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Tree Hollow

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Word Count: 3.3k+
Warnings: Fluff, kissing, angst
A/N: This was based on the five words that @spiderparkerboy sent in: “Peter, music, trees, chapstick, handwriting” (that’s why they’re bolded in the story). I was originally going to just do a blurb but then got so invested it morphed into this three-thousand word monster. THANKS FOR REQUESTING THIS <33 I loved writing it so, so, so, so much ;)
Artist listened to while writing this: Daughter
(I think I might start doing this because I’m quickly realizing that the music I listen to while I write changes my style, so listen along if you wanna feel the same stuff I was feeling ha)

Your head swung to the rhythm of the song, your mouth parted into a smile. The bottom of the windshield held home to a soft frost; small tendrils of ice crept their way up the glass, brought upon by the chill of the air outside. You had always loved winter, despite the weather. The feeling of seeking warmth through a cup of coffee or hot chocolate was the perfect experience and you got the excuse to wear the fuzzy pajama bottoms you loved so much.

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Mating.[Newt Scamander Oneshot.]

Finally, right? Here’s Part One. Part Two will be coming tomorrow. did i mean for this to be 3,000+ words and almost 8 pages long? no. but it is.

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Title: Mating.
Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader.
Words: 3,302.
Rating: M. (mild sexual content).

The night had started off just like any other you found yourself in. There were a few lights on in your home, there were also a few candles and an already dying fireplace set in the living room that gave off a wonderful heat and a sort of picturesque lighting. Your coat, as well as an appealing blue coat were hung up by the door, shoes popped off on the floor below them, snow now melting off their heels. A familiarly worn Hufflepuff scarf was accompanying the jackets on their hooks, an unspoken reminder to Newt of who he really was.

There was an absolute feeling of love and tenderness wafting through the air and there was no need for words anymore. Newt had a way of being so alluring without even intentionally thinking of appearing so, and you found yourself mesmerized by this. The cut of his jawline, the sinking in his cheekbones that gave him a specific unique look you’d never seen before. The freckles that tickled along the the bridge of his nose onto his tinted cheeks. His sparkling green eyes that, if caught in the light just right, looked as bright as a leaf mid-summer. He was surely beautiful, you thought to yourself with a dazzled sigh.

Unbeknownst to you, Newt was thinking very similarly. He wanted nothing more than to reach across the table and pull you close to him, his lips devouring yours in a kiss that would last near minutes until your lungs needed the satisfaction of air. He stayed still though, and swallowed in the fantasy running vividly in his imagination. For a second there, he could almost feel your hair brushing through his fingertips as he cups your head in a very heated kiss. Newt could feel the shock and then you softening against his mouth to reply.

And really, there was nothing stopping him from doing such. But, Newt did worry about how you respond to such a frivolous, spontaneous and romantically inclined action. Positively or negatively? He was sure it would be positive but he was left feeling a bit insecure on the matter and decided to let things go paced as they are.

Twitching his fingers softly, he reached up with the hand that wasn’t on his thigh, picked up his cup of tea and took a sip. He took slight pleasure in the way the hot liquid ran down his throat as it woke him up from his fantasies.

Social dates were okay, but if Newt had a preference he would say that the in-home more private dates where the two of you simply enjoyed each other without the looking eye of the public were possibly his favorite kind. He found a sort of solace in being happy with so little; in the fact that there were a few things that he was head-over-heels for. His creatures were one and you were the other. Biting his bottom lip, Newt gawked at you, or at least that’s how it appeared. Regardless of the situation, whether he was out in public or in home like he was now, he wouldn’t have reduced his amount of compliments and gestures of adoration. It was interesting to say the least, to hear him so chatty as the night progressed.

You had deduced early on in your relationship with Newt, that he was a bit of a night owl and liked to stay up later than most everyone. He probably found himself with more energy during the night than any other time of day because it was then that he could tend to his creatures without the constant fear of being caught, or even being carried away in his case by a stranger that happened to stumble upon it. Now-a-days, atop the nights that he spend tending to his creatures, Newt also spent them with you as well. It was in the night that he first saw you under a dim New York street light, looking as angelic as ever. His eyes rested on you as you took a drink of tea, idly staring off into space. His lips tilted into a small grin. That night you looked just as beautiful as you did now.

It was in the night that he trusted you, and you trusted him and he introduced you to the inside of his case and to his creatures. Newt’s heart churned at the thought. You were so in love with all of them, and you had accepted them as a part of your family by choice.

It was in the nighttime that the two of you shared your first kiss. It was a night much like the one happening. Quiet, peaceful. And by the end of it, when Newt was ready to leave, hopping on one foot to another because the night had really gone on without any issues and he actually found himself able to connect with you unlike he was able to with many people, you stood in the doorway of your small one-bedroom apartment. It took him a push, and if Newt looked back on it now, you were actually the one who initiated the kiss. And god, he was so happy you had because he was almost certain he’d continue to chatter your ear off before you finally said goodbye.

The smile on his face melted from one of pure remembrance of moments passed to a soft glimmer of adoration and love as he stared intently at you.

“Now is it fair that you look so amazing and I look like I got dragged through a trash can?” Newt asked and moved his eyes back to the tea in front of him, sitting snug on the oak table. Lifting an arm, he rested his hand on this thigh and laughed more to himself.

Laughing quietly, you looked at your teacup bashfully and shrugged your shoulders, “Have you looked a mirror recently?”

“Not recently, no.” Newt smiled at you, the wrinkles around his eyes and mouth becoming present. They were what you called his ‘Genuine smile wrinklies’ because that’s what they were. They were the reminders that if you cannot smile, it’s never a good day. At least, that was one of his many philosophies.

“Oh, well. I guess you’ll never know how unreasonably handsome you are.” You swooned in your seat, placing the back of your hand on your forehead and leaning backwards in your seat to strike a dramatic pose. This made Newt smile as he studied the curve of your body and how you moved so subtly, so gracefully and oh so enchantingly.

“I can’t tell if you’re flirting or trying to be mean in a nice way.” Newt was smooth to retort with his own sass, staring at the tea in his cup before setting back on the table, “Unreasonably handsome is quite a stretch, I’d like to think of myself as average.” His sentence turned into a small mutter near the end as he looked around.

Rolling your eyes at his statement, you repeated yourself and stood up. “You should really look in a mirror sometime, Newt.”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-” Newt said and grasped your hand as you rounded the table, “And if you’re my beholder, than I shall believe I’m beautiful as long as you think I am.”

“You’re beautiful inside and out.” You gushed, entwining your fingers with his. Newt left his thigh with the kiss of his palm as he raised both arms around you and persuaded you into his lap. Kissing his knuckles gingerly, you sat yourself on his thighs. Tucking back some of your hair with his free hand, Newt studied the side of your face and chuckled lightly when you turned your head to peck at the fingers of that hand.

His breath caught in his throat at the feeling of your lips so mildly against the sensitive skin of his fingertips. You had left them slightly wet as you pulled away to look down at him, and something about that fact left him sitting a bit more stiff that he was before. Newt swallowed back the breath that had managed to get stuck before drawing in a deep, settling breath. Tilting his head forward, he rested it on your bare arm and shut his eyes. Just being so physically close to you was something special and felt like a privilege. And to Newt, it surely was. You were letting him into your life, you were letting him close and letting him love you, so in the end, to him, all of this was a privilege. Kissing your arm blindly, he tipped his head up and rested his chin on your shoulder.

Newt breathed in once again, focusing on the smells. He could smell perfume, something vague and very delicate. He could almost imagine a rose in his mind. Lying under that scent was something different. Much like animals producing their own scent to attract a mate, humans did very much the same thing or so Newt has recently discovered. A sex pheromone, he thought to himself and breathed out shakily. To say yours was different wasn’t a complete lie; to say that Newt found it amazingly suitable and attractive to only you would be a better way to put it. The natural smell you gave off, plus whatever perfume you decided to wear that day always toyed with his mind in the instances you walked by, or if the wind brought the smell to him. He supposed if humans were like animals he’d have to perform a mating dance, but alas, they weren’t.

He smiled gently. You were simply with him because you loved him and supported him. And that meant the world to him.

“You okay?” Your voice rattled him back to reality.

“Quite.” Newt murmured in the crook of your neck and left you with a ghostly kiss to your skin. “Just getting a bit tired, I suppose.”

“You want to go lay down?” You asked and brushed back some of his reddish-brown hair. It tangled between your fingers.

Newt thought about that for a second before nodding a bit too eagerly to a question of such stature.

With your back pressed against the oak door of your now shut bedroom, you found it hard to even focus on anything other than the deliciously plump lips that were smashing down onto yours, eradicating any thought of even getting to sleep early this evening. Newt was surely careful not to bump you too harshly against the door to avoid hurting you, his hands pressing against the wood and trapping you snug between a rock and a hard place. The rock being the door behind you and the hard place being Newt. With your dress already unzipped in the back, the chill of the air was running up and down your spine and only intensified as he pulled you away from the door, desperate to make some sort of attempt at getting to the bed.

If not, then the floor would have to suffice. That thought was surely wiped clear of his mind when he felt the back of his knees against your mattress. Strange, he thought to himself and furrowed his eyebrows, he could have sworn the bed was farther away than that. Sitting himself down, he gazed at the floor and then at you. “Come here.” Newt chided quietly, wrapping both arms around your waist and tugging you to lay on the bed. With a few shuffles and moans, he was finally on top of you.

“Are you sure you’re comfortable?” Newt whispered down to you whilst readjusting his body above yours. Grunting softly, the mere tightness of his clothing were making it difficult to maneuver properly.  Your were knees bent and placed between his legs, your back arching to accommodate to the messy blanket you were resting on, his hands keeping himself as steady as possible with them resting by your head on a soft pillow. Your dress would occasionally peek up your thighs as if they were playing a game with you, and though you bare noticed such a thing, Newt seemed to be thrilled by the second as more and more of smooth skin was being revealed.

Newt’s fingers would dive into your hair every so often when he had the strength which he seemed to have a small amount of as you nodded, tilting your head to the side to give his clothed forearm a seductive kiss. That was enough to make him falter, whether because of the heat you gave with every bit of affection or because of the undeniable thought of what was going to happen, Newt wasn’t sure. But, one thing was certain. So far, he was enjoying himself. He just hoped you were as well.

Newt didn’t want to crush you by letting his entire weight rest against your body, and opted for his bottom half to rest against yours. With his hips hugging yours, he lifted his torso a bit more and puffed it out. Your hands had left your side on the soft bed to touch his sternum before diving down to unbutton his shirt. One by one. Such a slow pace, Newt thought to himself and watched you with dilated green eyes. They were so heavily diluted, that in the luminescence given off by your nightstand light gave the appearance of his eyes being heavily darker than they were in natural sunlight.

He himself felt like he was floating on a cloud every time you’d even hover your lips above his, every time your hands would peep under his button up shirt and onto the bare skin of his neck. Goosebumps were rising and falling on his body as frequently as he breathed.

But then again, that was an understandable area for that kind of cuddling, that being on the chair in your dining room near the dying fire. The sort that could turn into something else given the circumstances. And it just so happened that the two of you found those exact conditions this evening. First on the chair, and then soon after in the bedroom down the hallway.

Friction at this point was the only thing he needed to worry about. The intense friction you would bring by barely even grazing your legs against his, giving him a touch here and there were enough to stir something deep inside of his mind. It was as if someone or something had hit him with an aphrodisiac causing a jolt of unsaturated craving to run vicariously through his veins. Either it was a good thing or things were going to be a disaster. Newt would have to see.

“I’m plenty comfortable.” You responded as another one of his shirt buttons came undone, “Are you though?”

Chuckling breathlessly at your inquiry, Newt craned his head down to capture your lips in the smoothest possible way. He was hoping that was an obvious answer to your question, his full plump lips melding against yours ever so slightly as his hips moved against yours to allow some more leverage in his movements. It would become much easier to move when he wasn’t completely constricted by tight clothing, he figured and watched with a sort of innocent eagerness as your hands pulled away his white button up shirt. With Newt’s shirt now completely unbuttoned and tossed haphazardly onto the floor, your hands found themselves on his torso.

You teased his skin with your fingernails, hoping to arouse him further. Unknowingly, you were playing with a fire that was only going to get hotter and hotter the more you handled it.

A reaction from Newt you would have expected was a shiver, maybe a small smile of shyness. But, as he pulled his mouth from yours to look down at you, you noticed something behind his gaze. And it was surely intentional, the pure intensity of his stare as he refused any sort of motion that would cause your eyes to unlock from one another, mouth agape and appearing to be much more bruised from the delectable way he was kissing you before. You could feel his breath on your face as you ogled up at him, entranced by his peering eyes.

Whether it be lust or want, perhaps a mixture of both, his green eyes sparked something inside of you mind that eventually, with very little motivation swirled through your body. A sort of confidence, really as you found yourself pleased with Newt’s response. Lightly, your fingernails traced down his smooth chest to rest on his navel to see what other reply you could get out of him. You could see the freckles that lined on Newt’s body, from his cheeks where they were splattered gently, to his slightly broad shoulders where they clustered together like tiny galaxies, all the way down to where the waistband of his dark brown pants danced around his slender waist.

That was a wonderful feeling for him. He couldn’t quite describe it, but if asked, Newt supposed he would say that it felt like a sort of tickle turned seductive. Newt knew where this was heading, which was why it wasn’t as ticklish as it would have been if you purposefully used your hands to trace his abdomen. Not to say your action didn’t make him chuckle because it did. The sound was slightly strangled by his lips pressing against yours once again, coaxing into deeper longer kiss than before.

Undeniably, Newt was turned on. With every ghost of your touch, with every kiss he was getting more and more to the place in his mind where he’d no longer heed to anything but the want. Newt wanted the favor of your bare body so close to his, his fingers touching unspeakable places they’d never wandered around before, his lips whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

He started with the latter, with the full intentions at getting you to the point of excitement that he found himself at. Craning his head down, Newt situated his mouth next to your ear. He made himself appear suspenseful as a small, deep chuckle resonated from somewhere deep inside of his chest. That sparked another flush of want to radiate down and throughout your entire body, as you had never actually heard him sound like that before.

The gently loving hands that were once cupping your cheeks were now pressing against the outsides of your thighs, teasing an already peeping dress further up. You could feel his fingers shaking against your skin ever so slightly, telling you that he was in fact nervous and was putting on a small facade of confidence, but regardless, seeing Newt in such a state was a thrill. 

He had let himself go slightly, and now rested his naked chest against yours to get closer to your ear. The leg that was between your legs was pressed further up, rubbing sensitively as Newt licked his lips and informed you, “I’m already shirtless, so I believe it’s time we make it a bit even, (Name). Fair is fair, after all.” His voice waved a bit at the end of his statement, but for Newt to have even gotten that far was amazingly sexy. Beyond that even. It was impressively sexy.

Biting down on your bottom lip, you laughed and tilted your head back against a pillow once again. “Have you been practicing pick-up lines?”

“Only slightly,” He said into your ear with an embarrassed chuckle, “Is it obvious?”

“Only a little.” You stifled your laughter and raised your hands onto his chest once again. You could see Newt shudder under your touch, leaving you to feel a bit more powerful than before. “But, my oh my…. Mr. Scamander. I had no idea you were so seductive.”

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Golly gosh I hope that was good. This was only part one, folks! Part two is coming your way tomorrow! Reblogs + likes are way appreciated and mean a lot! Have a good day/night!

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All Yours

Request: could you make an imagine in which the gang™ doesn’t like the reader because she always says what’s on her mind and doesn’t care about their opinions so, naturally, Kai and her end up liking each other?thank you ❤


She strolled lazily through the faded doorway, flyaway curls framing her face, muddy boots clacking on the ground as she peeled off her navy coat and tossed it upon a chair. She wore a wavy creme top with torn black jeans, a silver necklace glinting under the warm light of the Salvatore kitchen, where a group of supernaturals were huddled around the gleaming wood table, deep in conversation. It was almost silent, aside from the noise of a bored looking Kai Parker trying to devour a pack of pork rinds as obnoxiously as possible. His eyes met with hers first, instantly sending a happy lopsided smile to his lips.

“You’re late,” Caroline huffed, bringing her blue eyes up to glare at the girl.

“I’d tell you I’m sorry, but I had better things to do than be here,” she responded, pulling out a chair and plopping into it, arms folded across her front.

“Yeah, like what?” Caroline challenged.

“Like sleep in,” the girl responded with a defiant smile, to which Caroline clenched her teeth together, temper rising.

“We’re having a vampire crisis, and you don’t even care?!” Caroline hit her fists against the table, “we’re getting overrun and to you it’s nothing!”

“I already told you how I want to deal with this situation,” she growled back. “Set them on fire, rip their hearts out, snap their necks, do whatever it takes. But it’s not my fault you guys suddenly want to be noble heroics out of the blue.”

“We’re just doing the right thing,” Caroline started.

“Bullshit!” the girl rose from her chair, anger flaring within her chest.

“Calm down,” Stefan finally chimed in quietly, face set.

“Oh what? You want me to apologize, hero hair? Would that make you smile!? Oh wait, no it wouldn’t, because you never smile, you lump of regret.”

Damon slammed his bourbon down on the table, alcohol slopping over the edge, “enough.”

“Don’t even get me started on you,” she chuckled sourly. “We all know very well how much you’d love to tear those vampires apart, and you could, so easily. But now you have to be a good little boy, that way Elena will still love you when she finally gets her ass out of that coffin.”

Damon closed his eyes, hands trembling as he used all his power to restrain himself from tearing her throat out.

The room fell quiet, broken only by the noise of Kai’s quiet snort of laughter.

The girl snapped her eyes to the heretic, narrowing them as she looked over those piercing icy eyes and carved facial features.

“And you,” she began. “The only reason you’re here is for your magic, because without it you’re just a siphoning sociopath with the empathy of a rock.”

She expected him to snap, to tense like everyone else in the room, but instead he did the opposite. His lips split into that smile that drove her crazy, brows arching as a laugh emanated from his throat, dimples alighting his cheeks.

“She has fire,” he addressed the whole room, yet only had eyes for her now. He flicked his tongue over his dry lips, giving a smirk, “I like it.”

She tried to form a clever retort, but when met with nothing, sunk slowly back into her chair, cheeks burning red with embarrassment. 

“Not used to boys giving you compliments?” Damon shot cleverly at her.

“Of course she is,” Kai responded before she could. “With a face like that, who wouldn’t?”

She chewed at the inside of her cheek, suddenly wanting everyone to just go back to the stupid discussion, her heart thrumming in her chest.

“I can hear that, (Y/N),” Kai smiled to himself, leaning forward on the table to get a better look at her, his chin resting against his propped hands, slender fingers folding together, silver rings glinting at her.

She inhaled a sharp breath, raising her eyes to his infuriatingly blue ones, “what?”

A smile creeped to the edge of his lips as he whispered, just audibly, “your heartbeat, princess,” he tapped at his ear to signal his specialized hearing.

Everyone at the table stared at her, but they all seemed hazy and blurry, the only person coming clearly being Malachai.

“You know what?” the girl stood, shoving her hair behind her ears, spinning on her heel. “It’s not like you guys are going to take my opinion into consideration anyways, so there’s no point of being here.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Kai piped up.

Her back still to the group, she froze, attentive.

“You all have a reputation to keep up, but me, I’m irredeemable,” he shrugged.

“Don’t even think about it,” Caroline snapped.

But Kai was already whooshed to the girl’s side, bent to the doorframe, eyes drinking her up and blocking her path.

“Carebear, you’re a goody two shoes Barbie vampire, Stefan, you’re already drowning in your own guilt, and Damon, you’re whipped. But me, well…I’m just a siphoning sociopath with the empathy of a rock,” he winked at her.

And with that, he slinked an arm snugly around the girl’s waist and brought her body straight into his own with a cheeky smirk, her protest unheard as she was wooshed away in Kai’s arms. When she landed back on her feet, she was upstairs in a deserted bedroom filled with colors of warm oak and dark ember. Kai placed her down slowly, eyes following hers as he set the girl down gently, fingers dragging out across her hips as he removed his hand from her body.

Her eyes flickered back and forth across his own before darting quickly to his lips. She cleared her throat loudly and turned away, hoping he hadn’t picked up.

“Stop playing games with me, Malachai.”

“But you’re so much fun to play with,” he hummed softly, standing his ground. When she didn’t respond he continued, “I like you, (Y/N). You’re strong, and independent, and you don’t care what people think of you.”

She turned to face him eyes struggling to focus anywhere but his mouth which was practically begging to be kissed.

“And you don’t have to tell me you don’t feel the same way when that heart of yours says it all,” he murmured low.

Her words stuck to her throat like glue, fingers mindlessly toying with the fabric of her shirt.

“So now you suddenly can’t talk back?” he asked.

“I don’t want to talk,” she responded quietly.

Kai cocked his head, daring her to come closer, “so what is it that you want?”


And in the next second her back was slammed to the wall, Kai towering over her, lips inches from hers, blue eyes boring into her own, “all yours,” he whispered huskily.

She bent up to reach him, eyes fluttering closed as she closed the gap between their bodies. Her mouth came to his, but she didn’t kiss him, she only brushed her lips teasingly against his own, her palms coming to his face, fingers tracing around his faint stubble and jawline. Kai growled agitatedly against her, his breath cool, aroma wafting across her face, but she simply smiled and pulled away, dropping back to her feet.

“Unfortunately for you, girls like me aren’t that easy to get, Kai Parker,” she traced around his lips with her fingertips.

“Well then it’s a good thing I like a challenge,” he smirked.

Not Quite a Coffee Shop AU

From a suggestion from @wordsmith-storyweaver

3.8k words of something

Also on AO3

She needs a second job and The Library needs a barista. Who knew she would end up with more than free coffee…

The first time Emma Swan tastes coffee, she is six. Her foster mom leaves a cup unattended as she goes to answer the phone (one of those old kinds with the long, twirling cords that is attached to the wall). It’s bitter. And hot. It burns her tongue and she hates it.


When she is 14 it becomes cool to hang out at the coffee shop, drinking beverages that are more milk than anything else. She has a crush on the barista with the blue streak in his hair. He kisses her behind the store. He tastes like cigarettes. He asks her out on a date but doesn’t turn up at the fair.

She hates coffee again.


At 16, she meets Neal. He takes her to an empty fairground and buys her coffee. (The irony is not lost on her.) She sips and listens as he talks of home and wanting; she falls for him a little after only knowing him for a few hours. He’s real and vital and understands what it’s like: being alone. Feeling lost.


(She should have known it wouldn’t last. Then she’s alone again.)


Years later and it’s become her drug of choice on those cold nights where she needs to stay awake. Bail bonds isn’t glamorous, but it can be lucrative. It’s just unpredictable. Coffee… well, it isn’t. Even the instant kind that clings to the back of your throat has a strange kind of comfort when it’s 4 am and you’ve stared at the same door for six hours.


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OMG I LOVE THE VIETNAM AU. Finally, the reunion! So wonderfully written. But hold the phone WHAT happened to Jamie and why does he look like that and how is Claire gonna heal him? *sigh*

Vietnam AU

“Stuffed cabbage, Claire?”


Claire turned to her left, meeting the kind brown eyes of Ian Murray – Jamie’s best friend and brother-in-law.


“Sure – is it grown here on the farm as well?”


Ian served her a good-sized helping. Jenny – at her right – poured a bit more wine into the tall glass by her plate.


“Most of the simple vegetables come straight from the kailyard – always have, as long as we can remember. Nothing is as fresh to us. Or as rewarding.”


Claire took a tentative bite, keeping her eyes firmly on the gorgeous old dinner plate – clearly used only for special occasions – as Jamie’s foot silently nudged hers beneath the table.


Somewhere around three that afternoon, Ian had hobbled down to the barn – he had lost his leg in a childhood car accident, Jamie later explained – finding a doubly rare sight. Jamie Fraser was idle – and Jamie Fraser was in the company of a woman.


That he had somehow, sometime told Jenny and Ian who she was had been clear – but just exactly what they knew about her was not. She had helped Jenny and the kind housekeeper Mrs. Crook prepare dinner – over Jenny’s protests that a guest should rest – seeking the opportunity to quietly introduce herself to Jamie’s sister, and needing the time away from him to just reflect on her whirlwind day. She had had months – years – to prepare. He had had no notice, and yet had taken it all in so gracefully.


Had pledged himself to her, fully. Unequivocally.


Would she do the same for him?


She’d immediately accepted his offer of a place to stay for the night. Jamie had proudly shown her to one of the beautifully apportioned rooms on the second floor of the Big House – Lallybroch – sharing incredible stories of the many Frasers whose blood and sweat had been poured into the very stones and floorboards of the house since before the Revolution.


Light streamed through the windows of the room that was to be Claire’s – the hand-carved bed covered in a worn but exquisite blue bedspread that had been quilted by Jamie’s grandmother MacKenzie; two plush armchairs of a 1940s vintage cozily angled before a small fireplace; on the wall above the bed, a vibrant watercolor of the Big House amid the glowing orange leaves of autumn.


“There should be some spare clothes in the bureau,” Jamie remarked softly, remaining just inside the doorway as Claire quietly acquainted herself with the room. “And my Mam painted that when I was small. We have her drawings and paintings up all over the house.”


From her position at the window, admiring the kitchen garden and small orchard of fruit trees clustered near the old outhouse, Claire turned to smile at him. “Do you paint?”


He shrugged. “I’ve tried. But Jenny has the real talent for it – some of her pieces are downstairs.” He paused, licking his lips. “Well then. I’ll be down in the study with Ian. Have some orders to straighten out for tomorrow. Will – ”


“I’ll be all right,” she reassured him. “Thank you, Jamie. Truly.”


His smile – small, glowing – was absolutely beautiful. “Thank *you*, Claire.” Then he turned and disappeared down the hall.


“The apples in that pie you helped me with come right from the orchard – great-grandmother Fraser planted them, right after the War Between The States,” Jenny continued. Claire snapped back to the present as the toe of Jamie’s boot curled around the back of her shin.


“I’m normally not much help in the kitchen, but you’ve all been so incredibly warm and generous – ”


“Nonsense,” Ian insisted, tearing up a piece of Mrs. Crook’s thick homemade oat bread – a bannock, Jamie had called it – for his three-year-old son – Jamie’s namesake holding court at the worn but homely kitchen table between his father and uncle. “You’ve made Jamie smile again. Lord knows that’s been a rare sight since he returned from ‘Nam.”


Jamie withdrew his foot – and Claire looked across the half-empty portions of roasted pork and Brussel sprouts and corn bread. Meeting his intense blue gaze. Hoping her eyes could convey everything her voice could not.



Apple pie and whisky before the fire in the sitting room – lined floor to ceiling with books dating from the 18th century all the way up to shiny new editions of Slaughterhouse-Five and In Cold Blood. Comfortable silence between them when Jenny and Ian departed to tuck the children into bed. And then when Claire had yawned for the fifth time, Jamie rose, banked the fire, and helped her rise from the couch. Then gently led her upstairs to the room that would be hers for as long as she wished. Holding her hand the entire time.


They paused in the doorway.


“Will you be warm enough? There are extra blankets in the hallway closet – ”


Claire rested her hands on his solid shoulders. “I’ll be just fine. I’m not fragile, you know.”


He settled his hands on her hips, eyes creasing with happiness in the dim light of the hallway. The silence of the house buzzed in their ears.


“I know you aren’t,” he breathed.


Then drew her close – holding her. Enveloping her. Feeling her melt against him – her heart thrum in time with his.


After a long while she pushed back, kissed the corner of his mouth, and quietly slid out of his arms.


“I’ll be right here, down the hall,” he whispered. Eyes dark.


She blew him a teasing kiss, then quietly swung the heavy oak door shut.


On both sides of the door, Jamie and Claire rested their foreheads against the wood. And sighed.



Despite her exhaustion, Claire slept fitfully. Tossing and turning on the heavenly soft mattress and under the almost sinfully warm quilt. So many images flashing through her mind – the bullet-scarred palm tree on the helicopter pad at Chu Lai; the faded anchor tattooed on the forearm of her anatomy instructor; the checked shirt Uncle Lamb loved to wear when presenting his latest findings to a group of his peers. The graceful, invisible shapes Jamie had traced with his hands as he shared stories about himself and his Fraser forebears – helping her learn about all the gifts he would give her.


Did she belong here? Could she belong here – the lady of this great house? Sharing such a well-respected name? Enjoying dinner every night in the rustic kitchen built two centuries ago, surrounded by so many Frasers, alive and dead? Quietly at peace here on the ridge which Frasers had called home for longer than Beauchamps had been in America?








The house groaned and settled around her – easing into sleep.


Except the shuffle of steps in the hallway. Pausing outside her room, then continuing down the stairs.


At least she wasn’t the only restless person tonight. Jenny, perhaps? Maggie was still nursing – perhaps just another late-night feed?


Claire wrapped the tartan blanket – Fraser colors, Jamie had told her – from the foot of the bed around her shoulders, draped over the App State t-shirt and flannel pants that had been neatly folded in the bottom drawer of the bureau, gently pushed open the door, and stepped downstairs.


Only one room to visit at this time of night – the parlor, where books and the warmth of the fire could lull even the most restless to sleep.


But it wasn’t Jenny who sought solace, deep in the night.


Jamie stood after adding a fresh log to the fire, rubbing his face with his hands, clad in an olive-green Army-issued t-shirt and worn white long johns.


Claire must have made a sound – for his head snapped up, startled.


“Can’t sleep?”


His wide, sweet mouth twisted in a wry smile. “You could say that. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in three years.”


Claire blinked harshly in shock. “You mean – ”


“Yes – since Chu Lai. I – well.” He swallowed, grasping for words. “I re-live all of it every night.”


She crossed the room to stand in front of him. Rested a tentative hand on his elbow. “Tell me?”


He did. Terrible storied of men blown to pieces. Villages burned. Dead livestock floating face-down in rice paddies. The faces of men he couldn’t save. Memories of pain, and anguish, and isolation.


“And the worst one –” his voice broke.


At this point they had curled up together at the corner of the couch, her legs tucked against his, sharing the warmth of the plaid. She squeezed his clammy hand. Encouraging.


“The worst one is when the VC attack Chu Lai – and I can’t find you, Claire. I can’t protect you. And then I’m scrambling down the hallway and they’re firing at me and I trip over your body.”


He wouldn’t look at her – preferring to stare into the hypnotic flames.


She wiped the tears from his eyes. Stunned.


“Have you ever told this to anyone?” Her fingers twined in his hair, damp with sweat. Bringing his face to rest in the curve of her neck.


All he could do was shake his head. Breathing hard. Burrowing closer to her.


“Nobody here understands. I’m a war hero. The owner of this estate. I’m not supposed to be scared. I’m not supposed to have a back twisted with scars. I’m not supposed to be terrified of going to sleep every night.”


Claire eased onto his lap. “Shh,” she soothed. “I’m here. Just let go, Jamie.”


He inhaled deeply. Shakily.


“Let go,” she repeated. “I understand. I’m here. You don’t have to pretend.”


A beat.


Then –


“I love you.”


His awed, red-rimmed eyes lifted to meet hers. Smiling through the tears.


Then her lips found his – and they clung to each other in desperation and joy.

a special world history class

my masterlist :)

summary: peter parker keeps having this certain tightness in his chest whenever you’re around, and one day he finds out you do too after you accidentally bump into him during world history

warnings: fluff!!! bc who doesn’t need some fluff in their lives??

word count: 751

author’s note: oh my lord, you have no idea how hyped i am for winter already like christmas where ya at?? so i’m def gonna be posting some winter themed fics and hcs and stuff bc y not????

You furrowed your eyebrows and pursed your lips, twirling the yellow pencil between your fingers as you stared down thoughtfully at the paper in front of you, trying to recall the lesson your world history teacher taught the other day on Rome.

You couldn’t remember, bubbling in the letter A with a sigh. The metal chair made an obnoxious screech against the linoleum floor as you stood up from it, all eyes in the classroom darting towards the loud noise. You trapped your bottom lip with your teeth, mouthing a quick “sorry” to the sideways glances of your fellow peers, before noticing those comforting coffee-colored eyes peering in your direction as well.

Peter sent a small smile your way, trying to lighten your mood from across the crowded classroom as he saw your habit of biting your bottom lip, an inclination you had whenever you were embarrassed or flustered.

That’s one of the reasons why he started falling for you in the first place; your little quirks. Every little action you did was so damn fascinating to him and he couldn’t pinpoint why, except for that feeling in his chest. The boy raised in Queens had no idea what to do with himself due to that tightness in his chest whenever you were in a twenty feet vicinity of him, which was extremely difficult to ignore when you were in more than half of his classes, making you regularly in that vicinity.

He compared it to his crush a few months ago, Liz Allen, but only so much more intense. You were constantly on his mind, and little did he know, he was always on yours too.

But unfortunately, he had made the decision to never tell you about that fervor in him, the minute he understood what it was. As many times as he poured his soul out into talking about you with his best friend, Ned, he could never profess these things to you, at least not yet.

You set the white sheet down at your teachers oak desk, her slanted eyes staring at you over the brim of her dark glasses. You smiled genuinely. She ignored the gesture, looking back down at the book cradled in her hands.

“Public schools,” you muttered, turning around on your heel and heading back to your desk, but you happen to collide with another body, before you even make a single step.

You spat out a hurried sorry, then looked up to the face of your victim, a blush apparent on both his face and yours at the sight. Peter chuckled nervously, looking down at the test he’d just dropped on the ground after you bumped into him, squatting down to pick the paper up.

You noticed his pencil lying at your feet as well, and you bent down, gripping it in your hand, then placing it in the palm of Peter’s outstretched one when his eyes looked you expectantly. He cleared his throat, feeling the tightness in his chest coil even more at the brush of your fingertips. “Thanks,” Peter finally said, a dimple forming due to how bright he beamed.

“I’ll pick up pencils for you anytime, Peter,” you joked, feeling a blush creep back onto your face as soon as the words fell from your lips. The sentence came out, sounding a lot more weird than you had imagined it would, so you just turned back around, heading to your seat like you had originally planned before the brief interaction, praying no one else heard the awkwardness in your tone. You weren’t quite cut out for the whole flirting thing yet.

Peter stood there, not moving an inch, his mouth agape. That was the longest conversation he’d had with you; that one project you did together freshman year an exception.

And had you flirted with him? Peter was so beyond flustered, his cheeks burning like hot coals as he passed his test in. Was it possible that you liked him too? Or was Peter just reading too much into it?

Your eyes met and that was all Peter needed to know that he had to make his move now. It was the time and your heart leapt out of your chest as the boy strode confidently, unlike his usual self, over to you.

He stood in front of you, taking in a deep breath, then asked the quick question, closing his eyes and preparing to be shot down. But to his surprise, you said yes, without a single pause or breath being taken, because you had that same exact tightness in your chest that he had.

Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…

A/N: I will warn you all now, that this fic is going to be VERY different to my usual stuff, but you can expect a hell of a lot more twists, turns, secrets, and debauchery than ever before… ;)

Disclaimer: I will put warnings on any chapters that challenge social acceptance, however, as an overall warning, this story will contain themes of sex, fear, control (of one person over another), and elements of a gothic nature! 


Part 1


It was so…dark.

All the stories that you’d ever heard about the castle had been about how music sang from the walls, how long clouds of silk curtains billowed gently in the breeze that wafted through the grand windows, how the place was decorated with ornaments, paintings, crystal vases galore…

But the first thing you noticed as you walked through the tall, oak doorway…

…was the darkness.

‘I don’t think we’re allowed to be down here.’ You murmur to the man pulling you along by the hand, your eyes wide as you watch the water dripping down the dank walls of the corridor you’d come to find yourself in after climbing down numerous stairs to what you thought would be the library, but what was starting to look more like a dungeon.

‘Don’t worry. I know where we’re going.’ He murmurs amused, the humor-filled lilt of his voice not working to reassure you at all as you begin to drag your feet, struggling to hold the bottom of your dress off of the floor so that it wouldn’t get wet as you watch him stare excitedly in front of himself.

‘I really think we should head back- what if someone sees-‘

You’re cut off when he suddenly stops, spinning back to pin you against the wall, his eyes dancing excitedly over your face for a moment before he pushes his lips against yours, ducking his head down and softly pressing his mouth to yours, practically being able to feel the adrenaline running through him in the kiss.

‘I have to show you.’ Is all he says as he pulls away, staring at you almost piercingly as he grins, and you swear you see his eyes flash a different colour momentarily, your heart racing in your chest with the sight of the abnormality, before you’re being kissed roughly, yet briefly, again, and once more he begins to drag you along the corridor, his grip on your wrist having tightened somewhat compared to before.

You remain silent as you follow after him, the only sound being your slightly ragged breathing, trying not to trip over your feet as he out-paces you, getting lost in your thoughts as the image of his eyes flashing repeats over and over in your mind. But just as you go to stop him once again, you look up to see that you’d arrived at the end of the dark corridor, a large solid oak door standing in your path.

‘This is it.’ He whispers to himself, turning to look at you with his lip caught between his teeth as he grins, the expression telling you that you were meant to be as excited as him, but all you could focus on was the way your heart was racing in your chest at the prospect of the unknown, your nervousness making you stare at the gold buttons decorating his chest rather than being able to look him in the eye.

‘Princess?’ he murmurs, the unexpectedness of the word forcing your gaze to his, and the minute you look into his eyes you wish you didn’t; seeing the same flashing of colour greeting you as he grins down at you devilishly.

‘Are you ready?’

Keep reading

Misunderstandings || Daveed Diggs Imagine

Note: Hi everyone! So I know this is out of my football imagine line but it has to do with my other obsession aka Hamilton aka Daveed Diggs. I hope you like it!

Warning:Swearing, but if you have heard Clpping, you should be used to it.

Anyone that has seen or heard of the Hamilton musical dreams of being part of the cast members, at least you did. Thankfully, you were part of it. Part of an amazing cast who cared so much for each other and were absolutely perfect. You were part of the Ensemble, but with the privilege of being able to fill in for any of the girls because you knew all the songs by heart and knew the script as well. You loved your job, who wouldn’t? Maybe it got tiring, but you still had fun and didn’t let that show, ever, until you were home.

“You haven’t met her, you haven’t had the chance” you hear Leslie sing as he recorded with his phone for social media. “You have seen her in the show, the one who can play Hamilton by herself, Y/N” he drew out your name. You were fixing your hair so you look at him through the mirror.

“You are the worst, Burr” you say in a French accent and both of you laugh as you turn around.

“Hey” he greets, kissing your cheek after he stopped recording.

“Your coffee is over there” you nod your head at the couch and he grins.

“Reason why I love you.”

“Les, have you seen- Hey” Daveed greets making you grin. So maybe you had a crush on him and the others have said it was mutual. The way his breath got caught whenever he saw you was what made them all realize such thing, but you didn’t notice it at all. Yes you guys flirted a bit too seriously sometimes but it was teasingly, or so you believed.

“Hi” you say, and right there and then you hear Alexander’s voice, being Lin’s, saying the word in Take a Break.

“I was looking for you” he starts. Leslie, in the meantime is sipping on his coffee on the couch, looking between the two of you.

“What do you need?”

He looks at Leslie briefly and then his hues turn to you. “I was wondering if-”

“Y/N, we need a big favor” Lin says as he bursts into the room making your eyes widen slightly, snapping away from the Daveed daydreaming you were in.

“Sure. What’s wrong?”

“Jas has a sore throat and won’t be able to join us. Do you think you can fill in for her?”

“Of course. I just need to get the dresses, I’ll rush now.”

“Thank you, I owe you.” Lin blows you a kiss with both hands before he leaves. You turn to the guys, Leslie is grinning up at you while Daveed…doesn’t look very happy.

“You were saying?” You ask him.

“Nothing. It can wait. I’ll see you later.” And with that he walks away making you raise an eye brow.

“What was that?”

“It’s called ‘I wish I were Alexander in 'Say No To This’ if you get to be Maria. Also known as, a hint of envy with jealousy” Leslie answers and you face him.

“No way. Stop saying that. He probably forgot or regretted whatever he was going to say…” You frown but you still wonder what Diggs wanted to say deep down.

“There’s trouble in the air, you can smell it” he sings as he starts walking out of your room.

“I guess I’ll never be freed from references to the songs, huh?” You ask before you head out as well to get the wardrobe necessary for Peggy and Maria.

To say you were nervous was an understatement. You have played small dialogues like the girls in The Election of 1800, but to sing a whole song was a big honor and a big responsibility. But then, if Lin didn’t trust you could do it, he wouldn’t have asked you to get the part for today.

You fixed your dress for Peggy and walked out of the room, closing the door behind you. Everyone was rushing, as usual, and Groff was joking with Lin, still not in his costume, as usual.

“Y/N” you hear Daveed’s voice say behind you and your heart skips a beat. Your cheeks flush a soft pink as you turn to face him. “You okay?” He looked absolutely stunning with his hair pulled back in his bun and the soldier uniform…

“Uh, yeah, I am. Why?”

“You look nervous” he says with a smirk.

“I feel like I won’t be able to pull Peggy, right. I know everything but what if-”

“Hey. Lin trusts you, you will do fine. I believe in you. Just relax” he says, his thumb stroking your jawline and you feel the warmth radiating from it, you have to stop yourself from leaning into it. You were a hundred percent sure you were blushing.

“Thank you. That means a lot” you smile at him and he smiles back. Your gaze moves to look at his lips for a moment before looking back into his eyes, noticing he was doing the same gesture.

“Places!” A staff member shouts and breaks the moment between the two of you.

“We should probably…”

“Yeah” he agrees, his hand dropping before he walks away.

“Helpless” Pippa and Renee draw out before they lock their arms around yours to lead you to your place.

“I am not…” You groan and they laugh.

The first act went great, you acted as innocent as you could master, as well as a bit childish, when The Schuyler Sisters song came up. Then you have the moment during the wedding where you walked down with Daveed which made your heart beat quite fast the entire moment.

“Still nervous I see” he says as you two walk down and you tighten your grip around his arm as a sign for him to shut up, making him smile.

Then the boys did their little dance in Story of Tonight Reprise and you couldn’t help but laugh at their failed attempts. Oak tried and at least succeeded somewhat. Anthony did his pelvic trust and laughed as always. Meanwhile Diggs…Was being Diggs, incapable of doing simple moves. It was hilarious to see that scene, especially Lin not being able to hold back his amusement and chuckle at the three all the time.

The break was up, and you went to place Peggy’s dress back in place and took Maria’s. You had to change your make up to be the seductive Maria Reynolds instead of the innocent, little Peggy. You were dressed now, applying the red lipstick before moving to work on your eye liner. There’s a knock on the door.

“Come in!”

“Just wanted to drop by to say that you looked amazing and did well” Lin says and you smile at him through the mirror.

“Thank you, and thank you for trusting me to fill the role for today.”

“Might not be for just today if that’s what you want” he says with a chuckle and your eyes widen. “Eventually we will all leave, but if you want to stay and have a bigger role, you know all you have to do is ask” he says and places his hands on your shoulders as he looks at you through the mirror.

“Lin, I would love to, but…”

“Think about it, you got plenty of time. We aren’t leaving just yet. I’d like to keep you” he says with a chuckle and pats your shoulders. “I’ll see you soon” he says, winking at you before he walks out. Then, seconds after, Anthony walks in.

“Can you help me push this in? I hate this” he says pointing at the ruffled piece of clothing on the front of his shirt just under his neck for his Philip role.

“You got frustrated?”

“I seriously don’t know what happened today that I couldn’t do it on my own. I’m a mess.”

“Hot mess” you tease and Anthony chuckles as you fix the piece. His eyes are looking at you and you try not to blush. It was a habit whenever someone looked at you for too long.

“Red suits you” he says and you look up at him.

“Thanks, I know” you joke and you both smirk. “There, that should do it.” You say as you step away from him.

“Thank you, beautiful. I’ll let you get finish, sorry to bother you.”

“Its fine, Ant. Don’t apologize” you both nod and you turn around to finish working on your make up.

Your cue is given and Leslie, Lin, and yourself get to your places. You walk as Leslie begins with the introduction to the song while Lin is writing. You can spot Oak, Anthony and Daveed looking at you from the side of the curtains so you shift your gaze to somewhere else.




You move around the stage accordingly. You totally have forgotten until the part of the song came when you had to kiss Lin. Your heart was beating out of control as you stand in your place and then you are rushing towards Lin, his head ducks a little so he is able to meet your lips. His soft lips caught yours and they move against yours slowly but with a hint of passion that you had to admit made your heart skip a beat. His hands were on your hips, and you feel the tiniest squeeze on your waist. This wasn’t how you thought kissing Lin would go, if it ever were to happen outside of the musical.

The rest of the song continues, and soon enough your hands are holding Lin’s as they travel down his chest as you stand from behind. You sit on his leg once he takes his spot on the chair and his hand moves along your thigh and up your body, head moving so your lips are a few inches away from each other. You can spot for a moment Daveed looking away and you wonder for a second if what Leslie meant was true.

The song is over and you rush away out of the stage to wait for your next cue in The Reynolds Pamphlet.

“That was amazing!” Pippa says happily as she hugs you.

“Do you think so? I got so into character I forgot…” you admit with a smirk.

“You did great. Everyone loved it” Renee assures you and you smile rather shyly, nodding your head in acknowledgement.

You watch as the others continue the act. It would be hard to meet with Daveed after your performance because he was on the other end of the stage waiting for his cue for the rest of the songs. You couldn’t help laughing at his movements as The Reynolds Pamphlet started, sitting on the desk, moving sideways, shuffling, throwing the papers, it was hilarious. There wasn’t a better cast in Broadway than this one, you were sure of that. You did your part of reading the piece of paper as they mention Maria Reynolds before you are off to hide again.

The show is done and everyone comes out and you all bow at the crowd, Lin and the others stepping back as they clap and they leave you in the front.

“Special thanks to Y/N, who covered for Jasmine as she was sick tonight” Lin says and another round of applause goes off and you bow again, cheeks a bright red and take a step back with a grin and the curtains close.

“Great job everyone! Thank you for being part of this” Lin says as he claps a few times at the others, being his encouraging self as always.

“Well done, Y/N, that was great” Oak says and you grin, instantly going to hug him. He was so huggable, like a personal teddy bear.

“Thank you, Oak. That means a lot to me” You say before you both pull away.

“Any plans for tonight?”

“Not really. Might as well go home and rest, why?”

“No reason, I might do the same.” He says and you both nod your heads before you part your ways to get rid of the dress and place it where it belonged. Everyone had come to congratulate and thank you for the performance, except Daveed.

“Les, have you seen Daveed?” You ask your friend out of curiosity.

“Not after the show ended, must be in his dressing room. Why?”

“Just wanted to know…He hasn’t told me what he wanted earlier.”

“Don’t think he will come to you right now” he blurts and you eye him, your face probably asking why since he spoke again. “He didn’t seem very happy about Lin’s hands all over you.”

“He knows it’s just an act.”

“When you are jealous, nothing is” Leslie points out and you frown.

“Should I go talk to him?”

“You absolutely should.” He says with a nod. Leslie knew what was up, besides the others, because he knew from the beginning. Stealing glances, the closeness, the teasing, the almost constant flirting. Leslie played a part in this story.

You rush to get the heavy makeup off your face and get dressed before heading to Daveed’s room. You knock on the door and Ant opens it, Oak at the end of the room, but no Daveed.

“Have you seen Daveed?” You ask as you frown.

“He left, he has a performance down in Brooklyn in an hour or so” Oak answers. “I thought he was going to tell you.”

“I think he tried, but then I was told about my role and had to rush things” you explain.

“And he was mad earlier so…” Ant says and instantly regrets it as you eye him.

“Ant…” You say in a warning tone.

“He…You know what’s up, don’t make me say it, please, he’d kill me.”

“Know what’s up?”

Ant and Oak exchange a look and you look at them curiously. “Daveed was going to tell you two things tonight, but the first one was asking you to go to his performance” Oak explains. “He…He got somewhat jealous about the whole performance, mainly the kiss” he says.

“He knows it’s just an act, but he couldn’t really let it go because he thinks there is something between you and Lin.” Ant says.

“Wait, what? Just because-”

“He heard you two talk before and it’s just a big mess. Just try talking with him, he is acting like a kid” Anthony says as he waves his hands around.

“I…Where exactly?”

Anthony and Oak decided to take you to the place Daveed would be performing. The place was crowded already.

“You think you can find him?” Oak asks as he looks around the place and then at you.

“I think so; I just need to get to the front of the stage. If he wants to acknowledge me, he will. If not I’ll try to sneak backstage. He can’t ignore me forever.”

“You have our phones, we are going home, let us know if you need anything.” Oak says and you smile.

“Thank you, both of you.” You say and hug them both before you wave goodbye at them. As soon as they leave, you start making your way forward until you are a few feet away from the stage.

It only takes a couple of minutes before the beat starts, your heart starts beating wildly. You have never seen Daveed perform before, but you did know of his music, something that not many people knew about you. You hear a couple of girls screaming and shouting that takes you away from your reverie and that’s when you spot Daveed.

His ripped jeans hung low on his hips and his tank top showed those arms that you always saw covered by his uniform or his hoodies. Your eyes wouldn’t tear away from his entire being. He looked different; he looked stunning and hot, obviously. He had started singing and you stare at him as if he were the most handsome person you have seen. A person who apparently liked you back, that got jealous for little things that were an act, someone who made you feel better when you were nervous.

At some point you start singing, rapping at the same speed as him. You had learned the lyrics after many failures and tripping over the words. You had to admit it was a big talent to rap like that naturally.

Get Up started to play next, still admiring Daveed doing what he loved the most. The way his hand moved as he rapped, the way his body just moved accordingly and his curls bouncing every time he moved had you grinning like a little kid. When the female part comes up, which he does not sing obviously, Daveed meets your gaze and you nod your head at him, but you get a smirk and nothing else because he moves to the other corner of the stage. Was he really going to ignore you? A wave or something to acknowledge you would’ve done it, right? As the final verses come, you move your way to the DJ, smiling at him. “Hey, do you have a second mic?”

“Uh, yeah? Why?” The guy questions, eyeing you curiously and so does the guard.

“I want to surprise him. I work with him on Hamilton. Part of the Ensemble” you say, hoping you gave enough information for them to stop looking at you weirdly.

“Oh, yeah. I recognize your face” he says and bends down to get the microphone. “Here you go” he says.

You look at the stage as you take the mic and turn it on as you heard Daveed speaking. “I’ve been doing this musical this whole time and I’m soft as fuck” he says, making you and the crowd laugh before he continues.

“Hey, do you know which song is next?”

“Let’s see…” he pauses as he stares at the computer screen. “Body and Blood” he says and you grin. “Think you can sing that?” He questions and it makes your grin widen.

“I’ll show you” you say and walk up to the stairs where the guard is. He steps to the side with a smile which you return and stay behind until the song starts. You use the instrumental seconds to think when you should step in and as soon as he starts, you know.

The first verses come up, you sing them to yourself before your planned stepped in gets close.

She might let you fuck but she wants…” and there you step in.

Body and Blood” You sing as you join him, stepping into the front of the stage.

Daveed’s eyes widen as he looks at you surprised and shocked and you can’t help but grin, the crowd cheering.

The song goes on and you step in in certain verses which he would let you sing to test that you did knew the lyrics. He looks at the crowd with wide eyes and then turns to you as you sing your favorite part of the song, tweaking it so you it is sang by your perspective.

I got my own home, I got my own set of power tools
My own unmarked van, plan meticulously laid out
And splayed on the walls, all scrawled on dated Polaroids of severed heads plated
I got vials of ketamine, rohypnol, and promethazine, blunts with amphetamines
And whatever your pleasure be, medically, I be readily
Providing the blast sometimes to dine with the finest of wines
Try and you’ll find cut glass to get you cut fast without cuttin’
I got a diamond tattoo on my upper thigh
Another fineness walks by and cuts eyes. ”

And from there Daveed continued as you catch your breath. Soon, the song had come to an end and the crowd starts cheering at both of you. “Give it up for, Y/N!” He shouts and the applauses go off. He gives you a side hug before letting go rather too quickly for your own liking.

You step down out of the stage but stay backstage since the show was almost over.

“That was awesome! Not many girls rap at that speed” the DJ says and you grin as you return the mic.

“Thanks. Took some good days of listening to the song and tripping over my words.” You giggle.

Seconds after, Diggs is saying his goodbyes before he turns to leave. You make sure you are standing somewhere where he can’t ignore your presence.

“Still here?” He asks as he walks down the stairs, not looking at you as he keeps walking, so you follow.

“Daveed we need to talk.” You say as you trail behind him. “There is nothing-”

“Between you and Lin? Doubt it after today” he says once he gets into his backstage room.

“You know it’s an act, Diggs. You know better than that” you say and let out a huff.

“That Lin wants to keep you?” He asks and you give him a questioning expression. “I heard him saying that and after that performance I noticed what he meant” he pulls his hoodie on.

“Can you let me explain?”

“Nothing to explain, Y/N-”

“Damn it, Daveed” you tug on his hoodie sleeve and push him slightly against the wall. “Is it not obvious or are you blind?!”

“I’m not blind at all, I saw everything. First row. He wants to keep you and he made sure we all noticed.”

You smirk and pull away, “Daveed, he said that to me so I can stay as Maria” you say and his hard expression turns into one of confusion.

“Wait, what?”

“Oh so now you want to listen to me? Be happy with those news” You say and eye him one last time before you turn to leave, hoping he’d want to ask more.

Heading to the door, Daveed gets in front of you quickly, making you take a step backwards. “Y/N, what’s going on? I need to know” he was concerned now and you grin to yourself.

“Do you want to talk here or you want to go for a walk?”

“Give me a sec” he says and you nod your head, walking out of the room.

You two walked out of club, staying silent for a few moments before he asked if you had eaten anything which you haven’t. You had rushed to get here with the other boys to meet Daveed here, but you didn’t admit that to him, you wanted to get over the conversation quickly and stopping to eat it would make things more awkward.

“I didn’t know you knew my songs” he breaks the silence, you don’t look at him, but you know there is a faint smile on his lips.

“I know most of them, still catching up” you admit with a smirk.

“Didn’t know you could also sing them, I have to admit I’m impressed.”

“I said so much nonsense the first times even with the lyrics on” you laugh, “I would run out of breath or just look into the lyrics hoping there’d be a verse I could step in and continue singing” you admit.

“You did well tonight. It was a good surprise after all…All of it” he is looking at you and you look at him, your head nods for a moment before you look away to hide your blush as you two walked.

After another minute of walking in silence, he decides to speak. “So?” He questions and you frown. He still sounded so angry at you, or was it you being paranoid? But you knew what he was questioning.

“What you heard was when Lin was telling me I could stay as Maria if I wanted. Like an upgrade” you explain. He looks at you strangely and you add quickly, “That’s why he said he wanted to keep me. I guess he means that he wants someone to stick around longer in the show to guide the others” you say and look at him before you notice you are reaching the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Would you?” Daveed asks, not looking at you.

“I’m not sure…It depends…”

“Depends on Lin’s approval to kiss other boys?”

“Daveed, that was an act, you know that. You kissed Jas once and I never said anything” so maybe you let out more than you should have. Why would you have said something?

He finally looks at you, his eyes showing confusion behind his cute nerd glasses, “Said something?” He questions and you groan internally.

“You know what I mean, but it was all an act” you repeat. “Lin is my best friend, we are close, and I guess that’s why the kiss was like it was and the whole thing.” You add after a few seconds, “We have chemistry, but not like that” you say rather quickly.

“Mhm” he hums and you stop in your tracks, arms crossing against your chest as he turns around, raising an eye brow and looking to the side. “What?” He asks before looking back at you.

“Why dont you believe it? Or believe me?” You ask. “Why can everyone else see it except you?”

“See what?” He asks, his tone exasperated.

“Oh my God” you groan and take a step forward. “I have talked too much, so why don’t you tell me what was wrong with you? You were supposed to invite me here, right? But as soon as I accepted the role you left. Why?”

He almost scoffs to the side, avoiding your gaze before he leans on the rail once you had reached the beginning of the bridge. You could see New York in all its glory. The shiny lights lighting up the whole city. From where you were, in the distance, you could spot the Statue of Liberty. It was a beautiful sight…A beautiful sight to try to push words out from Daveed.

Daveed hesitates, his expression was neutral and he speaks then, “What do you want me to say? That I am jealous?” He asks and the words make your heart skip for a moment. “I was going to ask you to come with me, but as soon as Lin walked in and you agreed I don’t know what happened” he started. “I am very aware that it was all an act, but then I remembered he said he wanted to keep you, and my mind played against me and all sort of things came to my mind I didn’t know how else to react” he was still not looking at you, but out to the river.

“So you were jealous?” You say, hiding a smirk as you lean against the rail besides him. “There is no reason for you to be” you pause, take a breath, and speak, “I like you, Daveed. Pretty sure everyone knows but you” you say and he looks at you from his spot, his curls moving with the small wind.

“Do you?”

You have to roll your eyes at that and you reach to punch his arm playfully, “I swear you are trying to be stupid right now, Diggs. Do you think that if I didn’t I would’ve come all this way to clear things up? Go up stage and sing with you with the fear I’d trip over all the words?” You ask and he chuckles.

“True. You were still damn good” he says and you smile to yourself. For a moment you both stare at the city, you see him move and he goes behind you, arms snaking around your waist, his body warmth making you shiver and you let him pull you close to his chest. “I’m sorry I acted like a jerk today” he whispers into your ear and you hold back a shiver. His voice had changed completely as he spoke to you now, “I guess I was jealous that someone else I knew got to kiss you before I did” he breathes and your eyes flutter close. He was probably aware now of the effect he had on you.

“That isn’t anyone’s fault except yours” you say with a small smirk and he joins.

He turns you around by the waist, your hands moving to settle on his hips. Chocolate hues stare into yours and you feel your cheeks hot. “I can fix that…” he says and one hand moves to rest on your cheek, in the loving assuring way he did today at the theater. This time, you do lean against his big hand and he smiles before he bends down to press his plump lips against yours.

Your breath gets caught on your throat, your body tensing at the new feeling before you give in. Soft lips parted yours and you let out a small sigh of relief that it finally happened. Your lips matched his movements, slow and soft, resting the urge to bite on his lip. His posture shifts, hands moving to the small of your back and pushing you into his body which you were more than happy to obey. The hand on your cheek has started to stroke your jawline and it made you weak on the knees. If it weren’t because he was holding you, you might have slipped.

He pulls away first after a few more seconds, but as he does, he leans one more time to kiss you for a mere second, pecks your lips again and then pulls away. You slowly open your eyes but you can feel his eyes looking at you and your reaction. “Just like I imagined” you breathe out and he chuckles.

“So I wasn’t the only one imagining this moment?”

“Nah” you shake your head playfully and he laughs before kissing your forehead.

“Y/N…” he whispers.


“Would you go on a date with me?”

“Of course” you say with a grin before leaning in to kiss his lips, a soft peck, your lips lingering there for a moment before you hug him, his strong arms going around your frame and holding you close as if he’d never want to let go of you again.

imagine--buddies masterlist

Fandoms Included: Hamilton, Marvel, HP/FB, In The Heights, DC Comics

warning: you might have to scroll a bit to find the fandom. I will put Hamilton at the end since it is our biggest.


Newt Scamander:

Magizoologist 101- You go through the ten steps to learn how to be a Magizoolist with Newt.



I Bet My Life- You confront your mother on your Avengers membership.

Bucky Barnes:

Something Else- Bucky uses your god headphones to kill a guy, and you get kinda mad.

Clint Barton:

Little Bird- Clint surprises you by coming home early.

Sam Wilson:

Sky- Sam takes you up in a plane for your first sky diving lesson as apart of your training.

Wanda Maximoff:

Goodnight- You want to stay up to finish your work. Wanda wants you to sleep. Guess who wins.


Usnavi de la Vega:

De Todas Las Cosas Buenas- You wake up to find yourself in a bed. But it is not your own. 


Stay Here With Me- Benny has a bad day at the dispatch. This results in cuddling.


Consecuencias- Sonny de la Vega X Reader (Ongoing)


Song Fics:

Hurricane- You make a choice for the better of the team.


Aaron Burr:

That’s All I Want-  You come up with an excuse to get Aaron all to yourself on the car ride home. Modern + Christmas AU.

Nursery- Not what you think. There is angst. Modern AU.

The Snake And The Badger- You make an Amortentia, a potion that’s supposed to let you smell the scent of your soulmate. Now the question is… who exactly is your soulmate?  Hogwarts + Soulmate (kinda) AU.

Alexander Hamilton:

Vs. 1: Swings- Alex needs a hug. At two in the morning. Modern AU.

Vs. 2: Lies- You find out about the affair of your adulterous husband. 

It’s For The Best- You find out that you’re pregnant by your best friend Alexander, but he doesn’t know that. Modern AU.

George Fredrick (KG3):

Félicitations- You have something important to tell your husband, George. But he’s in France, and you’re in England. So you get creative. Modern AU.

George Washington:

I Always Do- You go through your life with George. 

Hercules Mulligan:

I Fell For You- Hercules gets really flustered around you. Modern +Bar AU

I Broke My Arm- Mariah drags you to go skating. Ice skating. She as never had a worse idea. Or was it? Modern AU.

A Great Week- Your adventure to Comic Con with Hercules as Frozone and Honey. Modern + Nerd AU.

Walk Away- If your husband is dead, then why are you seeing him around town? Modern + Spy AU.

James Madison:

Wink- You’ve had a bad day. All you want is a hot shower, and a nap, but when you get into the shower. It’s cold. You take your anger out on your husband. Modern AU

I Believe You- James proposes, but you’re not ready for it. Modern AU.

Silly Rabbit- You dress up in a bunny costume to surprise the children at the hospital. Modern AU.

John Laurens:

Snap!- John takes you on a date for your anniversary and a surprise ensues. Modern AU.

Fireworks- You have a sleepover with the sisters and Mariah. After watching a scary movie, John asks you to meet him under a bridge. In the dark. At two AM. To say you’re reluctant is an understatement. Modern + College AU.

Drunken Minds- You get drunk with John and the Hamilsquad. Modern AU.

Homecoming- John has something important to ask you. You have something important to tell him. Modern AU.

How I Met Your Mother- You and John have this thing. I guess you could say it was a game. Will you let him win? Hell no. Modern + Bar AU.

Favorite Place- You’re pissed because of none other than Thomas-freaking-Jefferson. John takes you to your favorite place to put your mind at ease. Modern + College AU.

Marquis de Lafayette:

Je Te Pardonne- You get jealous. To say the least. In your defense, YOU DONT JUST CANCEL ON GAME NIGHT LAFAYETTE. Modern AU.

Mon Bibliothécaire- You meet Lafayette while taking care of a book store for a friend. Book Store AU.

Take A Break- You go through surgery and Lafayette takes care of you. Modern AU.

Philiip Hamilton:

Reckless- You make an irrational decision. Alt. ending

Valentine’s Special: Happy Valentine’s Day- In our 2017 Valentine’s day special and Phillip stay in and have a special date. Modern AU.

Thomas Jefferson:

Win Some Or Lose Some- You go to Cabinet Battle #2 and you have some things to tell Alexander. TAG TEAM!!

Another One Bites The Dust- Thomas sabotages your dates.  Modern AU.

Safe Driving- You go to a Halloween Party with Thomas. He gets a little jealous. You get a little drunk. Modern + College AU.

Coffee Cup- Thomas flirts with you, and your brother, Alex, finds out. Modern + Coffee Shop AU.


Daveed Diggs:

Vacation- Daveed needs a vacation, so do you.

A Birthday In Color- It’s your birthday! Maybe this year you find your soulmate? Nahhhhhhh ;). Soulmate AU.

Leslie Odom Jr.:

Here For You- You’re pregnant, and craving. Leslie tends to your every need, but you’re scared that you’re holding him back.

Duets- Leslie and Lin go to a jazz club because Lin wants Leslie to hear you sing. 

Okieriete Onaodowan:

I Didn’t Mean To Ignore You- You don’t do your homework and you end up accidentally ignore the new kid for two weeks. Oops? High School Au.

The Good Days- You and Oak meet up again after years of seeing each other. Even after years of no communication it still felt like the good old days. 

Thayne Jasperson:

Donut For Donut- You’re new to the Hamilcast, and you know what they say. Best way to the heart is through the stomach.

Number 6- You go bowling with Thayne and meet the cast.

Chocolate Chip, Pancakes, and Dancing- You spend a lazy day with Thayne and your baby.


What Comes Next?- King George X Fem! Reader: Soulmate AU (Postponed)

 A Million Words- Thomas Jeffereson X Reader: Modern AU (Completed)

I Owe You- Hercules Mulligan X Reader: Modern AU  (Postponed)

Court & Courter- Hercules Mulligan X Spy! Fem! Reader TURN AU  (Postponed)

Unfaithful- Thomas Jefferson X Reader X Lafyette Modern AU (Completed)

All Is Fair- Lafayette X Fem! Reader in war (Completed)

It’s Only A Matter Of Time- Hamilsquad X Reader Time Travel AU  (Postponed)

Race Against Time- Alexander Hamilton X Fem! Reader (Ongoing)

Tears Over Beers- James Madison X Reader High School AU (Ongoing)

More To Come

Out Of The Blue | Kurt Wagner

Words: 905

Fandom: X-Men

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Warning(s): too much fluff, you have been warned😭

Requested by anonymous:  Hi!! if requests are still open, maybe a Kurt Wagner x reader fic? I love your work!!

A/N: I’m finally catching up with my queue, hurray! I really hope this writer’s block doesn’t last long ‘cause I’m having such a hard time keeping up with all the requests yet at the same time I don’t want to close them ‘cause I love beings sent ideas too much! Don’t worry though, I’m never giving up on queue. I’ll make it! I hope you liked this one, Kurt is such a little blueberry and I love him so much! 😍

Originally posted by marvelmuggle

You were wandering through the school’s gardens with a friend, listening to them go on and on about their most recent crush. You tried to pay attention, you really did but your mind couldn’t help but drift off to a million other little things.

You smelled the fresh air around you, a pleasant change from the mundane smell of cleaning products that filled every classroom. Looking around, your eyes fell on the flowers that had been tight buds only days ago had begun to open, they already had a deeper blush of pink. The winter should still be in force but already spring had pushed it back to moderate temperatures and the a gentle breeze was messing with your hair but you couldn’t care less.

Then your eyes flicked around the green trees until you spotted a familiar figure resting under the big oak tree and you immediately smiled to yourself at the sight. You knew how much Kurt loved spending time outside and you often liked to join him, which often resulted in hours spent laying on the soft grass as you chatted endlessly. Other times he’d ask you to read to him because he loved your voice and you could never resist his adorable pleas.

Your gaze remained on him, looking to see that toothy grin he always wore when he saw you but instead he remained in the same position, curled into a ball with his head buried in his legs. You suddenly felt concern wash over you, something was wrong and you could feel it.

Before your friend even got a chance to finish what they were saying, you excused yourself and ran over to Kurt. At first, he didn’t seem to notice your presence but you stepped on a twig that snapped and alerted him. 

Startled, he whipped his head up and took in your form through his blurry vision. The sunlight was hitting your back so gracefully, adorning your form and illuminating your white wings so perfectly he swore he had never witnessed such a beautiful sight before.

Blinking twice to fight the tears that kept coming, he watched silently as you took a seat next to him - your sweet smile quickly replaced by a look of concern. He wiped the remainder tears on his sleeves, his cheeks turning a light shade of lilac at the way your thighs touched while you inched closer.

“Kurt? What’s wrong, why are you crying?” you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear to take a better look at his eyes, puffy and swollen. You hated seeing him like that.

“It’s nothing, really.” he sniffed a little and your heart broke at the thought that he didn’t trust you enough to share his problem. But you weren’t giving up so easily.

“Sweetie, please tell me what’s wrong. Perhaps I can help you.”

His cheeks flushed an even darker color at your use of nickname. It was hard for him to concentrate on anything else when you were around.

“Ze other students, zey make fun of me.” he sniffled again, fighting more tears.

“Why?” you tilted your head in genuine confusion, which caused a small smile to tug on his lips.

He could never get enough of how you treated him like he was perfectly normal. God, he had fallen so hard for you, it honestly scared him at times. He had never felt that way before but it was so blissful. Your mere presence gave him such serenity.

“Because I’m different.” he answered in a broken whisper and your face dropped at the insecurity behind his words. How could anyone make fun of someone as unique and special as Kurt?

“Well, all of us are different - that’s why we’re here.” 

“It’s not ze same wiz me. Zey say I’m weird.” his eyes fell on the scales that decorated his blue skin.

You snorted a little in response. “Don’t be silly. This is place where we don’t have to hide our individuality. There’s not a student in here that’s ‘normal’. We all have something that makes us unique.”

“Yes, but my mutation is not beautiful like yours. You have your wings and zey are great.” he pointed at the angel-like wings that decorated your back. “I’m just blue…” his voice trailed off with a loud sigh.

“Well, blue is a lovely color. I love blue!” you perked up and a bright smile tugged at your lips as he stared back at you in disbelief. “Do you need a hug?” you suggested in a singsong voice and you could swear you had never seen him blush so hard.

“Um…I…” seeing how he was struggling with his answer, you wrapped your arms around his waist quickly and he froze for a while but you felt his own arms snake around your shoulders as you snuggled deeper in his embrace.

“Thank you.” you heard him whisper in your hair.

“Oh, don’t mention it.” you pulled back to peck his cheek sweetly before you stood up and fixed the wrinkles on your skirt. “I should get going before class begins, but I’ll see you later, right?” you smiled down at him but all he could do was gaze at you dreamily and how the sunlight falling on your back made you look.

‘Like an angel from Heaven’ he couldn’t help but think as you walked away and he could feel the butterflies in his stomach.


Summary: Because you are a weak witch, your boyfriend Klaus doesn’t want you to help the Mikaelsons when they are facing yet another dangerous enemy. But there’s more to you than what meets the eye and it’s time to show just how powerful you really are.

Pairing: KlausxReader
Words: 880

A/N: I apologize for any mistakes, it’s late at night (at least for me) but I really wanted to post this now. I hope you like it!

Another day. Another threat. Another argument.

Y/N: I’ll come with you.

Klaus: No, you won’t. I need you to stay here where I know that you’ll be safe.

Y/N: But I can help. I’m a witch, remember?

Klaus: We already have a witch.

This is what all of your arguments always come down to; that you’re too weak a witch to be of any help. Obviously you knew that you were not as strong as other witches such as Freya but you were tired of never helping the Mikaelsons when there was danger around. Surely you would be able to help on some level no matter what. And you did not like being overly protected by your boyfriend.

Y/N: Just so you know Klaus

You always called him Nik; unless you were this mad at him.

Y/N: I’ve been practicing my magic quite a bit recently. I’ve gotten a lot stronger.

The corner of his mouth lifted, revealing that annoying smirk of his.

Klaus: Really? Then how come you haven’t sensed Freya’s boundary spell?

That took you completely off guard. What boundary spell?

Klaus must have seen the confusion in your eyes because his smirk only grew bigger.

Klaus: That was what I thought.

It did not take long before your confusion turned into anger.

Y/N: You put a boundary spell on me?! Seriously Klaus!

Klaus: I only did what I had to in order to protect you.

Y/N: By taking away my free will? Gosh, I can’t even look at you.

The only thing which you wanted to do was to get out of the compound – but it was the only which you could not do.

You turned round on your heels, not wanting to look at him for a second more and stomped your way to your and Klaus’ bedroom. After slamming the door, you threw yourself at the bed.

For the first minutes, your cheeks were red and your breathing heavy. But slowly you cooled down. After all, Klaus was right about some things. Even now when you knew about the boundary spell, you still were not able to sense it. Maybe you were an even weaker witch than you had thought and Klaus did the only right thing to make sure that you did not get hurt.

Despite having come to terms with the situation, you still did not want to leave the room; you never had enjoyed admitting that you were wrong. You and Klaus were very similar on that point.

But when you suddenly heard a scream below, you instantly rose. Because it was not just any scream – it was Klaus’.

You hurried downstairs. Even though you did not have time to prepare yourself for what might be waiting, nothing could have prepared you for the scene before you.

Mikael was there. He held Klaus captured against the wall. One hand was around Klaus’ neck. And the other one? It held the white oak stake. And it was dangerously close to your boyfriend’s heart.

Y/N: No!

Part of you had thought that the shock and terror would freeze you. But to your own surprise, they did not. Without you control, your instincts took over. Your arms were raised, your mouth was saying words that your brain did not know that it knew, and an unknown force of energy flowed inside your body until it was sent in Mikael’s direction, instantly paralyzing him.

Even Klaus froze for a few moments, shocked at your powers reach. But he quickly got over the surprise, grabbed the white oak stake and shoved it into his father’s heart – once again watching him burning up in flames.

When his eyes met yours, they were filled with surprise and admiration – but also greatly worry. But it was difficult of you to read them because the room begun spinning and suddenly there were two versions of Klaus looking at your worriedly.

Klaus: Y/N? Are you alright?

Before you had the chance to tell him that you were fine, your energy disappeared and your legs gave away. But instead of falling onto the hard floor, you fell softly into Klaus’ strong arms.

When you spoke, it was only a low whisper.

Y/N: I’m fine. I’ll be fine.

Despite your words, you had a hard time keeping your eyes open. The unusual use of your power exhausted you more than ever; even your bones felt tired. However, you could feel that you were in no danger – you just needed time to regain your strength.

Klaus carefully lifted you and bore you into your bedroom and placed you on the bed before he laid down next to you, holding you tightly into him. You placed your forehead on his warm chest.

Y/N: I told you that I had gotten a lot stronger.

Even though your voice was still fairly weak, Klaus could not help but smile.

Klaus: Trust me Y/N, you’re the strongest witch I know.

You were not the kind of witch who was able to do every spell to perfection. But you were able to save the ones who had a special place in your heart. And most importantly, you were able to change one of the most evil creatures on Earth into an honest and loving man – now that is true magic.

Happy twenty years of Pokemon, guys!! Words cannot describe how happy and grateful I am to Pokemon for existing. Like… whoa. It’s been around for twenty years today. As well as for myself, and for anyone else who got started on it when the show came out. And it’s still going strong. I still definitely cherish it, that’s for sure. It’ll always have a special place in my heart. No matter what Pokemon is doing these days with Ash. Whether who he’s with or where he is, it’ll always be something I love. But I have an extra soft spot for the orginal trio. That’s what really hits home for me. Ash, Misty, and Brock. It started for me with the three of them and that’s how it’ll always be. And everytime I hear the original theme song for it, I’m seven years old again, sitting in my living room and watching it before going to school. It’s been with me through my childhood and into my adult years. Which can be said for anyone because it’s not just for kids, it’s for people of all ages. That’s just another thing that makes it so great. I have so many wonderful memories of it, and it’s been apart of my life during the best years. So, I have the creators to thank, and the voice actors for bringing them to life. Cause if it wasn’t for them, this amazing franchise wouldn’t exist. And then there’s you guys for being so totally awesome with your fanart and keeping the spirit alive! So definitely keep that going and spread the pokemon love with that. Anyway though! Big, big shout outs to Satoshi Tajiri, Veronica Taylor for being the one and only voice for Ash Ketchum, Rachel Lillis for slaying Misty, and Eric Stuart for voicing Brock like no one else can. This goes for the whole Pokemon crew. Team Rocket, Mama Ketchum, Gary and Prof. Oak. Etc. And YOU guys on Tumblr for taking the time to read this nonsense! ;~; THANK YOU! And happy Twentieth Anniversary of Pokemon!! xoxo

I also wrote up a fic for today as well, because I have to celebrate in every single way I can.

Title: Timeless

Characters: Ash, Misty, Brock.

Rating: K

Summary: The trio dives into an album and share some laughs, some tears, and a whole lot of love. May contain pokeshipping.

It can be found here.


Three popular and gorgeous females construct a fail proof plan to transform Bay Valley High’s social loner into playboy Grayson Dolan’s demise.

Originally posted by thedolangifs

Chapter 4 : Grayson Dolan will die

The text is there and plainly written in grey across the screen, if anyone would have mentioned Grayson Dolan would be picking me up for a date, I would’ve laughed so hard an organ would bust. I am not a girl that he would even take a second glance at, and I don’t like to admit that this transformation is the only reason why. That truth doesn’t stop the butterflies erupting across my abdomen at the recollection of his lips over mine; and I also refuse to admit how my mind hasn’t left the thought of him alone since then.

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Leading Suspects: Epilogue

Well, here we are. It’s been quite the journey, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it, especially you, @peetabreadgirl! There’s a strong chance I’d be crying in the corner over something fic related without you in my life. Clearly, you’re my Johanna. ;-) The story will be up on AO3 and FF.net in its entirety by the end of the week. I’ve been posting chapters five at a time, so if you follow me over there, I apologize for the flood of notification e-mails. Will make one more post here once it’s complete on the other sites. Smutty MCSmutterson out!

“Do you think they’ll serve pie?”

“Don’t eat the strawberry if they do. Just to be safe.” I smother my laughter at this and lean back against the trunk of the apple tree I scaled half an hour ago, the speakers below me unaware of my presence.

The funny thing about gossip and scandal is that it’s a stupid, fickle thing. Two years after I returned to Twelve Willows to propose a joint Daily Fix and bakery franchise to Peeta and ask him out for real, so much has already changed, and yet so much remains the same.

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Special day (D.O Kyungsoo scenario)

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Pairing: Do Kyungsoo / You

Rating: 12+

Prompt: “Just take care of him.”

Writer: monicaexol (My name is Monica)

*This is my first time writing a oneshot, so please don’t judge too harshly, thank you!*

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

You were extremely happy today, and why wouldn’t you be? Today was an important day! You’d be meeting Kyungsoo and spending the entire day with him. You hadn’t really seen him for a while, okay fine, you met him last week, but your undeniable love (or as the guys say, your crazy infatuation for him) keeps you wanting to see more of him.

The thought of it only made your small feet pace a little quicker as you were eager to see him. Kyungsoo always made fun of the size of your feet and prided himself by saying his were a lot bigger, but you’d only shove of his playful comments by name calling him “big foot”. You glanced down at your feet and began laughing at your own thoughts, wondering how anything and everything always seemed remind you of him.

As you practically skipped to his flat, you felt a water droplet tap your nose, and like a complete idiot you carried on skipping until the rain came plummeting down on you. Annoyed by the sudden change of weather, you glared up at the sky whilst battling with your umbrella for it to open.

It was pointless.

You reached his front door and you were practically soaked to your skin, but that still didn’t stop your beaming smile spread right across your face. It had been a couple of minutes now, you rang the bell again shivering from the cold, until you heard his soothing voice cheer from the other side of the oak door, “Coming, coming!”

You smiled at his voice. With a little more shuffling and a couple of clicks, the door swung open to reveal the handsome man you had fallen head over heals for, Do Kyungsoo.

“Took you long enough!” You giggled, as you watched his face. Usually you were able to tell exactly how he was feeling, many even commented saying that he had a cold face and never revealed his true expressions. Though you knew him well, after all you were his girlfriend. You observed his posture, he looked slightly tired. His hair was a mess and his shirt was unevenly buttoned. Had he forgotten about today? You brushed off your thoughts quickly and smiled, “Aren’t you gonna let me in?” A shy smile creeped onto his face, making him look slightly embarrassed. “Yeah ahaha.” He laughs at his own cute mistake and moves to the side allowing you to shift in.

“Look at you Y/N, you’re soaked! Hold on, let me get you a towel.” He rushed off to try and help you dry off, meanwhile you took of your coat and hung it over a chair. You stroll over to the bathroom and open your umbrella, then place it in the tub, that way any water on the umbrella drips into the tub, not onto the clean laminated floor in the living room.

“Y/N, where are you?” Kyungsoo called, his voice sounded almost panicky. You let out a breathy laugh, “I’m only in the bathroom!” you utter loudly enough for him to hear. Calmly you make your way out into the living room, only to find a half worried Kyungsoo moving towards you.

“You okay?” You ask him as he playfully throws a towel on your head and starts rubbing it around to try and dry you. This is what you loved about him, his caring and loving nature. You peeked through the towel to see his heart shaped smile gleam at you, this only made your heart flutter and your cheeks flush pink. “All better?” His honey silk voice beams through the room as you erupt with laughter, you can never get enough of his coyness. “Much better!” You pronounce back, gaining a small chuckle from him.

A comfortable silence engulfs the room but is soon interrupted when a phone begins to ring. “Yours?” He asks. “Right here.” You say as you wave your phone and place it on the table, though it’s not ringing. He hastily looks around, “Is it yours?” He doesn’t look at you, his eyes are darting around the room. “Nope, mines right here.” He places his down too. “Maybe one of the guys left it here, most likely Jongin. He’s the forgetful one!” You chortle at your own words but notice the Kyungsoo is still a little distracted.

“Well, I can’t wait till I get my hands on that phone. They may have embarrassing pictures right? Totally useful for blackmail!” Quickly you begin throwing up the pillows from the sofa to try and hunt down the phone as quick as Kyungsoo was, making it your own little competition to find it before him. “Y/N, you’ve just come from a long walk, don’t worry about it, I’ll find it okay? Just sit here.” Kyungsoo tells you, his eyes still frantically moving across the room.

“You sure you’re okay Soo?” You ask him as you stoke his arm. The phone stops ringing leaving the sound of rain pattering against the window as the only sound vibrating through the flat. He finally glances at you. “I’m okay jagiya” he replies, his eyes finally relax as he pulls you into a soft hug. His strong arms embrace you and you fall into an immediate trance. How does he manage to always make me feel so special? You think to yourself.

Soon you pull out of the hug, “I’m gonna get something to drink, you want anything?” You ask him. Even though this was his flat, you felt perfectly at home since this was practically your own home. Kyungsoo had even given you a spare set of keys but you never used them because you liked the way he’d look at you when he opens the door and sees you in front of him. “I’m okay, thanks.” He replied, his velvety voice echoed deeply, honestly you could just sit next to him and listen to him speak utter nonsense for your whole life.

As you enter the kitchen your eyes fall into the counter top, a phone sat there patiently as though waiting to be examined.

Rose gold? You thought.

You felt a cold hand drape around yours and pull the phone out of your hands, frantically he stuffed it in his pocket whilst grasping your hand and carefully pulling you out of the kitchen.

“Which of the guys has the rose gold edition?” You asked slightly amused at the choice of colour, not to say that pink is simply a girls colour, it’s just that the guys have always expressed their hatred for that colour.

“Actually it’s Xiumin Hyungs sisters! I mean, he lost his, yeah he lost it, so, so, so his sister let him borrow his till he recieved his new one.” He choked out the words rather quickly whilst stumbling over a few of them.

“Makes sense, sorry Jongin for calling you forgetful!” You chuckled again and glanced at Kyungsoo. A thin layer of sweat piled over his forehead, you went to hold his hand and felt it shake in yours. You lifted your eyes to meet his, but weren’t able to read anything.

“Are you really okay Soo?” Faintly you asked, to be honest he’d been worrying you since you got here. But you didn’t want a make a scene of it, especially on this day. It felt like an eternity while you were waiting for his reply. Your eyes left his and roamed the room thinking of how to cheer him up, and that’s when you saw it.

A pair of heels perfectly aligned next to his trainers.

And you knew for a fact that they weren’t yours.

Instantly your eyes raced back to his demanding for an explanation, but you couldn’t find them because he was staring down at the floor.

A sea of thoughts came flooding in, some trying to convince you that Kyungsoo would never cheat on you. He loves you. You need to trust him. He would never hurt you. You mean a lot to him.

Then the other thoughts were pure fire and screams from your heart. How could he? I can’t believe him! He’s broken my trust! But I love him! Why?

Once again silence penetrated the room, rather uncomfortably, and this time, the sound of falling rain wasn’t available to cover up your hearts cries. All was broken when his bedroom door slowly creaked open revealing a timid girl entering the room. The closer she got, the blurrier your vision became. Yet somehow, everything became so much more clear.

“Y/N, I can explain, please, please hear me.”

You looked at her with tear stained eyes. She was wearing a blue dress with her hair falling past her shoulders, she trudged out and buffered next to the table where you and Kyungsoo were on the opposite end.

You always put on the persona of a strong confident girl to mask the fact that you were actually quite shy and frail. You loved Kyungsoo with your whole heart because he accepted you as you were.

Never had you asked him why he came home much later than he could’ve, you always assumed it was because he stayed to practice extra, ignoring the fact that he guys reached home at least 4 hours earlier. You never doubted his love for you because you thought you could always see it in his eyes. You never felt ignored by him because hearing his soothing voice for one day could fill you with a lifetimes happiness.

But all that changed today.

He reaches out to hold you but you back away, tears colliding with the solid ground below. Somehow the girl also seemed ashamed, she hasn’t yet lifted her head once.

“Explain then.” You whisper through your suppressed cries.

“Y/N, I love you, I do. But lately.. I just… I…”

He paused and took a deep breath.

“I saw Miya at a cafe one day after practice. There wasn’t anyone around. We started talking as friends, I promise, I had no intention of cheating on you and losing your trust, but then one thing led to another and…”

He stopped, his eyes darted each of your own.


“I fell in love with her.”

So that’s how it felt, to have the earth beneath your feet shake so violently. Your whole world had shattered, the very world that Kyungsoo had made for you. You realised that if someone can give you all the happiness in the world, then that same person can give you the most pain in the world. It felt like a dagger and been thrust into your heart in one swift move. Your chest ached and your legs felt numb, buckling and almost giving up on you, just as he did. Your eyes mimicked his wide eyes, the same eyes that had stolen all your attention for the past 6 months. You were left in a haze, trying to process everything that you heard. Every inch of you wanted to yell at him, to break everything in the room, to smash the windows so that you could let in some oxygen and finally breath.

You didn’t.

You slugged towards the girl who had her head hung low, and it was evident that she feared you might slap her, and she bravely prepared herself for it. That is until she felt your soft hand take hers.

You walked over to Kyungsoo and put her hand in his.

He looked at their hands, and then back at you, wide eyed. His face a mixture of confusion, guilt and relief.

The girl felt his hand and whipped her head up looking at you with tears brimming in her eyes. Wow, she’s beautiful. Is this why he left me? The thought crashed against your mind causing you more agony.

“Thank you” she gasped.

“Just take care of him.” Is all you say as you look at them both with a forced half smile upon your face.

Steadily, you walk over to wall on your right, a picture of you and Kyungsoo bound on the wall. You tiptoe and take it off.

“Please… don’t…” Kyungsoo says as tears escape his doe eyes.

“Let me keep this one.” You say, a faint smile widens on your face while you observe the picture in your hands, it was the picture you took on your first date. You were wearing a blue flowing dress, and your hair was flying around in the wind, Kyungsoo was watching you intently with a smile plastered on his face. You hug the picture and place in on the table.

Then, you turn to your bag and pull out a new photo of you and him. It was taken last week while you were on a date. He was laughing clumsily as you gazed lovingly into his eyes. You held the picture against your chest before walking towards him and looking into those same eyes. That’s when you realised, it was always one sided. The love you saw in his eyes, was actually just the reflection of your own. It was unfair to hold onto him if he didn’t feel the same way, you had to learn to let go, because you had now learnt that if you love something, you must set it free.

You hand the photo over to him, he looks at it with a smile washed onto his face.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He glances Miya who understandingly let’s go of his hand, he brings his usually strong hands up to your face and brushes away your damp hair. You could feel them shake as he did so. You brace yourself as he places his final kiss on your forehead. A last tear falls from your eyes and you refuse to let him see.

“You’re welcome.” You say, eyes still focused on the ground.

You turn to pick up your bag and place your old photo inside. Then you head towards the door.

“Please forgive me.” You can hear Kyungsoo in the back but you don’t turn.

You reach the door and give him one final glance, trying to capture him and all the happiness he’s given you in one go, “Happy anniversary,” you say then you exit and walk away.

When you reached outside you felt the cold air brush away your tears that began falling. Today may not have been what you expected, but now you know that your true love had found his true love, and that’s all you needed to help your broken heart heal.

Maybe someday you’d find someone who loves you dearly, and then you can have your special day…

little joy

◇ You weep in happiness and sadness, for the losses and pain you’d experienced, but also for the little joy blooming inside of you.

◇ Chen x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ a slight continuation of a scenario called Ambrosial, as i promised like :) ten :) years :) ago :) baekhyun and lay vampire aus can be found on my blog!

◇more vampire!chen - ambrosial, vampire!d.o - belonging


Hunters were the lowest of the low in anyone’s mind. They were disgusting humans with no empathy for anything that they deemed supernatural, whether you were a child, woman, man, both or neither. The hunters had been growing restless; Beings were being extra careful lately, and so, they decided to start spreading fear through the supernatural community.

Chen was furious. He had a baby on the way, a beautiful wife who cared more for family than her own life. With hunters on the loose, he was constantly worried about his wife, who would be targeted even though she was human simply because she carried his child. Although he didn’t doubt he had the power to protect her, and he would most definitely die for both _____ and his unborn child, he knew hunters were sly and deceitful people, and would do anything to see Beings die.

You, however, weren’t that worried. You had never experienced the savagery of hunters, and you were much too caught up with pregnancy to care about a group of humans who thought they could touch you. You were to have a beautiful baby with the man you loved. How could you let something like this bring you down from your joyful high?

“There’s nothing to be worried about,” you chastise your husband, rolling your eyes at the dark look on his face. You were three months into your pregnancy, though your child would come quicker than a human child. You were ready to find out the gender of your child, through a witch who worked for a clinic that specialized in vampire-human pregnancies.

“How would hunters just happen to attack the same clinic I’m in at the exact time I’m there?” At your words, Chen sighs deeply. He kneels down in front of where you’re sitting on the edge of your bed, nuzzling his nose against your protruding stomach.

“I just need you to be safe, my love,” he murmurs through gentle kisses to your stomach, revelling in the feeling of your hands combing through his hair. “Both of you.”

“I know you do,” you smile, “But really, there’s nothing to be worried about. Lalisa’s shop is masked with witchcraft. Even if they did manage to pass by there, they’d never realize there was even a shop there.”

“Hunters are crafty,” Chen argues, “We could always call her to come here…”

“Enough,” you say, clasping your hands together. “But do you not want to find out if we’re going to have a little prince or princess?”

Chen lets out a disbelieving laugh, “You’re twisting my words, sweetheart.”

“Not at all.” You stand from your seat on the bed and pick up your bag from where it had been set when Chen started telling you to not go. “You’ll be there in time, right?”

Hs sighs in defeat, but nonetheless answers, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


After Chen had vaporized you to the clinic, he placed a kiss on your forehead. “I’ll be here in a few minutes, okay? Be careful.” You nod at his words and enter the clinic. Although it was masked by witchcraft, you had to have been invited in by one of the witches inside to access it.

“Ms. Kim,” Lalisa greeted you warmly. You returned her smile as she started to explain how she would tell the gender of your child - a tiny potion would allow her to read the aura of the child inside of you. It was as simple as that. “You’ll just have to wait here for a few minutes.”

She gestured to a small sitting area, though there was nobody sitting there. That was to be expected, of course, since vampire-human pregnancies weren’t the most common in the supernatural world. You sighed gently as you lowered yourself into a comfortable seat in the corner of the area, nerves filling you as you realized what was about to happen. A little boy or girl inside of you, a little boy or girl for you and Chen tomlove and care for.

You stiffen suddenly. You feel somebody’s eyes on you, and you hope it’s Chen, finished with the business with his brothers. But as you look up and meet a pair of bright purple eyes, you know it’s not Chen. The witch that’s staring at you is sending chills up your spine. You get a bad feeling from her - whether it’s from her eyes or the way she’s staring at you with an emotion you can’t quite place - regret? Sorrow? You don’t get very long to guess, though, because the witch from before is standing you up and leading you to the room in which she’ll tell you about your child.

“Who was she?” You ask Lalisa slowly as she leads you into a room with books on almost every surface. In the middle, there’s a table and some chairs.

“Her? She’s new around here, doesn’t talk much,” the witch comments, pulling out the vial of potion from an old briefcase, gesturing for you to sit down. “Anyway, are we waiting for someone?”

“Hm? Oh, yes, my husband. He should be here soon…”

“That’s fine. We’ll just get you to drink this so that we can get right on with it when he arrives.” The potion is tasteless but the excitement bubbling in your stomach is sweet - you really cannot wait for Chen to arrive.

You’re about to open your mouth and ask about that witch again, but you’re interrupted by a blood curdling scream. Your heart jumps in your chest as fear replaces excitement - you look to the girl in front of you, limbs feeling weak with fright. This can’t be happening. The witch in front of you is gaping at the door, where the screaming is coming from behind. And then it’s all silent - you gulp as tension fills the room. Then you hear it - the walking. Thud. Thud. Thud. Coming closer to your room.

Lalisa gulps, standing from her seat. “I - I’m sure nothing’s wrong,” she assures. “N-nobody can get in here without permission from a witch…” It seems as if she’s reassuring herself more than you.

A scream is wrenched from your throat as the heavy oak door is pulled open, an arrow flying from the open space and straight into the leg of the witch beside you. You hear her cry out, and then you’re up from your seat in a second, bending down beside the crying girl and checking her injury. “It’s okay,” you’re comforting her, tears of fear in your eyes.

“Get up!” A voice snarls, and you feel a rough hand grab at your arm, yanking you up with no concern for your pregnant stomach. You yelp as you come face to face with a man - he’s pale, with a scruffy beard and a crooked nose, eyes empty of all empathy for anyone in the clinic. He’s pushing you through the door, another hunter grabbing the injured witch inside and dragging her along, and you feel yourself grow weaker at the sight of outside.

Some of the witches that had been in the clinic, some of the patients… if they were not laying motionless on the ground, staring lifelessly at the ceiling, they were huddled in a corner, tears running down their faces at the image of their fallen sisters and friends.

You’re shoved roughly onto a seat in the seating area. It’s unreal to think that not even 30 minutes ago, you were sitting here peacefully, not a care in the world. Now here you are, fearing for your life and the life of your unborn child. You see the witch from before being pushed to the floor, her leg dripping blood.

There are more hunters here, all different shapes and sizes but all with the hateful glint in their eyes as they glance at you. How… how did they get in? You turn your head slightly and meet eyes with the witch from earlier - her eyes are filled with tears, and at the realization that she’s locked eyes with you, she shakes her head. I’m sorry…

Cold despair hits you as if you’ve dived into the sea in winter. These people, these hunters… Chen was right. With him being an important vampire, he tended to be targeted more than the average 3rd class vampire. But why would that witch help hunters to target you-?

“Call him,” you hear, hissed into your ear as a hand threads painfully through your hair and yanks your head back. You narrow your eyes, trying to be as strong as possible. You know Chen is with his brothers, and if you call him in distress there’s a big chance that they’ll all come to help - but you find yourself doubting their power. These hunters managed to just kill an entire coven of witches in under 10 minutes. How would they fare against 9 1st class vampires? Were the hunters that strong? Could they… kill your husband?

“No,” you refuse, feeling tears slipping from your eyes at the throbbing pain in your head. An angry snarl resonates through the silence and you whimper, screwing your eyes tight.

“You’ll call him,” you hear another voice say, a feminine one, sickly sweet but with a bitter bite that sends chills throughout your body. Your breath catches in your throat as you feel something thin and cold trace over your stomach, and you feel anger mingle in with the fear in your heart. “Unless you want to lose your precious baby?”

Your arms shoot to cover your stomach in horror at her words, tears creating silvery paths down your face. You’re silent for a few minutes, refusing to answer for fear of what might happen either way. The hunter must take this silence as refusal, because she sighs in fake disappointment, bringing the knife above her head. “I’m not gonna lie,” she says with a devilish grin, “I’ve been wanting to do this since your pregnancy was announced.” And then she’s bringing the knife down.

Chen!” You scream the words before you know what’s happening, and then suddenly he’s there. The knife in the woman’s hand is flung across the room, embedded into the thick walls. Chen looks livid - and so do his brothers. At the sight of the 8 other men, the hunter’s faces turn an ashy grey. They obviously hadn’t expected all of EXO clan to be present.

Chen is passed talking to. Fangs bared, he charges at one of the hunters too quickly for them to process, tearing into their neck furiously. Feeling somebody behind him, Chen turns, grabbing the stake in the hunter’s hands and pushing it into her stomach. The rest of the hunters have been detained by his brothers, who’ve decided to hand over the hunters to the government.

“Chen!” Xiumin grunts, grabbing Chen’s arm in an attempt to prevent him from tearing the head off of the woman who had threatened to hurt you and his child. “We’ve got this-”

“I’m going to tear their limbs from their bodies,” Chen has stopped struggling but his eyes were still the darkest shade of black you’d ever seen. “They touched her. They hurt her.”

“ ____, Chen, she’s still here and she’s scared-” It seems as if Chen had forgotten you were still in the room, witnessing everything that had happened. You had moved to bend beside the witch that was to tell you the gender of your child, checking her injuries to see if it was anything too serious.

“I - I’m so sorry,” you uttered, tears falling down your face at the reminder that most of her sisters were dead. “I’m so, so, sorry… How did they get in?”

Although there were tears dripping down her face, she smiled. Her eyes flickered to someone behind you, before she was focusing on you again. “That witch you were asking about? I can only assume she was threatened. It’s a common hunter’s trick. It’s okay, really. None of us… none of us could’ve known that this would happen. All that’s important now is that most of us are okay… including the little boy you carry.”

You hear a sharp inhale behind you as you freeze, removing your hands from the arrow still in her leg to look at her. “A - a boy?” You feel Chen kneel down behind you, wrapping his arms around you and settling his hands onto your stomach.

“The potion is still in your system,” she whispers joyfully, watching as tears of happiness well in your eyes. “The little boy in you is strong, just like his parents.”

You’re approached by one of the other witches, who smiles weakly at your joyful expression. She offers to heal the witch in front of you with her magic, and lets you leave the shop in peace with the rest of the EXO clan in tow, dragging the unconscious hunters along.

“A boy,” you echo, “A boy, Chen!”

The Chen you saw earlier - the fangs, and the blackened eyes, the blood painting his hands - has completely disappeared. You swear you see tears well in his eyes but he’s pulling you closer before you can comment on them, letting you bury your head in the crook of his neck as you weep in happiness and sadness, for the losses and pain you’d experienced, but also for the little joy blooming inside of you.

Forward and Never Falter (Connor Murphy x reader!AU)

A/N: I’m back!!! Yay!!! Okay this is kinda a weird one, but I think it’s decent enough to put out for all of you. I’m working on a bunch of requests at the moment so yay! Also lots of love to @polygenderselkie for being awesome! 
Requested: nope
Words: 1k+
Warnings: One swear word and a brief mention of death. Also, this is in the first person so lmk what you think of first person!
Summary: Reader is Connor’s guardian angel thing (not really sure how to explain it) and has made a mistake

“I’m a great runner. I can go for miles and miles and never look back. That’s what I’m the best at. I never looked back at anyone who fell behind me as slammed forward. Forward and never falter. That’s the motto that I ‘live’ by. I keep the pace fast and try to ignore the pain that grows in my chest after miles without a break, but that pain in my chest is what I crave. It makes me feel human. I want that pain to grow so intense that ignoring it isn’t an option. I live for the push that makes me beg for the sight of the tall oak trees that signal the end of my run, but I always end up going further and further until I’m somewhere I don’t recognize. I like when I don’t know where I am; it reminds me of home.

Connor Murphy. I’m guessing you already know his name and his face. You’ve reviewed all your files, seen everything said. You know how people treated him. Maybe they showed you him walking down the halls. Maybe they showed you people that whispered as he walked by, or liked to make jokes about how he was too far gone to help. Or maybe they showed you when he was mean to because he was so used to others being cruel. And maybe, just maybe you got to see a glimpse of him, the him that smiled slightly and made jokes, but I’m guessing you saw one of the first options. Almost everyone does.

If I run fast enough it doesn’t feel like my legs are moving, instead it feels as natural as breathing. My daily run used to go right past his house, but he never noticed, still I kept on being focused. Forward and never falter.
His ‘special place’ was on the path that I made for myself for running, but we never spoke. I was always pushing forward and he was always tittering on the line of the past. He had no reason to notice or call out to me, but he did.
We left notes under a rock for each other every day. They started off small and grew until we took up a page and then two, then three. Everything we never said we wrote for each other. If you look underneath the mattress I slept on in their world you’ll find our notes. Some of you have been saying that they’re love letters, but they aren’t; you’ll never find those. He was lonely, and I don’t know of anything worse than loneliness.

Letters turned into talking, actual talking. It was never small talk and bullshitting around what was really happening. We talked until our voices became hoarse and until the bond between us was hardened so it could never be broken. I told Connor everything I had ever felt. He listened to all my fears and happy memories. Forward and never falter.

I know you’ll ask when it became romantic and I don’t even know how to answer that. It was never platonic, and yet it was never romantic. I’m not saying it was just physical either, or emotionless, there were always emotions and the physical part was nice too. Together we were somewhere where no labels existed, and we were just us, and not so alone. So if you’re going to ask when it stopped being romantic there isn’t an answer other than it never did. I needed to protect him and it helped beings so close.

This is a huge mess, I know that, but this isn’t Connor’s mess. He’s the innocent one here, he doesn’t even know what’s happening. I know I’m going away, but he doesn’t need to. Connor can live a whole life full of joy and happiness. He’ll make his way to college, find a great job, a girl who makes him forget about me, maybe have a few kids, and he’ll live. Me on the other hand, I’m the one too far gone. He isn’t guilty of anything and he doesn’t know any of it.

I’m in front of all of you and I know that I won’t see him ever again. I can’t give you any reason other than I didn’t mean for it to happen, but I don’t regret it. Even with that I know I failed. Nobody knows my failures as well as I do. Place me wherever and to whoever you want, do what needs to happen, but I won’t apologize for doing what I believed was right.

My job as his guardian was to protect and guide him, not be seen by him. I shouldn’t have shown myself in the first place, but then I needed him to see me. I needed him to see me so he could realize that he has always been seen.
In my human form I’m an amazing runner, but I won’t run from this. I’ll never see him again, that I can promise and you can ensure, but please save him. I failed and you can fix it. I broke all the rules for him, what’s one more? All you have to do is start his heart again and he’ll survive. Erase all memories of me, turn him against me, and do whatever you need, but save him.”

“Why should we?”

“He deserves it. He deserves another chance where he can thrive. I’ve done this a lot, you know that. I’ve been there for people throughout time and I will continue. Look at all of the people I have guided, and never once have I asked for anything. Connor Murphy deserves it.”

“How do we know you’ll stay away from him when you are somebody else’s guardian?”

“I love him. I love him beyond anything I’ve known. With him I’ve felt love. Connor deserves to be loved with everything and I can’t and will never be able to give that to him no matter how much I want. He is worthy of so many things that it doesn’t matter who brings them to him. My job as a guardian is to do what’s best for him, and I am not what’s best for him.”

“Very well said. We will honor your request and deny the suicide attempt. Don’t let anything like this happen again.”

“Don’t worry I’ll move forward and never falter.”

Of Fear and Consequence

“Draco,” an almost hesitant knock came at his door.

“Come in,” Draco’s voice sounded unnaturally low and scratchy in contrast to his mother’s smooth tones.

The ornate oak clicked open softly and he was greeted with the image of a teary-eyed Narcissa, who was so obviously trying to pull herself together for the sake of her son. Draco pushed his covers back and stood up, summoning all of the shrapnels of dignity he had left and using them to build the illusion of a strong exterior

“Mother,“ Draco whispered.

That was all it took. Narcissa was across the room in a second. She took Draco in her arms and, although he was bigger than her now, squeezed him as though she could shrink him small enough to fit in her pocket. Hide him away from what few dreadful things he had yet been forced to face.

Draco felt his mother start to draw back and fought to suppress a whimper. He studied her face and watched as she composed her strong, aristocratic features into the usual Malfoy mask that occupied them.

Draco reached a pale hand up and wiped a stray tear from his mother’s face.

“I’m okay,” he assured her. Or maybe he was assuring himself. Or maybe he was assuring both of them. Draco didn’t believe it, and he doubted his mother did either.

She didn’t answer, but nodded her head and set her lips in a grim line.

Narcissa fussed with her son’s fair hair and Draco frowned but made no move to stop her. “You’re wanted in your father’s study within the hour.”

Draco sucked in a breath of air and nodded his head in a single jerky motion.

Everyone communicated in nods and vague hand gestures lately. It was almost as though they were scared of using their voices too much. Which was oddly ironic, considering how they had all ended up here. Voicing opinions no one else wanted.

His mother exited the room and Draco - with a shaky exhale - made his way to the bathroom that was connected to his spacious bedroom. He stripped down with only a few seconds hesitation, still uneasy after an unfortunate incident with the wolf, Fenrir Greyback. Thankfully, the Dark Lord had called the obscenely large werewolf into some sort of emergency meeting before Draco had seriously injured him. Or been seriously injured.

As he showered, he wondered idly if this was how the Gryffindors had felt back in third year when Sirius Black had been on the loose. Nervous in their own house because of a lunatic hunting down the Chosen One. Hunting down Potter.

It was with a heavy heart that Draco stepped out of the shower and dressed. Nothing too fancy, this could hardly be considered a special occasion.

Draco wasn’t stupid, he was well aware of the reasoning behind his requested presence.

Requested. Draco scoffed ever so slightly at the word. As if he had a choice. If he didn’t show, he - and his mother - would be killed.

If he did show… he’d be punished. For his failure, and his father’s.


Deep breath. Sharp exhale. Draco put his hand on the doorknob to his father’s study. His eyes slid shut as he braced himself to open the door and face whatever was waiting for him on the other side.

Draco felt a delicate hand rest on his left shoulder lightly and he turned his head to meet his mother’s blue eyes. They held love and hints of reassurance, but Narcissa’s eyes had always been a direct window to her emotions, a trait she had unwillingly passed along to her son, and now they held barely concealed fear. Fear for the fate of the son she had raised. Fear for the boy who had no choice.

“Do you know-” Draco was cut off by the hesitant yet rough shaking of his mother’s head.

Grey eyes met blue one last time before Draco opened the door to his father’s study and stepped inside.

The tense atmosphere in the room prickled at Draco’s skin. His father refused to even look in Draco’s direction from his place in a chair in the edge of the room. On the flip side, his Auntie Bella looked positively ecstatic, smiling maniacally as the occasional giggle - which sounded suspiciously like a cackle - escaped her thin lips.

Lord Voldemort sat at the wooden desk in the centre of the room, stiffly perched in the same chair Draco’s father had sat in so many times before. There was something malicious glistening in his eyes. Though, that could just be one of the side effects of having red eyes. (Seriously, what muggle movie villain must the Dark Lord have based himself off of?)

The Dark Lord had always been intimidating but something was different this time.

“My Lord,” Draco regarded his master with a dip of his head.

“Draco,” The Dark Lord stood leisurely and a cold, cruel grin stretched across his white face as his snake, Nagini, slithered about near the bottoms of his robe. “You are to accompany us to Hogwarts, we have some… business to attend to.”

Draco had to restrain himself from furrowing his brow in confusion. (He could hear Pansy chastise him in his head, “Really, Draco, darling, that causes premature wrinkles,”).

“Yes, my Lord.”


Snow covered the Hogwarts grounds in a pillowy blanket. It seemed the sky, too, would have liked to cover the horrors that this war had conceived.

Draco walked behind his aunt and father, who were following the Dark Lord into the school. The irony of it all was not lost on Draco.

Familiar grey stone pillars towered around them as they entered the school. Every student in the vicinity - which wasn’t many, considering almost all of the students were already in the great hall - turned to glance in their direction before quickly looking away and flicking their eyes elsewhere, either at their shoes or towards the ceiling.

Draco watched silently as the doors to the great hall opened to accept their little group.

A hush fell over the already nearly quiet hall. Draco couldn’t think back to a time when the students had been this contained, not even after the death of Cedric Diggory, and it added to the ache he’d been feeling in his very soul since he had been marked a Death Eater, and therefore sealed his fate.

The Dark Lord stood at the front of the great hall, facing out towards the expanse of students.

“It has been brought to my attention that there are some,” the Dark Lord drawled and it made Draco regret ever using a similar tone, “who still resist my rule at this school.”

The Dark Lord’s eyes were skirting around the room - taking a particularly long look at Gryffindor table, Draco noted - before landing on Draco, himself.

A cruel smile stretched across his face and a shark’s mouth of teeth were put on display. “This will not be tolerated,” His words remained as calm and calculated as ever, but there were heavy notes of underlying anger in them that Draco only knew how to detect because the man (if he could even be called that) had been living in his house.

“And while I am unsure of what has given these students the false impression that Harry Potter is coming to save them,” He raised his arms up and glared cruelly out towards their audience, “No matter, I am here to right old wrongs, and give punishment to those who deserve it.”

Draco forced himself to stay still in his position between his Aunt Bellatrix and his father, Lucius. He was still confused as to why he, of all people, was asked to come along. He was also confused as to what they were doing here in the first place. Were they simply here to taunt the students with the hopelessness of their situation? No, he said he was here to ‘right old wrongs’ and to ‘give punishment’. Draco’s stomach flipped sickly as he realized the implications of what was happening.

This was his punishment.

Draco was no fool. He knew this was only the beginning. The Dark Lord surely had more planned than to force Draco to stand in front of his former peers and watch as he mocked them, like a petty schoolboy did a crush. Surely, there was more to come.

Sudden commotion dragged Draco out of his thoughts. He looked around, trying to pinpoint the source of uproar, and of course, it came from Gryffindor table. Specifically, from a certain boy known as Neville and a certain girl known as Ginny.

So, Potter’s sometimes-sidekick and his little girlfriend. Great.

“Harry is coming to save us you snake-faced bastard!” Longbottom burst out.

Girl Weasley stood next to him in a show of support, before yelling out, “Harry’s more of a leader than you could ever hope to be!”

The Dark Lord surveyed them with a front of amusement but there was a certain amount of malice shining in eyes. “Bellatrix, restrain them.”

“With pleasure, My Lord,” His Aunt smiled in that extra disturbing way of hers. She aimed a Petrificus Totalus at Longbottom and before the Weaselette could protest she was hit with one as well.

Alecto and Amycus Carrow were at the scene within seconds, where they exchanged grins and levitated the two defiant teenagers out of the great hall. Bellatrix skipped merrily behind them, humming a tune and laughing to herself occasionally. Draco grimaced in sympathy.

“Lucius,” The Dark Lord’s high, cold voice echoed in the suddenly silent again hall. “The boy.”

Alarms rang in Draco’s head as a heavy sense of foreboding fell upon him. His palms had started to sweat and he was fighting the urge to run.

Large hands that belonged to Draco’s father gripped his wrists and Draco could feel waves of confusion rolling around inside the hall.

The telltale static of a radio being turned on filled the room. Merlin, they were broadcasting this?

“Now,” The Dark Lord said, “You know what you’ve done.”

Draco’s heartbeat increased tenfold. He was trying to control his breathing as he risked a glance toward the tables.

His gaze landed first on Pansy. She looked terribly frightened as Blaise kept one hand on her arm, a look of set determination on his face. When he met Pansy’s eyes the look on her face shifted into defiance. But her eyes, her eyes held a question.

‘Should we help?’

Draco managed a small and subtle shake of his head and watched as tears filled her eyes. But Draco did not miss the slight flashing of relief. Pansy’s Slytherin self-preservation was still a strong part of her.

Good, Draco thought, Maybe she’ll make it through the War.

He directed a look at Blaise and knew he understood it perfectly as his shoulders slumped the smallest bit, his chin staying high in the air while he comforted Pansy.

Draco took a deep breath and turned his head to face the Dark Lord, who had used the time Draco had taken to watch his friends to speak of his greatness. Speak of how no one could disobey the Dark Lord and get away with it.

The task must be completed, no matter the consequences or difficulty.

Draco remembered those words from when he had first been given his assignment. An impossible task.

The Dark Lord stared directly at Draco as his long, white fingers curled around his wand. He whipped the wand up and pointed it at Draco.

Draco felt the grip of his father’s hands intensify in their place of holding Draco’s wrists behind his back.

Draco knew he should stare the Dark Lord down as he was punished. Knew he should exert some form of bravery. A way of showing he was not scared. But he was. He was so scared.

And although Draco knew he should do all of this, he also knew he wouldn’t. Because those were all the kinds of things a Gryffindor like Potter would do. And Draco was not a Gryffindor. He was a Slytherin through and through.

So Draco shut his eyes.


Huge thanks to @ferret-face for being my wonderful beta, @bigjellymonster for being the best Angst Lord™ anyone could ask for, and to @fairydrarry for just being an overall amazing wife.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11153835/chapters/24888843

Liam AU// Just To Hear You Again

FBI Profiler Liam AU

Part 1 [Part 2]


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“Liam…” you mumbled, your fingers running down his bare chest. He only stirred in his sleep. You smiled and kissed his cheek. “You said you had to work today, baby.”

“After last night? he hummed, “I might need to call in sick,” he said, kissing your lips. His happiness and lust transferred in the kiss. You never felt so much joy in a relationship before. The way he held you made you feel safe. His arms always wrapped around you perfectly.

“Okay, I made breakfast for you, so please get ready for work, Li,” you smiled.

“Man, I love you,” he muttered out. You had never heard Liam mutter those words out before. You were shocked, but it had been six months. “You don’t have to respond, I just want you to know.”

“No, I love you, Liam,” you admitted. “I just wasn’t expecting that, but I love you.”

Liam looked at you and smiled, “Well, I have work to get to.”

You nodded, letting him get up and walk to the bathroom. You sighed walking into the kitchen. Your heart felt heavy as you looked back down on your phone to the text on the front scene.

“Meet in the usual. We have to talk.”

Liam left for a work an hour ago after the text. You left right after did, although he thought we were going to work as well. You drove into the city to the Royal Star Hotel. You thought it would have been better not to tell Liam about this meeting since you know the reason why wasn’t desirable.

You sat on one of the chairs in the lobby across from an empty one. You sat there with your arms and legs crossed, waiting for him. You knew he was enjoyed keeping you waiting; it was his favorite game to play with you.

You received a text, and you quickly looked down at it. It was from Liam. You only glanced at it.

“Don’t wanna leave him waiting,” a too familiar voice said, placing his hands  on your shoulders,”Do you?”

Your shoulders tensed as you didn’t even want to turn around, “I wanna finish this first.” Kevin Luck.

He walked over to his seat and nodded, “Actually let’s talk about him. Let’s talk about Liam,” he said, sliding you a brown folder.

“No, what do you really want to talk about? you mumbled, sliding the folder back.

Kevin shrugged and opened it himself, “Okay then. Supervisory Special Agent, or SSA, Liam James Payne. Youngest Unit Chief in history. A credit score of 768. Very impressive. Lives on 536 Oak Lane with a dog, Loki, who just had a vet appointment. He has not taken a sick day in over a year. I would hate to see him ill. For the last two months, he has taken out 35 to 75 Euros after every case and it’s spent at either a take-out place or a high-end restaurant and a very expensive gift on its way. You guys have a seventh month anniversary coming up?”

You slightly nodded.

“I don’t wanna ruin the surprise then,” he winked.

“Did you come here to tell me facts about my boyfriend?” you asked.

“No but I’m sure you remember your help in my little business,” he reminded you. “and by the status of your relationship with your FBI boyfriend, he must not know either.”

You sighed and closed the folder, “I don’t do that anymore. I have a respectful job as a nurse practitioner, and I moved on and you should too, Kevin.”

“Listen, sweetheart. Business is booming and I gotta keep moving the product.”

“It isn’t product, it’s drugs,” you corrected. “It’s been over three years since I’ve helped you. I’ve turned a new leaf, and Liam doesn’t deserve this, but if you contact me again, I will have you arrested and that’s a promise.”

“But the thing is that you had quite the hand in my endeavors. How do you think Liam’s gonna feel about dating an international felon?”

With much anger, you stood up, “When I left, you told me I was free to go without charge. We had a deal.”

“That was before I saw you so profitable, baby,” his hand caressed your cheek. You quickly slapped it away. “I’ll leave you alone; just keep the FBI off my back, and you and Liam can live happy ever after. And you could simply tell Liam, but what good would that do if he were dead.”

“Is that a threat?”

“Consider it a warning. Have a great day, Y/N.” He stood up, leaving the file on the small table. “And consider coming back, baby. It would be nice to have my favorite girl on the job again.”

You looked at your phone again where Liam’s text still laid. You quickly replied saying, “I’ll bring food to the office :)” You sent the text before leaving the lobby with a lot on your mind.

You arrived at Liam’s office to find it empty. You sat down in the chair across from his desk and waited. You browsed your phone and hoped to see Liam come in or message you, but it was silent. You saw Niall walk past the office door before he stopped and backtracked his way into the office in confusion.

“Y/N, what are you doing here? Niall asked.

“Liam told me to meet him here for lunch today,” you smiled, showing him your pasta. “Have you seen him?”

Niall looked at you in more confusion, “He called in sick today. He called and didn’t come in.”

“No, I made him breakfast, and I saw him off to work. And we joke about it sometimes, but Liam has never taken a sick day that I’m aware; he’s as healthy as a horse.”

“He sounded a bit tired and his breathing was off, but he just sounded ill,” he laughed. “But I’m glad he didn’t come in; I hate seeing him ill.”

I would hate to see him ill.

Those words hit you like a bullet. Your heart stopped for a moment.

“Kevin Luck…” you whispered under your breath.

“Kevin Luck? How do you know Kevin Luck?” Niall asked, closing the door. “Y/N, how do you know Kevin Luck.”

You felt the words ready to slip off your tongue, but you held them back. “We used to be friends when I was in my early twenties, and I-I think he has Liam. Liam would never call in sick, and if he did, you and I both know we could crawl into work before being sent home. Niall, he’s not safe!”

“Hey, hey, hey,” he soothed, attempting to calm you down. “If it’ll make you feel better, we can go to his house and see if he’s there, but you have to talk to me Y/N…people just don’t know Luck.”

You nodded, “Can we just talk in the car? I just wanna know if Liam’s okay.”

You sat in the black SUV only looking down at your hands, trying to avoid Niall’s direct eye line. You knew what would happen if he knew what you did. You lost a great amount of confidence and yourself when you were with Kevin. It took years to recover.

“Please don’t do this, Y/N,” Niall began. “Like I said earlier, people don’t just know Kevin Luck because they went to high school together or something; I know you know him from somewhere else, and I–”

You blanked out and looked outside your window as the traffic slowed. You looked ahead and noticed the police lights. You saw the pieces of the car before you saw the collision. It was only a solo crash. Soon enough, your eyes widened.

“Y/N, do you hear me?” Niall asked. tapping your shoulder.

“Oh my god, Niall. Stop the car! That’s Liam’s car!” you yelled.

Niall took a double take before realizing the same.  He pulled off on side of the road. You both ran out the car as soon as it stopped.

“You can’t be in this scene, guys,”  a policeman said, holding back you and Niall.

“I’m a federal agent, and that vehicle belongs to my unit chief. Is he in the car?” Niall asked sternly, flashing his credentials. The officer shook his head. “That makes it a federal case. Can you show me the scene?”

“Uh, yes, and who is she?”

“I-I’m his girlfriend.”

“Y/N, you have to wait in the car. I can’t have you at a potential crime scene, but I’ll be with you as soon as everyone else gets here,” Niall told you.

You sighed and nodded, “I’ll tell you about Kevin Luck if you promise to find Liam.”

Liam’s head pounded as his eyes finally fluttered open. His eyes adjusted to the dim light at what looked a small medal table. He looked down at his chained wrist that laid locked on the table.

“Hey, bud, you’re up,” a voice said across from him. 

Liam’s eyes lazily looked up and nodded, “Kevin Luck.” Kevin nodded and pulled a file from under the table and placed it on top. “You hacked my car, crashed it just to show me a folder?”

He chuckled and opened it to reveal photos. He looked at them closely; they were all you. Some of them were recent from the six months you had been together, but others he didn’t recognize.

“Quite the gem she is,” he smirked. “I remember taking this one in particular.” He slid a photo of you on the bed. Cash surrounded you on the bed as you laid there in purple lingerie. “I remember her being so free, flowy, sexy. But I’m sure you know.”

Liam was silent and only looked down at his hands. 

“She was my right hand. I had never met a girl so loyal and excited,” Kevin smiled. “Y’know, her favorite thing was sitting in on exchanges. She said she liked the way I did business.”

His blood began to boil, but he tried to keep his cool. He looked down, avoiding his eye line. Liam couldn’t stand other guys talking about you in derogatory ways. You had only been together for six months, but he absolutely hated it.  

“But someone times she would get out of line, and a punish would be in order. I don’t know, but there was something intoxicating about her when she was in pain.” Liam’s fist hit the table hard enough for some of the photos to jump. “Woah, calm down there, man. You’ll be feeling what she felt in a second.” 

You sat in the conference room with Niall and Louis sitting across from you. The last time you were in this room was last month. Liam wanted to introduce you to his team. He thought you deserved to meet the people who took up so much of his time.

“Are you ready? Are you okay?” Louis asked, sliding a cup of water near you. You nodded and looked up. “How do you know Luck, Y/N?”

“When I had finished college, I met Kevin. I liked him because he was kind of a bad boy, and I never met anyone like him before. He was a little bit older, and he treated me nicely at first,” you began. “We dated for about two and a half months before he started taking me on vacations because he said he was on business. It was fun until he saw what he did.”

“But he convinced you to stay around?” Niall asked.

“Yeah, and I did. But then as the months went on, he made my life more lavish but his demands got more strike. He uh…to sometimes close deals…he would offer me to other men…”

“Y/N–” Louis began.

“But I knew if I would have said no, he would punish me, he would leave me in a foreign country with no money and no way home, and I just…”

“You wanted to survive,” Niall finished. You nodded. “How would he punish you, Y/N, if you don’t mind.”

You took a drink of your water and sighed, “Is it really necessary?”

“We have to build an accurate profile for this guy, and this might help us find Liam,” Louis explained.

You sighed deeply and nodded to yourself, “At first, it was sexual things; spanking, rope, choking y’know. Then he hit me once. At his worse, he would chain me to a metal chair and electrocute me, or he would waterboard me or…” You couldn’t finish your thought before Niall interrupted.

“Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to share that anymore, okay?” he said, handing you a box of tissues.

“Can we ask you one more question, Y/N?” Louis asked. You agreed. “Why didn’t you tell Liam?”

“Because everything I did, everything I became, I didn’t want Liam to think of me like that. I when I was approaching normal, I met Liam. We started dating almost a year later because I didn’t know if I was ready to trust another man. But when I finally trusted Liam, he treated me like no other guy ever did, and I didn’t want Kevin coming back into my life even if it was only a conversation.” It was completely quiet for a moment. “Y’know, Kevin told me he loved me and I wanted to believe him but I never could, but this morning was the first time Liam told me he loved me and I felt my entire world shift, and I have to hear him say that again.”

“We will, Y/N. I promise,” Louis said.

Secrets || Hogwarts AU! || 03

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader // BTS x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 2.0k

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Torture, Slight Smut, SLOW UPDATES! UNEDITED!

Description: As you all head off to the library you finally manage to talk to Jungkook, and find out a little bit more about him. Soon after your first dance lesson with Hosoek begins, and you have a small audience to keep you guys entertained. 

A/N: I hope you enjoy this chapter (sorry if it’s kinda shit. I had a small idea for this chapter)

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After leaving the great hall, walking behind all of the boys, you took your time to look at each individual one. Namjoon appeared to be the leader of the group. He was intellectual and acted like a leader. Though it’s normally Gryffindor’s that take the lead, he certainly was leader material. He was smart and knew how to take control of a touch situation, after all, leadership isn’t always about brute strength.

Jin seemed to be the idol of the school. You had noticed countless times when you wandered around the school with him that he had a few admirers following him as well. It really creeped you out. But to Jin, he was just oblivious. Of course, he knew he had fans. He’d occasionally blow a kiss to some girls he caught staring at him or would send a wink their way, which would result in them dying on the floor, quite literally.

“Tch, are we almost there yet? My legs are getting tired,” Yoongi huffed, as he leant forward, ruining his posture completely by doing so. As he hunched over, you had noticed a tiny rip in his robe, that run over his spine.

To you, Yoongi terrified you. He was always so cold towards others, which was an obvious reason he was Slytherin. Even though he’s cold hearted, he’s greatly respected by the others, and you admire that he’s strong minded, so he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. You’re sure that if you got to know him a little better, he’d eventually warm up to you.

“Oh, Yoongi lighten up. Once we’re there you can sleep at one of the tables,” Hoseok smiled as he wrapped his arm around the older boy, who glared at him evilly. Taehyung and Hoseok were basically the same people. They’re always so cheerful and are willing to help others in need, but you suppose that’s what Hufflepuffs do right? You greatly appreciated Taehyung’s help with the Magical Creatures, but Taehyung can be a very clingy person, and sometimes you just want your space, same goes with Hoseok. 

“Don’t be hard on the poor guy. This morning he told me barely got any sleep because he was thinking about (Y/N),” Jimin teased. Your cheeks flushed red as the other’s eyes widened, staring at Yoongi as his cheeks were not dusted with a light shade of pink.

“Says the one who smooched their pillow thinking it was her,” Yoongi fired back. You were now dying in the background from embarrassment as the boys bickered between each other.

Jimin also had admirers, but the thing is, Jimin knew about all his fans and intentionally played with all the girls and boys hearts. He’d express his love to someone, then move onto the next. You were surprised he hadn’t been slapped yet. 

And then finally there’s Jungkook. As you haven’t really spoken to him enough to get to know him. All you knew was that he was incredibly shy and seemed to be afraid to talk to you.

“Uhm… Yoongi is what you’re saying true?” Jin asked in disbelief. 

“I’m joking. But Jimin doesn’t seem to know his place, there’s only one savage king, and that’s me,” Yoongi snorted loudly, causing the others to laugh.

“This is so embarrassing,” Jimin muttered as he ran his hand through his silver like hair.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have spoken then,” Namjoon answered as he looked down at the shorter boy.

“We’re here!” Taehyung cheered childishly. Quickly he turned on the spot and grabbed your wrist before running into the library, causing you to trip slightly.

“H-hey wait!” you stuttered in hopes of getting Taehyung to slow down. Behind you, however, stood 6 boys who’s cheeks were bright red.

“I-I’m not the only one who saw her underwear… Right?” Jimin asked while looking at the others who shook their head in disagreement.

“I didn’t expect her to be a girl who wore black, she seems kinda girly,” Yoongi replied. “Anyway, let’s move I want to sleep.” 

The others followed you and Taehyung into the library where you looked around you in awe. The place was bigger than the dorm room. It looked like it went on for miles, thousands of books, stacked onto the oak wood book shelves. 

“This place is amazing! We never had a library at Beauxbatons Academy,” you sighed. 

“Well, we better go look for that book,” Hoseok suggested.

“Alright, everyone split up. I’ll show (Y/N) around a little,” Namjoon offered.

“Well, actually I was wondering if Jungkook could do that. We haven’t really had a chance to talk and I would like to get to know him a little better,” you asked as you looked at Jungkook, who’s cheeks were dusted with a light pink. 

“Y-yeah that’s alright,” Namjoo answered, almost sounding disappointed. “Let’s go.” Everyone went their separate ways, except for you and Jungkook who stood in the middle of the room along side Yoongi who was currently sleeping at one of the tables.

“Should we start off at the back?” you asked, tilting your head slightly at the tall boy who only nodded in reply. “I apologise if putting you on the spot like that made you uncomfortable, I just wanted to get to know you a little better that’s all,” you mumbled.

“It’s quite alright, I’m never good when it comes to meeting new people, so this should help me warm up to you a little,” Jungkook replied. “Now what book is it you’re looking for again?”

“Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them,” you answered.

“That should be in either the history section or care of magical creatures section,” Jungkook spoke as he gently took a hold of your hand and guided you through the library. “It’s best to start with the most obvious one, which is of course care of magical creatures. If it’s not here then history. And if not there, we may be able to look in the restricted section, which is only for 5th years and above,” Jungkook explained.

“Yeah, of course,” you smiled as you followed the boy and looked at the books scattered all over the tables attached to the bookcases. “So. Tell me a little bit about yourself Jungkook.”

“Alright. Well, I’m a pure blood, and for generations, my family have always been Gryffindor, but for some reason, I broke that and was put in Slytherin. I sometimes question if I’ve even part of that family, or if I was taken in at a young age and had my memories removed. My parents don’t mind me being in Slytherin, just as long as I don’t do anything bad,” Jungkook sighed.

“Hey, there’s no need to be so down about it. It just means your special, and who cares if you broke the tradition, they are eventually forgotten anyway,” you reassured him as you continued your search. 

“What about you? What’s your family like?” Jungkook asked. A small sigh escaped your lips.

“I come from a pure blood family… But I’m muggle born,” you muttered.

“But I thought-”

“I know, at a young age, my real parents were disgusted with me being a witch, so they left me on the streets to die alone until I came across my new mum and dad. They took me in, gave me food and sheltered me. I am truly thankful to them, and in return, I work hard, to become the best of the best,” you mumbled, quietly, fearing that if you spoke any louder your voice would break.

“I-I’m sorry to hear that. If I had known I wouldn’t have asked.”

“It’s all right. Thankfully not many people know about it, otherwise, people would look at me differently. Think of me as a disappointment.”

“I don’t think that! Not at all,” Jungkook spoke, a little too loudly, gathering the attention of nearby students. “Look, I may not understand your pain, but I do know, you’re hard working. You were put into Ravenclaw for a reason. Therefore the sorting hat must have seen your determination and hard working style.” You hummed in response until you looked up noticing the book you were looking for.

“I found it!” you cheered happily as you stood on one of the chairs in an attempt to reach it. “I’ve… Almost got… it,” you grunted as you reached further up the bookshelf, your fingertips brushing the corner of the dusty book.

“(Y/N)!” Jungkook yelled as you lost you balance and slowly began to fall backwards. You closed your eyes waiting for the impact of the ground, except it never came. Instead, you landed in a pair of arms, that carefully hugged around your delicate body. Slowly you opened one eye to come face to face with Jungkook’s who was blushing brightly.

“T-thank you Jungkook,” you muttered shyly, as you got out of his grasp.

“The library books are enchanted, so if they are in a high up place, you need to simply wave your wand, think of the book you want and it’ll come to you. Unfortunately, you have to actually see the book before you can summon it,” Jungkook grunted in annoyance.

“Oh. I’m sorry I hadn’t realised.”

“It’s quite alright, and once you’re done with it, you simply stand in the exact spot you found it and let it go. It will just fly back up to its place once again,” Jungkook explained as he brought out his wand and waved it gently. In a matter of seconds, the book wiggled its way out of the shelf and gracefully levitated down in front of Jungkook. “Now, shall we find the others and get going?” 

“Yeah, let’s go,” you nodded in agreement as you followed closely behind Jungkook, and found the others sitting at the table, Yoongi was resting at.

“It appears you guys gave up quickly,” Jungkook rolled his eyes as he sat down next to Taehyung who had a pile of books in front of him.

“We couldn’t find the book we were looking for, but we found some other magical creatures books that might help?” Taehyung suggested as his smile grew wider.

“That’s great, thank you so much, guys. But I also found the book we were originally here for. So, Taehyung should we meet up sometime so you can help me with this?” you asked awkwardly as you stood behind Jungkook.

“Yeah, of course, that’s fine. How about we do it sometime during the week. Hoseok can be pretty brutal with it comes to dancing with others, so you’ll need all the rest you can get,” Taehyung suggested as he looked at Hoseok, who playfully glared at the younger boy.

“Of course. That sounds like a good idea. It’s almost lunch, should we head back. And then we can start dancing Hoseok?” you smiled as you grabbed a hold of Jungkooks hand and pulled him up. “Let’s go,” you dragged Jungkook behind you, leaving 6 very jealous boys who stared at the maknae. 

“Are we almost there? I swear these stairs are killing me,” you whined as you hauled yourself up the stairs, in an attempt to keep up with Hoseok.

“We’re almost there, just 1 more flight of stairs,” Hoseok laughed as he marched up the stairs, almost leaving you behind. After reaching your destination you stood next to Hoseok who stood in front of a plain wall.

“I wanted to thank you for not letting the others come. It’s kinda embarrassing that I don’t know how to dance,” you muttered shyly as you scratched the back of your neck.

“It’s alright, I understand you don’t want to be uncomfortable,” he smiled. Once again you stared in awe as when you looked at the wall again, it was replaced by a large black door, and you smiled.

“This school is honestly amazing,” you sighed as Hoseok opened the door and allowed you to enter first.

“Finally they’re here!” someone from inside the room yelled.

“WHAT!?” you yelled as you stared at the 6 boys and 2 girls, in shock. This was going to be so embarrassing.

to be continued…