he would be sooooo god

Sauron and Thuringwethil, mayhem mates!! magic, mischief and murder not optional. I have that cool kids song stuck in my head now

Bts reaction to you  sneezing loudly

Rap Monster

“Bless you,” he would say before chuckling at how such a loud noise could come out of such a tiny person.


“Jagi! Oh my goodness you scared me!” He would jump and hold his hand to his chest in a teasing way before asking if you were feeling okay.


“Bless you sweetie,” he would say without even a second glance.


“Jesus jagi how did you even make that sound!?” 


Jimin would giggle before saying how adorable you looked. 

“I dont know why! You just looked cute.”


“Bless you Jagi.” He would say in between giggles.


He would tease you sooooo much.

“God bless your soul babe.”

“Woahhhh why are you summoning demons with your nose (Y/N)?”

~ Admin Lily