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Dahmer’s Victims

I see a lot of posts about how they died (which is fine), but I wanted to make a post about how they lived. Like, what they were like as people. This information was scattered across multiple sources and incredibly difficult to find.

Steven Mark Hicks

1959-1978 (age 18) Steven, who went by Steve, was picked up by Dahmer whilst hitchhiking home from a rock concert. An activity he did often. He was four days away from his birthday, and had promised his parents he would be home in time for his dads birthday dinner. He was described as friendly, and well liked by everyone he met. He was close with his parents (Richard and Martha), and had a girlfriend at the time of his death. His parents were worried he smoked too much. Hicks often wore a necklace, and two bracelets. For thirteen years his parents held out hope he was alive somewhere. Steven was reportedly kind and chatty towards Dahmer.

Steven Walter Tuomi

1962- 1987 (age 24.) Tuomi simply went by Steve. He worked in a restaurant. He graduated from Ontonagon Area High School in 1981. His family reported him missing three months after his death. His grave was inscribed with the message; “We’ll love you forever.”

James Edward “Jamie” Doxtator

March 1st 1973- January 16th 1988 (age 14.) Jamie was a prostitute who’d had a few run ins with the law over this, but unfortunately was often treated as a criminal rather then a victim of sexual exploitation. Some reports say Doxtator was Hispanic, but most say he was Native American. His mother, Debbie Vega, in her only statement to the press on the matter, stated her sons favourite bible verse was “…Forgive them father, they know not what they do…”, but that Dahmer should not be forgiven for his crimes. Both photos circulated in the media were mugshots. A few reports say he was homeless at the time of his death, but official state records say he was living with his mother at the time. His grave is inscribed with the above mentioned bible verse and an etching of a buck and a deer.

Richard Guerrero

1967-1988 (age 21.) A young bisexual man who’s sister described him as a “mama’s boy.” He was last seen on the way to his friends house. His sister protested a Haunted Milwaukee walking tour focused on Dahmer.

Anthony L. Sears

January 28th 1965 - March 26th 1985 (age 24). Known to friends as Tony, Sears was an aspiring model. He worked at a restaurant and had recently got a promotion. His friend Jefferey Connor drove Tony and Jeffrey to Dahmer’s grandmother’s house. Years later he testified at Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial. Connor and Sears had been friends for 3 years and Tony had promised to call Connor the next morning. 

Raymond Lamont Smith aka Ricky Beeks

1957-1990 (age 32.) Smith had a daughter who was ten at the time of his death. He often left his family for long periods of time. He had spent time in jail, and was involved in prostitution. His family believed he had died a year prior in a shooting.

Edward Warren Smith

August 2nd 1962 - June 14th 1990 (aged 27.) Known as Eddie, or sometimes “Sheik”. According to some reports he was an acquaintance of Dahmer. He often wore a “turban like headband”. Some say he was estranged from his family, his sister claimed otherwise. She also claimed to have got a call from a man she believed was Dahmer, telling her he had killed her brother. After his death his sister and a lawyer talked about starting a company known as “Jeffrey Dahmer Inc.” where she hoped that she, other victims families, and even Dahmer himself could go into business selling Dahmer merchandise. 

Ernest Miller

1967-1990 (age 22.) Miller was a dance student who met Dahmer outside a book store. He wanted to leave his home in Chicago because of the violence. His grandmother described him as a very nice person. Friends described him as outgoing and sociable. Miller’s grandmother claimed she got a call from a man a week after Ernest’s disappearance, chanting “help me”, and later calls of choking and groaning sounds. She believed the caller was Dahmer.

David Thomas

1968-1990 (age 23.) David was the father of a toddler aged little girl. He was on probation for retail theft at the time of his death. The mother of his daughter described him as a devoted and loving father.

Curtis Durrell Straughter

April 6th 1973 - February 18th 1991 (age 18). Straughter lived with his grandmother, Catherine. He was estranged from some of his family members due to his sexual orientation. He had recently lost a job as a nursing assistant and hoped to become a model and earn a University degree. His friend Bernell Howard wrote a song about him after his disappearance. To his friends, he went by the name “Demetra”. His friends were surprised to learn he was among Dahmers victims as Straughter reportedly did not like white men. The mother of Anthony Sears suspects Dahmer claimed to be a professional photographer who could help with Curtis’ modeling career.

Errol Lindsey

1971-1991 (age 19.) Lindsey was a faithful Christian. He played the drums and sang in the church choir. He was described as an outgoing and friendly man, nicknamed by some “Cool Breeze”. He was also a fan of rap music, and lifted weights. His friends said Lindsey rarely drank or went out to bars.

Tony Hughes

1959-1991 (age 31). Hughes was deaf and mute. He was very close with his family. His sister said he knew Dahmer since October of 1989. Recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin with a group of friends after being “shaken” by the murder of his next door neighbour. Hughes had contracted pneumonia as a baby which caused him to lose his hearing. Tony had five siblings and graduated from the Delavan School For the Deaf.

Konerak Sinthasomphone

1976-1991 (age 14.) The youngest of four brothers, Konerak enjoyed playing soccer, swimming and talking on the phone with his friends. He liked to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tom and Jerry and would draw pictures of the charactersHe was excited about learning to drive in the coming years and was passionate about sports cars. Konerak tried to find humour in every situation. Sinthasomphone was very close with his brothers and parents. They had come to America from Laos when he was four years old. One brother, Somsack, had been drugged and molested by Dahmer in 1988, and the family believed Dahmer was in jail. Konerak’s parents have said their sons respect towards adults and authority figures may have been what led to him being lured by Dahmer. Konerak famously managed to escape from Dahmer’s apartment, but was brought back to the residence by police. Konerak spoke perfect english but was reportedly unable to do so at the time, possibly due to the head injury inflicted by Dahmer. (Though his father claimed the officers simply didn’t bother trying to listen to his son.) His brother Anoukone stated nobody could have reasonably thought his brother looked 19, a lie from Dahmer the police believed. The Sinthasomphone’s, including Konerak, were devout Buddhists. 

Matt Turner aka Donald Montrell

1971 - 1991 (age 20).  Matt Turner was described as bright and articulate. At the time of his death he had run away from home and was living in a halfway house. Turner/Montrell sang in his church’s choir. He met Dahmer at a Chicago pride parade.

Jeremiah Weinberger

1967-1991 (age 23.) Jeremiah had a lot of friends. He worked in customer service. According to Dahmer, Weinberger was exceptionally affectionate compared to other men he’d been with. He survived for two days after Jeffrey Dahmer performed an amateur lobotomy on him. His friends handed out and plastered flyers with his face around town with a toll free number to call with information after his disappearance. Described as outgoing and friendly, he was an amateur artist and kept his things exceptionally organized. He was also concerned with dressing well and always looking his best.

Oliver Lacy

1966-1991 (age 24.) Lacy was a body building enthusiast with a 2 year old son. He was a track star in high school. He disappeared after going to the mall, last seen buying an ice cream cone.

Joseph Bradhoft

1965-1991 (age 25.) The father of three children, he had recently moved in with his brother to look for a job. Bradhoft did have a domestic assault charge against his girlfriend. According to police records, he punched her and threatened to slash the tires of her car. He enjoyed sports and fishing. 

sources: newspaper articles, family statements, FBI files, US criminal records

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Hi I was wondering if you could help to write a list of winged messoamerican gods or goddess... Sadly I just have Itzpapalotl

*Rubs hands together in excitement*

Alright Nonnie are you ready for this? Because I am so ready for this. 


  • Vucub Caquix - an arrogant bird god who claimed to be the sun and the moon. He had fake teeth of gemstone often wore much gold and ornaments.
  • Itzam Ye - this bird deity sits in the Ceiba tree which connects the underworld, the middle world, and the upper world. Itzam Ye sees everything and knows all the secrets of the every world.
  • Tecumbalam - not so much a god, but a great bird sent to break the bones of humans who defied the gods. 
  • Xecotcovach - he was actually a servant to the god Alom. He helped destroy one of the attempts at creation before humans were made.
  • Camazotz - sometimes a bat god sometimes the name of a type of bat creatures. Known for tearing off the heads of its victims.
  • Zotz - god of bats and caves
  • Gucumatz/Kukulkan - a winged serpent who is one of the gods of creation and taught the Mayan’s the aspects of civilization. (Writing, medicine, arts, agriculture, etc.)


  • Quetzalcoatl - this god is also a winged serpent and also a creator god but he is also the god of wind.
  • Huitzilopochtli (hummingbird of the south)- god of war and the sun. (Well okay one of the sun gods but that is another whole big thing.)
  • Ehecatl - he is a wind god and had no permanent physical form. So not technically a god with wings but you could play around with that.
  • Tonatiuh - another sun god and is represented by the eagle.

Hopefully, these satisfy what you are looking for. It’s possible I missed a few, there are a lot of deities, and I unfortunately don’t have current access to my books on Olmec Mythology. If none of these are what you want send us another ask and we’ll do our best to get some more.

Best wishes,



Prompt Request #42 - Theo Raeken

Requested by @rochyu

Theo Raeken x Reader

52. “It’s over”
59. “Is this funny to you? See me hearbroken?”

“Y/N, can you help me?” Theo’s hissing voice was heard from the bedroom. He was rubbing his wounds that had already started to heal.

You stood in the doorway, arms crossed over your chest, wearing a clear frown on your face. 

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Cancer Crew & Pyrocynical - How they would react to you copying their online personas.

Cancer Crew & Pyrocynical preference – How they would react to you copying their online persona.
A/n Added pyro in for the lols. JAR media preference tomorrow, sorry everything is so delayed atm, sorry for the lack of chad
• He wouldn’t realise what was going on because you often wore his clothes, so when you put on the gigantic cotton shirt and stood beside him while filming, he didn’t suspect a thing.
• “What the fu-“ “Hey boss.” “that’s not even the right character.”
• He didn’t find it funny at first, he huffed and went to switch off her camera.
• “George.” You whined, opening your arms for a hug, to apologize.
• Despite his annoyance, he watched the video back and decided to upload it to Toodamnfilthy because he loved it so much.
• “What the fuck are you doing cunt?”
• “Oi I don’t even sound like that!”
• “What the fuck cunt? Offensive.”
• “This is so gay.” He stated, unamused by the rainbow shirt you had one before him.
• “Hey, that’s pretty good.” You yelled, turning your head in tensely towards the camera.
• “Stop copying me.” He demanded as you jumped off the counter.
•”Pain in the ass.” He muttered, shaking his head.
• “What?” “nothing.”
• You screamed, squatting, a clear lack of pants as you hurled eggs at him.
• He reciprocated.
• “Hey guys.” You lowered your voice in order to effectively mimick the chubby faced boy before you.
• You spun the chair slightly, smirking at him.
• “Shut the fuck up cunt.”
• He laughed manically, holding down the roadhog mask that had made it’s way knot your head.
• “mocking the big pyrocynical? For that you die.” He bellowed, his northern (ish) accent making it ten times as scary.

Winter Song - by proantagonist
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By Organization for Transformative Works

The set of Yuuri’s mouth softened into a private smile as Victor squeezed his knee beneath the table. His hands were bare, free from the gloves he so often wore when they were together on the rink, and the heat of his palm burned straight through the denim of Yuuri’s jeans. He slipped his own hand beneath the table and found Victor’s. Hidden from sight, their fingers began to flirt and play. A secret conversation all their own that needed no words.

Yuuri was aware that at some point—a moment in time he couldn’t quite place—Victor had become his boyfriend.

There wasn’t a single instant when it happened. It was a slow awareness, as if Victor had silently been asking the question for months now, and Yuuri had been giving him the answer a little more with each passing day.

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Remus Lupin Headcanons
  • His hair was always really messy and curly, and even though he hated it, Sirius and pretty much everybody else loved it.
  • Remus was the tallest of the Marauders.
  • When someone did something really funny, Remus would occasionally snort or do a squeaky giggle, and he was really embarrassed of it, so obviously all the marauders tried to make him do it again.
  • His puppy dog eyes could convince anyone to do what he wanted, though he normally just did it for fun.
  • He was extremely sarcastic, which is the opposite of what everybody expected.
  • When he was drunk, he would make out with everybody and everything.
  • Whenever he wore sweaters, (Which was pretty often), the sleeves would go all the way to his knuckles, so only his fingers showed.
  • Remus started noticing he was developing feelings for Sirius in his third year at Hogwarts.
  • Remus was a great singer, but only the Marauders knew, because Remus only sang when he was alone and they had walked in on him.
  • He was extremely clumsy and even a bit messy, but everybody assumed he was neat.
  • He had a teddy bear for his first four years at Hogwarts named Mr. Poofy. Before James and Sirius found out he was a werewolf, they used to tease him for it. In his fifth year, when he lost him, he was devastated and searched for about a month before giving up.
  • His school robes were always neat and orderly, with his shirt tucked in, and tie straight. But when he finished dinner and went back to the dorms, he would loosen his tie and untuck and unbutton his shirt, sighing in I made another one, and if you want to see it, click here.
Chptr 17 - Pathway to Violence - Prom
  • Chptr 17 - Pathway to Violence - Prom
  • Sue Klebold
  • A Mother's Reckoning

Saturday, April 17, 1999   6:00 pm

We’d spent that year begging Dylan to get a haircut, to no avail, but I convinced him to tie his hair back into a ponytail with one of my own elastics for the prom. He put his prescription glasses in his pocket and donned a pair of small-framed sunglasses. We thought he looked
very handsome.

Alison, our renter, came over and offered to take a picture of the three of us. In the picture, Dylan is clowning around, hamming it up like a professional model, Zoolander-style. The sharp lines of his formal wear stand in stark contrast to the faded flannel shirts and worn blue jeans Tom and I are wearing. He kept his sunglasses on as he posed with us; he wore dark glasses often during the last weeks of his life. I believe now he was hiding behind them.

Tom had remembered to charge the batteries on our video camera, and he filmed Dylan briefly before Robyn arrived. The conversation between them is stilted; clearly, neither of them is comfortable on camera. But we have looked back on this pre-prom video many times, and shown it to others. It is absolutely stunning how normal Dylan seems.

He and Tom talk lazily about baseball; Dylan mimes his hero, Randy Johnson, pitching in an ill-fitting tuxedo. Tom makes some comment about growing up, and Dylan remarks he’ll never have kids. Tom says he may change his mind, and Dylan says, “I know. I know. Someday I’ll look back at this and say, ‘What was I thinking?!!’ ” It is breathtakingly prophetic. When Tom persists in filming over Dylan’s protests, Dylan pinches small handfuls of snow from a nearby bush, lobbing the miniature snowballs playfully at Tom until the camera stops running. The fondness between them is palpable. It breaks my heart.

Robyn arrived in good time, looking lovely in a deep blue-purple dress. Tom taped Dylan presenting her with her corsage, and smiling down at her as she struggled to pin a rose to his lapel. I made paparazzi jokes and asked them to move so I could get a picture without parked cars in the background. Since Dylan had assured us he and Robyn were just friends, I was a little surprised—and frankly tickled—to see him put his arm around her.

In the last few frames on the tape Tom shot, the two of them smile into the camera. Then, self consciously but sweetly, they both begin to laugh.


[Request] Anonymous 

I based the outfits on what their ideal types would wear on an average day.

I said I wouldn’t do outfits, but I wouldn’t have been able to explain it fully without references. I also didn’t go as detailed as I usually would on outfits, since I didn’t have much time.


I feel he would like a very feminine girl who often wore many types of dresses. He said that he liked girls that were similar to puppies, so I chose a looser dress since puppies are easy-going and cute. I think he would like a girl who dressed natural with an effortless and approachable style.


He’s said many times that he would like a girl that was similar to him. So I think a strong, independent and also slightly edgy street style is something that he would like. He seems to like a lot of monochromatic colors (black, grey, white), colors that wouldn’t attract the attention of most people, but would be filled with swag


I think he would like a girl who could dress feminine, but at the same time remain casual with loose fitting materials. He would prefer if a girl wore clothes that weren’t overly sexy, since, as we all know, he gets flustered very easily and would like her to wear things she could goof around in. Because who knows when he’ll burst into one of his silly moods.


He would like an easy going girl as well. I think he’d want his ideal type to dress similarly to him with an everyday chic style. He’d like her to wear street clothes that is down to earth, but gives off the vibe that she cares about her appearance.

I hope you enjoyed this! And thanks again for the request.


consider: the line “reinvent love” was taken from a poem by arthur rimbaud, who was gay. the line in context of the poem is rimbaud saying “i don’t like women. i like men. we must reinvent love." 

consider: that line became the whole theme of the album, the album itself was tied together with reinvent love, the final seconds of the album are brendon and ryan harmonizing on that line

consider: this picture of ryan wearing a headband with brendon’s name and a heart instead of the reinvent love slogan he wore often

consider: dying and being killed 

Meet the Muse

➥ What is your character’s full name?: Istolin de Saillonaux (ee-sto-lin de sigh-on-o).
➥ When were they born?: 14th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon, 1551 AE 6.
➥ What are their parent’s names?:  Arthurioux and Mirabelle.
➥ Do they have any brothers or sisters?: Two; Alyriia, his sister, is eleven months older than him, while his younger brother Thierry is two years younger.
➥ What kind of eyes do they have?: His eyes appear a pale blue in most lights, though seem to darken and sometimes change in shade depending on the lighting.
➥ What kind of hair do they have?: Before leaving Ishgard, Istolin had quite long hair, silvery locks cascading past his shoulders. He often wore it in a ponytail, or in a bun. However, upon leaving home, he opted to start anew, adopting a short style with long bangs, swept to one side.
➥ What is their complexion like?: He has a fair complexion, easily prone to sunburning. Though after the initial redness, he seems to keep a nice golden tone for a few weeks.
➥ What body type are they?: Relatively average height. Before marriage, he was quite toned, barely an ounce of fat on him. Though domestic bliss has softened him up a bit, and he has absolutely no complaints on the matter.
➥ What is listening to their voice like?: Istolin’s voice is warm and gentle, with a definite accent (I’m trying to find a voice claim. This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNMZULQW0ck is fairly close though). His singing voice is powerful and rich, projecting across a hall with minimal effort and full of emotion.
➥ What do they hate most about themselves?: He cares deeply - often too much - and often wishes sometimes he could turn down the empathy a little. Istolin finds it hard to forget about injustices he has seen, regardless of whether he can right them or not, and is sometimes prone to small bouts of melancholy because of it.
➥ Do they have a favorite quote?: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
➥ What sort of music do they enjoy?: He enjoys everything from a calming piano tune, to a grand epic orchestra, and just about everything in between.
➥ Have/would they ever cheat(ed) on a partner?: Never. The thought wouldn’t even cross his mind.
➥ Have they been cheated on by a partner?: No.
➥ Have they ever lost someone close to them?: Istolin has lost a few friends to the Dragonsong War, and has lost a secret lover to what he can only assume to be the Inquisition.
➥ What is their favorite sound?: The sounds of gentle water, be it a babbling stream, or rain falling against a window.
➥ Are they judgmental of others?: Yes, though he reserves his judgement unless it is called upon.
➥ Have they ever been drunk?: On more than one occasion, yes. He becomes a little more open, a little louder in volume, prone to speaking with gestures, and placing his hand on the shoulder or knee of whoever he may be talking to.
➥ What are they like when they stay up all night?: In a word? Loopy. Without enough sleep, Istolin is rather scatterbrained and tends to lose his focus. Everything becomes somewhat funny… or utterly devastating.
➥ Have they ever been arrested?: He had been detained under suspicion of trying to desert after a superior officer led him and his unit into a heretic’s trap. While intending to put enough distance between himself and danger to signal help from Camp Dragonhead, his actions were seen by another knight who soon succumbed to his wounds and could not attest to having seen anything but a craven attempt to flee. Istolin was questioned by the Inquisition, who found him innocent of such charges, and was given pardon after evidence in his favour had been presented by the Camp’s overseer at the time.
➥ What evokes strong memories for them?: The smell of roses. He used to tend to a small greenhouse long ago before the Calamity. It had become his sanctuary, full of fragrant flowers, a small but pleasant lounge to enjoy tea with friends and loved ones, or to simply sit alone and play the lyre or violin, or enjoy a book in peace.
➥ What do they do on rainy days?: On rainy days, Istolin prefers to read, or play music, all while wrapped up cuddling with his husband. Often, however, any plans to read or compose are, shall we say, waylayed.
➥ What religion are they?: Though raised in a Halonic Orthodox society, he’s had a crisis of faith. He certainly believes in a higher power, and wants to feel a connection to the Fury as he once did.
➥ What word do they overuse the most?: “Really now” seems to be a common phrase, fitting most situations depending on the tone.
➥ What do they wear to bed?: No matter what he intends to go to bed in, he often winds up in nothing.
➥ Do they have any tattoos or piercings?: He has both ears pierced, but often only wears only one earring.
➥ What type of clothing are they most comfortable in?: Well-tailored suits and jackets make up his wardrobe, though at home he enjoys a pair of loose-fitting wind silk trousers.
➥ What is their most disliked food?: Istolin is not so fond of heavy foods and large quantities of red meat, favouring fruits, vegetables, and seafood.
➥ Do they have any enemies?: There have been a few folks he has disagreed with, and who he isn’t fond of, but no one invidual he considers an enemy.
➥ What does their writing look like?:

➥ What disgusts them?: A lot. Foul manners, the sight of death, and getting his clothing soiled are the Big Three that absolutely disgust him.

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Colton Harris-Moore is an American criminal and former fugitive from Camano Island, Washington. He was charged with the thefts or destruction of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and property, including a small aircraft, a boat, and two cars; and the burglaries of at least 100 private residences in various locations around the Pacific Northwest of the United States and adjacent areas of Canada, all committed while still a teenager.

He became known as the “Barefoot Bandit” by reportedly committing some of his crimes barefoot, once leaving behind 39 chalk footprints and the word “c'ya!”. Despite the widely reported nickname, officials said that he more often wore shoes

Request from: krypsis.

Fred Rogers’ mother knitted almost all of the sweaters that he wore on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Fred often talked about how “making something for someone is one way to say ‘I love you’ll And how receiving graciously is a way to say "I love you” too. ///////// JF

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A woman of black hair and green eyes walked down the street keeping her certain not to let anyone show. Emily was so scared to let her arms show.

Erik has just stepped out of his favorite bar, it was classier than any bar around, they sold the finest scotch and played jazz. Men wore suits and girls wore gorgeous long dresses, he often came here with nadir.
Erik placed a cigarette in his mouth and took a couple puffs. He looked down the way to notice a mysterious green eyed girl, secluded and mysterious. Also it was rather late, what could a girl like this be doing all alone? He didn’t dare stare long or communicate, but it still got him curious.

This is probably the cutest backstage video of monsta x :) their smiles are so precious <3

The Turn About

The Turn About

I wrote a Scene of Regency au Drabble in like a min. Enjoy!

“There you are Mr Holmes! It’s time for our dance.” Miss Molly Hooper placed her hand gently on his forearms, looking to his companion with a dismissing, cool glance. “You will excuse us, won’t you Miss Riley?”

“Ah… of course. Yes.” The pretty Red head bobbed her head at them both as they turned to walk away from the darkened corner her had found they in, ( Miss Riley’s orchestration clearly) and towards the ballroom of the house the ball was being held in. Molly expected Sherlock Holmes to turn her loose the moment they were out of Kitty’s sight but to her great surprise and her half secret delight he continued to lead her towards the gathering line of dancers.

She had seen him cornered and knew the look on his face, the same he’d often wore in his youth and saw an oncoming tirade. With only a moments thought she had darted forth and interrupted lest he cause a scene and a scandal. And now was going to be causing a different sort of topic of conversation it seemed.

Because Sherlock Holmes never danced. And she, only rarely. It felt as if every pair of eyes were locked upon them. Every gossip lifted their fan to murmer to their companions… “Stop thinking so loudly.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Let them talk.” He looked at the crowd with his typical bored distain. “We are after all, old family friends. There is nothing remotely interesting about us dancing together.”

“Oh of course not.” Of course he wouldn’t see anything remarkable about the situation.

The music began playing and they began moving, easily together. As children they had learned these moves together from the same dancing master, and now the moved gently and as one just as they had over a decade ago. Molly had found the experience thrilling then a youth, but now as a woman she instead felt electrified as his arm hovered just near enough to her back, and felt heat shooting from where his fingers gently held her own in the turns. But as aware as she was, she couldn’t help but notice that his eyes looked troubled. Particularly when his eyes past over his friend Doctor Watson. It was the trouble that scared her, for all she had seen him through throughout their lives she had never seen him so… but she had seen that look on her father. “Are you aright, Sherlock? And please don’t just say you are. I can see you … And I can see that you are sad.” His name rolled of her lips too easily for such a public place but she couldn’t stop it.

“What?” He answered, his expression confused.

“You… you look so sad when you think you can’t be seen. Particularly by Doctor Watson. And I know what that means, to look thus.”

Sharply his gaze held her own, nearly causing her to falter her steps but still she said it again, as broken as the conversation was from the movements. “You know what that means to look sad when you can’t be seen. I saw it on my father when he learned he would not be regaining his health, but only when he thought he couldn’t be seen.”

“But you can see me.” He remarked.

“Oh but I don’t count.” Molly stated.

Sherlock now was the one whose steps faltered, only once before he recovered himself. That was the only confirmation she needed to know that he was indeed distressed. “All I’m saying is that, if you are in distress, if you are in need of any assistance, then you can have me.” Oh! her head was getting dizzy, dancing with him, fearing for him she wished the song would end soon and let her run away.

“What…” they separated once more. “What could you possibly do to help me?” His voice was uncharacteristically free of the mocking censure it so often was. As if he were in fact quite curious as to how she could help. He had in fact, always dismissed her for being female and therefore far less superior for it.

“Nothing. Nothing I suppose. I’m just a woman after all? What can my sex ever do that you’d find of value?” Her bitterness cut through. “Forget I said anything, please… in fact you should just say thank you and then change the subject to the weather.” She refused to to look at him again.

A shame really, because now he found he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. When had she grown from a silly child into this remarkable woman? “Thank you.” Came his unsure murmur. At that moment, the music finished its final crescendo and all around him the people politely clapped yet he just stared at his partner who was avoiding his gaze at all costs.

“Well… now I am parched. I think I’ll go have some wine. Would you like any too?” She said politely but a bit fast. Just as he began to agree and ask to escort her, she spoke over his. “Oh but then you hate the wine they serve here, never mind.”

And with that she bobbed a quick nod and walked away as fast as the crowds would let her. Sherlock watched her path to the exit standing over the crowd as he did. Wondering again just why Molly Hooper could see him clearly when those closest to him could not, and if she would or could help
him to survive the coming east wind he faced.