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I really urge you to look into Renoir as a person. 

Renoir was my favorite artist when I was first discovering art history. I loved his work I even cried when I saw dance in the city in person. Then I did some research. He was incredibly anti-semitic especially towards jewish artists, or people who painted jewish subjects, He was also horribly sexist- which is why women are so objectified in his works. If you notice women are always reading magazines or picture books, because he believed that knowledge was not important for women. His son remembered him saying that women needed to scrub floors and do laundry to stay slim so it would make sex more enjoyable. He was disgusting.

So I’ll give you some recommendations of other artists who not only were great artists, but decent people. 

If you like French impressionism check out Berthe Morisot, If you want those idyllic lush landscape scenes look into Charles Courtney Curran. If you like his painterly brush strokes look into Theo Van Rysselberghe

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can you do rfa + v & saeran react to a flat-chested mc? also i love your blog sm~ ^^

Thank you for the kind words, anon! It always makes me feel better to hear that people like my blog :)

I kept this request predominately SFW, but V has hints of NSFW (not enough to tag this as NSFW though) because of the big news. If it’s not his route, then I’m going to take the excuse that he deserves a ton of love! 

I hope you enjoy this request! And as always, ⭐my requests are open!⭐


·         When he saw you for the first time he didn’t even notice you had a flat chest, he could only stare into your eyes because that calmed his nerves. In fact, he didn’t even notice your chest until your third date, and that was only because you had decided to not wear a baggy sweater for a change.

·         To him, it isn’t a big deal, because it’s just another part of you – besides, there’s many other things he adores about you!

·         The size of your chest doesn’t matter, because so long as you don’t have a chest that’s as hard as a rock when he wants to hug you and rest his head on your chest, he’s super happy! He loves that your chest is squishy, yet he can still hear the sound of your heartbeat.

·         To be honest he probably has nightmares of being smothered by big boobs lol

·         If anyone at his uni says really rude things like “why are you dating a guy?? They can’t be a girl if they don’t have a chest!” he’ll get so mad that you have to drag him away from the assholes. He gets super passionate about defending you and thinks you don’t deserve horrible comments like that.

·         On days when you feel insecure and wish you had a bigger bust, he’s going to point out all the things that make you an awesome person. He isn’t going to leave you, and doesn’t want you to change yourself to please others!


·         Lets just remember the time Echo Girl tried to get him to fondle her DD breasts in this route like wtf

·         He finds out about your chest when he shows you the dress he wants you to wear at the RFA party. He’s confused when you act really uneasy about it, but when you explain that you can’t wear it because you don’t have the right figure, he sets about proving your assumption wrong.

·         “Who said you can’t wear it? I thought of you when I saw it

·         When you tried the dress on and showed him how you looked, he nearly fainted because of how amazing it looked on you. You were owning it! He was so proud that he could tell the world that you were his, wearing a dress that made you looked more beautiful than you already were.

·         He really doesn’t want you to feel insecure and think about changing your breast size just because the majority of his female co-workers are busty. You stood out to him because of how kind and humble you were, not because of the way you looked.

·         In his own words: “Don’t hate the body that I love, okay?”

·         In a way, he’s relieved that you have a small chest because it means most other men won’t look at you with lusty eyes and try to steal you from him.

·         It doesn’t change the fact that he finds it difficult to contain The Beast. The Beast isn’t just released by how your breasts look…


·         Admittedly, you felt insecure in comparison to her. She was beautiful; her hair was silky soft, her skin was supple, her figure was beautiful, and her damn boobs were incredible! You felt less than average in comparison to her.

·         You try everything to make your breasts seem bigger; buying a push-up bra, using cheap silicone cutlets, even stuffing your bra with balled-up socks.

·         When she finds out that you’re doing this, she tells you that you really don’t need to – after all, the size of your bust really doesn’t matter to her. She finds you attractive in many other ways.

·         Deep down, she thinks that you look better than her anyway, so she’s surprised to hear that you would think that.

·         She tells you aaalllll the disadvantages of having bigger boobs, and how she wishes she could have a smaller chest. Also, she hates all the unwanted attention from disgusting perverts.

·         She’ll also warn you that wearing the wrong bra size or stuffing a bra to the brim cannot only ruin your bra, but can also damage your breasts.

·         However, if you’re really insistent that you want to give the illusion of bigger breasts, she gives you tips – contouring your chest, wearing horizontal stripes, and having an upright posture.


·         He literally only notices it when Sarah points out your flat chest, ranting about how you’re so average when she sees you in the flat with Jumin. He notices that when she’s gone, you look upset. When you tell him that some of her words got to you, he tells you that you should ignore her because she was jealous and clutching at straws to try and make him leave you. And she failed.

·         He doesn’t like women who flaunt their bodies for his attention, especially when they make a huge deal about how big their breasts are. He likes you, because not only are you flaunting yourself, you also don’t draw attention to your chest. Also, Elizabeth 3rd approves, so what a bonus.

·         Tbh it was probably never his favourite part of a woman anyway. I think he would only see them as serving a biological purpose and just… really swollen fatty tissue. Because that’s what breasts are fundamentally.

·         If anyone says anything horrible about you, he’ll probably give them some harsh words and a death glare for having the audacity to comment on how you look. If they kept harassing and being horrible to you… he’ll be on the phone to his lawyer.

·         Sometimes you feel bad because even though he buys you gorgeous outfits, you feel like you can’t pull them off. He reminds you that you’ll look amazing in anything he buys you, because it’s you. However, he does note what your fashion preferences are and which parts of your body you’re more confident about so he can buy outfits which can show them off. Even if it’s something ridiculous like your rib cage, and imagine the poor tailor having to come up with something to satisfy his request…

·         If you really want breast enhancement surgery, he’ll pay for it for your happiness, but he reminds you that he loves you the way you are. He fell in love with YOU, not your tits.


·         He finds out some time after Saeran is beginning his recovery. Like one time you’re cooking and he gets really confident and sneaks up on you, then grabbing your boobs and scaring you. And then he’s really confused because they’re barely there. Is your sweater so baggy that it’s hiding them? Then he actually realises that they’re small lol.

·         He really isn’t going to care. You changed him for the better and pretty much saved his brother and the RFA, and you think he’s going to be pissed because of your chest? He’s probably more annoyed that you think he would be offended by something like that.

·         However, he totally understands how you feel, because he has insecurities about his body too. Yet he doesn’t want you to be insecure since he thinks you’re perfect!

·         He’ll remind you of everything he loves about you, highlighting that your breasts aren’t that significant to him.

·         He’s happy though because he can fit them comfortably in his hands, and when you find out you try not to throw the nearest object at him.

·         In your sleep, he probably draws a smiley face on your boobs, with 10/10 emblazoned on them. The 0s are represented by the nipples 😉

·         “Don’t change them, MC! They’re my breast friends!”



·         In all seriousness, he doesn’t care about the size. He finds that they just add to your beauty, even if they’re small! And it relieves him that he won’t accidentally brush against them or anything.

·         His favourite thing to do when you two are intimate is to shower them in kisses. He loves them so much, especially since they’re so soft and squishy.

·         If you feel insecure, he’s going to spend as long as possible pointing out everything he loves about you, and damn does it take a long time. He’ll worship your body when you two are intimate, making sure that you know how much he loves every other part of you, even your spleen.

·         He really wants to do a nude photo shoot, because he wants you to learn to love what he loves. And he’s not going to airbrush or add filters to the photos. He wants you to see you for who you are.

·         However, don’t think he’s totally innocent. He’s still really proud of the time when he said your shirt had braille on it and he ran a hand over your chest, feeling your nipples like braille. You have never been so flustered in your entire life.


·         I mean he’s been in a cult for nearly half his life, so he probably doesn’t care about breasts. He just sees you as the only one who truly understands him, and tbh he probably doesn’t care about your appearance either. It’s your kindness and personality that touches him.

·         Seriously, he has no idea of what cup sizes mean. If you tell him that you xA, he isn’t going to understand.

·         “____, isn’t that some sort of video quality setting…?”

·         Sometimes you get catcalled, and the catcallers always remark how you would be perfect if you had bigger boobs. When he hears them as he walks home with you from the ice cream parlour, he’s LIVID.

·         Like sure, mock him all you want for not looking manly enough or still being in an emo phase, but you? You did nothing to attract that attention and you sure as hell don’t deserve it! It takes all your energy to get him to calm down and leave them alone.

·         Whenever he feels stressed he has a habit of squeezing your breasts like a stress ball. They might be too small to fit in his hands, but it always makes him feel better and you damn horny.

·         You accepted him for all his flaws, so he’s amazed that you think he wouldn’t accept you because of your chest size. He just doesn’t get it.

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Apart from G1 Transformers I'm quite lost in the continuities. What would you suggest to follow after the first US cartoon series leading up to your role in Transformers? And Perceptor too! I always thought he was underutilized, loved him way back when! Very happy for you!

The original animated series was a huge part of my childhood, but since then, I am not as steeped in the Transformers fandom as the average fan.

I could be wrong or missing something profoundly obvious here, but I believe that you can be ready for our series by watching the previous series that was produced by Machinima, called Transformers: Combiner Wars.

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alberto is such a blessing. did you watch the interview with your namesake? because it's so apparent how much research he did to learn more about judaism, and what each holiday means and when they happen and what being jewish means to simon and the responsibility of being given the task to play the first jewish vampire on tv. it just makes me happy

Oh no I didn’t!!! But yes I know Alberto cares about it so so much and from every interview he mentions it I see he knows a lot and cares a lot and actually researched stuff so I’m so so happy, ill definitely watch the interview I love my man 😍😍 he cares about Jewish fans A LOT he told Rita @alberto-rozende he always sees my tweets and remembers me I honestly started cryin cause that boy is such a blessing and cares about it a lot I Stan a legend (,:

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BTS to you having a cock worship kink? Like always wanting to touch it always wanting to give bjs or give spur of the moment handob.

I guess you’re asking for a reaction-post ;) here you go


He thinks it’s funny and he doesn’t mind at all.

“You love my dick just as much as I love food.”

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At first he likes it, since he doesn’t really have to do that much, while you do the whole work to pleasure him. But after a while he would get kinda annoyed.

“Look, I just want to lay here and listen to music, so stop touching me for a moment…”

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He loves every attention he gets from you.

“You are all over me, huh?”

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He loves how you are praising him and especially his cock. But when his daddy/dom mode is on, he sometimes has problems stoping you from touching him.

“You are going to touch me when I tell you to, Kitty. Keep your hands to yourself or else I have to punish you.”

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He would worhsip your pussy as much as you worship his cock.

“We should never stop this, Babe” *imagine you being jungkook*

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Same as Hoseok.

“Don’t you ever stop being like this”

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Whenever you touch his dick, his head would pop to you. At first he looks kinda shoked but then smiles…

“I like what you do”

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Another Force sensitive!Hux where he is now Snoke's new apprentice bc Ben has always been weak and pathetic in his eyes/has ran back to fam. After a long 6 months of training, he emerges a different man with Sith yellow eyes who only sees Ben as a traitor now due to SnOkE. One night, when Ben has snuck into his Finalizer's quarters to see him, Hux first goes to kill him but then when Ben tells him that he still loves him, Hux can't.

I think Force sensitive hux is one of my favourite fandom AU’s and this is really really good

Just imagine Hux leaping out of bed and grabbing his new red-blades lightsaber from underneath his pillow to pin the intruder down on the floor

And Hux recognises Ben’s voice straight away

“I just had to see you,” Ben says, seemingly unfazed by the red blade in his face. “Your…your eyes, Hux.”

And Hux just chuckles because, this, Ben Solo, is what true power looks like; the glowing yellow eyes and the ablaster skin and the merciless attitude is just what the Supreme Leader wants in his apprentice

“How pleased he’ll be,” Hux says, using the Force to constrict Ben’s throat. “That I’ll be the one to kill the failed apprentice, the boy who calls himself Ben, the weakest jedi.”

Ben gasps as he struggles to breathe and knowing that he’s about to die, he whispers “I love…you” before his eyes roll back, and he’s gone

And Hux screams, throwing his sword aside and gathers Ben up into his arms and hugs him tightly, telling him that he loves him too, that he never stopped

Ben isn’t dead, just unconscious, but Hux cries into his shoulder and begs him to be alright because he loves him so very very dearly ❤️

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Can I have a scenario where Dabi's long time s/o is a double agent for the heroes and he finds out. And while she does love him, her hero duty's always come first. They sometimes meet on the field and there's defs romantic tension. Let's have some angst for my boi! (ノ>o<)ノ

Ooooh! I’ve actually been dabbling with this idea for a WHILE in my head so thank you so much for giving me an opportunity (excuse?) to write it! Also took some liberties with Dabi’s personality because I still don’t have a good grasp on it. Also, blockquotes are flashbacks, just so no one’s confused.

Word Count: 1,139.

Trigger warnings: Angst, some detailed gore.

Dabi’s wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, and tried to focus on his breathing. He had known she was strong, but never in his life had he imagined how bad her punches could really feel.

“So… that’s what they teach you at U.A. now? How to throw punches at your lover?” He spat out as he straightened himself again.

“It took months to finally figure out who our rat was,” Shigaraki leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest. “Never did I expect it to be someone who you had recruited.” His words dripped with malice, poisoning Dabi’s bloodstream.

The black-headed man picked the photo. Breathe, he thought, just breathe. If felt as if someone had just punched him in the gut, his lungs collapsing in on themselves as he saw the picture that that hand-freak had just slid towards him. It was a little grainy, as if somebody had zoomed into only one corner of the picture, but he could still clearly make her out—he was able to pick your eyes from a crowd of millions. She was suited up in a tight, bright costume only reserved for real pro heroes, carrying her helmet under her arm. She was that Faceless Hero that was slowly up and coming, but no one knew much about: for some reason, all details about this hero had either been made confidential or “lost” by the government. Shigaraki had researched until his eyes had grown bloodshot to figure out a sliver of who their most troublesome enemy was.

“It can’t be….” Were the only words that could leave the betrayed man.

“It is,” Shigaraki produced some more photos, all candid in nature, which portrayed her coming out of a hero’s headquarters in the process of covering her face with a scarf or hats. “I had one of the goons follow her for weeks to track her every move. It is [Y/N].” He let the silence fall between them before smirking:

“You have to get rid of her.”

His head hitting the concrete brought him back to reality. His lover was standing in front of him, two fists up in the air as her helmet shattered from the large change in temperature that it had suffered. “Come on, say something!” He yelled as he jumped onto his feet again, ignoring pain and the warmth he felt dripping down his face; yet, it was nothing compared to the pain your silence put him through. How fucking dare you.

The fire burst from his palms in a degree he didn’t know was even possible and charged at the woman standing in front of her. She didn’t hesitate in defending herself, punching the air to create an air shockwave that sent him flying back, just like she had done twice before after he had jumped her on the alleyway; she still sustained damage to her hands and arms, though, as Dabi noticed from the burnt patches on her suit. This last attack had done some real damage, though, as the smell of burnt flesh filled his nostrils. Good. He hoped she was at least hurting physically as much as he was.

“Dabi, stop!” She pleaded.

“Dabi, stop!” She laughed and pulled the hands away from her waist from underneath her shirt. The ravenhead was being relentless that day.

“Come on, [Y/N] I just want one kiss,” he smirked against her ear which prompted another giggle from her. His arms wrapped themselves around her waist again.

“Dabi, you’re tickling me!” She wriggled in his arms, trying to break loose from his grasp. “We’re in public.” She gasped as he put pressure on her sides again, making her laugh some more. Dabi really enjoyed doing this to her ever since he found she was extremely ticklish. He would torture her with his hands until she gave in to his silliest requests. This time, it was a kiss.

Of course the villain knew that they had to keep their relationship under wraps. He was the one that proposed it since even if she was working part-time with the Villain Alliance, she was still at risk from being kidnapped by opposing villains, heroes, and people that just hated Dabi’s guts in general. He couldn’t let that happen.

His fingers were relentless, “oh, [Y/N], it’s just an alleyway. Plus it’s dark out, no one will see us,” he whined as the poor girl in his arms kept laughing and wheezing. He nibbled at her ear and felt her panting and starting to tear up.

“Ok! Ok! You win,” She said and he immediately stopped. She turned around in his arms and placed both her hands on the sides of his face, which brought a sigh from his lips as her soft skin touched his own old, wrinkled wounds. He was happy even before her lips met his.

He was happy now that her skin was cracked and bleeding from the burns he had inflicted on her. That was until he met her piercing eyes, then he wasn’t so sure anymore. A wave of emotion flooded him again and he stopped breathing.

“You don’t understand…”

“I do understand!” the man retaliated.

“No, you don’t! The Villain Alliance is dangerous. It had to be taken down from the inside. It had to be me.”

“And you used me for those purposes, huh?! I should’ve known… I should’ve known you were just like the rest of those filthy heroes, hungry for money and fame. That’s what you wanted, right?!”

“No, Dabi, that’s not it at all!” Liar, liar, liar! He could tell that wasn’t it, her eyes were screaming it at him, but he refused to believe her now. Why should he? They had lived an entire lie throughout their relationship. The flames once again wrapped around and licked the flesh of his hands. “I do really love you!”

That was it. He didn’t know where he got the oxygen from; his lungs had seemed to have stopped working together from the despair. Yet, the flames that he once had under control grew exponentially, consuming everything around him, and if it hadn’t been for her sharp reflexes, she would have been no more. Her helmet finished cracking, and fell to the ground sizzling as she propelled herself up with her quirk. His explosion was going to act like a gas lamp in the darkness, attracting every hero from around the area like moths, and they both knew it.

“Mark my words, [Y/N]. I will make sure to not miss next time,” he growled, “I want you fucking dead.” As quickly as he appeared, he slinked back to the shadows, leaving his lover in more pain than she had ever been before. If only he knew that she also had trouble breathing the entire time as well.


Steve Rogers x reader
A/n: oh my damn this is tooth rotting fluff. Sorry for any mistakes on my part, hope you enjoy reading!

Warnings: lil angst in the first part, but oh my damn does it get fluffy at the end.
SUPPERFLUFF (is that a warning?)

Word count: 1460


You two were always so close. Were. Or at least that’s what you thought.

Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) was your boyfriend of 4 years, but to you he wasn’t a captain, he isn’t his job, to you he’s just that little guy from Brooklyn, to you he’s Steve Rogers (aka Captain America). The guy you fell in love with all these years ago and he loved you for it.
There were a billion reasons why he loved you, but that was one of the first and foremost.
But now you were doubting this relationship. Not even that, you were doubting yóu. And however much you hated to say it you doubted Steve. It wasn’t that you thought Steve would cheat on you, just you thought Steve would cheat on yóu. You were never the skinniest or the prettiest it just never made sense to you why he, The one and only Captain would fall for you.
You trust him, you trust him with your life, but now, he was so distant. He was pacing around, checking his phone more often than he used to, didn’t snuggle into you at night. Also he was gone so often. Sometimes at night, sometimes during the day. You hadn’t asked him about it, too scared to find out the truth. You were terrified he was cheating on you. Growing up you were never very self-assured. You found your confidence as you grew older, but now you were doubting yourself so much.
Was this your fault? It probably was. Did you cause this? Definitely. Does Steve not love you anymore? No, definitely not how could he even in the first place? These were regularly occurring thoughts that ran through your mind almost everyday. One particular night you were home while he was out to one of his (you figured) dates. You had cried (tbh you were still sobbing). You promised yourself you would ask him about this. And you were nervous as heck. You loved him so much. You were certain he was the love of your life. You two even talked about marriage and a family. But now you thought he had forgotten about all of it. You snuggled farther into the blankets, cause they smelled like his cologne. You remember nights of cuddling, talking, watching movies, love-making, snacking, some more cuddling and nightmares you cleared up for him. Tissues were littered all over the apartment and concentrated around the bed.
Suddenly you heard the door softly creek open. Gosh you loved how soft and gentle he always was. “Doll????” He called. You could hear that he saw the tissues. His footsteps sped up and his calling of your name was way more urgent now. “Hey doll?!” “Honey, where are you?!”.
“The bedroom…” you softly whimpered. He was close to running now. As soon as he reached you you could see he did his hair and he was freshly shaven. He smelled amazing.
“Hey doll, what’s wrong?” He said kneeling down on your side of the bed. “I..i…iii…” you stammered. “Hey, look at me. Look at me beautiful. Please doll.” He begged grabbing your hand and softly rubbing it with his thumb. All your worried and doubts disappeared. This man was so perfect so sweet and kind and gentle. You didn’t understand how you could ever even think he would do anything like cheating. You felt like an idiot. All the guilt of that realization washed over you like a tsunami. You didn’t think you’d have any tears left but yet there you were sobbing again. Before you knew it you felt a pair of arms wrap around you lift you up and take you on his lap. He sat down behind you on the bed and was now softly holding you in his arms. You just sat there for a while. You were crying but it faded to soft sobs pretty rapidly. Once you were a little more calm Steve nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck and gave you a quick kiss.
“What’s wrong doll? You can tell me it’s okay.” He spoke softly, almost whispering, in the most gentle reassuring voice only Steve could give. “I…I…” you tried again sobs stopping you from finishing your sentence. Steve softly started rubbing your back soothingly as he pulled you a little closer. “Y-You were gone so often and y-y-you acted so differently and and and i thought you wanted to break up with me. A-actually i-i-i thought you might be… i’m so sorry Stevie…”. You couldn’t say it not to those adorable puppy eyes staring at you. “…You thought I was seeing another woman?” He said with a broken expression on his face. Immediately you snuggled closer to him and started apologizing and asking if he could forgive you. He softly smiled at you. You halted your rambling. You took a deep breathe. “I know you would never cheat on me it’s just you were gone and I was alone and i just started having all these thoughts which turned into nightmares and and it looked so real. And It all made sense cuz whats the point of someone like you dating someone like me?”. You thought he would be mad at you. The opposite happened. He cupped your cheek and pulled you into a very loving kiss. When he pulled away he chuckled. “How are you laughing?! I accused you of the worst thing ever?!” You said cracking a smile, his laugh was contagious. “Irony” was all he brought out. “Explain please?” You giggled. “Maybe later.” He winked at you. For another half hour you two just sat there chatting, laughing, snuggling.
“Where were you Steve?” You suddenly asked. You could see he was very surprised. “I told you i had an appointment.” He said shortly. “Where were you really?” You said sternly.
“…Fuck this.” He said, surprising you. The man was always so strict on swearing. (Not like he never swore damn that man could swear like a sailor.)
He grabbed your hand and rapidly pulled you up from the bed, quickly walking out of the bedroom and into the living room. “Wait here.” He said. He ran out of the apartment and didn’t come back as soon as you thought he would. You were just going to peak behind the door when you heard his heavy footsteps return. “Close your eyes.” He said as he stood in front of you. “I can’t promise i won’t peak Stevie.” He rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a towel which he wrapped around your head as a blindfold. You let him lead you through the building. Suddenly you felt cold air on your bare legs, it was summer so you just wore one of Steve’s big shirts to bed. “Steve, what is this?” You asked. You heard him walk away from you and pull some switches. Then all of a sudden your ‘blindfold’ was removed exposing you to the terrace being filled with candles, fairy lights and rose petals, which only made the view of manhattan even more breathtaking. “Steve…” you brought out whispering. You walked towards the edge of the terrace looking at all the decorations from a different angle and admiring the city skyline. When you turned back to Steve to thank him, he was on one knee, tears shining in his eyes and the most beautiful ring you’d ever seen in a velvet box in his hand. Gasping you put your hand in front of your mouth. “St-Steve…?” You exclaimed. “A-a-are you serious?”
“Yeah, darling. You’re the love of my life. I-I’ve never met anyone as strong, fierce, smart, beautiful, different, understanding, sweet, kind, amazing as you. You made me believe in true love, when I didn’t even believe in myself. I’ve been in love with you from the very first moment i saw you. You’re my soulmate, my everything, I can’t even explain it. Will you make me the happiest man in the universe, and become mrs. Rogers?” He said while making your tears stream wildly over your face. “Yes, Steve, Yes, A billion times yes.” He put the ring on your finger and stood up to kiss you passionately. “So all those times you were gone you were…”
“Getting the ring, everything you see here, getting your father’s approval etc.” he answered smiling.

“But we might have to wait a few months extra with the wedding honey…” you said shuffling your feet around. “Are you saying what i think you’re saying?” He said looking at you with wide eyes. You just nodded and said: “I found out this morning. I wanted to tell you but i was so scared that th… you know what i mean.” He was still gaping at you. You understood. He needed to hear those two words. “Steve, I’m pregnant.”

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a request for the meme: magnus and alec talking to rafe about his mysterious love life


Rafa rinses off another plate (they’ve explained to him that he doesn’t have to do the dishes during the semester. When he technically doesn’t live here, he technically doesn’t have to do chores. It’s his sophomore year of college and he still hasn’t quite caught on). “Hey, are we still doing dinner next Saturday?” It’s an unusual question, because of course they are. First Saturday of the month. Family Dinner. Always has been, always will be. Rafa hands the plate to Alec. “Because I’d like to invite my girlfriend. If that’s okay.”

The plate slips right out of Alec’s hands. It lands on the towel with a mostly-muffled thud. Fifteen years. Rafael has been their son for fifteen years, and for every one of those years, ‘Do you have any sort of social life?’ has always been a yes or no question, not the start of an actual conversation. They’ve asked him so many times, if he’s seeing anyone, if there’s anyone he’s been spending time with. Even when he’s said yes, that had been it. ‘Yes.’ Nothing else. And now, out of nowhere, on a random Sunday afternoon, over a goddamn sink of dishes…

Magnus recovers quicker than Alec. But his voice is still a little too pointedly casual. “What’s her name?”

Rafa rinses off another plate. “Rosa.”

Oh fuck. Oh. That’s perfect. That’s too good to be real. Rafa and Rosa. If they get married, Alec and Magnus can get them matching robes and towels with ‘R & R’ embroidered in gold thread. He looks over at Magnus - and he can see, he can see from the look in Magnus’s wide eyes, that he’s thinking the exact same thing. Right down to the thread color. Alec clears his throat. “Yeah,” he says, and it’s unfortunately close to a squeak. “Next Saturday. That’ll be nice.”

-send me a character or pairing, and a prompt, and I’ll write a three-paragraph fic for you!-

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what do you think about cryaotic?

i was introduced to cry through a middle school friend who was obsessed with his voice. i decided “what the heck” and looked him up. my first playthrough was the cat lady, and holy shit did i fall in love with his slow, careful decision-making and humor?? i found pewdiepie and markiplier through him. i discovered jacksepticeye because of him. cry was my gateway into gaming youtube, and even though i haven’t watched him in a long time he will always have a very, very special place in my heart.

tldnr; he’s p cool

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i just want you to know, that based on your last zolaw comic thing, that i just wrote this in my fic prompt doc: "Zolaw angst, where zoro will always and forever choose his captain over law, and they both get this, but it hurts, and law kind of wishes he'd gotten there first." and that you will be responsible for anything that comes out of it. (also your art is gorgeous and intense and i love it)


you’ll probably enjoy my next THING too regarding the notion of stealing hearts vs hearts being willingly given in both literal and metaphorical contexts I LOVE ZOLAW

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Headcannon- Talviel takes over in the kitchen when the actual cook is out or she just pushes him out bc she found a new recipe and the ragged flagon is the only place where she has all the stuff she needs to make the meal. Delvin is her #1 taste tester.

100% true, I have kicked poor Vekel the Man out of the Flagon kitchen on several occasions, and was known to hog the kitchen in the cisterns which annoyed everyone until I started making food in big batches to share! Delvin was always first in line to try my food because he is a huge foodie (his favourites are rich stews and pies with exotic spices), though Sapphire and Vex were the ones to convince me to try healthier cooking to keep their figures.

Anywhere I stop, chances are I will take over the kitchen of whoever is hosting me, whether they like it or not…I make no apologies. Food is love, food is life 🖤 ~Talviel

The Chuckie funko pop is FINALLY mine! 😍 I don’t know why I’ve waited months to get him but when I saw him in forbidden planet on Wednesday he had to come home with me. I hope to get Tommy and Reptar soon but Chuckie had to come home with me first since he’s always been my favourite ❤️ I love my little Chuckie Finster family ☺️




Mornings in St. Petersburg 
or alternatively titled: Viktor Nikiforov’s Instagram is A Katsuki Yuuri Appreciation Account

i know that i’m still young. he isn’t my first love nor will he be my last. but it still hurts, you know? when you give someone all of you, share your secrets and dreams with them, and pour your heart out to them. there is no going back. i can’t just undo things. i can’t just take back everything i’ve ever said and felt. i can’t just make them disappear and delete them from my memory. that’s not how it works. a part of them will always be in my heart. i wish i could kill that part, but i can’t kill it anymore without killing myself a little too.
—  e.s. // he is a part of me now.