he will never have a girlfriend

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Bruce, through all his faults, has always loved and supported his children's sexualities. Gay? Thats great ty for trusting him with it! Trans? LET HIM HELP YOU TRANSITION AND SUPPORT YOU! He starts using your preferred pronouns right away! Bi? Pan? He hopes you are happy with whoever you end up with! Non binary? He thinks that's great! Ace? That's okay you don't need to feel pressured! Of course, supporting his children's sexual preferences and liking their choice SO's is two different things


“Son, you know I support you in whatever you do, but………does it have to be Arrow’s son?” 

“If you bring West to Thanksgiving, I will murder you. No kill rule–gone. You will be very, very dead.” 

“Cassie, angel, please never follow your girlfriend’s….fashion choices.”

“If this means I have to do family get-togethers with the Kents, I’m moving to Africa.”

“I am so glad Duke chose someone who was…..already like my daughter…..I was considering adopting her….thanks Duke.”

“I’d like to formally thank Damian for being ace aro, saves me a lot of stress.”

Mark Imagine (Short Imagine)

Warning: swearing, feels, and a little smut.

“You know what. I’m done. I’m so done with you and your bullshit.” You say arguing wih Mark.

“What are you talking about? She is a wonderful person why can’t you see that?” He argues back with me.

“Oh so now wonderful means rude and ugly hearted. Wow I never knew you could be so blind. Since when is a girl who calls me fat and ugly wonderful? A girl who threatened to hurt me if I kept talking or hanging around you wonderful? Hose bruises you saw didn’t come from me falling. They came from that bitch you call a girlfriend.” I tell him truthfully.

“You know I have loved you for so long and when you got a girlfriend I tried so hard to supress hese feelings and realize you are happy but it is hard to do that when that devil spawn is your girlfriend.” I tell him looking him directly in the eyes.

He looks at me blankly. Completely lost at his words. Not knowing what to say back.

“So you aren’t going to say anything?” I ask him as tears are starting to slowly fall from my eyes. I turn around quickly to leave but he grabs my wrist and pulls me back and I look at him my face soaked with tears.

“What do you want know.” I say almost screaming. I try to loosen his grip from my wrist but it wasn’t working until I felt lips smash against mine. I am surprised and taken off gaurd but then I started kissing back sooner than I wanted to.

He pushes me against the door. Lips still attached to mine. He locks the door behind me and his hands go to my waist.

I push him away as this is wrong and he has a girlfriend. He looks at me,“I thought this is what you wanted?” He asks me. I gulp,“I did. But not like this. Not when you have a girlfriend.”

He comes back to me and wraps his arms around my waist again,“Then, how about I break up with her then.” He pulls me in for another kiss and this time I obliged. He then leads me to the couch and he lies on his back and I straddle him and continue to kiss him.

His makeout session led to clothes being pulled off. Not all of it but just his shirt and my sweater. I stop in the middle and I say,“No. I am not going to have sex with you until I am ready this is just going too fast.” I unstraddle him and sit next to him.

We lay down spooning and he says,“Then, I’ll wait. Take all the time you need babe.” He kissea ny neck and we fall asleep in each others arms.

My best friend and manager was filmed without his knowledge telling a kid he couldn’t buy a mature game without an ID and the kid (a 17 year old) posted it on Youtube, complete with demeaning comments, hateful commentary, and bullying.

If you go into a Gamestop just to harass and demean the staff, you’re a loser. Plain and simple. We DON’T SET TRADE AMOUNTS, we DON’T SET PRICING, and we FOLLOW FEDERAL LAWS REGARDING MATURE CONTENT. 

I don’t want to link the user or the video because he’s a tiny little account and the video has like, 120 views, and I have no intention of bringing that number higher. He is never going to be popular, and I guess I can find solace in that. But my friend is hurt and embarrassed nonetheless. 

To give perspective, this is a man who has lost many people who are important to him. He works to support his girlfriend and his father, who is battling very intense cancer. He is smart, loving, funny, and one of the most admirable people I’ve ever met. This makes me…irrationally angry. This guy can’t catch a break. He is the LAST PERSON who deserves this. He is trying to get through every day smiling and this is the kind of shit we have to put up with.

My first reaction is always to get blood when someone attacks a person I care about so much. But I don’t want my friend to suffer more embarrassment by drawing attention to the video.  

So instead, I want to do something else. 

Just leave a nice message in the replies on this post. Even if you don’t know him. His name is Don. Just…any nice anything. I want to show him that people don’t want to see him struggling like he always is and that he doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment for doing his job. 

It would really mean a lot to both of us.    

why william magnusson is bae™️
  • gets called out and put in his place by noora and reacts by sending her major heart eyes 
  • stands up for iben when some yakuza guy is slutshaming her (despite the fact i really doubt he has a connection with her except that she’s his best friend’s ex??)
  • apologizes to vilde (yea, noora instigated that but still, he didn’t have to do it)
  • goes immediately to his friends’ aid after they get beaten up by the yakuza squad, ending his first date with noora
  • doesn’t snoop on noora’s laptop or read her messages
  • stops jonas from attacking his best friend, chris, but keeps his friend in check for hooking up with eva, jonas’ girlfriend 
  • accepts noora’s choice to wait to have sex
  • never pressures noora into sex and always respects her personal space
  • writes noora’s article for her
  • comforts noora when she is suffering from anxiety 
  • wishes noora a happy women’s day 
  • worries about noora 
  • encourages noora to spend time with her friends instead of suffering at home by herself 
  • keeps his relationship with noora a secret as per her wishes 
  • brings cocoa and a blanket to his first date with noora (what a dork) 
  • has been eyeing noora since day one, don’t tell me otherwise
  • doesn’t believe or think it’s remotely possible that noora’s parents don’t love or care about her 
  • literally remembers everything noora has ever said to him
  • i could go on 
Undressed #1

Okay, so I came up with an idea. 

For those of you who don’t know it, Undressed is a dating tv show where two strangers, both single, have to spend thirty minutes together, on a bed, wearing only their underwear, trying to get to know eachother and following the instructions which appear on the screen.

So my question is: what if MC is one of those two strangers and one of the MM characters is the other one? 

Well, here’s the answer.

I’m so trash and I’m not even sorry


  • it was Seven’s idea
  • “c’mon, Yoosung, you’ll never get a girlfriend, why don’t you give it a chance?”
  • it took him some time, but he eventually persuaded him
  • so now Yoosung finds himself in a dark room
  • waiting for a stranger to arrive
  • he’s hella nervous
  • what if she doesn’t like him?
  • or worse, what if he doesn’t like her?
  • he’s a terrible liar, he would end hurting her
  • oh god why did he let Seven convince him
  • what a stupid idea
  • but then MC comes into the room
  • and boy is she pretty
  • “Hey, I’m MC, nice to meet you”
  • “I-I’m Yoosung, n-nice to m-meet you too” he stutters, blushing
  • MC already thinks he’s adorable
  • “So, how are you?”
  • “F-fine”
  • “Do you, uhm, have a job?” MC asks
  • “Oh, no. I’m… still a student”
  • “Wow, cool! And what do you study?”
  • “I-I, uhm, want to become a veterinarian”
  • well done Yoosung, MC is now impressed
  • A veterinarian? That’s-”
  • MC is interrupted by the beginning of the first experiment: Undress
  • and of course they have to undress each other
  • “Should I…? Yes, I should” MC says, pointing at his clothes
  • and then she starts to undress him
  • this boy is about to die
  • poor thing
  • he’s a blushing and stuttering mess
  • MC takes his last piece of fabric off, leaving him in his underwear
  • and now it’s his turn
  • holy hell
  • he’s super embarassed
  • he’s afraid he’ll do something stupid
  • MC is quick to notice, so she tries to make him feel comfortable
  • Yoosung tries to undress her as quick as possible 
  • then they both jump onto the bed
  • they begin chatting once again
  • he finds out MC can sing
  • sometimes MC interrupts him with her laugh, but he doesn’t mind
  • she has the cutest laugh he ever heard
  • but of course now it’s time for the second experiment: MC, sing for him
  • oh well, now they’re both blushing
  • but then MC starts singing, and he can’t help but falling in love with her voice
  • third experiment: Yoosung, sing with her
  • he didn’t see that coming
  • he has no idea what to do
  • he starts to panic
  • he can’t sing
  • but he decides to do it anyway
  • MC starts giggling
  • she find even more and more adorable
  • he’s feeling way more confortable now
  • but then, the fourth experiment happens
  • they can see a video playing on the screen
  • it’s full of people kissing
  • Yoosung blushes once again
  • MC laughs
  • “I guess they want us to kiss” she says
  • and before he can even answer she’s french kissing him
  • time freezes
  • it’s so damn perfect
  • but of course the experiment is about to end
  • and they have to decide whether they want to stay in the bed or get dressed and leave
  • and Yoosung is hella nervous
  • what if she wants to leave?
  • he wants to stay
  • so he chooses “yes”
  • he has no idea what MC might choose
  • he’s feeling anxious
  • suddenly two big “yes” appear on the screen
  • he feels so relieved
  • apparently, MC likes him
  • and you can only imagine what happens once the cameras and lights are off
  • actually nothing
  • we all know Yoosung wouldn’t do anything

So everybody, that’s it!

Let me know what you think about it, and whether I should do the other characters as well I’m actually going to them anyway ^^

Feedback is always appreciated!

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do you think even ever loved sonja romatically? he tells isak he's never felt like this before and he had no problem cheating on her

I think he did as far as he knew at the time? We don’t actually know what their relationship was like so it’s all a matter of what you imagine. I mean, you could have a cynical read on everything but for me, I think they met when they were really young and maybe they got together at a time when it was thrilling enough just to have a girlfriend/boyfriend. I think they were probably happy together and were close once. But sometimes when you first get together with someone, it’s not really because you have the most in common with them or the deepest connection… sometimes you’re eager to start that part of your life and fall into something? Especially someone like Even, who likes romance and wants that? That’s kind of what I see Even saying. He’s never really felt that spark, it wasn’t something like this. I think he’s in awe of what springs up between him and Isak when they’re in a room together, how he says things that make the world tilt on its axis. I know some people read “never felt like this” as an implication about his sexuality and while it could be, I don’t think that statement has to imply gender is what’s making a difference here. I don’t think there’s any one thing ‘love’ is, myself. All the ‘loves’ in your life are different but every once in a while you stumble into that electric chemistry and it all clicks and feels right in a way you didn’t know it could. 

And I don’t think he “had no problem cheating on her”. He might have been crushing on the idea of Isak from afar for a while but as soon as he actually kissed him, he told Sonja and broke things off with her. And he’d only started to really get to know Isak two weeks before that, so I feel like he was pretty decisive here. Things got more clouded by that kiss at the party after he’d decided he couldn’t be with Isak but when we hear from him next, he’s emphatic that they aren’t together without needing to break it off again or anything. With what we hear her say to Isak later (that she would attribute his feelings, even in anger, to his mental illness), I do think it was probably hard for Sonja to accept it at first.

I think the thing is… it’s hard for me to conceptualize them without thinking that Even’s mental illness had changed their relationship pretty fundamentally. It sounds like it became something that made them unequal, made Sonja feel like she needed guard him against his own impulses and set him straight. Be his caretaker, be in charge of his wellbeing. I think it really colored how she saw him, with the way she talks about him studying the Qur'an. It wasn’t working anymore: it wasn’t healthy for her to take on the role she wound up taking and it wasn’t healthy for him to feel subsumed by her judgement like that. Even meeting Isak might have been the catalyst for them breaking up but I think we see enough to know it was something bound to happen anyway. Like Even said in 3.10, they’d drifted further and further apart but it was especially hard to break-up when there was this extra level of her being involved with his mental illness. It just wasn’t until he met Isak that Even got the push he needed to make a change. Got much more hopeful about what a relationship could be.

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Sooo, Ardyn starts to creep out the guys girlfriends, how would they react? And what would be their reaction seeing them one evening, when Ardyn comes too close, performing an auto-defense move and throw Ardyn on the floor, putting a foot on his throat and hissing: ' next time i will slit your fucking throath, you hear me?' and kick his face.

buckle up kids, i love this prompt so i’m going into detail. you’re getting mini scenarios, thank this anon cause I would have never thought of this idea on my own. 


Getting Noctis angry, truly angry, is hard. But, If you know how to push all the right buttons, and mess with the right people, you’ll have the prince seeing red in a matter of seconds. Arydn Izunia, knew every way to make the prince upset.

Noctis had frozen at the image in front, his girlfriend, who he loved with all his heart, stood pinned against the side of the caravan. Her back flush with the metal wall and her hands clasped in front of her body protective. She had her eyes shut, and it looked as if she were attempting to curl in on herself, attempting to escape Ardyn’s gaze. 

Noctis reacted immediately grabbing Ardyn by the shoulder and throwing him back, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Ardyn adjusted his hat and chuckled, “Your highness? What’s the problem? We were simply chatting.”

Noctis growled and clenched his fist, “Stay away from her.” He was trying hard not to summon his weapon, he was trying hard to calm his nerves, and he was trying hard to not scare his lover.

Ardyn shrugged and waved at Noctis’s girlfriend, “We will continue our conversation later than, dear.” The chancellor turned on his heel and walked off as if nothing was wrong.

“Noctis…” The prince turned immediately at the sound of his lovers voice, “Thanks…” She looked shaken up but other wise fine. Noctis brought his hand to her face and gentle caressed her cheek, “Did he touch you?” The prince was surprisingly blunt in his question.

She shook her head, “No, I’m okay.” She looked away for a second, unsure, before looking back at the prince and smiling awkwardly, “He just scares me is all.” She placed her hand over his. He was warm, like always, and comforting. 

He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead, “Scream as loud as you can next time. I’ll come running.” He smiled against her skin before murmuring a quiet, “I love you.” 

She fiddled with the front of his shirt, blushing slightly at the contact, “I love you too.”

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I think it was in ch.12 when Sangwoo was teasing Seungbae about not having a girlfriend and he said "Or do you have some kinda problem?" Was that him being homophobic and to imply him being gay? Or was it just as vague in Korean?

Oh, I don’t think I actually read this chapter in English. These translations are inaccurate and misleading. Though the English reads, “What kinda girl would be attracted to a gloomy guy like you? // Or maybe you have some kinda problem…?” the Korean reads more as follows:

“If you’re so strict/fussy about everything, you’ll never get a girlfriend. // Or is it that you’re [disabled]?” with the word in brackets implying impotence. So, no, it wasn’t him being homophobic, but he was still being a goading jerk.

Loyalty to Newt (Newt X Reader)

Originally posted by newtonscamandered

@thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch asked: Can you write a fic where newt and the reader have been dating since their time at hogwarts and has brought his girlfriend home to meet his parents and his brother takes a shine to her but she’s head over heels for newt

Warnings: Prepare to die from fluff. Ps- I had to freaking Google Newt’s brother and do a little research on him before writing this XD

“Are you ready?” Newt asked, giving you a sideways glance, as he was about to open the door to his home.

“I think,” you said, trying to remain calm but inwardly panicking like a freak. You had never met Newt’s parents before. The two of you had been dating since the Hogwarts years, but you had actually never met his family before. And now you were scared crapless, looking like a clinging doofus.

Newt gave you an uncertain look. Instead of pushing harder, he just took your hand in his and opened the door.

The first thing you noticed about the house was how cozy it was. There was a soft yellow glow to the sweetly scented house. There were pictures hanging up on the wall, some animated and other just still paintings. You let go of Newt’s hand to look at a small portrait.

“That’s is Newt! As a child,” said a happy faced woman. She was small, rather round, but had Newt’s brilliant blue/green eyes. “Hello, you must be Y/N.”

You turned to the woman and smiled at her. “Yes, I’m Y/N! It’s nice to finally meat you!” You avoided using her name, because you weren’t sure if you should call her Mrs. Scamander or her first name or what.

Mrs. Scamander shook your hand and then wrapped you up in a warm hug. “Newt has told so much of you! You truly are a fine woman!” Mrs. Scamander looked at you up and down, admiring your beautiful features.

You shyly smile and walked back to Newt. “Thank you,” you whispered quietly, almost hiding behind Newt, and blushing furiously.

“Your father is in the kitchen with Theseus, Newt,” Mrs. Scamander told Newt, hugging her son tightly.

Newt took your hand eagerly. “You’ll love father and Theseus!” You grinned, as Newt led you to the kitchen. You knew how much Newt looked up to Theseus and his father.

As the two of you entered the kitchen, you were aware of two men. A tall older man, his curly hair white, and wrinkles on his face from smiling so much obvious. The other man was strikingly good looking, with dark loose curls, the same jawline as Newt, slender, with a almost permanent playful smirk on his face.

“Ah, Newt! I see you’re back! Did you get my letter?” Theseus Scamander asked, smiling at Newt. He raised a mug of tea to Newt as a way of hello.

You felt a little intimidated by Theseus. In your mind, he wasn’t half as good looking as Newt, in your mind he looked nothing like Newt, and in your mind he looked slightly scary with those cunning eyes. You hid behind Newt ever so slightly.

“I did indeed. Theseus. Father. This is my girl, Y/N,” Newt said, stepping aside so that you’d stop hiding. He didn’t let go of your hand though, he could feel how tense you were.

“Was she a Hufflepuff?” Theseus teased, giving you a slight wink.

You flushed red. Was he flirting?! “G-Gryffindor,” you mumbled, giving an awkward grin.

“You don’t say, I was a Gryffindor as well,” Theseus remarked, giving you that smirking smile, his lip curled up in amusement.

“Yep,” you said blandly. “Brave of the Home… I mean Home of the Brabe. Brave.” You cursed yourself in your mind. Why was Theseus making you feel so uncomfortable?

Theseus just laughed, and turned to talk to Newt. Mr. Scamander said, “Hello, Y/N. Have a pleasant trip here?” He was soft spoken, possible slightly leaning more Newt in the realm of introvert-land.

“I did indeed!” You said cheerfully. You caught Newt glancing at you. You blushed. He was quite handsome. Like really handsome. His disheveled untamed hair seem to compliment his face and freckles perfectly.

“Handsome boy, isn’t he?” Mr. Scamander said absentmindedly, noticing how you looked at him.

“Very,” you signed. You snapped out of it and coughed. “I mean, yeah. I guess he’s okay looking.” You looked back at Newt, with the same slightly dreamy look, smiling shyly.

“Ah, young love,” Mrs. Scamander said, walking in and grinning a big grin. She handed you a cup of tea, without even asking, but you were thirsty anyway, so who cares.

You walked over to Newt and looped your arm around his waist. “Are you sleepy?” Newt question, kissing your forehead.

You shook your head and enjoyed the warmth from Newt. You glanced at Theseus who’s eyes seemed to be twinkling. You mustered up a smile. Or a grimace. Whatever. You tried to be polite without looking like a total moron.

You listened to what Newt and Theseus were talking about, before tuning them out. Newt’s parents toddled off to do something else, as Newt and Theseus continued to talk about politics, animals, and more politics. From what you gathered, Theseus was quite a brave man and often looked up to. He was respected and considered a brilliant wizard. You could tell by the way he moved that he knew what he was doing and was a powerful wizard.

“I’ll be right back, love. I need to use the restroom,” Newt said untangling himself from you. He gave you a slightly worried look, like will-you-be-okay?

“Oh. Okay,” you stuttered, like a total idiot. “You do that. I’ll be here.” What the heck. Why couldn’t you talk like a normal human? You do that? I’ll be right here?! Newt’s family’s first impression of you was probably: the heck is her problem? Newt, I thought you’d pick a more intelligent girl.

Newt gave you another slightly worried glance. He pressed his lips together and hesitated to leave. But then he slowly walked away from you and went down the hall.

“So tell me, what do you do?” Theseus asked, turning his attention to you, his bright eyes piercing your soul.

“I… Uh… I help Newt… Collect animals. And we occasionally will teach,” you said, stumbling over your words. You looked into Theseus’ eyes, determined to be confident. In a more firm voice you said, “I’m also an intern at MACUSA when Newt visits America. I find the American magical world quite fascinating. I find the witch problem there quite different than our problem here.” You slowed down, once you saw how Theseus was looking at you.

“You are quite intelligent,” Theseus awed, rolling his sleeves up and looking down at you. “So tell me, how close are you and Newt?”

You sighed and said firmly, “Listen. I know what you’re playing at and I’m not interested in you.” You finally managed to get the courage to spit it all out.

“Calm down, sweetheart,” Theseus laughed.

Your face went red. “Please don’t call me sweetheart…” You growled. You were getting angry now. This man saw you as a joke and just a pretty doll.

“I see you’re Gryffindor spirit is showing,” Theseus noted, as your anger rose. “It’s a wonder Newt found a beauty like you and didn’t lose you.”

That was the last straw. “Listen up, Theseus Scamander,” you snapped angrily, glaring indignantly at the slightly taken aback man. “Don’t you dare talk about Newt like that. And further more, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not only for flirting with another man’s girl, but for flirting with your BROTHER’s girl! I’m not interested in you, my loyalty is to Newt, not you, so stop flirting with me, or so help me I will pull out my wand!”

You glared at Theseus who stood there, with a high raised eyebrow. “Y/N…” Theseus said slowly. “I’m sorry. I do owe you an apology. I’m just… more used to females wanting me. I know it sounds horrible and despicable, but I’m not used to being ignored. And I’m sorry I acted like a total jerk.” You could tell Theseus was sorry. But you weren’t going to trust him so easily.

“It’s… It’s fine,” you grumbled. You saw Newt in the corner of your eyes. You ran to him with out stretched hands. “I love you, Newt!” You said, grinning and laughing as you dive bombed into Newt.

A little confused, Newt hugged you back. “I love you too?” Newt chuckled back, wondering what on earth made you so excited to see him again.

You whispered quietly into Newt’s ear, “My loyalty is with you, Newt.”


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Hey, i love all your headcanons ♡♡♡ i was wondering if you could do Rfa + v reacting to a really girly MC like wearing dresses all the time. Wearing makeup all the time etc

aaaa i love me some girly shit man,,, oh but psA YOU DO NOT HAVE TO IDENTIFY AS A CERTAIN GENDER TO BE “GIRLY” OR LIKE WEARING DRESSES OR WEAR MAKEUP WHATEVER YOU DO YOU BOO!!! ah but yes thank you for the request^^


  • honestly he was little surprised??
  • he’s not quite sure why but
  • maybe it was because you related to him playing video games so much??
  • he kinda..
  • really..
  • lOVES IT
  • loves to brag about having such a cute girlfriend
  • all of his dorky friends are jealous
  • constantly crushing over you
  • the gamer’s ideal wife
  • it never ends
  • yoosung doesn’t really understand makeup either
  • but he thinks?? it’s?? good??
  • he can’t tell
  • the fuck is a beauty blender
  • he’d reluctantly let you dress him up
  • he kinda liked it though


  • i mean he does dabble in fashion and makeup a bit himself
  • but oh boy
  • “did you dress up for me”
  • nuh uh mister
  • you have a small fight
  • about how you should be able to dress however you want
  • and for yourself and only you
  • he’s kinda
  • taken aback??
  • like he never thought about it that way
  • honestly 150% more attracted to you now
  • possessiveness decreases
  • he lets you wear whatever you want
  • doesn’t mean he got any less jealous though
  • oooh but does he love your style
  • and just
  • he lOVES YOU
  • he somehow still has more beauty products than you
  • the king of skincare


  • she never really wore really feminine clothes outside of work
  • usually just baggy things
  • sometimes
  • and i mean
  • sometimes
  • something really cute and flATTERING AS S H  IT
  • but on most casual days it’s just
  • androgynous clothing
  • comfortable stuff
  • but just
  • did not give her amAZING figure any justice
  • obviously y’all share products
  • and clothes
  • like jaehee try this skirt on
  • you will seriously spend an entire day just dressing her up
  • overtime she also finds interest in more feminine attire
  • all thanks to you
  • and she admires you so much like
  • how do you do that
  • with your like
  • face
  • natural beauty
  • h o,,w,


  • honestly he doesn’t mind it
  • he just can’t resist how cute you are
  • absolutely 100%
  • will
  • buy
  • you
  • clothes
  • and speaking of your closet
  • that too is growing bigger as the days pass
  • you’re always looking top notch cute as fuCK
  • he doesn’t understand makeup
  • more or less what it is
  • but he learns from watching you
  • it’s kinda cute how interested he gets
  • “so, this goes on your eyelid?”
  • examines tools
  • is kinda intimidated


  • yo
  • y’all already know man
  • he is poppin’
  • he loves makeup talk
  • and is always hopping on those trends
  • girlier than you but like
  • he’s so damn good at it
  • u can’t even be mad
  • tbh he knows more about makeup than you
  • he’s actually so skilled at it too???
  • tf like?
  • god seven teach me??
  • he has more dresses than you
  • and he’s not even ashamed
  • in fact
  • he’s proud
  • and you’re proud
  • everyone is proud
  • honesty what a boyfriend
  • best boy
  • sometimes even he be catching you off guard
  • bc damn he always looking so good


  • why y’all keep doing this to me
  • he always thinks you’re pretty
  • no matter how you dress
  • or what you look like
  • he can’t tell anyway
  • from what he can tell he thinks you look great
  • gets kinda
  • sad when people compliment you
  • he wishes he could wholeheartedly compliment your looks
  • he knows it shouldn’t matter
  • but what he sees and remembers will always be the most beautiful woman in the world
  • you also really wish he could see how nicely you dress up sometimes
  • it’s hard not to think about
  • but you two work just fine
  • pure chemistry that was not blinded hah by love
  • you both truly love eachother
  • and one not being able to see just made that fact a million times stronger

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Hi.I have been reading your fic and is just fantastic,you understand the characters so well. I was rewatching episode 4 and maybe you can help me with this...why is that after Victor points out Yuuri has never had a girlfriend,Yuuri starts avoiding him and says he can't stand the guilt. Sorry for my english.

Hello! Your English is great. :)

What I get from that scene is that Yuuri is embarrassed that he has no romantic experience, and he doesn’t like that Victor knows about it.

In Episode 2, when Victor asks if Yuuri had any exes, the question is never answered. He says, “No comment.” Either he told Victor later that he’s never had a romantic relationship before (unlikely), or the screencap above indicates he figured out the answer on his own.

Yuuri didn’t want this information known, and Victor just came right out and said it. “OH, RIGHT. YOU’VE NEVER HAD A RELATIONSHIP BEFORE.”

This embarrasses Yuuri, and he starts avoiding Victor.

When they’re talking at the beach later in Episode 4, Yuuri reveals that he avoided Victor because he didn’t want him to see his shortcomings. (He views his romantic history as one of those shortcomings.)

Basically, he felt guilty for avoiding Victor and confessed why he did it here.

Hope that helps!

Me, a Larrie, in court:

Antis: Your honor, this Larrie, and others like her, RUINED Louis’ chance at being a real father, DROVE HIM UNDERGROUND SO HE NEVER PUBLICLY POSTS ENDEARING MOMENTS WITH HIS SON and ENDED his relationship with his beloved leggy actress girlfriend, Danielle Campbell. 

Judge: Larrie, how do you plead?


Antis: MONSTER!!!!!!!!

Judge: What do you have to say for yourself?


Judge: Then I have no choice but to end babygate and Douis, based on the efforts of the so-called Larries.


So I got off of work early yesterday, and when I got home walked in on my girlfriend blowing our neighbor in our bedroom. They didn’t notice, and I didn’t stop them, just walked back outside, and watched through the slightly open spot in the bedroom window. At the end of the blowjob, I watched him cum in her mouth and her swallow (which she never does for me), so I thought they’d be done soon, but he must have amazing stamina along with that big cock because right after, they started fucking. I ended up watching them fuck for half an hour

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has yuzuru ever had a girlfriend that we knew about? :o he seems like a private person

Yuzu has never dated in all his 22 years and counting. 
It doesn’t matter how private his life is. He has never dated and has made that indication quite clear. The people closest to him are clear indications of who he spends the most time with, being Kikuchi-san (personal doctor) and his Mother. 

Here’s some of my rambling….which you lazy butts might be interested in:

He has mentioned that he may have felt infatuated, but never liked anyone. He named one or two actresses that he liked, but that’s about it.
[x] These are translations of Young-Yuzu’s thoughts about dating and having a girlfriend.
[x] This is how older Yuzu thinks. Basically, it’s the same as everyone. Forget about type, the person you fall for is who you end up falling for. There is no equation. 

To me, Yuzu has devoted a lot of his time to figure skating.
This is not to say that he isn’t interested, but he just doesn’t like anyone right now and isn’t going to go out to meet people until after the 2018 Winter Olympics. The only thing is, he seems highly optimistic in his prospects of finding a girlfriend after the Olympics and marrying so soon in 1-2 years. -smh- 

He’s immature and innocent when it comes to love, my friends. He is practically a hermit at the moment.

Bts reaction to your drunken confession.

Anon requested: “Bts react to you being drunk and telling them you have a chrush on them but thinking you’re talking to one of your girlfriend’s because you’re so drunk”

“Bts when they are looking after a drunken you that confesses your love for them but thinks you’re talking to one of your girlfriends (if that makes sense. Like you think you’re just talking to your friend about your crush. Love your blog)“ 


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“Okay there princess, it’s time to go home” he said after having goggled at you with a smile for the past 5 five minutes, listening to your mutual love confession till the subject dropped and now you are complaining about laundry. When you woke on the next day, obviously not remembering anything, he never brought it up, he just, visited you more, preparing for his non drunken confession. It was after you two became a couple that he admitted to you that you confessed first. 


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A smirking mess. Wouldn’t think much of it at first, however when he took the responsibility of driving you home, his brain kept buzzing with your words. Yoongi eventually settled his mind and invited you out for coffee, where he said, with blazing confidence, what he has kept inside of him for so long.


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He seems like the man who would make a fuss out of the situation, but not now. He would handle it all too well, displaying a mature side of him. “I love you too” he startled you despite how intoxicated you were, Hoseok will attempt talking to you after offering a glass of water to clear your mind. Instead of taking you home he will take you for a slow stroll in the open air, not paying the slightest irritation to your state

Rap Monster:

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Shy but cocky, Namjoon has it all planned out. When you woke up the next day, you clearly remembered the special part of the previous night, when Namjoon kissed you, when you poured your heart out to the wrong person. Your cellphone startled you out of your thoughts as he called to check on you, it was all going smooth, until he called you babe.


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Fight me on this you will make out, in the bar, and you will remember it. He was as drunk as you were so it was pretty even. But fierce Jimin only lived at night, and the man who asked you out was none other than the adorable, nervous chim chim you knew very well.

V/ Taehyung:

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“Wait say it again girlfriend” he said, pulling out his phone to document your miserable state. He meant no harm but how else will he prove to you that last night you said you were madly in love with him. “It’s okay, I love you too” he laughed at your shock stiffen voice at the other end of the phone, and soon later you are out on your first date.


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Okay so this will end up really messy, not only would he be nervous under normal circumstances, but now you might even not remember it. Should he pretend it never happened or should he bring it up? He will eventually start crying and Hoseok will ask you to come collect the child you traumatized. The thing is, you will be the one to confess, again, and ask him out.

The RFA as best friends

Yoosung - that friend who’s always there to send you cute animal videos, all day every day. He can get a bit whiney and ranty at times, complaining about not having a girlfriend or Seven hacking LOLOL, but it never lasts too long and he picks himself back up bc he thinks he’s annoying you (tbh he is being a bit annoying but u just gotta reassure him that ur always gonna be there💖) in return, he promises to always have your back and he makes the best listener whenever you’re down

Zen - ready to drag a bitch thru the mud for you honestly he’s such a loyal friend. He’s probably the friend you’ve experimented kissed with when you were like 12 that’s how close you are. Everything’s a laugh with Zen by your side because he always seems to fit in his narcissistic comments somewhere which can be hysterical
(at an art gallery)
You: wow this is pretty boring actually sorry I ended up dragging you here
Zen: I know right why did we pay to come in here when - for free - we can all look at my face- the highest form of art
You: god you’re a piece of shit ily

Jaehee - THE BIG MAMA FRIEND AND YOU KNOW IT. She’s the friend who carries 29 different types of medicine with her, a box of plasters and a pen with her at all times in case anyone needs them. She’s the best at advice and won’t sugar coat anything that needs to be said bluntly. That being said, she’s not a complete hardass though, and she’s the most generous person !!!! In the world !!!!!! Honestly having Jaehee as a friend is all of ur life’s luck used up because she is a gift.

Jumin - such a dry sense of humour he’s g o l d if he trusts you. He’s the guy always getting lost in crouds and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time but you treasure him as a friend anyway because he’s real with you. 

‘Does this outfit look good on me ?’ ‘No.' 
'Does this taste okay ?’ 'No.’
'What do you think of this ?’ 'I mean it’s rather tasteless.’

Sometimes we all need that brutal honesty.

707 - we all know what I’m gonna say here but I’m just gonna say it anyway; he’s the meme man. You send him a meme that’s been dead for over a day ??? You’re dead to him (jk but also not jk) he’s constantly forgetting your birthday and always whips up some little electronic trinket last minute, but they’re still very sweet. Always making you laugh and knows exactly how to ! Quite awkward when it comes to comforting you, but mainly because whenever you’re upset or feeling like shit he can see a lot of himself in your sadness, and that just messes w him and makes him feel like shit bc you feel like shit. Overall he’s a pretty okay friend like 6/10 would maybe recommend. 

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How did you come out to your friends/family?

My Mom asked me in the car one day, after me dropping hints for almost a year. She kept that secret for a long time and was who I confided in. She’s was great and said “I’ve always known. I don’t care, as long as I have grandbabies. Don’t tell anyone right now, just let yourself figure it out”

A few months later, my brother asked me why I’m never dating guys and jokingly said “what? Are you gay?” - I paused for a split second and he went “OH MY GOD WHAT!?” - he told his girlfriend even though I asked him not to because I was figuring it out

I came out to my childhood best friend about a year later while in a gay bar, there to support our friend in a drag show. She’s so funny about it and then went “actually this makes so much sense”

My Dad, I came out to through a letter. I was dating someone at the time and I set it in his car right before I left for work. He sent me a text a few hours later that said “I love you today more than ever. You can always come to me” and he keeps the letter in his drawer to this day.

Then, I told my 2 cousins that I’ve always been close to (Harry potter tattoos) over text. The thing is, I grew up in a very religious community and household. It was incredibly gossipy. People slowly started figuring it out. Eventually, it became a topic of gossip and it was spreading. I was terrified they would find out before I could tell them - so I texted them.

Then, a week or two later, I came out to the world on Instagram on June 9, 2015. As I said before, I didn’t want to be a topic of gossip as if I had something to be ashamed of or to be whispered about. I took back control and decided how people found out.

My family and many friends were incredible. I lost friends (their loss) and my Aunt didn’t talk to me for a while because she was uncomfortable (now she’s good). One cousin was upset because I did it over text, but screw that. Coming out is your moment. Do it however you are comfortable and whenever you are ready to. People surprised me. My childhood best friend’s family is very religious (her grandpa wrote almost all of Christian college’s textbooks) and they never once treated me or looked at me differently. I was in her wedding and her parents kept telling me how thankful they are that their daughter always had me. Her Dad even “likes” posts with people I’m dating. My youth minister, who was my Mom’s best friend when I was little, told me I was conforming to the world. Many religious people I always grew up knowing turned into strangers. My 2 cousins were awkward about it at first and pulled me aside last May of 2016, right before we got our tattoos, and said “listen, you know you can tell us anything right?” when I had girl problems. Right then, the wall came down. I told them everything about my situation with this person and they were great. My Dad’s side is adorable. They never once treated me differently or acted weird when I mention girls. Some people surprise you, in good ways and in bad - but it’s so worth it once you’re ready. I promise, there’s a giant community behind you, ready to welcome you home.