he will ruin your life

anyone else still sometimes catch themselves thinking about how after all those years of idolizing dave strider and after all that time in the void session wondering and anticipating and nervously awaiting this theoretical possibility that he might get the chance to meet him, dirk finally fucking sits down with dave one on one hours from the final battle and like wow fucking surprise motherfucker

he gets to find out his literal worst fears were ACTUALLY true! the version of him that dave knew actually did, in fact, do his level best to ruin dave’s life and was an abusive, toxic influence from day one and throughout to the point where dave can’t even look at him without flinching! 

this coming at a time when dirk is already horrendously low on himself, his relationship with Jake literally just blew up like 3 hours ago and if the AR thing went down even remotely the same way there was also that and holy hell dude what a time to be informed about the existence of Bro Strider. Dirk is sitting there thinking he was a toxic influence to Jake from moment one and probably all of his friends the whole time and here Dave is confirming everything from a parallel perspective? 

you can just see this horrible gut clenching moment when this utterly defeated Dirk just meekly accepts that this other version of himself is reflective of his true innermost self and has justifiably ruined any chance he ever had of impressing or even knowing Dave

– and then you see Dave just immediately lift it off him, even get kinda angry at him for having the audacity to even try accepting it that way, you can FEEL Dave’s fucking confusion because he went in guns blazing expecting a confrontation with someone as impossible and inscrutable as Bro was. Dave went in expecting to punch a brick wall and get nowhere, and instead he got Dirk “you’re absolutely right and I’m so fucking sorry I ruined your life” Strider 

and from Dirk’s pov, listening to this, watching this, having this realization that this dave isn’t an untouchable, aloof, mysterious and mythical heroic figure of legend at all, but that only makes him MORE worthy of idolization in all the ways that genuinely matter – and simultaneously thinking that he’s already sabotaged himself out of the chance to know him at all.

It’s like, god, you know those hyperrealistic nightmares people have sometimes that are so fucking scary because they’re indistinguishable from real life, the ones where after you wake up it takes a long time for the understanding that it was actually just a dream to hit you and then you want to cry with relief? 

For Dirk this had to have been so much like that, the whiplash between being 100% sure that Dave was just going to say what he needed to say and then never speak to him again (and knowing Dirk would have considered it completely justified and never questioned his right to do so jesus christ) followed IMMEDIATELY by Dave just being like no you don’t get it, THIS you, this version of you, what I am looking for deep down in my fucking SOUL is for this you that you are right now to be a person that I can have in my life to tell me that I’m okay, that you’re okay, that WE’RE okay – and after fifteen minutes talking to you I can already immediately tell that you ARE that person. 

Dirk’s friends were always only interested in denying the possibility that Dirk could ever truly become a monster, they could never have possibly understood just how DARK Dirk is at his most self destructive, and that’s part of why their reassurances were always hollow for him – they didn’t GET IT, right, they never could have followed the rabbit hole all the way down, so what did they know? But this guy, Dave Strider, has literally seen Dirk at his worst, has lived through the actual reality of the worst things living inside the full-picture potential of Dirk Strider, has dealt with that to great personal detriment and is fucking STILL sitting here telling him “I can tell that you are different, I can tell that you are better, and I am willing to trust you and help you to become a better person than the guy I knew because at the end of the fucking day, you are too important to me to give up on”

like yeah confronting dirk with all of that was what dave needed absolutely but BEING confronted and ultimately forgiven by dave was what dirk needed too, just as much

in conclusion homestuck is good

you’ll never realize that you’ve fallen in love until you sit and think about everything that’s changed.
a few months ago his voice was just a voice and his smile just a smile and his laugh just a laugh, but today, and now, and for a long time coming, his smile makes you feel warm even if it’s 39 degrees and he’s nowhere near and his voice becomes your favorite sound and his laugh can pull you from your unhappiness and suddenly you’ve stopped drowning.
you’d rather have your own best friend 5,000 miles away from you than have him be anywhere but in your arms and you start to forget why you were ever unhappy in the first place because the universe managed to shove millions of stars and an entire galaxy into a single body and that body isn’t yours but it’s close enough.
you stop wanting to be asleep all the time because being asleep means being away from him even if he’s already on the other side of what feels like the entire universe and you want to spend every waking moment thinking of him and talking to him.
you stop drinking because you don’t need fake happiness anymore because the alcohol will wear off in the morning but at least he won’t.
you don’t realize you’re in love until you’ve noticed that you could spend the rest of your life looking at him because his smile is as bright as the sun and his laugh as warm as it and his eyes as blue as the sky, if not more, and he’s not just a person anymore but the epitome of perfect and he has all the power to ruin your life with your heart in his hands.
—  but you trust him anyway

they grow up into well-adjusted teens?? who are also low-key running the whole school?

max is significantly quieter but has gossips on EVERYONE and he can ruin your life if he wants to, and most of the time he wants to,

nikki is the star quarterback (duh), the most popular and friendly one of the trio. im pretty sure everyone has a crush on her???

neil is the teacher’s assistant in chemistry, physics, biology (basically all science subjects). wears make up, looks fucking GREAT y’all

Uptown Girl

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: hi i’ve come back from the dead lol (this is also gonna be in peter’s POV)

Peter Parker x Reader 

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“Are you coming over tonight?” My friend, Ned Leeds, said.

“I can’t. I have the Stark internship.” I opened my locker to avoid looking at him. He would see right through my lies.

“Again? Didn’t you go there yesterday too?” Ned leaned against the locker beside me.

“Well, Mr. Stark expects me to work hard. I don’t wanna let him down.”

“Don’t you think you’re working a little too hard?” Ned crossed his arms.

“No! I just want to-”

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“Lv1: You find him cute and save a few pictures of him.

Lv2: Everything he does is cute and hot.

Lv3: You make up scenarios in your head. 

LvGD: He finally ruins your life. You can’t live a day without thinking about him and stop laughing at everything he does. You never date because he sends your standards too high.

Bodyguard || Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by chimneytaels

AN: This entire imagine Jungkook is called Jeon, just so nobody gets confused

Word Count: 2.3k

Genre: Angst

Your arms were crossed over your chest as you stared the man across the room down. His eyes were focused anywhere but you, not because he was shy or embarrassed to be around you, but because he didn’t think any of it would be worth his time. The only thing you were to him was another paycheck, and as long as the bills were paid, he had no reason to complain.

On the other hand, you had every right. Ever since your father had hired the Jeon man to watch over you, your life had come to a halt. You were used to going out late at night and partying with strangers, but with him looking after you, you barely got out of the house without a follower. No matter where you went, he was there following after you.

The reason for the meeting now, one between your father and the Jeon man, was because of your latest escape attempts. Jeon had gone to lay down, thinking you had taken a nap and he had let his guard down. You left within seconds of him falling asleep and you thought that you had finally out smarted him, that you were finally going to be able to have a night to yourself.

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SCREAMS  (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ


Thank you for your patience, nonnerson~~ nyahaha Anyway I recommend reading (or re-reading part 1)


Click Here for: [Part 1]

It had been a year.

The thought crossed your mind as you exhaled the smoke from a cigarette, watching as it disappeared with the wind. Just like you had, a year ago.

The sun’s rays peeked out from behind the familiar, tall building in front of you, spreading its light over the shadows where you hid. Rika’s old apartment building. The same place where he had brought you to, and the same place he had taken you away from.

Even now, you were unaware of their intentions for bringing you to the RFA and then stealing you away, but… it didn’t matter. No, nothing mattered anymore.

You crumpled the lit cigarette with your bare hands, tossing it to the ground to stamp out the flame, feeling satisfied by the small crunch! sound it made. You wouldn’t have started to smoke, had it not been for the influence of Mint Eye. Sure, you knew it’d kill you, but everything you’d learned at Mint Eye had opened your eyes to the world—that nothing was worth living for in the first place. What did it matter if you killed yourself a little more?

It didn’t.

“MC?” A familiar voice called out to you, making you snap out of your thoughts. Your eyes widened with recognition as you stared at the person before you, but you quickly narrowed them, pursing your lips as you gazed at them coolly.


  • He did a double take, as his eyes roamed over your face, taking in the familiar features of your face that he hadn’t seen in a year…
  • “MC? Y-you’re MC, right?”
  • His voice was filled with hope and desperation, and he subconsciously reached out to you, as if he wanted to catch you before you slipped away.
  • But you didn’t reply, instead brushing past him, barely acknowledging his presence. As you passed him, he noticed the cold look in your eyes, and shuddered. That… that wasn’t the kind and warm MC he had grown to known. You wouldn’t look at him like that, no… not you.
  • Yoosung could only stare after you in disbelief, but he never gathered the courage to approach you again, not even to confirm your identity.
  • It couldn’t have been you. You wouldn’t look so… so… empty.
  • He’d lament about it to Zen later, drunkenly babbling that he’d seen someone just like you on the streets… admitting his fear that he was too much of a coward to find out if it had been you.
  • “I’m scared if it really was MC… Her eyes looked so distant… so empty… so cold… it can’t be her,” Yoosung would deny, shaking his head with a drunken grin on his face. “MC… our MC would never…”
  • He refused to believe it, avoiding the thought completely. A tear fell from his eye as he gazed at Zen through his glass of champagne. “You should’ve seen those scars on her body… god, no, they can’t… they just can’t belong to her,” he hiccupped, still shaking his head in denial.
  • Even as he fell asleep from the heavy amount of alcohol he’d consumed, he would continue to cry in his sleep, dreaming of the broken girl that he’d been too afraid to even talk to.
  • “Not MC…”


  • You didn’t bother sparing him a second glance as you met eyes with him, but he grabbed your arm before you could even turn the other way.
  • His eyes were shining almost too brightly, and you could practically see a tail wagging excitedly from behind him like a dog. “Jagiya!! Oh, I knew it was you. I would recognize your pretty face anywhere. I’m so glad you’re okay, jagi, I can’t wait to tell the others! I’ve missed…”
  • Zen trailed off as he noticed your unchanging expression, but he mustered up another smile to cover up the fact that your lack of reaction dampened his mood. After all, it had been a year since he last saw you. He didn’t want to waste any more time with you, and he didn’t want to be gloomy with you after so long.
  • “Come on, why don’t we sit down somewhere to catch up?” he smiled warmly, tugging at your arm gently. He didn’t miss the unusual way you winced a bit as he did.
  • Zen loosened his grip on you arm, worry building uncomfortably in his heart. “MC… is it okay if I roll up your sleeve? Please…” His eyes searched yours for an answer, not just to his spoken question but to the millions of questions bottled up.
  • You… you felt torn. Why was he acting so nice to you even though you weren’t even a part of the RFA? Even though it’d been a year? Even though… even though he had no reason to be nice to you? You felt a pain tugging at your heart, but you tried to ignore it instead.
  • Zen looked at you while rolling up the sleeve of your right arm, watching your expression carefully for any hint that he should stop.
  • But you let him.
  • You let him see the dark purple bruises lining up your arm, the faded scars that left scabs in their place… the pain. The pain you’d suffered the past year.
  • He felt sick. What had happened during the time you had gone missing…? Why… why couldn’t he be there for you? Why did this have to happen? Why weren’t you saying anything? Why aren’t there even tears in your eyes? Why wouldn’t you look at him in the eyes?
  • So many questions were spinning in his mind, but he couldn’t voice a single one. “I’m sorry,” he whispered instead, tears prickling at the corners of his eyes. “I’m so sorry.”
  • His hands were trembling as he held yours, bringing the tips of your fingers to his lips as he kissed every one softly… treating you as if you were the most delicate thing in the world.
  • “I’m so sorry I let them hurt you.”


  • Her eyes had dark circles under them, even larger than the ones you’d last seen on her face a year ago. You wondered, could it be that you’d caused that? But you quickly brushed aside the thought. ‘I don’t care,’ you told yourself.
  • It took her a moment to really look at you, her tired mind barely processing what was going on. “MC…?”
  • She just barely recognized you. Gosh… you looked so different. You were wearing dull, dark clothes, even gained a piercing… There were obvious scars at the base of your neck, travelling down toward your chest… But your eyes. Your eyes looked so dead.
  • Jaehee had always thought that she herself looked stressed and tired enough… but seeing you today made her think twice. You looked far worse than her, and she hadn’t even thought that was possible.
  • She swallowed her thoughts, choosing to make small talk with you instead. “You’ve… changed a lot, MC,” she commented softly, unsure what to say.
  • You cocked your head at her. How were you supposed to respond to that?
  • “Uhm, maybe we could grab some coffee?” she tried, still trying to get over her shock of seeing you after your disappearance a year ago. Jaehee had no idea what exactly had happened to you, and reality hadn’t quite hit her that you were standing in front of her just yet, but… she was so, so glad to see you.
  • Your heart swelled at the delighted expression Jaehee wore, and you flashed a small, sad, tired smile at her. You’d missed her. She’d been the only female in the RFA, so you’d put in a lot of effort to befriend her. Jaehee had been one of your closest female friends in your entire life, despite the fact that you had only known her for a short period of time…
  • But no matter how you felt, you couldn’t do anything about it.
  • “I’m sorry.” You pulled her into a tight embrace, closing your eyes briefly to savour the moment. But you quickly let go before she could even wrap her arms around you. “I… don’t want to put you in danger.”
  • With that, you turned on your heel, leaving a confused, sleep-deprived Jaehee behind to suffer from your absence yet again.


(Reminder: he’s unaware of Mint Eye in this.)

  • “MC!” His voice was urgent and desperate, very different from the gentle tone you remembered him by. “MC… I’m so glad you’re okay…”
  • His eyes were filling with tears, relieved to see you after so long. He noted your features… the bruises, the healing injuries, the broken look in your eyes as if you’d lost all meaning in life. Dread and guilt overwhelmed his relief, his body growing stiffer and stiffer the more details he noticed.
  • Because it was his fault.
  • He was the one who swore you’d be safe. And yet…
  • He almost choked on his tears as he managed to whisper, “Oh god, I’m so sorry, MC.”
  • Reality hit him. It was all his fault that this had happened to you. If only he hadn’t convinced Jumin… if only he’d ensured your security… if only it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t have these scars.
  • “Leave me alone,” you muttered, brushing past him. He watched you walk away, your eyes downcast and lacking life. He could almost hear his own heart cracking more with every step you took.
  • Because he had no right to stop you. He had no right to interfere with your life and risk ruining it more than he already had.
  • Your brief meeting with him had started with a broken girl, and ended with a broken man.


  • His heart was hammering as he stared at you with wide eyes. He almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He took quick, long strides to make his way toward you, but you broke into a sprint, running away from him.
  • No. No. Not him. Not Jumin. No.
  • You knew how he’d felt about you. Hell, you knew you’d felt something with him, too. If you looked at him any longer, all the feelings, all the memories, would come rushing back. You couldn’t let him see you.
  • But he chased you.
  • God, there was no way he’d let you go again.
  • He ran the fastest he’d ever run in his entire life, ignoring everyone and everything around him, only focusing on catching you. But then he tripped just as he got within an arm’s reach, and you halted in your steps on instinct. A pained smile crossed his face as Jumin grabbed at your ankle tightly, making sure you couldn’t run off again.
  • “I knew you would stop for me,” he murmured softly. He stood up slowly, his eyes trained on you. “I thought I’d never get the chance to see you again. That I’d never be able to tell you how sorry I am for letting you go that day… Even after a year, you’re still the same kind, gentle MC I know.”
  • You held back your tears, avoiding his gaze. “I’m not the same, Jumin,” you started, your voice coming out as an unintentional whimper. “I… You don’t know what they did to me, Jumin… They t-touched me, and drugged me, and hurt me and killed me in so, so many ways… I… I’m so disgusted with myself…”
  • You didn’t know why you were telling all this to him. But you couldn’t help it. He was the man you had loved… The man you probably still held feelings for. Even if a year had gone by, the way his mere presence made you feel safe and loved never changed.
  • He gently cradled you in his arms. “I promise you, MC. I will do anything and everything in my power to protect you. I will never let this happen again, I promise,” he murmured in your ears, his chin resting upon your shoulder. You felt dampness on your shoulder, and you realized… Jumin Han was crying.
  • “How? Seven couldn’t even protect me,” you muttered, holding yourself back from returning his warm embrace.
  • He didn’t answer you. Instead, he acted immediately on his words. Jumin exposed your identity to the world, requesting an international TV station to release the news. Everyone would know you. If Mint Eye attempted to take you again, they wouldn’t be able to do so without raising the public’s suspicions. Furthermore, he assigned you trustworthy guards and increased security around his apartment with Seven’s help.
  • They had let you go once. They wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.
  • It would take time to help you recover from your traumatic events, but.. They would never let anything happen to you, ever again.
  • Because they love you. They all do.


  • He would recognize you anywhere. Even worse, he recognized the glazed look in your eyes immediately, too.
  • Come with me right now,” he scowled, grabbing your hand roughly. You tried to pull back, but his grip was firm, and you couldn’t fight against his strength.
  • As he led you angrily through the streets, throwing you into his car and locking the two of you inside, a million thoughts were filling his mind.
  • “Who did this to you?” Seven demanded. He was seething, his golden eyes flashing with detest.
  • You only glared back at him, refusing to answer his question. What good would it do you? Mint Eye had overpowered him and his security once. Even if you went crawling back to the RFA, they would only get you again. It was hopeless. Everything was fucking hopeless.
  • Hurt flashed across his face as he realized what you were thinking, and he lowered his eyes, guilt clouding them. “You think I’m useless, huh. I know. You entrusted your life with me and I only let you down. I can’t promise you that I can help, but please, at the very least, let me try. Tell me what happened, MC,” he pleaded softly.
  • “Even if I told you, what could you do?” you replied in a quiet, tired voice. “It’s an entire organization, Seven. Mint Eye, if you must know. Look, I don’t expect you to do anything.” An empty laugh escaped your lips. “You claim to be this amazing hacker, but you couldn’t even find one girl. You… you have no idea what I went through.”
  • With that said, you left his car, slamming the door shut behind you.

  • That night, when you returned to Mint Eye Headquarters, you noticed that everyone was in a frenzy, running around like mad dogs. “What’s going on?” you asked someone passing by.
  • Their eyes reflected yours with fear. “We’ve been exposed. Revealed to the world. We have to get out, NOW. They’ve sent the government and news stations after us. Each man for himself, run for your life!”
  • You stood there, shocked as you realized that Seven had taken action immediately. Your phone buzzed with a notification, and you noticed a distinctly familiar number texting you.
  • 707: It’s been a year, MC. I haven’t done nothing throughout this time. I always swore to myself that if I finally found you again one day, I would save you.
  • Your eyes welled up with tears as you read his messages.
  • 707: If you trust me, come to this address: [Address Here]
  • 707: We’re waiting for you, MC. Everyone’s waiting.
  • You started to run away from the building and towards your friends. Yoosung… Zen… Jaehee… Jumin… Seven… V…
  • The thought of their smiling faces, greeting you, was enough to bring a smile to your face. The first genuine smile since you’d been taken away from the RFA. 
  • It wouldn’t be the last.
You Don’t Have To Change - Harry Hook x Reader

A/N I’ve been really inspired lately to write a bit more. I’m so thankful to hear some of your guys feedback on my last imagine and I thought why not make another one. Enjoy xoxo

Summary:You are the sister of King Ben and you have developed a crush on Harry Hook. You try so hard to become a Villain and ask the 4 VK to help you.

Harry’s POV

“I’m too dangerous for you lass” I spoke to Y/N we had been partnered up in chemistry class together “I can basically read your mind Y/N you don’t deserve me you deserve good and I’m evil.” “I don’t play by the rules Harry I know what evil is and I can be that for you.” Y/N flirted back attempting to be bad. I laughed as I smirked up at her “Y/N deary you have no idea what evil is.”

She’s suppose to marry royalty no matter what I cannot let her find out that I have been in love with her since the day I laid my eyes on her. She deserves good not evil.

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Treat You Better || Park Jimin

Originally posted by ashtonxbts

Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Angst

He had been watching the two of you for a long time, the way you looked at each other, the way you talked to each other. He remembered at the beginning of the relationship, when he would the two of you just smile at each other and whisper things in each other’s ears so nobody else in the room would be able to hear what you guys were talking about.

He remembered the feeling in his stomach as he watched it, knowing that something about it was just wrong. There was the twisting of his stomach, and the bile rising in his throat as he watched the interactions between the two of you. But he pushed those feelings aside because he saw how happy you were, and as long as you were happy it didn’t matter what happened to him at all.

Now when he looked at the two of you, he took in how you kept your distance away from each other, he noticed how Jungkook always talked to other girls, and when you weren’t around he even went as far as to flirt with them and ask for a couple of their numbers. Jimin knew what Jungkook was doing behind your back, and for some reason he couldn’t find the courage to tell you.

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 7] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Just swearing for this one

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21}

A/N: SORRY! I always seem to post my work at like 10 at night. Well, here you go! This one is more fluff and not as eventful as others are, but the next one shit happens.

~ Admin Brooklyn


You looked at Mr. Kwon with confusion. He looked at you expectantly. You sat up on your bed, crossing your legs. Ji’s cat, Ai, quickly moved from off your side and onto your lap. Ai curled up in between your legs. Ai looked at Mr. Kwon with a sideways glance before settling into his new spot.

“Princess, I don’t have all day, and you know I won’t beg.” He seemed so casual. It always sent chills down your spine. You started to wonder if Ji Yong does it too.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise, but you might want to change out of those shorts.” You looked down at your legs. Your shorts stopped at the bottom of your butt. Mr. Kwon smiled, although it was anything but comforting. “In this community who knows what people would do to you in those pants.”

You got up quickly, not wanting to irritate him. Ai gives you a look before curling up in a ball where you sat. Mr. Kwon smiled at you and then left the room. The boys follow behind him leaving you alone with Ai. You quickly went to your closet, which now has clothes hung and folded in it. You quickly put on a pair of leggings and leave the room. Mr. Kwon waited outside, both Seunghyun’s waiting as well.

“Let’s get going. I’m sure you have other plans for today.” You looked at Mr. Kwon confused, but he had already started walking. You followed him, both Seunghyun’s behind you on either side of you. Once again as you get further from your room, you start to hear people talking. Again as you walk through the living room and hallways you pass people, but this time it was different. Everybody moved and made a path for Mr. Kwon and his guests. They parted like the Red Sea, giving their leader a clear path. Once again you got looks. Although they were the same if not harsher looks compared to last time. Some people glared as you walk pass them, other gave you sympathetic looks.

“So, are you enjoying your stay?” Mr. Kwon asked. Everything always seemed so casual when he did it. Although you knew how cunning he can be, which always lead for you to have your guard up when you’re around him.

“I guess. A little lonely.” You admitted. Mr. Kwon looked down at you, nodding his head.

“I can understand that, especially in your predicament.” You nodded your head at your words. “You do have friends here, though. And I know my Ji Yong will do anything for you.”

“Yeah, I’m not exactly happy with him.” Mr. Kwon chuckled. Honestly, you knew about all the things Mr. Kwon could do to ruin your life, but he wasn’t always the bad guy. Mr. Kwon nodded his head. He continued to lead you down another hallway, the mass of people disappearing.

“I also can understand that. Trust me when I say that Ji Yong isn’t the easiest kid to raise.” Mr. Kwon said, a smile on his face. You laugh and you hear both Seunghyun’s snicker behind you. “Don’t tell him I said that though. That includes you, boys, too.”

“I won’t. I promise.” Mr. Kwon gave you a smile, one that you didn’t feel like had an alternative motive. You gave him a smile in return. Mr. Kwon stopped in front of a door and opening it for you.

“Here you go princess,” Mr. Kwon said, putting a hand on your back leading you inside. The room was long length wise. Nobody else was in there, just you four. There was a long desk that went across the room, with big dividers that broke the room into sections.

“Princess, we are going to teach you how to defend yourself.”

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You protect someone being bullied: RFA, V, Saeran

Okay but Yoosungs is kind of based off my own experience. If you see someone being bullied please intervene because it sucks lmao


·        You two were going for coffee when you saw three teenagers surrounding a little girl

·        Although you couldn’t hear anything, you could see the boys shoving her and the girl crying

·        You and Yoosung shared a look before crossing over the road

·        “What are you doing?”

·        The three guys turned around to face the two of you, laughing

·        “Keep your nose out of our business”

·        By now the three bullies had turned to face you and the girl had been able to move to stand beside Yoosung

·        “It becomes my business when you’re picking on an innocent girl”

·        “Piss off, whore”

·        By now Yoosung decided to intervene

·        “Bullying someone doesn’t make you cool. It just makes you rude”

·        “And who the fuck are you”

·        “Her boyfriend, now I suggest you leave before I get the police involved”

·        After this the three guys glared at Yoosung before running off somewhere

·        The two of you helped the girl home then going out for your coffee

·        “I’m proud of you, babe”


·        The two of you were working at the coffee shop when you saw two guys slam there on hand the table in front of a young boy

·        You stood for a few moments, watching the two guys steal the boys’ coffee and pour it on his papers in front of him, laughing

·        You looked around, before going over to the boys

·        “Are these boys bothering you?”

·        You picked up his work and attempted to dry it

·        The boy just looked around, angering you

·        “I don’t think he wants you here, so leave”

·        “Who the fuck are you, and why are you defending this faggot?”

·        You laughed a bit, as you looked towards Jaehee

·        “You see that woman over there?”

·        “That’s my girlfriend, and I can pour this drink here over you and not get fired. So, I suggest you leave”

·        The two boys left, making sure to kick the chair and call you a fag before leaving

·        You offered the boy another drink and something to eat, before getting back to work


·        You two were at one of his rehearsals when a young girl ran in, followed by two older girls

·        The younger girl had tears staining her cheeks and the others were laughing

·        The older girls caught up to her and pushed her to the ground

·        You excused yourself from the conversation and walked up to the girls

·        “What are you doing?”

·        The girls looked up at you, and you helped the younger girl up

·        “Aren’t you Zen’s girlfriend?” one snickered

·        “How desperate was he?” The other laughed

·        By now Zen had noticed your absence and was looking for you

·        He spotted you talking to two girls who were smirking

·        “Jagiya~ Who are these?”

·        The younger girl flinched at his voice and hid further behind your back

·        You shared a look with Zen before taking the young girl to get a cab home

·        She thanked you and when you got back the two girls were waiting for you outside

·        What they didn’t know was that security was behind them

·        So, when the younger girl raised her hand to hit you, she was immediately tackled

·        “Nobody messes with you, honey~”


·        The two of you were babysitting your niece at your flat when there was a frantic knock on your door

·        The two of you shared a look, watching as security opened the door

·        The next thing you heard was a young girl crying and begging for help

·        You sent your niece to your room and went to the door with Jumin

·        There was a little girl, no older than ten, crying hysterically with fear written all over her face

·        “Hey, what’s wrong?”

·        You sent the security guards away and bent down to be level with the girl

·        “T-these boys are chasing m-me and won’t leave me alone”

·        You opened the door and let the girl in, giving her a drink and a tissue

·        A few minutes later, there was a loud banging on your door

·        You ran up to the door, telling the guards to wait there

·        “Have you seen this girl?”

·        One of the boys held up a photo of the girl, obviously taken without her knowledge

·        “Yeah, hold on” You said

·        The group of boys smirked wickedly while you closed the door to ‘go get her’

·        Instead you got the three guards who were with the two of you and brought them to the door

·        “Words of advice, don’t bully a vulnerable girl”

·        As soon as you said that, you let the guards out and watched as they chased the group away, some of them crying

·        You smiled at the girl who was slightly laughing

·        “Come on, we’ll take you home”


·        You two were just taking a drive around in one of Sevens cars, having nothing else to do

·        You were just slowly cruising through the streets when you spotted three boys hunched over what seemed like a 5-year-old girl and her dog

·        You quickly patted Seven on the arm, making him slow down as you climbed out of the car

·        You saw Seven grab his laptop and pull something up while you reached the boys

·        “What are you doing?”

·        All of them turned to you letting you see the young girl

·        She was hunched on the ground protecting her dog

·        While they were looking at you, you pushed through them to help the young girl

·        You helped her up and gave her your jacket to put over herself and her dog

·        “Fuck off”

·        “No”

·        The boys continued to hurl insults at you and the girl before you leaned over

·        “That guy over there is my boyfriend and he can ruin your life”

·        Seconds later Seven was shouting their names and addresses while they ran off


·        The two of you were at an exhibition

·        V was talking to some fans of his work so you went to go look around

·        “I’m gonna go look around”

·        “Okay, be safe. I love you”

·        You laughed, going to look around

·        As you were walking around you heard someone crying

·        “Please, leave me alone”

·        You walked around the corner to see a young boy and two girls fighting

·        The younger boy was pinned against a wall, covered in bruises

·        “Leave him alone”

·        “Or what? Are you gonna flash me to death?”

·        The two girls were laughing, turning to face you giving the boy enough time to get away

·        You knew the boy, you had met him multiple times are art exhibits and you two were friends

·        You subtly nodded, hoping to distract the girls so he could get away

·        “You know it’s not funny to be a bully?”

·        By now the boy had darted away to god knows where

·        The girls kept trying to start a fight

·        Turns out the boy had gone to get his father and V

·        So as soon as they turned around the corner and saw the girls attempting to fight you, they easily got them kicked out


·        You two were sat outside of a café eating ice cream when you saw two teenagers approach a young boy.

·        They grabbed his ice cream and poured it down his head

·        You immediately stood up, walking over to them

·        “What are you doing?”

·        “Is it any of your business?”

·        You turned to the young boy, who was desperately trying to wipe the ice cream off himself

·        “Are you alright?”

·        The boy shrugged, still trying to wipe off the sticky cream

·        “This is none of your business, so fuck off”

·        The boys laughed, trying to intimidate you

·        “No.”

·        The boys laughed, grabbing the boys drink, lifting it up to pour over you before having their hand grabbed

·        “What are you doing?”

·        The boys looked utterly terrified as they were met face to face with Saeran

·        “N-nothing”

·        “If you ever try to touch my girlfriend or this boy again, I will ruin your life. Got it?”

·        The boys nodded, shaking until Saeran dropped them

·        “Now scram”

·        Faster than light, the boys shot off

·        “You alright?”

·        You nodded, moving over to the boy

·        “Here”

·        You helped clean the boy up, handing him money to get a cab home

·        “You sure you’re alright?”

·        “It was only two boys, its fine”

·        You laughed, grabbing Saerans hand

·        “Thank you”


hey there, @aurelche ! Of course I can, love! °\(^▿^)/° thank you for stopping by and trusting me with this request, wowie! and thank you for liking my blog!! I hope you like what I write for this idea! i wanted to keep these together, so i just made a separate post heh ^^; 

this is some sensitive stuff, so be warned! it also might have gotten pretty long…esp zen’s since that was the first one i did;;  [tw: sexual advances, abusive relationships, violence, language]

MC had told them multiple times already. There was no way she was going to have sex with them, not before marriage. “But we’ve been dating for three years, MC.” They had said, “You have to do it with me…you love me, right?” But MC stood her ground. Even when things took a turn for the worse when they slapped her once. “Oh no, I’m so sorry babe,” They said. “I won’t do that again, but..please, just once MC.” The answer was no. Even when they asked again. And they was going to slap her again, too, she could tell. But she managed to excuse herself long enough to make a call..


  • when he got a call from mc asking for help, he had a feeling it was because of her boyfriend
  • mc told him about him pressuring her, making sexual advances when she clearly told him where she stood
  • so zen was on his way over, mc gave him a spare key to their place, so he uses it
  • when he first got that, he was so ecstatic
  • mc’s bf is Confused, but zen wastes no time.
  • “what makes you think you have the right to mc? that you can just have her when you want? why can’t you respect her decision and wait? is your dick going to fall off if you don’t get laid? no. you got hands, buddy. use them.” im yelling i just wrote that omg
  • both mc and her bf is Shook 
  • right now, all mc’s boyfriend can really say is, “it’s been three years-”
  • “i don’t give a damn how many years it’s been! if you really wanted mc, and really appreciated her, you would’ve proposed! but all you want is sex, apparently. you don’t deserve mc.” 
  • mc is literally just standing there, looking at zen like she’s never seen him before because his words hit her hard
  • it’s quiet, but mc finally speaks. “you should go. zen, you stay.” 
  • her bf is like ??? but mc is like, “we’re over. leave my house.” 
  • he’s about to protest, but mc yells “now!” and zen looks like he’s gonna punch him, so he leaves
  • “mc..?” zen asks. “do you really mean that?” she asks
  • “of course.” an immediate answer. “you deserve that and so much more..” he feels like he minus well. “something that i’d work to give you..”
  • mc smiles and walks over to peck his lips. “i don’t doubt that you would”


  • he gets the call in the middle of a LOLOL round, which he’d been playing more often to avoid his crush on mc
  • but he drops everything to help them 
  • goes over to mc’s place and finds her just about to be slapped by her bf
  • he manages to get in between them on time so that he gets slapped
  • mc gasps and stands up, going to help him, but yoosung holds her back
  • “don’t you dare lay a hand on mc” he says. her bf scoffs, “or what?” 
  • he’s about to hit yoosung again, but somehow yoosung avoids it and hits him instead 
  • “or two things. I make you leave,” yoosung pushes him towards the door. “then I steal your girl.” he pushes him again
  • mc has never seen yoosung like this..and did he just say that?
  • mc’s bf scoffs again, trying to play it cool. “fine, have her. not like she’s gonna give you any, anyways.” and he literally just leaves
  • wow what an asshole
  • mc stares at the door, surprised and confused yoosung looks at the door and then back at mc
  • this is awkward.. 
  • “i guess im single now” mc says. “that- is not what i meant to do” “no..you wanted to steal me from him, right?”
  • “no, mc- you’re your own person-” “yoosung. don’t ever do what he did to me, okay?” he nods “now let’s check your face..”


  • did not need any further info, she just headed over
  • honestly, she never liked mc’s girlfriend anyways because of her crush
  • but this was ridiculous 
  • so jaehee goes over and sees mc backed against the wall, her gf trying to make a move on her
  • jaehee pulls mc’s gf back by her shoulders and steps in front of mc to protect her
  • “you need to leave” she says. “no I don’t, we’re dating.” jaehee huffs
  • “not anymore. and if you want to continue saying that you’re dating, i’ll release evidence of sexual harassment. your choice.”
  • mc’s now ex skedaddles out of there, scared af
  • jaehee now turns to mc and cups her cheek 
  • “i’m sorry, did she hurt you?” “no..but thank you…I..that was a lot”
  • she nods and leads mc to the couch, making her sit and kissing her forehead before she goes to make tea
  • when she comes back, mc asks, “do you think i’m weird…for wanting to wait?” “of course not. you have the right to your body. no one else can tell you that. I know I would be satisfied with just kissing and cuddling you until marriage”
  • oh shit
  • “…jaehee?” “if- we dated, of course.” she tries to clear up
  • “I mean…that sounds like a nice idea..”


  • i kinda like what happened in my other abusive relationship hc, but let me expand on it 
  • that’s what eventually happens, first, mc has to tell jumin about the downside
  • their relationship was going well
  • mc even thought he was going to propose 
  • but he got drunk one night and attempted to get in bed with mc
  • this happened quite often now, though
  • and she told him there was no way
  • mc told jumin for a while and then stopped, so he assumed everything was resolved
  • turns out, it was because he had hit mc
  • and when he came to the penthouse, he also hit jumin
  • so now its really fair 
  • he males mc stay after the meeting
  • “you stopped telling me.” “i was scared..”
  • he pulls her into a hug
  • “you don’t have to be scared with me” “…i know, thank you jumin”

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • is there in a flash
  • also has on his Angsty Attitude
  • he  just walks through the door and takes his place besides mc 
  • “listen here.” he says, a smile still on his face
  • “see this?” he holds up a flash drive. “i have the power to ruin your life in two minutes. is it really worth a round in bed?”
  • mc’s bf doesn’t believe him, so saeyoung starts spitting out the most random facts about him to spook him
  • it worked
  • “…fine. what do you want.” mc’s bf asks 
  • “i want you gone. never bother mc again. and never let me see you again.” 
  • he bolts 
  • saeyoung then turns to mc and puts the flash drive in his pocket “are you alright?”
  • she nods, pulling him over. “guess he wasn’t the one”
  • he smiles a bit. “no, but lets go ruin his life.”
  • “saeyoung!” “what? he deserves it. you’re too perfect for him. for anyone. for me.” oops that slipped
  • “i’m not perfect..” “….and i’m not that good of a person. wanna date?” “yeah.’

v / jihyun

  • say no more
  • this man is over there
  • knocks on the door like a gentleman
  • gets a very rude answering, but he smiles politely
  • “if you touch mc inappropriately without her consent, I will ruin you” :)
  • what
  • “or better yet, she’s coming with me. you clearly don’t respect boundaries or the preferences of others, including those you claim you love.”
  • he walks in and takes mc by the hand, walking back out
  • but before they leave, v has one more statement
  • “you lost the best thing in your life because you can’t keep it in your pants. i’ll be sure to thank you at our wedding” :))
  • i love savage v
  • mc is just as surprised
  • they get to his house and mc’s just like “…wedding?”
  • and now he’s super blushy and tries to wave it off “oh, you know…you say things..”
  • “how about we date for a bit first?”


  • my asexual bean is having none of it
  • he literally storms over and is so mad
  • punches mc’s bf when he starts badmouthing him and mc
  • “you can’t wait? until marriage? i don’t see why not, you’ve waited this long already. i don’t see why you’re so anxious to get your first time over with”
  • he keeps at this roasting session for a while
  • like a solid 8 minutes 
  • it ends with mc kicking their ex out, who looks like he might cry
  • saeran pulls mc into a hug
  • “he was ridiculous. i’m sorry you had to deal with such a dick.” 
  • mc says it’s okay, but she’s happy he’s gone
  • saeran and her have a talk about sex, actually
  • they discuss how sex isn’t everything to a relationship and that connection is more important
  • “kind of like..our connection.” saeran says and then he shuts up
  • mc just smiles at him and kisses her fingers then pressing them to his shoulder
  • “i like it this way better…” “so do i…” saeran says
  • whoops mc is also ace wowie