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Blue: Pt.11

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Warnings for this part: language, mentions of blood

Why do I even endure all this torture?

You drowsily watched how the sun slowly climbed higher on the sky, painting it orange. You hadn’t slept at all thanks to nightmares that started immediately after you had closed your eyes.

“How is it possible to have nightmares when I’m not even properly asleep?” you mumbled, rubbing your eyes.

Luckily it was your day off. Going out in that kind of state didn’t sound like a good idea to you. Besides, you had no idea where Minhyuk was and you thought that maybe taking his advice of not going out was the wisest thing to do.

I wonder if they found Yuna…

If you hadn’t been cursing Minhyuk in your mind during the night, you had been thinking about Yuna. She had always been a little… angsty if you may say so but you had never imagined that she would be in that much pain.

You decided to take a shower and put on some clothes you could wear if you would have to go outside. After that you went back to your bed and sat down on it, facing the window next to it.

Hmm?” Eunkyung hummed when she answered your call. “Is everything okay? It’s unusual for you to call me this early.

“Yeah, nothing’s wrong…” you said and yawned. “I was just bored.”

She was quiet for a bit and then you heard her sigh. “A sleepless night again?

“Uh huh,” you admitted.

You should really consider seeing a doctor or something… You can’t keep living like this, it’s bad for your health,” she nagged.

“Yeah, yeah,” you couldn’t help but smile a little. “Thanks for always worrying for me.”

It’s not like I necessarily want to do it,” she snorted. “It’s because it seems like you can’t do it yourself.

You chuckled, making her sigh for the second time.

You don’t take this seriously enough ______. It bothers me.

“I know,” you said and lay down on your back, taking a deep breath. “I’ll try to look after myself.”

I know you will,” she said and you smiled.

There was a brief silence. “Have you talked with Yuna lately?” you asked cautiously.

She didn’t answer immediately. “No,” she eventually said. “It’s not like we have a reason to talk anymore…

“I-“ you were cut off when you heard your doorbell ring.

You should go get that,” Eunkyung said. “I’ll talk to you later,” she said and hung up before you could say anything.

With a sigh, you got up and went to the door, slowly pushing it open when you arrived in the hallway.

“I’m surprised you’re alive,” Minhyuk said coldly when your eyes met.

Your eyes traveled to his clothes almost immediately. There was a big dark spot on his shirt where the wound was. “I think that’s my line,” you said and looked at him in the eye with a serious look.

“Oh, please,” he smirked. “A little scratch isn’t enough to kill me.”

“A scratch? It looked more like your whole side had been cut open judging from the amount of blood there was.”

“Whatever, it’s not like it matters anyway,” he snorted.

“You didn’t have time to change your clothes? Or do you not own any other clothes?” you asked.

“None of your business,” he said. “Now tell me if you have any plans to go outside because if you don’t, I’m going to leave immediately. I don’t exactly want to be around you.”

You quickly grabbed your keys and put on your shoes. “Yes, I have to visit the convenience store briefly.”

Without saying a single word, he turned around and started walking away from the door, knowing you would follow him. While walking behind him you couldn’t stop looking at the dark stain on his shirt that was visible from the back too. The blood had dried up and it wasn’t as dark as it was when wet but it was still closer to black than, say, royal blue.

“How did you stop the bleeding?” you asked him after you had stepped out from the apartment building.

“I have my ways,” he answered shortly without turning around or glancing at you over his shoulder.

“And that means?”

“You don’t want to know,” he scoffed and turned his head a little, just enough for you to see a smirk on his lips.

“Why not?”

“Your stupidity is just hilarious,” he said and suddenly came to a stop, turning around to face you. “Since you probably won’t shut up before I give a proper answer,” he stopped for a bit, a grin growing on his lips. “Let’s just say I got some help from a really hot piece of metal.”


“Let’s not talk about it,” he said and started walking again. “I’m used to the image but a weakling like you will throw up your breakfast if you hear the exact steps and all the other unnecessary shit included in the practice. I don’t really like the idea of having to witness you throwing up.”

You gulped and followed him. Yeah, maybe not hearing about it was for the best.

You opened the door of your apartment with your keys.

Why is he still here?

After unlocking the door, you turned around to face Minhyuk. “Why are you still here?”

“Oh, me? I was thinking about doing a house check just for fun,” he said sarcastically and you gave him a look. “Just open the god damn door and you’ll see, human,” he said and you obeyed quietly.

You froze immediately when you stepped into the apartment.

Whose shoes are those?

You stared at the unknown pair of shoes, feeling a little scared.

Did a vampire break in or something? I mean, he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t something like that. Those don’t look like-

“Stop freaking out and go into the living room,” Minhyuk pushed you quite roughly and you stumbled forward, almost falling over.

“I’m not going to get eaten?” you blurted out.

“Idiot,” you heard him mumble. “I don’t think Hoseok is going to become a human eater any time soon.”

Hearing the familiar name you felt relieved and surprised.

I never knew he’d wear such… girly shoes.

The shoes were obviously a model for women. It didn’t bother you or weird you out, you were just surprised to see that someone like him fancied that kind of shoes.

You hesitantly made your way to the living room after taking your shoes off. When you stepped in, you came to a stop. Your heart skipped a beat.

Hoseok stood in the middle of the room, his icy eyes glued on something on the couch in front of him. What he was looking at was what made you stop. Even though you couldn’t see the person’s face, the black hair and familiar clothing gave away her identity. Yuna was sitting there, hunched over herself.

“No use stopping here,” Minhyuk’s voice said and pushed you over to Hoseok who only now looked up to direct his attention on you two.

You subconsciously held your breath while looking at the familiar yet unfamiliar figure on the couch. She looked like herself but something was different. She wasn’t herself.

“Where are your shoes?” Minhyuk asked Hoseok behind your back, distracting your thoughts for a few seconds.

“I came without them,” he calmly stated.

“What?” you turned around to look at him in disbelief.

“That’s not what’s important right now,” he brushed it off. “She changed,” he said and looked at you in the eye.

You felt your stomach twist a little.

“Say something to her. She hasn’t talked to us much.”

You slowly turned back around to look at the girl sitting on the couch. You gulped, feeling nervous. “Yuna?” you called her name. She showed no reaction. “I know you don’t remember-”

“I don’t remember?” she lifted her head so quickly you flinched. Her eyes were blue, a little darker than the guys’. “Tell me one thing I don’t remember! I remember everything!” she screamed, pulling her hair with both hands.

The look in her eyes and the tone of her voice gave you chills. Her eyes were filled with pain and darkness and her voice was filled with frustration and anxiousness.

“There is nothing I don’t remember…” she calmed down a little but she was shaking from rage. “I remember every negative feeling, I remember every painful memory, everything…”

You felt a lump in your throat. The way you had always seen her was so different from reality. You had always thought she was quiet and expressionless just because that was her personality but behind all that she had a broken heart and a mind that was filled with darkness.

“I remember Eunkyung…” she whispered with a broken voice.

“It’s the gift, no, curse of knowledge,” Hoseok said after a brief silence. “After turning, she didn’t get to forget everything. She’ll always remember everything that happened to her as a human. She’ll always remember what made her change.”

“The only thing that has changed is her blood and ability to hide herself from others,” Minhyuk told you.

“You said the pain would be gone…” she whispered, her voice almost gone. “You said I wouldn’t remember…”

There was a silence. “I know,” Hoseok said.

“Then why is it still there?!” she exploded again, this time getting up from the couch and charging toward Hoseok. “Why is the pain still there?! Why do I still have to remember those awful things?!” she screamed.

“Yuna-“ you started and reached you hand toward her.

“Get lost!” she screamed to you and pushed you away roughly. You ended up falling and accidentally dropped the glass of water that was on the small table next to you. The glass hit the floor before you and the shards scattered on the floor, right where your hand landed. Feeling the stinging pain of the shards cutting your hand’s skin, you immediately pulled your hand away with a quiet hiss.

“Give me one good reason to stay on your guys’ side,” Yuna growled to the two guys.

“You’ll either get brainwashed or killed if you go to the higher-ups,” Hoseok calmly stated.

“Yeah? What’s so bad about that? I-“

“You immature piece of shit,” Minhyuk suddenly got really angry and grabbed the front of Yuna’s hoodie roughly. “Boo hoo, you’re having a hard time. Who isn’t?” he growled. “It’ll pass so get a grip of yourself. Slap yourself in the face if that’s the only way to keep you away from those bastards. This isn’t only about your pitiful ass, this is about our whole species. If they get you, we’re all done for.”

He’s scary…

Seeing Minhyuk like that was new for you. He had never been that angry before. It was almost like he had become another person. The way he glared at the petite girl in front of him made you wonder how she could still look so rebellious.

“That’s enough,” Hoseok had to force Minhyuk to let go of her. “We’re not here to fight. We just simply came to drop her off, right?”

Minhyuk was still glaring at Yuna.

“Wait, what did you say?” you furrowed your eyebrows and stood up, ignoring the pain on the palm of your right hand.

Minhyuk turned his head and looked at you, looking a little less scary. “She’s going to stay here.”

“You didn’t think about maybe asking for my opinion on this?”

“We don’t need your opinion,” Hoseok said. “We offer you protection. You have to pay back somehow.”

You went quiet and looked at Yuna who was standing still, looking at the floor. You bit the inside of your lip and took a deep breath.


“It’s not like we need your permission either,” Minhyuk said coldly.

“We’re going to have one of us visiting your place every day. We have to keep an eye on her,” Hoseok told you and Yuna let out a snort. “You better behave,” he growled at her. “You’re grown-up, act accordingly.”

He’s acting almost like an older brother…

“Leave her alone,” Minhyuk said to you while walking past you. “I’m pretty sure that with that short temper of hers, she won’t hesitate to kill you if you talk too much. It’s better to just let her be.”

You nodded.

“Jooheon’s going to come by tomorrow,” Hoseok said and you turned to look at him. “Try not to get yourself killed while you’re alone with her,” he said and walked past you.

You heard the apartment’s door open and close soon after. You were left alone with the unstable creature now. After taking a fast, cautious glance at her you went into the bathroom to try to clean up your right hand that was starting to get bloody. After that you went into the kitchen to prepare some food for yourself.

“Are you hungry?” you asked hesitantly.

“No,” her voice answered from the living room.

You let out a quiet sigh. I’m feeling uneasy already.

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Mowgli's Road
Marina and the Diamonds

Here it is, finally! I recently hit 500 followers on this blog, and I have a mini tradition of celebrating that number. So I drew a song comic centered around my muse, Soranort, and its reflected off most of my headcanons and portrayal for him. Don’t take the lyrics too literally its a metaphor like spoons are not literally spoons, or knives…
Thank you so much for 500 followers, enjoy! ♥


Most of these links are for streaming. If you want to download them you can use this site to get them off of YouTube. A few are for torrents. I recommend using Utorrent which you can download here. If you are unfamiliar with how to download a torrent click here. Enjoy :)

-Algol x                                                      -Anne Boleyn x
-The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari x                   -Convict 13 x
-Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde x                        -An Eastern Westerner x
-Erotikon x                                                -The Garage x
-Get Out Get Under x                               -The Goleum x
-Haunted Spooks x                                   -High and Dizzy x
-Kohlhiesels Töchter x                              -Der Letzte der Mohikaner x
-The Mark of Zorro x                                 -The Monastery of Sendomir x
-Neighbors x                                              -Nomads of the Earth x
-Number, Please? x                                   -One Week x
-Outside the Law x                                     -The Parsons Widow x
-The Penalty x                                            -Pollyanna x
-The Saphead x                                          -The Scarecrow x
-Suds x                                                       -Sumurun x
-Way Down East x                                      -Why Change Your Wife? x
-Within Our Gates x

-The Ace of Hearts x                                  -The Affairs of Anatol x
-Among Those Present x                           -L'Atlantide x
-The Wildcat x                                            -The Boat x
-Camille x                                                   -The Conquering Power x
-Destiny x                                    -The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse x
-The Goat x                                                -The Haunted Castle x
-The Haunted House x                               -The High Sign x
-The Idel Class x                                        -Journey into Night x
-The Kid x                                                   -Little Lord Fauntleroy x
-The Love Light x                                        -Miss Lulu Bett x
-My Boy x                                                    -Never Weaken x
-The Nut x                                                   -Orphans of the Storm x
-The Phantom Carriage x                            -The Playhouse x
-Seven Years Bad Luck x                             -The Sheik x
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-Tol'able x

-Beyond the Rocks x                                    -The Blacksmith x
-Blood and Sand x                                        -The Bohemian Girl x
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-Flesh and Blood x                                         -Foolish Wives x
-The Frozen North x                                       -Grandma’s Boy x
- Häxan x                                                        -The Loves of Pharoh x
-Manslaughter x                                              -Mud and Sand x
-My Wife’s Relations x                                    -Nanook of the North x
-Nathan the Wise x                                         -Nosferatu x
-Oliver Twist x                                                 -The Paleface x
-Payday x                                                        -Phantom x
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-Tess of the Storm Country x                           -The Toll of the Sea x

-Ashes of Vengeance x                                  -The Balloonatic x
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-The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks x
-Gösta Berlings saga x                           -The Grand Duke’s Finances x
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-He Who Gets Slapped x                        -Helen’s Babies x
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-Phantom of the Opera x                                   -The Pleasure Garden x
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-Brudeferden i Hardanger x                  -The Devils Wheel x 
 -Don Juan x                                         -Faust x  
-Flesh of the Devil x                              -For Heavens Sake x 
-The General x                                      -The Great Gatsby x 
-The Great K&A Train Robbery x          -The Holy Mountain x 
-Kid Boots x                                           -The Magician x
-Manon Lescaut x                                  -Mother x
-Nana x                                                  -A Page of Madness x 
-Rien que les heures x                           -The Scarlet Letter x 
-The Son of the Sheik x                         -So Your Old Man x 
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-Annie Laurie x                                           -Bed and Sofa x
-The Beloved Rogue x                         -Berlin: Symphony of a Great City x
-The Cat and the Canary x                         -College x
-Downhill x                                                  -The End of St.Petersburg x
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-The Kid Brother x                                       -The King of Kings x
-The Lodger x                                              -London After Midnight x
-The Loves of Jeanne Nay x                        -The Loves of Sunya x
-Man From the Restaurant x                        -Metropolis x
-Napoléon x                                                 -The Ring x
-Robinson Crusoe x                                     -The Scar of Shame x
-Seventh Heaven x                                      -Spring Fever x
-Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans x             -Svengali x
-Underworld x                                               -The Unknown x
-When a Man Loves x                                   -Why Girls Love Sailors x
-Wings x

-A Day in Berlin x                                        -Accident x
-Alraune x                                                   -L’Argent x
-Beggars of Life x                                       -The Big City x
-Blonde For a Night x                                 -The Cameraman x
-Champagne x                                            -The Circus x
-The Cosacks x                                           -The Crowd x
-The Devious Path x                                    -The Divine Woman x
-The Docks of New York x                           -Easy Virtue x
-The Fall of the House of Usher x                -The Farmers Wife x
-Feel my Pulse x                                          -Four Sons x
-A Girl in Every Port x                                  -The House on Trubnaya x
-The Italian Straw Hat x                               -Jujiro x
-The Lady of the Lake x                               -The Last Command x
-Laugh,Clown,Laugh x                                 -Lights of New x
-Mother Machree x                                       -Moulin Rouge x
-The Mysterious Lady x                                -Noah’s Ark x
-October: Ten Days That Shook the World x-The Passion of Joan of Arc x
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-Zvenigora x

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