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heyyyyyyy canni have some headcanons about kaz (figuratively) adopting wylan please????

  • there was this persistent nagging in the back of kaz’s mind to check in, check in, check in even when he knew wylan would be fine on his own
  • and he had jesper, jesper would help him
  • but like any concerned parent friend would worry about their child friend out there in the real world, he lost sleep wondering if wylan was handling the business okay
  • he staged a casual run in with wylan. complete with feigned surprise, i didn’t think i’d see you here, but the second he saw wylan’s gray ringed eyes he dropped the act and asked, “don’t you sleep?”
  • wylan blushed and looked away, muttering something about having too little time for himself these days and how stressful it was. kaz wanted to wring his neck for neglecting his health just as much as he wanted to get him tucked in bed
  • the reddening nose and the slight cough wylan had didn’t make matters any better
  • he ended up dragging wylan back home, and wylan, embarrassed, admitted he had paperwork to take care of but he was waiting for jesper to get home to read it to him
  • the two sat on the couch and kaz read wylan his papers, surprisingly soothing. by the end, wylan’s head drooped onto kaz’s shoulder and kaz went tense. but at least he’s sleeping, he thought. he remained there until he was struck with a bright idea and carefully readjusted wylan, arranging his head on a pillow, absently pushing curls from his eyes
  • kaz pulled blankets over him and forged his signature on the paperwork so he wouldn’t have to stress about writing, and he placed it on the coffee table where he could see it 
  • before leaving he told the servants wylan needed soup and to have an extra place setting at dinner that night because he’d be back
  • kaz returned with an overnight bag and a prepared lie for wylan and jesper’s questions, “the slat is leaking again. my room needs to be patched up.” he didn’t ask to stay, he simply brushed past them both before they could get in a word and he picked one of the guest rooms for himself
  • kaz would return often, stay a few days, help wylan where it was needed, but say things like “you have no idea how easy you’re making it for me to rip you and your new merch partners off.”
  • but wylan knew why kaz really came around as often as he did. he was worried, especially after he witnessed how bad wylan was adjusting to his new life. and wylan needed help, kaz could teach him so much
  • kaz knew wylan knew his true intentions, but neither of them said anything about it. they both appreciated the company of each other

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When I saw your icon changed back, I thought tumblr glitched out and had Mr. G take over again. "Guess he was tired of Sasster's ugly mug taking over senpai's blog." <;3c

“ ’UGLY MUG’…?”


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why'd he reject when they asked him to make his speech ;-; I'm so confused as to what's happening today asgkjash and to add on with that jimin sounded tired/sick in the performance :(((

Kumamonymous said: what happened? why can’t jin speak? 

ok so jin wanted to speak but namjoon wasn’t finished talking so he just kinda

then namjoon and hoseok motioned for him to talk but the mc called out him and this happened

you can watch it here and see for yourself, it starts around 2:45

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aahh i saw that edit earlier with the quotes about how jordie should've been a better older brother/been there more for kaz and then your thing with kaz and wylan and now i'm stuck thinking about kaz trying his damnedest to (subtly, he's got a reputation) be that good brother for wylan since jordie couldn't for him ;_;

ahh don’t make me cry. i’m always stuck thinking about kaz/wylan/jordie and any sort of parallels. i really think kaz would do whatever he can to protect wylan. and speaking of jordie…i found a jordie/wylan parallel

jordie’s plan was to become a proper merch, which is pretty much what wylan ended up right?? now that he runs his dad’s business? i scream about how kaz found parts of jordie’s personality in jesper’s, but WHAT ABOUT THIS GUYS. KAZ FOUND THE PERSON JORDIE WAS STRIVING TO BE IN WYLAN I DIE

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the only good thing about the shovel talk was magnus' five seconds of pure horror when he thought he accidentially had a threesome with his boyfriend and his boyfriends brother

True. And Magnus smiling because …. asjkajsakks…. damn he looked so soft and precious. I can stare at this for hours.

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On another note where did those people sprung from like wtf so random lmao??They are for sure not Aaron and Robert's friends though cause they don't have any lol but maybe they crashed it #solvethemysteryLo

anon i already solved it they are rob’s various acquaintances from (in order of least to most nerdy): his snooker guys, anime club and his d&d group

aaron knows of them and has met them on separate occasions once or twice and he doesn’t get any of them at all but they’re all nice enough and he’s happy rob has hobbies

bob has an accidental rivalry going with the snooker guys

the d&d group are the heaviest drinkers. sometimes when rob goes out with them he stumbles home to aaron and tries to explain where they are in their campaign and aaron just listens and smiles confusedly and tucks lil drunk rob in

finn used to be in anime club it’s a sore subject they’re not allowed to bring it up (unless they want to hear robert rant the entire time which they do not)

also rob and belle are best friends now (because me and @dingleautomotives decided this to be so bc rob needs all the little sister figures in his life) but she doesn’t know any of these people one of the snooker boys did try to hit on her but rob put a quick stop to it

im literally delirious with lack of sleep

and rob is in fact the most popular boy in hotten

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I feel like when dan was ranting about the tumblr shitposts he was talking about the $20 is $20 post lol

his entire queue was filled with posts relating to sexuality/death so i think he meant all of them but it was kind of funny to hear him rant about that anyways

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S-sorry... I'm having some personal issues... I didn't noticed I was bossing you around... is best if I go to bed... again, sorry.

It’s okay. I’m just a bit more sensible to it than most people because of my past.

But hey, we are buddies, you know. I’m here to talk if you want. But if you think you need to sleep then go for it. I will be there in the morning if you need me.

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(Nfsw) Shin ,have you ever considered 'doing it ' with you lover in your wolf form ?

Shin: How dare you ask me, a First Blood, such a heinous question!? I’m an animal in the sheets don’t get me wrong but I’m not that kind of animal!!!!