he world god only knows

                           ~ The World Edgeworth Only Knows AU ~

Miles Edgeworth is an esteemed prosecutor, who finds his world turned upside down when a peculiar client asks for his help to save the hearts of his cohorts.  When he accidentally enters a contract with her, he discovers that evil spirits have escaped from the spirit world, and only he can draw them out of his colleagues’ suffering hearts before they become corrupted forever.  And he doesn’t believe a word of it.  He’s mistakenly believed to be the “Demon Prosecutor” by his client, who has the ability to lord the demons back to where they belong, and now Miles will go through a journey to strategize his most difficult case yet … making friends.

Notes: This AU takes place during the events of the trilogy, but is an overarching storyline that focuses on Edgeworth developing bonds with all of the Ace Attorney characters, and working on his social skills.  Instead of using gaming knowledge, he has to figure out how to use his investigative and skills from the courtroom to resolve and support each character’s personal problems.  If you guys have any more ideas for this, I’d love to hear them!  Shoot them over to me!  :)

(And yes, I may or may not have made this entirely because the school uniform looks like Edgeworth’s suit.  And that I liked the idea of his being forced to bond with people because of ridiculous supernatural reasons that he still doesn’t want to put any stock into.)


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