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ironically when allura was being “racist” keith never judged her or got angry or invalidated her feelings, because keith knows that she just lost her entire planet and people, save for coran, to the galra 

he knows that she’s obviously not going to be okay with him suddenly being part of the race that did that, and while he feels sad he understands her, so he doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t scold her, he doesn’t justify that he had nothing to do with that, he allows her to work out those feelings on her own and in the end it’s ALLURA who works out that she was wrong to judge him and he welcomes her with open arms

and that says a lot more than your bitch asses saying she was “racist” and i honestly hope every single one of you gets the richard spencer treatment (someone actually compared her to drumpf, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME YOU GODDAMN FUCKERS!)

see john is a bear but I can’t see him like. working out. He’s just accidentally built like a brick shithouse. 

AU where Dad owns a bakery and John is just built because as a six year old he was hefting around 50 pound bags of flour 


Imagine: Isaac discovering that you’re a werewolf from a different pack.

Isaac always smelt wolf on you, but he just assumed it was from him. He never could of thought that the two of you could be the same kind. You were his best friend before, and after, his turning. He didn’t tell you when he was turned. He assumed you would freak out and never talk to him. Isaac assumed a lot.

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Oki so this is probably cliché as fuck, but any slow dance / ballroom / dance in general? Possibly rivals to friends? Thankkking youuuu

Mixed styles of dancing, but here are some nice ones!

Corp de Ballet
Summary: The Royal Stohess Ballet school is almost as esteemed and as world renowned as the Royal Stohess Ballet Company itself. It brings students in from far and wide with the hope that they too could join the ranks of the most elite dancers in the world. Mikasa and Eren can hardly believe they’ve made it this far, the chance to be able to dance in the company of their dreams fills them with hope. Along the way they meet new people, make new friends, and enemies. However, they learn that you can never judge a book by its cover.

dear waltz
Summary: Eren’s plans rarely ever seem to work out; he was hoping Levi had never danced before either.

Summary: Other dancers may be on the floor, but his eyes will see only him.

El tango de Roxanne
Summary: Levi moved smoothly across the shiny wooden floor, his fingers holding onto Eren’s hand when needed and leg wrapping around Eren’s leg when he leaned back down low and lost himself into the rhythm. There was fire burning into those grey eyes when they danced, something that made Eren forget that they were watched and simply let himself go.


So, I’ve got an announcement.

Jun’to now uses the in-game male model.

What does this mean?

In all honesty, nothing. Nothing has changed a significant amount as a result of this. Jun’to has always looked how he looked, and it has always been masculine but slightly smaller than the male model, and to a degree, this is still true.

Then why the change?

Well, I made Jun’to the way he was initially because it was representative of who and where he was before live RP, and where he was “recovering” from. This has been a long time passed, and since then, he has been working out and eating decently well. While he’s still smaller than most other males, he’s not where he’d been before, and I think he’s now close enough to a “typical” male physique that I can represent it with the male model.

So it’s all just character growth?’

Mostly. Another driving factor has just been that i’m not particularly wowed with the female versions of gear in recent patches and a lot of the “ADD THE TITTY” factor these pieces add that suddenly bump bust to 100% regardless of your personal settings. That and I just think that now that it’s an appropriate-ish time to make the change, I should jump on it if for no other reason than because it’d save me a lot of the conversations I’ve had (and at times, blatant attacks on myself or my character’s concepts) regarding Jun’to and how I went about him, his creation, and his roleplay.

So what next?

Well, everything! Nothing new, of course! This, like I said, is nothing changing ICly. Beyond that, I just want to say that I love and cherish all of you, thank you all for being here, I can’t believe I’ve been over 300 followers for the last like month, and I can’t wait to provide you guys/gals/either/neither/both more content to enjoy, and just really have fun alongside y’all in the new year, in the new patch, in the upcoming expansion, and beyond.

Pain- Daryl Dixon- Part Four

Part One-   http://amortenablack.tumblr.com/post/152889905157/pain-daryl-dixon-imagine

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“Where’s Daryl?” you asked Negan as the both of you walked past his empty cell.
“He’s out working.”
“Working? Why am I not working?”
“Your too pretty,” Negan smirked. “Plus you give me entertainment.”
“How many wives do you have? Do they not give you enough entertainment?”
“They’re not like you.”
“Well where are you taking me?”
“You’re going to help me unload the supply truck.”
“And why the fuck should I help you?”
“Because,” he grabbed you, pushing your body gently against the wall, grinning down at you. “I’m in control here,” he tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “And I can kill him whenever you disobey.”
You sucked in a deep breath, trying not to sass him, “show me your fucking truck.”
“You sure you don’t want me to take you back to my room first?”
“Pretty sure.”
“Alright then sweetheart, let’s go to the gates.”

When you reached the front of the Sanctuary, you were staring at him. Daryl. In the middle of the Walker fence. He moved towards the fence, and stared right back in your direction. You smiled softly, but he didn’t return, all he did was link his fingers through the links.
“You know, you’re making me a little jealous,” Negan whispered in your ear, his hand slowly sliding up your back.
“So I can’t look at him now?”
“Not like that.”
Negan and you were interrupted when gun shots rang out, sending two of his men falling dead out of the truck, “What the fuck!”
Negan walked to the front of the truck, and grabbed one of his men by the collar, holding him in front, “Holy shit!”
You ran over, seeing Carl holding a gun, “Carl?”
His glare softened, “Y/N.”
“Now what in the hell do you think you’re doing there kid?”
Carl looked around, his eyes catching Daryl and Dwight took advantage of that, knocking the gun out of his hand and throwing Carl to the ground, weapon pointed at him.
“Don’t!” you begged.
“Relax,” Negan spoke. “Dwight, that’s no way to treat our guest now is it?”
Negan helped Carl up, “Let’s take a walk kid.”
“Negan, don’t do this.”
“You too, the three of us will be taking a nice little walk.”

You stared at all the kneeling people, “Great isn’t it?” Negan asked after his little speech, “They still kneeling?”
“Obviously,” you said.
“Rise,” he ordered and they all stood.
He led you guys up some stairs until he reached a door, “Wait until you see this.”
When the door opened and the three of you walked in, you instantly knew what this was. There were women littered all over the room, some in black dresses, a few in lingerie.
“What is this?”
“His harem,” you told Carl, feeling the bile rise in your throat.
“This could be you,” Negan said.
“You’re disgusting.”
“"There’s nothing you could do that will make me sit up in this room all day, nothing at all.”
“I can already feel the built up tension, you just gotta say the word and I’ll show you what I can do.”
“I’ll pass.”
“Suit yourself,” he got closer in front of you, hands at your waist as you were pressed chest to chest. “I’ll even be gentle.”
“Get away from her,” Carl said.
Negan grinned his way, “He’s got some man sized balls, let me tell ya sweetheart, I like him. He’s a badass.”
“Why are we up here?” you asked.
“I’ve got some business to attend to, you two mingle while I do it.”
When he walked away, Carl instantly hugged you, “How are you holding up?”
“Don’t worry about me,” you said. “How’s everyone back home?”
“Everything is different, strained, we’re all on edge.”
“When we get out of here, we’re going to find a way to fight him.”
“I’ve got a few ideas but, they will take a while.”
“We’ve got you on the inside,” Carl said. “And Daryl.”
“Not for long, if anyone’s getting out it’s Daryl, I’ll make sure of that.”
“I don’t know yet, each day I think of new ways to get out, just got to find a good opportunity.”
You heard footsteps and just when you turned, Daryl walked in, being held by Dwight. He was holding a tray with snacks on it.
“Daryl,” you whispered, glad to see him in one piece after working the fence.
Negan came over, taking a cube of cheese, “Why are they up here?”
“Whoa,” Negan said loudly. “What we do when you’re not here is none of your fucking business.”
“Don’t be an asshole,” you spat at Negan.
He grinned, “I’m really starting to like her Daryl, a lot.”
“You don’t touch her.”
“Dwight, take him downstairs, get him a mop, he’s going to need it.”

Negan walked past me, the large group of people surrounding us. The man, Mark, who was tied to a chair, was crying in the middle of us.
“What’s he doing?” Carl asked.
“I have no idea.”
You scanned the room, seeing Daryl standing diagonal from you, holding a mop, “Eyes on me,” Negan said, directly towards you.
Dwight and Negan both put on a large black rubber glove, Dwight taking an iron from over a flame. That’s when it clicked. “Carl, you don’t have to watch this.”
“He’ll know if I don’t.”
“Now Mark, I don’t want to do this but-”
“The rules are what keep us alive,” the people all chanted.
“I’m sorry, Mark.”
Your eyes widened when the iron connected with his face, his screams filling the silent room. His skin sizzled and he slowly fell limp, passing out. Negan removed the iron, skin peeling off as he did so.
He laughed, “Look at this, the little fucking pussy pissed himself!”
“Doc, do your thing.”
A man walked through the crowd, the same one who treated me, and went to Mark while Negan went over to Daryl, “Clean that shit up.”
That’s when your blood boiled, you’ve had enough.
You and Carl followed Negan and when he was away from his men he smiled, “Enjoy the show?”
“You’re a monster.” he reached his hand out to you but you slapped it away, “Don’t touch me.”
“Come on now little darlin’, don’t be like that.”
“I knew you were fucked up, but burning that man’s face off?”
“He broke a rule.”
“You have five wives, who cares if he slept with ONE of them.”
“Rules are rules.”
“Your rules are stupid.”
“Rules keep us alive.”

You ran outside, stopping by the truck, “What about me?”
“What about you?”
“Am I not going?”
“After how bad you’ve been today, I don’t think so.”
“That’s my home.”
“No, this is your home, now don’t make me have Dwight take you to a cell, he’s already had to take Daryl, don’t make me take you too.”
“Fuck you.”
The truck started, “I’ll be home soon, then you and I can have a talk.”
You angrily watched him drive away, “Hey.”
You tensed up at Dwight’s voice, “What?”
“I need your help.”
“I need you to gather some supplies, some food and water.”
“For what?”
“Trust me.”
“You want me to steal from Negan?”
“He’ll be more lenient on you than anyone.”
“Want to tell me what for?”
“You’ll find out soon enough.”

On your way back from the pantry, you saw a man that looked like Daryl, slip out the door so you naturally followed.
You peeked out the door, seeing Daryl looking frantically out at the bikes just as Joey walked through, eating a sandwich.
Daryl stopped what he was doing and stood, crowbar in hand. Joey saw him and his hand went into the air, “Whoa whoa, whoa, I was just…we are all just trying to get by.”
Daryl got closer, “Please I-”
Daryl didn’t listen, instead he hit Joey in the head over and over again with the crow bar, bashing his head into the ground. You burst through the door, grabbing Daryl, “Enough.”
He turned, looking at you, wanting to speak but neither of you could.
“Daryl,” you turned your attention to Jesus. “We have to get out of here.”
Daryl looked to the bikes, “Only one has a key, there’s three of us.”
“I’m not coming with you.”
“The hell ya talkin’ about?”
You tossed Jesus the bag of food, “There’s enough to last a few days if something goes wrong out there.”
“You stole from him?”
“I did what had to be done, take Jesus and get out of here.”
“I ain’t leavin’ ya.”
“You have to, he’ll be more lenient on me than he would be if he caught you.”
“I can’t leave her,” Daryl said to Jesus.
“Do what I say Daryl. I’m serious, do it.”
“He’ll hurt you.”
“I can take it, I’ll escape when I can, just, find Rick and find a way to fight this son of a bitch.”
You kissed Daryl softly, “There isn’t time to argue anymore, please, go.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”

AN: So i decided not to exactly follow the series exactly, there will be parts similar every now and then when the newer episodes come out but for now, I’m going my own way a little.

Oh my GOD

I was rewatching bits of episode 2 of YOI and purposefully paused at the moment where they show Yuuri’s profile.

And I noticed one thing. See that box under the pictures on the left-hand side?

This one. It says:

Goals for this year:

  • Winning the Grand Prix Final
  • Not crying during a competition

Yuuri set himself two goals and one of them was “not crying” PROTECT HIM.


and you call yourself a spy Natasha


demyx + battle quotes


The Foxhole Court - The Upperclassmen

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.


I have so many college deadlines going on right now so I brought Little Boots the Malaysian cat gecko out to explore my sketchbook for a while to cheer me up