he will act again life couldn't get better

It always surprises me that Blackwall is hated so much more than Solas. You know, the racist condescending egg? Responsible for hundreds of deaths if not more? Doesn’t really seem excessively torn up about it either? Next to a guy who did a terrible thing resulting in a handful of deaths but is racked with guilt about it ever since and has devoted his life to trying to act like a better person than he is until the act begins to turn into reality?

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About AAoOD3: Mark posted a video explaining quite clearly when every episode was going to be posted. He made it clear that he had already finished to animate every episode (or he was almost there). People really think Mark printed different versions of every character (one for each emotion and position) just because he couldn't find the time to animate the ep? This alone should show how staged it was.

I agree. Part 11 was very intentionally staged that way. The denial was intentionally surrounded by total fuckery. That was the whole point.

And yet I have people in my Inbox saying “its not that deep”. I’ll say it again, this mentality is how Donald Trump for President happens. Some people need to get deep and fast. Also know that the “deep” people tend to do better in life than the shallow people who act like critical thought is their enemy. GTFOH with that. Seriously. There’s nothing more obnoxious than being ignorant AND arrogant.