he will never forget rose

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Oooo how about 16? Maybe a Ten x Rose AU with Rose as the flowershop owner? :D <3 Wonderful prompts, all of them!

16. Flowershop AU

an admin fill for fluffuary  (bonus points if you can guess which admin)

rated all ages

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Rose kept an eye on the door while she straightened her displays and filled in blank spots. It was a Tuesday and that usually meant that her favorite customer would be coming in at some point with a new odd request and random fact.

She had just refilled her bucket of long-stemmed pink roses when the bell above the door chimed, announcing someone’s arrival. The polite smile on her face bloomed into a grin when she saw John standing there with a bright smile and his hands jammed into the pockets of his pinstriped brown suit.

“Was wondering if you were going to come in today,” she said as she moved back behind the counter. “Thought you might’ve forgotten.”

“Never going to forget about you, Rose!” he said, scandalized. He moved to lean against the counter, all easy grace and rapt attention.

“Maybe not, but you do seem the type to forget the day of the week.”

His smile melted into a mischievous smirk. “I have been known to do that.”

Rose cupped her hands around her mouth.“I knew it,” she crowed.

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Var Lath Vir Suledin

She could stand no longer. Her hand sparked in green light, spreading pain up almost her entire arm, and she fell to her knees, grabbing her arm in a senseless effort to quell the pain … Siryn could not even look up anymore, and the ground beneath her was blurred from the tears that filled her eyes.

“The mark will eventually kill you. Drawing you here gave me the chance to save you … at least for now.”

His face was blurred through the tears she could hold back no longer, but concern was written all over his features. She could see it even though she could barely gather a clear thought through the pain that seemed to consume her arm, creeping forth to swallow even more of her.

“Solas, var lath vir suledin.

She almost screamed, pain contorting the words into a cry. Maybe it was hopeless. Maybe pain made her delusional. Maybe there was nothing she could do. But she could not give up on him. She never would. There had to be reason why he had told her, a sense behind it all. The man she had come to know never did anything without reason. And she had not sought him two years long only to give up on him now …

She would fight for him, if she lived past this …

“I wish it could, vhenan.”

She almost didn’t hear him over the new wave of pain that shot up her arm.

“My love …”

He was there, kneeling, his fingers brushing the skin of her cheeks, and when his lips meet hers, she could feel the pain cease. Everything came back, the memory of his taste, his feeling, his embrace reawakened. Nothing had changed, and everything.

He clang to her like he was drowning, drank her like he was thirsting, and it was over too soon, the ethereal blue fading from his eyes when he pulled back and rose.

“I will never forget you.”

The Eluvian came to life before him, and he was gone. Gone, before she could get up and catch him. Even if she would have been able – her arm hurt like it was on fire, green light emanating from it, even though she felt it subsiding slowly.

For how long she had stared at the Eluvian she did not know until she realized something weighty in her lap, and her gaze fell down. Her gut clenched at what she saw, and she could feel new tears burning in her eyes.

In her lap, dangling on two leather cords, lay the blackened jawborne amulet she so often had him see wearing. Never had he been without it, only when he slept. Impossible, it had seemed, to separate him from it. And now he had left it with her …

Siryn tried to grab it, but the fingers of her left hand would not follow her command. She could barely feel her hand anymore – numbness had taken hold of her arm, replacing the pain she had felt before. But she barely paid it any attention, instead the fingers of her right hand closed around the jawbone, until its teeth cut into her palm.

She had not moved when the others finally arrived and found her. She could not gather the strength to get up. A fresh would had been cut in her heart, and she held tightly onto the amulet, as though it was what little hope she now had still left.

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when you first start going out, boyfriend!calum is always nervous and sweaty palmed. but you don’t realise that because he hides it beneath a cool exterior. so cool, in fact, that you start to question if he even likes you but when he smiles, your heart melts. and every time he holds your hand or when he kisses your cheek at the end of the night, your skin feels electrified for hours after he drops you off so you keep accepting his date offers. on the fifth date, you go to a concert and he pulls you into him. and you find yourself unable to care about the band on stage because you’re mesmerised by the way his eyes are lit up and his head is slightly bobbing in time to the beat. he feels your stare and looks down at you with a smirk. he shyly licks his lips and that’s all it takes for you to be unable to resist pulling him down by his collar and pull his bottom lip between yours. you pull away, blushing and muttering an embarrassed apology for the surprise attack. but before the word sorry can fully leaves your lips, Cal’s calloused hands are tangled in your hair and his lips are attached to your lips. your jaw. your neck. back to your lips. he slowly pulls away finally before kissing your nose. “I like you, ok? Like a lot.” he simply says before pulling you against his chest and wrapping his arms around you. simple and to the point. that’s your favourite part about boyfriend!calum. he always says what he means in the most direct way possible and you never knew how romantic being blunt could be. he will never be the guy writing you Shakespearean love letters or covering your bed in rose petals, but he never forgets your birthday and wakes up every morning telling you that he loves you and you never have to think twice about trusting him with your heart. he’s your best friend. and eventually, you accept his offer to be his wifesos