he who shoots first

Sneaking In

I thought I was being quiet. I swear I was. 

But then again, Stealth wasn’t exactly my middle name. So, you could imagine the noise I made when I tried sneaking back into the Bunker. You’d actually think I couldn’t care less about what the Winchesters thought about my midnight rendezvous, but I was mortified about what Dean would think.

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 Penny Dreadful + first and last shots (part 1)

I’ll never get over how the first time we met Vanessa she’s desperately praying to God and her last act is seeing God in her final moments, or how the first time we meet Ethan he’s a gun for hire and he ends everything by shooting the woman he loves, or Victor who we first met playing with death like a chemistry set but has now seen too much of it to bare, or Sir Malcolm who we met searching for his dead daughter and now both his daughters are dead. And then there’s Dorian in an almost identical shot to how we met him because, like the portraits behind him, he is unchanging.

Archangel is reckless and idealistic, and he’s single-handedly policing this whole wretched hive of scum space station, nbd

Archangel is personally making life a living hell for all three crime empires, and the crime bosses can’t sleep at night, nbd

Mercenary: (describing the battle between all three ruthless mercenary groups teamed up VS Archangel on his own) “it’s just not a fair fight for us :(”

Archangel took one single shot at a gunship and it exploded, nbd

I am in so much love

the rom coms got it wrong

today’s fic: jily fake dating au

wc: 2 651

ao3 | see more ficmas here

Lily Evans needed a stiff drink. Or twenty.

“Stop that,” she hisses for the umpteenth time this evening, slapping his hand from where it was slowly inching up to fidget with his tie.

James makes a face at her, but drops his hand nonetheless. “I can’t believe you made me wear a tie,” he complains, saying the word tie as someone might say laryngitis or brussel sprouts.

She barely refrains from rolling her eyes, choosing instead to dig her nails into his forearm. “No, I was making Sirius wear a tie, but then he got sick so I ended up with you at the last moment. It’s like paying for Prada and then getting some cheap knockoff instead.”

He snorts, steering them to an empty table nearby. “You wound me, Evans.”

Lily crosses her legs as she sits, pasting on a large, sunny smile. “Shut up and put you arm around me. And pretend to be hopelessly in love with me.”

James does as she instructs, draping his arm across her shoulders and bringing her flush against his side, though not before dipping his head and whispering, “Oh come off it, Evans. If anyone is looking hopelessly in love with anyone here, it’s you.”

He receives an elbow to the gut for that, but it does nothing to wipe the grin from his face.

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Holy moly, it is intense, im loving it so much.

Currently watching three different you tubers; Jack, Mark, and a less well known guy ChristopherOdd who is great for getting lots of the story because he tries his hardest to find all the notes and he actually shows you the videos (also he has a lovely soft Canadian accent)

I have so many theories about the story but its barely started so i might do that tomorrow and then make another post when its finished.

I did watch Brownman (ray) play it but he really didn’t enjoy it which i expected as it is a lot more story involved that the first game and hes a gamer who likes shooting things.

Also looking forward to achievement hunters eventual videos Gavin scared gives me so much joy 

Why Mary?

Unpopular Opinion: I would’ve much rather had John come back instead of Mary.

Yeah okay, Mommy’s back, but I don’t believe that is what Dean truly wanted. Amara went off of a picture. For all we know, he needed his father.

I mean, think about it, do you think Dean wanted to pull Mary– his dear mother– back into the crossfire? Who’s probably in heaven and happy and clueless to the hell that is her son’s lives. Do you have any idea how much damage can be done to a mother when she finds out her sons went to hell and back multiple times and have died because of HER?

And Dean probably knows this. So– why Mary? Don’t you think John would’ve been smarter? I mean, Dean and Sam have always had problems with their father, and their father coming back could give us a real character with major flaws and quirks that could progress not JUST the story arch but our main character’s development. I mean– Imagine John looking baffled but slowly clapping Dean on the back when he finds out he killed Hitler and stopped Nuclear Armageddon take two or when Dean shares stories about beating the devil or the Darkness and John’s like “I’m still cooler than you.” Then he brings up Chuck and John just shakes his stubborn head muttering something like “I really should find a way to get you boys healthcare. All the alcohol and cheap meds in your blood is getting to your heads.”

Or John finally realizing how strong Sam is and giving him the hug he’s always deserved and caving in and deciding to just sit down and have a beer with him. But he still jokes about him being a college nerd, to which Sam just shakes his head fondly.

Or for the first time John meets Cas and him accidentally stabbing him like Dean did when he comes in looking for Sam. And then he just stares quizzically when the angel and Dean hug and mutters “So– you like dick now? Gotta say, always thought boobs were your thing.” And Dean just guffaws and starts rambling like he always does when people assume he’s gay (I mean he’s bi ppl XDJkJk it’s a pipe dream) whilst Cas looks at John, then Dean, then his crotch and– well you get it. Or when he finds out Cas is an Angel and scoffs, asking him where his harp and fluffy wings are and Cas just squints whilst glaring and unfolds his wings and john doesn’t speak, just gulps and takes a step back whilst Dean looks proud like Cas has just made the Sun shy away and dim down. It’d be so funny, awesome, and adorable at the same time.

And just imagine how quick the BMOL issue would’ve been solved with John back on board. He wouldn’t join them under any circumstances, unlike Mary, and when he finds out his son is being tortured I’m 100% certain he’d shoot Toni point blank. And, while John was tough as rocks, he’s respected greatly by a lot of hunters and with his words Not one would say yes or even consider the brit douchebags. He’d shoot Hess without hearing a single word on her side and he’d have gotten Mick onto the boys side much quicker through a guilt trip or something. And don’t even get me started on Ketch, Bastard wouldn’t even know what’s coming to him. John’s ruthless when he wants to be, but he’s also smart (albeit a bit hotheaded)

So– with all this and probably more in perspective– why throw a blank canvas into the fire and not a developed work that will bring not just more power but character to both our protagonists, the rough story arch, and the work himself? I mean, it’s kind of lazy throwing in Mary. Yeah, feelings and all the “I haven’t seen her since we were kids blah blah blah” card– but I just don’t get it. Dean has only seen Mary up until he was four (without regard to his time travel meetings) so really– there won’t be many feelings other than sadness and happiness towards her (Maybe a bit of shock value from us that lasts about an episode until the hype is gone). But with John, the man who raised Dean the way he is (tying in a lot of emotional and mental issues that could really help develop Dean and John’s characters more) and the one who threw both boys into this whole mess with just a phone call– him coming back would bring so many emotions into the picture. And the season would’ve been a lot more interesting.

All I’m saying is, I’d rather have John in the picture (apparently Jensen did too so–), trying to make up for his sorry ass of a father after spending time in what I assume is heaven, than Mary disappearing for episodes at a time without any real purpose but to make the boys a bit sad (it takes the boys talking about her to remind me she’s banging Ketch. No really what’s up with that whole thing).

She really just feels like a plot device. I mean, even the ending glossed over her. If John was in her place, I imagine him standing up to the devil or at the very least not being stupid enough to even get himself in that situation. Or if he does get in the situation, he would probably start teaming up with all the survivors he can find (including Bobby who would probably try and shoot him first) to beat Lucifer down and find a way to return to his boys or die fucking trying. He’d have a better chance and we would actually feel some sort of emotion towards him because, to put it simply, we know him more. John Winchester wasn’t an abusive father (physically at least– or so I hope), he was a Soldier– still a dick– but a soldier.

Mary wasn’t a civilian by any means, but she was sheltered in heaven for years without understanding why she was back. Even she wanted to go back. I just feel they butchered her character. We’ve had eleven seasons to build up this picture of badass Mary Winchester who loves her children more than anything– not this somewhat ignorant and dethatched huntress that turns her head to her sons when she shouldn’t have. It took Dean telling her he hated her to wake her up, what do you think that says about her?

I love Mary, I really do, but I would’ve preferred John. Sorry.

Update: I appreciate all of your replies and thanks for trying to clear things up a bit for me. Whilst I love Mary– I really do and you can’t argue that she isn’t a fucking badass– I still would’ve enjoyed seeing John interact with the boys. And I still stand by the fact that John WOULD be intimidated by Cas, to some degree at least. John is brave, ruthless even, but he is also very smart. He won’t argue or sass or try and annoy a multi-dimensional being who can render him a bloody smear on a wall (even though we know Cas won’t do it doesn’t mean John would know) So, whilst he may not show it, almost 100% sure John would be weary or intimidated by the bundle of power that is him. Lets not forget he isn’t as keen on Angels (unless he is, though this is unlikely as they weren’t in his journal) as he is Demons and would keep all defenses up until he knows everything there is to know about them. John is still human– human’s fear and he isn’t an exception. As for BI Dean? Let a girl enjoy her fictional character dreams. I’m not hurting anyone and I’m not stating it as a fact that he is Bisexual. It’s not like I’m calling Jensen Bi. I’m calling the MADE-UP character Dean Bisexual because I feel that he is.

Okay, so anyway, Thank you and good night!

PS: But seriously– wouldn’t it be hilarious if John bashed a vamp’s head in or something with Lucille.




galpalaven  asked:

all of the sole survivor relationships questions for maya :D

Wow, you jumped right on that. I’ll try to respond as promptly. (see what I did there?) I half considered including Cat and Jun in the mix, but they’re only fic companions I haven’t even introduced yet.

1) Who is their best female friend?
Definitely Piper. Maya had a few younger cousins in the press and Piper reminded her of her two favorites, with the added benefit of knowing Piper could keep a secret if asked.

2) Who is their best male friend?
That’s a tie between Preston, Nick, and Hancock. Preston wasn’t much of a surprise given the fact that he’s the first person she met who didn’t shoot her and has been with her every step of the way. Nick was definitely a surprise considering she thought that their relationship would last as long as it took to find Kellogg, plus she knew the old Valentine and they did not get along. Hancock was also a surprise considering her thing about killing and his first impression as Mayor McStabby.

3) Who is their current romantic partner(s)?
Hancock and Nick, after much frustration and confusion. Their “song” might as well be the Benny Hill theme.

4) What was their late spouse like?
Ewan was a good man, probably the Perfect Man that most prewar ladies (and gentlemen) would have killed to get. He was very supportive of Maya’s work as an attorney and loved being a stay-at-home dad. He loved Maya completely, just how she was because that was the woman he fell in love with. Even though she didn’t love him the same way. She felt like she didn’t deserve him and part of her always felt like she was waiting for him to figure that out. But that’s a whole other story.

5) Which companion is most like family?
Maya is a Mom. Honestly she’s unofficially adopted like half the Commonwealth and basically all her companions as her “kids.” Exceptions are Strong (dislikes him), Codsworth (not her kid, but still family), and Deacon (more like the brother she never had.)

6) Which companion are they most protective of?
Probably Curie, partly because she’s still really naive, mostly because she charges into fights like she still has a built-in buzzsaw and flamethrower for hands.
That said, RJ “Beanpole” MacCready is a close second, for no other reason than the fact that she learned to Mom from her Louisiana-born mother and her Italian immigrant grandmother. He’s too skinny and it’s Distressing. It doesn’t help that he looks like he could be her actual kid.

7) Who is their closest confidante?
Piper. There are some things the boys just don’t Get and it’s nice to be able to vent about things to someone you aren’t dating or are higher than in the chain of command.

8) Who do they get along least well with?
Strong. It’s the cannibalism. Also Danse, but post-Blind Betrayal they work on that. Not even gonna count Gage cause Nuka World got cleaned out harder than the Institute as a Tuesday team building exercise.

9) Are any of their companions jealous of their romantic partner(s)?
Not jealous, no. Like I said, Maya is Mom. Although Danse and X6-88 don’t approve of them because Synth and Ghoul. Danse is much more vocal about it.

10) Which companion would they like to spend more time with?
Dogmeat. He’s a good listener. Or maybe Longfellow. He’s less high-strung than some of the other people she travels with and it’s nice to have someone to just sit and drink with.

11) Which companions would they like to play matchmaker with?
Cait and MacCready would work, although the Commonwealth might not be able to handle them together and also Cait could break him in half. Granted, he might like that.
Also ADA and Codsworth.


(Avengers x Reader)

Prompt: Reader dies on a mission and the Avengers are left to deal with her absence.

Warnings: Death, grief, fighting, alcohol, language

Persona: female

A/N: Hey, guys! I’m back on my computer, so if I can stop procrastinating I can work on these more, but when I ACTUALLY stop procrastinating, I’m going to need time to work on my summer homework (oops!). Hope you enjoy- this one is a bit sad.

The fight had been horrid. The Battle of Sokovia was child’s play compared to this hell. It was the final attack from Hydra against S.H.I.E.L.D. and they had spared no expense in finding the resources to take down the Avengers. Mutants and assassins alike were thrust into battle with the common goal of defeating the team of superheroes.

Clint stood atop a tall tower in the middle of the city looking out for his friends. He had decided to stay where he was with nearly every arrow he had, rather than running through the town with just a quiver of them slung over his back. This had proved to be an excellent decision after he realized that his first two dozen arrows had been shot away only half an hour into the fight. Glancing down, Clint noticed a hoard of mutants heading towards Steve, who had somehow been isolated from the group.

“Rogers, get back to the group. You’ve got some new friends coming in from the East, and they aren’t looking too happy.”

“You know,” Steve grunted into the communications device he was given, “I really wish I could, but I’m a bit preoccupied.”

Clint turned towards the rest of the team and took notice of their deteriorating strength. Another hour of this, and they’d be taken down for sure. But Cap was the priority right now.

“(Y/N), do you copy?”

“Sure thing, Birdie.” You’d decided upon your brother’s nickname as soon as you heard the media address him as Hawkeye.

“I need you to head two blocks to your left and get Cap back to the town square. And be careful.”

“On it.”

You turned to one of Hydra’s agents and threw a dagger into his neck. Grabbing your knife, you ran towards Steve and the incoming swarm of experiments. The beginning of this fight had been spent trying to persuade the mutants to give up and join S.H.I.E.L.D., but after the first few crowds of soldiers had rolled in, the Avengers had given up on that notion. You noticed the energy building up from this new mob and decided to approach this the way your brother would: from a distance. Within minutes, your stash of throwing knives had been exhausted and you had no choice but to join Steve in some hand-to-hand combat.

The distance between the two of you had diminished and you were soon standing side by side, making your way closer to the rest of your team. Usually, fighting like this would make you nervous, but somehow Steve made the situation seem much more manageable. It had been obvious since your first real mission- you and the Cap just clicked. When he turned, you had his back; when you kicked, Steve ducked. You were always in sync, a crime-fighting duo.

Even with your trusty partner, the fight quickly turned sour. Another Hydra army had pulled in behind you, completely surrounding the two of you. You and Steve defended each other ‘til the last enemy, so when the gun pointed towards Cap, it was your first instinct to dive in between the assassin and the super soldier. You always had Steve’s back, so when he had been facing away, you couldn’t let him down.

Pain pulled you to the ground. Your vision was being impaired with spots of black, constantly growing bigger. You vaguely felt arms around you and being pulled into someone’s warm body. But the pain was still there. Blood soaked through your uniform and pooled on the concrete beneath you. And then it was dark.

The battle had been won. After your death, each Avenger had fought with everything they had until Hydra’s last soldier had been slaughtered. So they won the battle. But they lost everything.

Steve had been a wreck, muttering about how it was his fault and that he shouldn’t have turned his back on you. He hardly ate or slept in the days after your passing, just wishing that you would saunter through his door as you usually did after training to return your borrowed boxing gloves. He wanted you back, he needed you back. The sound of a firing gun would never be the same for him because after the blast, all he could hear were your screams.

Bucky did his best to make sure Steve stayed healthy, but your death had hardened the soldier. You’d been there for him after Hydra had nearly taken the last strands of his humanity. You built Bucky’s new sense of self from the ground up despite hardly knowing the man. It took Bucky months to start trusting the permanence of his new family again.

Although those two men had been very close to you, Clint was your best friend. Being siblings, it was strange how well the two of you had gotten along. He was the one who taught you to shoot your first gun, aim your first arrow, and throw your first dagger. He’d seen your talent and reluctantly let you join the Avengers, despite his worries about your safety. The two of you were never far apart, until your burial about a mile away from the tower. Clint was often found in the rafters of the building, watching, waiting for you to return with a grin on your face and a skip in your step. Months passed, but your brother still heard your name in every song and saw your face in every reflection. And, God, it hurt like hell.

Natasha and Bruce had reactions completely unexpected by their friends. Those two usually closed off their anger and sorrow to the outside world, but your death had caused them to cry and scream as though it had been them in front of the bullet. Better out than in, right? Displaying emotion would usually be seen as a sign of health, but from these two it meant that they were really broken up.

As a God, Thor had never felt more powerless. Your death couldn’t be reversed by any amount of strength or willpower. You were gone. (Y/N). Gone. Thor sat with Jane each night for weeks and relived every adventure that the two of you had been through. From adjusting to life on Earth to fighting away on a mission, you’d been there for him. And when you needed him most, he hadn’t been there for you.

Tony tried his best to grieve without drinking. He really did. But on the nights he sat alone in his laboratory, he could hear your laugh from the observation deck or imagine you working away at a new project that had no chance of working, so he drank. He drank until your laugh was just a ringing in his ears and your image was just a blur in the workshop. Every time he did it, the grief took him over again because he knew that this was the last thing that you would have wanted from him.

Wanda slipped in and out of sanity for many days after the battle. It was like losing her brother all over again, except this time, you wouldn’t come back. She had begged the agents to save you as they had saved Pietro, but apparently this was different. There was no life left in you. Nothing to save.

Pietro had taken a bullet for one of the Barton siblings and every night he wished that he could have taken a bullet for you as well. You had initially been cautious of the speedster, but he won you over with his loyalty and bravery when he saved Clint’s life. After Pietro came back, fully healed and ready to run, you had been by his side as often as possible. But now the only thing he felt beside him was empty space.

The funeral was the worst part for the superheroes. Seeing your simple wooden casket was a painful reminder that you would never come back to them. You were gone, embraced by the earth. Clint, Steve, Bucky, Pietro, Thor, and Bruce carried your casket to the site of your burial. Each step felt like a stab to the heart. Clint had been waiting to walk you down the aisle in a wedding dress, not like this. Not like this. He wanted to hear your vows to the lucky man to promise your loyalty forever. The only “forever” Clint would get was your absence.

Tears were shed and condolences were given, but it meant nothing. It meant nothing because it wouldn’t bring you back. Because no matter how many people cried for you, the gravestone would still bear your name.

picking your battles: an unauthorized los santos survival guide [part 2]

Part 2/3 [Part 1]
On AO3
Raywood, currently rated M but subject to change
Warning for drugs/canon-typical violence/general narrative stupidity

Ray wonders if now would be a bad time to offer road head—because even with everything that’s happened, he’s still shallow, Ryan’s still attractive, it’s still been too long since Ray’s gotten laid, you get the picture. But even if Ryan was into the idea, there probably isn’t a great way to bring it up right now (hey, baby, creepy skull masks really do it for me). Is it even qualified as road head if the car isn’t in motion? If nobody’s actually driving, is it just a blow job in a car? He needs to get some opinions on this.

Ryan’s looking at him. “What are you thinking about?”

Don’t say road head semantics. Don’t say road head semantics. “Not sucking dick, that’s for sure.” Nailed it.

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Harry Styles set for split with Simon Cowell to 'move as far away from 1D as possible' as rival labels fight
A new major US solo deal could be on the cards

From DAN WOOTTON’S Bizarre Column 19:01, 22 May 2016

HE’S chopped off his famous locks and now HARRY STYLES is considering cutting his last remaining ties with ONE DIRECTION.

I’ve learned the pop heart-throb is at the centre of a bidding war between record giants Universal and Sony, as mentor SIMON COWELL braces himself to lose the star from his label, Syco.

Harry’s potential deal with Universal will be managed out of the US and is likely to see him sign with Capitol Records, home to KATY PERRY, EAGLES,BECK and even THE BEACH BOYS.

The label, based at the iconic Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, is run by Brit hot- shot music exec Steve Barnett, who got to know Harry while launching 1D spin-off band 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER.

But Universal Music Group chairman Lucian Grainge — who once tried to poach 1D from Sony — is also believed to be instrumental in luring Harry away from the record company.

Sony is doing everything in its power to keep him, sparking a huge bidding war.

A Sony source said: “Harry is being offered so many incentives to stay. They’re breaking the bank for him.”

Earlier this month I told how Sony nabbed ROBBIE WILLIAMS from Universal. But at least Sony bosses can pat themselves on the back for securing a history-making deal with ADELE, as I’ve revealed today.

Sources close to 1D say it was inevitable Harry was going to distance himself from the band.

A 1D insider explained: “It was obvious from day one that Harry wouldn’t stay with Simon Cowell, Syco or a Sony label.

“He wants to move as far away from the band as possible and for him that means an entirely new team based in America.

“It’s all part of a masterplan being driven by his friend Jeff Azoff, who has set up his own management company to launch Harry as a solo superstar.”

Universal’s UK labels will be fighting over who gets to represent Harry here, with Polydor seen as the most likely option.

1D fans won’t be happy with my revelation today and neither will Harry, who wanted this news kept secret until he has finished shooting his first film role, the CHRISTOPHER NOLAN- directed drama Dunkirk.

Last night a source close to Harry said: “He has made no decisions about his music future. He is close to many people at Sony and focusing on filming his first movie.”

It’s going to be a big year for Harry.

[STARCAST] Surprise release of WINNER DEBUT PROJECT #NYC behind cuts!
Battle for choosing new boy group of YG that is going to be released in 9 years has been a year already. WINNER has spent time finding their identity which matches with the WINNER name after going through hard battle in order to gain the name of WINNER. The fact is that their identity will keep on developing. There is ‘NEW YORK Project’ which WINNER and many staffs pick as the most hard schedule among many projects WINNER had gone through while preparing this album. But WINNER members all participated in their shootings by encouraging others including themselves with the excitement that his is their first album preparation in the middle of their schedule that seemed ‘Could this be possible even though we didn’t expect it?’ Since the New York shooting was so hard, it is still placed as good memory as much as it is talked when boring.   NAVER STARCAST releases unreleased pictures of New York now.
#1. Shooting scene of New York teaser-making pictures  


[Kim Jin Woo] Kim Jin Woo went asleep while he was taking the teaser video due to tight schedule. He kept on asking “Are you shooting right now?” by opening his eyes whenever the camera turned around several times. The video of him sleeping got decided as OK-cut even though he acted well when he was awake.



[Nam Tae Hyun] The dog, which its first impression was not good due to its build, remained at the shooting scene. Everybody could not easily get close to it, but it placed itself on Nam Tae Hyun’s knees since Nam Tae Hyun opened his mind first. It is said that it surprised others by sleeping comfortably when touching it slightly.


[Lee Seung Hoon] At the last day of the shooting schedule. Lee Seung Hoon kept on shooting until late night without complaints of envying other members who were resting after finishing their shooting first. He did not forget to convey gratitude to staffs that worked hard with him one by one since it was the last shooting. ^^


[Kang Seung Yoon]  Kang Seung Yoon didn’t put down the props in the break time as if the props were curious even though he shot the shooting earnestly. He made other people experience the tuning fork after he beaten it here and there as though the ‘ring’ sound did not fed him up.



[Song Min Ho] The shooting was placed in a popular restaurant in New York. Smart picture came out whenever and wherever it was taken. There’s an interesting story of a staff that asked “Who’s that blond lady?ㅠㅠ” while monitoring in Korea pointing at the Afghan hound which the blond hair was so smart. This is an episode that was made by looking at the dog with lovely eyes although I had dog allergy!

#2. Release of the Polaroid picture exciting than the actual episode
We release member’s pieces of which they pressed the shutter toward others whenever they saw cameras in the break time with the mind of showing them to fans!


Lee Seung Hoon is looking somewhere with an exotic background at the back. His charm harmonized with the Polaroid unique feeling can be felt.


Smile comes out naturally when seeing Kim Jin Woo smiling bright dressed in comfortable clothes. ^^



This is Nam Tae Hyun whose chicness not like the youngest was his charm. But he is showing the cutie youngest charm in this picture!



This is Kang Seung Yoon who has bright smile full of energy. What are you so excited at? Let’s be happy together!



This is Song Min Ho who sublimated fancy horn-rimmed glasses as his own style. His side line also seems so attractive although it’s sad that it’s not his front side!

#3. The BEST of New York Teaser that WINNER members have chosen!
What would be the most favorite picture to members although there are many other pictures released? Check the BEST picture which members picked by themselves~!


The BEST cut which Kim Jin Woo chose.
Are you all surprised at this released picture? This is a picture which Kim Jin Woo’s eyes are impressive.



The BEST cut which Kang Seung Yoon chose.
Kang Seung Yoon is eating bread by walking the streets of New York freely. The charm of this picture is the natural thing as if decorated. 


The BEST cut which Lee Seung Hoon chose.
 Lee Seung Hoon is driving the car. The contrasting image of red leather sheet of the great classic car and Lee Seung Hoon’s image seems intense.



The BEST cut which Song Min Ho chose.
Song Min Ho is sitting on a dark street dressed up in black shirt and slacks with the vehicle head light at the background. The mood is amazing!



The BEST cut which Nam Tae Hyun chose.
Nam Tae Hyun reading newspaper at a bright New York morning seems like a New Yorker.

  How did you like New York pictures that notice WINNER’s start? Since there is an old saying of ‘A good beginning is half the battle’, how to start has become an important story. We think that WINNER’s start is more meaningful since many of us have been waiting for so long. Please be with their steps in the future also~ ^^

Writing/Picture = YG Entertainment

They Call Them Trinity - Chapter 2

All the ships, AU, SFW, SFF, 3,690 words.

I can’t thank my beta readers enough, but I’ll still try - hartfic and dabblingdabbler <3 I edited quickly so I hope it’s decent!

Read Chapter 1 here

All chapters here

- - - 

I got you - she thinks, and it’s clear to both who is going to shoot first. He flinches as she pulls the trigger, waiting for the gun to roar. But it’s just a muted click, the gun fails to fire - jammed. Grace’s face falls as she realises she doesn’t have time to switch weapons. She exposed herself to much.

That’s it.

- - - 


The man raises his gun, and one single shot fills the air. Grace parts her lips and takes a slightly deeper breath, to taste the air one last time. She is ready. She’s been ready for a while now, and there’s a sort of relief in knowing death is coming two perfectly clear seconds in advance. Her body spontaneously leans back to take the hit, but she can’t feel a thing. Instead, she sees the man’s hand loosing its grip, and his eyes widen as a red patch spreads on his shirt. He grunts and looks at his shoulder, then, with a painful motion, he swings the wounded arm to pass the gun to his other hand. It’s all it takes for Grace to regain lucidity. In one fluid motion, she opens the cylinder of her gun, rolls it and flips it back - the bullet pierces the exact centre of the man’s forehead before he even has the time to aim again. 

He slides down slowly against the side of his horse, hitting the ground with a muffled thump.

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mcpeterism  asked:

Eren and Mikasa are spending Christmas at Mikasa’s parents’ house. Eren has decided to mischievously give Mikasa an embarrassing or sexual gift, which Mikasa only finds out after opening the gift in front of her parents. :P

This story is so ridiculously random but you know I do love picking on them. I also combined these prompts because they were pretty similar ^^ I have no idea what I just wrote. What is my life.

Eren practically jumped up the front steps leading to the Ackerman’s house. He pulled open the screen door with the hand that wasn’t holding the gift bag, and grabbed a hold of the front door knob. He really couldn’t remember a time he actually knocked on her door; Mikasa was always a few quick steps across the street, up the steps, and into her house. He was actually pretty thankful her parents hadn’t murdered him yet.

“Hello,” he called as he stepped inside the warm house, closing the door behind him.

“Hello, Eren,” Vita said from her spot on the couch, the TV playing some upbeat music to whatever movie she was watching.

Tom bent the newspaper he was reading to look up from his newspaper. “Hey, what’s up, kid?” Mr. A was already dressed in his uniform, probably having to work tonight. Poor guy, the only one in the house who didn’t get a Christmas break.

Eren kicked off his shoes by the front door, dropping the present briefly so he could take off his jacket to hang up as well. “Mikasa said she was home from practice.”

“She’s upstairs,” Vita said adjusting the pillow she was resting on. “But only if that present is for me.”

He knew she was joking but the thought alone had a laugh choking in his throat. “So impatient, Mrs. A. You’ll get yours on Christmas like everyone else.”

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