he would do anything for her

My precious baby sones

I don’t have to worry about y'all but please drop this TAEYEON and WIZ thing. Let me explain something okay, this whole thing is mnet’s fault, wiz is not to blame and TAEYEON is not to blame mnet didn’t properly prepare the equipment.
Stop tweeting him about the situation if you don’t know anything about black culture understand that for the most part we don’t do anything unprovoked, something had to happened for him to shade her like that on twitter, understand that he doesn’t speak anything but English and so it was probably super hard for him to communicate with anyone about what was happening with the performance. Also understand that he’s not going to stop so y'all need to because this will quickly turn into an international incident.
Now hes obviously pissed to the point that if he got approached on the street about it he would shade her. The only media outlet that would approach him is TMZ. Once TMZ reports on it other entertainment media will report on it. Which will cause it to become A VERY BIG PROBLEM FOR TAEYEON AND SNSD AS A WHOLE So stop going into his mentions and calling him a liar and all that.
In short y'all are dealing with a different level of shade you’re not accustomed to please stop. If you still don’t understand Put the Baekyeon and Jessica hate together and multiply it by 10….thousand Buy rain on iTunes

crybaby-katt  asked:

I recall you saying something about Harley suspecting that J used to be abused in the past, so do you think she'd ever ask him or would she just completely stay away from that topic?

I think Harley would be smart about her approach and definitely see if she could get him to reveal some kind of information about it but lead him into it rather than put him on the spot by asking a direct blunt question.

Early on in their relationship I think he’d probably be very vague if he told her anything at all (and of course mixed in with a bunch of lies), but once he’d been with her a while and showed more significant moments of vulnerability, I think he might cautiously let some info slip. Considering Harley is far from dumb, I think she’d be able to get whatever he was trying to say since I feel any info he did tell her would be kind of like a riddle for her to figure out on her own by putting pieces together basically.

Owe You One || Jimin ft. Taekook

word count;; 2.9k
pairing;; Park Jimin x reader
genre;; pure fluff
warnings;; Jimin being the rude-ass mofo he is;;
ft. shit-eating maknae punks 

  “And – and what do I do if I feel like it’s going to go horribly wrong?” Wringing her hands together anxiously, f/n continuously takes fleeting, unnerved glances over her shoulder to the entrance of the small restaurant she stands in now, as if expecting someone to jump out at her. And by God, she would not be surprised if someone does.

Taehyung and Jungkook exchange semi-similar looks, though the former appearing to be extremely entertained more than anything, while the latter gives his friend a pointed expression over the wineglass he’s cleaning. All three of them know perfectly well that l/n f/n isn’t exactly accustomed to… er, putting herself out there, romantically, let alone going on dates as casual as this one.

And in good, pure honesty, she swears to all that is holy she is going to kill these two for setting her up. Knowing them, her date could end up being a lunatic who hasn’t gotten laid in half a year and is extremely desperate to “get lucky,” as they would say - though how her friends would even have a connection to someone as (pathetic/piteous/deplorable/contemptible/probably something more) that she doesn’t know.

But she wouldn’t be surprised. Not in the least.

“C'mon, noona, what’s the worse that could happen?” Jungkook asks with a rabbit-like grin, eyebrows raising in expectancy of her answer.

“Humiliation, embarrassment, fire, explosions, collisions, tears, nudity and death.”

Taehyung – who, along with Jungkook, had been left in charge of looking after the restaurant during its later hours before closing – turns to the younger two after having tended to a straggling late customer, with hands on his hips and not at all affected by f/n’s worrywart nature. “f/n-ah, I could see any one of those situations happening to you, except for that nudity one. The only reason you of all people would end up in your birthday suit after a first date is if you were getting assaulted and I can honestly say that Park Jimin is not that kind of man.” He pauses, worry suddenly creasing his brow. “I think. I hope?”

He and Jungkook give each other uncertain looks, earning a flare of anger from their female friend.

“That’s not funny, stop it! I’m panicking enough as it is!” she nothing short of wails, dragging her hands down her face.

Setting his current task aside, Jungkook steps around the varnished wooden counter and, forcing down a cluster of chuckles threatening to break free from behind his lips, places a supportive hand on f/n’s shoulder, gaze now comforting. “Alright, noona, tell ya what – we can have a signal if you feel like things are going downhill, yeah?” he offers.

Before f/n can even reply, Taehyung pipes up with a wide, boxlike grin, his eyes alight with excitement. “Ooh, ooh! How about this?” As if to demonstrate, Taehyung makes a real show of some ridiculous dance, with wiggling of the hips as he makes drowning gestures, waving his hands frantically and plugging his nose while he ‘swims’ up and down.

f/n, in the heat of her stress, glares cutting daggers at him as Jungkook simply chortles. “Pabo! how am I supposed to make this–” she mimicks his movements, more mocking than anything, “–look natural and casual in a social situation!? Pick something else.”

Jungkook, after recovering from his laughing fit, places a thoughtful hand on his chin. “Hmm… how about you ask me for more salad dressing?”

A deadpan. “Salad dressing,” she echoes, jaw tense with rising annoyance. “Jeon Jungkook, if you think my stress will be soothed by a bowl of fucking leaves, you’re in for a world of–”

“Alright, fine! Marinara sauce, then. Happy, you glutton?”

“Better, but I wouldn’t go that far, thank you.”

“Ah.” The bantering young adults look toward the third member of their party, who is scrolling through something on his phone absently. “Jimin’s just down the street, f/n-ah - he’ll be here in another five minutes or so.”

Breath hitching in her throat, f/n places her fingers on either temple on the sides of her head, massaging the areas miserably. “I don’t know if I can put up with another one of your stupid jokes,” she groans. At her friends’ highly affronted looks, she scowls. “Would you care to recall the other blind dates you set me up on? For all I know, this Jimin guy could be some forty year old divorcee who spends his nights crying over soap operas because his children refuse to see him!”

“…You’ve put a lot of thought into this, haven’t you?” Taehyung muses, eyes twinkling with amusement, before Jungkook places both hands on f/n’s shoulders and gazes down into her face firmly.

“Listen, noona, I get that we’ve set you up on some pretty shitty blind dates before.” A pause as he and Taehyung let out short laughs, seeming suspiciously proud of whatever memory they’re recalling. “But Jimin is different, I promise. Wanna hear about him?”

Biting her lips, f/n nods hesitantly.

“Well,” Taehyung begins loudly, eyes rolling toward the ceiling in thought, “Men of Jimin’s stature are in… short… supply?” he suggests, cheeks puffing out due to his efforts to smother his laughter. Jungkook nearly coughs on his own saliva, the choked back sounds in the back of his throat muffled into the towel on his shoulder.

Ah, wait, wait–” Jungkook holds a silencing hand up after recovering, grinning his ever-present bunny grin. “There are some who think… little of him.”

They continue crying with laughter, completely oblivious to f/n’s growing confusion and annoyance, amusing themselves in the strangest possible way. As she’s about to demand what the hell they’re going on about, the door to the restaurant opens with a small jingle of its bells’ and they all stand at attention, stiff as nailed-in boards.

f/n doesn’t dare to even turn around, though Jungkook and Taehyung, their lips crammed into lines in order to stifle the after effects of their giggle fit, subtly give the man walking inside meaningful looks as he offers a friendly smile. “Uh.. hello. You must be f/n.”

f/n’s mouth drops open and closed like that of a fish out of water, looking as if she is at a loss for words just over hearing his absolutely divine-sounding voice, all smooth and velvety and hot damn this isn’t seeming too bad. Wide-eyed, she gives her friends a frantic look, knowing that this Jimin is still behind her and unable to get a glimpse of her expression.

They merely grin and hold up their thumbs in an encouraging gesture.

Coughing and clearing her throat, f/n lifts her lips in an admittedly forced smile, turning to give the newcomer a charming little wave. “Er, yeah, that’s me… Jimin, ri–” And this, ladies and gents, is when she nearly chokes on whatever air that is still in her lungs, swallowing down the lump in her throat when she lays her eyes on her date.

His hair is fire, a shock of orange and parted at the forehead, soft tufts brushing against his eyes, which are smiling just as much as his plump pair of lips are. There’s no doubting that his lean physique is envious – biceps riddled with subtle muscles and forearms that could bring even Jungkook’s to shame. She understands, now, the awful jokes her shit-eating friends had been telling at Jimin’s expense; he’s not any shorter than her, but short enough to be considered as such by other men, apparently. But she doesn’t mind as her eyes wander down his skinny-jeans clad legs, because good god those have got to be the most glorious thighs she has ever seen.

Taehyung and Jungkook whistling casually and completely ignoring the hand she frantically waves behind her back, f/n regains her bearings and keeps down her embarrassment when Jimin’s mouth parts into a grin directed at her. “Yeah, that’s me. You’re even prettier than I thought you’d be.” If he notices the million-degree flush adorning her cheeks, he does not acknowledge it and bows a bit, politely. “Well, would you… like to sit down?”

Nodding a little shyly, f/n waits until Jimin is distracted with pulling out a chair for her to crane her neck over her shoulder and give her friends a highly impressed, almost astonished look while she gestures to Jimin in all his beautiful gentlemanly glory. That earns her another set of thumbs’ up.

The first ten minutes or so continue without too much embarrassment, just with the angelic being that is Park Jimin dishing out nearly too many compliments and cute crescent-eyed smiles for f/n to bear. He’s almost painfully charming, with gentle eyes that are genuinely interested in the things she says and quite possibly the most beautiful laugh that she’s ever had the blessed fortune of hearing – and she realizes multiple times that it is almost too much for her thrumming heart to handle. Other than that, things are going quite well; almost too well, if that is possible – which it is, when you are friends with two conniving demons such as Taehyung and Jungkook.

For once, they don’t appear determined to pull an outlandish prank that will royally screw everything up. And by god is f/n grateful for that.

After this period of smooth sailing, things have steadily begun to go downhill; though not in the way that one would expect. Turns out, all of Jimin’s compliments and honeyed words have succeeded in sending her heart into overtime, pounding endlessly against the ribcage of her chest – the flustered rush is especially evident after she has a decent buzz going from the few glasses of wine they’ve already consumed.

She is blushing about every shade of red, stammering and bumbling like an idiot with every word that comes out of Jimin’s mouth because just how could one human being be so fucking perfect?

They haven’t even been talking for a full half hour when f/n begins to feel sweat beading at the nape of her neck and on the crown of her head; quite literally as if she’s overheating. Partnered with the hum of the alcohol and her 100/10 flusteredness, the begins to feel almost woozy.

She is sober enough to realize that this needs to stop before she fucks this date up – one that has gone perfect so far, one that she doesn’t want to ruin.

Swallowing down a lump in her throat, she awkwardly looks back at her friends, where they are quietly bickering about something behind the bar, lightly smacking one another in the chest once in a while. Positive that Jimin is distracted with talking between sips of his drink, she clears her throat subtly.

“Er. Jungkook, could I have some more sauce?” she requests pointedly, flashing a polite smile that poorly disguises the panic hiding beneath.

He pauses, tilting his head thoughtfully as if debating his answer. Finally, he simply shrugs and beams like he’s some goddamned angel (when really he is the spawn of satan for what he does next). “I don’t know what you mean, noona. You haven’t even ordered yet,” he sings.

Eyes wide in horror, a panicked woman looks to Taehyung in hope.

He seems completely oblivious to her existence, that son of a bitch.

Desperately, and as a last ditch effort, f/n begins performing Taehyung’s ridiculous signal dance, plugging her nose and making exaggerated panicky swimming gestures – but only after she is certain that Jimin cannot catch her humiliating movements.
The two little shits have the nerve to hold their towels over their faces and mimic swimming downward, beneath the counter and out of sight of f/n.

Supposed best friends, my ass.


Startled, the woman jumps a bit and meets the warm brown eyes of a concerned Jimin, who places a gentle hand on her arm as if trying to catch her attention. “Uh – um – hmm?”

“Are you alright? You seem kind of frazzled,” Jimin clarifies with a small smile of understanding.

No, no I am not alright; because how in the hell is it okay for you to exist? You’re literally so perfect that it must be against the laws of nature so how -

With an obnoxious clearing of her throat, f/n forces a carefree grin and nods reassuringly. “I’m fine,” she says somewhat smoothly. “I just–”

“If you want to leave, you can if you’d like.”

Completely taken aback by these words, f/n blinks past strands of her hair. Once. Twice. Thrice when she realizes Jimin is no longer smiling, but gazing sympathetically at her. “Wha–”

Sighing, Jimin runs a hand through his fiery hair. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed. You’ve been jittery this entire time and you keep looking at Tae and Jungkook as if you want them to shoot you.” Pausing, he begins to stand, awkwardly scratching the back of his head. “…Um, I’m sorry if I was making you uncomfortable.” He bites his lower lip, not speaking for a beat of silence before bowing his head with a slight flush to his ears that f/n can barely catch. “…Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have done this. I’ll – I’ll just lea–”

No!” f/n blurts, eyes as large as dinner plates. “It’s – it’s not like that. I just…” A swallow. “I haven’t… I haven’t been on a date in a while and I guess… I was expecting the worst from you.” She presses her lips into a thin, shrugging sheepishly. “Tae and Kookie have set me up on some pretty crappy blind dates before, you know? But it isn’t you, I promise. I mean, it is – but not for the reason you think. You’re just – you’re quite possibly the most beautiful human being I’ve ever laid eyes on and you’re too kind for your own good and I just–”

Relief flooding through his expression and warmth filling his eyes, Jimin cuts f/n off before she can even finish, both painfully aware of the two pairs of eyes watching them intently from over the counter. “Then you’ll go out with me again?” he asks hopefully, reaching for one of her hands and holding it between his own. She notes, after getting over her embarrassment, that while they’re small, they’re warm; a contrast to the cool metal of the rings on his fingers.

Flabbergasted but touched, f/n makes odd nodding and shrugging gestures as if unsure of what she was trying to say and she wants to smack herself for acting like an idiot. “I – I, um…”

“Please? Just give me a chance. I promise I’ll be good to you, you won’t regret it–”

“O-oh! That’s not what I – no, no! I’d love to go out with you again…” Cheeks flushed for the umpteenth time that night, f/n bows her head, a curtain of hair shielding her from view. “But… I’m just surprised that you even want to go out with me again when I’ve been acting like such a spaz… I’m just… Not used to being complimented so much at once.”

There’s another moment of quiet and she’s just waiting for his response, praying that he hasn’t changed his mind and – a laugh. A short, breathless laugh and the small fingers around her own tightening. “That’s what upset you? I thought you didn’t like me.” Before f/n’s heart even has time to leap back up from the trenches of her stomach to the peak of her chest, there is a hand on her chin, angling her gaze upward again to the one of happiness on Jimin’s face. He’s smiling that crescent-eyed grin again, and he’s acting as if it’s taking everything in him not to hug her with all of his strength. “F/n-ah, I don’t know what you’re talking about when you call me beautiful, because even if all that was true, you’d outshine me in a heartbeat.”

Oh my god, oh my god, there goes my heart again…

Still, f/n smiles – shakily, but it’s genuine.

Jimin matches her expression, eyebrows raised earnestly. “So?” he prods gently.

“Of course I’ll go out with you again.” She shakes her head, smile widening to the point that it almost hurt her cheeks.

“Even though he’s short?”

The couple looks up in surprise as if they forgot that they were not alone, eyeing the teasing, mocking grins of Taehyung and Jungkook as they straighten to their full height, seemingly completely unaffected by the darker look washing over Jimin’s features.

“How many times have I told you to stop calling me short, dammit?” he growls in annoyance, fists clenched with pent-up frustration. In no time at all, he’s swerving around their table in pursuit of the shit-eating maknaes – but not after pressing a sweet kiss to f/n’s cheek, flashing her another adorable grin and then he is taking off again.

f/n honestly cannot even be surprised at this point; so instead, she picks up her wineglass and treats herself to another swig of the bitter liquid, a smile playing at her lips while she watches after the three of them as they wreak havoc throughout the kitchen.

Lesson learned: don’t fuck with Park Jimin’s height.

…Mental note: I owe Tae and Jungkook a huge favor.

ackerduchess  asked:

Nice blog you have here! How do you think Gladio would handle his pregnant s/o? How would Iris and the other guys would react?

ahh this one is short, I couldn’t think of very many for him. I’m sorry!

  • 110% devoted the moment he finds out. He’s at their beck and call and Iris uses the next nine months as black mail on her big brother.
  • The reveal isn’t anything big or fancy, his wife just tells him over dinner. At that’s that. 
  • Everyone would be quite shocked once Gladio told them the news, they all expected him to be the last one to have a kid? Let alone get married and settle down.
  • He’s not clingy but he’s careful. He actually develops a bit of anxiety at the thought of accidentally hurting his pregnant wife.
  • He won’t let her watch him train, won’t allow her to train, not even for a few minutes.

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jessicanjpa  asked:

Do you think Jasper bought Alice's lie when she was enough route to Italy with Bella?

I think he’s savvy enough to know that Alice was, if not lying, at least not 100% certain that this was going to work, but he DOES have a great deal of faith in her. It was probably a situation where it was a “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” She was right that everyone chasing after her wouldn’t help anything–it might look like an ‘invasion’ of Volterra or something, which would only make the situation worse. 

It was probably easier in that moment to believe Alice, but he’s smart and practical and tactical enough that he had to see all the dangers and the virtual impossibility. But if anyone could pull this off in Jasper’s mind, it’s his Alice. 

anonymous asked:

I totally agree! But in my opinion, Jumin asked Zen to protect MC because he knows that Zen loves MC too and would do anything to keep her out of danger. If he asked V, V would also try his best, but he is already half blind so it might burden V too.

I always assumed that Jumin wouldn’t ask V to do it because V’s always not around/busy with whatever and yes, he’s already half blind

Plus, out of all of them, I think Zen would be the most reliable; Seven and Yoosung for obvious reasons, plus Jaehee’s busy with her work (that he himself gives smh)

Life was tough. Not cruel – just tough. Just enough of a pain in the ass to make her want to give up, but not actually do so. Mom had been in the hospital for a year now, but she had managed to badger him into paying for her mother’s medical bills. That was a victory on her part, even if it meant having to contact that asshole. Apparently she managed to rope him in with ‘I won’t ever ask you to do anything else for me, just save Mom’ and he agreed. 

She had had a feeling that it would, though. Despite his being a cruel uncaring bastard, her mother still missed him. She was probably the only thing he ever cared about outside himself.

She didn’t get it, but whatever. He helped relieve her of a significant financial burden, and now all she had to do was pay for her own expenses, rent, and school-related items. She had been working in her mother’s corner store since she was twelve, so she knew how to run it properly even as its sole employee. Her schedule was shot all to hell but she was making it by, getting at least three hours of sleep and completing her home-school education on her lunch break.

It wasn’t the typical life of a seventeen-year-old, but it was progress. She could hope for the better in the future, even if it felt like this would be the rest of her life…

– Ah. There she was getting overly deep again. With a sigh, Lenora straightened up behind the counter and glanced at her watch. 10:42 PM. Still had  1 and a quarter hours to go before she could go home…to sleep, change into a uniform, go to school, return, change into another uniform, return…

Oh no. Was she dozing? She was dozing. She reached below the counter for her haf-finished energy drink and  took a sip. Come on, Lenora, you can make it.

At that moment, a little bell went off by the door – she looked up and gave her brightest, “Good evening!” to a customer whom she recalled seeing fairly regularly.

Catching on her edges

A sort of look into Scanlan’s feelings for Pike up to episode 58.

It’s not like he fell in love with Pike at first sight.

Falling in love with her had been a choice, from the start.

It wasn’t that she was beautiful - though Scanlan would be a liar if he said it hadn’t been a prerequisite for his choice to love her, that he would never have considered her if not for her loveliness.

But no, it was her faith built upon second chances, in redemption,  that drew him in. He’d had no intentions of converting to Sarenrae – the religious lifestyle wasn’t really his style but Scanlan liked the idea of a woman who believed in second chances.

Scanlan, more than anything, wanted a second chance, a do-over of his entire life of regrets and mistakes and a life wasted.

And Pike had granted him that, with her kindly smile and gentle hands.  She spurned his advances with tenderness and friendly affection, but she passed no judgment upon him and he found salvation and he loved her for it.

Or he thought he had.

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a-girl-with-a-pencil  asked:

Deku with a s/o that has has a potent healing quirk at her expense (meaning she takes 1/3 the damage.

He never would have let you heal him had he known it hurt you. He thought it was like Recovery Girl’s and would only make him tired. Izuku was shocked when he didn’t feel anything but relief when you healed his finger again. You were looking down so he didn’t see you flinching as helped him. “Be more careful dear!” you looked up and smiled as you kissed his knuckles. “O-Of course.” he blushed and returned your smile. You would do this every time he hurt himself, and Izuku thought you were just being sweet to him, never did the thought ever cross his mind that you could be hurting when you did this.

It wasn’t until much later that he figured it out. Training today had been hard on him and he had a terrible looking burn on the side of his body from Katsuki getting slightly carried away. You had told him not to worry since you could help him a little before he was sent to Recovery Girl. But as you assisted him he could see you wincing in pain and hear a slight hiss escape your lips. “(Y/n)? Are you alright?” he asked and you smiled up at him as you held his hands, physical contact was the only way your quirk worked. You smile was weakened by pain and he couldn’t help but feel like you were hiding something from him. “(Y/n) are you sure you’re okay?” he asked and you nodded, “Don’t worry about it Izu, I’m alright.” you smiled again and flinched and he frowned. “No, you’re not. What’s wrong.” he reached his hand out to your side and you yelped a little.He pulled away quickly, your sound making him jump, and looked at you with wide eyes. “(Y/n)!” he said as he lifted your shirt slightly and revealed your skin was bright red and minorly bubbling up, just like his was when Katsuki first burned his side. “(Y/n) what happened? You didn’t spar against anyone with a fire related quirk! What happened to you?!” he reached out to touch it again and pulled back, thinking better not to touch the wound. “W-We have to get you help!” he said and stood up, his side feeling better and only a dull throb at this point. “Izuku, I’m not done, your skin is still irritated.” you furrowed you eyebrows slightly and reached out to him, “Besides, it’s no big deal. I only feel about one third of the pain. It’s nothing unbearable.” You tried to explain to him, but he was still panicking.

“(Y/n) why didn’t you ever tell me it was hurting you! What about that time you healed my rib when it was broken? Did you’re break too? Oh my God I’m so sorry! I never meant to hurt you! You’re so beautiful and I love you and I would never want to hurt yo-” you sighed as he rambled and finally decided to cut him off with a kiss. He squeaked and went rigid until he relaxed into your lips and kisses you back. “I’m so sorry, Let’s get you to Recovery Girl so you don’t have to hurt from my mistake of letting my guard down around Kaachan.” he held your hand gently and started leading you to the nurse’s office. As he lead you down the hallways you started to heal him again and he giggled a little, he was always ticklish around his rubs, so the tingling sensation of the flesh wound going away was rather pleasant until he whipped around and grabbed both of your hands, “Don’t heal me right now! It’ll hurt you more!” his eyes looked worries as he started walking faster to get to the nurse’s office, you were dragged behind him until you got there, him not caring whether or not you were actually in pain of not. He just didn’t want you to be in any more discomfort from him ever again. “(Y/n), please be careful with your quirk. Now that I know what it is, please don’t use it unless I’m dying.” he said and you flinched, “Y-You’ll never die from the grasp of a villain, don’t ever think like that,” you pressed a kiss to his lips quickly and smiled as you pulled away. “Stay alive and fight, because I’ll always be there to heal you and help you get back up on your own two feet.” he leaned his forehead on your’s and you yawned, Recovery Girls treatment finally kicking in and making you tired. “Get some rest dear, I’ll be back to see you after class okay?” he asked and you smiled, “I won’t go anywhere.” you teased since there was no way you would be able to get up, even the gross cheap nurse bed from the school was extremely uncomfortable but to you it felt like could nine right now. “Don’t worry too much, take the notes for me please babe.” you smiled sleepily and he beamed brightly at you and nodded quickly, “Of course.”

Then he came back to the edge of the bed and pressed a kiss to your forehead, “Get some rest, I love you. Please be safe.” he spoke into your hair blushing brightly. “I love you too dear. Get back to class and learn those strategies.” you smiled and leaned back into the bed before falling asleep and not noticing the pain anymore in your side.

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Do you think Westallen have sex in the next ep? I'm conflicted about it. On one hand I think they do with Iris' dropping her coat on the other I think the show would want a more romantic setting. I mean I don't expect anything explicit but I thought we'd a morning after or post coital scene and it doesn't seem like Barry has any furniture in his apt.

He doesn’t have any furniture in the living room. But that boy has been wanting Iris for so long, he probably furnished the bedroom three seconds after signing the lease. They’ll be eating off paper plates and sitting on the floor for a month, but that bedroom will be the homiest thing you’ve ever seen.

As for what episode, I do think it’ll be next ep. Not only is the coat drop suggestive, but it’s the mid-season finale. Just like he confessed his love to her in the first season mid-season finale, I think they’ll consummate their relationship in this one. That seems like the kind of thing they’d want to do in a big episode like this one.


chuck + the importance of blair/his love for blair.

“I’ll always love you.”


Luke & Lorelai // parallels throughout the series“It’s no big deal.”

OFFICIAL: Sombra “exclusively for non-straight folk”

It’s official! Chief Representative of Blizzard of America confirmed no less than 4 hours after the first official trailer for the new Overwatch hero was released, that this hero would only be playable if you aren’t cishet.

“It’ll just lock you out and refuse to let you pick her,“ The representative continued. “It’s patented technology, reverse engineered from all the vitriol lgbt folk have had to suffer at the hands of hets to keep us from enjoying ourselves.”

"And her ult works extra well against torbjorn because he’s straight.” They said, winking.

The representative made a point of saying that people who weren’t eligible to use the hero would simply be prevented from picking them, not banned or anything as some pundits have claimed could happen. They explained with a chuckle “That’s not something we would do! That would be a feature in a straights-exclusive mmo, I’m sure, but not ours”.

There has been some good news for cishet gamers who still want to have a crack at the latest offense hero, though - if they can submit a letter to Blizzard citing 5 of their LGBT friends, or pay an monthly fee of $50 (£40), they can get a license to play Sombra when in a party with these friends or in custom games under the new ‘SombrAlly’ system.

Sombra will be released in on the PTR in about a week, and to the main servers after blizzard does another ARG where the community will have to decipher love notes sent between her and all the other lesbian overwatch characters. The community’s participation will decide which characters she gets a special partner emote to kiss at the beginning of each match.


This is Sam. Sam is my childhood friend, and he desperately needs help.

See, Sam has been sick for about a month now and is in so much pain that he screams when he eats. My mother currently has him and will not let me have him. Nor will she pay for his medical bills, because she “doesn’t have enough money”. Really, she wont do anything about it because he cuddles up to her and sits in her lap during the day. He’s doing this because he’s in pain and is looking to her for help!

She took him to the vet once, and Sam would not let the doctor near his mouth at all. Because of this, he needs to be put under anesthesia for the doctor to look. At this point it could be either an infection or cancer, both of which can spread and kill if left untreated.

I have made a gofundme for him, and the money will go toward:

-Gas to go get him, as well as to and from the vet.

-Items for him such as special food, toys, litter and litter box, etc.

-Medical bills (ie., costs of medications and treatment, if any)

Please, anything will help, even signal boosts. Thank you for helping to save my best friend.