he wished for hers

Insecure Sentence Starters

“I’m just not good enough for you”

“I don’t think I’m the kind of person that can just… do that”

“Don’t say that… you don’t mean it”

“I can’t be attractive, look at me!”

“I can’t wear this- it’s not for my body type”

“Do you really think I can believe something like that?”

“I’m not cute!”

“This shows off too much skin, I need a coat or something”

“I don’t want to go to that party, it’s for you know… better people”

“I’m just… pathetic, alright?”

“I’m not good enough for something like that”

“You need someone better”

“God… She’s so pretty, I wish I looked like her”

“God… He’s so handsome, I wish I looked like him”

“Me!? Hell no- that’s not something for someone like… me”

“I disgust myself- I’m sorry”

“Stop saying such nice things about me! They’re not true-”

“You’re lying, none of that can be true.”

Criminal Minds: *has an episode where Hotch’s Awful Childhood is once again hinted at*

Hotch’s voice: *wobbles or outright cracks due to emotion at any point during that episode*

Me: *pauses episode and waves arms around furiously for a few seconds while making distressed “gaaahhh” noises*

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-a letter is addressed with Bonnies name.- it was not labeled who sent it to her but when she opens it, its a short letter from mute saying that he is thankful for the experience with her and that he wishes the female a life of riches and a good life. - Mute

Bonnie kept that letter in particular safe somewhere. It gave her positive vibes.

“Her eyes were full of starlight—hopes and dreams alike. And whenever she cried, those starlit eyes would become more void and dark. Her tears were a rain shower of shooting stars, and he wished upon the rain for the girl to smile again. Because her eyes were the only place he could ever see the stars as beautiful as hers.”


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How long did it take William to forgive Grell after the Jack the Ripper phase?

Not too long tbh. She received her punishment and did a good job on her house arrest tasks. They started to talk to each other a few days after her first session when Grell came into his office when William’s shift was over to clean up his place. William was still working and said that she didn’t have to clean, since it was already late and she could do it tomorrow. But Grell refused, because she took her work schedule very seriously and so she started to vacuume his office.

Grell didn’t see it but William couldn’t help but smile at her commitment and he said he wished she would be just as dedicated in her real job as a soul collector. That was the first start to their usual conversations again - as friends.

Two weeks later Grell entered his office again to clean the windows. She slipped down the windowsill with her bucket and William caught her on time before she could hit the ground. They stared at each other for a second, lips brushing for a kiss and they made out on the floor for several minutes before William reminded her that she had work to do.

Others might have a different view, but here’s how I see the distinction between sexism and misogyny. When a husband tells his wife, “I can’t quite explain why and I don’t even like admitting this, but I don’t want you to make more money than me, so please don’t take that amazing job offer,” that’s sexism. He could still love her deeply and be a great partner in countless ways. But he holds tight to an idea that even he knows isn’t fair about how successful a woman is allowed to be. Sexism is all the big and little ways that society draws a box around women and says, “You stay in there.” Don’t complain because nice girls don’t do that. Don’t try to be something women shouldn’t be. Don’t wear that, don’t go there, don’t think that, don’t earn too much. It’s not right somehow, we can’t explain why, stop asking.

We can all buy into sexism from time to time, often without even noticing it. Most of us try to keep an eye out for those moments and avoid them or, when we do misstep, apologize and do better next time.

Misogyny is something darker. It’s rage. Disgust. Hatred. It’s what happens when a woman turns down a guy at a bar and he switches from charming to scary. Or when a woman gets a job that a man wanted and instead of shaking her hand and wishing her well, he calls her a bitch and vows to do everything he can to make sure she fails.

Both sexism and misogyny are endemic in America. If you need convincing, just look at the YouTube comments or Twitter replies when a woman dares to voice a political opinion or even just share an anecdote from her own lived experience. People hiding in the shadows step forward just far enough to rip her apart.

—  Hillary Clinton, What Happened.

Dudley calling Harry up out of the blue in a panic when his 2 year old starts showing signs of magic. Like how does he stop her from sneezing and setting the curtains on fire? 

Dudley and his family visiting with the Potters at Christmas and him finally agreeing to let little Petunia try out James new toy broomstick that they end up crashing into him and knocking him over.

Dudley telling his parents that he’s sending their granddaughter to Hogwarts with Harry’s son Albus and that if they ever call her or Harry’s family freaks, he will never speak to them again.

Harry explaining how Wizarding currency works to Dudley when he tries to buy his daughters wand with a debit card.

Harry showing Dudley and his wife around Diagon Alley, keeping them far away from Weasleys Wizard Wheezes (he still has nightmares about that Ton-Tongue Toffee incident).

Dudley congratulating his daughter on making it into Hufflepuff, whatever the hell that means. 

Dudley not quite understanding what it means to be made Quidditch Captain, but being immensely proud anyways. 

Dudley learning to accept what he doesn’t understand and grow past his upbringing.


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listen, Anakin “I will do anything that you ask” Skywalker would literally never try to guilt Padme into going away with him for the weekend after she says no to do work instead. He might whine a bit, but it would be like a lighthearted whine, not meant to be serious, and he definitely wouldn’t get mad. He’d back off and respect her wishes

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You need to watch Matt's livestream its on Shumdario News. He mentioned Dom's livestreams and how he keeps talking about Matt. One fact that stood out was when dom said that "Matt is very gentle when he makes love." Matt was like, "Not all of those are true." and he looks at Esther and was like, "Is it true?" and Esther CONFIRMS IT. So Matt is like, "Its true then."

“He’s very gentle when he makes love.” -Dom

Are we going to assume he’s talking about that particular statement? YES WE WILL.



chat noir’s nine lives


- the first time chat noir dies, he doesn’t even notice. 

he’s flung a hundred feet into a solid brick wall before everything goes dark. he wakes up in a hospital bed with a sheet over his face and ladybug crying by his bedside.


- the second time chat noir dies, it’s slow enough for him to realize what death tastes like. 

it floods his mouth, stains his teeth, and numbs his tongue so he can’t find the words to call out for help. it’s sweet enough to make him want to swallow it back and keep fighting, but his stomach won’t let him keep it down and forces him to suffer through the aftertaste that makes his head swim and his vision grow spotty. it drips down his throat and spills past his lips. he wants to be rid of it, but it hurts him to let it go. he wants to stand, but it’s much easier to slip to the ground and sleep. 

maybe he doesn’t taste death. maybe it’s just the blood filling his mouth. 


- the third time chat noir dies, plagg sits him down and explains that this isn’t immortality. 

adrien listens as he lifts his shirt and stares at the scar today’s bullet wound gave him as a token of his sacrifice. all this time he thought his powers of chaos and destruction had also gifted him a mastery over death. more importantly, he thought he had the opportunity to shut his eyes to fear and be the shield ladybug deserved. she is creation, hope, and life. a light like hers doesn’t deserve to be suffocated before she has a chance to enchant the rest of the world. 

but magic doesn’t make him invincible, and his chivalry has a time limit.


- the fourth time chat noir dies, he begins to keep track so he doesn’t lose count. 

he marks his deaths in sharpie marker right over his heart so he doesn’t forget who he’s dying for. 

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