he will be singing

Klance - soulmate au

It happens for the first time when he is five.

He’s lying in bed with a cold, eating the chicken soup his mother made him, when he suddenly hears a bunch of children sing.

Lance recognizes the song immediately. It’s one of those they make you sing in kindergarten. He drops his spoon into the bowl and calls for his mom excitedly.

His soulmate must be around his age.

Keith almost falls off his bike from giggling.

He’s on his way home from school when his soulmate listens to some song about butts. It’s form him, he knows that.

It’s not what they usually listen to and it’s become kind of a habbit. They will listen to something with really weird lyrics at the most unexpected of times just to make Keith laugh. His parents find it a bit inappropriate at times but Keith doesn’t mind. He can feel his soulmate’s amusement each time and it makes him laugh even harder.

He likes to think about what his soulmate must be like. They mostly listen to pop-rock but sometimes classical music too. Keith likes it. It’s a nice contrast to his own undefinied taste in music. He also hears a lot of wedding and birthday songs so they must have a big family.

Their lives seem to be quite different but Keith likes to thinks that they complete each other.

Lance finds his soulmate’s taste in music weird. It’s not that he doesn’t like the songs, so far he liked all of them in some way. But there are so many different genres. He’s sure that his soulmate is one of those people who listen to everything as long as it sounds good in some way.

He keeps playlists. One playlist for every year since he turned 12. There are a lot of songs in them and they’re taking up a lot of memory but he refuses to delete anything.

When he’s 14 Keith is on edge. There have been no songs for over a week and he is starting to freak out. His soulmate usually listens to music every single day, so when there are no songs at all for that long… something must be very wrong, right?

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OK, so I just rewatched videos from Cats: The Musical

and OBVIOUSLY Sherlock is Mr. Mistoffelees

BUT I DIDN’T REAlize how Rum Tum Tugger is JOHN


How he’s SO CLEVER

Look at him brandishing that rainbow!!!

P.S. Mycroft is Bustopher Jones here is a picture of him and Sherl

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Description of crush

my crush is my lover so i guess I’ll describe him. He’s got curly hair and blue eyes and he has a british accent and i LOVE it. He’s super nice and he plays like all the instruments and he sings so beautifully and he makes me laugh and he makes me so happy

“Let’s talk about you and me-”

Emma could hear the singing coming from the kitchen as she entered the house. She rounded the corner to see Killian making two steaming cups of coffee.

“What are you singing?” 

He turned, happy to see she’d arrived home.

“That song that’s played on the music box at least four times this morning. Rather catchy. I like it.”

Emma gave him a peculiar look; a mix between amused and embarrassed.

“Not really a something we sing out loud during the day, babe.”

He turned to her, mischief in his eyes. 

“Why not, love?” with that he leaned into her ear and began singing again.

“I’ll eat you like a cannibal, sweet like cinnamon.”

She blushed and smacked his arm.

“Stop it.” she giggled.

“Let’s talk about sex, baby.” he continued, teasing her.

Emma instead, tugged him closer.

“How about I show instead?”

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I'm seeing a lot of people complaining about Jimin singing Lie, saying that he coudln't hit the notes and stuff... Is it true? Was it bad? I'm sad about it :(((((((( he gets so insecure :/

he sounded absolutely fine to me. all the solo performances sounded great, especially considering how hard some of the choreography is. taehyungs voice cracked a little but it wasnt that bad.


composed of light, your touch is saccharine in the way the summer sun places its lips upon your temple.   grace us with your gentle hymns for it is you who breathes prophetic lullaby.   you are phoenix born, courage wrought in life long past but even in your battles, you carry clement innocence in the furrow of your brow and the dimple of your cheek.   tell us, creature divine, just what happens when angels cry?

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For Moonlight, I saw the stage being flooded with mist as if she's walking on the clouds, with the same starry images she had in her backdrop and she's walking in a long sparkly fitted gown with her hair down and when she sings the last line "He knows just what he does when he's holding me tight and he calls me Moonlight too", the sparkles on her dress shine brighter.

i’m crying

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Hello! I'm a dedicated jikook lover and I really appreciate your blog and headcanons~ your English skills are not bad at all! Could you maybe do a hc with insecure Jimin and Jungkook making him feel better?

aw thank you! I’m honored you appreciate my blog! So here we go..

- Jimin sings all the time, not because he likes to, but because he feels like his voice isn’t good enough

- he stays up all night just to work out because he can’t believe anyone would like his body the way it is right now

- he often stands in front of the mirror and looks at himself, trying not to seem weak or broken

- Jungkook notices that Jimin doesn’t make jokes or laughs as much as he did before- he also doesn’t tell his opinion anymore and Jungkook guesses it’s because Jimin thinks his opinion isn’t as important as the others are

- he knows his guess is right as soon as he sees Jimin standing in the bathroom, touching his face insecurely

- Jungkook can’t hold himself back when he sees Jimin sobbing, touching his stomach

- “Hyung~ ah you look so handsome again!”

- Jungkook stands behind the smaller one, putting his arms around Jimins body

- “Look at yourself..So pretty!”

- Jimin watches Jungkook kissing his shoulders and neck

- “I wish my face would look as handsome as yours does!”

- Jimin softly smiles when Jungkooks hands caresses his upper body

- Jungkook does it everytime he sees Jimin being insecure

- “Jiminie~ Please sing for me! Your voice is so angelic!” - “what the- it’s 3 am, Jungkook!”

- it takes four weeks until Jungkook doesn’t kisses Jimins upper body but finally kisses his lips

- “I really really like you.. Everybody likes you..How could anyone not like you? You’re perfect the way you are and I don’t want you to change..”

- Jimin is overwhelmed by the way Jungkook treats him

(just imagine this happen.. my heart..)

SHINee Reaction to You Being Shy Around Them

Hope this is good enough!


Jinki- He knew he was your ideal type after his best friend and your main rapper in your group told him. He thought you were cute, but every time he tried to talk to you, you’d run off. So, when he discovered that you two would be featured as a couple on WGM, he took every advantage to woo you. And what best way than by going to the meeting place and singing to you.

(insert gif) He would sing your favorite song while after your group told him about your little crush. You tried to run away, but you saw the cameras filming and you knew that your running away would be filmed, so you just smiled like an idiot and blushed.

Jonghyun- You were a MC with Jonghyun for Music Bank. The very Jonghyun that made your heart race every time you saw him in person or on videos. Your crush was known to the world. Your ideal type, when you had an interview for your debut album, was a perfect fit for Jonghyun. Fans knew about your crush and they always talked about you two working together. However, when it actually happened, you thought you would melt.

Being an MC with Jonghyun was a dream come true, but also a nightmare. What if you said something dumb. They would cut it, right? One could hope. When it came to filming, you turned on your charm. Being the cute vocalist of your group that just happened to be a MC. You just had to act long enough until the cameras left you. You had done pretty well too. Calling Jonghyun oppa and laughing at his lame jokes. It went so well. Until the cameras moved off of you two. He went to talk to you, but you ran off to the dressing room your group had as y’all were one of the artists performing that night.

Jonghyun was worried he did something wrong when your leader approached him and told him the real reason of your shyness.

(insert gif) “Me? Aw, why run off if you have a crush on me?” Jonghyun was determined to become friends with you after that moment.

Kibum- He knew through rumors and after reading an interview on your ideal type that you liked him. He found it cute. You two didn’t work in the same company, but your brother was part of his group, so it was bound to happen that you’d meet him. You two were MCs for an award show and if that wasn’t bad enough, he would make sly flirty comments that would make your stutter. He wasn’t trying to play with your emotions. He liked you back even though you were Onew’s younger sibling.

“Pinch me.”

You looked at him oddly, “Why?”

“You’re so beautiful, I must be dreaming.”

You blushed, “Wh-what was that all ab-about?”

(insert gif) “People say I can’t flirt. I think I did pretty good, eh?”

“A—anyway… mo-moving on the the next performance.” The fans figured it was all scripted and didn’t question your sudden stuttering moment. However Kibum, was having a lot of fun.

Minho- Being on a variety show about you with guest interviewer, Choi Minho aka your ideal type that everyone knew about. The show thought it would be great to have you two together on the show to up the fan views as they shipped you two hardcore. During the interview, Minho asked you if you enjoyed sports and you told him that you loved soccer and tennis. The other interviewer decided to take the rest of the show outside on a soccer field to see your skills. And who was the person to play against you, of course Minho.” You two warmed up before you two played one on one.

Honestly, you forgot about your shyness and crush on Minho, until you blocked a ball before it entered your goal, but you were caught off with the speed of the ball and skidded back before you fell back. Minho ran up to you and help you up.

(insert gif) “That was a great block, you okay?” He stretched out his hand.

Hesitantly, you took it and smiled, “Ye-ye-yes, I’m fine sunbae.”

Taemin- You didn’t know you would be interviewed with Taemin. You were talking to the interviewer about your solo debut and the late night practices. Like every interviewer, they are all really more active in discovering ideal types and you were no different.

“Honestly, I lean towards vocalist that can dance. Kind of like Jimin from BTS. Someone who is confident in what they do.”

“So would you say Jimin-ssi is your ideal?”

You laughed, “Oh no, he’s a really great friend and he is my instructor when it comes to practice. He’s like a brother to me.”

“So, who would you say is your ideal type.”

You blushed, “Taemin from SHINee, I’ve always been a Shawol and he was my bias.”

“Oh, then you are in luck because our other co-interviewee is none other than Lee Taemin.” The color drained from your face when you saw him enter and sit beside you on the tiny sofa. Honestly, you wanted to flee. “How do you feel knowing you are an ideal type?”

(insert gif) “I’m grateful that someone so beautiful finds me suitable to be their ideal type.” He looked at you and smiled brightly. Oh, how climbing in a hole sounded so great that very moment. “Maybe, I can be their future dance partner.”



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Does your ensemble song (at least in SB) include Rumbelle? I know you said everyone, but I'm sure Bobby is not singing - and possibly isn't even in the episode. Do you think the shop scene - and a couple of the other SB scenes are just regular dialogue scenes?

Given Bobby’s stated dislike of the idea of signing in a musical episode no I don’t think he’s singing.  If I was writing it I’d have him stare at the camera like he was in the office while the rest of the cast danced by in a grand dance number down main street.