he worries about her like a father does

livestream tidbits, vol. 4
  • the most important thing to remember about jack: he thinks about hockey 90% of the time. he has a laser focus on what he needs to do
  • because of this, jack has historically been a terrible boyfriend. it would take a special person to help coax him out of the idea that he needs to live and breathe hockey all the time to prove himself
  • chowder is second generation chinese. his father immigrated when he was a teen and his mother was born in the us. they met at samwell. he has an older sister
  • ngozi has said before that jack is loosely based on sidney crosby, but he’s also based in part on jonathan toews and other intense hockey captains
  • people think lardo is totally cool and perfectly badass all the time, but she has weaknesses, things that she hides. she puts on a mask of being always chill, but she worries about things like looking cool, whether or not someone she likes likes her back. she does have some problems communicating so that’s why, like jack, she befriends outgoing people. she communicates with art
  • no one was managing the team when lardo was abroad in kenya
  • ngozi reminded us that we don’t really know anything about parse (but he will become more important in year four). there is a short storyline about jack’s time in juniors (so parse shows up in flashbacks) in bitty’s junior year
  • bitty has problems with agency and confrontation; he needs to learn to stand up for himself and other people. he is passive aggressive
  • bitty isn’t a good student and isn’t the most responsible person. he procrastinates and doesn’t study
  • being the son of a southern football coach meant bitty grew up as something of a minor celebrity child
  • when jack was born, everyone said ‘oh alicia is a model and bob is a hot hockey player, their child is going to be perfect’ and then jack “oozed” out and everyone was like ‘ooooh… that… did not go as expected’. but then puberty hit and he became a beautiful young man lolol
  • shitty has a huge amount of white guilt and/but will dominate a conversation
  • shitty does not know everything about jack (including, perhaps, his sexuality, whatever that may be…) and would not be that cliche character to orchestrate jack and bitty
  • the team probably has no idea about the thing with jack and bitty - if guys like that see two guys hanging out together a lot, they don’t automatically think “oh they like each other”. they might think bitty has a crush (and maaaaybe think jack is being a bit mean by indulging him with no intention of reciprocation?), but they don’t see where this is going
  • ransom and holster are the bro-trope: they really are the definition of a bromance, with all the implied making fun of two dudes being hetero life partners. humor and serious friend-love
  • chowder is infantilized by bitty, but is also the first person to have a girlfriend (n: “so take that”)
  • jack has dated people; he dated (?? even n says he was cagey about it and weaseled out of the question) camilla collins (who now is captain of the women’s tennis team). it was probably like him saying hi, her suggesting they go out, him saying okay, and her eventually saying “we’re both busy, we should focus on the things we have to do” and him saying “oh, you’re right” and not realizing she was breaking up with him. he might not have even known they were actually dating. he’d walk away going “oh, that was a nice person i knew” 
  • jack on a date: “what are you interested in? how’s your team doing? did they win their last game? what are the weaknesses you’re trying to address?”
  • he would have to date an athlete or someone involved in something consuming; he could, however, be in a successful relationship with someone not into hockey
  • shitty can be very chivalrous if the girl doesn’t mind, but not in a “milady” way, he just really likes taking care of people

Terajima-sensei tweeted about the reason characters started playing baseball (and others) since yesterday’s afternoon but that time I was helping my major’s event since 8 a.m. till 9 p.m. so I didn’t have much energy left, sorry. orzll

I will write it as summary though.

Why Ryou-san started playing baseball

- Because his father is Yakult-Swallows fan.

Why Eijun started playing baseball

- Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu.

Why Furuya started playing baseball

- He thought because of his grandfather.

Does Kominato brothers’ mother also likes baseball? I think because her husband and sons like baseball so she is likely to say “Nee! don’t think about baseball only and spend time with me too!”…

- He thought she is likely to worry that they will get hurt or not too.

Why Miyuki started playing baseball

- He thought because the children near his home invited him so he decided to go. Later he added that maybe some young man invited him. And because he always did his best so he might get along well with someone who is older.

Why Zono decided to come to Seidou

- Maybe because he followed Azuma-senpai’s route.

Why Tetsu-san decided to come to Seidou

- Because he always watched Seidou baseball club’s practice since he was young.

Why Kuramochi started playing baseball

- He once gave a helping hand and everyone praised him a lot.

Why Chris-senpai started playing baseball

- Because of his father.

Why Jun-san started playing baseball

- He likes baseball pro very much.

I was surprised when I knew Kuramochi-senpai didn’t start playing baseball because of Kazuo. So that means the reason he decided to continue playing baseball is because he knew about Kazuo, right?

- He thought when Kuramochi decided to play seriously, Kazuo’s existence was important to him in that time.


I think that’s all.

If I made a mistake, please tell me like ever. (- -)(_ _)

So I’ve seen a few posts about this scene and the telescope line and here are my thoughts:

Phryne is seriously at a loss in this moment.  She’s overwhelmed by her Father’s return, and she doesn’t really want to care about him, because he has been a terrible Father but she does, and that is what is overwhelming her.

Jack can see that, and just like Phryne (in season two) brought him out of the darkness caused by his past, and returned him to the present, he does that for her here.

He says “Well if it’s all expanding, England will move further away”.  He says this after she expresses her worry over her Father, and he is telling her, in his own little way, that when her Father does go back to England, there he will stay, away from her and away from them, together.  He’s helping her to see that the universe is a huge expanse of things they will never touch, helping her to see that in the scheme of things this situation with her Father won’t matter.

With her reply “But it all looks very still to me.”  She’s telling him, that she can’t separate her past from her present, i.e her childhood and her Father now, it’s too hard for her because it still affects her as a woman.

The telescope line is his weird and cute way of telling her that she can’t control anyone’s actions but her own.  The night sky looks still to her, to anyone standing on the ground but when looking at it through a telescope it is moving and expanding.  Things will always change and she cannot control that.  All she can do is be present in the moment. 

And the great thing about this episode, is the last scene returns us to this conversation.  Phryne tells Jack, “There’s a whole world out there, he’s the least of your worries”, she repeats back to him what he told her when they were looking at the night sky, but in her own way.  Both Phryne and Jack see life in the same way, they just articulate it differently, yet they don’t let those differences interfere with what they have, they let it bind them together in a complicated but equal way.

And now I’m done…too many feels for one post.