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Kiwi: Part Four

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two // Kiwi: Part Three

“Wrong way…wrong…”

“M’starting to think you’re just sending me in circles.”

Calliope and Harry took their time walking to the beach from their swim, eventually working their way back to their usual playful banter after their slightly awkward moment. She’d let Harry take the lead as they made their way out of the forest after insisting that he knew the way, occasionally teasing him when he started drifting in the wrong direction or began getting lost.

“You’re the one who wanted to guess his way back,” she grinned, reaching to gently pinch at his side.

“Didn’t realize that all forest looks alike,” he huffed, playfully swatting at your finger.

“It’s harder than it looks,” she smiled, tucking her thumbs into the pockets of her shorts as she started walking off in a slightly different direction. He followed, running his hands through his locks that were still damp from being in the water.

“How do yeh know your way around so well?” He asked once he’d caught up to her, watching to make sure he didn’t trip and fall.

“I have a lot of time to myself,” she replied, adding a shrug of her shoulder. The truth was, when she wasn’t working, she spent a lot of time going for hikes through these trees and had gotten lost multiple times herself. At this point it was almost a game that she played on purpose.

“Don’t yeh get lonely?”

“Not really,” Cal said, reassuring him with a small smile. “I work at the bar most nights so there’s plenty of people to keep me busy. And I don’t mind being alone. Besides, occasionally I get some good company…And then there’s you.”

“Ouch,” his voice raised an octave as he stopped walking, clutching onto his chest over his heart as he jutted his lower lip out in a pout. She turned around to look at him when she realized he’d stopped and couldn’t help but giggle at his expression, reaching to take the hand that was on his chest in her palm and tug him along with her again.

“Oh c’mon, you goon,” she laughed, and his features relaxed to reveal a cheeky grin. He continued to follow her, but neither of them brought up the tingle in the palms and the fact that both their hearts were beating just slightly faster than normal.

She didn’t let go of his hand.

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GOT7 Reacts to you being very short


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“Don’t worry about it babe, we might both be shorties but we’re tall where it counts.” He winks at you, but you don’t notice, distracted by anger because nothing over 160cm is small how dare he try to stoop to your level. 


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“Short don’t mean sweet ain’t that right baby.” You immediately decide to use your tiny little legs and run away. 


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“You may be short, but I believe in you. I BELIEVE IN US!”  


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He would continually walk into you accidentally-on-purpose, stepping on your ankles and knocking you off balance as he follows you around. “Has anyone seen Y/N I can’t see her anywhere, has she disappeared? Also do we have mice in this house because I think I hear one squeaking.” This relationship will not last long. 


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“You make me feel even bigger, I think you should be happy with your height.” “Do you mean taller?” ‘Uh yeah, sure thing.” 


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“You’re just so small…” “Youngjae it’s okay.” “Is it! Is it okay? How can you reach things? CAN YOU EVEN REACH THINGS Y/N?”


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“How did you lose your legs?” He would ask softly, holding your hand as a sign of comfort. “I still have my legs.” “Oh… are you sure?”

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jumping into your inbox last-minute to ask forrrr Iggy taking his s/o round Altissia for their first date, maybe with Prompto trying to sneak along behind so he can get cute pics of them to mark the occasion? ;3 headcanons or oneshot, whichever you like!

First Date

Ignis X F!OC
Word Count: 1,947

Did someone ask for fluff? Tagging @iinkpools and @ladyscientia :)

Ignis was nervous.

When was Ignis ever nervous?

“Hey, Specs, look at you!” Prompto jeered, patting his friend on the shoulder from behind him as Ignis examined himself in the mirror. Ignis sighed, taking off his glasses and rubbing them with his cleaning cloth.

“Yes, Prompto? What is it?”

“Nothin’,” Prompto shrugged. “Just wanted to check in on you and see how you’re doing. Big date tonight, from what the Big Guy’s told me.”

Ignis sighed again, his shoulders slumping. He should have known better than to tell Gladio. Confidential information rarely stayed secret amongst the four friends. He slipped his glasses back on his face and shot a stern look at Prompto’s reflection.

“Not that it is any of your business, nor should Gladio have revealed that bit of personal information to you, but yes, I do have a date tonight. I’m afraid the three of you will have to come up with your own dinner elsewhere.”

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Hope you did (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: Could you do a Bellamy Blake onshot based off of #92, #26, #9, and #65 from the prompt list, where the reader became Octavia’s friend when she got sent down to Earth, but she soon starts to fall for Bellamy and doesn’t know how to tell him, so she asks for Octavia’s advice?



9. “I’m so in love with you.”

26. “You make me feel invincible.”

65.  “This is girl talk, so leave.”

92. “Oh my god! You are in love with him!”


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Your name: submit What is this?

 Hope you did (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

You would never forget how you felt when you put your feets on Earth for the first time. You felt in home for the first time in your entire life. You felt amazed by the landscape. You felt full of joy. But nothing of this was compared by the way you felt on the first time you put your eyes on him. Bellamy Blake. The older brother of your best friend.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” Octavia ask you while she come closer.

“Nothing.” You answer her. “I just can’t believe we actually did it.” She laugh.

“You can bet we did.” She say holding your hand and guiding you. “I want to show you something.”

“Girls! Where are you going?” You hear his voice coming closer of both of you and you freeze in your place.

“We will just look around, Bell.”

“It isn’t safe here, O.” Bellamy tryied to put convince his sister. “Y/N you agree with me, don’t you?”

“I-I…” You look from his face to your own feet, your cheeks starting to turn red, because you didn’t knew that he knows your name.

“Don’t bother us, Bellamy!” She yelled at him. “Go command your squad and leave us. Come on, Y/N.” She start walking again, but you can’t move, so she holds your arm and pull you to follow her.

“I say you’re not going anywhere!” He stops O. again. “Murphy, keep an eye in both of them. I have more to do.” And with this he walk back to the row of people that will take out their wristbands.

“Asshole!” Octavia just roll her eyes to you and you smile a little to her. “I guess we’ll have to wait.”


You are taking a break, sitting bellow a tree next to camp, a place where you could see the entrance off Bellamy’s tent. Just waiting to he and the blonde girl that followed him into his tent to go out. It hurt you everytime, but you always thought that if you be hurt enough you could forget this feeling, but it isn’t working.

You don’t saw when Octavia sits next to you until she call your name, making you jump in your place.

“Is everything ok, Y/N?” Octavia ask you and you look at her ndding a yes. “Why are you always sitting here? There is nothing interesting to see.”

“I actually not looking to nowhere, O.” Just when you finifh your sentence you see Bellamy getting out of his tent and you gasp.

“Looking to nowhere, right?” She try again. And you feel all of your blood going to your face.

“I-I… I’m sorry O., I just…” But you couldn’t find the right words.

Oh my god! You are in love with him!” She interrupt your frustrated attempts to find a good explanation.

“No, I’m not, O.!”

“Don’t lie to me, Y/N. You’re in love with my brother!”

“Maybe I…”

“Hey, girls! Wassup?” Bellamy’s voice catch you and your face burn. You could feel Octavia’s eyes on you.

“This is girl talk, so leave.” She says to her brother who let a laugh out.

“Are you talking about boys? I don’t think I want you with any of them, O.”

“Is not for me, is Y/N that have a crush in one…”

“O., please!” You say much louder that you could, what isn’t louder at all, but both of them could hear you. Your eyes runs to Bellamy who are looking at you without expression.

“I see. Well, I will…” He points to a place behind him. “You know.” And with this he walk to the other side of the camp and you just watch him.

“Ok, maybe I’m in love with him, can you help with that?” In a moment of courage you ask Octavia.


Bad idea. You shouldn’t never had tell her about your feelins. She is your best friend, but at the same time…

“Bellamy?” You ask for him outside his tent.

“Come on in, Y/N.” He says and you walk back, just to see his shirtlees figure looking at you. “Hey, I thought Octavia was coming…”

“She did, but Jasper ask for help so she send me in her place…” You explain. “So what kind of help Octavia promise to you?” You ask trying to look calm, everything you don’t.

“Actually, I would help since she asked me to teach her how to shot.”

“Oh, I-I see… Guess I should go back then…”

“No, you can stay. I mean, I can teach you if you like.”

“Really?” You ask with a smile and he nodded at you.

And you found out how bad shoting you are. God, Bellamy would never let you with a gun, even if it’s to save your own life.

“I’m sorry.” You say after failing another shot. “I think I just made you lost your time…”

“It’s ok, Y/N. You don’t need to be good in the first time you do it. We can keep practicing, ok?”

I’m so in love with you…” You whispered to yourself.

“What did you just say?” He ask coming closer to you. “Y/N?”

“I-I… It… I’m sorry I didn’t…” You get lost in your own words looking at your feet.

“Please don’t say you didn’t mean it, because I really hope you did.” He say to you making you face him with surprise. His hands cupling your cheeks. “Are you in love with me, Y/N?”

“Ye-Yes…” Your voice came out more like a whisper again, but it doesn’t matter since you feel his lips into yours starting a urge kiss.

“I wanted to do it for so long, but you know, you are O. best friend and so beautiful and kind and I’m not the right one for you, Y/N…” You didn’t say anything, you just face him with surprise don’t understanding what he is saying. “But God, you make me feel invencible right now with you in my arms.” He finish his sentence before leaning his lips into your again and kissing you with more passion.

Where’s Lucy?

Submission for @nalu-week 2017
Masks; where one of our lovebirds goes on a small quest of their own.

“What do ya mean there’s gonna be a Ball?”

Natsu groaned as he swung casually in his hammock, rolling his eyes at his flying feline friend. Happy had gone down to the Guild Hall at his buddy’s request to see if Lucy was there. She hadn’t been but the cat had watched Mirajane plaster the flyers announcing Fairy Tail’s impending Masquerade Guild Ball all over the place.

“Just what I said, Natsu!” Happy exclaimed, floating up and perching himself inside of Natsu’s salmon locks. “Mira told me to tell you. It’s been a long time since the last one.”

The fire mage scratched his pet behind the ears and sighed. The last Guild Ball had been right before they’d lost Lisanna. He remembered her asking him only for Natsu to get caught up on a job, causing him to miss the party all together. Of course she understood but that didn’t mean he didn’t feel bad about it for years after her “death”. Though this time around, he figured there was someone else she had her sights set on, if they were able to find suits for all his ‘babies’ of course.

It didn’t take long for Natsu’s mental picture to shift to that of a certain blonde teammate. Would Lucy want to go? He gulped at the thought of her on some guy’s arm like eye candy, all dolled up and twirling around with the brightest smile painted on her lips. Gods how he wanted to be that guy. He always wanted to be the guy that made her smile and reminded her how to laugh. His thoughts were quickly interrupted by his cerulean partner-in-crime.

“You know, Gray was trying to find Lucy too, Natsu…” Happy cooed with a smirk, knowing full well what it would do to his best friend. There was no need to tell the jealous pinket that Gray had only wanted to ask Lucy’s opinion on a present for Juvia. He purred when he received just the reaction he’d been seeking.

“WHAAAAAT?!” Natsu bellowed, flames consuming his fists. No way was the Ice Princess asking Lucy to the Ball. No way in Hell. Without even thinking about it, he took off like a blur toward town in order to find his partner.

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BBRae Week - Day 1: Pining


Two weeks.

It’s been two cursed weeks since he’s been gone.  Two weeks since Robin sent him to Steel City so he could lend a helping hand against an uptick in crime over there, while things in Jump were getting uneventful to the point of being boring.

Which gave her a lot of time for thinking, and moping, and pining.

Not that they were dating. Or going out. Or seeing each other. Or having a… thing. Or whatever you would call a normal romantic relationship between two teenagers desperately in love with each other.

Of course they weren’t. It was stupid to even think about it. She was anything but normal. It’s not like she could have a romantic relationship with anyone, let alone inflict herself on him. She had to keep her feelings hidden from him, and from the others.

But of course, all of that didn’t mean she didn’t miss him terribly. Miss the sound of his voice, the green of his eyes, the flash of his grin. Yearn for the comforting, calming, almost overwhelming tide of love that flowed into her every time he was near. How in Azar’s name was he able to stir everything up in her and yet calm her down?

She groaned, exasperated and irritated by him for being impossible even when he wasn’t around.

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Fanfic: Rucas- Evermore

Their engagement, wedding, honeymoon, and happily-ever-after are all a part of my Rucas IG/Rucas 365 series. The IG posts below were previously posted. This fic references moments from A Brother’s Blessing, The Farkle Files, The Letters seriesForwarded to Farkle, The Fall of Friar as well as a few smaller one-shots that are part of the Forwarded to Farkle universe. 

A/N: Special thanks to @madelinecoffee for all of your wonderful comments, reviews, and encouragement. Not sure this ficlet would have happened without your support. @spamiam77 thank you for your encouragement and support. Finally extra thanks to @drizzyyjayy for pushing me to let Lucas have a voice (even though he loves to go on and on about Riley) and to @zombeeemomeee for being my sister from another mister…my Rick to my Darryl- I don’t know what I would do without you! 

Up Next: “The Chair”  Auggie “hands” the chair down to Logan and explains how important the chair was to the Rucas story and how instrumental it was in cementing the brotherhood between Auggie and Lucas. 

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aka: jace and maia spent a week together and nobody can tell me otherwise
words: 1,300 approx.

Jace considered everything too quiet as he navigated the streets of New York. When he tried to think, all that came to mind was bassy music, neon lights and soft bedsheets; he remembered his body pressed against rough brick walls, arms pinned above his head, trying to find a reason to stop but coming up short.

Her mouth was warm against his skin, against his lips, but her hands were ice cold, the stark contrast making Jace’s head spin. Her voice was a challenge, hiding both honesty and lies, and it made Jace feel a kind of madness, so much so that replying seemed a useless gesture. He only saw her in that moment; all smiles and sarcasm and acquired confidence, somebody Jace could try to level with, but never could.

The thought of her was as common as the pulse under his skin.

Maia. Maia Roberts—

‘Don’t think this means anything—’

And Jace tried to convince himself that all of this was just a path leading to a dead end, that things were just getting better before they got worse, but he was a lost cause. As soon as their lips met, Jace knew he would follow her anywhere, if she asked.

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Lost Time (drabble teaser)

There are times when Hera would just watch Kanan.

Back when they first got together, it was out of curiosity. Trying to delve into his past without asking but by analyzing his movements. Trying to figure out when he consciously or unconsciously felt the Force. She didn’t really understand—and probably never would—what it meant to be a Jedi, to be a Force-sensitive being in the galaxy. But from the moment she first saw him on Gorse, something about him had caught her eye, and maybe it was because of the Force. Maybe it was something else. But she would watch him when they first ran missions together. Everything seemed to come easily to him. Even if he wasn’t good at it, or if he had never done something before, they always managed to end up on top. If something unexpected happened, he would move blindingly fast.

It wasn’t always on missions either. It was when Chopper would cause havoc on the ship. Or if Kanan was about to topple over all the mugs in the kitchen. There would never be a crash. It was in the way he always knew the right amount of caf to make, and just how to make it.

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Tyler Joseph Fic Part 4

This is the last part to my Tyler Joseph fic that I have yet to name, hope you guys enjoyed it xx. 

Christmas morning came and went in what felt like an instant.  Tyler always said the holiday should be a week-long event, because it always felt like a lot of hype and excitement that just ended way too suddenly.  

Tyler was starting to feel guilty for lying to his family, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but be grateful that he did. If he hadn’t spun the web about Y/N, the last few days wouldn’t have happened, and Tyler would have gone on continuing to stubbornly dislike her. Maybe Tyler would tell his family the truth in the future, but not today.

On Tyler and Y/N’s last day in Columbus, Josh called, inviting the two of them over for the afternoon.  When Tyler looked to Y/N for a yes or no, she nodded her head excitedly.

Despite how close by Josh lived, the two of them still opted to take Tyler’s car to avoid walking in the blistering cold.  

“I feel kinda bad that we barely saw him at the party,” Y/N admits.

“Oh don’t worry, Zach told me that he ended up leaving early.  Apparently he had plans with this girl named Debby,” He made air quotes around Debby’s name and chuckled.

“Wait,” she said, “What’s with the quotes?”

Tyler burst out laughing, “There’s absolutely no way,” he said, “Josh’s supposedly been seeing this girl for month and I’ve never met her. He showed me a picture of her one time,” he added with a shrug. “But I’m pretty sure it was just a selfie he stole off of some random model’s instagram account.”

Y/N let out an obnoxious snort, followed by a fit of laughter.  She covered her mouth with her hand and doubled over in the front seat.   Now that Tyler was giving her a second chance, he found that he thought pretty much everything about her was adorable, especially the things he once found annoying. Tyler used to roll his eyes at the stupid way she laughed, but now it seemed endearing and kinda funny.

“Maybe we should set him up with someone!” she suggested, face lighting up in excitement. “Does he prefer a specific type or is he flexible?  Because I know a friend of mine mentioned a friend of hers who—”

“No,” Tyler interrupted. “We aren’t setting him up with anyone. That’s how people end up with fake girlfriends in the first place.”

“Worked out okay for us, didn’t it though?” she asked. She winked at Tyler, but still looked anxious for affirmation, like she still wasn’t positive Tyler was actually giving her a second chance.

Tyler smiled at her. “I’d say so, yeah.”


The ride back to Chicago was much more enjoyable than the ride from.  Tyler thought it might have something to do with the fact that he no longer despised his passenger, but there was no telling for sure.  

Even though the ride was less dreadful, the two of them were both still exhausted by the time they pulled into the lot of the apartment building.  

They lugged their bags up the stairs in silence, only stopping when they got to Y/N’s door.  

“What a weird trip,” she said, smirking.

Tyler nodded in agreement.  It felt weird to be dropping her off at her door after spending the past three nights in the same room together.

“Thanks for inviting me though, I really did have a good time.”

Tyler nodded. “Yeah, anytime I guess,” he said awkwardly.   He wasn’t really sure what the protocol was for dropping your fake-girlfriend off at her door after a weekend spent together. “I guess I’ll see you around?”

She nods while opening her door.  

Tyler starts to walk towards his own door when she calls out to him.

“Hey Ty?”

“Hm?” he says, turning around instantly.

“Mark’s throwing this New Year’s party at his place.  I wasn’t going to go, but I thought with you, it might be fun.  Would you maybe want to go with me?”

Tyler smiles.  “It’s a date.”


The week flew by in a blur of work, sleep, and Tyler panicking about his first official date with Y/N.  He knew he shouldn’t be nervous.  He’d spent three entire days with her for Christ’s sake.  But this felt different.  

“What should I wear?” he asked Josh over the phone on the day of the party. “Maybe a sweater? Keep it casual?  Or maybe it’s a fancier party and I should dress up a bit?  Should I ask her?  Oh and should I bring a gift?  I bet other people are bringing gifts.”

“Tyler,” Josh sighed, “You need to relax.”

“I am relaxed Joshua,” he snaps.

“She invited me, you know?”

“What?” Tyler asks.

“Y/N invited me and Debby to the New Year’s party.”

“You and Debby?  It’s not even her party…”

“I know, that’s what I said.  But she told me she checked with that dude, what’s his name? Matt?”


“Right, Mark.  She checked with Mark and he said it was cool. She told me that she knew I was your best friend, and she wanted me to be there if it meant you’d have a good time.”

Tyler’s chest deflated a bit and he let out a heavy sigh.  

“She said that?”

Josh hums in response.  “She did.  She likes you man… A lot.  So just relax, okay?”

Tyler nods before his face breaks out into a huge grin, “Wait a minute… Are you coming to the party then?”

“That’s the plan.  As long as I can crash as your place.”

“And are you bringing Debby?” Tyler sneers.

“She’s going to see if she can get work off, but hopefully, yeah.”

“Can’t wait to meet her, bro,” Tyler says, his voice thick with sarcasm.  He still wasn’t convinced that she was real, but he didn’t comment any further.

When it came time for the party, Tyler texted Y/N, just to make sure she was ready.  Her response came moments later with her telling him to get his butt next door, respectfully.  He smiled at her intensity and grabbed his coat.  

He knocked an odd little rhythm on the door before stepping back.  He waited, bouncing lighting on his heels before he heard footsteps and an off voice call, “Coming!” from inside.  Suddenly, there were knots in his stomach again.

When Y/N opened the door, her face immediately broke out in an immense grin.

“Hey there,” he said, smiling back. “You look great.”  

He surveyed her outfit.  Simple.  Dark jeans and a black, knit sweater.  But he meant it.  She looked incredible.

“Thanks,” she said, closing the door behind her and clutching her purse to her chest.  “You ready to party?”

“I was born ready,” he snickered, extending his arm for her to take.  She side-eyed him, but willingly took his gesture.  

“It’s still strange— you showing affection when there’s no one around to impress.”

“Well, you never know when they might be watching,” Tyler teased as he led the way down the stairs and out of the building.  

Mark only lived a few blocks away, so the two of them decided it would probably be easier just to walk over.  There was a small dusting on the ground, but nothing that couldn’t be trudged through.

“I heard you invited Josh,” he says.

She looks up, looking guilty, “I hope you’re not mad.  I didn’t want to overstep— I just thought you might like it if he was there.”

Tyler waves his hand like he was swatting away her nonsense.  

“Good,” she says smiling at the ground, “I also kinda wanted to see if his girlfriend was real or not.”

Tyler laughs out loud, pleased with her deviance.  “I knew there was a reason I liked you.”

The party was already bustling with people by the time Tyler and Y/N arrived.  They saw the lights flashing from the outside window on their way in, and the noise only increased the closer that they got.

“Mark’s in media, he knows a lot of people,” she explains.

When they get to his door, Y/N doesn’t even knock before pushing her way inside.  

Tyler is initially speechless at the size of Mark’s apartment.  Even with the crowds of people hanging around, the place looked huge.  

“I should add that Mark’s very successful in media,” she says after taking one look at Tyler’s gawking face.

She takes his hand and drags him inside, right in the midst of the madness.

Tyler finds himself third wheeling most of the night.  Y/N knows, quite literally, everyone at the party.  She pulls Tyler around, introducing him to people above the loud music before dragging on to the next group.  He wonders if this was how she felt at his family party.  

“No fucking way—“ he says suddenly.  A puff of pink hair comes into view and Tyler nearly chokes once he sees the pretty blonde attached to his side.  

Tyler turns and nudges Y/N’s shoulder excitedly.  

When she catches wave of what he’s looking at her face lights up and she laughs.

“Holy shit!”  

The two of them make their way over to Josh and his date with smug looks plastered over their faces.  

“Josh!” Tyler calls, breaking free from the crowd and hugging him.

“Hey man,” Josh says, giving him a pat on the back.  Once they’re done, he moves in to hug Y/N.  He squeezes lightly before backing off and putting his arm around the girl.

“Tyler, Y/N, this is Debby… my girlfriend.”

Tyler wishes he could wipe the shit eating grin off from his face, but he can’t, so instead, he plays it off as just being over-friendly and rolls with it.

Tyler finds himself having more fun than he thought.  A few drinks and introductions later, and he’s started a beer pong game with Josh as his partner, versus two guys he barely knew.    

With only ten minutes until midnight and the New Year, Y/N sneaks up on Tyler and grabs his hand.

“Hey, come with me,” she says.

Tyler notices the bottle of wine in her hand and looks at her questionably.

“Where are you going?”

“Just common.”

Tyler lets her lead him across the room blindly.  He’s buzzed and happy and frankly, he’d follow her anywhere at this point.  

He stops in his tracks when she reaches the sliding door leading to Mark’s balcony and smirks.  

“Well? Are you coming?” she asks as she steps outside.  

The air is brisk, but when Tyler looks up at the sky, he gasps at how clear it is outside.  

“Look at the stars,” he mumbles, gazing at the thousands of shimmering speckles across the sky.  

“I thought you’d like that,” she whispers, passing him the bottle of wine.  

Tyler takes a swig and the two of them pass it back and forth, settling in on the ground with their legs dangling over the balcony and just staring up.  

Only when they hear the music die down inside and the countdown begin do they look back at each other.

“Ten!” they call from inside.

Tyler meets Y/N’s eyes.  


They were shining beautifully in the moonlight.


He feels the familiar butterflies return to their place in his stomach.


She’s smiling at him.  


It’s wide enough to make her eyes crinkle.  


He’d never seen laughter lines so sweet.


He’s anticipating what’s about to happen.


He bites his tongue.


He leans in.  


Tyler presses his lips to hers with intent.  He scoots himself closer so that he can cup her chin, where he strokes the skin softly with his thumb.  Their lips move in unison and he only vaguely hears the crowd cheering “Happy New Year!” in the back.  

When he finally pulls away, he can feel his cheeks growing red, but he immediately decides that he can just play that off as the cold’s fault.  

She smiles back at him sweetly and whispers, “Happy New Year, Tyler,” before turning to look back up at the stars.  

Tyler can’t help but stare at her instead, because man, she was so beautiful. And in all honesty, this time… he wanted to take his time figuring her out. There was still so much to learn about her, but he knew that something about them felt right.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked, eyeing him after clearly noticing him staring.

Tyler sighs softly, meeting her gaze and smiling softly, “You.”

Touka is so lucky to have Yomo. He’s such a good uncle, so nice and supportive, never left her, he took care of her and helped her with the shop, he’s so faithful to her, and even tho he’s older and wiser, it’s like she’s the one in charge and he would follow her anywhere no matter what, they’re like a duo? I can’t think of Touka without Yomo nor Yomo without Touka, they come as a set. Both went to save Tsukiyama together, both went to help Hinami together, besides of being his niece and literally the living image of his sister, I feel like Touka is like a daughter to him. I love their relationship so much 😭

Purple Part Five | Taehyung, You

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Photo Cred: Visual Shock

Why do you have to be different?

Tori loved Jen, and she loved the fact that she had a best friend whom she could tell everything to, and Jen was a lot like Tori so she too couldn’t believe her when she told her that Taehyung wanted to stop ‘being friends’ and just stop overall contact with each other.

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A thousand more birthdays

Agh totally fucked up the dates but happy birthday @thetourguidebarbie! I hope you had an amazing day! <3 And here’s some fluff and nonsense that’s not all SFW :P Anyway, happy birthday again! Wishing you all the best! <33


Klaus pauses and listens as he hears the sound of the front door opening and as he listens to the sound of footsteps coming up the steps, he recognizes who it is and feels the corners of his lips tug up into a smile. A common occurrence as of late.

He hears her footsteps grow closer and pause outside his bedroom door before continuing down the hall. He resumes working on his sketch as he hears those footsteps grow closer, trying to pretend he’s not eagerly waiting for her. Like he hasn’t been eagerly waiting to see her all day since she left his bed this morning. Trying to pretend like he’s not eagerly waiting for the moment he’ll see her again every time he has to say goodbye.

“How’d I know I find you in here, alone and brooding?” she teases as she lets herself into the room that serves as his studio.

He looks up and as he sees her looking at him with a smile on her face, he’s taken back to last night when he hovered over her, tracing the shell of her ear and the curve of her jaw with his lips before pulling back and saw her smiling up at him the way she was now. A smile he’ll never tire of seeing directed at him and it’s impossible for his own smile not to grow wider.

She makes her way over to where he’s on the couch and  down beside him with a loud sigh.

“Long day?” he asks, glancing over at her.

“Let’s just say I never really thought I’d see party planning end up in actual bloodshed until today and I was in charge of three different prom committees in high school,” she huffs.

He bites back a chuckle as he sets down his pencil and sketch pad and tugs her closer, hating any inch of space between them. There had been enough distance between them over the last decade.

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Storytelling Sunday

She fell in love with him so fast, so hard. She tried to be careful, but he had her hooked on him like a drug. She would follow him anywhere. So, when the line of cocaine came out, she didn’t run away, she didn’t say no. She wanted to experience his world, she wanted to travel every road with him. It’s weird how doing drugs with someone creates bonds. Snorting lines of cocaine and staying up and talking all night long is definitely relationship building. Your mother, therapist, or doctor would not agree but it is a unique experience. The problem isn’t found in one night of doing coke all night long. The problem is the countless times throughout the years that they wound up buying eight balls. The issues they had with ending up strange places with strange people. The self hate , self loathing, blame, foggy memories and regret builds up too high and tumbles over. She may not have been a drug addict sleeping a ditch but she sure felt like one.

A request for @sparklingdisneyprincess

“Allura this, urk, seems a little over the top.” Keith struggled to speak as he climbed down the sheets.

“Well you did not seem to have any other ideas.” She huffed as she clung to his back. “There’s no other way to get out of the castle without Coran or the others catching us.”

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#1 'Move In With Me?'

The crimson, long dress ran down from her chest to the floor, hugging her curves and stretching on her bum. The fitting was just the perfect she wanted. Her neck sparkled with the diamond studded necklace and the earrings of the same set hung in her ears. Her makeup was light in contrast with the eye catching color of her dress and her hair was pinned up in a fancy manner according to her liking. This is what she had for the special dinner.

Special dinner tonight with Harry. How the everyday dinner could be special was still a mystery to her. She regarded the dinner with this adjective because that was what Harry had insisted on saying over the phone. The anticipation of the evening was bubbling in short stances in her mind and that was almost very much killing.

Harry and Y/N had kicked off a very well relationship in the last one year. Even after being the talk of the town and the whispers of the haters with distracting words and false assumptions, they managed to love each more and more everyday.

Even after a year together, it was still difficult for Y/N to put a finger as to what Harry had on his mind, especially when it came to giving her surprises.

The excitement was bubbling - this feeling never ceased to leave her when it came to him - and her eyes kept looking over to the watch on the table for it to tick seven soon. She checked her dress a thousand times, set her hair with more pins and applied a new layer of gloss on her lips if she mistakenly bit them or touched them.

Just when she headed to grab some water from the kitchen, her phone beeped with a message. The first thought on her mind: Harry.

‘Ready?’ Read the message. She bit her lip to hide the smile that seemed to have appeared from his thought.

‘Think of the devil and the devil’s here.
Mister, I am ready.’ She replied.

‘What?'Harry reverted, a smiley face attached at the end.

'I was just thinking about you’
'When do you not, baby;)’

The wink face made her chuckle and his comment had her body feeling electric.

'Are you here?’ She wrote to him.
'What were you thinking about me?’ Harry teasingly wrote.

'Harry, are you here??’
'Were you thinking about a clothed me or naked me?’
'Harry shut up and tell me where are you?!’

She could tell he was having a good laugh on the other side, and even after she tried to be all serious on the chat, she also didn’t stop her chuckles. He had this nasty habit of teasing her all the time and she would become irritated always which would satisfy his intentions. Nevertheless, she herself actually enjoyed the teasing and even banter that would commence after it. It was really crazy.

'Just on the turn to your flat, baby. You’re always so impatient.’

She put her phone aside and headed for the water she had wished for minutes ago, and on the way made a note to apply gloss afterward.

Just as she had set the glass in the sink, a loud honk came down from her kitchen window and it was all familiar as it was Harry’s car’s.

In a hurry, she slipped into her heels and grabbed her clutch and phone, and hurried down but on reaching the end of the stairs, she remembered about applying gloss.

Her shoulders fell as she couldn’t get back up now. Finding no other option, she headed over to him.

He was standing right outside the entrance of her apartment building; his dark suit tight and fitting right, his hair now short styled in a quiff and his pink, soft lips curved up in a smile. He was looking handsome as ever and the way his eyes looked at her sexily, she felt her body hot all of a sudden.

She didn’t take time and rushed over to him. They met in a kiss, that was supposed to be short but Harry would just not let her go. She sighed and kissed him back with even more passion, smiling that she didn’t apply more gloss because Harry was going to ruin it anyway.

“Hi..” He whispered when they pulled away, his raising up to brush her hair strands that had fallen on her face.

“Where’re we going tonight?” Was Y/N’s impatient reply as she tugged out of his grip, still smiling.

Harry rolled his eyes playfully, huffing out loudly in grumpiness. “Get into the car first, alright? You’ll know it once we reach there.”

She just laughed and nodded and then slid into the passenger seat when Harry advanced and opened the door for her.


They weren’t particularly at a restaurant, but Harry had parked the car right in front of the beach at the parking. He left shortly after shutting off the engine, ordering her to stay here while he comes back.

The weather was chilly at night in the city and her sleeveless dress wasn’t helping all the more. She wrapped her arms around her completely and stood, looking about here and there for Harry.

Half an hour passed and there was hardly any figure walking towards her. She felt like a fool standing outside in the parking - was he ever gonna come back?

Irritated and tired, she turned to the direction he had walked away and followed his footsteps. If they weren’t gonna lead her anywhere, they might at least lead her to somewhere.

Hot tears of frustration were boiling up in her eyes. She didn’t know what to do; for once she decided to take a taxi home, but not until she has taken off her anger on Harry.

Just as she crossed the wall separating the beach and the parking, her eyes fell on the preciously decorated beach area - a tent set up over a dinner table with fairy lights and candles.

She was astounded for a moment, frozen at her spot. The scene before her looked extravagant and expensive, relaxing even at the same time. And this was all done for her.

Now she felt like an ultimate fool. Fool for accusing Harry for something he would never do to her : leave her alone.

She turned around and came face to face with her beau, whose eyes looked down at her wide with worry and his chest went on huffing up and down.

"I thought you left..” He trailed off looking her in the eyes.

"I’m sorry..” She fell into his arms, clutching his jacket tightly as few more strings of apologies left her mouth. “I’m so stupid for thinking so negative; I’m sorry.”

She felt his arms tighten around her in a hug. “I got worried. I’m sorry too, baby. I shouldn’t have taken this long but these organizers can never do a thing right and everything was-”

"Let’s just enjoy now?” She cut him short. His head nodded merrily and a kiss was pressed to his lips before they were proceeding towards their dinner.

The dinner was extremely delicious and so light and nice. It was set right, with music in the background like in those romantic movies and a heavy bottle of white wine remained always on the table.

They laughed and talked about everything possible - his schedules at work, her schedules, family, latest gossips and so much more. It was one of the nights she could count in the best nights ever in her life.

They were on their third glass of wine in the night, and sitting across from each other all they could do was grin and chuckle at each other. Y/N looked away to the beach for a bit and brought the glass to her lips, finishing the last sip for the night.

"Move in with me.” Harry’s words struck her a second later, when she had placed the glass back on the table.

"What?” She questioned in an abrupt manner, her tone unintentionally sounding rude whereas all she was was confused.

"I’m serious this time. It’s been one year and I really, really want to have you living with me. Also, instead of having dinners at this hotels and restaurants, if we start living together, we could have candle light dinners every night then.”

His cuteness got her chuckling. “Harry..”

He made a clicking noise from his mouth. “I’m not just saying about dinners but everything. Waking up together, sleeping together, loving every night, bath times together - there’s so much!” He counted on his fingers, a prominent smile on his face. “Just think about it.”

"I will think about it.” She chuckled, her tone teasing.

Harry narrowed his eyes. “You are a lot more teasing when you’re drunk.”

Her reply was another chuckle.

"Please, Y/N? I want our relationship to get to the next level. I love you, l really love you.” He placed his hand over hers gently, looking directly into her eyes.

"I love you too.” The reply came without any hesitation. “And moving in together….i think we can-we can do it.” She finished, taking a deep breath.

The look on his face was worth it. He got up from his seat and rushed to hers, picking her up bridal style and hooting along as he walked. Their laughed harmonized together, the dim light from the sky falling over their bodies and giving out an angelic look.

"Where to, mister?” Y/N eagerly asked.

"Our home, honey, our home!”


Public Male Bonding. Over the weekend, a lucky fan met Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, and an unnamed friend while they were out midnight snacking on kebabs because why not. 

According to Jessi, Lee didn’t agree to a pic because he’s shy. (which is Lee-speak for “No one’s supposed to know I’m in Berlin because as far as anyone knew, I’ve been filming my new movie in New York.”) Other than that, Jessi seemed to have a lovely encounter.

Roxanne: “Okay, now you tell me something. Something you’ve never told anyone.”

“Bernard” Megamind“Well, in sh-school, none of the other kids… really liked me. I was always the last one picked for everything.”

Roxanne: “Mm, well it’s too bad that we didn’t go to the same school.”

This is just me toying with an idea. What if Megamind and Roxanne had gone to the same school? It brings up a lot of different possibilities.

I’m sure other people have toyed with this concept before, but here’s my take on it.

I wrote a mini-fanfic to go along with this piece under the cut:

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