he won't wake up!

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Hello friend 😄 I don't know if you'd write this, but can I please make a reader x Dr. Strange request where the reader starts her period in the middle of the night and is woken up by the pain. She tries to sneak out to sleep on the couch so she won't wake him, but he senses her pain which wakes him up in a frantic panic looking for the reader cos he thinks she is hurt/being attacked or something. Thanks !

Pairing: Dr. Strange x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: fluff and a small part with language

A/N: hey sweety! hope this is what you were thinking of when sending me the prompt <33 It’s just something fluffy and short!

If you could sue Mother Nature for paying you a visit once a month, you’d do it in an instant.

Why couldn’t she just knock on your door and say “Hello (Y/N), you’re not pregnant, goodbye.”

Instead, she had to make you bleed out of your vagina for 4-7 days, packaged with mood swings and pain.

Sometimes the pain was manegable, but tonight you woke up from it. And waking up from pain is never a good sign.

Stephen was on the other side of the bed, so you got out of it, trying your best not to disturb his sleep and went into the bathroom to make yourself a hot-water bag.

Once that was done, you grabbed your blanket and moved to the couch. You doubted you would get any more sleep tonight. The pain would keep you up all night and you’d move a lot to find a position that didn’t hurt. 

So it was best to just stay on the couch. Stephen needed his sleep.

The pain was getting worse by the second and at one point, you simply gave up trying to fall back asleep.

So you tried to make yourself as comfortable as possible, with the hot-water bag on your stomach and grabbed a book off the coffee table, turning on the light behind you to at least get some reading done. 

You hadn’t done that in ages. A shame, really. You always loved reading.

You only got as far as a few pages, before Stephen started mumbling in his sleep. You turned around to see what was going on and jumped a little when he woke up yelling your name.

“(Y/N)?!” he frantically looked around when he didn’t find you lying next to him, then he got up and was ready to fight whomever was hurting you.


You quickly got up and ran over to him.

“Wait! I’m okay! Stephen!”

You placed your hands on either side of his face, pulling him down to kiss him over and over again, only quick kisses, until he realized that you were here and okay.

“(Y/N). I thought.. I..,” he gulped.

“Yes, I know. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I.. got my period and I was having cramps so I crashed on the couch,” you softly caressed the sides of his face with your thumbs, trying to calm him down. “Go back to bed.”

“Not without you.”

“I won’t be able to sleep and will turn every five seconds because of the pain.”

He thought for a second, then knelt down in front of you.

Your first thought?

‘Holy shit, he’s proposing NOW?!’ 

And then you started to panic.

“Stephen, oh god, please don’t, not now!”

“Wha..- I’m not proposing (Y/N).”


“Oh. Oh, yeah. That’s cool, I didn’t think you were,” you laughed it off, but you wanted to press a pillow against your face and scream as loudly as possible.

But he simply smiled at you and used his magic on your belly.

You watched him with curious eyes.

In a matter of seconds, your cramps were gone. 

No pain anymore. 

None at all, in fact.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now? You can do that?”

He got up, a smug grin on his face.

“I’d like to go back to the marriage thing, because if you think I’m ever letting you go now, knowing that you can do that, you’re wrong.”

“I’ll keep it in mind then.”

The two of you made your way back to the bed and you were able to fall asleep with your back pressed against his chest.

ok I promise i’ll shut up about it after this but as much as the ‘relaxing on the beach’ scenario would be nice, it seems more likely that Zarkon and Shiro are having a throwdown on the astral plane and Zarkon’s in a coma bc he’s too busy trying to kick his ass


Lydia drags Stiles out of bed in the morning to drive her to school.


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Omg I'm in love w/ Readerxgaston❤Could you do one where gaston gets into a fight and he and his opponent agree to a truce but then the opponent suddenly turns back and shoots an arrow and gaston. But the reader jumps in front of gaston and pushes him out of the way taking the hit herself saving his life. Gaston is furious that someone would hurt the reader and terrified she won't wake up and feels guilty cos he feels he should be protecting her. She wakes up, he confesses his feelings. Thanks! X

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney / Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: mentions of blood

A/N: gaaah, thank you for liking the gaston stories my love, I hope you’re happy with what I wrote for your request as well!

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!!! My best friend decided to beta read my stories because she’s awesome and a talented beta reader so if any of you were annoyed by my grammar mistakes (because lbr, wtf is grammar) fear no more, my bestie will do her best to find all the mistakes I made <33


They’ve been at it for at least two hours now, fighting back and forth. And it didn’t look like they’d stop anytime soon.

The villagers had gathered around them, so the two of them were standing in a circle, surrounded by so many prying eyes.

You just wanted it to stop. You didn’t want anything to happen to Gaston, even though you knew that he could take care of himself.

“Come to an end, for god’s sake. We all have things to do!” one of the villagers yelled.

You rolled your eyes. No one forced them to watch, after all.

Suddenly, Gaston’s opponent put the sword back in his sheath and nodded.

“I think he’s right. Truce? At least for today?” he held out his hand for Gaston to take.

He hated leaving fights unfinished, but the best strategy right now was to retreat and end the battle another day, so the two of them shook hands and Gaston turned around, same as his opponent, both of them walking in different directions.

Back to back.

While Gaston tried to make his way through the barricade of the villagers, his opponent suddenly turned around again, with an evil smile on his lips that made you shudder.

Everything that happened next felt like a blur.

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"See this is why people are afraid of you."
  • Friend: Hey! Have you watched the first episode of Time After Time?
  • Me: I caught a glimpse of it and, honestly, the girl lead is too incompetent for my tastes.
  • Friend: wait huh??
  • Friend: Explain please?
  • Me: Okay so she's a ransom of Jack The Ripper, right? She beans him in the head and tries to take his other captive and runs. However he wakes up and drags both of them back (threatening to kill the second captive if the girl doesn't follow)
  • Friend: Right?
  • Me: See, I was taught that if someone attacks you, let alone KIDNAPS you, then you need to knock them down and COMPLETELY disable them before leaving them.
  • Me: That includes killing them if need be.
  • Friend: Dude that's kind of fucked up.
  • Me: Well what's the alternative? If someone attacks you physically, you have to assume that they will kill you so you have to fight back, beat them down, and make sure they STAY down before escaping or getting help.
  • Me: Literally, if you hit them once and run, more often than not they'll come after you when they get back up.
  • Me: So I would slam the bowl over his head, take his weapon which he obviously hides in his jacket, then use it to completely stab into his kneecaps or use the bowl and shatter his feet.
  • Me: If he bleeds to death, that's not my problem. He won't come after me when he wakes up and I can claim it as self-defense.
  • Friend: ... See this is why people are afraid of you.
  • Me: Haha!

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Headcanon: Matt is a deep sleeper who loves beauty sleep, while Shiro is an early bird. So when they were students at the Garrison, Shiro always woke up early, and to get Matt up and ready so he won't be late for class, he kisses Matt awake, until Matt wakes up shrieking with giggles and begging for mercy, such as "Okay, okay, I'm up, Takashi!", "I'm awake, Shiro, show some mercy!" Bonus points if he attacks Shiro with kisses back 💋

THIS IS SO GOOD,,,helped me recover from that last one

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Do you ever just imagine being in bed sleeping next to Harry and he wakes up early like 7:30 am because you guys need to leave the house by 9:30 am for a few meetings in town but you just won't wake up so he decides he knows the perfect way to wake up his precise pet... By eating you out like his life depended on it start off slow but just goes faster as it only adds to the intensity of it all 😈 😍

I’ve written about this so many times, and it never seems to get old.

He’d lock his arms around your thighs and pull you closer to him, starting to leave small wet kisses on the insides of your thighs, his lips lazily tracing your skin. 

Then Harry would press kisses on your clit, flicking it with his tongue, and down your sex, humming against you, loving the taste. 

When you’d slowly start to wake up, your body would slightly jolt at his touch, but you can’t get away from him. Your hands fly in his hair as your head tips back, a soft moan escaping your lips. 

Harry’s eyes are locked on you this whole time, watching your every move, listening to every sound you make, all those things, that you are doing just for him.

imagine 707 showed jumin cat memes and he won't stop showing MC
  • *its 3 am*
  • Jumin: MC! MC wake up!
  • MC: Huh? What's wrong, are you okay? Am I okay? IS ELIZABE-
  • Jumin: Everyone's okay just look at this!
  • MC: why... why're you doing this at 3 am
  • Jumin: Cat memes never rest, MC.
  • MC: Tell Seven I hate him, I'm going to bed, goodnight.
  • Jumin: Wait but MC, can I ask you something?
  • MC: What?
  • Jumin: Can I haz cheez burger?

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Bucky didn't even get injured that badly, by their standards. Seeing him fall rattled Sam and Steve both, though. Bucky has to sleep in the guest room while recovering. Sam won't admit it, but he misses waking up with the idiot in his arms, half smothered by his ridiculous hair. Four days in, Bucky shuffles into the living room on his crutch, falls onto the couch next to Sam with a grunt. "Cuddle me, Wilson." Sam makes a show of rolling his eyes, but he does. Steve finds them later, napping.

I’m emailing this to marvel as we speak!