he who must not be names

1804: Emperor Napoleon I
  • Prussia: okay, I think we really, REALLY need to focus on France now! He... he's becoming pretty scary with his new leader...
  • Austria: wait, what's his leader's name?
  • Ludwig van Beethoven: I wonder who it is. Not that I care much about it.
  • Prussia: according to Gilbird it's... N-Napoleon!!
  • Austria: him???
  • Ludwig van Beethoven: This is an outrage! Austria, we must do something about this!
  • Austria: we must! I cannot believe Napoleon was crowned Emperor! This goes against your hard work!
  • Prussia: yes! I knew this will get you guys rilled up! Let's meet back in my place and create a plan to- where are you guys going??
  • Austria and Ludwig van Beethoven: *furiously recreates Symfonia Buonaparte (Symphony no. 3)*
  • Prussia: ... y’know, being with you two makes ME feel like the sensible one.

I’m sitting there, dreaming about sixteen dollars an hour and all I can do with it, when I hear a gentle tapping. I turn around, startled. It feels like my entire existence in Forgotten Hollow will revolve around being startled.

By handsome men.

Because standing in front of me is yet ANOTHER good-looking guy. I’d seen more extremely attractive men in my couple of hours in Forgotten Hollow than I had in all my years in San Myshuno. 

Me: You must be related to Aries.

He has to be. He has the same facial features, except his face is longer and not as defined. The same dark hair, except much longer, and arched brows. And the same odd eyes. He gives me a similar smile to Aries, small and slightly mocking. 

He tells me his name is Leo.

Leo: I’m Aries younger brother. And with who do I have the pleasure?

Me: Oh, I’m Shannon. Shannon Churchill. I’m Cadi’s friend. I’m going to be living here with her for a little while.

Leo laughs, laughs as if he’s heard something hilarious. I look at him, confused.

Leo: A little while, huh? Cadi didn’t tell me about you. Her friend that’s staying here for a little while.

Me: Oh. Well. It was all kind of sudden. I only got here last night. By the train.

Leo: The train is the only way to get here, Shannon. The only way in and the only way out. If you’re invited here. And you accept.

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I seriously think we don't talk enough about the fact that Taylor absolutely looks like her old self again. She seems so happy and free and it reminds me so much of the fearless and SN eras. Just like back then when she was just a curly headed girl who believed in fairytales. I don't know Joe but he must be incredibly kind and generous and give her so much that he literally "healed" her wounds.. "I forget their names now, never be the same now"

It’s like her worst years never happened bc she forgot all that now that she’s with Joe. He’s really working his magic 💕🙌🏼

hi ! i’m market woman of the serengeti: barbs ! i’m 22 years-old in the gmt -3 timezone & use she/her pronouns. i’m a huge fucking nerd who loves star wars, stranger things, rick & morty and buzzfeed unsolved. also the proud owner of a frenchie named boris. but that’s enough about me, let’s get into *shane madej vc* ya Boi

hey is that TOM HOLLAND ? no way, that must be NOEL POWELL the TWENTY-ONE year old COLLEGE STUDENT. everyone says he is ARTICULATE and SHARP but i heard they’re MEDDLESOME and OBSESSED. they’ve seen PSYCHO at least a dozen times, i guess it’s their favorite or something.

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Sometimes I think about how amazing the 25th Anniversary concert was, like we had Ramin and Hadley slaying it as Enjolras and Grantaire, and Norm Lewis as Javert and don’t even let me get started on Samantha Barks. And I think hey, let’s watch the 25th Anniversary concert again….

And then.

I remember.

You know who.

She's Never Called Him A Bastard

I just wanted to observe that throughout Jon and Dany’s time together this season the topic of Jon being a bastard never came up. This is something Jon has had to deal with his whole life, with friends, with family, even with his former lover but not with Dany. She never called him that or referred to him as such when he wasn’t around.  

For Dany, even though her own family name is extremely important to her, the family name of other people or lack thereof is not. The man she loved the most before meeting Jon didn’t have a family name, nor does her close advisor and friend Missandei. She didn’t care about Tyrion being a Lannister and allowed him to prove himself. Nor her Unsullied or her Dothraki have family names and Dany doesn’t seem to mind at all.

For Jon, this must be a strange experience. People just bring up the fact that he’s a bastard all the time, he’s accustomed to it. But Dany hasn’t even acknowledged it and even though it hasn’t been addressed I think a part of Jon must feel appreciative that Dany respects him as a person and hasn’t defined him by the circumstances of his birth. This can be another component of his attraction to her, that she sees him for who he is not what society defines him as.

Snape OOC

As much as I’m loathe to admit it, you can never truly say Snape is OOC in anyone’s terrible fan fiction. The guy was a full time method actor/spy against a terrifying, mass murdering maniac. Literally, no one knows Snape’s real personality because he never breaks character. Underneath, the man might want to one day own a monkey named Todd and be a secret hockey enthusiast whose one deadly vice is the magical antenna he’s rigged in the dungeon to see games at Hogwarts. We just don’t know.

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Prompts: @ohsodraco
Author: @queenofthyme

Draco hadn’t turned around yet. But he would have seen Harry’s name on the appointment list. He must have known who his next patient was. Harry wondered if Draco felt that same nervous excitement to see him - the clammy palms, the fidgeting, the sweat on the back of the neck and a heart that he could hear pounding in his ears.

Probably not.

Draco stood with his back to the door, reading over a floating chart. Harry took an awkward seat on the edge of the patients’ chair. Still, Draco made no sign he was aware of Harry’s presence. Nothing new there.

Harry cleared his throat and got straight to the point. “I accidentally cursed myself.”

Draco turned around then, his face showing no surprise at Harry Potter sitting in his Healer’s office. “You accidentally cursed yourself,” he repeated drily.

Harry nodded, wiping his hands on his trousers. “Yes.”

“With what curse?” Draco’s eyes were piercing and analytical, giving Harry the odd sensation that Draco already knew exactly what he was thinking. But he couldn’t. Or they wouldn’t be having this conversation at all.

“I don’t know.”

Draco blinked back at Harry, drawing attention to his long pale lashes. Harry had a particular fondness for those bloody lashes. “How can you curse yourself and not know? What incantation did you use? What wand movement?”

Harry shrugged, dropping eye contact, lest he reveal his game too early. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t - “ Draco started to repeat, frustration leaking into his voice. “What are your symptoms? How has this mystery curse affected you?”

“I feel unwell,” Harry answered simply, playing with a loose thread on the knee of his trousers.

There was a silence in which Harry could feel Draco staring down at him, eyes boring into him. He didn’t dare look up. “You feel unwell,” Draco repeated, disbelief clear in his tone.


“Potter, get the fuck out of my practice.”

Harry looked up quickly - he hadn’t expected that. Although perhaps he should have. “You’re not going to cure me?”

“Of what?” Draco’s tone was clipped, impatient, his eyes narrowed. “You’re clearly not cursed. You don’t have any symptoms. I sense no dark magic in your presence. I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, but I can assure you I don’t have the time to humour you. Good bye.”

Shit. Shit. Shit. “I do have one symptom.”

Draco sighed heavily, but his face lightened. “What is it?”

“An erratic heartbeat.”

“An erratic heartbeat,” Draco repeated - he was making a habit of doing that. “You’re probably just unfit. It’s not un-“

“So you’re not even going to check to make sure?” Harry interrupted, shuffling on his seat. This was so not how he wanted this to go down. “It could be serious.”

Draco crossed his arms. “It’s not serious.”

“And how do you know if you’re not going to check?” Harry held his breath. If we was thrown out of Draco’s office now, the humiliation will have all been for nothing.

“Fine - “ Harry exhaled - “Lie down.”

Harry shuffled up onto chair fully and laid back. He squirmed a little at the cold plastic covering.

“Stay still,” Draco said, a hand coming out to rest on Harry’s shoulder, holding him in place. With his other hand, he passed his wand over Harry’s chest. Harry tried not to make it obvious when a shiver ran through him - he wasn’t so sure it was to do with Draco’s wand and not his touch.

“It is a little faster than normal,” Draco said quietly, dropping his hand. "Do you often feel out of breath?” He asked, eyes flickering back up to Harry’s face.

“Only around you.”

Harry watched Draco’s pale eyelashes flutter. “I’m not following.”

It look all of Harry’s Gryffindor courage (and plenty of recklessness too) not to look away. “You leave me breathless.”

Harry waited for Draco’s reaction. Nothing at first - it took a second - and then: “Oh no. Oh no.” Draco backed away. “Are you telling me this was all an elaborate set up so you could use that cheesy pick-up line?”

Harry felt his heart drop. “Maybe,” he said quietly, getting to his feet. It had seemed like a great idea over Firewhiskey with Ron and Hermione the previous night.

“That’s pathetic, Potter. You could do so much better than that.”

“Sorry,” Harry said, his face to the floor as he shuffled to the exit. “I didn’t mean to - I’ll just - “

“Come back tomorrow,” Draco said from behind him - Harry froze, hope rising in his gut. "Just make sure you have some better material.”

Harry turned around slowly, a smile forming on his face. “If that’s what the doctor orders…”

“Healer,” Draco corrected. He was back to staring over his chart again. “I’ll make your follow-up appointment 5.30pm tomorrow. “ He looked up at Harry and winked. “It’s my last session. Dress sharp.”

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