he wins and he gets it

@leftennant and I were just bemoaning the lack of rom coms out there in Hollywood and how it’s probably stimmying the careers of certain actors who would kill it in that niche. 

This seems like such low hanging fruit being ignored. With relatively low budgets you can afford the occasional failure compared to the thud Justice League just made. If you picked a random group of ten women and asked them to brainstorm ideas they’d come up with solid ideas to be spun into box office gold.

Per example:

Kat Dennings is the quirky girl trekking across New Zealand following her lifelong love of all things Tolkein. She meets Chris Evans and dismisses him as a frat bro, but it’s love at first sight for him. Can he persuade her he’s the real deal?

Of course he can. I’m still buying a ticket to this.

Hayley Atwell has to resist the charms of Sebastian Stan for 30 days to win a million dollars. But if he can persuade her to kiss him, he wins the million dollars. Who’s going to win? Can she resist him?

Who gives a fuck, we know there’s going to be a kiss and they’ll split the money, just take my money already.

Daisy Ridley and Tessa Thompson are stranded in an airport during a blizzard and have nothing to do but get to know each other.

I don’t even need you to tell me the plot of this one, because I already booked my seat.

Tell me Tumblr–what rom com ideas would you like to see and who would star in them?

try again

pairing: billy hargrove x reader
warning: none

requestCan I request a billy imagine we’re he takes an interest in you but you play hard to get.
requested by: anonymous

*** psa: i do not condone any of billy’s behaviour, he is an awful person and his tragic backstory does not excuse his actions whatsoever***

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A Lesson [m]

Genre : Smut

Summary : By all accounts, asking your childhood friend of many years, Baekhyun, to teach you how to give a …. is odd, however in the grand scheme of things, it’s better than learning with a stranger. - a rewrite of ‘teach me’ -

“Baek?” at the sound of your voice he peered up from his phone.

Unbeknownst to him, his ears were about to hear the words that would’ve had him falling onto the floor if it wasn’t for the fact that he was sat down on his bed.


“Teach me how to give a blow job”

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“Can you see anything? Do i need to zoom in?” Your voice was low as you messed with the phone in your hands. You looked at the screen and smiled when you saw Harry giving you a little smirk.

“I can see, but mind switching the camera love? All I’m seeing is Julian’s face. Not that I mind lookin at him or anythin.” You laughed as you turned to look over your shoulder and saw Julian giving you a thumbs up. You brought your phone down a bit and quickly switched so Harry was now seeing what was in front of you.

“His award is the next one up.” You bit your lip as you looked down the row and saw Niall sitting there tapping on his thigh, something you knew he did when he was trying to distract himself a bit. “Looks a bit nervous H.” You whispered causing Harry to let out a huff.

“Who’s he sitting by? Why are you so far away from him?” Harry’s questions made you roll your eyes, you knew if Harry was here he would be sitting next to Niall with you sat next to him.

“That’s Shawn, one of Niall’s friends he just won an award actually! Very talented young man.” You answered ignoring his second question because you didn’t feel like starting an argument over the fact Niall wanted you to sit with his assistant and stylist. You watched the screen and when Harry raised an eyebrow and got a slight pout on his face you couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t get like that H, know he loves you the most.” You said trying to reassure him, he just rolled his eyes a bit and shrugged.

“That Shawn fellow can’t even go with him for a drink, see how long that friendship lasts.” His tone had a slight edge to it but you ignored it as the lights went a bit dim and an announcer walked onto the stage. “Oh shit this is it.” You looked down the row and smiled as Niall leaned over so he could see you.

You gave him a thumbs up and when he looked at your phone in your hands a grin overtook his face, he knew you had mentioned FaceTiming Harry during the show but it wasn’t until he saw him on screen that you saw him seem to relax a bit. Before you knew it the nominees for best new artists had been announced and the envelop containing the name of the winner was being opened.

“The winner for Best New Artists is Mr. Niall Horan!” You jumped up from your seat with a squeal almost forgetting about your phone for a moment before you lifted it up as Niall made his way towards the stage.

“He did it! Harry, he won!” Your voice was full of pride as you looked up and saw Harry with a wide grin on his face as the both of you watched Niall accept his award.

“Knew he’d win it.” Harry stated as Niall began making his thank you speech. You slowly sat back down as he said one last thank you and exited the stage.

Soon you were being lead backstage while Niall was getting ready to perform, Harry was mumbling about how wobbly the camera was and you just flipped him the bird in response. You couldn’t help but smile as you rounded the corner and saw Niall standing there holding his award in his hands.

“Hey Mr. New Artist of the year!” Niall’s Head turned in your direction as you got closer to him. You wrapped your arms around him in a hug causing Harry to groan.

“Oi! What time is it Harry? Ya lookin a little rough mate.” Niall took the phone out of your hands as he was now cradling his award in one arm and holding your phone with his free hand. You rolled your eyes as you reached over and switched the camera view.

“Oh sorry I didn’t dress up fo the occasion,” you saw Harry roll his eyes making you laugh. “Proud of you Ni, winnin awards all on your own. You’re a proper award winning artist now mate.” You saw Niall’s cheeks turn pink at Harry’s words.

“Thanks H, really appreciate it.” You saw Harry smile and nod. “How’s da show goin? Ya know if dey need any mo models they can give me a call. Since ya know, I’m a model an all now.” You laughed as Harry rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Niall it’s a lingerie show, doubt they need any male models.” You saw Niall just shrug as Harry looked down towards the award in Nialls arms. “Ya gettin your award all gross mate, haven’t even had it an hour and it’s all dirty.” You rolled your eyes as you took the award from Niall’s arm causing him to raise an eyebrow at you.

“God can i hang up on em now?” He turned his head towards you as he spoke. “Halfway around da world and still finds a way ta bother me.” He mumbled.

“Oi! Ya bloody miss me and i know it, would be in a pissy mood if i wouldn’t have been here fo ya big night.” You laughed as Niall just rolled his eyes at Harry once again.

“Whatever ya say mate, i jus normally wasn’t da one who held de awards when we would win em. Bit bigger when it’s jus you holding em yourself.” You saw Harry’s face drop a bit, you knew the both of them had just realized this was the first AMA award show that a solo member of One Direction was nominated for something and had to attend alone.

“Well better get used to it, gonna be winnin a bunch more awards for ya music. But next time i will be there to help you carry em all out.” You had to hold back the few tears that wanted to spring from your eyes as you saw Niall just bite his lip and nod at Harry.

“Don’t worry H, i will help you carry ya Grammys around.” You saw Harry’s cheek turn pink as Niall turned and looked at you so he could shoot you a wink.

“Right, well i gotta go now. I’m proud of you mate, go get proper trashed tonight but not with that Shawn fellow he’s not old enough yet.” With that Niall was rolling his eyes as he handed your phone back to you in exchange for his award. “Love you both! have a good night princess, don’t get too rowdy.” Niall waved bye and you blew him a kiss before ending the call.

“Thanks fo that.” You smiled as Niall placed a kiss to the top of your head before turning around and heading towards his dressing room.

You were soon being lead back to your seat so you could watch Niall perform and when you looked down the row and saw Shawn smiling at you all you could see was Harry’s pouty jealous face and it caused you to laugh as you leaned back in your seat. You knew Niall was happy that Harry even from across the world still wanted to be apart of his big night. They made each other less nervous, you knew that Harry seeing Niall and talking with him before he went on to perform at the fashion show helped relax him. The two of them leaned on each other and even if neither of them wanted to admit it they were each other’s biggest fans and would do anything to support each other, even if it meant staying up to an ungodly hour just to FaceTime as the other won an award.

Niall wants for nothing.

Because first of all “I’m a millionaire babe. I can literally buy anythin’ I want”. And second of all “I got me guitar and me girl. What more could I need?” to which you just roll your eyes and give him a kiss.

But he’d wanted this. He’d campaigned for weeks for the AMAs.

“I just wanna prove that I’m not some flop.” He said, raking his hands through his hair. “That I’m here to stay, One Direction or not, you know?” And he looks so young that you just push his hair back and kiss his forehead.

When the night comes, he a wreck. He’s hiding it well, doing interviews and posing on the carpet like the dreamboat you always tell him he is. But his hand shakes as it takes your and you can see the slight wrinkle of his brow when he turns from the cameras.

It’s worse once you’re inside. You’re seated next to Shawn, who is light and encouraging, even when he wins his own award he tells Niall that he’s next. And Niall smiles for the cameras that turn to face him and laughs at all the appropriate times, but his grip on your hand gets tighter the closer it gets.

And then it’s here. The moment he’s been waiting for since he was nominated. The moment that’ll help him see what you and all of his fans already see.

“Niall Horan!” The crowd goes wild, but Niall is somewhat frozen beside you. He’s smiling, grin widening when he finally gets it and his eyes turn to you.

“Get up you ding dong! YOU WON!” You shout, pulling him up and into your arms. Niall holds you tight, breath quick in your ear and you can tell that he’s flabbergasted.

Pulling away, he kisses you quick and hard. “You told me, pet. I shoulda believed ya.”

Niall releases you to hug Shawn and quickly makes his way to the stage. His eyes are wide, smile even more so as he accepts his award.

“Wow. This is unbelievable, um,” He gazes around at his still screaming fans. “I’ve had a hell of a year…” You lose yourself in watching him, pride pouring from every pore of your body and small tears streaming down your face, surely ruining your make up. He thanks his team, the management that made him who he was and dedicates his award to his fans. “And lastly, to me girl. She told me I was daft when I said I’d never win this. Thank you for being with me through every step of this crazy journey. Can’t wait to see what happens next.” He winks at you before bowing and leaving the stage.

It’s later that night, after the party and the champagne that you truly congratulate him. Hands skimming down his body, lips scouring every inch of him. His hands grip your hips a little tighter tonight, his eyes look a little brighter as you repeat over and over how proud you are. How lucky you are to love him.

And you know that he finally sees it too.

This just occured to me!

Frank should have left the scene after his fight with Billy, but he stayed there to make sure Madani made it. He risked his own freedom because he didn’t want to leave her there alone in the state that she was in.

He’s tired and severely beaten, yet he cradles her head so gently, pressing on the wound on her head while repeating ‘I got you’ and waits for the ambulance to arrive as the two teenagers he saved sit beside him and the girl thanks him for saving them.

It really makes me think just how enormous trigger this carousel is for him, and this shootout with Billy, and three people ending up hurt because of Billy’s cruelty and greed.

What a great and amazingly executed parallel to what happened more than a year before with his family - his three people - in this same exact spot that propelled his whole quest for vengance, yet the outcome is vastly different.

Instead of not saving anyone, he saves all three of them.

Instead of his enemies winning and getting what they wanted, Frank is the victorious one in more than one way.

He manages to defeat his enemies like only Punisher can, doesn’t leave anyone behind, and guess what? There is no survivor’s guilt this time. No remorse, no anger or rage, no grief.

He is holding still alive Madani, and the girl we can compare to Lisa thanks him for saving her.

We know how much he loved his kids, but from the way he spoke about Lisa both in Daredevil S2 and in this series, I’m gonna go and say she must have been his favourite.

And now here comes this girl, taking Lisa’s place in this narrative, and thanks him.

What a better way to give Frank absolution, a piece of mind for a tragedy he sees as his fault than this? Having him in the same place, putting him in the same situation, yet making him triumph over his remorse and guilt, having him literally and figuratively destroy those that more than a year ago destroyed him and his family and doing what he thought he could have done - save them.

In light of all this, doesn’t it make even more sense Frank is finally able to take Curt’s advice and come to the support group, talk about himself, this war waging inside of him, adjusting to civilian life now that he has avanged his family and sees no other purpose?

He has come full circle. His mission is fulfilled and he can finally start figuring out what to do with his life outside his revenge path.


Klaus x Reader

Requested by @basketmaniac

Christmas Prompt List

Christmas Prompt Masterlist

“What do you want!” You groaned into your phone as you held it to your ear, not moving from your cocoon of blankets.

“Settle a bet.” Klaus hummed cheerfully.

“Klaus. It is three am on Christmas eve. I’ve heard of getting up early but this is silly.” You complained and he scoffed, ignoring you.

“If me and Santa got into a fight, who do you think would win?” He asked you and your eyes shot open and your whole body went ridged from shock.

“Klaus you can’t kill Santa it’s christmas!” You yelped, to tired to really understand what you were saying.

“I have not killed Santa. If I had I wouldn’t be asking.” He pointed out and you heaved all your duvets off the bed, dragging them to where you’d last seen Klaus.

“I love the new look.” Kol said as you stumbled in and looked around.

“What is going on!” Rebekah huffed as she stomped into the room in christmas pajamas that were far too cute for a Mikaelson to wear.

“Klaus woke me up and then murdered Santa!” You wailed and started sobbing.

“This is why you let human’s sleep Nik!” Rebekah sighed and lifted you over her shoulder. “You keep the poor things awake until ungodly hours of the morning every night, eventually they break. (Y/N) Santa is fine.”

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tiny!steve tries to fight Natasha. he fights dirty and goes for her knees. she throws him at a wall one-handed. he begrudgingly resigns himself to Not Fight the Black Widow when he sees her snap at Big!Steve to defend Tony but they verbally spar a lot

(Friendly reminder that big!Steve would absolutely also fight dirty if need be.)

tiny!Steve sees Natasha snap at big!Steve to defend Tony and sees a begrudging ally and nothing else. She still hurt Tony. He can tell in the way Tony looks wary before Natasha speaks. He figures that Natasha isn’t that great at saying how she feels because Tony still looks hurt but tries to swallow it down sometimes. But that’s okay, tiny!Steve is willing to teach her.

“Are you ever going to get tired of ending up on the floor,” Natasha asks, not smiling, but amused just the same as she leans over tiny!Steve. tiny!Steve wipes the blood off his chin from his split lip, scowling at her. “I’ve never gotten tired of anything in my life!” “Okaaay,” Natasha says slowly, offering him her hand to help him up. He doesn’t take it. “Are you ever going to get tired of saying the wrong thing to Tony?” he asks instead, glaring at her as he attempts to fix his shirt. Natasha’s face doesn’t betray her surprise, but she does take a step back. He considers it a win.

“You’ve never gotten tired of anything in your life,” Tony chortles, helping him limp back to the infirmary. Natasha never really causes any lasting damage but Tony likes to make sure. tiny!Steve looks up at him, all sincere and guileless as he says, “Never. And I’ll never get tired of you.” Tony nearly stumbles, and his expression fumbles before going back to a smile, even if it looks a little confused. “Okay?” tiny!Steve sets his jaw stubbornly. “One day, you’re gonna believe it. And I’m sorry a version of me was an asshole and makes you second-guess everything–especially me.” “I don’t second-guess you, Steve,” Tony says in surprise.

That’s not true, and tiny!Steve knows it, but Tony has been deeply hurt. tiny!Steve can wait until he has Tony’s full trust. He knows it’s a precious gift. He’ll take care of it.

Unlike someone, he thinks, shooting big!Steve an acidic look before Tony drags him into the infirmary.

Pretty Wreck

Author: @punkof-pop
Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader
Warnings: Angst, smut, oral (m on f), teasing, sexual content (all towards the end)
Summary: Theo’s convinced he’s damaged goods and yoiu show him differently
A/N: 100% inspired by the song Pretty Wreck by Former Vandal and also a little bit by an interview Cody did about Theo (if I find it again, I’ll link it). Let me know what you guys think though. It always makes my day! Any feedback is good feedback. Also, shoutout to anyone that gets the Neck Deep reference.

Prompt list

Pack meetings used to be fun for you. You’d be able to hang out with your friends and find out what supernatural business was creeping around Beacon Hills, if anything at all. But, since Theo redeemed himself, Scott’s let him into the pack meetings. It’s not that you hated Theo, it’s that he always seemed to hate you. Before Hell, after Hell, he was always mean to you while you were nothing but nice to him until he tried to kill Scott but even then, you just kept your distance.

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We Are Winning.

Yesterday, as I reflected on the recent days of Life Under Trump, I came to a realization about our Great Leader: he’s tiring.

I know he’s been tiring since he first started campaigning, but I mean that he, Donald Trump, the 71-year-old grandfather in the White House, is actually becoming tired. He’s played all of his cards, every single one–and he’s starting to have to rely on his old hits.

He’s just not tweeting like he used to. Back during the start of the campaign, he was making promises, attacking everyone he could, and rallying support for new candidates and promising results from new Cabinet members. He would talk about obstruction and wall funding, and eventually he started a war with the NFL.

He tried that again the other day…and it was pathetic. He just made the one tweet, only one comment, where normally he could have three or four or even six show up in one day. Granted, the longer format on Twitter means that he no longer has to use “dot dot dot”, but even that was just another weapon he used to cultivate suspense. Now, that weapon is gone. One tweet is all he gets, and I don’t even know if he has the energy for that.

He’s decided to fight LaVar Ball, of all people, in order to secure a victory that is really just him doing his job–he’s not even fighting for a victory, but for recognition of a victory. Had he let it drop and simply said “To the three young men I freed from a China prison–you’re welcome!”, he could have started a debate and projected confidence, forcing an air of gratitude onto them. Instead, he revealed that he had not been thanked and wanted the recognition…because he’s desperate. He’s not feeling his old pride anymore.

His travel bans have been defeated time and time again. Obamacare lives. Two candidates he supported both lost in humiliating elections, and he can’t send an endorsement to the current battlefield because it would mean endorsing pedophilia. People are turning their eyes back to his sexual assault scandals with a new hunger, sensing vulnerability. The Russia probe is closing in. Advisers and aides are being indicted, and he has already chosen the defense of “they’re really not affiliated with me”–a defense that could easily crumble when someone close to him succumbs. Stephen Bannon is gone. Sebastian Gorka is gone. Kelly won’t let him have the briefings he wants, and even Kelly himself has been questioned. He just got back from Asia, where he met multiple leaders who were smarter and more unchallenged than him, and it made him feel inferior. It’s cold, and he didn’t go golfing–and he knows the next time he goes golfing, the press is going to hound him. If he goes to Mar-a-Lago, the press will be there. They’ll turn it against him. The list goes on and on.

Do you want proof that this is working?

His last weekly address was on October 13th. Over a month ago.

He’s tired. He can’t go on like this. He’s stressed, he’s collapsing. He had a glimmer of hope with the Uranium One thing and the Donna Brazile story on “Crooked Hillary”, but even that little number is getting weaker and weaker–with Hillary simply shrugging and calling him “obsessed” with her.

Because he is. That’s the one political battle he could win, and now he’s staring right down the barrels of two more defeats: the tax plan and the Alabama election.

I’m making no promises, but if both of those turn against him–if the tax plan is shot down in the Senate and Doug Jones becomes a Senator–it could all be over. This could be the end of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man has a coronary before his one-year-President-anniversary.

He doesn’t fight. He doesn’t smile. He barely speaks. When’s the last time he held a rally? When is his next rally?

Old Man Donald needs a win. Taxes, Alabama, the border wall, he needs something. But he’s terrified that he’s going to lose them all.

Let’s see to it that he does.

Don’t relent, don’t relax. Push harder. Call your representatives and tell them to vote against the tax bill, campaign for Doug Jones and denounce Roy Moore, don’t bother defending Al Franken or any other ally who is accused of sexual misconduct, keep fighting the battles on Trump’s turf and break down his walls. His armor is cracked–go for the kill.

#46: “Can I kiss you right now?” & #50: “We’d make such a cute couple.” -Baron Corbin.

Thank you to @ziamniall-blog for the request! I hope you like it! Sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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Remy is left handed

- Can’t write on a white/black board because it’s always gets erased with his hand 

- Always wins in arm wrestling with his left arm (except if he would go against Kardala)

- Scissors.. never work, impossible…

- Smudged text and messy hand after writing on a paper with a pencil

- Tried in fifth grade to write with his right hand and therefore every homework looks like it was made by a six-year-old from that school year

- Uses it as an excuse when he’s feeling lazy

- “Sorry I can’t vacuum the floor, I can’t find a left-handed vacuum cleaner”

This is my most important head canon and I will fight for it!

Tripping Over the Blue Line (39/45)

It’s a transition. That’s what Emma’s calling it. She’s transitioning from one team to another, from one coast to another and she’s definitely not worried. Nope. She’s fine. Really. She’s promised Mary Margaret ten times already. So she got fired. Whatever. She’s fine, ready to settle into life with the New York Rangers. She’s got a job to do. And she doesn’t care about Killian Jones, captain of the New York Rangers. At all.

He’s done. One more season and he’s a free agent and he’s out. It’s win or nothing for Killian. He’s going to win a Stanley Cup and then he’s going to stop being the face of the franchise and he’s going to go play for some other garbage team where his name won’t be used as puns in New York Post headlines. That’s the plan. And Emma Swan, director of New York Rangers community relations isn’t going to change that. At all.

They are both horrible liars.

Rating: Mature
Content Warnings: Swearing, eventual hockey-type violence
AN: Welcome to Los Angeles, hotbed of NHL drama. At least in this version of the NHL. It gets real dramatic guys, but Roland Locksley is here to be painfully adorable in front of media hordes, so there’s some give and take. We’re closing in on the end of this whole story and your continued feelings and thoughts and clicks just absolutely blows my mind. You’re all incredible. Screaming the praises of @laurnorder, @distant-rose & @beautiful-swan forever and ever. 
Also on Ao3, FF.net & tag’ed up on Tumblr

“Is it always sunny here?” Will asked, squinting up at the sky like he was actually in pain.

Killian rolled his eyes and Roland laughed softly next to him, tugging on the bottom of his jacket and while he certainly wasn’t about to complain about sunshine, it was fairly hot. And they couldn’t take the jackets off.

He wouldn’t complain.

He’d just sweat to death. Probably.

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Hi! Can I make a request? How about RFA+Saeran+V reacting to MC who grabbed all of her stuff and left their shared apartment/penthouse/bunker or wherever they live together after a fight and then going after her to get her back? What the fight is about is up to you. Thank you!

RFA + Saeran and V getting into a fight with MC who leaves and winning her back



- You had planned a date for you and him at the park,

- It was something you two had been planning for weeks now.

- But just as Yoosung was about to leave your shared apartment, he got a notification for a new guild on LOLOL.

- He told himself it would only take a few minutes, and he would still get to the park in time for the date, but instead of a few minutes, it was a few hours, and Yoosung completely forgot about the date.

- my love, no

- You were devastated that he forgot.

- You sat at the park for hours waiting for him!

- Rationally, you go home to confront him and asked why he didn’t show up.

- The first thing you hear when you open the door is Yoosung screaming curse words and you can hear the sound of swords clashing. When you look into your room, you see him staring intensely at the computer.

- At first, you are just plain sad because you know he ditched your date – the date you were so excited for – just to play LOLOL. But than you feel angry, and with your anger you shut off the wireless servers so he can’t play.

- “nooooooo!!!

- “Yoosung!” he spins around in his chair and starts begging you to put the wifi back on so he can just finish the guild, but you are way too upset and disappointed to even listen to him. “You ditched our date, and you know how excited I was to spend some time with you!

- “You live with me, MC, what more time do you need?”

- “That’s not the point. We had plans and you should uphold them. And even if we do live with each other, what’s wrong with wanting to spend some more time together.”

- Nothing prepared you for the harsh words that left your boyfriends mouth. How could such a sweet boy suddenly be so cruel? “Did you ever stop to think that maybe I just don’t want to spend time with you since I’m sick of seeing you all the time?”

- You felt your jaw drop and your eyes begin to water. At the same to, you see guilt brimming in Yoosung’s eyes. He tries to say something but you brush it off, already going to the closet to get a suitcase and start packing your stuff.

- He doesn’t even try to stop you spare the few times he coo’s your name.

- He watches rather tearfully as you walk through the door, slamming it shut, making him jump.

- He sits on the couch and cries for a bit before finally getting his shit together realizing he needs to find you.

- Yoosung wastes no time asking Seven to help track you, and he tells you that you are staying at Jaehee’s. Yoosung takes the next bus over and starts running up the stairs towards Jaehee’s apartment and begins banging on the door.

- “Is MC there? Can I please talk to her?

- “Yoosung, why are you here?” You say from behind Jaehee, your eyes red which only makes Yoosung’s heart hurt a little more.

- “I’m so sorry, honey. I ment none of it, I swear. It was a spur of the moment and it was such a stupid thing for me to say. I love you so much and I love to spend time with you. I was being a big meanie by ditching our date, and I would love if you would come back home with me. I promise to make it up to you and plan a even more spectacular date.”

- You giggle a little at how he says “meanie” and you wrap your arms around Yoosung, pulling him into a hug.

- “I’ll come back home, but I want an extra omelet in the morning.”


- “It’s part of the show! Why can’t you understand that?”

- The yelling had been going on for hours.

- It all started that morning when you found Zen and the lead actress of his next movie getting pretty close to each other. You could brush it off if it wasn’t that you saw him whispering in her ear a lot and holding her hand, smiling and making her blush.

- You admit to being jealous but you thought it was rational.

- At home, you told Zen how you felt but he took it way out of proportion.

- “Zen, I do understand! I just wanted to tell you how I feel.”

- “How about I tell you how I feel? I don’t like you accusing me of flirting with the other women on set because you are just that insecure about yourself.”

- You were taken aback at that. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

- “It means that whenever you see me with another woman you get so defensive and accusative. You seem to forget about my job.”

- “But, honey,” he glared at the pet name and you felt yourself shrink back away from him, a little intimidated and surprised by his harshness. “You get jealous all the time if I am just talking to a guy, how is it any different?”

- “The difference is that this is my job and you are just being a slut.”

- Tears immediately began overflowing and cascading down your cheeks as you sobbed into your palms. Zen has never called you a name before, not alone something as crude as that.

- “Well, then I’ll leave.”

- He gasped at your words and instantly tries to take them back, but you couldn’t care less.

- You packed your suitcase with everything you needed and left.

- Zen needed a drink and a good hour to think about what just happened, so he headed to the local bar and drowned out his sorrows.

- For hours, he sat at the bar, drink after drink until he realized how much he fucked up and he needed to fix this.

- He frantically started spamming the RFA chat in hopes to find you, but Seven refused to tell him where you were and everyone else was practically shunning him.

- He decided the only place you could be was Rika’s apartment, or that was the best guess he had.

- He headed the apartment, and thankfully, he was correct.

- You were there and in your devastated state, didn’t even bother to lock the door. He found you asleep on the couch, your cheeks stained with tears.

- To his dismay, he started crying too, collapsing to your side and spurting out apologies.

- “Jagiya. I’m so sorry. What did I do, why did I do that? Why did I call you such a wretched thing? You are the most beautiful, pure, warm hearted girl I’ve ever met. And I love you so much. I don’t want to lose you, please don’t leave me. Let me make this right. Let me find a way to make this right. Let me make it up to you for every tear you shed.”

- You woke during the middle of his little speech, and although you were still hurt by his words, you were willing to forgive him and make things work.

- The two of you walked hoe hand in hand,

- Well, Zen was kinda drunk so he was leaning on you a lot to be honest, god dammit


- Was not a good day at the cafe today.

- Not to mention, you had a cold so you did not go to work at the cafe today, leaving your lovely girlfriend to deal with everything alone.

- She faced disrespectful customers, dealt with clumsy waiters and an overbearing phone bill.

- Overall, she was absolutely done and wiped.

- She just wanted to rest and have some time to herself, but of course, you wanted to spend some time with her.

- She tried to let you off nicely by hinting of how tired she was,

- But you were relentless!

- You needed your baehee!!!!

- She reached her breaking point when you tried to put in one of Zen’s DVD’s, which normally she would be ok with, but with being so on edge at the moment, she didn’t want you touching them.

- “MC, Don’t touch it!”

- “Oh, I’m sorry, Jaehee.”

- Normally your hurt voice would have Jaehee breaking, but today she was ruthless, and angry, and done with everything.

- “What is wrong with you? Have you never learnt to not touch what isn’t yours.”

- There was no room for you to but in, Jaehee just kept going. “Sometimes I feel as if I’m speaking to a child. You have sense of respect for anyone else’s things. You’re like a greedy monster that just grabs at everything.”

- Jaehee no.

- You push yourself off the ground and spit out, “Fine, then I’ll take my greedy little hands and leave.”

- And you did just that. You left Jaehee a little dumbstruck and went right out the door without a second thought. You didn’t even bother to collect any clothes.

- Jaehee sighed and rested her head in her hands before she concluded she needed to find you.

- Her first thought was to ask the group chat where you might be, but then she decided it wasn’t a good idea for 1) You could have already told everyone what happened so maybe they wouldn’t tell her where you were, and 2) If you hadn’t, she didn’t want to accidentally overshare and embarrass you.

- But she was running out of options, so she asked Jumin if he may know any secret spots you might go to considering you guys are close.

- Unfortunately, he doesn’t.

- So Jaehee goes down to the cafe in hopes to maybe find you there just hiding out, and she was lucky because you were.

- You sat at a small table crying softly while nibbling on a cupcake, sniffling too, not just because of your crying but because you still have your cold!

- Carefully, Jaehee sat down and tried to explain herself.

- “I’m sorry, MC. I just had a really bad day. That doesn’t excuse how I treated you and hurting your feelings. I really don’t know what to do to make it up to you or really make you feel better. All I can say is that I am so sorry and I love you so much. Can we go back home and try and sort things out there? It’s really cold here.”

- You nod and smile softly, taking her hand and letting her bring you back to the apartment.

- Once at the apartment, you two cuddle on the couch and have a nice long chat shared with kisses and snuggles.


- Jumin is a very patient man and very good at holding his emotions in.

- But everyone has bad days, including Jumin. And today was one of those bad days.

- His father brought a woman to the office who made quite a scene about the servicemen not being very… charitable.

- Jumin was not only furious about the scene, but that his father stooped so low once again and was blinded by another woman cleary out for his money.

- You have a tendency to talk quite a bit, which normally doesn’t bother Jumin because he loves to listen to your soft voice.

- He especially loves the way your voice gradually gets higher when talking about something you love.

- But today, he couldn’t give a shit what you had to say.

- He just wanted to relax on the couch with his wine and forget about everything.

- Everything with his father and everything about women.

- But here you were on the couch rambling on about something that happened in the RFA chat, and something that you saw on TV, or something that you read in a book. After awhile, he snapped at you.

- “Shut it, MC. Let there be peace and quiet in this household for once.”

- You were appalled at how curtly he spoke. He had never once risen his voice at you before. “I beg your pardon?”

- “Do not make me repeat myself, MC. I am not in the mood.”

- “Jumin, do not think I will let you speak to me that way. I can see that you have had a rough day. Would you like to talk about it?”

- “It is not up for discussion.”

- “Please don’t ball up your feelings. Just talk to me-”

- You were cut off with a mumbled god dammit, but what startled you the most was how Jumin suddenly raised his arm as if he was about to back hand you. He stared you right in the eyes too, his narrowing thoroughly. You shut your eyes preparing yourself, but when you opened them, you saw the shock on his face when he realized what he almost did.

- Now was not the time to think.

- You rushed away from Jumin and locked the door to your bedroom. You frantically started packing every essential into a suitcase.

- You needed to leave. Just for a few days.

- Jumin let you be for a week. He knew you were back in Rika’s apartment, since you said so in the group chat without giving any details.

- After that week, Jumin decided it was time he fix things.

- He knew he messed up, and he knew he was in the wrong. And he desperately wanted you back.

- He knocked on the door and you answered looking rather disheveled. It looked as if you hadn’t bathed since you left.

- Entering the apartment, Jumin gently caressed and kissed your cheek before speaking in that cool, toned voice of his.

- “My love. Words cannot express how sorry I am for the way I was towards, and the way I acted. I would never dream of laying a hand on you, or hurting you in any other way. It pains me to know that I hurt your feelings. I will learn to better control my anger if you please give me a second chance. I cannot live without you, my love. You are my better half. Please come back home.”

- It took a couple more speeches from him to convince you to come back home, but in the end you are glad you did because you truly missed him too, and you did forgive him after all.


- Is it much of a surprise that your fight starts because Seven is ignoring you?

- Even after everything, he will still go through those faces of ignoring you, claiming he is too busy, or too dangerous.

- You were becoming sick of it, truth be told.

- You stuck with him through thick and thin, how long will it take for him realize you are not going anywhere?

- You decide it is time to make that clear.

- However, things didn’t go as plan. You had hoped for a nice, peaceful conversation with your husband.

- Not the yelling.

- “Are you stupid? I said I don’t want you near me. I said to leave me the hell alone!”

- “But Saeyoung-”

- “No! I don’t want to hear from you anymore. Why can’t you be an obedient wife and go when I tell you to?”

- Your brow crosses and you feel yourself start to become increasingly angry. “What era do you think this is? The reason I am not going anywhere is because I care about you and I love you enough that I am worried and want to help you. Don’t you even dare try to dismiss me.”

- Saeyoung makes a huge display of waving you off, sputtering out, “Goodbye! Dismissing you! Try not to let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!”

- By now, you are crying, wiping furiously at your eyes. You decide to do as he says and leave, packing your bags and taking one of his cars too.

- Later in the night, when Saeyoung finishes his work, he decides it’s about time to apologize.

- For someone who prides himself on knowing everything, he seemed to not notice that you left.

- He tracks your phone and absolutely panics when he sees that you are at a cliff side.

- His baby vrooms him to the cliff and when he sees you sitting on the edge, he’s already screaming and begging for you not to jump.

- “I’m not gonna jump, Saeyoung, I’m just relaxing,” you mumble, which calms him down. A lot.

- But he can see that you have been crying, which absolutely breaks his heart. 

- This is all his fault. 

- He sits next to you and tries to take your hand, but you don’t let him. He sighs, knowing he has to fix this and make things right.

- “I fucked up. I’m sorry, baby. I really, really am. I was rude and dismissive and a shitty husband. I’m sorry I hurt you. If I could do anything to just erase this day and pretend it never happened, I would.”

- “You don’t understand, Saeyoung. It’s not like this is the first time you have done this.

- He nods.

- “You’re right, I’ve done this too many times and it was stupid of me. I’m sorry. God above knows I am. Please, it’s so cold out here. Let me atleast hold you so you can stay warm.”

- You smile gently, allowing him to pull you against his chest to keep you warm. After an hour or so, you go back to the bunker where you continue your cuddle session, this time with Saeran too.


- You had never met such a kindhearted man as V.

- However, being with such a kind heart, he has a tendency to let people walk over him.

- Not only that, he tends to live in the past too.

- You’ll find him sometimes in a funk, dwelling over Rika and everything that happened, even after what she did and you two now being married.

- You would be lying if you said that it didn’t hurt you that he still thought about her.

- But what hurt the most was that even after his eye surgery, he will say he wishes he never got it done because now he’s “wronged her.”

- You try to express how you feel, and even get him to understand that he really shouldn’t dwell over Rika anymore. Rika hurt him and so many others, why can’t he just try to move on?

- “You didn’t deserve any of the pain Rika caused you.”

- “Why are you so cold to her? Why can’t anyone understand that she was troubled.”

- “I-I do understand, Jihyun, but that isn’t the point.”

- “What is your point then?”

- “That she didn’t treat you right, and that her illness and difficult past didn’t give her a right to hurt you and all the others. Of course I understand that she had a rough time, and I feel for her, I-”

- “Do you?” V snapped. You stutter a bit, trying to find your ground, but he kept talking. “Do you understand? The worse that has ever happened to you is that you have broken a nail.”

- “Hey, come on. Don’t do this-”

- “Sometimes I don’t know why we are together. Are we even compatible?”

- “You… you don’t mean that.”

- But he didn’t say anything in response, which was a conclusion to you that he did mean it and it broke your heart.

- Without a second’s thought, you started packing your bags and making arrangements to stay at hotel.

- You didn’t want to go to Rika’s apartment, and you sure as hell could not stay here, not if he didn’t want you here.

- You felt the hot tears pooling at the rims of your eyes before finally spilling down your face.

- Your crying seemed to snap V out of a daze and he rushed to you, grabbing your arm and trying to stop you.

- The two of you struggled against each other until you finally stopped having gave in, but you still continued to sob, however.

- “Oh, darling, god. I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I said that. Of course we are compatible. I love you so much, we were meant for each other. You are my star because you are my dream come true. I don’t want to let go of that dream, a dream that only involves you. Please forgive me for my cruelty, I love you, MC. Please don’t leave.”

- You sighed, not seeing the point in leaving, but you needed V to understand something: “Stop dwelling about Rika. No good comes out of it. You don’t have to think what she did was… wrong, but just stop, or realize that you don’t deserve any pain, and that there are people besides you who love you. Love you more than she ever could.”


- Saeran has been through hell and back.

- And you understand!

- You are there for him through every breakdown, tantrum, fit, panic attack, and you will always be there for him.

- But even so, sometimes he tests your patience, and you reach your limit.

- Today was that day. You were sitting on the couch together when you accidently spilt your water on his pants.

- He immediately starting yelling at you calling you names and telling you how useless you were.

- “Dumb bitch! Can you do anything right? Fucking clean this up! Don’t just sit there, do something!”

- Some disrespect, you could put up with because he always made it up to you, but today, you had had it.

- “Don’t you dare talk to me like that. I put up with everything, and I have never left your side. Don’t you think I deserve some respect?”

- “What bitch gets respect?”

- You let out a small pained sob before slapping him across the face. You hated doing that, especially because of his mother, but god his words hurt.

- And you love him, but he takes it too far. He doesn’t even realize it sometimes.

- “Where are you going?” he snaps.

- “Away. I need some time.”

- You don’t even pack anything, just get in a car and drive a good 400 miles out of town.

- Little did you know, and luckily for you, that soon after Saeran got in the car and started driving after you, so it was about 30 minutes till he found you in the middle of nowhere just staring off into the distance.

- When you see him, you’re about to walk off but he gently takes your arm and pulls you back towards him.

- “Saeran-”

- “No, no, please let me just… let me just try and do this right. Just let me try. Let me try and apologize to you. I shouldn’t have said that, and I shouldn’t have been such a dick head. You’re right. I need to treat you with respect. You deserve respect. And I’m… grateful for everything you have done for me. I’m so sorry, MC. I really am.”

- You rest your forehead against his, letting a final tear slip down your cheek. “Saeran… please let me help you. Please work with me.”

- “I’ll try. I love you, MC.” And with that, he gave you a gentle kiss. 


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I’ll See You in the Drift

Michael Caboose’s world fell apart when his partner Church was lost in the drift. But when Caboose turns out to be drift-compatible with Tucker, he might have a second chance to fix what once went wrong.

Hey! What’s up, it’s my first posting for the RvB Reverse Big Bang!

I had the absolute pleasure of working with @captainkonot on this project! You can find the comic they drew here, it’s absolutely gorgeous and it was such a delight working with them! Check out the rest of their work if you haven’t already, its all fantastic. 

Pacific Rim AUs are my JAM so I had a blast writing this; I hope to come back to this AU again, because I think there’s a lot of potential and so much story still to tell! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Thanks to my dear friend @sroloc–elbisivni for beta-ing this for me!

Also on Ao3

Outside of Sheila, the storm crashed and howled. The waves were nearly up to Sheila’s shoulders, each one roaring as it moved around the jaeger and its enemy. The kaiju they were fighting was huge; bigger than any of the ones that Caboose had seen before. Bigger than the one that Caboose and Church had killed last month, surely. Had Dr. Grey said what kind it was before they had gone out? Caboose couldn’t remember.  

Church’s mind was twined with Caboose’s, comforting and present in a way that helped slow down his racing heart.

<Focus,> Church whispered in his mind, and Caboose’s concerns melted away, replaced by the laser precision that happened when he drifted with Church. <We can do this.>

Caboose nodded, and the acknowledgement carried through the drift to Church, even though he wasn’t looking at Caboose. They stepped forward in unison, and Sheila moved with them, plowing through the turbulent sea like it was nothing but bathwater.

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Shiro Week; Day 2: Shiro’s VLOG

Shiro’s Vlog; Gen; 660 words; Spoilers for Season 4
Written for the second day of @blackpaladinweek​ : Original/Divergent

Camera sounds, a shutter opens up and Shiro comes into focus. He’s smiling, sitting down in the usual seat.

“Hi, my name is Takashi Shirogane and I’m the black paladin of Voltron,” he says, his voice a little bit awed. “Me and Black had our problems, but I’d say we figured them out for the sake of the team. That’s the most important thing, after all." 

Shiro stops and looks at his hands, thinking. He looks deep in thought, almost one thousand light years away. "I can’t say this experience has been easy. With the Galra and… everything else,” he says as he moves his prosthetic arm, watching it glow with a purple light.

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noah fence to soon-to-be oscar award winning actor oscar isaac but regardless of how busy he is or w/e movie set he’s on he better get himself to a gotdamn camera and red carpet for TLJ he’s at least 1/3 of the reason im part of this ugly sw hype. dont let me down mr. hernandez i expect ur weird sense of humor to harass me during december at least once 

Headcanons for my muses - Gladiolus Edition

Originally posted by fieryfantasy

Bisexual as fuck

Doesn’t understand romance at all and has no interest in a relationship or future marriage.Yet somehow enjoys reading romance novelsAnd is cool with having sex with the same person multiple times. Just don’t tie any strings to him.

Played basketball in high school. Was really good at it and would have made a career out of it if not for his duty to the crown.

Meal preps like a BOSS

Can’t sing but sure as hell tries when he’s drunk.

Does not embarrass easy

Is usually the one to notice when Prompto has a bad dream when camping. Cuddles him for comfort.

Also gives Prompto good, detailed information about sex so he is safe when he goes to practice.

Really hates arm wrestling yet always gets challenged to do so

Owns stock in Cup Noodle

Listens to EDM and techno. Favorite is Afrojack.

Because of his position as shield, had his will drawn up at age 12. He has it revised yearly.


When not winning an argument with Iris, will use the ‘I’m older’ argument as if that will put an end to it all.

Practices yoga to be more agile and fluid.

Is shit with guns

Really likes hunting but can’t go as often as he’d like. Can do exactly 16 bird calls with his mouth and hands.

Has beat up more than one boy for breaking Iris’s heart. Would have done so to Noctis if he wasn’t the prince and his friend.

Enjoys giving gag gifts. Once gave Ignis a feather duster that actually left a dust like powder behind when used. It was the only time he’s ever pranked the advisor for his birthday.

Always gives Noctis funny graphic tees.

Can bench press u

Is afraid to hold small creatures in fear of hurting them, which only makes him extra cautious and good at it.

Wants to adopt one day

The Amicitia family tattoo is earned. They hold tattoo artists in the same regard as they hold warriors. They are to be respected and honored. Wants to someday learn the art for his own knowledge, if nothing else.

Jokes that Iris’s first born must be named “Cup Noodle Amicitia” and if she won’t do that, at least name them Nissin.

Can throw things when he gets mad.

His father, Clarus, is a rather sensitive person and very good at communicating. He always encouraged Gladio and Iris to be honest and direct, and to never be ashamed to cry. Because of that, Gladio holds nothing back when he’s upset. He will cry in front of anyone, or shake the hell out of them if they’ve angered him. He only takes up arms if it’s unavoidable.

Enjoys live theatre and prefers it over TV and film

When Iris was small, he attended every tea party she invited him to. He even wore the big pink hat. The gloves were too small for his hands.

Is super comfortable with himself and his masculinity. 

Has never once taken it easy on Noctis in training.

Likes cats better than dogs. Wants 598279 of them

anonymous asked:

(4/4) kisses him really fast and eddie just. malfunctions and ????? but just as richie about to apologize and walk away eddie kisses him back and it's really cute until eddie says "you know you still lost your winning streak of like, four years, right?" and richie's not even bothered if it means he get to kiss eddie whenever he wants and that was long and dumb i Apologize


rbssns  asked:

Can I adopt UF Papyrus lamia?

Yes of course.

His bittybones type name is King, and if you rename him, he prefers something regal like Monarch or Darth Vader. It may take a bit of time to win him over, but he’s a protective and loyal bitty once he gets to know you. :)

*King flexes and does some heroic poses.