he will never feel this way

Steam (M)

WARNINGS: graphic smut, very angsty, vulgar words, riding, overstimulation, kitten kink, friends with benefits

genre: smut / angst

Summary: He had a tough day at work, and needs you to help him blow off some steam. But maybe being friends with benefits was never a good idea.

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There was something off.

You couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was, but you knew there was something wrong. By the way Yoongi called you at an odd hour of the day, his voice laced with anger. You did your best to talk to him, and calm him down. But he just wasn’t budging. And you weren’t sure what happened.

You bit your lip, anticipating for him to walk through the door.

He abruptly hung up on you, muttering a loud ‘I’m coming over, wait for me’. You weren’t sure what he meant, or what he was going to do. But you knew it was going to be exciting.

This was how Yoongi was.

Whenever he had a stressful day, he went to you and blew off some steam. You didn’t mind, in fact, you enjoyed it. It proved that he saw you as someone he trusted.

Yoongi didn’t just have sex with anyone. He chose his partners very carefully, and you knew that. So when he first kissed you, you found it quite a surprise. But, over time, you both turned into friends with benefits. You said you wouldn’t catch feelings, and neither would he.

But time changes, right?

You never imagined yourself with someone like Yoongi. Someone so self-collected on the outside, but dying on the inside. You knew how much he was hurting himself over the small things, how much he stressed himself out just to make others happy. But, over time, he really started to grow on you.

You saw the small things in him. The way he would scratch the back of his ear when he got nervous. The way he would would scrunch his nose when he did something embarrassing. The way his laugh was cut into pieces, and only sometimes let out a sound.

Just thinking about him made your heart hurt.

Yoongi never imagined being with someone like you either. Someone so kind-hearted, and honest. He always thought he would end up with someone cold, just like him. But, instead, he found you. Someone so warm on the inside, and someone so beautiful that he swore it hurt his own heart when he saw you.

You saw things in him that no one else could, and that’s why he chose you out of everyone else. You understood him, even during his worst times. You got where he came from, and respected him as, not only an idol but also, a human being in general. You understood his passion for music, and you supported him through everything. You were there when he fell apart, or when he was stressing over small, or big, things.

He envied you.

On how you could be so understanding of everyone around you, and still keep yourself sane.

But one thing he didn’t know was that you were actually driving yourself towards the edge. You were suffering in more ways than one. You had no one to support you the way you support everyone else. Sure, you had Yoongi. But he was never around. But you knew how much music meant to him, so you painted a smile on your face. You couldn’t take away the one thing keeping him sane for your own selfish reasons.

You sat on your bed, letting out a sigh as the thought of Yoongi barging through the door filled your mind. As you still remembered how he felt against your skin. As you still knew just the exact way he smelt when he held you.

You weren’t sure you could do it anymore.

You couldn’t be friends with benefits with a man you were in love with.

You heard the door swing open, and your eyes shot open as you sat up in your bed. His eyes were dark, and he looked absolutely angered. But, even then, you still saw the beauty in him. You still saw a man you knew you loved.

You swore to yourself that this was it.

This would be the last time you would ever be with him, or even see him for that matter.

He ushered towards you, kissing you roughly as your back hit the bed. His hands were roaming over your body, lifting up his loose shirt that you were wearing that you found in your closet. He loved it when you wore his t-shirts, he thought you looked absolutely wonderful in them.

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dating seokjin [realistically]

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important disclaimer: this part of the dating series is just like the others, based on my opinion and my imagination of “realistic” only. I don’t know kim seokjin personally, so you’ll maybe see points written that you don’t agree with. If you’re not open to stuff like this, I would recommend you to not read it.  

links to other pieces;
jeongguk | jimin | taehyung | yoongi | hoseok | namjoon

• seokjin is actually the one in bts that I can imagine being in a relationship the most out of all members

• that’s because of his age of course, but also because he is probably thinking of taking the step to building his own family as well from time to time

• I feel like jin actually worries sometimes if he will ever find someone he loves

• because he doesn’t get any younger and bangtan is taking a huge part of his life which makes it really hard for him to take his time to get to know someone

• I feel like seokjin likes a matured girl who thinks good of others and has good manners

• the cute type of woman

• she wouldn‘t have to be sporty, but have a healthy lifestyle

• I also feel like jin is the one who doesn’t get that impressed by the appearance but he wants to fall in love with the qualities of her & the personality  

• wouldn‘t care if she would earn less then him or wouldn’t be worried that she could be using him for money

• jin is a real gentlemen, honestly

• he is the one that your parents would be happy If you would take him home for the first time

• he’s utterly handsome, polite, tall, wealthy, kind, funny, good at cooking and has also a good body structure

• he’s someone who could be able to offer you anything that you need

• and I feel that since he doesn’t really want something other than happiness, he would be content with just having you by his side

• so if jin finally starts liking you, he would think about you a lot

• I feel like he wouldn’t talk about it first, but think about it on his own

• he would probably try to figure you out a little bit more and try to ease the tension with casual conversations

• and I can also imagine so well that he sometimes flirts with you but with that smile he has when he is about to laugh

• or you know how he acts like when he really tries to flirt seriously and he just looks so confident while doing it? yes expect that too

• based on your reactions he would probably continue doing that a lot during the pre dating

• so I feel like if he wants to tell the members about it, they would be really happy for him

• because of the fact that he is the oldest hyung and everyone knows how much he deserves to finally experience the feeling of being in love

• and the person he would tell first in bangtan is probably namjoon or hoseok

• so once you both start becoming close he would constantly check up on you and call you whenever he can

• you just know that feeling of really liking someone ? Like how you always think about them and want to call them ? all butterflies and stuff? even though this sounds cheesy I can imagine him having those feelings all the time when he is about to fall in love

• dates would probably be at a restaurant or at his or your place

• the reason why I think that with seokjin it would be okay to spend the first days at each other’s places is simply because he is more mature now

• and I think that since he’s older the steps you both would take in the relationship would be a bit faster

• but I feel like nothing would happen other than talking and lots of cooking on the first dates

• jin would open up to you quiet fast

• he doesn’t seem to be that kind of person who has a lot of secrets and keeps things to himself

• he would hug you so often
• I can see so much skinship actually

• of course not in public, he looks like a more private guy when it comes to his love for you

• if you give him the satisfaction of telling him he looks handsome or has nice shoulders he would probably get really flustered but cocky

• and cocky jin is a concept
• “yah, of course I am.”
• “you can always keep looking at me since you only have me.”

• just a really playful relationship

• but other than that, jin only says those things because he knows you’ll understand they’re jokes

• since we’re talking about jokes
• he’ll probably tell you a lot of those
• especially if you’re sad or having a bad day

• (unpopular opinion but am I the only one who thinks jin maybe came up with the dad jokes because he wanted to stand out/ have people realize he’s actually funny? because I feel like sometimes he feels unwanted?? I think about this sometimes)

• either way , he is so funny and has such a nice sense of humor
• and your relationship will most likely be filled with lots of laughter

• when it comes to fights though I feel like it would take him a lot to raise his voice against you

• he seems to have a really calm nature
• so I see him as someone who doesn’t really start fights easily

• and if you do have fights they are pretty small
• but there can also be days where he is really in a bad mood and just generally upset

• unlike yoongi or jungkook, I feel like seokjin is the type of man who would turn to his partner first if he’s upset

• so expect him to tell you a lot of things once he sees you
• he would buy you so much stuff

• but not only on special days like Valentine’s day or anniversaries

• nono he’s the type of man who will buy you a gift whenever he feels like it

• since we’re talking about Valentine’s Day and anniversaries ; he would take these days so seriously

• honestly I feel like out of all bangtan members he would think about what to get you as a present the most

• remember how the members said that jin is the most romantic among all of them?

• so many kisses; hugs; gifts; phone calls

• what I really have to say as well; you know how couples usually put a lot of effort in the relationship only at the beginning and after a while they just stop caring as much as they used to? like caring about what they should wear, what they should get as gifts, what they should do on a special date,

• yeah, I feel like seokjin would never stop caring

• (sometimes I imagine jin finally falling in love with someone and honestly my heart gets so warm because I want it to happen so badly, because I believe so much in what I write down rn)

• being loved by seokjin must feel so good; in every way
• the sex would probably happen faster than the other members as well

• jin in an adult so that explains a lot; I also feel like he has a least a little bit more experience than a few of the other members

• so sex with jin would be really good
• and I feel like it would last long too

• I really can’t tell what he could be into; so I’ll just leave that aside for peoples imaginations

• but I’ll just say that in my opinion he just doesn’t seem like the really dominant type who would want you to call him petnames and choke you to death (I’m sorry but I really see jin as a sensible person don’t get offended)

• other than that, just imagine his lips;
• his plump lips on your body,
• everywhere he can reach

• lots of cuddling! after sex

• jin could be such a good husband
• he wants kids too; so he could be a great father as well

• when he meets your parents, which would also happen quiet fast, they would love him so much
• because he really knows what to say to people so they would like him

• when you meet his parents they would probably already love you simply because of the fact that their son is always talking about how happy you make him

• and I feel like after he falls in love with you he would really not give up on you so easily

• no matter how many burdens they will be;
• no matter how hard it might be for him it would take him a lot to really end things with you

• and that’s simply because I believe that if kim seokjin falls in love;
• he falls hard

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Prompt: The new High Warlock of Brooklyn Lorenzo shows up at a Downworlder cabinet meeting. It's almost a tie between which of the rest of the leaders present hates him the most. (basically a fic about Alec, Luke and Raphael being protective pretty pls)

I really enjoyed writing this, so I hope you’ll like it :) I made it a little bit angsty because I was in the mood for a bit of angst :P

Read on AO3

Something ugly twists in Alec’s chest as he walks in the living room, straightening the sleeves of his jacket, and he catches Magnus’ silhouette out of the corner of his eye; he’s on the balcony, looking out, his posture rigid even though his arms are elegantly crossed on the balustrade.

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hawknath + "where did all these puppies come from?" XD

“Sir? Where did all these puppies come from?”

Gabriel cleared his throat, embarrassed. “I may have, perhaps, not thought the latest akuma through.”

Nathalie tried to edge her way through the mass of squirming, yipping creatures to her desk. “You made a puppy akuma?” Her eyes widened. “Did you akumatize another child? You promised you wouldn’t do that again!”

“At the time, it did seem as though the benefits would outweigh any potential-”

“Oh my God, is this because you feel guilty about telling Adrien he could never have a pet?”

Gabriel’s face went red. “Certainly not.”

“This is that damn birthday party all over again, you know. You make some ridiculous decree, realize you’ve crossed a line, and then instead of admitting you were wrong like a normal human being, you make an akuma to give your son what you refuse to.”

“I don’t have time to stand here listening to wild accusations, I’m in the middle of something and I really do need to be getting back to the lair.” Gabriel hurried out of the room. Sighing, Nathalie bent down and scratched one particularly eager Bernese mountain puppy behind his impossibly soft ears.

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Vampire AU: (quick q first does Tony need to eat and if so how often or does he just enjoy it?) And then how long does Tony wait until he finds Steve again? Does Steve recognize him? How long (time and/or number of hook-ups) before they start dating? How much of the endorphins does it take Steve to forget? Does he forget anemone night otter than that first one? Does Steve want sex with Tony or is he content with the biting? I love this AU obvs lol

A tiny bit NSFW at the end!


Tony only needs to eat once a week or so, if he isnt using his powers. He is old enough that the need to drink/feed every day has diminished. He enjoys human food, even though it doesnt sustain him, its a very sentimental thing to eat the food he enjoyed before he was turned and he enjoys the flavor and the memories it brings. 


Tony finds Steve again HERE.


Steve considers them dating basically from the get-go, because after one night with Tony, he has lost all interest in dating any one else, and after a second night with Tony, he knows he never will want to again. 

Tony… he doesnt consider them dating, perhaps. But he considers Steve to be his to some extent, and after a few meet ups he stops drinking from other people all together, which he supposes is basically monogamy for a vampire. 


Steve never really forgets, even though it takes him several weeks after the first time to remember most of it. He doesnt remember the bite, but that could be his subconscious refusing to acknowledge something as potentially terrifying as being bitten. The second and third and subsequent times, he remembers easier, because it isnt scary to be bitten by Tony, its something he wants now, something he craves, and he relives the memories as often as he can when Tony goes weeks without contacting him. 

He likes the biting…maybe too much? And the way Tony moves against him when he bites is…well its a little too much for Steve. 

He is beyond mortified one night when he comes as Tony is biting him. 

But it was just too much–the vamps cool skin sliding across his bare chest, the way Tony moaned as he drank,  the way he moved like he was fucking, pushing Steve’s legs apart and grinding their hips together. Tony could have drank from him lying next to him, but they both preferred it like this, with their shirts off and their pants open and loose around their hips. Never naked, because that was apparently too far for the Vamp, but this is good. 

And Steve loves it. More than he should, and he knows Tony can feel how hard he is, Tony is hard too, and when he shifts and digs his teeth in deeper, Steve is crying out and slamming his hands down on Tonys ass to encourage him to grind even harder, and then he is coming in his pants, shivering and moaning and god so mortified but he cant help himself. 

Tony pulls away from his neck and Steve cant meet his eyes, but the vamp kisses him hard, letting Steve taste the blood still on his lips. 

“You taste incredible with pleasure pouring through your veins.” Tony purrs low in his throat. 

“yeah?” Steve manages, and Tony dark eyes spark like fire. 

“Lets see if we can do that again.” 


After his feed, Aries carries Cadi to a bedroom, places her gently on the bed. As soon as he leaves, though, she gets up and drags herself out of the mansion. She didn’t want to spend not one more moment under the Fontenot roof. She would crawl back to her house on her stomach if she had to.

She’s so weak that she collapses near the front entrance. She was physically weak from the draining, but also mentally exhausted from reliving her worse moment.

Lucas finds her lying helplessly by the steps. He immediately lifts her up, gathers her into the protection of his arms.

Cadi sobs: If you love me, why won’t you kill me, Lucas? I can’t take this anymore. I want release.

Lucas was Inima, so he could not truly feel love in the way a human could. But his feelings for Cadi were very close to it. His instinct was always to guard her, protect her. He never felt the urge to feed off her. He liked to feel Cadi’s soul energy in more pleasurable ways. 

Lucas: Shh, beauty. Don’t ask me to do that. I could never do that. Get up, let me hold you, carry you. I’ll make you feel much better.

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Hi, thanks for answering all these questions, you're so cute. I have one too! So, I live in Brazil and here the movie and the book will only be released in January (yes, I'm very desperate) and all I know about the story is what people comment on Tumblr. How does Oliver show that he feels the same way about Elio, does he really love and show it or is it just sexual attraction? Please don't judge me!! I didn't read the book, but I'm dying of anxiety here. Sorry my english I'm still learning.

Great question!! This ask is dedicated to everybody out there that has found passion for this story and haven’t been able to enjoy it yet. You guys are the real MVPs. I’m a lucky SOB and I gladly share my experience because of that. 

Spoilers + some of my insight into the enigma that is Oliver below the cut!

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It’s bloody and raw but I swear it’s sweet for fenhawke please :)

She tangles their hands together under the table. Resting on his thigh, finger locked between finger, palm against palm. She moves even closer, arm pressed against arm, and he feels the hard press of her chin on his shoulder. Turning his head to see her looking at him plainly, blinking bright eyes. “Will you stay tonight?” She never usually asks. He knows the offer is always there, her door open, but she never pushes, never pressures. Fenris squeezes her hand, gives her a nod. The smallest smile, turning her head to rest it on his shoulder. The others chatter endlessly on, pay this affection no mind.

They leave much the same way, still hand in hand, arm against arm. “You were quiet tonight,” he tells her. He says tonight, but means far more than that. He means the growing dark circles under her eyes, the nightmares that keep her up at night. He means the nervous glances she casts the Templars on the streets, the worried downturn of her mouth when Anders refuses to speak to her. Where once the Hanged Man was a place for laughter, it’s now a refuge – something like safety.

“Was I?” Hawke looks thoughtful as she ponders what he said, until she shrugs, continues to walk. He stops on those steps, and she turns back to look at him, a little surprised. Pulling her down to him, free hand reaching for her face. Brushing against her cheek, fingers curling at her nape as he presses the kiss to her lips. She leans against him, winds a fist in his tunic, surrenders completely. The taste of ale lingers on her tongue, the night air cool on her skin.

At her estate, he sits cross-legged on the floor by the fire. She passes him a glass of wine as she settles herself down beside him, a blanket wrapped around her. He places the glass beside him as he opens the book to where they left off, tucking the bookmark between further pages. She curls up like a cat, her head resting on his leg. She closes her eyes as she listens to the sound of his voice, carefully read words. He fixes that stray strand of hair for her, tucks it behind her ear.

He knows why she asked him to stay. Even without asking, he would have come to her. Without asking he would have held her, hugged her close. Chased away the dreaming, kept the nightmares at bay. How many times had she done that for him? His hand lingers in her hair, thumb brushing against her cheek. Pulling the blanket upwards to cover her completely, staying there as he continues to read. He can hear her breathing slowing, the twitch of sleep in her fingers.

Placing the bookmark, putting the book down beside the glass. He feels greedy, wanting to steal her away. There have been too few of these moments lately – too much time taken by Templars and mages, bandits and thieves. If he could lift that weight from her shoulders, he would. For now, all he can do is help her bear it, hope he makes her days a little easier. He lifts her carefully, carries her gently. Tucking her into the bed, crawling in beside her.

“Fen,” she says, and their legs tangle together. He smiles as her nose scrunches, as she buries her face in the crook of his neck. He wraps his arms around her, and smooths her hair, fixing errant strands. “I love you,” and it’s barely a mumble, a passing statement as she fades back into sleep. Hardly coherent, and yet she always makes sure he knows it. He holds her a little tighter, kisses the crown of her head.

“I love you too,” he tells the silence, and it sounds like a promise. Telling himself that he would keep her safe, that he would take her from here – that he would find them some sort of peace.

concept: mary teams up with michael. they kill lucifer/leave his ass behind in the AU world and go to the canon world. michael is like ‘mkay cool thanks mary i’ll fuck off now’ but then he sees dean - the true vessel that never came into being in his world and he feels drawn to him from the get-go and we get a dean-centric storyline that should’ve happened 40 seasons ago (while sam housebreaks jack in the background or whatever)

michael/dean interactions y’all

EXO reacts: Their girlfriend feels insecure because of her being tall (ot9)

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Kim Minseok/Xiumin

 Although he doesn’t show it, he feels terrible when he finally learns about it. He isn’t tall and is often teased because of that. But Xiumin will never show that it bothers him. It’s a part of him so he learned to love it and he’s going to make you feel the same way about yourself. Minseok is also a calm person so if he ever notices you reading mean comments that aim at your height he takes the phone from you, hides it in the pocket of his jeans and gets back to doing whatever he was doing before.

“What’s the point in worrying about other’s opinion?” he tells you.

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Kim Junmyeon/Suho

 King of public speaking, Suho, knows that patience and persistence are important when dealing with issues like that. He charms everyone with stories about your relationship to show not only the public but also you that looks aren’t important. He doesn’t talk with you about it unless his plan doesn’t work. Then he tries to convince you to change your attitude. Junmyeon takes you by your hand through every step.

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I'm in love with this guy but he's already taken. I didn't meant to feel this way, it just kind of dawned me all of a sudden that I did. He doesn't know or anything and I'm not gonna ruin his relationship and happiness. But it's just that, trying to unlove him is the hardest thing ever and unfortunately it's not working. I don't know what to do, I constantly just feel sad all the time, even though I shouldn't be, because he was never mine to be sad about.

I know it must be difficult for you to try and get over your crush on him but you can’t carry on liking him as all you’re going to do is hurt yourself emotionally.  how to get over someone 


I have a Lot of feelings about this movie

For those of you who don’t know this is from It Happened In Brooklyn (1947) which is a cute musical rom-com starring Frank Sinatra (skinny guy) as Danny Miller, Kathryn Grayson (girl) as Anne Fielding, and Peter Lawford (British guy) as Jamie Shellgrove

It’s also got a fucking beautiful ot3

Danny and Jamie are shown to be good friends throughout the movie. Their friendship never waivers, despite the fact that Danny is with Anne, who Jamie has feelings for, as shown by how he looks at her in this scene

However, just a little bit later Anne and Danny are singing behind him.

and he looks back in the exact same way but this time at Danny

(There’s seriously no way he was looking at Anne in this shot)

Conclusion: Jamie is hopelessly in love with both Anne and Danny (don’t worry, the rest of the movie shows that they both love him too)

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Hi! Can you do 8 and 16 with Dean or Jensen please?

8. “I’ve never felt this way before….and it scares the shit out of me.”

16. “It’s not my fault I was born attractive.”

Here ya go:

You were laying in bed, naked, next to Dean, contemplating on whether or not you should tell him how you feel. It was extremely nerve wracking because you’ve never had to admit your feelings to someone.

“Dean?” You whispered, he responded with hum. “I like you.”

“I like you too,” he said, turning over to face you. As you shook your head, you noticed he head climbed on top of you and was now kissing your collarbone. Dean was confused when you pushed him off and got off the bed.

You retrieved your clothes and continued to talk. “I like like you Dean, I think I love you, actually,” you confess with your heart was pounding against your chest. You stepped into some pajama shorts and threw on the nearest shirt, not caring who’s it was.

“I get that a lot, I mean, it’s not my fault I was born attractive,” The older Winchester said with a smirk.

“Oh my god, can you be serious about this?” You began, ”I’ve never felt this way before….and it scares the shit out of me.”

Dean dropped the act and said “I don’t… I don’t know how I feel about you Y/N.”

You felt tears sting your eyes so you turned away, hoping Dean wouldn’t see. Quickly, you grabbed your hunting bag and your keys. “Don’t call me,” you said harshly before closing the door.

Dean ran his hands through his hair, he loved you every single thing about you but for some reason he said he didn’t. “What the hell did I just do?” He asked himself.


Send me a prompt number and a character or actor!

#surely claire felt it when cas died (via @bittercasgirl)

It’s canon that angels leave traces of grace behind when they vacate a vessel so this isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. Maybe that spark of grace in her burned hot as Cas as blazed up after he was stabbed then turned cold as he darkened. Imagine Claire feeling this emptiness where Cas’ grace used to be - she’d never really noticed its warmth until it was gone -  but then feeling it flare back to life when Cas returns, she gets into her car and drives to where that spark is pulling her towards. Perhaps on the way, she stops to pick up a new suit, trenchcoat and tie - she spends a lot of time picking out the perfect blue tie.

what really bothers me about Knuckles is that as a character he mainly exists to be bullied.  I usually ignore his whole gullible schtick cuz it’s honestly real ill-conceived but.  even if Knuckles truly was very gullible like that…………. why is the response to make fun of him??  I never seen a character try to comfort Knuckles after thinking people don’t lie and then getting tricked by them.  or try to help him understand how he can avoid being taken advantage of.  and same thing, even if Knuckles truly was “unintelligent,” all I ever see is characters making fun of him for it, no one ever helping him or showing compassion, or even thinking “Knuckles is vulnerable in this area and we can help him cuz he’s our friend” or “we can pick things to do and ways to treat Knuckles that won’t make him feel bad CUZ WE’RE HIS FREAKING FRIENDS”

I don’t know, like I feel like I’m the only one who ever sees his friends constantly bullying him (about anything really) for fun, like it’s a game, just to see him get mad, and when he does get mad, the characters laugh and the viewer is supposed to feel “lol dumb ol Knuckles getting mad again” like…….  I don’t see what’s funny about it.

Knuckles is gruff but I can’t think a single instance of him being an instigator of bullying or violence towards his friends.  it’s always cuz he was tricked into thinking someone was doing something bad, or a reaction to them being mean to him.  I just don’t understand.  someone having a gruff personality, or not being socially ept, or being gullible, or “unintelligent,” doesn’t mean you can constantly make fun of them??  he has feelings dude.  I really just, don’t understand and it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth

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okay but: woodscouts counselor jasper actually never really showing up because he hates bears & is generally too soft for his job?? he's good at keeping a straight face and yelling at kids but really he only got the job in the first place bc he knows it's campbells rival camp and he wants to r u i n camp campbell

jabfakjf aw man,,, i wanted him to be numb and dead insid e,,

(6 days to season 2)


“Eleven would. She always did.”

Will had never truly realised how much his best friend cared for that girl. The way his voice almost broke at saying her name. He knew he could never understand what had happened that week he was gone, could never know the girl that had disappeared. Could never understand Mike’s feelings for her.

All he could do was nod solemnly. But he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of Eleven. When the boys told Will all the cool things she did, he felt left out. While they were out having the adventure of a lifetime with some mystery girl, he was trapped in the cold darkness of the upside down.

Lucas and Dustin would occasionally bring up something that happened that week and then stop, realising that Will didn’t know what they were talking about. Yeah, he was a little jealous. But he knew deep down that despite all that, she had helped to save him. So now it was time to return the favour.

Like a brother?

Further thoughts inspired by this post:


We’ve all discussed the notion that Keith (my precious boy) telling Shiro that he is ‘like a brother’ does NOT actually mean that he literally sees him as a brother and that we’re all shipping a gross, incestuous ship. It’s valid way of expressing to someone that the bond you share with them transcends friendship, without negating the possibility of romantic involvement.

He never had a family. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have a brother. I think that in the heat of the moment, when forced to quantify the depth of his emotions for Shiro, he clutched at the term 'brother’ because maybe that’s what he always imagined having a brother would feel like.

He knows that Shiro means more to him than ANYONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING UNIVERSE! But does he even realise here that he’s in love with him? That would be another common romantic trope that could be applied to Sheith.

He’s also still young. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t think the age gap is an isssue (for starters they’re both adults. It really is ok) because Keith (my precious boy) is an orphan and kids who grow up in difficult circumstances are typically more mature, but come on. I know 30/40/50 year olds that have trouble articulating and expressing their emotions.

I also think that Shiro (beautiful, pining Shiro) is waiting for Keith (my precious boy). He knows that he is more mature/experienced/knows what he wants (KEITH. HE FUCKING WANTS KEITH OK!) and he’s giving Keith (my precious boy) time to figure out what he wants….he’s kind of frigging self-sacrificing that way….

…..also they’re fighting a war. With the blam! blam! and the pew pew and the giant fucking robots.

So yeah, brothers?

Fuck no.

is extraordinarily beautiful
a smile that could start a forestfire
a laughter that could end wars
a soul that could bring peace to the world

am nervous
fragile, ready to break
but I,
I love him. truely. deeply. honestly
in a way I thought wasn‘t possible
for a person like me
ready to fall asleep
and never wake up again

is strong
standing still
like a rock in the ocean
resisting the waves
walking through the storm
like it was nothing but a little rain

am walking
on a thin line
between reality and a dream
is this real?
I ask myself
as I hold his hand