he would be stinky as hell

A Day At the Zoo: T’Challa x Reader

Just a short cute fluffy fic I thought I’d write before heading off to bed!

Actress Reader x T’Challa

“Baba I want to hold a snake!” Your little girl said. “Mhmmm good luck with that.”

The Wakandan Royals had managed to shut down the zoo so that your daughter and her friends could spend a day at the Central Park Zoo. “I would like to hold a snake as well!” T’Challa said.

“The snakes are a little ways away but we’ll make sure you get to hold one!” The tour guide said. “Cool!”

“Yo, I ain’t touching no damn snake!” Erik said as he watched Na’Jai hold hands with her cousin.

“Me neither.” You titled your sunglasses down and took in the stinky ass animals. “Look Mama! An ostrich!”

“I see, I see.” You smiled. T’Challa damn near pushed the little girls over to see the animal, “I swear he is such a big kid.” You laughed.

“This is an Emu-“ The Zoologists began explaining the bird and the girls ooed and awed. “Next we will be seeing the Peacocks!”

“YAY!” The girls sang. T’Challa walked next to you and threw his arm over your shoulder, “Are you having a good time?”

“Yeah but not as much as you.”

He smirked and held your hand and listen carefully. “It’s so pretty! Baba can I have a peacock?”

“Um, no.” “It’s okay Mala my daddy won’t by me a cheetah!” Blue Ivy said rubbing her friends back. “Damn they some spoiled ass kids.” Erik said like he didn’t give his daughter everything she wanted and more.


“We are at the butterfly cage.”

“I want to go in!” You waved your hand like a kid. “Come on down your highness.”

You pulled T’Challa with you, “Aren’t they so beautiful!” One landed on your finger and he just smiled. “You are beautiful.” He gave you a kiss and a butterfly landed on his nose. “This is actually very romantic.” He liked it and it gave him an idea for your next date night.

“Okay you two love birds, the princess and her friends want to go next.”


“Look at the Pandas!” You gushed as the cute animals walked up to the glass. T’Challa was pretty sure he was falling even more in love with you just by your reactions, “It is a shame I never got to take you to the zoo for a date.”

“We could consider this a date.” You looked at him and smiled. “I would like that very much.” He kissed you on the forehead and intertwined his fingers with yours.


“Now King T’Challa we are coming to the snakes!”

“Yes!” T’Challa looked at you, “Why are you so excited to hold a snake?”

“Why are you not?”, “Have you read the bible? It’s their fault!”

He laughed and kissed our hand, “You are so cute.”

“We have a yellow anaconda!” The man let the snake dangle from his neck. “Who wants to feel her? Her name I Nicki-“

You rolled your eyes, “Like Nicki Minaj?”

“Yeah after her song came out it was only right.”

After a few brave girls touched the snake, the guide motioned for T’Challa to hold it. “Now I am going to draped her around your neck slowly-“

T’Challa had the widest grin on his face, “Look Maya!”

“Yeah, I see just keep that shit away from me.”

“I want to hold him!’ Na’Jai said. “No you don’t!” Erik said to his daughter. “Dad, you never let me do anything!”

“What? Come here little girl!”

You chuckled because they were damn near twins with the way they acted.

T’Challa lightly petted the snake, “Okay Brittney Spears!” He didn’t get the reference but he slowly walked towards you with a mischievous grin on his face. “T’Challa listen-“

“She just wants you to pet her.”

“Don’t you come any closer!”

He ran towards you with the snake and you screamed and ran, “STOP FUCKING PLAYING!”

The Zoo guide was slightly amused and very worried that snake would be frightened and get defensive.

“Okay King T’Challa, that is enough.” He grabbed the snake out of his hold and put her back in the cage before showcasing some more snakes. “This is a garden snake, very harmless!”

“I am going to beat your ass!” You slapped his chest. “That was funny.”


“Did you have fun at the Zoo girls.” T’Challa asked. “YES!”

“Good, now for the Broadway show!”

He was very good with kids and it made you think that maybe you should work on some more. He saw your lustful gaze and smiled, “What?”

“You want to try for a second kid?”

He smirked and nodded, “We can rendezvous after the show!”

You groaned, “Can’t you just act a little normal for once?”

“My love, I am a King. Normal isn’t in my vocabulary.”

Thank you for the ask, nonnie~

Team Voltron reacts to you getting home late due to kidnapping:


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“Who cares? Shut up and go die, ugly”


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“Hell yeah! Y/N is finally dea- oh you’re still alive?”


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“You got kidnapped and your weak twink body made it out alive? Thay doesnt make sense, the guys I hired to kidnap you were total beefca- I mean what?”


Originally posted by alienpaladins

“Oh me too. Shiro keeps trying to force me to get my rabies shot by dragging me to the doctors but he doesn’t understand rabiosexuality!”


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“That’s okay. Owning who you are and your tendencies to get kidnapped will make you a better paladin”


Originally posted by amirnizuno

“Who the fuck would want to take someone as ugly and stinky as you, you stupid bitch?”


“Hey you little fucking cunt face, if you dont fucking go along with the kidnapping next time and fucking leave us alone I swear to god I will destroy you and everything you love. You think this us a fucking game? Huh? I will not hesitate to eat all of the hair clean off your fucking scalp”

~~hope you liked it!

-mod slav :**

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What would the Mukamis reaction be if their s/o was shopping and they were alone at home and little daughter pooped their diapers ?

This one was so cute to write  (•ө•)♡

♥Ruki: Oh, look at you, now. Well, time to clean you up. I think I know how to do this properly…There you go. -Ruki would actually take care of his daughter perfectly without your presence.-

♥Kou: Ahh, you smell so bad~! Why do you have to be so stinky… I’m not dirtying my hands! -he’d just wait until you came back. You would find him there, next to the baby, with his arms crossed.-

♥Yuma: Agh… Dammit… How does someone of your size poops this much?! Now, diapers… How the hell does this works?! -for him, changing a diaper would be extremely difficult. The baby would end up with the diaper put on backwards.-

♥Azusa: Ah… Did you just… Hum… I should change you. Now… The instructions say I should fold it… Like this… And like this… Oh, it’s done…! -he didn’t know how to change a diaper, but he took the time to read the instructions and he managed to do it quite well.-

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Spring time in Lazy Town, the butterflies are out and about and Robbie's hiding away because his wings just won't settle. He's been buzzing around his lair for the past day feeling like a freak when Sportacus comes to see if he's alright.

FOR THE LOVE OF CAKE, W H E R E did Robbie leave that first-aid kit of his? 

The villain grumbled, pushing half of the objects on his cluttered work table to the floor with one frustrated swipe. He couldn’t find the damn thing, and his back was ACHING. He could feel his muscles literally THROBBING with pain, and he so desperately needed a heating pad to quell his misery. 

He couldn’t just leave the lair and head to the general store to buy one either. First off, the sun was too bright outside and there are *shivers* children PLAYING out there. And secondly, it’s THAT time of year again, where the butterflies come out from their hibernation or out from underground or from Mexico or whatever the hell it is that the butterflies do during the winter.  
You would think that for someone who was basically part butterfly himself, Robbie would know more about these things.  

ANYWAY, the trouble was that whenever butterfly season rolled around, Robbie’s wings would sprout out from his back and whenever they did, it was AGONIZING. But he couldn’t just- LET people see himself like this. The children wouldn’t leave him alone or stop asking questions about his wings if he went out there; Candy-boy might want to touch them with his sticky little hands, and Stinky might try to claim the wings as his. But worst of all- Sportaflippity-flip would probably get all excited and jumpy around him and he doesn’t need THAT on top of his sore back. 

“Maybe…” Robbie’s eyes scaled up a bookshelf full of old blueprints and manuals, stopping at the very top. “..the first-aid kit is up there.” He whined though. He’d have to FLY up there if he wanted to get it. WHY did he even build himself a bookshelf that tall? 

He decided however, that retrieving the first-aid kit would be worth the couple seconds of not being lazy, and he began to flutter his way up toward the ceiling- only to bump his head against a light fixture.  

“OUCH! AUGH!” The fae grumbled, rubbing his head in annoyance, feeling small tears form at the corners of his eyes. That REALLY hurt. His lower lip jutted out in a pout, and he was just about ready to TEAR that damned hanging lamp off of the ceiling when he heard a sudden thumping blare in through his soundsystem- a FAMILIAR thumping. 

“Please, almighty candy Gods,” he thought to himself.  DON’T let that be who I think it is-” 

But alas, he heard the hatch to his lair open and just as he had feared, none other than the jumping blue elf himself had just- HOPPED into his lair, uninvited, and unannounced. 

“Robbie! My crystal beeped and I came here as fast as I could! Did you hurt yourse-” the elf gasped mid sentence, both hands moving up to cover his mouth. Robbie froze, having a feeling that he knew what was coming. 

“Robbie…” The elf spoke, blue eyes wide. 

“Please don’t…” he pleaded in his head. 


“Please, I beg…” 

“Robbie,” The elf could barely contain his excitement. His eyes sparkled like champagne, a star-white grin breaking over his face. “YOU LOOK SO PRETTY, ROBBIE!” 


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jester and caleb (shippy or not, whatever's fine) with the hand shaking one?

Whump Fic Bingo

Something is not right and Jester can tell. It’s actually pretty pretty obvious and she wonders how no one else has seen it. Probably because they are all tired from fighting giant monsters all day long, probably, but she was there fighting too and she can still see the way Caleb’s hands are trembling under the inn’s table.

She could say something, just ask him what is wrong, but she doesn’t think that would be a good idea. She’s not stupid, she can see how hard Caleb is trying to hide it, looking at the others as if he was paying attention to the conversation, being very quiet probably to hide any other shaking that his voice could be doing, keeping his hands hidden between his knees. Saying something would be funny, put him on a spot and make him talk about what the hell is wrong… but this time she doesn’t want to go for that option. It feels wrong, and Caleb has been so nice to her all this time, even if he’s still stinky, it wouldn’t be fair.

Jester has another idea, though. So as soon as she sees the others distracted, she leans in closer to Caleb and says, “hey, could you do me a favor?”

Caleb blinks at her, clearly surprised, and takes a very long moment to answer, as if he was trying to remember how to use his words.

“What do you need?”

“Well,” she tilts her head, “I wanted you to draw me in my sketchbook.”

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Chill out!

 Bryce watch with a amused gaze, the rising  panic in his friend  amusing him. 
“Four!” Craig cried out  clutching his head “Four in one night! 

Craig was a man who wanted a normal life, really! He just wanted to chill at his house , play with his dog. 
Not be turned into a more angry, hostile and stinky hell hound.   Bryce hummed as he wiped the bloody knife with a handkerchief  “It can’t be -that- bad.”  Bryce said, attempting to brighten the mood. 
“I provoked the mafia.” 
“Craig, you have such bad luck, it amazes me.” 

Craig groaned, crashing into the bed of his best friend, curling up at lavender scented sheets.  “L-Like, I know Tyler is the godfather- kinda shocked me, ya’know? Didn’t expect it..He’s nice to me..But would he really..Try to get rid of me?” Craig asked, hope tainting his words. 
“Kill you? Oh yeah. He hates everyone, Craig. “  
Craig groaned.
“But..” Bryce drawled out, his finger tapping on his chin. “You can..Get on his good side. He doesn’t know you are a oversize dog , so it might go in your favor.”

Craig blinked, now thinking it over it. Yeah! That could wor-
“Or you can put use of your oversize thighs and seduce him.”
Craig managed to choke on air, his wide eyes staring at Bryce. “W-What?!”
“You heard me. Tyler might have a black heart, but everyone has a soft spot for someone they make love to, like- Look at Delirious and Investigator Vanoss. “ 
“W-Wow, really?” 
“Damn. - But, no! I don- just no!” Craig shook his head, blood rushing to his face. 
Bryce whistled. 
“Well, I guess it’s your problem to deal with.” 

Bnha x Pkm

Im having waaaaaayyyyy to many headcanons for this crossover and I need to let then out somewhere so I can go sleep so hear me out:

  • Pokemon Professor Aizawa. he’s so tired, grab whatever and leave. Has Slaking cus strong + lazy. Perfect duo 10/10.
  • Gym leaders: asui, ojiro, ashido, kaminari, tokoyami, uraraka and kirishima.
  • Elite four: shinso, midoriya, todoroki and bakugou.

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I love love love all of your writing. Your blog is actually one of the few I have notifications for when you post because it makes my day. And this is absolutely selfish, but I’m having a horrible week at work right now, and I was wondering if you have any sneak peeks you can share? Anything would work, because everything you write is just the best! Feel free to ignore this request if it stresses you out. That’s the last thing I want.

Ahhhhhh thank you so much! I’m also having a horrible work week, so this was really sweet to read, anon. Thank you! This is definitely an unstressful message, so don’t you fret. Not demanding in least - I’m happy to oblige.

Here’s a sneak peek from the next chapter of the Hogwarts AU, Rey Kenobi and the Rebellion’s Awakening

“Happy Christmas, Madam Kalonia,” Rey mumbled, an arm wrapped around her stomach. Finn rolled his eyes at her.

“She’s sick,” he informed the nurse needlessly. Kalonia raised her eyebrows at him. “Flu. She refuses to admit it, though.”

“I’m just under the weather,” Rey protested, her voice thick and congested. She shivered miserably. “Is it always this cold in here?”

“In bed,” Kalonia said, jabbing her finger at a cot. “Now.” Rey mumbled some more protests, but Finn half accompanied, half dragged her over and then hefted her onto the mattress. “Blankets.” Finn obliged when Rey wouldn’t, tugging them into place over Rey’s lap.

“No, ‘m fine,” Rey said, waving a hand. Her vision swam alarmingly. “No need to fuss.”

“Mhm.” Kalonia was already prepping a compress. “Now you, out, while you’re still healthy.”

“Yes ma’am!” Finn saluted smartly, winked at Rey, and then toddled off and away.

“So much for loyalty,” Rey hummed, settling back against the pillows. She shuddered compulsively, and the blankets that had felt soft a moment ago now felt scratchy and horrible on her skin. Rey shoved at them, and Kalonia pushed her hands out of the way and waved her wand over Rey’s body.

She tsked disapprovingly. “How many times are you going to show up in my hospital wing on the verge of death?” Kalonia asked, winking at her. She slapped the warmed compress against Rey’s chest, and she immediately felt the relief seep through her pores.

“Until you ban me permanently, I suppose,” Rey answered cheerfully (as cheerfully as possible with all the phglem). Kalonia rolled her eyes at her.

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More Wrench headcanons :3

His home:
~ is kinda messy. He just lives in the garage and has a separate room with a small bed and that kinda stuff. But he literally falls asleep wherever he wants when he’s tired.
~ tho his workbench is always the cleanest place. He needs enough space to work after all.
~ it needs to be cleaned, like any other home. Of course someone will have to force Wrench to clean it. Sitara does a great job for example, whereas Marcus would be a bit to soft (no one can resist Wrench’s virtual puppy eye remotes)
~ it also harbours a lot of food. Sodas, snacks, empty pizza boxes. Sometimes Wrench gets rats inside his garage (which scare the hell out of him - he’d jump onto tables and call for the dedsec crew to help him)

~ he also doesn’t have thaaat many clothes, since he basically wears the same outfit every day; he goes by “not stinky enough to wash yet”
~ he’d probably also be the type to staple his shoe soles to the fabric above to make them more endurable (anyone who had vans or all stars will get what I mean xD I never did that *cough*)
~ Wrench is the type of guy who respects literally the weirdest hobbies (dude watching hentai all day long - it’s okay with him) since he has some weird ass hobbies aswell
~ he prefers to not drive, when travelling somewhere, because he’d take naps all the time and couldn’t be bothered with steering a car
~ he likes beer best. Simply because of the taste and the convinience of having it in bottles and cans and stuff. Also he can drink a lot before getting wasted
~ his smartphones have shattered displays all the time, they are dirty and possible covers will break at some point. I kinda feel like his headphones are broken aka only one side works (he either fixes them by himself or they meet his sledgehammer and he buys/steals new ones)
~ he’s the dude that totally starts spamming you, when you don’t answer his texts immediatly/ he also texts really fast with small typos

Nuptial Nonsense

She had him by the face, hands holding his cheeks to keep him still as she peered closely in to his eyes with the utmost scrutiny. There seemed to be no signs of redness, nothing which really seemed to scream that the turtle she’d been walking with had been smoking something greener than he was.

“You don’t look stoned, but you sound like you’ve been smoking the ganj, buddy. Just saying.”

Erin released his face, if only because she was fairly sure he was likely to spit on her to get her to let go, being the lovable dick that he was. Comments and crossed arms aside, her wry little grin showed that she did find the suggestion to be one with some merit, if only because it could potentially be very, very funny.

A stinky sewer tunnel was not the place she’d have thought she’d be when someone popped the question to her nor had she envisioned that it would come from a giant mutant turtle with intentions of familial torment rather than hopes for a happily ever after with her. All things considered, for the first proposal she’d ever gotten, it could have been a hell of a lot worse. The fact that it offered a chance to completely screw with his brother was definitely appealing. Leo was a nice guy and all, but if the stick up his ass got any bigger folks would probably start confusing him for the stars and stripes at the top of a flagpole.

“So, when we get to the lair, you want us to ham things up and pretend that we’re newlyweds? Not that it wouldn’t be hysterical to see the look on Leo’s face, but considering we haven’t known each other that long, do you really think he’d believe it? Ya know…unless we wanna really screw with his existence and tell him that we had to do it cause it was a shotgun wedding situation or something. He’d probably shit enough bricks to build a skyscraper.”


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Hello! I'm a big fan of Crowley - so could you please do a story where the reader sells her soul to save one of the Winchesters from hell, but when she dies and the torture is about to begin Crowley comes and gets her because he wants her as his wife and Queen?

Hello friend!

Crowley! YAY! Sure!

Your three years are up. For some reason, every time you make a deal with a demon and connect it to the Winchesters, they suddenly cut your time on Earth from 10 years to 1 for Dean, and you got three. Just three.

“Y/N…” you are sitting in a motel room, and Dean tries to not look at you. “We…”

“Man, it’s ok. We did our best, just try not dying again,” you try to smile to make him feel a bit better. “Take of each other, boys.”

“You… want us to leave?” asks Sam, and you nod.

“We know that nothing can stop a hellhound. I just don’t want to die in front of you two,” Sam stands up and pulls you close, planting a short kiss on your forehead. “Take care, Sammy.”

“I will.”

“Come here,” Dean quickly hugs you and pulls away.

“I love you, guys,” you flinch at the sound of the hellhound scratching the door. “Ok…”

“Ya know what?” Dean takes the gun out and pulls you behind his back. “Not happening.”

“Dean, it’s fair. It’s my turn to go there.”

“Y/N,” he turns to you. “You don’t know what it’s like there. I won’t let you go down,” before you manage to say something, the door breaks down, Dean fires a dozen shot in the air, but misses. You end up laying on the floor, feeling the hot, stinky breath on your cheek, and the sharp teeth tear your stomach apart. “No. No!” you hear Dean’s voice, but a second later everything disappears, and you see yourself in hell, about to be torn apart.

DON’T!” you hear strong voice, and suddenly the hellhounds (you see them now, even though you would much rather not) step back, not biting you. You look towards the voice and see Crowley, suddenly looking as the real King, furious and powerful. The hellhounds walk towards him, whining as small guilty puppies. “Go away. Never touch her again.” 

“Thank you…” you murmur, not taking your eyes off Crowley, as the hellhounds leave, and he makes a few steps towards you, grabbing your face and making you look him straight in the eye. 

“I just learned about your deal with one of my demons. Why didn’t you go straight to me?”

“I had to get Dean back,” you shrug your shoulders, feeling how your cold shiver slowly goes away. “It was the only option.”

“Don’t be stupid, Y/N. It’s your soul. Listen to yourself. Of course I would bring him back on the count of 1-2-3,” he rolls his eyes and grabs your shoulders, looking you in the eye. “I was afraid I would be late.”

“I do not regret what I did,” you state, even though you know how terrified you were of the pain.

“You would regret that you never asked me to help you. Because (if you asked me) you would the same result but without the hellhounds chewing you,” Crowley snaps his fingers, moving you to his palace, so that you are not talking in the middle of the hell. As soon as you are out of the “hell” part of the hell, he speeds up and walks down the hall. “I have an offer. You can’t get straight out of Hell without making a new deal, so here it is. You will become my Queen and just spend all the time you want on the Earth.”

“What?” you first think you got hallucinations. 

“My Queen, Y/N. I want you to marry me,” he tells you calmly, as if it is not unexpected at all, walking towards the throne room, when you grab his hand and make him stop to look you in the face.

“What the hell?”

“My kingdom,” you roll your eyes, as he smiles and gently touches your hand, covering it with his warm fingers. “Y/N. I am offering you my heart and my hand. And the throne. Just a tiny addition.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. I just want to have you as my wife. I want my demons to know that under no circumstances you are to be hurt, I want to know that after a long day I will get home, and you will meet me and just make my tough day better,” he raises a hand and touches your cheek. “I know perfectly that your generation doesn’t like getting married before living together, but… Consider my proposal, Y/N,” you say nothing, so he smiles warmly, put your hand on his elbow and slowly keeps walking, keeping his fingertips on your hand, as if you have already said yes. “Just imagine how much I will do to make you happy here,” you look away blushing. “You know, being the Queen of Hell?”


“Because you are you,” simply answers Crowley. “Now keep thinking until you say yes. Because I won’t let you say no.”

Well Fuck You Then Rat Boy (Marauders era Fanfic)

.: Freya’s POV :.

I’m warm. Much too warm.

And sticky too.

All together, not a great welcome back into kinda-sorta-consciousness. I tried to open my eyes but found them supremely uncooperative.

Huh…that’s weird…why cant I open my eyes?

Or are they actually already open and I’ve just gone blind?

You would know if you had your eyes open even if you were blind wouldn’t you? I tried feeling if there was any sort of breeze on my eyes but didn’t really notice anything.

Giving up on the eyeball front I suddenly became aware of something squishy and large in my grasp. I realised with surprise that it was a hand.

Is someone voluntarily holding hands with me?

No of course not! Who would? I don’t have any friends and this feels a little too personal for Madam Pomfrey’s practical and strict manner.

Actually, come to think of it why am I in the hospital ward? Because that’s definitely where I am. Theres no mistaking that smell of cleanness.

Finally succeeding in prying my eyes open I blink fuzzily a moment before my eyes focused up and I was free to study my surroundings; white walls and white beds with white sheets. I myself am currently tucked into the white sheets of one of the white beds.

This is unsurprising. When you’re Hogwart’s personal punching bag you tend to become well acquainted with the medical department.

Still, it would be nice to know how I got here.

Also to know what this squishy warm dealie is because it can’t be a hand.

First things first, lets assess the damage..

I look down at myself and what I see isn’t all too reassuring. My entire body -or what I can see of it- is covered in horrible scabby burns. It looks like someone’s put an ointment on them cuz the skin around most of the burns has turned a kinda yellow colour.

How lovely.

Resolving to try not to think too hard about this, I take a look at the mystery object clenched within my right hand.

I freeze….and when I say freeze, I mean like a blood stilling, muscle tightening, butt clenching stillness of a freeze.

Oh no no no no no no no…

Couldn’t they leave me -a poor injured girl- alone? Was it their fault I’m here? What sort of sick people would wait for someone to wake up, just to get an early start on making that someone’s life unbearable?

Remus Lupin slept on. He had his hand in mine and was dozing peacefully with his head resting on his arm.

Shitshitshitshitshitshit and double shit!

I bit my lip tensly and frantically flapped the hand that wasn’t currently in the clutches of my enemy through the air.

Fuuuuuuuccckkkk! Ohhh buggering stinky house elf turds!!!

What do I do?! I cant risk waking him, there’d be hell to pay!

Half an hour later, after several attempted escapes, a bajillion panic attacks and a brief moment of me just rocking softly and muttering “Why is it always me?” I had given up.

I was currently shrunk right to the edge of the bed, as far away from the dastardly hand thief as physically possible.

Oh twiddling hipporgriff bogies.

.:Remus’s POV:.

I awoke groggily, still in the uncomfortable position that I had fallen asleep in and with the makings of what promises to be an almighty crick in my neck. I sigh, rolling my shoulders to loosen the knot forming.

Brilliant. Juuust bloody brilliant.

I then attempt to sit up…but stopped dead in my tracks.

An Open Door

A fluffy prequel (though it could stand on its own) to my angsty mini series, Doors, requested by @zuzusexytiems. Eat your heart out, dear, for this will only make your pain so, so much worse. Also tagging @inesathammar, because you, darling, inspired me to write this in the first place.

Katara was sick. 

Really sick. The kind of sick that made her head throb and her body ache and her stupid stomach upchuck any and everything she forced down. The kind of sick that make her feel hot and cold all at the same time. The kind of sick that drove her insane. 

Every sensation - the light through her window, the draft through the old apartment, the sounds echoing above and below her room - they all made her sick. Half of her wanted to die, but the other half rambled on about work and school and her other responsibilities, so she settled for violently yanking the blankets up to her chin.

She nearly puked at the sudden movement, and then really puked when someone banged on her door. Bent over the bedside trashcan, Katara wiped her mouth, screaming at the door, “Go away, Toph!”

But it wasn’t Toph, and normally, she’d be thrilled to see the golden eyes and raven hair in her doorway, but she was having absolutely none of if.  

Of course, he would show up looking fine as hell. Of course, he would see her in this state - all sweaty and sticky and probably stinky. And of fucking course, he’d say her name with that sexy, little rasp -Katara- and she’d feel like vomiting. Again.

Seven years she’d known him -since she was fifteen and he was an angry teenager- and he always seemed to stop her breath.

Katara glared at him, refusing to show even the slightest pleasure at his unexpected appearance, even though she was very, very pleased. “What are you doing here, Zuko?” 

“Toph called me.” He explained, stepping lightly over the scattered pillows on her floor, “She-”

“Toph called you? Why?” Katara grumbled, attempting to burrow deeper beneath her blankets, but he was sitting on the edge of her bed now and all but fighting her efforts. “Because I’m a raging bitch and she doesn’t want to deal with me?” 

He smirked, halfway caught between telling her the truth and lying. The truth seemed to win out, much to Katara’s chagrin, and he laughed, “More or less.”

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Creepypasta #837: My Neighbour Was In My Attic

Length: Medium

So, around 10 -12 years ago (in England) I lived in a little 2 bedroom house on a long road, it is a terraced house on a long strip of other terraced houses. Back in the day all the attics where joined and you could literally travel through them, years later they realised it was a bad idea, fires spreading, burglars etc. and so all the attics where bricked up so each house was secure.

One night I was soaking in the bath when I heard a noise above me, thinking it may be an animal or something I just ignored it, this went on for a few weeks only it was getting to the point I would only hear the noise when I was in the bath/shower or getting changed. I got a friend to check the attic and he told me he didn’t see anything (He just stuck his head inside) which just confirmed my animal story.

Not much happened after that for about a month or two when one night I was alone, I was getting ready to take a shower as I was heading out with friends, I heard the same noise above when all of a sudden the dog started going crazy, barking and looking directly above me. Clearly I was freaked out and decided to get ready at a friends house.

The next day I was outside my house when the neighbour shouted me, now my neighbour is creepy as hell, small, stinky, strange looking with hint of crazy in his eyes. He asked if I was OK, being polite and trying to show him he doesn’t really bother me I said yes and went about my business. Just as I got to my door he asked if I got to my friends OK, at first, without thinking I said yes thank you, smiled and waved good bye. When I got inside my house I realised that he would not know I was at a friends unless he heard me on the phone, and, as I was so creeped out the night previously I was practically whispering to my friend!!

Anyway, I rang family members. told my dad and they all came round, they turned the lights on in the bathroom but kept all the other lights off, opened the attic door and you could see 2 lights shining right through to the top of the attic, 2 tiny little holes, my bathroom ceiling was quite dark so I never noticed them. 

My dad went in, he was gone a while but when he returned he was blazing angry. He ignored everyone and walked straight outside to the neighbors house, we heard him shouting for the neighbour to open the door but he was not home. I asked my cousin to go up to check it out, when he came back down he told me that the wall separating the attics had been knocked through, most of the brickwork was on my side so it was knocked through from the other side.

We called the police but they told us that there was no proof he had done anything, the neighbour told the police he never used the attic and the previous tenants may be to blame. Clearly he was to blame, the old dirty pervert!!

I don’t think I have ever been so disturbed knowing that the dirty pervert had been watching me for all that time. I never stayed in that house again.

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Allright random idea here for all the boys, Candy lives alone, has a small apartment her parent pay for, but she works as a cashier in some local small store (a 7-eleven or something) i would like each of the boys reaction (or just an interaction with them in this scenario) like which of the boys come regularly just because they know candy works there? which ones come because they leave near it ? Keep up the good work!

Hello dear! I hope you enjoy the drabble! I’ve been really sick lately, so I wasn’t able to do all the boys, but I will add them later when I get to it!


Nathaniel could feel the sleep clawing at him, begging him to give into it and to just plop down to rest. Yet he couldn’t let the sleep win. Even if it was a weekend and there was really nothing for him to do, he liked to start his days early rather than sleep them away. Sleeping throughout the day to him seemed lazy and unproductive. He would much rather be awake and face the day head on. The only problem was that his body didn’t seem to agree.

Which was how he found himself tiredly stumbling through the doors of the closest 7-11 gas station in hopes of getting a coffee. It would be cheaper than a Starbucks and it would work well enough to make him at least functional. With a small groan, he could already fell his eyes drooping as he lazily put one of the cups under the faucet and filled it up to the brim. His hands seemed to just sloppily grab at the lids and stumbled to get it onto the cup, causing the cup to tip and shake just a bit.

It was the small splash of his coffee that woke him up quicker than anything. The scolding hot liquid burned his thigh as he bit back a curse. His eyes were wide and he frantically grabbed any and all nearby napkins to dab at the large spot. He could already feel how warm and burned his thigh was getting. He could only hope that the coffee wouldn’t leave a stain. Though there was only a little hope that the stench of coffee would leave him. Seeing the many spots of coffee that had landed on the floor caused him to groan and he sloppily cleaned it up the best he could.

He was left with a large wet spot, but at least it was no longer hot, when he finally was able to head toward the cashier counter girl with his cup of coffee. He kept his eyes down and low, not wanting to look up at anyone as he felt a bit embarrassed about the spilling accident.

“You know that not looking at me won’t change the fact that I can see you, right?”

The familiar voice chimed in amusement, causing Nathaniel to look up. He was met with the sight of Candy. A brief second of shock went over him before he shook it off, vaguely remembering how she had told him that she had received a job. He just didn’t recall that it was at this 7-11. He wasn’t sure if he should be relieved or absolutely mortified.

She was wearing a standard uniform that was common for any workers of 7-11 and her lips were upturned in a small smile as her eyes twinkled in amusement. The brief moment that she looked down at his pants didn’t go unnoticed as he felt his face grow pink.

“I…,” Nathaniel coughed nervously, “…I had a small accident with the coffee.”


Candy sang a few off-key verses of Damn Regret under her breath as she tried to finish up her work. Cleaning the floors were a bit of work, but she didn’t have much left to do before she would be able to get home. She couldn’t wait to shower and plop down on her bed and sleep until the afternoon, especially since it was the weekend. It didn’t help that it was already pretty late at night. She never could express her hatred for night shifts. Though the manager seemed fine to put her on the night shift considering she had a rougher look about her that would make people less likely to threaten her.

A small sound from just outside caused her to jump. With no hesitation, she glanced outside through the large glass window, but saw nothing. There were no cars. No people. Nothing. Brushing it off as just an animal, Candy continued to work until the sound came again. This time it was from a different direction, but she got the same results. There was not a single soul in sight.

She continued working, despite the fact that every few seconds the noise came again from somewhere else. Each time it added to her nerves and made her jump as her grip on the wooden staff of the mop tightened. She gulped thickly but continued working as she desperately tried to convince herself that it was just an animal. There was no need to be so jumpy. No need to press the little button on the bottom of the counter that would call for help. She was fine.

Then the door opened. The small chime of the bell alerted her that someone else had entered the shop. Turning, she saw no one and there was still no cars that she could see outside. Her heart began to wildly pound in her chest as her eyes darted around in fear, on the look out for any signs of life. A small noise behind one of the shelves caused her to jump, but she swallowed her fear as she walked toward it.

Her grip was deadly as she held the mop to her chest like a life line. Her footsteps were slow as she tried to gather up the courage she needed. Her heart was in her throat and she felt as if she could barely breath. Her body was on fire as she approached the aisle where the noise came from. Sucking it up as much as she could, she quickly swerved into the aisle, prepared to fight off whoever had entered the gas station.

There was nothing there, causing her to sigh in relief as she relaxed her stance. You were just imagining things, Candy thought to herself as she almost instantly felt back at ease, it was just my imagination.

Two hands firmly grasped her shoulders as someone screamed into her ear, causing to scream at the top of her lungs as her face went pale. Without even thinking, she swung around and hit the intruder in the face with her mop… Only instead of an intruder, Candy found herself staring at Castiel as he tried to get the mop threads out of his mouth.

“What the hell, Candy!?!”


Candy couldn’t help but smile to herself as she glanced toward the door of the gas station from her place behind the counter. She had been stuck behind the counter all day, a downside to working some much needed over time. As such, she never really had a chance to interact with any of her friends. Sometimes it annoyed them. Kim would rant on and on about how she was over working herself and needed a day off. Rosayla complained about Candy being stuck in a stinky uniform all day. Violette was the most quiet about her protests, but still went as far to say that it wasn’t really fair for her to work all the time.

But then there were days like this when someone would come over to visit her. Today, that person just happened to be Lysander. It started simple enough. He had opened a door to help an older lady through. Yet, a bit under an hour later, Candy glanced over to see him still there holding the door open as people went in and out. The hoard of bodies were like a never ending wave through the door, never giving Lysander a break.

He looked up toward Candy with a pleading expression, silently asking what he could possibly do to get a break, causing Candy to let out another small laugh as she shook her head.

“This is what you get for coming down on the busiest day of the week, Lys. You brought it upon yourself.”

Judging by the absolutely crushed expression on his face, it wasn’t the answer he was hoping for.


Candy popped the bubble of her bubble gum as she stacked up the shelves of the aisle. Working so late at night meant that she had the job of restocking. Since there was a lack of any customers at this odd hour, she was left to her own devices and didn’t have to worry about someone coming in while restocking. Even if they did, she would pause her work to check them out.

It still sucked how lonely it could be sometimes. It was too quiet and there wasn’t another soul anywhere to be found. It was if she was the last person on Earth. Sometimes that thought actually amused her and she would pretend, in the dead of the night, that she was Earth’s last defense against aliens or zombies. Tonight, however, she was too tired to even think about it. She sighed to herself and continued to place multiple boxes of candy onto the shelves, but a shrill scream caused her to pause her work. Looking up toward the door, confused, she wondered what could have possibly have made that noise.

Her answer came in the form of a pair of twins, running full speed toward the gas station, one of which was screaming at the top of his lungs as they entered the doors of the small station.

“Candy,” Armin screeched, “Candy!!! Where’s the candy??!!”

Candy let out a snort as she stood up, waving a hello to Armin and Alexy with a big grin on her face as she went toward the front counter to greet them. Though as Armin ran over and practically shook her shoulders, begging her to tell him where all the candy and energy drinks were kept, she couldn’t help but let out a booming laugh, causing him to pout and whine as she looked over toward Alexy for an explanation.

Alexy shrugged his shoulders.

“He wants to pull another all-nighter so please, for the love of all that’s good in the world, don’t tell him where the energy drinks are because I am the one stuck with him all night.”

Armin let go of Candy’s shoulders and started to whine and pout at his twin, complaining about how he wasn’t that bad. Candy’s eyes shined in amusement as she glanced between the twins. Alexy was silently pleading with her to take his side and she knew that Armin plus energy drinks was just begging for trouble and it was bound to create Hell for Alexy. Though as she glanced at Armin, her face resembled something pitiful. He had large, wide eyes with pouty lips as he gave his best puppy dog eyes to her, begging her to tell him what he wanted to know.

She gave in to Armin’s eyes as she felt herself become lost in the sea of blue.

“…The candy is just behind that shelf over there and the energy drinks are in the back.”

Armin’s grin got wide as he cheered before making a mad dash toward the sections, cheering loudly as he did so. Candy turned toward Alexy with an apologetic expression. Yet the blue-haired twin wouldn’t even look at her as he puffed his cheeks and crossed his arms over his chest. When he did finally look at her, he did so through the corner of his eyes, giving a small glare knowing that it was Armin’s puppy dog expression that caused him to lose the battle.

“You’re weak, Candy, weak.”


Kentin couldn’t help but sigh dreamily as he looked over toward Candy as he leaned against one of the stands in the gas station. She was behind the counter like usual. Her hair was pulled into a small bun on the back of her head and she had a large smile on her face as she served customer after customer. The uniform hugged her curves and showed off her positive assets, though there were a few odd stains here and there. Though working there had taken its toll on her as she was sluggish in some of her movements and she looked almost sickly. Looking closer at her face, he could see the faint bags under her eyes and the smeared makeup.

She’s beautiful. He sighed again wistfully, getting a glazed over look in his eyes as he continued to lean against the stand. The stand, however, wasn’t made for his weight and it tumbled forward, sending multiple things to the ground. Himself included. He caught himself in time, finding himself to be surrounded in a large mess of different bags of chips, most of them crushed and opened, causing the crumbs to spill out everywhere.

He also noticed everyone staring at him as if he was a freak. He felt his face heat up as he quickly stood up, brushing off the crumbs off his pants before the sound of laughter caused him to look toward Candy.

It was the first time he saw her laugh since she ever started the job. He knew for a fact how stressed she had been, having just gotten an apartment and a job on top of that. But knowing that he was the cause of the almost magical noise that was sounding throughout the gas station made his heart swell. He caused that. Accidentally, but it still counted. He made her day. He made her feel better. That was the best feeling in the world knowing that he made her smile and laugh. He couldn’t help but smile at her sheepishly as she shook her head in amusement, still laughing slightly to herself.

“I hope you know you have to pay for that, Kentin.”

My Boys Drabbles - Back to the Start (Part One)

Hey Guys,

since this plot is too detailed to be a one shot, I’ve decided to make it a short multi-chapter (maybe 3-4). Thanks to my Usain Beta @jia911 whose amazing skills are always of great value to me :)

This story is from the series My Boys Drabbles but it can also be read as a independent one shot.

  • The Prompt:

@june-louise asked for a story where Owen would get hurt/sick and Amelia would act strong while being terrified of losing him.

This amazing prompt made me think of an idea I had when I was first writing My Boys, but for some reason never went through with. I hope you guys like it.

  • Timeline

This story sets 9 months after the end of My Boys: Better Days. 

Back to the Start - Part One

“Do you see that one over there?” Thomas pointed to a puffy dark cloud “It looks like a garbage truck.”

Owen cracked up and agreed. He was lying down on the grass of his backyard with his two eldest sons, examining the afternoon sky while trying to name shapes from the dark, heavy grey clouds that gathered in the sky.

“That one over there,” Lucas pointed, visibly bored “Looks like a thunderstorm.”

“Don’t be a killjoy,” Owen reprimanded him, seeing how Thomas was enjoying their game and Lucas wasn’t. He loved being outdoors, and he stimulated the boys to be there as much as possible too.

“When is mom coming home?” Lucas asked, tilting his head to examine another cloud “I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry,” Thomas pointed out, very wisely.

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