require his permission)

          After to have read the text that she received from Eight, Ethyl couldn’t do anything else other than wait. But ‘a talk’ was making her feel worried apart from feeling okay, although she may have a little time of thinking despite that.. he mentioned that he would be at her home as fast as he could. Mumbling words that doesn’t want to be heard despite being alone in her house, she’s uncomfortable by a second.

[ x ] @changeling8 

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I'd love a 9. and a 14. about "For a Lost Daughter", Miss Bonnie Wee Legend.

9. Did anyone in the fic surprise me by doing anything? If so, what

Well, as I alluded to in another of these answers, Raymond ended up being a more sympathetic character than I was originally planning. I liked how he was able to save the day, though, by making sure Oliver was safe and giving Faith the peace of mind she needed to stay with her new family in good conscience. So yeah, I’d say that was a nice surprise for me when those pieces clicked!

14. If I were to write a sequel to this fic, what would it be about?

One day I do truly want to revisit this AU and show some scenes of what Faith’s life with her family would look like. My thought is that she and Claire set up shop as healers, Faith’s love Oliver makes his way to her with help from Raymond, we see some reconciliation with Raymond, and the four Frasers end up a general bad-ass kick-ass team. #Someday 


chuck + the importance of blair/his love for blair.

“I’ll always love you.”

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Why does Angelica get so worked up about a comma? And why do we all go along with it. We have seen Hamilton’s letters to Laurens. He is not subtle. A comma does not mean anything, if he loved her he would tell her. Alexander Hamilton was blunt and up front, and he would never express his feelings with a comma.

School Officials Used Young Girl as “Bait” in Rape Sting, She Was Raped and they Covered it Up
A public school's plan to use a young girl as 'rape-bait' to catch an older boy, known for his sexual misconduct, backfired. The girl was raped, and a subsequent cover-up ensued.

The headline says it all:

In 2010, a 14-year-old Huntsville girl was approached by school officials who wanted to use her as bait in a “sting operation.” The plan was to use the young girl to catch a boy in the act who’d been accused of sexually harassing students. However, their asinine plan backfired, and this innocent young girl was anally raped by the older student.

The plan was for the girl not to do anything and teachers would burst in and catch the boy with a girl in the bathroom, but the boy changed bathroom locations. The girl, known in court records as BHJ, was not found by the incompetent school officials until after the student raped her.

After their plan had failed, school officials attempted to sweep the incident under the rug. The boy never went to jail. Instead, he was placed in an alternative school, and his records shredded.

Despite medical records indicating that BHJ had anal tearing, indicating that she was, in fact, raped, the incident was entered into school records as “inappropriate touching.”

After the rape, it was revealed that the 16-year-old who raped BHJ was on in-school-suspension for previous allegations of sexual misconduct. Despite being suspended, the boy was allowed to roam the hallways during class time, allowing him to rape BHJ.

“Somebody should have been supervising and not letting him roam the hallways,” said US Circuit Judge Frank Hull.

After the school had set her up to be sodomized, BHJ was left to her own devices. The school board offered no counselling, no help, and she remained a student at Sparkman Middle School for two months until she was moved to another foster home in a different state.

Following the 2010 incident, the officials involved, and the Madison County school board have attempted to defer liability for allowing this incident to happen.

Yay unaccountable, bureaucratic government education monopolies.