he would be howard stark

friendly reminder that peter quill is chronologically older than steve rogers. steve would have addressed him as ‘mr quill’, probably

and then drops the politeness the second he realizes quill is a huge man child

me: *can’t wait for infinity war*

Stutterin’ Pete {6} -Peter Parker x Reader-

Pt. 1 - Pt. 2 - Pt. 3 - Pt. 4 - Pt. 5

Part 6!

Fandom: Marvel / Marvel MCU / Spider-Man

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: It’s here. DC. The trip that has been causing you extreme anxiety since you and Peter became involved. He’ll be gone for three days. You two has talked about Liz Allan and if you were being honest, you believed him when he said nothing was ever going to happen. Still, all three of your friends were going on this trip. You would have no one for three days.    Unless you follow Peter’s lead an sneak onto the bus.. 


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 “I can’t believe you’re going to Washington, tomorrow.” You said 

“That’s if they let me back on the team.” He said

“Right. But why wouldn’t they? You’re the smartest one they have.” You said your head bobbed as he chuckled.

“Not entirely true.” He said but you both knew it was.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” You said tightening your grip on him.

“Not as much as I’ll miss you.” He kissed the top of your head. The sound of the outside world dominated your silence as you laid there in each other’s arms.  You listened and heard the sound of May’s footsteps as she came down the hall to go to bed.

“I should probably go.” You said getting up to look for your clothes. Peter pulled you back down onto his chest. “No, stay.” He said starting to run the tips of his fingers up and down your bare back, right along your spine like he knew you loved.

“Fine.” You said not bothering to put up a fight, you didn’t really want to leave anyways. Leaving was the last thing on your mind. Three days would be the longest you and Peter had ever been apart since you became friends. It’s hard not to see someone when you live directly above or below them in the same building. You ran your hand up and down from his hip where a faint V acted like an arrow to his groin, following the distinct bumps and ripples of each muscle back up to his collar bone.

“I think I’ll miss your hands the most.” Peter finally broke the silence in an almost whisper-like tone. You propped yourself up enough to meet his eyes, barely seeing him in the faint glow of the lights from the streets below.

“My hands?” You asked Peter nodded, his eyes never leaving yours as one of his hands slipped down and scooped yours up holding it gently and pressing it to his lips.

“They’re so small and warm… They leave goosebumps everywhere you touch me.” He said you smiled.

“Well,” you began. “I think I’m going to miss those big brown eyes the most.” you said. He smiled up at you sleepily. His hand lifting from your hand to tuck itself in your hair at the base of your skull.

“Kiss me.” He whispered you obliged leaning down your lips locking in the now familiar sensation, figuring you two fit together like two pieces in a puzzle. Trailing your hand down the centre of his chest, then torso, noticing that there was goosebumps on his skin where your fingers had been. You slipped your hand under the covers and took hold of another part of him that had also become familiar to you. His mouth opened against yours as he drew in a sharp breath. His hand in your hair slightly pulled on the strands.

“Shh….” You whispered against his mouth he made a sound that could have been either a moan or a whine as you started to move your hand.

Shit.” He said through gritted teeth. You smiled kissing his jaw.

“I hope this decathlon is worth it.” You whispered kissing his neck which was easier to get to since he was leaning his head back into his pillows, chewing his lip. “I’d hate to think about all the time together we’d be missing out on.” You said pressing another kiss to his throat. He groaned quietly. “All the things, we won’t be able to do…” You trailed off gently tightening your hand around him,  his back arched and he drew in a sharp breath. You stilled your hand.

“Be quiet or Aunt May is going to know I’m here.” You whispered he nodded slowly, not opening his eyes. 

“Just don’t stop.” He begged you smirked as cruel as it might have been, perhaps leaving the job incomplete for a moment would build up his sensitivity.

Don’t stop?” You asked withdrawing your hand completely. He groaned in protest.

“Please.” He begged you smiled to yourself seeing him completely desperate for your touch. You slid your hand back up his torso.

“Hmm.. I think I’ll make you wait for it.” You said

“Y/N…” He groaned quietly you leaned down and pecked his lips.

“Not now. Just one more moment.” Peter moved so quickly and with so much swiftness that you almost shrieked as he rolled you over.

“I can’t wait any longer.” He hissed at you, he leaned down, roughly bringing his mouth to yours. He used his knee to part your legs. Using his hand to cover your mouth as you barely held in an exclamation of his name or probably a few choice swear words as he came to you in one rough thrust. He held one of your thighs in place by the knee and covered your mouth as he continued ruthlessly. You were seeing stars and frankly, your climax was already building up. This was a parting gift, something to think about while he was gone the next few days. Once the initial shock of his first thrusts were gone, you started to move your hips to meet his, He removed his hand slowly. Pressing his elbow into the mattress beside your head supporting his weight so he wouldn’t crush you. 

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“It would never work.” You looked up at Peter. 

“What are you talking about?” He screwed his face up like he did when Mr. Delmar tried to hike up the price of his sandwich because he asked about Celine, his daughter. “It’s five dollars.” You recall him saying making the same face, it was riddled with mischief. You realized that back then, it wasn’t just a crush for you. Even then, and for as long as you could remember, you have been in love with Peter Parker. 

Suddenly, your hands froze in his hair and your breath caught. 

“What?” He asked looking down at you. “What’s wrong?” 

You couldn’t speak. Had you just admitted to yourself that you were in love with Peter? It was love? You shook your head. Smiling up at him. 

“Nothing, I just… I just thought about you being gone.” You said “It sucks.” You added then you pulled at his hair the slightest. “You suck.” 

“Well, if you would go along with my plan, you wouldn’t have to deal with this.” He said 

“I would never be able to sneak onto the school bus, Peter.” You said 

“Not alone. I’ll get Ned to help. Same with MJ if I’m on her good side tomorrow.” He said you laughed quietly. He looked down at you. “Come with me.” He said 

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Bucky was so in awe of the flying car at the Stark Expo like, the boy was such a science nerd, i bet when he met Howard during the war he probably turned into an excited schoolboy asking questions at a mile a minute whilst Steve just sorta gives Howard an apologetic smile but does nothing to stop Bucky’s curiosity

Honestly my favorite part of this AU is how much of a goober Howard is.

“Kill me,” Howard begged.

Maria pursed her lips instead of pointing and laughing at him. “Don’t say that in front of Tony, Howard.”

He frowned at her, confused, and blew his nose. “Tony shouldn’t come in here. I’m sick. I don’t want him to get this.”

“Well he’s going to come in here,” Maria retorted, finishing with her makeup. “I know you said no makeup until he’s thirteen, but can I give him a little blue eye shadow? It’s a special occasion. Just a teensy bit!”

Howard stared up at the ceiling. “…I… suppose. But just this once. And only because it’s a special occasion.”

“Goody!” she exclaimed, clapping her hands, and began picking through her different eye shadows.

Howard frowned at her, unimpressed. “Just a little.

“Of course,” Maria agreed distractedly. “He’s too young to look like a harlot.”

“He shouldn’t ever look like a harlot,” Howard insisted, then began to cough. He leaned into his wife when she came to sit beside him and rubbed his back. “The famous Howard Stark, brought down by a cold. The Howling Commandoes would laugh themselves to the grave.”

Maria rolled her eyes fondly. “I guess it’s good that they’re not here then.”

Howard heard a yelp and then something thumping into the bedroom door. He stared up at the ceiling, frowning. “Why does he have to take after me this way?”

“It’s not my fault you two are too impatient to watch where you’re going,” Maria rejoined, standing up to open the door. “Are you okay, honey?”

“Yeah, it was just my face!” Tony replied happily.

Howard couldn’t help but continue to stare at the ceiling, despairing. Just his face. He had the most beautiful little boy, but whatever. It was just his face.

Tony scampered further into the room. “How do I look?” he asked excitedly, holding the skirt of his blue gown out and turning in a circle.

Blue normally wasn’t his color. Jan was a miracle worker. “You look beautiful, Tony,” Howard told him sincerely. “I’m sorry I can’t go tonight. Everyone is going to be so jealous of you.”

Tony giggled quietly and covered his cheeks, coming to a stop in front of Maria’s floor-length mirror to look at himself. “Thanks, Daddy!”

“Maria,” Howard whispered, motioning her over. When she obediently bent down, he hissed, “Don’t let anyone get ideas about our boy. No marriages.”

Maria choked on a snort. “He’s ten.

“No marriages,” he repeated sternly.

“Alright, honey,” she sighed, rolling her eyes.

There was a knock on the door. Jarvis poked his head inside. “Mrs. Stark, if you don’t hurry you’re going to be late.”

“What?!” Maria looked at the clock and yelped. “Come on, Tony!” she exclaimed, grabbing her shoes and hurrying out of the room.

Tony squawked and ran after her. “Bye Dad I hope you feel better!”

“Thank you, Tony,” Howard told the empty room. He took a moment to feel smug.

Maria came running back in to snatch up the eye shadow and a brush. “I didn’t forget,” she told him, grinning, and left the room again as quickly as she came.

Howard scowled.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Jarvis said, sighing.

“It’s alright, Jarvis,” he replied grumpily. “You did try.”

Having a cold was miserable. Howard couldn’t even sleep well. He worried that Maria would conveniently ‘forget’ that he’d said only a little eye shadow, or that some older child would make fun of him, or worse, like him a little too much. Someone could even insult Jan’s handiwork, and then Tony would get himself into a fight.

Tony was so small. He wasn’t very good at fighting.

“Should I enroll Tony in a self-defense class?” he asked Ana when she brought him soup. He did not think about the very, very rare meat he was missing at the Meeting, because that had been the cause for the only time he threw up earlier in the day.

Ana blinked at him. “Quite honestly I’m surprised that you hadn’t put him in a self-defense class already, sir.”

“I will enroll him in a self-defense class. He will become the most dangerous Stark,” Howard decided.

Ana raised an eyebrow. “You punched a senator a week ago.”

“I am going to punch any bigoted asshole who thinks my wife and child are dangerous just because they can change into wolves,” Howard hissed viciously. “What’s the most dangerous thing Maria has ever done? She’s sat on me.”

“Your wife is the size of a small horse,” Ana pointed out.

Howard drew himself up indignantly. “She has delicate bone structure!”

Ana remained unimpressed. “Finish your soup.”

Howard woke from his doze to the solid thump of little feet running down the hall. He glanced at the clock and sighed quietly, frowning. It was two o’clock in the morning. They typically didn’t get home until five or six. He hadn’t gotten much sleep. He sat up anyway, though, and turned on his bedside lamp.

The door creaked open a little, and Tony poked his head in. When he saw him sitting up, he smiled and stepped inside, bouncing over to the bed. “Hi, Daddy!” he whispered, and might as well have talked in his regular voice for how loud it was. “Are you feeling better?”

“A little,” Howard fibbed. Good. Maria had only used a little eye shadow. “Did you have fun at the Meeting? Did they like your dress?”

“Yes and yes,” Tony answered happily. “Ms. Patterson even said that she’d like to know who made it! Jan’s gonna be so excited!”

The bedroom door opened further, and Maria came trudging in, carrying her shoes again. “Honey, come over here so I can wipe your eye makeup off and you can go to sleep. Your father needs to rest.”

Tony frowned, disappointed, but nodded, walking over to her obediently. He tilted his head as she pulled a piece of cloth out of a package. It looked a lot like a baby wipe. He wrinkled his nose—kind of smelled like one, too.

“Close your eyes,” Maria ordered gently, and removed the faint hint of eye shadow in two expert swipes on each eyelid. “There. Wash your face and go to bed.”

“Okay. Goodnight, Mommy,” he answered, kissing her cheek when she offered it to him, then turned and rushed back over to the bed. “Goodnight, Daddy,” he added, pressing a kiss to his cheek as well. “I hope you feel better.”

“Thank you, Tony,” Howard replied, smitten. He had the sweetest child. “Goodnight.”

Tony smiled at him brightly before scampering out of the room.

Howard waited until he knew Tony was in his room before he turned his attention back to his wife, concerned. “You’re home early.”

“I was worried about you,” Maria admitted. “I know human colds last longer than when werewolves get them, but it still freaks me out.”

“Aw, honey!” he cooed happily. “Howard Stark would never be brought down by the common cold!”

She raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m more worried about the stupid things you’d do while you had the common cold.”

“Jarvis won’t let me use the soldering gun so I don’t see the problem.”

“Idiot,” she sighed fondly, sitting down at her dressing table to begin removing her own makeup. “You’re going to be so mad,” she added, frowning at herself in the mirror.

Howard sat up a little, concerned. “What? Why? Did someone hit on you? Honestly I’m surprised anyone would dare.”

“No,” Maria said, grimacing. “But the Perrin family suggested that perhaps Tony and their daughter Julia would be a good match.”

Howard stared at her, mouth setting into a firm line.

“Of course I said no,” she added quickly. “But then they, uh… said their son might be a good match instead.”

“I’m going to find Mark Perrin and shove my foot so far up his ass that I kick his teeth out.”

Maria couldn’t help but snort at his conviction. “Howard! I already told them no!”

“Tony is ten and will not even be allowed to date until he is twenty-five—”

“Oh my God.”

“—And he will be allowed to marry when he is twenty-nine and not a day sooner.”

Maria laughed quietly. “Howard, you’re the worst.

“He’s my baby!” Howard exclaimed indignantly. “And he’s too good for everyone! Don’t laugh at me, Maria! He is too pure for this world!”

The Lives I’ve Loved You;

ENSummary: History repeats itself.

A/N: A cute fic!!! A little angsty. I’ll be doing a part 3 to Girl Crush and a part 2 to Christmas Lights eventually, I just felt really inspired by this idea I had. 

New York

April, 1861

“Steve Rogers here to see you, ma’am.” 

Y/N didn’t bother to turn to see the man who was just introduced, for she knew exactly what he news he had come to deliver. The entire country was on the brink of war with itself, half of it threatening to withdrawal from the entire Union, and it was only a matter of time before the government started asking for the able-bodied young men to enlist. 

“So is that the kind of greeting you find appropriate for a proper enlisted man?” Steve’s voice sounded quite proud as he attempted to gain the woman’s attention. All it managed was to get Y/N to face him, a cold expression on her face. Of course, Steve had probably one of the first in line at the registry to enlist. “Y/N, the papers are saying they need all the men they can get, that-” he started, but his impending speech was cut off by a callous wave of her hand.

“Don’t lecture me on patriotic duty,” Y/N nearly sneered, “You lied to me.” Rumors of a war had been spreading like wildfire since the election of Abraham Lincoln as president, and when Y/N asked Steve if he would enlist, he only expressed mild interest at the idea, but said he wouldn’t.

“It’s to keep the Union together, Y/N,” Steve said, “And more importantly, it’s for freedom.” 

Y/N knew, deep down, that there was no way Steve would have let his neighbors go to war without him marching alongside. He was a stubborn, stubborn boy, and always had to have himself in the action. It did not lessen the sting of potential loss, though, at the revelation of what she knew was coming all along. The idea created an ache in her that made it difficult for her to suppress the tears welling in her eyes any longer. At the sight, Steve strode across the room. 

“Don’t cry, my love,” Steven took her hand in his, rubbing his thumb along the backside of it, “They say it’ll only last a few months- at most. Then I can come back to you.” 

“You can’t promise that,” Y/N’s voice shook as the tears began to flow freely. She stared at the mud that encrusted his boots, refusing to make eye-contact with him. The moment she looked into his stunning, ocean blue eyes, she knew it would be over for her. 

“I can promise that we’ll be together, forever,” Steve began, using his spare hand to reach into his back trouser pocket and pull out a delicate silver ring, “And I can promise that I’ll love you forever, if you’ll have me. Y/N- will you marry me?” At the last words, he dropped to one knee. He held the ring at the tip of her finger, not quite sliding it on in case he was rejected. 

“Yes, Steve. Yes.” 

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To The Future

Bucky timetravels from 1945 to glimpse at the future, expecting to see himself married to some pretty woman. Instead he finds himself in a room filled with technology that would leave even Howard Stark speechless. He hides behind a curtain when three men arrive the room, and can’t help but get aroused when they end up having sex on the couch. This can’t be his real future, right?

Forever and a Day [Bucky x Reader] Part 5/5

Forever and a Day

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, mentions of Peggy x Steve 

Rating: T/PG-13

No spoilers for Civil War. This takes place after The Winter Soldier.

Summary: You spent your youth as a friend to Steve and a lover to Bucky. But the three of you were not destined for normal lives and now the past has begun to catch up to you.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Part Five:



“Thank you for meeting me,” Peggy gave you a brief smile. While she was genuinely happy to see you once more, you didn’t share the sentiment.


“Call it a moment of weakness,” you sighed, the two of you staring at each other awkwardly until you finally gave in and stepped aside, allowing her into your home. It wasn’t much, just a studio apartment outside DC, but it didn’t remind you of New York and therein lay its appeal.


“I was hoping your anger towards me would have cooled,” she admitted, hands twisting her clutch anxiously.


“I’m not angry anymore, Peg,” you revealed, closing your front door and taking a seat at your tiny dining table. Peggy followed suit and sat opposite you.


“I assumed it was still the case,” she frowned slightly. “I haven’t heard from you in nearly five years.”


“I haven’t talked to any of the old gang in five years. Howard, Jarvis, Daniel, Jack, you name ‘em,” you shrugged casually. “I didn’t think there was anything left to talk about.”


“Of course there is,” Peggy cried out, allowing her emotion to get the better of her. “We were friends. We were close once, and then you disappeared.”

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Headcannon that Anna Jarvis gets her bernese mountain dog...

-Edwin carries the puppy home in a basket and Anna is delighted by the little fur ball.

-The puppy loves Anna, so everywhere she goes there is a pitter patter of little feet following behind. 

- The first thing the puppy barks at is her own reflection, yipping lightly as she paws the mirror.

- It takes them a while to name the dog, but they eventually settle on Stella.

- Both Jarvis’s are thankful that she was easy to toilet train.

- Anna doesn’t want to bring the puppy on the bed but Edwin can’t resist her puppy eyes so Stella joins them at night. This continues when she grows to her full size of 85 pounds.

-Anna didn’t realize how quickly Stella would grow and is amazed at how big she got.

-Stella wants to be friends with Bernard. Bernard does not want to be friends with Stella. Edwin swears his hair is going grey twice as fast as before.

-Anna learned very quickly not to leave any food on her coffee tables, but not before leaving an entire apple torte on one unsupervised and coming back to an empty plate ten minutes later.

-Stella sheds. A lot. Anna considers knitting sweaters from the tumbleweeds of fur around the house.

-Like many dogs, Stella begs during mealtimes. Anna and Edwin learn to resist but sometimes Howard Stark would come over and he always gave her treats.

-He didn’t even mind when she swam in his pool, most of his lady-friends liked her.

-Stella loves Peggy. Heck, she loves everyone from the Los Angeles SSR. Except for Samberly. He smells funny.

-Whenever Edwin comes home late from another adventure with Peggy, he is always relieved to come home to his two favourite ladies.

Okay, so my friend took me to Civil War, and I can’t stop laughing because even though I did enjoy the movie, there are literally the same things people complained about in BvS - and it has many more mistakes. Obviously spoilers:

“Lex Luthor is nothing like the comics!” - The only thing Zemo had in common with his comic version was the name. Even if Lex wasn’t the son of the Lex Luthor we know from the comics, he still kept his wealth, intelligence and power.

“But how did Lex knew about their secret identities?” - How did Tony knew Spider-Man’s? He literally just showed two vids of Spidey that prove absolutely nothing.

“Martha scene” - Steve Rogers’ quote after he froze in front of Crossbones and was just looking at him: “I just heard ‘Bucky’ and I was the kid from Brooklyn again.” (before you start yell at me about how it’s totally different, realize that every person can react totally differently to their trigger word of PTSD)

The editing was better than in BvS I admit but that’s about it. The camera was a bit too shaky during some actions scenes, and there was a lot of lazy writing and some plot holes. 

What the hell was Clint’s motivation (I guess he just leaves his children even if he knows he can end up in jail just because Cap calls)? What a great daddy he is!!!

Tony was able to catch I don’t know how many people falling in Iron Man 3 but he won’t catch Rhodey… because that definitely makes sense, right?

Cap and Bucky are capable running faster than cars but their run to the jet plane at the airport took them forever.

Wasn’t the helicopter on the rooftop supposed to shoot at Bucky and no at Black Panther? Wasn’t he on the ground when it started to shoot? How come all bullets missed him!

I know this is technically not a plot hole but where did that Steve/Sharon kiss come from?

Didn’t they knew how the psychiatrist who was going to talk to Bucky was supposed to look like? Why did they even let Zemo in? One would expect more from a facility that was entrusted with taking in the Winter Soldier, no?

Why didn’t Bucky cover his ears when Zemo started saying the trigger words instead of punching the walls (wouldn’t the words also be more quiet when the sounds goes through that glass or whatever was it),

Bucky killing Tony’s parents was supposed to leave no witness. Why the hell wouldn’t he cover his face? Why the hell wouldn’t he shoot the camera first (it’s not like Tony’s parents could go anywhere in their conditions)? Why the hell choke Maria Stark when any good autopsy would show that was the cause of death? Why the hell would he look at the damned camera?

What was Howard Stark even doing with the serum? Why would he have it? And why would he have it in a car with his wife without any bodyguards??

What happened with that book with Bucky’s trigger words?

Where did Natasha go? Why didn’t they arrest her like Cap’s team?

Btw, does the ending mean it’s okay to put away people who obviously need psychological treatment? Totally cool!!

Of course, maybe I was distracted at a certain moment and I’ve missed some explanations while watching it, and in that case I apologize and I would like you to inform me about it.

Overall, I did enjoy the movie (some of the action scenes were very good and Black Panther stole the show) but it wasn’t as good as BvS… an averagely good Marvel movie. It felt like the Russo brothers weren’t even in charge of this… which is a shame.

thededleadragoria  asked:

If you haven't already could you write something about Tony reading some of the letters Howard sent? Thnx.

Hi! Sorry my reply is late here. But, I don’t think I’ll be writing a specific story with the letters, but the letters will come up, and we’ll probably see excerpts. So, yes, eventually, my plan is there will be such a thing as you are requesting. Just, not quite yet, for reasons. ;)

It might be something like this:

The Garage was empty.

Well, the main floor of the garage was empty, anyway. Except for two cars, three motorcycles, a desk, three chairs, a pair of short, wooden filing cabinets, and a long row of metal shelves. There was a large tool kit for working on the cars, and one of the metal shelves had been repurposed to hold parts.

So, okay, it wasn’t exactly, perfectly empty. But, with the decades of crates moved out, the space felt a little cavernous.

Darcy sat at the desk, her feet up on the cracked leather blotter, kicking her toes together in an absent rhythm.

There was something heavier in the Garage, though, despite its apparent emptiness. And she didn’t mean the super-secret base beneath.

The below-ground base was sort of rectangular, stretching out back away from the street side, to under a grassy lot behind the building. Operations, the elevators and stairs of the main entrance, along with a handful of side offices were the front third. Labs and workshops occupied the middle third, and the far end were a few bunkrooms and the stairs to yet another, lower level. The main engineering works of the base were down there — water, sanitation, air, plus storage, and an emergency exit out to tunnel to a hidden, fake water pipe in an alley four blocks away.

It wasn’t a facility meant for a big crew. Maybe it could house 12 to 15 people all together for a few weeks. If they really, really liked each other.

She and Tony spent a number of daddy/daughter date nights upgrading, tearing out and replacing environmental systems, rewiring for a proper network, pulling fiber, and in general, making the secret base operational. For what, who knew.

While Darcy questioned the degree of her own paranoia at having a double secret hidey-hole, it was also really cool. Like a private treehouse. She and Rico always planned to have one, but neither of them had yards with trees big enough. It was a crushing realization to their 10-year old selves. Now … all this.

She’d have to actually remember to tell Rico, though.

Nobody knew the Garage existed except Tony, Bucky, Steve, and Peggy. And only Tony knew where it was. He liked that part.  

So, he didn’t need to know she invited Bucky by today. But, her invitation had a purpose and she wasn’t sure how he’d take it. Not that it was bad, necessarily. Maybe.

It might not have been a big, elaborate structure, like the Playground, but there was still plenty to explore. When going through some of the side rooms, Darcy came across one full of furniture. Just desks, chairs, and some bunks, really. But off to one side was a footlocker and a large canvas bag. Atop the footlocker sat a folded piece of paper with her name on it; Darcy recognized Howard’s handwriting immediately.

April 29, 1970

My darling D,

I had the strangest conversation with Peggy a few weeks ago.

Maria was out at some art luncheon, the nanny was off sick, and I got stuck with Tony. I hope he grows out of it, but if you didn’t know, your father is a screamer. Peg was trying to distract him with a truck, and out of the blue, she asked if I knew what happened to Bucky Barnes’s things. If we’d given them to his sister, or what.

Well, I recall trying to pass them on to Miss Barnes years ago. She took a few things, small keepsakes — one of his watches, his brass compass, his flag, a medal or two, I think — but his old uniforms and such, that hurt too much, she said and she didn’t have the space to treat them right. She asked me to keep it all with Steve’s things, thinking maybe some day we’d put it all together in a display.

I told Peggy that and she insisted I pull Sgt. Barnes’s locker and duffle and set them aside for you; that you’d appreciate it. She wouldn’t say why, but she was pretty damned pushy about it; you know how she gets. I suppose maybe you two talked about him all those years ago. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to know him; he was a good fellow and a hell of a shot. I was working on a rifle for him when we lost him. Damned shame.

I hope you appreciate these, and just so you know, I’m breaking up the collection here. But since the collection’s all going to you anyway, I guess you can get this where it belongs.

Make sure people remember, sweetheart. I’ve done my best to keep their memories alive, and now I’m trusting them to you. Don’t let them be forgotten.

All my love,

As ever, when she found one of these messages from Howard, she had to take a few minutes to breathe through it. She really did miss him.

Then she growled a little, because, he loved to issue his orders. It was sweet at first, but then every subsequent letter had some sort of little command or directive in it, and now she kind of wanted to throw things at him. But, of course, he was dead, so she couldn’t, and he’d probably known that, and basically, even after death, he was kind of a jerk.

Do this, do that, family legacy, blah blah blah. “I love you Howard, but shut up.”

Once she got past that little emotional whirlwind, she lugged the trunk and the bag out of the room and up to the ground floor. Then she called Bucky and gave him directions to the garage. And now she was waiting and staring at the trunk.

She was very tempted to open it all up. What would she find? Dirty laundry? Hopefully not — 70 years of stank? Gross, pass. Girlie mags? That would be hilarious, and she would give him so much crap. Would there be books? The trunk was heavy enough. Old letters from a sweetheart or two? He was popular with the ladies, back in the day, everybody knew that. Did they send him little notes with lipstick kisses and a spritz of perfume?

What would Bucky Barnes carry off to war with him? And what would he keep once there?

So I was thinking what if when Howard comes across a whisper of the Winter Solider being Bucky, and he makes it his mission to save him, if he couldn’t save Steve, then he sure as hell would save his best friend.

Howard doesn’t tell anyone else because this is his second chance, his chance to make things right. It’s only as he see’s the shadowy figure in front of his car does he realize he was too late. And just as it all ends he thinks that he failed Steve one last time.

I don’t think Peggy was scared when Jason had her at gunpoint. I think she was disappointed.

(be prepared, I am not a fan of one Daniel Sousa under the cut)

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anonymous asked:

So how's the pertition going. It's seems like it's kinda lost its momentum

Actually, Nonny, the momentum is far from lost!

As we answer this ask, the petition has 117,906 signatures!

On Saturday, May 30, while at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, it has been reported that Hayley Atwell would do “whatever it takes” to bring Peggy back, and would be “100%” up for another season of Agent Carter.

It was a trending topic. 


During a panel at MCM London Comic Con Dominic Cooper, who plays Howard Stark, said he’s talked to both Hayley and James D’Arcy (Edwin Jarvis) about the cancellation and both are in awe about the fan support to see the show get picked up. Dominic said that he would “be up for more Howard Stark, and I know they’re up for doing more of their characters…”


These are just two of the many articles that mention the show’s cast that are in support of another season, and that brings up our petition.

As we conclude this ask, the petition is now at 117,931–a measly sixty-nine signatures away from 118K.


Agent Carter S01E07 "Snafu"


Where to begin?

  • Ok first of all that Doctor is freaking creepy. HE GETS INTO PEOPLE’S MINDS and that is just the CREEPIEST.
  • Last time we saw Peggy she was being taken int custody by her peers. It’s weird seeing her at the other end of that table but I though it was also very interesting. Because for the first time since the begining of the series she gets to say anything on her heart without thinking about the mission or being afraid she’d be compromised. Of course at first she doesn’t say much but man, when she told the guys that they dont know her, they only have a certain image of her, I was like yeah you go girl!
  • Agent Sousa though, you could see how much he’s hurt because he’s basically just a ball of anger and fury. I did feel bad for him but I knew he’d end up believing her, it was pretty obvious. He has a massive crush on Peggy, it’s so adorable but sorry she’s too busy fighting the patriarchy.
  • And then, EDWIN JARVIS. I want my own Jarvis. I’m not even kidding. This is a man who forged papers to save his wife from certain death and even though it went almost wrong the first time, didn’t hesitate to do exactly the same thing to get his best friend out of trouble (after much panicking and thinking, but mostly panicking). I just … I have no words he’s just so cute and amazing and helpful and cute and just. Edwin Jarvis, I love you.
  • Peggy talking about Steve Rogers. Peggy saying she couldn’t protect him. Peggy smiling even though her heart was breaking into a million pieces. My heart couldn’t take it.
  • Dr McCreepy gets into Chief Dooley’s head and steals a thing and THEN PUTS HIM IN A FREAKIN’ EXPLODING VEST.
  • WHAT. THE. F.
  • My favorite part of the episode was when Chef Dooley decided he would sacrifice himself and looked at Peggy and asked her to avenge him. He looked at PEGGY, not Thompson, not Sousa or all the other male Agents. No, in his last moments he recognized Peggy as the woman who WILL take care of the injustice that was done to him. He knew nothing would stop her.
  • Oh and by the way, someone should ask Howard Stark what’s with the crazy inventions. Honestly, WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING.


Ant man was so great. It’s sad that Marvel killed him off on his first movie. After that sweet opening scene on the moon with the hulk I was hoping he would stick around. Oh well. I wasn’t expecting a story centered around Howard Stark and Steve Rogers as toddlers, and who would have thought they would go the time travel route and change the story of the first Avengers movie. They still tied it together well with the Daredevil Netflix original.

Loved the cameos from Xmen, Spider-Man and Big Bird. Overall I give it a 7/10. It would have gotten 8, but I didn’t care much for the actress who played Harley Quinn.

Oh, and they used the aunt/ant pun way too many times. Once or twice is funny, but seven was too much.