he won't stop doing it


Dragon Maid & Dragon Butler 

So William threw all of his allies under the bus and put his whole game on blast to Kevin all so he could be Kevin’s number 2 after Bruno – all the while giving Kevin ammunition to go after all of his allies. I’m tired. 


-bias selfie part 1 million-

@monbeboo i’m speechless!!! -insert heart eyes emoji also what size are your gauges mine are 5/8)

(i’ve used the first photo of minhyuk like 3 times already but whatever i spend like 300% of my time in bed)

I also just chopped off all my hair recently so there’s that

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My best friend and I watch your videos together and he won't stop doing this stupid "joke" where he does an impression of your voice and says stuff like an "episode" about why Sonic's arms are blue. He also starts every sentence with "Me Nightmind". I hate it so much. What are your thoughts on knowing that you have become a meme to my friend group and I?

He’ll realize it’s no longer a joke when he gets better and better at it and can’t stop doing it even though he sincerely wants to.

And that’s when the fun begins.

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I fucked a guy last night and when I pulled out shit came out... I really wanted to just to and throw up and have him leave but he was so awkward he just kinda froze all red and then he was like do you want to finish and I was too awkward to say no, so he helped me finish but it took forever and I barely came because I was so turned off by the whole scenario. He left and even kissed me, I ran to the shower afterwards now he won't stop messaging me to hang out again what do it do??!

It happens. It comes it anal sex. Clearly most people don’t plan on that happening. What you could do is actually be supportive. He clearly likes you. If you don’t that’s fine, but this shouldn’t be the reason why. Honestly, if you are going to treat him badly because of this accident then maybe you’re not mature enough for sex.

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Hello I am heartless, but I had this fic idea and wanted to throw it out to such a rad blog. Imagine Matt and Sam Holt get back, but Sam (bless his middle aged soul) has sustained some pretty awful trauma to the parietal lobe, meaning he can't recognize faces and has trouble with memory. He can't tell Matt and Katie apart, he won't stop asking where his daughter is.


  • APH Denmark: *giggling at his phone*
  • APH Norway: Why are you so damn happy?
  • APH Denmark: Nothing, nothing *giggles*
  • APH Norway: ...
  • APH Norway: Dan...
  • APH Norway: We have talked about this.
  • Meanwhile...
  • APH Sweden: *looking angry at his phone*
  • APH Finland: *sigh*
  • APH Finland: He is doing it again, right?
  • APH Sweden: HE WON'T STOP.
  • APH Sweden: *throws the phone through the window*
  • APH Finland: There goes another phone.

 about how marta went from overanalyzing x-men to meta about extent of merlin’s powers.

so, it was already established that my x-men obsession has returned, that much we know, but rewatching and seeing the old movies made me want to point out a couple of things about merlin. see, we have jean grey who’s an extremely powerful mutant and perhaps the only level 5 mutant alive. she has telekinesis, telepathy and her phoenix powers which basically means she can alter the reality to her will, right?

and then i have merlin, and i think if he were a mutant there would probably be no possible class for him, with how powerful he is.

see, i know just fine that magic is obviously different than mutations, but still it makes me consider it for a little longer. because really, when merlin arrives in camelot (he’s eighteen), his powers are still purely instinctual, by the time it all unwraps in the show he’s already extremely powerful (he’s just twenty-eight). and yet it is said he has power he cannot yet conceive. which makes you think that yes, he will be more powerful. even more so, that by the modern times he’s already 1500+ years old. he is so powerful that his magic makes him immortal. as much that he mastered the power over life and death.

now, if we know that and we know he’ll have all the time in the world to develop his skills, let me analyze what he could already do during the young years of his life we already saw in the show. mind you, some of which were accessed through spells, and yet seeing as he is claimed to be the most powerful sorcerer to ever have walked the earth, it’s still the specific abilities he possesses that allow him to do so many things.

keep in mind all of these are canon things he could do just in the show.

  • telekinesis. one of the first abilities he’s ever had. he mentions he could move objects with his mind before he could talk or walk. a very powerful kind he used from day one to the end of the show for very different purposes (as much just levitating things to flying countless people through the air with blasts of telekinetic energy).
  • control over elements. it’s also been shown from early on, in various forms, and all four of them. example is simple lighting fires, creating earthquakes or dangerous creation of handy tornados, etc.
  • control over weather. a little different from the control over elements, but still very valid. could be for example creating fog to cover up, or creating huge ass lightnings (like the one that killed Nimueh or defeated the entire army of Saxons).
  • slowing down molecules / time. it’s actually the first magical ability that was purely instinctual that was shown on the show. it’s hard to say whether it’s just molecules or the time itself, but it’s i think very close to one another.
  • telepathy / borderline mind control. seemingly different, but tied together. merlin first started to hear, as well as communicate with other magic users through telepathy. it was a thing yet to develop, but we could later see him using crystals to communicate with arthur for example. plus, he did use his magic to bend will (of arthur’s once, to get him safely out of camelot).
  • empathy / sensing. he was always very tied to places and magic, as well as being able to sense the magic in places and people. he could also sense spirits or magic cast at people.
  • healing. he could heal great wounds that were not inflicted by magical creatures (with obvious practice) as well as the effect of poison, some injuries or certain types of magic. 
  • projection / conjuring. it’s a very difficult skill that generally speaks against all the laws of magic (ones we even see in harry potter). merlin himself said no one can make butterflies appear from thin air, and yet we see him do the exact thing much later. it’s basically complete bending of reality and making things with actual body and purpose out of thin air.
  • energy / energy blasts / bending life and death. he was able to conjure blasts of pure, raw energy (like seen with killing sophia’s father for example), as well as conjuring energy that could kill things already dead or created from pure magical essence (like griffins for example).
  • shields / defensive magic. he was able to shield himself from many attack from both magical as well as non magical threats, like for example creating magical force protecting him from dragon’s breath. putting barriers around his mind definitely count too.
  • clairvoyance. this was always more of morgana’s true purpose and merlin wasn’t a seer, but he did have prophetic visions, sometimes dreams. he was also one of the very few creatures able to use crystal of neahtid which was essentially one of the crystals from crystal cave which allowed him to see the past, the present and the future.
  • necromancy / mediumship / summoning spirits. all of these appeared, though on yet different level and up to discovering more in the future. necromancy was especially shown when morgana summoned lancelot’s shade and he proved capable of it, and spirit work happened a few times as well, though not always by his hand (but clearly he was capable of both).
  • transfiguration / shapeshifting. it’s very close to conjuring, however it’s about changing the things that already exist into something else. it was for example turning a statue into an animal or conjuring snakes. but it was also himself turning into his various aliases, like ageing spell with dragoon or turning into the dolma.
  • dragonlord legacy. this is something inherited from his father and merlin is the last of his kind. he can command dragons and creatures alike, make them rise to life and many other things tied to his kin.
  • many other abilities. there are plenty of other abilities he had shown, but i can’t possibly name them all. they include things like extremely fast gathering information, very high resilience to things, seeing the path ahead of him, and plenty, plenty other things.
  • immortality. that alone is a result of being so powerful. the druids called him emrys and it’s his second true name, which means sorcerer cursed with immortality. it means that merlin can die, but never permanently, unless he’s ran through a sword forged in dragon’s breath through the heart. the last sword of that kind (excalibur) he both created and cast away to avalon with king arthur after his death, resulting in him being unable to die and having to wait for centuries for the arrival of new age.

now, there are obviously more abilities there which i failed to mention, and keep in mind that these are just things that he could do while still in the show (up till he was twenty-eight). he will develop his skills over time and become truly the most powerful being, and then truly the last of his kind (as it is canon that magic is dying out from the lands). the only things he cannot do is die, truly bring back the dead to life and move in time.

still, also keep in mind that while merlin is extremely powerful and being called magic itself, while he’s half being of old religion, the other part of him is still human (even if that part of him would cool off over time). there is also no doubt that whichever universe he’d be, it’d force him to hide away, because knowing about such power is asking for trouble. people do seek power and whatever it can bring them and that alone has been a trouble back in the show ; it surely will prove to be in the future too.

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every time charlie pouts (which is a lot) i think of "charlie pouts till he gets to go on the swing 12/10 manipulative af" and start laughing

omg i know, its fucking perfect

Play that clarinet at 0300 ONE MORE TIME, I dare you


Swan Queen Week + Arranged Marriage AU

“Regina, please, you don’t have to cast that curse. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not doing anything. I’m sorry for not fighting against our families. I’m sorry for not understanding what was happening right in front of me. It’s not too late. You can stop this madness. Ripping hearts. Cursing people. This is not who you are. I will fight for you. I will.”

And people wonder why Dan doesn’t say his opinion about certain things….

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what if the smols made deals with the tols to get lifts around the bases. so big bots walking with smol friends on their shoulders? it escalates to where the big bots race other big bots seeing which big bot can transport the most smols

Cybertronians actually love carrying each other around! Although if you’re getting a ride from a Cybertronian, don’t…don’t try to steer. It’s rude.

It’s some sort of natural instinct with them- but it helps that Cybertronians aren’t necessarily “giant” robots- there’s no average height when your base species can be anywhere between a meter tall, to a spaceship big enough for people twenty, thirty, forty feet tall to walk around inside of comfortably. It’s second nature for most Cybertronians to assist others with height- those close to the ground picking stuff up and lifting it for bigs to take, those taller helping small ones up (this also is why lots of furniture and interior design for cybertronians is going to be modular.) Pre-war, functionism was oftentimes rooted in this by ensuring that there was a sort of heirarchy of size- public transportation is people too, after all!

You can bet that piggyback races are a time-honored and beloved pasttime. Even mechs like Optimus Prime can be convinced to participate, if asked by smaller bots or young humans.

Pictured: One of Flamewar’s favorite places when Megatron is addressing the crew, or just during quiet moments. Megatron’s very stocky and dense, which makes him quite strong, so he’s used to being something of a piece of furniture/jungle gym/hand transportation system by smaller bots.