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Castiel got manipulated by a pair of TITS! That man only cares about tits and looks. He is indeed pathetic because he couldn't see beyond the physical appearence. He deserved it.

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Wow, did someone leave you in the past for a girl with bigger boobs? Why so salty? I’m sorry if they did, and the person was an ass in real life if that is the case. But if Castiel getting manipulated by a horrible girl who happened to be his girlfriend and who also manipulated more than half the girls in school (possibly also with her pair of tits and not her fake smile, fake kindness and fake sense of caring) makes you feel better and makes it easier to hate him…a fictional character…then by all means. Have at it. But you’ll never convince me of the same thing.

Castiel likes someone who is courageous, can take a joke, and stands up for herself. Deborah was all those things to him. If all he truly cared about was looks, then he wouldn’t have been so crushed when Deborah left him to fly solo on her singing career without him. He would have been bitter or angry and wouldn’t have given her a second glance when she came back to school. Or he would have just said whatever and not cared that she left. But guess what, he cared about her as a person. And didn’t start playing again until weeks or months later when he and Lysander became friends. Lysander was there for him to help Castiel get out of his depressing funk. So no, I don’t believe he ONLY cares about looks. He just makes it seem that way while our Candy gets to know him. I’m not going to lie, he does appear to care about looks with his constant teasing of Candy’s chest and the nickname “ironingboard”, which can be rather bothersome. But all the boys have flaws. Why this one hits such a nerve with you is beyond me, but I don’t know you personally, so I don’t know what you’ve been through Anon. If you have such a problem with his character, complain to Chino.

Castiel was looking forward to being Deborah’s partner in their chance to enter the music industry as a couple. She would sing and he would play guitar. He had dreams of their future together and it was a big moment. But hey, crush his heart because his girlfriend had big tits and he deserved it. It only sounds fair. Have a lovely and spiteful day.

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What I don't understand about larries saying louis' fake image is him always needing a girlfriend is that he literally doesn't. He has a baby. A baby that will never go away. "They" always making him have a gf would be pointless. Why would he need a fake girl when he's got a baby

Some larries are trying to paint it as though Eleanor has returned to help end babygate [sic] since they argued she left bc she didn’t want to be involved with it in the first place. You can tell their hearts aren’t in it, though, and not only because those posts don’t get note counts. Every one of them knows Louis is going to remain Freddie’s dad no matter who he dates. They know it isn’t ending for them. saying “end it” is like an “amen” for them now. Just words to sign off with.

Alec Lightwood: *has never been in a relationship* *doesn’t have any sexual experience* *finds out his first boyfriend has had lots of relationships and sexual experience* *feels insecure* *has a deep fear that he is always dissapointing everyone* *feels he is going to dissapoint the guy he likes so much* *asks his boyfriend’s about past relationships*

Shadowhunters fandom: “OMG Alec is so biphobic!“

Right… because you would never feel insecure if you were in his situation, because you have never asked you boyfriends/girlfriends about their past relationships… because Alec didn’t just say last episode it is not weird that Magnus still cares about his ex-gf and encouraged him to talk about his feelings… because you still haven’t seen the episode and don’t know what Alec’s reaction to Magnus’ past will be… because Alec has never made any negative comments about Magnus’ sexualty… because Alec is not asking about Magnus’ sexuality, he is asking about his past relationships is general… because Alec knows Magnus is bisesuxal and Alec is attracted to him… because this fandom always has to find something to bitch about…

Dating Remus Lupin Would Include...

- He would totally be a hand holder
- Like literally EVERYWHERE
- “Remus, love, you have to let go of my hand.”
- “No! Don’t wanna. You’re my girlfriend and I want to let everyone know.”
- Laying underneath the Whomping Willow (after it’s not whomping around like it’s a stupid helicopter)
- Because he would never let you get hurt
- Your head would be in his lap
- He would be playing with your hair
- Drawing random patterns and shapes on your arm lazily
- Studying with him
- “Remus, I know you’re plenty smart and everything, but you have to focus.”
- “I’m already focused.”
- “Not on me, you idiot! Your textbooks.”
- “But you’re much more pleasant to look at.”
- Just laying down on one of the couches in the common room
- He would lift your feet and put them in his lap
- You would sit up and crawl into his arms
- And then his arms would encircle you
- Feeling safe and warm and protected around him
- Leaving notes by your bedside every night so you could see them in the morning
- Don’t ask me how he got in
- James and Sirius may have been involved
- But that’s not the topic right now (nervous laughter)
- The notes would have quotes from books that reminded you of him
- Somedays there would even be poetry
- And sometimes, there would be a chocolate frog attached
- Walking you to every single class
- Carrying your books for you
- “Love, you don’t have to do that, you know I can carry them just fine.”
- “But I wanna, sweetheart. Don’t you see how much I love you?”
- Smiling and giving him a kiss
- Which brings in a chorus of groans and “gross” from the other Marauders
- Mainly James
- Remus would smirk and turn around to James
- “Jealous, mate?”
- “In your dreams.”
- “Uh huh, like you didn’t wish Evans was here to do that to you.”
- “Sod off, Moony.”
- Not knowing about his “furry little problem”
- You would be suspicious of where he went every month
- Asking and bugging the Marauders about it
- But they won’t tell you
- Until Peter accidentally spills it one day
- “Dammit, Wormtail! Moony’s not going to be happy about this!”
- Going straight to Remus and hugging him
- He would be confused at first
- Until you told him you knew
- Pulling away from your embrace and taking several steps away from you
- He would be shocked and mad
- You would try to get closer to him
- “No, stay away from me, Y/N! I’m a monster!”
- “REMUS JOHN LUPIN! Do you not get that I love you and I am always here for you no matter what!? YOU ARE NOT GETTING RID OF ME THAT EASILY!”
- “But don’t you get it Y/N? I could harm you and I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if I ever did.”
- “And don’t you get that I’m committed to this relationship? We will make it work. We’re in this together now.”
- Cue High School Musical’s “We’re All In This Together”
- Why must I do these things
- I’m sorry, I apologize for that
- Tiny butterfly kisses when waking up next to him
- You would sneak into the boys dorm to sleep with him
- He would hum songs to you until you finally went to sleep
- Him spooning you
- Waking you up by tickling you
- “Baby, wake up.”
- “No, don’t wanna.”
- “Okay fine, I guess we’ll do this the hard way.”
- He starts tickling your feet
- “Okay! I’m up! Stop it!”
- Chuckling as he pulled you out of bed
- Wearing his jackets and sweaters
- “Y/N? Do you know where the jacket that I lended you last week is?”
- “Ummm…no…”
- Finally giving back his jacket
- “It doesn’t smell like you anymore.”
- He would laugh
- “I’d like it back as soon as it smells like you again, Remus.”
- “Well I’m glad, because now it smells like you, love.”
- Setting up the most romantic dates
- The astronomy tower with star gazing
- “Everything looks so beautiful, Remus.”
- “It is, love.”
- Turning towards him and he’s staring at you and not the stars
- Getting dragged into planning the pranks for the Marauders
- “I don’t see the point of this.”
- “How?! Padfoot and Prongs are up for doing this.”
- “But they’re going to get detention like they always do.”
- “Exactly, so they can stop bothering us when I try to kiss you or do anything with you.”
- “But won’t you get caught too?”
- “Nah, I’m much smarter than them. That’s why I’m the mastermind of everything.”
- Sirius and James hear this
- “Moony, we all know that I’m the smart one, right Prongs?”
- “You wish, Padfoot.”
- Loving all the Marauders like brothers
- Even Peter
- Like why?!
- Freaking Peter, gotta ruin everything
- Remus being clingy
- “You spend too much time with Prongs and Padfoot!”
- “Remus, love, they’re your friends.”
- “But I want my Y/N time too!”
- “And you will get your Y/N time because I love you.”
- He finally cracks a smile and kisses you senseless

Can you please pray for my brother, my brothers girlfriend, and their children? My brothers girlfriend is leaving him. They live together and have children together. My brother is in shock and is scared of never seeing his children again. One of the children he loves and raised is not biologically his, so he technically has no right to see the child. I love my brothers girlfriend as family and I don’t know the situation but I’m really hurt and sad for all of them. Please pray you guys I’m so heart broken. Both her and my brother have lived very difficult lives/childhoods.

The Arrangement

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Summary: in an AU where the Winchester family owns a multi-million dollar company, Dean’s in a bit of a pinch. Grandpa Samuel is threatening to cut him off if he doesn’t straighten out and stop getting into trouble. Instead of taking some responsibility, Dean comes up with an ingenious plan: find someone to pretend to be his girlfriend. You and Dean have never gotten along, but a fake relationship seems to be beneficial to you both…

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,700

Warnings: language, general rudeness (from Dean), mild angst?

A/N: so this is my new idea for a series! It’s all my brain will do right now. It’s a little rough right now, but I’m hoping you guys like it. Also the title is terrible but it’s all I could come up with.

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BTS Reaction: Their gf has never left their home country.

Request:  BTS reaction to their foreign girlfriend never being out of her home country? Love ur blog btw ❤️

A/N: This blog loves you too anon! Sorry this took so long to post, stupid internet :( Enjoy! xx


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It had been a few days since you had spoken to Jin, no matter how many times you’d texted him and attempted to Facetime him, everything on his end seemed cold. You tried not to panic too much, you knew he was busy but at least one text could have reassured you. You started to become frustrated at the lack of effort on his end, scrolling back through your texts, the last one being from a week ago telling him how you’d never been anywhere but your home country. Just as you started typing out a fairly disgruntled text to your boyfriend across the sea, you heard a car beep outside your bedroom. Standing there, smug as you can imagine, was Jin, fanning himself with a passport before nodding towards the car. ‘Let’s go on an adventure’ he’d say before taking your hand and leading you into the back of the car.


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‘Seriously? You’ve never been anywhere else?’ he’d ask in awe over Skype as you explained to him that home sweet home was getting a little tiresome. He smirked to himself as he started typing rapidly into his studio laptop, humming to himself. ‘Nope, I wish. Maybe someday I’ll be able to come visit you all the way in Korea.’ you chuckled to yourself, your boyfriend feeling even further away than usual through the confines of your laptop. ‘You know I’d love that’ he mumbled, seemingly distracted with whatever he was doing on his laptop. ‘How’s the 22nd of this month? Long enough to get your passport sorted?’ he asked. ‘Yoongi, no I can’t afford it…’ ‘It’s a good thing I can then, isn’t it babe?’ ‘It’s too much!’ you insisted, shaking your head in an attempt to stop an unmoving and stubborn boyfriend. ‘Is it so wrong for me to want to hold my girlfriend? I love you and I want to see you.’ He’d say matter-of-factly, shutting his laptop to prove his point. ‘See you soon baby.’


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‘Happy Birthday Jagi!’ he’d exclaim over Skype as you held an envelope in your hand that had arrived in the post this morning from Hobi just in time to have it for your big day. ‘Hobi you know you didn’t have to get me anything…’ you said, suddenly feeling shy at your boyfriend’s show of generosity. ‘Oh Jagi it was nothing, just open it already I want to see your reaction!’ He would exclaim jumping up and down in anticipation. ‘Alright, alight!’ you giggled, tearing the envelope open. As soon as you saw what was inside a wave of emotion run you flat, clamping a hand over your mouth to stifle the gasp emerging from your mouth. The plane ticket to Korea stared back at you while Hobi giggled through the speakers of your laptop. ‘Oh Jagi, don’t cry!’ He’d laugh, you still being speechless. ‘Ok so you’re going to come and see me in Korea and from there we’re going to take a little trip to Thailand, that okay with you?’ he’d ask as you nodded so hard you thought your head might fall off. ‘Oh Hobi thank you so much! This is the best gift I could ever ask for, I finally get to see you.’ you gushed, running the ticket through your hands. ‘I’ll see you soon babe’ he’d say before explaining he had to go to practise. The whole build up to your trip he’d send photos of where he’d take you.

Rap Monster:

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It was nearing Valentines Day and Namjoon had come up with the ingenious idea of taking you to Paris, since you’d never left your home country. Seeing as he spoke English he thought the communication wouldn’t be too difficult and that it would be super romantic to meet somewhere neutral and spend your time together exploring a new country. He would try and learn a few French phrases and words to keep you two safe but other than that he wanted this trip to be spontaneous. On valentines day you saw a package on your front door. In truth you had forgotten all about the occasion, thinking nothing of it normally and especially with your boyfriend across the ocean it wasn’t something you really thought about. Opening the package there was a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy with a note in it’s hands and a ticket. ‘Meet me in Paris? -Joonie x’ you took the envelope in your shaky hands and opened it to see your flight details and hotel details, seeing how hard he’d work to organise this filled you with gratitude, rushing to your phone to call him and thank him.


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‘Ahahaha what?? You’ve never been anywhere else?’ your phone dinged with your boyfriend Jimin’s text message as you finished up your work. ‘No Jimin, we can’t all be popstars who travel around the world :P’ you’d reply, rolling your eyes at how oblivious yet sweet your boyfriend could be. ‘I know, still, how would you feel about coming on tour with me and the boys?’ You almost knocked your coffee over at that one. Go on tour?? With BTS? Not just to one country but five or six? Was he serious? ‘What??’ you replied, unable to tell if he was joking or not. ‘Well me and the manager have been talking it out for a while now and the boys all think it’s a great idea. I was going to wait until you birthday to ask but we might need more time to get your passport sorted- if you want to come that is :)’ He probably thought you were ignoring him you sat there, slack mouthed for so long. ‘OF COURSE I WOULD ARE YOU KIDDING ME???’ He replied almost immediately; ‘Ahahaha well of course, who wouldn’t want to see me? ;) Love you, maybe I’ll get to see you sooner than we thought xx’


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Sssshhhh’ Tae would exclaim as he found out you’d never left your home country. He had his hand over the camera of his phone while you were facetiming as apparently they were at a recording studio that didn’t allow cameras. ‘Hey, I need to tell you something’ he’d say, peaking your curiosity. ‘What is it?’ ‘Well…’ he’d say twiddling his fingers idly. ‘…’ you sat there, waiting for Tae to finish his sentence ‘there’s been some new… changes to the WINGS tour…’ he’d say nonchalantly, still not unveiling his phone camera as he dragged out his sentences, keeping you hanging on the edge of every word. ‘What do you mean?? Tae for god’s sake just tell me, you’re killing me here. I can feel myself ageing.’ He giggled at the absurdity of the situation before screaming so loud it hurt ‘WE’RE COMING TO SEE YOU’ he yelled, uncovering the camera to reveal himself and the boys packed inside a minibus, looking exhausted but in good spirits. ‘NO WAY’ you screamed, jumping up and down. ‘We’re taking you back to Korea with us, Y/N, we have this all planned out’ he smirked. ‘See you in an hour’ he said, giving you the kind of smile that melted your heart before hanging up.


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Well as far as crappy Birthdays went this took the cake, not that you had one. As the sunset on what had undoubtedly been a shambles of a ‘special day’, your mind couldn’t help but wonder to your boyfriend. Sure he was busy, but had he really forgotten your birthday? You hadn’t heard from him for days and while you weren’t worried, you couldn’t help but feel a little angry at him for neglecting you on your birthday. As you finally gave up on any kind of birthday miracle, you got into your pyjamas before going over to your curtains to close them and call it a night. That was before you saw a balloon float up to your open window with a peice of paper attached to the bottom. You swiped it from the air and upon closer inspection saw the piece of paper was a plane ticket to Korea. Amidst your confusion you saw the note scrawled on the back: ‘Will you be the Jasmine to my Aladdin?’ it read, as the opening bars of A Whole New World began to play from below you. You looked down to see your boyfriend, dressed as Aladdin, holding up his phone and singing the song, grinning up at you with his infamous bunny grin. You ran down the stairs and flung yourself into his arms, him spinning you around and kissing the top of your head. Among all the happy tears and staring at each other to make sure you were really there, you whispered ‘yes, I’ll be your Jasmine.’

It’s early. I had weird dreams.

CS au where after Emma gets out of prison she wants no other innocent person to have to go through the same thing. Years later, she works for the Innocence Project helping convicted felons who claim innocence for their crimes get another chance at a fair trial. Her newest client? Killian Jones, convicted murderer of his ex-girlfriend Milah Gold. Years in prison have been a torment but he has never broken. He’s maintained his innocence since the first accusation, instead pointing the finger at the woman’s ex-husband. When Emma and her team do a thorough search into the evidence, they’re shocked to find that so much of it has been tampered with and that all records of DNA testing have been destroyed. Things get more crazy as the case goes on, with Emma finding herself struggling with strange feelings for her handsome blue-eyed client just as she uncovers a wild conspiracy that points to Mr. Gold having the entire town in his pocket, including the police who handled this case. Killian wants nothing more than to have Gold behind bars so he can move on with his life… perhaps with a feisty blonde he can’t help but be drawn to.

Note: anyone is welcome to use this as a prompt because I won’t be writing it :)

fic: you know you’re supposed to keep it (parse/tater, past discussed jack/parse)

@des-zimbits wanted “fic where Tater tells Kent that Jack has a boyfriend he’s joyously in love with and telling his team about/introducing them to, and then Kent and Tater process the news and what it might mean for them?” and I thought… if Tater was so sure about Jack having a girlfriend earlier (obviously that could’ve been for show but go with me here), then that’d mean he and Kent are together but he still doesn’t know about Jack in Kent’s past… and then this story happened. Probably both more angsty and more about Jack/Parse than the prompt.

secrets you keep for so long they become a part of you

warnings: not sure of more exact tags, but Parse’s mental landscape is a Mess.  //  ~2k, also here on ao3.

“You never guess what Zimmboni just told me,” Tater says as soon as Kent opens up his Skype request. It’s funny: for years any mention of Jack would’ve stolen his attention, but right now all he can think about is his boyfriend, and how he fills up any space he’s in so attractively with his boundless energy. He’s bouncing on his bed right now, making the camera of his laptop jump, and Kent aches to be there, to feel that enthusiasm. He curses the length of almost two months that are marked out on both of their calendars until they’ll be able to see each other again.

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Ruined Surprise

“But you can’t tell Joe. It’s a surprise.” Joe flinched at those words, guilt instantly flooding him. He had just managed to ruin Y/N’s surprise for him for Valentine’s Day.

Not that he did it on purpose, she never warned him not to watch the vlog, and so when he saw it in his subscription feed, he had simply clicked on it.

Now though, nearly two weeks before Valentine’s Day, he knew what was coming. And he could tell how excited his girlfriend was about her surprise.

Maybe he could pull off acting surprised.

“Are we doing anything for Valentine’s Day?” Joe asked casually a few days later, watching Y/N’s face for any reaction.

“I figured we’d have a nice quiet evening in.” She shrugged, looking over at him, “Unless you have something planned?”

“Am I a shit boyfriend if I say no?”

“Of course not,” She laughed, leaning over to kiss him quickly, “I know you’ve been busy. I’d be surprised if you did have something planned.”

“How did I get so lucky?” He mumbled, pulling her closer.

“I know, I’m pretty amazing.”

Yeah, you are. Joe thought to himself as he remembered her surprise.

“Nothing?!” Zoe stared over at Joe and Y/N in surprise. It was a week prior to Valentine’s Day, and they were visiting her up in Brighton for a day or two.

“Mate, you’re a shit boyfriend.” Alfie laughed, dodging the pillow thrown at him.

“I am not!” Joe protested.

“But you have nothing planned for Valentine’s Day…” Zoe muttered, looking between the couple.

“We don’t need to do anything special.” Y/N shrugged, and it took everything in Joe to not show is guilt, because he knew something special was coming.

“We’re going to have a nice quiet evening in. That’s special.” Joe said instead, avoiding looking at Y/N, in fear of her discovering his guilt.

Maybe he was a shit boyfriend, because he ruined her surprise.

“But, there has to be something planned. A special gift for her?” Zoe asked Joe.

“Well, I’m not going to admit to it here, now am I?” He laughed, risking a glance over at Y/N, but she just smiled up at him.

He was a shit boyfriend.

Two days prior to Valentine’s Day, she started dropping hints.

And if Joe didn’t actually know what the surprise was, they would be teasing hints, ones that would leave him wondering what his girlfriend was up too. But he did know. So the hints only added to the guilt he had.

It was clear that Y/N had worked hard on the surprise, and him having ruined it, there was no way he was going to be able to make up for it.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe!” Y/N greeted him cheerily on the morning of the fourteenth.

“And to you as well, love.” He grinned, pulling her in for a kiss. “I already can’t wait for this evening. Just a night in with you.”

“It’ll be wonderful.” She sighed, relaxing against him. “And I have another little surprise for you as well.”

“Oh?” Joe tried to act like he had no idea, but his stomach tightened uncomfortably.

“Mhm,” She smiled, running her fingers through his hair, “But you have to wait until tonight to find out what it is.”

“I can’t wait.” He told her, watching as she slipped from bed, humming happily to herself.

Why do you keep lying to her? He thought to himself, pulling a pillow over his face. You’re such a shit boyfriend.

The day dragged by, and Joe’s guilt only intensified.

He was looking forward to having a night in with Y/N, something that was long overdue for the both of them, but he would have to come clean.

It was only right.

Neither brought up the surprise until after dinner was cooked, eaten, and cleaned up. They had both settled into the couch together, ready to choose a movie to finish their relaxing night with.

“Oh, do you want your surprise first?” Y/N asked, sitting up on the couch to look at him.

He had to come clean now.

“It’s not really a surprise…”

“Because I mentioned it this morning? Well, you don’t know what it is. So it still counts as a surprise.” She smiled so lovingly at him, that Joe’s heart sank even more.

“Except I do know what it is. I’ve known for the past two weeks.” He admitted weakly, watching confusion spread across her face.


“Your vlog.”

“But,” She shook her head, “You don’t watch my vlogs.”

“Huh?” It was Joe’s turn to be confused, “Of course I do! I watch every single one of them!”

“You told me that you don’t.”

“I was joking, Y/N. Why wouldn’t I watch your vlogs?”

“Oh my gods,” She groaned, falling back against the couch. “You’ve known for two weeks?!

“I’m sorry, love.” Joe reached over to wrap his arms around her, burying his face into her shoulder. “It’s a really good surprise, though.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” Y/N mumbled, fingers running through his hair.

“Because you looked so excited.”

“I was. I should have never mentioned it in my vlog…”

“I’m kind of surprised none of the fans accidentally spoiled it.”

“Me too.” She laughed, and he felt a weight lift off of him.

“You aren’t mad?” Joe asked, lifting his head to look at her.

“Of course not,” She smiled at him, “But you could have just told me you knew. And maybe next time tell me that you do watch my vlogs.”

“I watch all your videos, you should know that.”

“Hmm, well I don’t watch all of yours, so…”

Laughing, Joe leaned down to kiss her. “I know you don’t, because you screamed at me for giving you nightmares with my gaming videos.”

“They were terrifying!” Y/N pouted.

“That’s what makes them so fun.”


“You love it.”

“Yeah,” She sighed, “I do.”

A week later, Joe tweeted a photo of the two of them on holiday, praising her for her wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise.

He decided against telling the fans that he knew about it all along.

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I can't remember a time when Louis' public image WASN'T based around his "personal" business. For years Louis was erased into this shell, the loving boyfriend to Eleanor Calder who was his angel, his image was a hermit. He went from bright,flamboyant to tense,checked out. Fast forward to when he becomes the party boy. Trashy articles about club nights that painted him into this mess. Now here we are,he's a straight dad. He's never been just LOUIS. He always has to have something attached to him

this breaks my heart because there’s so much more to him than just his public image people are so quick to talk about his girlfriends and baby but never about his charity work or all the good he’s done

English Class: A Ballbusting Story

I wrote this story a longggggg time ago and I just never felt like posting it. But now I’m bored and have a bunch of stories to share, so I figure I will give you guys this one. Hope you like it/pm me any comments!

Alex was 17 years old, and a junior in high school. He was getting straight A’s at the private school that he attended. He was popular with everybody, from the students to the teachers. Most of the girls liked him, but he still did not have a girlfriend.

Alex was sitting in first period English class, with his teacher Katie, who was 24 years old, the youngest of his teachers. She was a yoga master, and she had the muscles and curves of one. It was the middle of December, and they had just suffered a recent blizzard, so most people were getting to school late, if arriving at all. Alex was alone in his class with two other girls, Clare and Erin. Both of them were in his grade, and they were extremely cute.

Clare was five foot five inches tall, with dark hair and soft skin that stayed tan through the winter. She was curved and cut like a supermodel, and she was just a beautiful. Erin was five foot eight inches tall, with blond hair in a ponytail, with breasts to brag about and a luscious ass to charm her backside. His teacher Katie was about five foot eight as well, and she had flowing blond hair and a nice smile.

Katie called the class over to the table to teach the days lesson, since there were only three students. Katie began the lesson, and sure enough, Alex began to doze off. Katie seemed to notice, and she kicked Alex in the shin under the table with her flats.

“Wake up Alex,” she said. “We are trying to learn here, and seeing as there are only three students here, you should be paying attention.” Clare and Erin giggled softly.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t sleep very well last night.” Alex replied. He knew this was no excuse.

“Well you better not fall asleep again, or the next time I kick you, it won’t be in the shin.” Katie grinned at him with a devilish grin, and the girls started giggling a little bit louder. Alex squirmed in his seat.

Once the girls stopped laughing, Clare asked, “Have you ever been kicked in the balls before?” Erin burst out laughing, but Katie didn’t silence her. She just grinned in an amused way.

“Ummm…No, why?” He replied quizzingly.

“Well, fall asleep again and you might find out.” Erin said in a coy voice.

While Alex was busy talking to the girls, he did not catch Katie sliding her slender, curved feet out of her flats.

“Ok, well I’m sure that she was joking. She is our teacher, for crying out loud!” He stated. Just then, he felt the curved arch of Katie’s foot slip into his groin, gently pressing against his testicles.

“Oh I wouldn’t be so sure.” She stated, before lifting her foot away several inches, then slamming it back into his unprotected crotch. The heel of her foot caught his nuts and ground them into his pelvis. Alex howled in pain, as he double over forwards, trying to cover up his groin, but with little success, as Katie twisted and mashed his balls under her heel, with a sexy smile on her face. Erin and Clare’s jaws both dropped as they watched the scene unfold. Alex thought for sure that they would tell his teacher to stop, but they didn’t. They both exchange glances and began to smile as his balls were helplessly squashed under Amanda’s bare foot.

Clare looked over at his teacher. “Oh my god, Katie! I never thought you would actually do that!” She exclaimed, with a smile on her face.

“Yeah, look at him struggle!” Erin giggled.

“You guys like that? I used to do this to my boyfriend all the time, so I know all the moves and tricks to make a guy’s testicles hurt.” Katie replied in a proud voice. “Do you guys want to give this a shot? I just got an email from the principle, and it doesn’t look like anybody else is going to be coming in today.”

The girls exchanged glances again, grinning wide. “We would love to!” Replied Erin. Alex struggled and tried to remove the petite foot from between his legs, but Katie was strong, and she wouldn’t budge.

“Alright, then you two slip off your shoes and let’s get this party started.” Katie exclaimed enthusiastically.

Clare looked a little bit off-put. “Do we have to take our shoes off? I feel like that would be kind of weird.”

“Well, trust me when I say this, because I have had experience, but the arch of a bare foot will bend more easily, allowing you to curve your foot around his balls so they don’t have anywhere to go when you squash them.” She slipped her other foot up and placed her sole over his mouth and pressed his lips closed. She then slid her foot away from his groin, and before Alex could move his hands to protect himself, she smashed her foot back into his nuts. Alex tried to scream with pain, but Katie’s other foot was smothering his mouth.

Katie giggled. “It tickles your foot when they try to yell but your foot won’t let them.”

“Ok, I’ll take my shoes off as long as I can hit him in the balls.” Clare said.

“Oh yeah, one more thing.” Katie butted in. “His pants are coming off as well.” She stood up and walked over to Alex. She bent over so Alex could get a good look at her cleavage as she undid his zipper. Then she yanked his pants off with such force that his boxers came off with them.

Erin and Clare both giggled and blushed as they got a good look at his package. They didn’t have a long time to look, for Katie, now standing over him in front of his chair, lifted her right foot and stomped her toes right on top of his testicles. She leaned forwards on his balls, which were trapped against the chair. The pain that Alex felt was piercing, but a throbbing ache at the same time. Katie had caught his nuts perfectly under her toes.

Erin and Clare slipped off their Ugg’s, which they were both wearing. Clare’s feet were small and tanned, just as he had expected. Erin’s feet were perfectly curved, and both of their feet had smooth arches.

“So what do we do?” Asked Erin curiously. She and Clare observed Katie flattening Alex’s nuts underneath her pink painted toes. She removed her foot from his balls, and Alex breathed a sigh of relief as he put his hands over his aching balls.

“Well,” said Katie. “You can make him do whatever you want him to. You just have to remember that you control his manhood right now, and that if he ever wants to have kids, he has to do everything you say.”

“I’ll go first.” Said Clare. She walked up to him until she was standing right in front of him. She had on a pair of skinny jeans and a tee shirt. She stood in front of him menacingly looking at his hands, which were covering his damaged nuts.

“Move your hands.” She demanded, staring Alex straight in the eye. Alex didn’t move his hands, and he averted her piercing gaze. Clare was growing impatient. “I said move your hands!” She yelled. Katie walked over and grabbed his hands and jerked them away from his nuts, which were now unprotected.

“Well now, Alex,” She whispered seductively. “Since you’ve been so uncooperative, I’m going to make this hurt. Now stand up!” Alex, with his hands being held by Katie behind his back, could do nothing but obey. Clare raised her leg so that her bare foot hovered inches away from his nuts. She then moved her foot forward gently and gave his balls a tap, and Alex winced. Clare could barely conceal her grin as she wound up her foot behind her, and then swung it forwards with as much force as her soccer-toned legs could muster.

The top of her foot slammed into his balls, pressing them back up into Alex’s pelvis with tremendous force. Alex went teary-eyed with pain, and he slumped forwards to the ground, his eyes just inches from Clare’s small feet. She then bent down and rolled him over with her hands. She walked down towards his legs, which she picked by the ankles, one in each hand. She raised her left foot into the air, and then stomped down onto his testicles with all her might. She grinded his balls under the arch of her foot, causing Alex to scream in pain. She lifter her foot and stomped once more, then again, and again, and again once more. Alex was now crying as his nuts begged for mercy from Clare’s bare feet.

“You know, Katie, you are right. When I was grinding his balls under my arch, I was able to crush them with much more force than with shoes.” Clare said. She sat down between Alex’s spread legs, and lifted her feet into his crotch, where they rested against his balls. “See, Alex? My feet must have just been designed for this day, just to rest perfectly in your crotch. Moreover, how does it feel, being brought to your mercy by my small feet. How could such delicate instruments do so much damage to your poor, vulnerable testicles?” She grabbed his ankles once more and leaned back until her head was resting on the floor, her feet being pressed perfectly into his nuts with terrifying power.

Alex groaned with pain. He looked down at his balls, but all he could see where her feet cradling his nutsack, and his penis resting on her toes and she squashed his crown jewels. Clare lessened the pressure on his balls, and lifted her feet high into the air. She then brought her bare heels down onto his testicles with all her might, flattening them against the floor. Alex cried from the pain, and then he blacked out.



         Alex awoke back in his chair, his balls screaming with pain. He saw Erin sitting on the desk in front of him, her crossed legs bobbing back and forth. She was wearing light grey sweatpants and a long sleeved cotton shirt. She tilted her bare feet back and forth in the air, her toes painted light blue. He saw no sign of Katina and Amanda, but their shoes were gone.

         “Hello, Alex.” Erin said with a mischievous grin on her face. “How are your balls?” Alex couldn’t help but look down to make sure they were still there. He could see that they were intact, although he was almost dying from the pain. The whole time he was looking at his balls, he could see Erin’s bare right foot dangling back and forth in the air, hovering ominously over his balls.

         “Well now, let’s get started, shall we?” Erin questioned. She uncrossed her legs and raised her right foot to Alex’s mouth. Her toes pressed lightly against his lips. “I want you to do me a favor.” She said. “You are going to open your mouth and suck my toes right here, right now.” Alex was revolted by the idea, and he refused to open his mouth.

         “Oh,” Erin said in a disappointed voice. “I figured you might be like this.” She moved her toes all over his face, from his lips to his cheeks to his eyes. She slid his eyelids shut with her toes and held them there. Alex did not know what was going on until he felt Erin’s heel fly into his unguarded groin. He almost threw up from the sudden pain, and he tried to open his eyes, but her toes pressed a little bit harder and he was unable to. All Alex could hear was the sound of his own screams, and all he could feel was Erin’s cool toes pressing gently into his eyes, which was rather lovely compared to the crushing heel flattening his nuts.

         “So, right now, Katie and Clare are out of the classroom making sure things are going ok and we aren’t discovered here.” She removed her heel from his nuts and relaxed her foot against his nutsack. “Since nobody is here to monitor us, if you do not do what I say, I will press down so hard on your testicles that they will break, and you will never have kids, or another orgasm, ever.” She enunciated the word testicles, and as she did so, she pressed her foot a little harder into his jewels. “Now I think you should open your mouth and suck my toes, because if you don’t, the consequences will be grave.”

         Alex was terrified, but he opened his mouth. Erin removed her foot from his eyelids and slid her big toe into his mouth. “Now start sucking.” She commanded. Alex rolled his tongue around her big toe, sucking as if it were a Popsicle. Erin stared deep into his eyes the whole time, and he forced himself to stare back. Her sexy blue eyes showed pleasure, but they also gleamed with the power that she had over him.

         Erin slid her big toe out of his mouth and moved the other four in. Alex ran his tongue between her petite toes, sliding his tongue in the gaps between. Erin leaned back in clear bliss. After a few minutes, Erin removed her right foot from his mouth. Just as soon as Alex thought he was done, she raised her left foot from his groin and moved it into his mouth.

         When he finished sucking Erin’s toes, she stood up. “Time to get up.” She said, and Alex obeyed, fearing what Erin might do to his balls if he didn’t. Alex loomed four inches taller than Erin, but she held all the power in this situation. With that, she pushed him gently back towards the wall, which he stood solemnly against. She stood up on her blue painted toes, and tiptoed towards him, until she was looking at him at eye level.

         Erin walked right up to where Alex was pressed against the wall, and their noses almost touched. Alex thought that Erin wanted to kiss him, seeing as her breasts were pressed right up onto his chest. She leaned in as if to kiss him, but right when their lips brushed against each other, she shot her hand down into his nutsack, catching him in a death grip. Alex gasped for air but was unable to scream. Erin squeezed the life out of his balls with her bare hands, her body still pressed up against his. She gazed into his eyes with the gentlest look that you would expect from a sympathetic girlfriend, except she was destroying his testicles instead.

         Alex started to slump down from the pain that Erin’s strong hands were wreaking on his balls, and his face wound up in Erin’s large C-cup breasts.

         “So you want a little bit of action yourself?” Erin asked with a smile. “I think your deserve a little bit of pleasure for all of the suffering you’ve been going through.” She released the death grip on his groin and stepped back. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. Before Alex’s eyes, he saw the most perfect rack on a girl he had seen yet, tucked beneath a black lace bra. Erin reached behind her back, and before he knew it, her bra was falling to the floor. Alex thought that it couldn’t get any better when she was just wearing the bra, but now it really was getting better.

         Erin cradled his head gently in her hands and guided him back to his chair, where she sat him down. She then climbed onto his lap, straddling his legs with hers. She brought his head down into her breasts. “You want to suck my tit?” She asked. “Go ahead, Alex, they’re all yours.” Alex couldn’t believe his luck. He brought his mouth down towards her left tit and began to suck. It was the greatest experience he had ever felt. He felt her tit grow hard in his mouth as he beat it with his tongue. Alex brought his other hand up towards her right tit and massaged it. For the first time since English class had started, Alex was in pure bliss.

         Erin uncurled her legs from around his waist and stood up, but she kept her tits where Alex could get them.

         “Anyway, while you have fun with my things, I’m going to have fun with your things.” Erin said as she brought her knee into Alex’s nuts. Alex immediately let go of her tits and shrieked in pain. Erin then put all of her weight on her knee, which was squashing his testicles into the chair, the same place where Amanda’s toes had done a number on his balls as well a while earlier. Alex tried to stay conscious, but once again blacked out from the pain, for the second time that day.


         When Alex awoke, he was lying flat on several desks lined up together, his arms and legs tied to the legs of the desks. His balls were on fire. He looked around trying to see if there was anybody he could call to for help, but he was alone in the classroom.

         “How are you holding up over there, Alex?” He heard Katie say. She walked out from behind the shadows and came towards him. The only clothes she had on were a lacy white bra and a white thong to match. He could see her pussy underneath. She stepped up onto the desks with her bare feet and walked over towards his face. She stopped with one foot on either side of his head, and she gazed down at him with a sexy look. She lifted her right leg and began to peel the thong off. She lifted her left leg, took the thong off completely, and threw it into the corner.

         Her pussy was smooth, and there wasn’t a hair to be seen. She crouched down above his face, then got on her knees and rested on his chest. Alex was absolutely mesmerized by her pussy, and Katie knew it. She slid herself forwards until her muscular thigh muscles clamped around his ears, so he couldn’t hear a thing. She rested her pussy right on top of his mouth, and without even asking, he took her clit into his mouth and ran his tongue up and down its length. As he was doing so, Katie took off her bra. Her tits were not as big as Erin’s but they were still marvelous.

         “Give me a foot massage.” Katie said. She took his hands gently and put them onto the well-rounded heels of her feet, which were resting near Alex’s shoulders. Alex moved his hands up and down her feet, pressing into her soles. While he was doing this, he slid his tongue deep into her pussy, licking and absorbing its juices. Katie moaned with pleasure, and she reached behind her towards his cock, which had become hard. She pulled a tub of Vaseline from what seemed like nowhere, and she put some on her hands. She grabbed his cock with her strong hands and began pumping up and down vigorously.

         Alex intertwined his fingers with her toes and tongue-fucked her pussy even harder and she pumped her hand faster and faster on his cock. She screamed with delight as he licked viciously with his tongue, and he felt that his nuts were about to blow. He unleashed his payload all over her hands, and the pumping slowed down to a gentle massage. She stood up and got off the desk. She got a pair of scissors and cut the ties that were holding him to the desk. She put some hand sanitizer on her hands to get the Vaseline off as he started to stand up.

         Alex turned to look at Katie just in time to see her bare foot come flying into his testicles. He screamed with pain like never before, as he had just emptied his payload and his balls were feeling bad enough as it is. He crumpled to the ground with no life force left in him, and he rolled on his side. Katie then picked him up off the ground, and she then lied down and took his place. She positioned him so that he was standing directly above her naked pussy. She curled her left leg up towards her, and slowly extended it up into his groin, putting her legs at a 90-degree angle. Her knee was bent since she was not extending her leg fully yet.

         Alex knew he was in real trouble, since Katie was a strong, flexible yoga master, and probably knew some good ways to make him hurt while getting a nice stretch in. Before he had the chance to do anything, she straightened her left leg so that his balls were cradled between the bottom of his pelvis and the sole of her foot. His whole body weight was on his balls now, and he screamed with agony. She took his hands in hers and looked him in the eye.

         “I know that you are only 17 years old, and I know that you should have plenty more sexual experiences in your life to come, but I think that our sexual encounter is perfectly sufficient for your needs. Therefore, this is going to be the last one you will ever have.” She then leaned back towards the ground, pulling his hands and rolling him forward with her. So much pressure was building on his balls that he felt them start to give between her sexy sole and his pelvis.

         “Say goodbye to your testicles, Alex.” Katie said. He then heard two loud pops, accompanied by an excruciating pain in his groin, and he blacked out.

Friends over Girlfriend~part2~Michael Clifford

Michael was struggling through this break-up and the boys knew it. He was always forgetting the lyrics to the songs or singing the wrong part. He often ran late. He had tried getting a hold of you but you had spent days laying in bed, praying for things to get better. 

The boys did their best to cheer Michael up, but Michael was angry. He was angry at you and them and the world. Texts messages would come in from the boys saying that you were gross and you should have never dated Michael, they weren’t helping with the healing process. 

“I loved her.” Michael whispered to Calum. “I know you didn’t like her but I loved her.” He continued. He would never be able to explain his love for you but it didn’t really matter anymore. “I always told her that I would never leave her. I would never hurt her.” A few tears flowed out of his eyes and he quickly wiped them away. “I almost bought a ring.” He whispered. 

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