he would do anything for her

Don't Make It Weird pt. 6

Armin joined Eren at the poolside after they had finished getting everything away. Mikasa had stayed out more than five minutes with her mom, Levi coming in and out of the house as if he wasn’t sure what to do. Eren felt like he should say something, like there was something that he should do to try and help. But decided against it. He didn’t want to make anything worse.

“What would you do if I pushed you in the pool right now?”

“Armin,” Eren warned, scooting away from his friend as his legs kicked through the water. “ I swear to God if you push me into this fucking pool, I will pull you in with me. Without a doubt.”

He nodded, holding his hands up in defense. “I believe that.“

“Good.” Eren nodded in affirmation. “You fuckin’ should.”

The backdoor opened and they turned to see Mikasa step outside with a little smile. Eren assumed she had already changed into her swimsuit judging by the see-through cover that she was wearing over it. She joined them, sitting between them and dipped her feet into the water.

Nothing was said for a few moments, the three of them basking in the comfortable silence that surrounded them.

“Is everything okay?” Armin was the first to ask and Mikasa nodded.

“Yeah. I was… well, just wasn’t expecting her. I haven’t seen her for… a long time.”

Eren sighed, leaning back on his arms and closed his eyes for a moment. “Well, at least you got to figure everything out.”

She shrugged. “I suppose. Her and dad were still kinda arguing when I went upstairs to change. He might still be out there.” Eren raised his eyebrows, turning to look over at her. “He seemed a little more relaxed after coming back out after you two went inside.” 

He felt his face blow up with a bright pink color, remembering the proximity between them as they “talked”. Eren wouldn’t exactly call that a conversation. But it was certainly memorable. 

Soon enough, their few friends arrived, Sasha hugging Mikasa for what seemed to be hour as Connie groaned. He walked over to Eren, doing a small handshake before smiling at Armin. He was the first to jump into the pool, yelling “cannonball!” as he did so. Sasha followed suit, pulling Mikasa with her as they jumped into the pool together. 

“Well, guess it’s my turn too.” Armin grinned at Eren, pulling his shirt off and tossing it off to the side before running and jumping into the pool. Eren laughed, shaking his head as his friends splashed around. 

As he was just about to join, his mom called and he stepped off to the side. While on the phone, he didn’t hear the back door open as Jean and Marco stepped outside to the patio. There was a loud splash and cheering and when Eren turned around, Marco was popping up from the water with his bright, cheerful smile. 

When Eren caught sight of Jean, he said goodbye to his mother and tossed his phone with the rest of Armin’s things. 

“Didn’t think Mikasa would invite you,” Eren teased, hands resting loosely at his hips. Jean rolled his eyes, stopping to stand next to him as he bumped their shoulders together. 

“Like you aren’t happy to see me.” 

“Summer is supposed to be the time where I take a break from looking at your face.” 

Jean rolled his eyes, turning towards the pool as he slowly peeled off his shirt. And Eren wasn’t shy about staring either. The other boy had a very, very nice body that Eren certainly didn’t mind admiring. Honestly, maybe if he was drunk enough he’d even take a stab at making a move because God knows he won’t be getting any from the man he wants everything from. 

“Like what you see?” Jean smirked and Eren punched his arm before stepping aside to pull off his own shirt. 

“Not as much as you like what you’re seeing, ” Eren replied in a snarky tone when he noticed Jean staring.

He didn’t say anything, just grumbled as he went over to jump in the pool too. Eren stretched his arms over his head with a yawn, absently scratching at his chest as he walked. He glanced over to the kitchen window, heart doing gymnastics in his chest. Levi was watching them, or specifically Eren. Even from far away he could sense Levi’s eyes briefly roaming his naked torso before moving up to his face.

There was something that burned inside of Eren’s chest and the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t sure what it was, he hadn’t ever felt it before but it was new. And he kinda liked it. A smug look crossed over his features, chin tipping up in a prideful way and he felt the corners of his lips quirk upwards in the form of a smirk. 

If Levi was going to watch, the he was going to get a show.

Cracking his neck and his knuckles, Eren looked over at his friends and they moved out of the way, knowing exactly what he was planning to do. He took a couple steps backwards before taking off towards the pool. He used the edge of it to push off as he jumped, doing a couple flips before landing in the water. When he popped up, he was laughing, Sasha jumping on his back while she cheered. 

He could see Levi smiling through the window, eyes still on him and Eren couldn’t wipe the large, toothy grin from his mouth before focusing back on his friends. It was the most fun he’d had in a long time, letting loose and being surrounded by the ones that made him smile and laugh most. 

They got out, deciding on a break since you could only play the game chicken so many times in a row before it got a little too tiring and aggressive.

Eren found himself next to Jean as they all sat around in a circle on the patio, bowl of chips in the middle of them. Sasha was busy talking about the vacation she took to Hawaii, swimming with sharks and sting rays. Diving off of cliffs as if she was living in an action movie.

Mikasa had a look on her face, one of shy admiration as she stared at the boy next to Eren. It was obvious to him without her having to say anything that she had a crush on Jean. She had mentioned it before, her feelings fluxuating on and off as the years went by.

The only problem was that Jean seemed much more interested in being next to Eren than talking to the rest of the group. They laughed and joked, not caring much about the conversation with the rest of their friends. Jean nudged him a couple times with his shoulder, a smile on his face and it made Eren relax a little.

“Hey guys,” Sasha spoke up. “Let’s play spin the bottle.”

“Oh my god,” Armin groaned.

“Spin the bottle is so cliche,” Eren commented as he reached forward to grab a handful of chips. “I’m in.”

They managed to get everyone on board, Levi stepping outside for a moment to watch. Eren couldn’t help but smile at him, heart fluttering when Levi managed to crack a small smile back and Eren was in heaven.

“Okay, Eren it’s your turn.” Sasha grinned and Eren rolled his eyes but spun anyway.

They all watched in anticipation as the bottle spun around and around and around until it finally came to a stop. Eren’s heart did unspeakable things as he followed where the bottle was pointing at Levi.

I'm Confused

So I am fairly new to the Supergirl fandom, but the main thing I have found it that there are a lot of ‘antis’ that are against Mon-El. And I see that there are many posts where they call him abusive, a fuck boy, misogynistic, and a slave owner. I don’t understand. Because I also see posts where they say “His mother did not slap him hard enough!” And I do believe that that is abuse? Maybe I’m confused on abuse? And the times when he states his love for her, that’s abuse? But maybe it is also a double standard. When he just wants to let his feelings out, it’s abusive in the relationship? I don’t get it. The fuck boy part? I also don’t understand. I would like to have that one explained. And how is he misogynistic? I don’t recall one instance where he was anything near that. In fact I remember him not skipping a beat when he found out that Maggie and Alex were dating, because he didn’t care. He was glad to see them HAPPY and didn’t care that they were two women. And the slave owner part, he outright said he didn’t agree with it. It’s like the stories of white children during the civil war who didn’t agree with what their parents were doing, but they grew up with a slave cooking for them. And didn’t Winn’s father kill some people? Yes. Is he held responsible? Nope. Didn’t even Jeremiah Danvers betray his family? Yes. But are Kara and Alex held accountable for his actions? Hell no! So why the double standard? I also see parts where they say “Oh bring back season 1 Kara! She’s been belittled to a romantic pawn in the CW game!” But didn’t she also spend the whole first season trying to reject Winn and get James? Even if she was trying to take the time to “find herself”, she was still looking for love. And the fact that she finds it with the goofy naive space puppy known as Mon-El shouldn’t mean a damn thing. And for the CW being “racist”, I don’t want to hear the argument that they aren’t handling a black character the way they should. The comic book Jimmy Olsen is white, but they cast the man with the most talent, and there shouldn’t be a standard of treating them differently. But the main thing I think everyone should remember is that IT IS A FICTIONAL SHOW BASED ON FICTIONAL CHARACTERS FROM FICTIONAL BOOKS. So why are we fighting? Why can’t we just get along and enjoy the wonderful show that is Supergirl?

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18 for perc'ahlia? i am predictable

on what if?

If things had happened differently, Percy would be the one breaking down.

The body of Delilah Briarwood is in the mansion with him, under guard by Grog who seemed relieved that there was something helpful he could do. That would need to be dealt with.

But right now, he holds Vex close. She’s crying, still and again.

“Dearest….oh Vex’ahlia,” he says into her hair as she sobs into his chest. There isn’t anything else he can say. (Gods, he knows her pain, or at least a piece of it. He’d seen the bodies of his brothers discarded like they were nothing.)

There is a plan in place; get the diamonds, cast the spell, bring Vax back.

But that would take time, and travel, and more days of pain.

Percy rocks gently, doing his best to sooth. His mind, the treacherous thing it is, wanders to the “what if?” ideas that were dangerous for him to study too close. What if Keyleth couldn’t cast the spell? What if there weren’t enough diamonds in the world to focus the magic? What if the Raven Queen refused to let him return?

He swallows and nuzzles Vex’s hair. She is quieter now, her sobs muffled. He wouldn’t tell her his thoughts just then. Or ever.

Gods, if he could carry any of this pain for her, he would. 

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29. Kacchako :p

This prompt is so them that I’m wheezing

29. “I don’t want to be your partner either but we have to get this assignment done.”

The pencil in Bakugou’s hand snapped in half as he bent it. Across from him Uraraka sighed and gingerly took it out of his hand.

“You can’t keep breaking pencils, Bakugou-kun.”

“I wouldn’t have to break your shitty pencils if you would just open you damn ears, woman!” Bakugou snapped.

Uraraka hummed, unfazed. “My ears are wide open Bakugou-kun, are yours?”

She could hear him grinding his teeth together from her spot at the table. Aizawa sensei had placed the together for a group project, something that had nothing to do with being a hero and a project that focused more on their academics. They still had to learn English.

The thing was, though, that Bakugou was so terrible at working with people that he refused to listen to anything Uraraka said. Everything he said was right in his eyes and anybody else “could fucking choke.” Those were his words.

“I can do this shit in my sleep!” Bakugou snatched the piece of paper from her hands and stared at it. “That damn worm should’ve let me do this myself. He’s not even a really fucking teacher!”

“You know I don’t want to be your partner either but we have to get this assignment done whether you like it or not. So, you should probably just behave.”

Bakugou narrowed his eyes. “Huh?”

Uraraka blinked big brown eyes. “I know you think that just because I’m friends with Deku-kun that you can walk all over me, but unlike Deku-kun I’m not afraid to stand up to you. So I would really appreciate it if you shut up and tried to get the work done. Don’t you wanna stay in the top five of the class?” She smiled sweetly at him as she watched his face fall.

Bakugou swallowed and sent the paper floating back in her direction with a flick of his wrist, slumping in his seat. “Whatever.” He looked away, a light blush on his cheeks.

“Good!” She clapped her hands together. “Where were we?”

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At this point the only evidence Dom has done anything wrong is the tweets of someone who barely knows him outside of the image/character of him that David pushes in the vlogs. I'm not saying it's David's fault because it was just a joke to give him content. But the fact that everyone turned on Dom so quickly is so saddening to me. I've always found him funny in an idiotic way but that was part of his endearment. And the fact that he tried to defend himself against Elijah's bashing is justified.

ally hardesty posted a video on youtube that i haven’t watched yet but i think she talks about how dom acted inappropriately towards her in it. in elijah’s first few tweets he never put dom’s @ and i think it says a lot about the situation in the way that dom automatically knew it was about him. if he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong then why would he assume the tweets were directed towards him? it’s frustrating that dom thinks he’s the victim

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can i get uuuuuuhhhh nitty gritting murdoc and s/o smut like any nitty gritty smut


(Ps, the link is the idea I had for where this starts)


You couldn’t help but keep an eye on the bassist, as he had been irritable for a good portion of the day following the performance. You were slightly concerned for him because in any other circumstance out clubbing, he would be the life of the party (right after Noodle.

Leaning up against the bar counter, you signaled the bar tender to get her attention. She approached you after she quickly finished up with some other patron. “What can I get for you?” She questioned.

“Can I just get bottle of whiskey and five four glasses?” You ordered, getting a nod from her. You waited while she got you the drink and glasses, glancing over to the booth you and three of the others shared - Russel spending some personal time with an old friend. After a minute, the bartender came back. “thank you so much!” You smiled, taking the contents to bring them back over to the group.

You heard the glasses clink together when you placed them on the table. You scooted in to sit next to Murdoc and 2D, opening the bottle and pour some of it onto the glasses. All four of you rose your drinks up for Noodle to shout out “Here’s to the start of a new beginning!” you took a swig of your drink, practically finishing the first cup in one go. She ended up adding something unknown to you in Japanese before standing up, taking 2D by the hand, and dragging him over to the dance floor to bust out some crazy moves of hers.

You were a bit concerned when Murdoc was still coming off as a bit irritated by an unknown cause. You put your glass down and then your hand on his leg to rub his though. He glanced up at you, bitting his lower lip rather hard. “What is it, love?” he wondered as if he wasn’t annoyed at all.

“You look like you don’t want to be here,” you confessed. “what’s wrong?” you added. His eyes moved to look at his boots. You scooted closer to him and wrapped a comforting arm around his shoulder, making him jerk up in surprising, but he still took in your gesture. “you know you can tell me, babe.”

“Don’t get me wrong, our performances are always great, but I just wasn’t feeling it tonight,” he admitted. “I just don’t think it’s really worth celebrating because it wasn’t as spectacular as I hoped it could have been,” you could see the disappointed evident in his facial expression.

“What are you taking about? It was the best one in ages!” You expressed. “we did great out there. You did great out there!” Like always, the band didn’t let down the fans. Perhaps he put his expectations too high, not that there wasn’t anything spectacular to expect from the band.

“It’s just-”

“It’s just nothing!” You cut him off when you took his face to move it for a better angle to engage in a heated, passionate kiss with him. You felt him instantly sink into it just as you expected, feeling his hands get placed onto your shoulder and waist. He pushed back a little bit so he could take lead of the make out session, using a bit more tongue than usual in a simple kissing scene.

“You really do know how to make me feel better, darling,” he smirked at you in between kisses before pulling in for another one. “I’m glad about that,” he added. You guys kept going at it until a illuminated light bulb went off in your mind.

“I can do better things in private, if you know what I mean,” you told him as you pulled away, your hands remaining on his cheeks.

“I know too well,” he told you as you two stood up. You took him by the wrist and weaved through the ground of people to make it outside of the club. You gave him one small kiss before dragging him back down the street to the hotel. It didn’t take much time for you to reach your shared hotel room, slamming the door shut behind your and chucking the key card into the bathroom without care. “ready for some magic?”

“You know I am,” you claimed, pushing him closer and closer to the wall. He turned you around so that he pinned you to the surface. His hands were first placed on your hip as he leaned in to kiss you. You had his cheeks cupped in your palms as they wiggles up to his surprisingly soft raven hair to get caught in its tangles. “give me your best.”

“As always,” he whispered into your ear before his mouth worked its way down to your neck to suck on it, smothering the skin with kisses and what would soon bruise into hickies. You moaner at the sweet sensation of his tongue rubbing against your flesh as his hands traced the sides of your figure, being brought under your shirt. You lifted your arms up so that it was easier for him to pull your shifter over your head.

The clothing fell to the ground while you continued, taking the opportunity to allow your index fingers to be laced in with the belt loops of his pants. “You know I really love you?” You inquired, teasing him at his belt.

One of his hands covered yours, for him to say back “I love you too,” he lifted his hand to let you undo his belt buckle and pull it out from the loop, and the button and zipper while you were at it. He lifted up his own shirt when you finished undoing his pants. He pulled them off himself, taking care of your bottoms while he was down there. He stood back up to look over your breathtaking body, smirking at the sight. “you ready, love?”

“Of course!” You expressed, attempting to hop into Murdoc’s arms, getting some assistance from him. He carried you over to the bed and let you plot down into the soft sheets. You scooted back to give him room to crawl onto you. Your fingers interlocked with his while your other hand gripped down onto the blacket. He stared down at you with his dark eyes into your own (E/C) colored ones. He placed his free hand onto your cheek and began kissing you like never before, your tongues battling our for dominance. Of course, his was the one to claim victory.

He smirked when you bit down into his lip, just how he liked it. His fingers escaped yours and the hand filled his other one down to your back to unclip your laced bra, pulling it off of you. He did the same with your panties. His hands rested on your breasts and began to massage them, as he attempted to leave hickies down your neck and around your collar bone.

Soon after, he removed his hands to work his tongue down to your breasts, hands going to your hips and butt. The long tongue teased at your nipples until he began to suck away at the skin in breasts the luscious lumps on your chest. It felt like heaven as you were pleasured, and you couldn’t complain. “I want it now,” you whispered to him as you couldn’t wait any longer.

He pulled up. “What was that?”

“I said that I want it.”

“You’ll need to repeat that, love, but just a little louder,” he smirked down at you.

“I want it Murdoc, I need it now!” You screamed it this time, playing along with his antics, it wasn’t the first time. There were multiple times in the past where he made you yell at him, and it never failed to turn the man in. “just give it to me.”

“As you wish,” he responded, and reached down to take off his final article of clothing off, leaving his bits wide open for you to observe, taking in the show as a good thing. He came back down onto you, getting a feel where your vaginal opening was with his finger. When you arched your back at the sudden sensation of his finger on your labia, he knew that he hit the spot.

You spread your legs a bit more so that he could place himself more efficient, slowly but surely insert himself into your opening. You could feel yourself gripping harder and harder onto the sheets as he finished moving inside you. His hands were rested on your thighs as he began to go at it, thrusting at a steady pace to start, slowly going faster as time went on.

He leaned closer to you so that he could kiss you again after slowing his movement again. Your legs wrapped around the back of his, and your hands went to his side to dig your nails into his flesh. The slow paced thrusting was soothing to you, unlike the rough stuff you would used to. His hands were glued to your face as he kissed you just as evenly paced as his thrusting. You dug your feet back into his lips while you let out a soft moan of pleasure.

Needing more, you grabbed on tightly to his face and kissed him stronger than before, igniting the spark even father. The room filled with the moans of satisfaction from both you and him, signifying that both were granted the deserved pleasure.

When you and he got tried from the work, he slowly pulled his dick out of you to shift his pelvis. He sat up with you and let you sit on his lap, his arms wrapped around your lower back and yours slug over his shoulders for your hands to interlock. You kissed his neck on one side while one of your hands held the crook of his neck in the opposite side. “I don’t know what I’d do without you Murdoc,” you claimed.

“You would be fine, just not as great as you are with me,” he responded with a chuckle. You couldn’t argue with his claims, because they were true. You loved the man with all your hear and would be left devastate if you lost him. But thankfully, you had nothing to worry about because your boyfriend wouldn’t be leaving any time soon, if at all.

“I’m just glad that I have you,” you bit into his skin for a hickie. “you have no idea how much I love you. You’re my everything.”

“And you’re mine,” he returned the compliment. You felt his hold on you weaken, giving you the opportunity to escape and plot down into your back, head hitting the pillow what was as soft as a cloud. You pulled him down with you so he was lying right beside you. Both of you made an effort to get the comforter over you so that it held you together like a burrito.

Murdoc hugged you close to him, one arm around your waist and a free hand holding yours. His thumb rubbed against the top of you hand. You smuggled your head into his chest, listening to his slightly steady heart beat. You guys laid in silence, taking in the peaceful moment to relax. With his soothing touch, you were eventually able to fall asleep in his hands.

No Other

When she reached for his hand across the table, he didn’t stop her. More than that, he actually didn’t mind lacing their fingers together idly as he took another sip of coffee.

A year ago, he would’ve said he would never concern himself with trivial things like dating. A year ago, he would have scoffed at the idea of this, of sitting with someone and intertwining his fingers with theirs, knowing their coffee order by heart, of listening to them chatter at him excitedly about anything that came to mind and actually enjoying it.

But here he was, sitting in a coffee shop - their favorite coffee shop - across from her and doing all those things he thought he’d never do, thoughts going on a completely new direction because of her. If his friends thought they could get away with it, they’d be teasing him endlessly.

They’d met, coincidentally, when both of them had been late to lecture and tried to go in the door at the same time, almost tripping each other as they avoided the stares from other students and went to find two seats near the back of the room. As luck would have it, there was only one seat left, and Tsukishima had stared at it for a moment before dropping to the floor and pulling out his books. She’d protested at first, but finally gave in and slid into the seat.

After class, she’d offered to buy him coffee. What surprised him even more was that something in her eyes prompted him to say yes.

Coffee dates branched out into study sessions, movie nights, spontaneous late night road trips to the farthest McDonald’s they could think of. But they always came back to this, their spot, not just because they were college students that needed caffeine. Along the way, he started picking up little things about her, not just the way her laugh sounded, but the nervous habit of fiddling with her hair, the glint in her eyes as she took on a challenge, the gentle but firm feel of her arms around him.

If he wasn’t lying to himself, he’d say he was in love.

A request for @ponyboycurtis13. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 750

Triggers: None

Requested by Anonymous

“Ugh this is awful why can’t I just join you guys on this next mission!” Parker huffed, crossing her arms and pouting.

“Parker, you tore your Achilles tendon that’s not just something you can fix in a day, you’re gonna have to rest for a while,” Hardison said for the one thousandth time that day.

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1) Aight okay the Luke fic could just start off smack dab right when Luke learns Joslyn's dead and he literally has to stop himself from having a panic attack and wolfing out like. He has to keep telling himself to breathe, to draw in air even though it feels like his lungs are steadily turning into liquid. He has to remind himself to breathe even though the room spins and Clary's voice slowly turns into Valentine, venomously whispering that it was all his fault. That he'd always ruined the

things he loved. That she was gone and he couldn’t do anything. Clary would be talking, crying, and Luke would automatically reach for her, his hands trembling just slightly and he holds on even tighter because Clary can barely stand up straight and Luke doesn’t even know if he can. “She’s gone,” Clary whispers, voice cracking and Luke can’t even speak, lips held tightly together, and emotions crashing around him as a wolf howls in his chest. He breaths, shuddered and so pained that else in the room immediately turns away. They hold each other, Clary shedding the tears that Luke just can’t bring himself to let go of. And oh how he wants to. How he wants to slip and fall into the gaping chasm of his emotions and never rise. “She’s gone,” Clary whispers again and Valentine’s voice coils around his throat, “she’s gone and it’s your fault.” He swallows the words, feels them rip through him, opening wounds that he thought has long since healed. Luke holds Clary tight, his arms shaking with too much, even though he feels so hallow. “Luke,” Clary sobs and Luke doesn’t say anything. His mouth closed even though his heart weeps….. but yeah that’s what the fic would be if I wrote it lmao.


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Hiyaaa. I don't know if you've already done this, but how would the daddies react to the reader crying (because of them)? Thank you, darling! I love your blog (I basically live off of it) ❤️❤️

I feel like I have…..but, ehh.

Newt-He’d be so heartbroken. He never meant to make Reader cry, but knowing he caused it makes him feel extremely guilty. He’d do anything to make her smile again. “Darling?” He’d ask, before hugging her and kissing her forehead. “Forgive me?”

Stephen-He’d hate seeing her cry, and as stubborn as he can be sometimes, he can’t handle having her cry on his behalf. “Please, shh, I never meant it. Any of it.” And he’d kiss and hold her and try hard to make her laugh or smile for him again.

Marius-Probably sing to reader…make her realize he loves her and he would never intentionally cause her grief.

Jack-Doesn’t know how to react at first, but when he realizes Reader is crying, he’s at her side, frowning deeply. “I’m sorry….” Brushes her hair away, and kisses her. “Please do not cry.”

Eddie-Tries not to give in to the guilt, but it’s eating at him. He growls in annoyance at his own emotions, and quickly gets up, goes to buy her flowers or jewelry. Comes back, acting like nothing ever happened. But, gives her the gifts, and gives that charming smile. “Hey, sweetheart….you feelin’ better?”

Balem-Would never say sorry. But, inside he feels angry and guilty, and that only causes him more rage. He’s seething the whole day, but by the end of it, he just comes into the room, kisses her cheek and moves on with his work. And she knows that’s his apology.

And thank you!!! ❤️

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do u know anything about that girl and jay?

Which girl are you talking about?? Hahaha

Um all I know (or think I know) is that Jacqueline and Jay are or were on and off. I’ve seen her, now deleted, text posts on IG apologising to Jay cos she got stupidly drunk or something and hope that he would forgive her and all that shit. If you look at her hashtags on some IG posts, it looks like it’s directed at him but that’s my just thoughts. At times, she seems like she’s mad at him and at other times, she’s thirsty for him so idk what’s going on there. Fun fact: She’s currently in Korea atm. 

Anyway, so there’s another girl that Jay had privately messaged her on IG. He asked her to send a video of her saying ‘wassup jay park it’s mimai ong’ (or something along those lines) just so he knows it’s not a fake account. She was very quick to jump on that. Just look at a certain photo on her IG and you’ll understand. Also, a fan asked if it would be okay if she posted that vid and she said ‘of course!’ but she didn’t, for obvious reasons duh. 

So what I got from all of this is that these girls are just thirsty or Jay is off hoeing. Either way, I hope he doesn’t get hurt and that these girls don’t take advantage of him just bc of his status. Jay needs to learn how to keep it in his pants. Just saying. But then again, he’s free to do whatever or whoever he likes. 

man,,, any time i watch brotherhood i think about that One Part where gladio is yelling at iris and genuinely?? scares her?? because it’s 100% out of honest to god worry for this girl and terrified that he lost her. she’s in his care, he loves his little sister unconditionally, and while yeah she’s a child, she’s gonna do things she isn’t supposed to,,, it really scared him to imagine losing her.

that being said i often think about how,,, intimidating gladio can be to others?? especially if they aren’t particularly close to him or even know him well enough to see that,,, hey,,, he’s actually this giant teddy bear that cares so much for his friends and would do anything in the world to protect them from harm. 

but like. he’s INTIMIDATING. he looks tough and scary and like he could kick your ass if you did something he didn’t like ( which, in a sense, totally true if that ‘’something he didn’t like’’ involves his #crew ) but he’s?? only gonna throw a punch if he Needs to. 

BUT i feel like he doesn’t quite know his own strength sometimes. like the roughhousing with noctis and prompto,,, how much of that happened and either 1. almost injured them or 2. actually caused a little bit of harm. nothing serious but enough that one of them was like ‘’hey dude that actually really fucking hurts’’ before he realized,,, hey, i need to gauge my strength between battle and regular interactions.

A monster and her angel.

You and Castiel have become quite close as of late, more so than usual. His love for you has become much more profound when he’s around you. So one night, you decide to try and shake him off, on purpose of course. This was a test of sorts, to see if he could find you, to see what he would do, to see how far he would go…

Castiel x Female (Vamp) Reader - One shot.

If you’ve come here looking for the sweet and lovable Castiel, he’s not here. I use an AU Castiel who is completely enthralled with a female vampire - and he’s willing to anything for her - anything.

This has no connection to the other fics I’ve written.

You managed to get far enough away from the bunker, the Winchesters and Castiel. “How long will it take you?” you wondered aloud. It was a damp chilly night, you looked around and spied a diner. “Yea, that’ll do.”

You walked in and sat in a booth. The last time you did this, you were with Sam and Dean when you were still human. You looked around, it seemed different. You could smell everyone, right along with the coffee and food they served here.

You put your head down and closed your eyes for a few minutes. Suddenly, you felt his presence, he was somewhere near by. You looked up and out the window and there he was across the street.

He came in and sat across from you. You sat back and looked at him, “Well, that didn’t take long. Why bother to try and find me?”

He sat back and studied you. It’s was like he was waiting for something, you couldn’t figure out what it was though. You closed your eyes, the hunger was becoming unbearable, hearing everyone’s heartbeat was becoming deafening.

He flashed his amber eyes, “Go to the back of the diner, I’ll be there in a minute.” He seemed to know that you were hungry.

The back of the diner was much darker, save for a dim light above the back door next to the dumpster. He came out with a teenager, a boy, probably no more than sixteen.

He shoved the kid against the back wall of the diner and held him there, “Hold still,” he said in a low growl. You stood in back of him and watched as he ripped the kids shirt open, took out an empty blood pack from his suit and held it against his chest. You saw it swell as it filled up with warm blood. He handed it back to you while still holding the kid down.

He took out his angel blade and held it under his chin. “Yes or No?” he asked you. His voice was filled with malice, and then it hit you, he wanted to know if you wanted this poor boy dead or not. “No Castiel.”

He let go and put his angel blade back, “Today is your lucky day. I suggest you count your blessings,” he put two fingers on the kids head and he passed out.

He turned to face you as you were just finishing off what he gave you. “You asked me why I would bother to find you,” he stood very close to you, then he leaned over and whispered in your ear, “I’m willing to do anything for you, all you have to do is say so.”

…he was willing to go as far as killing someone right in front of you, to give you what you wanted, to please you, to make you happy. He was your angel, he belonged to you, and he wanted to be sure that you knew it.

I had intended for him to go through with it, but I decided against it, maybe next time.

sloth-race  asked:

In Trespasser, we learn that Solas may have visited Lavellan in her dreams. How do you think your inquisitor would react to that?

She’d view the fact that he came to visit her at all as a positive sign; that despite all his talk, there’s still a part of him that hesitates. But the fact that he doesn’t talk to her, or doesn’t want to interact with her in any way would depress and affect her greatly. It would also anger her; he doesn’t want to involve her, but he can’t stay away from her; he wants her to live well, but he won’t give her peace, he loves her, but he won’t have anything to do with her. 

All of her mixed bag of emotions would take a toll on her after a while, and I think if it wasn’t for her friends, she would likely give up. But that they’re there, and their support and understanding, and their indignation/anger at Solas on her behalf goes a great way to help her keep moving.


chuck + the importance of blair/his love for blair.

“I’ll always love you.”

Lydia Martin once had a boyfriend, who if she made upset, would abuse her and yell at her. And now Lydia Martin has a boyfriend, who if she makes upset, will give her a hug, buy her cotton candy, a teddy bear, with some really expensive perfume and take all responsibility and blame for their argument. I don’t know about you but knowing Lydia Martin is safe and secure like this helps me sleep at night.

Headcanon that Coran, bless that man, had a husband back on Altea and one day while he finds Lance and is comforting him about missing earth and his family he off handedly mentions missing altea and his family, especially his husband and Lance is all “wait wait pull back there your husband?” And Corans super confused like “Yes my husband? I miss him??” And Lance has to stutteringly explain homophobia (all while stopping to clarify he had no problem with it but he knew it was around and saw it happen) and Coran just kind of nods at the end saying that Altea had a few people like that but he was lucky to not have come into contact with many of them. They’re quiet for a while before Lance pipes up all shy and quiet “what was he like?” And Coran thinks he’s being polite by asking until Lance keeps asking? How they met, what their wedding was like, how they spent their free time asking seemingly anything he could possibly think of with genuine curiosity? So it becomes a thing they do. Talking about Corans dead husband and Lance comes to know so much about this person he will never meet and Coran realizes how nice it is to talk to someone who knows just what/who he misses so much because sure Allura knows and would gladly talk with him but she’s also lost so much? He doesn’t want to pile his losses on her as well he wants to help her but Lance is genuine and he wants to know and it brings him genuine joy and comfort? A few months into this Lance confesses that despite his love of girls and women he also likes men? And things start to Click for Coran? He sees the looks, the awkward half flirting, teasing attempts and once he sees that he sees the reciprocation from Keith, realizes how Keith has been awkwardly attempting this for so long? But Lance is young and shy despite himself and might not do so well if Coran tries to help and ends up rushing him? But he resolves himself to try and help out where he can. Subtly. (He is not subtle- everyone but Lance and Keith see it.) things are progressing between those two but also between Lance and Coran? Who are closer than ever and Coran holds him so dear and basically considers him to be his son.
And up to this point the rest of team voltron just knows Lance and Coran are really close like family close and are happy for them and one day they’re sitting for dinner and Lance helped this time much to Hunk bewilderment (and curiosity and excitement) and as they’re starting to eat this more or less normal dish when Coran just like full stops and is looking at his spoon in wonder and then kinda wells up with tears? And everyone starts to panic, and Coran is just softly whispering “you cut it into little (altean house pet shape? Think like like cats but alien?)” and Lance just kinda smiles “Just how Hewbert(Husbands name) used to right?” And Coran is happy crying and Allura is happy that Coran has someone to remember his husband with him even if Lance never met him.


Pairing: Harry and Y/N

Word Count: 1600

Prompt (AU) : Harry took his anger out in sex-and you weren’t supposed to do that. He would go to the bar and find others just as terrible and lonely as him, drink, and then sink his sorrows into anything with breast and a hole were to put it. Niall always rolled his eyes the next morning and say to Harry “you’re a proper dick, yeh know that right?”, to which Harry would lift his middle finger up and respond with, “if soulmates are real she would love me anyhow.”

“Harry when you meet her your life will change,” Anne says, handing him a cup of tea.

Harry rolls his eyes, “I don’t care to meet her. It’s all bullshit,” Harry grumbles.

Y/N was never much of a talker; she had maybe said eight sentences in her whole life time. She wasn’t sure where the fear really came from, the fear of saying the wrong thing, of being too loud, of not being heard, so she kept to herself. People didn’t seem to understand though, they couldn’t comprehend why she chose to not talk, so she was labeled as weird, freak, stupid etc. Then they labeled her as mute (and she was) but she hated that term, she really did, Y/N just hated being labeled. At first it hurt, it really did, but Y/N soon learned to ignore them, she could only really care about what her Soulmate would have to say, and deep down a part of her wished that they were like her, quiet.

Soulmates, Y/N had been waiting for hers for a long time. She could remember sitting in class in fifth grade, when the teacher explained the process. She explained how everyone was born with a mark, a mark that only their other half had and she made them find that mark. Y/N’s was on her wrist, it was small, and lighter than her regular skin color, she wasn’t sure what it was at first, it just looked like a stick. But the teacher explained how the mark gets more detailed as they get older and closer to finding their person, and Y/N had noticed how that mark slowly grew into a small flower, a petal or two still missing.

Her teacher explained how every person was made for the other, and that they would feel their soulmates emotions, pain, negative thoughts, happy thoughts. They were connected and no matter what the other would always feel what their person was feeling. Y/N had learned that her person always seemed to be grumpy.

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