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Name: maren

Nickname(s): brudi (its like german for brother but a cute ersion of it idk)

Gender: female idk

Star Sign: taurus

Height: 1.71m idk

Time Right Now: 12:01 pm

Last Thing I Googled: something about pokeon diamant lol nerd

Favorite Bands: tokio hotel, good charlotte, with confidence etc like anything pop punk-ish

Favorite Solo Artists: ed sheeran, harry styles, andy black, i dunno

Last Movie I Watched: i watched he lion king just so id have a movie to tell at those things literally any drnking game app we use asks this

Blog Birthday: maybe february 2015 idk or earlier

What Do You Blog About?: daniel and phil, bands and music, memes, gay stuff, my gfs selfies

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: never lol my blog is unsuccessful af

Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: old blogs i never use and one side blog

Do You Get Asks Regularly?: nope lol maybe 1 if im lucky for those send a number ask things

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: it used to be castielandphan and then i realised im not that much into spn anymore but gay af and i ship phan sooo

Following: 459

Posts: 10,606 my blog is literally just yhitposting and reblogging what i want

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Favorite Color(s): peachy or turqouise

Average Hours Of Sleep: it changes but since im done with school i sleep as much as i want

Lucky Number(s): i dunno?

Favorite Character(s): the dr, eleven from stranger things, kurt in glee, arnold in please like me

What Am I Wearing Now?: white good charlotte hoodie and black skinny jeans

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With?: one or two depends

Dream Job: working in an agency for advertisment idk i wanna make my shitposts into ads lol

Dream Trip: camping and roadtrip maybe festival idk and i want to see america and go to disney land idkkkk basic af

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BTS reaction to their GF doing PPAP

i live for this like wow i adore PPAP i have been singing it for days now lmaooo my brother is about to kill me. Thanks to Anon who requested this, this was hELLA FUN TO DO OMG ~Admin Hedgehog

Jin/Seokjin: Jin would think this is the cutest most adorable weird thing to ever come out of ur mouth, and he wouldn’t join in mostly bc he’d be laughing so hard and doing his traffic dance to your crazy PPAP singing.

Suga/Yoongi: would not join in not even if his life depended on it, but would totally film you so that if he was away on tour and missing you, he could just watch you laughing together and his cute big gummy smile would come out, and he would watch it over and over again, texting an “i love you” to you after.

J-Hope/Hoseok: would be the one to actually show you PPAP and after that nobody was safe from the two of you singing PPAP together like it is banned from the dorm and the practice room and the recording studio but you two would sing it at the dorm when the other boys were gone. If you were hanging out with BTS as a whole all you would have to do to make Hobi start crying laughing would go “uGH~” and he would be holding his ribs dyin in .2 seconds

Rap Monster/Namjoon: of course this nerd would know about PPAP, he would pretend like he doesn’t really care about it but one day when he’s away on tour he would send u a video Taehyung took of him wearing a big fuzzy coat and a pimp hat and he would be doing PPAP and it was the most hysterical thing you’ve ever seen and up begged him to put it on twitter and on youtube as a BTS bomb and currently it has more views then Blood Sweat and Tears which makes yoongi mad

V/Taehyung: another avid PPAP lover, was the one to introduce it to you! y'all would be chilling on the couch when suddenly he starts howling with laughter and he can’t even show you what’s playing on his phone bc he’s got tears in his eyes so you grab his phone and sit on his chest as he tries to stop laughing but as you replay the video again and again he’s singing it as he’s choking thru his laughter and his watery eyes and you guys are singing it and making terribly ugly faces at each other and its a sWEET AND FLUFFY MOMENT OKAY I DONT TOUCH ME

Jimin: omg darliinnngg~~ he would have seen it from tae or jungkook and would be gigging over it but little did he know that you had made ur own dumb PPAP video and it was getting more views on your instagram then one of BTS Bombs and he was low key like where the fuck did this weird person come from but he shared it on BTS Twitter anyways bc his GF is literally the funniest person ever~~ even when she’s being dumb she’s so pretty~~ (he never lets jungkok show u any videos every again)

Jungkook: my MEME CHILD RISES he sent the video to u while u were at work and u thought it was funny but you go to the studio and all of BTS is there filming a video and taehyung is shirtless and has a pineapple on his head and jungkook is wearing swim trunks and goggles and Rapmon has a pimp hat and yoongi is filming and Hobi is hanging from the ceiling with angel wings and Jin is wearing a princess peach costume with an apple in his mouth what the fuck is going on and PPAP is blasting from the speakers and u nope the fuck out of there and JUngkook texts u later like I can explain and ur like no need i have no desire to understand what u were doing 

anonymous asked:

For headcanon d in the ask meme (Ford), would having a spouse fit? I think it would actually be almost impossible for this to be canon because Ford was trapped in other dimensions for 30 years, and before that he had been focused on his research. When the series was ending, Ford was focused on catching up on his time with Stan. With this new focus, he wouldn't have time for a relationship. Plus he hasn't been his dimension in awhile, something he may still need to adjust to.

Spouse would definitely fit into that category. Like in canon he’d have either had a very short, quickly broken relationship before the portal incident (imagine a sort of Fidds and his wife’s relationship except like… he nearly killed her and she demanded a divorce and Bill ruined any chances of him seeing his child) or he doesn’t get married until he’s much older- like in his late sixties, early seventies at earliest.

And here I thought I couldn’t have a headcanon for it since a lot of times I just can’t see him in a relationship other than with sleep.

Ask Meme!~


gf meme: 1 season

Season Two:  “If you’ve ever taken a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, you’ve probably seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls. It’s not on any maps, and most people have never heard of it. Some people think it’s a myth. But if you’re curious, don’t wait. Take a trip. Find it. It’s out there somewhere in the woods, waiting.

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Air Bud, the coolest dog in the universe, and MVP of not only the Washington State Timberwolves' basketball team, but their football, baseball, soccer, and volleyball teams, did not have a gf until the third film in the franchise. And arguably, he was much better without an SO because that led to his wife having a litter of useless, talentless Buddies who will never live up to the Air Bud name. So maybe tfw no gf is better than tfw Buddies. Chin up meme dude!

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