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The day I apparently broke the internet! From Dallascon16

So I have come to learn that quite a lot of people have seen this photo and only about half know the amazing story behind it. So I thought I would finally tell it here on tumblr!

I had bought a mishalecki photo op ticket on the Thursday before the convention but had absolutely no clue what pose to do, until it hit me. I am a hug Misha fan, and every time I have gotten to talk to him I am usually sarcastic and try to match his wit. I also love Jared, he is like an actually giant puppy. Anyway way the whole fandom knows that Misha had bragged about how flexible he is, well I am quite flexible too. Just as flexible as Misha actually,lol! So then this pose came to mind. I knew it would crack Jared up and it would give me a chance to show off some skill. I didn’t want to many people knowing what pose I was going to do because I was afraid volunteers might not be keen on the idea or I just wanted it to be a surprise.

So I was third or so in line for the photo and Misha and Jared set the tone pretty quickly with their entrance that screamed fun and sexy. Half the people in the room knew what pose I was gonna do and the other half didn’t. When it came my turn I walked up to Jared and Misha, I had to repeat it twice but for the sake of just retyping the same things I will write once.

I stood between Jared and Misha, looking at Jared while I kept Misha in my sights. I said this, “ Hey guys so I am going to do a pose you have never done before. (They began to smile; I then gently put my hand on Misha’s chest to direct Jared’s attention) See I am more flexible than Misha is, (Jared chuckled, Misha looked curious) so I am going to do a reverse table top yoga pose and I want you two to arm wrestle on my stomach. Look as extreme as possible, got it!?” I had to repeat this twice, but both were smiling and went ok, I have a feeling they were still confused, that was until I hit the ground. I heard half the room gasp,slightly, and the other half sorta whispering. From above I heard Jared and Misha go at the same time, “OH”, they had finally understood. Jared actually signaled for Chris to do another picture because he realized they both were not ready when the photo was taken, I am so glad he did cause it turned out amazing.

As I started to come out of the pose Jared helped me up, which was basically pulling me 3ft into the air, I am 5′2! He went, “Damn girl that was kick ass!” and gave me a high five. I told both of them thank you and started to walk away when Misha decided he was not done with me yet. Misha gently grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He leaned in so close to my face I could feel his scruff and he whispered, “ Your not more flexible than me.” As I turned to look at him he gave me the Casifer grin and winked. And to put the cherry on top of me walking away I started smiling and wagging my finger going, “No no no no no”, and the damn music stopped. Misha and Jared chuckled and I left. Later that day I showed Jared the photo, he cracked up laughing and decided to sign it, even though I already had his auto. I was like Jared stop and he went, nope I am signing this. He also signed it with AKF.

There you have it, my crazy story!

You’re not my Wife

The girl handed you the phone with a giddy smile. “Do you mind taking the picture?” she begged. 

You laughed and took her phone from her. “Sure, sweetheart. But I’ll warn ya, that one gets a little handsy when he is drunk,” you said, gesturing toward Jensen. “And he was drunk off his ass three whiskey’s ago,” you laughed with a wink. 

The girl laughed before stepping between Jensen and Jared. They both towered over her. She couldn’t wipe the adorable smile off of her face. You smiled to yourself as you raised the phone to take the picture. 

You were watching the screen as Jensen planted a firm kiss on the girl’s temple. You had to stifle a giggle as you heard him lean back and start talking to her. 

“Damn, Y/N, you smell so good. Did you change perfumes or something? And when did your hair get so long?” he asked, looking down at the girl. 

You tossed your head back in laughter as you snapped the picture then got Jensen’s attention. 

You snapped your fingers so that Jensen looked up at you.

“Hey, Jensen!” you giggled. 

When his eyes met yours, he smiled in recognition then looked back at the girl he had just kissed. He looked thoroughly confused. 

“You’re not my wife,” he slurred as he pulled away from the girl. “Who are you again?” 

Jared laughed as he pulled the girl into a hug. 

“Don’t mind his drunk ass,” Jared laughed as he squeezed the fan to his chest. “Y/N warned you about how he gets when he has had a few too many,” he said shaking his head. 

“Hey!” Jensen said indignantly. “We’re celebrating, Asshat!” he declared as he looked at you then back at Jared. Your eyes went wide. Jensen had no filter after a lot of liquor. He was about to spill the beans to everyone. 

“Jens, I think that’s enough,” you said, your eyes wide as he looked at you confused still. 

“What, beautiful? We ARE celebrating. We have a damn good reason to celebrate,” he said, walking toward you, snaking his arms around your waist and pulling you close, nuzzling into your neck. 

“I know,” you whispered, letting your hands settle on Jensen’s shoulders. “But the reason we are celebrating  is still a secret,” you reminded him. 

Jensen kissed your neck then pulled away to look you in the eye. “You mean they don’t know you’re pregnant?” he asked. 

You slapped a hand over his mouth, and he just smiled back at you his eyes lighting up as he kissed your palm. 

“What?” Jared and Gen said at the same time as the girl walked away. 

“They do now,” you laughed. “We were waiting until we told both of our parents,” you added, popping Jensen in the stomach. He shrugged innocently as he looked from you to Gen and Jared. “But I should have known once this one started drinking, it wouldn’t be a secret for long,” you laughed. 

Jensen contemplated you for a minute. “Secrets are stupid,” he declared. “Hey everybody! Listen up!” he yelled at no one in particular. “My sexy, gorgeous, beautiful wife is PREGNANT!” he declared triumphantly. “And I’m the lucky son of a bitch that knocked her up. Now THAT part was fun,” he laughed. 

“Okay, that’s enough, Ackles,” you laughed, kissing him quickly so that he would shut up. His tongue tangled with yours before the two of you pulled away breathless. 

“That mean you wanna get started on another?” he teased, running his hand up under your shirt. 

“Down boy,” you said, slapping his hand away. “What am I gonna do with you?” you laughed, kissing him once more. 

“Congrats, guys,” Jared said with a laugh, pulling you both into a bear hug. 

“Thanks man,” Jensen said seriously. “She is one hell of a woman,” he added, looking at you proudly. 

“Oh?” you asked. 

“Hell yeah,” Jensen replied, pulling you into his arms and kissing you with fervor.  

“Don’t you forget it, Ackles,” you teased, running your hands along the length of his back, the mystery picture girl long forgotten. 

Damn It, Jared!

Summary- The reader is a teen actress on the show, she’s hanging out in the makeup trailer with Misha when he alerts her of some weird tweets.

Characters- Jared x platonic!reader, Jensen x platonic!reader, misha x platonic!reader.

Warnings- mild language, mentions of family problems.

A/N- I’VE FINALLY UPLOADED A FIC! it’s been a while but I’ve been busy revising for my exams so that’s a good reason;) anyways, I hope you enjoy this! It was really fun to write and made me chuckle.

You were lounging in one of the makeup chairs, Misha was sat on your left getting his hair done whilst you were stuffing your face with gummy bears. 

You had been on the show for almost two years, you were introduced as Sam’s daughter halfway through season eleven, you had just turned fourteen when you started filming and being so young meant the cast -past and present- were extremely protective over you and that’s something that never changed, and honestly you were grateful! You never really had the greatest relationship with your parents so it was nice to have a group of people who cared about you the way your parents didn’t

Jared took the roll of your father in real life as well, you just had that instant connection when you met, you both had similar interests and similar characteristics, you even looked alike: hazel eyes that seem to change colour, dimples, same length hair. He acted more like a father than your biological dad, lets just say you don’t have the ideal family life, you’d much rather go to Texas with Jared and Jensen than go home (which most of the time you do), whenever you visited you’d always help Gen and Danneel with the kids, they were grateful and loved having you around. 

The cast knew how much your parents would nag at you, they knew how down you’d get about the things they’d say, today was one of those days. You had argued with both of your parents, quite heavily, Jared walked into your trailer when he heard you almost shouting. He comforted you and listened whilst your ranted and cried about the argument, he held you whilst you sobbed, he hated seeing you so upset, it tore him apart, to him you were his daughter, he couldn’t handle seeing his daughter so torn up.

Your head snapped up towards Misha who started laughing, a lot, “what’re you laughing at?” You asked, he turned his phone towards you, reaching out you took it from his grip “maybe you should go and find your phone” he laughed. Furrowing your eyebrows you scrolled through your twitter, your eyes widened at some of the tweets before your narrowed them and let out an audible groan “damn it, Jared” you grumbled, you quickly replied back to one of the tweets before handing the phone back to Misha and jumping down from the chair, “good luck!” Misha called as you stepped out of the trailer, “i’m gonna need it” you mumbled making him laugh again.

You stepped into the motel set that you would be using for that day, the crew were getting ready to film, you saw Jared and Jensen leaning against one of the tables, Jared was still typing away on your phone, stepping forward you gained their attention, “give me my phone, Jared” you demanded holding your hand out, “give me five minutes” he replied turning his head back towards your phone, rolling your eyes you crossed your arms, “no, Jared give it back” you said, he sighed and passed it towards you, however when your reached out to grab it his hand shot in the air, “jump for it” he chuckled, you gave him a bitch face, “I am not jumping for my phone” you answered placing your hands on your hips.

You saw that his phone was on the table behind him, quickly, you leapt forward and grabbed it before holding it behind your back. He chuckled, “you don’t know my password, i’m not bothered”, you smirked and typed in his passcode before showing him the unlocked screen, “really? Your birthday? C’mon Jared, be original” you said, he went to reply but the director cut him off.

The director called for everyone to get into their places, you sat on the bed with your back against the headboard, you knew the camera’s wouldn’t be on you, it was just Jared and Jensen’s coverage. The director yelled “action!”, as the guys were doing their dialogue you started to tweet from Jared’s phone silently giggling to yourself, “Just ate some spicy ass Buffalo Wings, never again. My ass is going to hurt for weeks” you looked up and watched the scene for a bit before tweeting again. “Oh god, the smell! it’s everywhere!“ Misha who was trying to focus on the scene caught sight of you giggling, he pulled out his phone and went onto Jared’s twitter, his face immediately went red from trying to hold in the laughter, you started typing again, “SHOULD IT BURN THIS MUCH?!” you hit send, Misha looked back down towards his phone and closed his eyes and took in a deep breath as if trying to compose himself, you started typing again “I just burnt a hole through my underwear… shit… quite literally” that was the last straw for Misha, he immediately burst out laughing shortly followed by you, doubling over you were face down on the bed with tears streaming down your face, “what’re you guys laughing at?” Jared asked, “ch-check your twitter” Misha wheezed out, he furrowed his eyebrows and unlocked your phone, his eyes widened, Jensen took your phone from his hand, he started reading the numerous tweets out loud whilst simultaneously laughing, hard. Soon enough everyone in the room was howling of laughter.

You sat up, still laughing hysterically, wiping away the tears that were cascading happily down your face you took a deep breath, trying to calm down, “y/n, you little shit” Jared laughed causing you to start laughing again, grabbing his phone from your hand, he deleted the tweets and pocketed his phone. “Hey, you started it, I finished it” you giggled, “can I have my phone back now?” You asked, he shook his head before throwing it towards you, you caught it and tucked it in your pocket. 

“Okay everyone, take a ten minute break to cool off, god knows we need it” the director laughed, you stood up and walked towards the boys, “where did you come up with those tweets?” Jensen asked, you shrugged your shoulders, “honestly I have no idea” you laughed, whilst Misha and Jensen were talking Jared swung an arm over your shoulders, “you feeling better?” He asked, you nodded your head, “yeah, still feel a bit bummed about earlier but better nonetheless” you smiled, he squeezed you, “good” he replied, “I’m still gonna get you back from tweeting on my phone, you know that right?” He asked, you rolled your eyes and chuckled “yeah, even though what I did was completely fair” you said, he sighed “yeah yeah, whatever you say” he said playfully.

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Sending Our Love

  Jensen hated that he was so far away from her, especially in a time like this. He hated being away from her period but this weekend just seemed to make it all the worse. He knew that she needed him, more than ever actually, but she insisted that he go and be with the fans. She was always so supportive of his career and what he did. After all, he met at her because of his career. She practically packed his bag for him and pushed him out the door, not taking no for an answer. She knew just how much it meant to the fans to see them in person. She wasn’t about to take that away because she wasn’t well and needed him. 

  He couldn’t take his mind off of her the entire time and he was so damn sure it showed. His heart was back in Austin with his wife and no matter how hard he tried to keep his mind off of her, he couldn’t. Jared had kept his eyes on Jensen all day, reassuring him that Y/N was okay back in Austin with Gen and the boys. Y/N was a strong girl, and both of them knew that.

  “My question is for Jared,” the fan said into the mic. Jensen turned to face her anyways, trying not to stare into the wall behind her. “If Dean were to let Sam get a dog, which dog do you think he would get?”

  Jensen felt his phone vibrate in his pocket while Jared listened to the question. He pulled it out of his jean pocket and looked at the screen to see his wife’s face on the screen, requesting to FaceTime. He couldn’t deny her the call, especially if she needed him. He nudged Jared, showing him the screen. He nodded, giving Jensen the go look. 

  He pointed his finger up at the crowd and made his way backstage, sliding the accept call button. Moments later, her face popped up on the screen. She looked tired, wearing one of his red flannel shirts, laying in what looked to be their bed back in Austin. She was still the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. “Hey sweetheart,” he smiled. “Everything okay?”

  “It is now. I missed you and I needed to hear your voice. I’m sorry if I called at an inconvenient time,” she frowned, worry etched on her face. 

  “I’m in the middle of the afternoon panel. Do you want to say hi to everyone?” he questioned. She nodded her head profusely, a smile crack upon her lips. Jensen carried the phone in his hand and flipped the screen so she could see Jared’s back and the crowd on the screen. He picked up his mic, Jared looking at him with concern.

  “So, as you may know a little while back, Jared and a very significant other of mine came up with the Always Keep Fighting campaign. Have you guys heard of it?” he asked the crowd. The room went wild and Jared began to smile, knowing exactly where this was going. “Right now, my girl is at home, fighting her own battle like the badass woman that she is. How would you guys like to send her some of the love that Jar and I both know this family has for her. I’ve got her right here with me. Hey sweetheart, there are some people that want to say something to you,” he smiled. The whole room clapped and screamed for her, chanting her name amongst wishing her the best. 

  “Jar and I love you too, baby girl. We’ll be home before you know it,” he smiled at her, blowing a kiss to her through the screen. Jensen could see the blush rise upon her cheeks and it made his heart skip a beat. 

  “I love y’all, too!”

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Vancouver To Texas

Summary: Y/N is a flight attendant on J2′s plane

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1434

Warning: None

A/N: I wrote this on possibly the worst flight of my life on my phone. Beta by the lovely @jpadjackles  and aesthetic by @babypieandwhiskey

You’ve been a flight attendant for the past five years and it’s the best job you’ve ever had. You couldn’t imagine doing anything else. You get to travel the world and get paid to do it! All you have to do is serve your passengers some food and drinks, easy enough.

This was your last flight of the day, a nonstop flight from Vancouver to Texas. You were on this route often and always loved it. When you had a few days off you would stay in Texas for a few days or in Vancouver if that was your last flight. They were two beautiful areas, each unique.

Today you had a pretty empty flight so it was going to be easy. Especially since you spotted a very attractive green-eyed man. When he was getting on the plane you made eye contact with the gentleman and he flashed you a smile that could have melted you into a puddle. He turned and took the front seat that was right next to your jump seat. How were you going to concentrate on this flight!? A very tall man sat in the seat next to him and as he sat down he elbowed his green-eyed friend and snickered.

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Jared Leto Imagine - Honeymoon

This was requested. Inspired by the song Hello by Beyonce.


Your P.O.V.

This day had been the one I had waited for all my life. The day I married my soulmate, my best friend, Jared Leto. The day I became Y/N Leto.

Jared had been so happy today. When I closed my eyes I could see his pretty blue eyes looking into mine as I reached him at the altar. He had cried when he saw me in the wedding dress. We had said our ‘I do’s and then we had the most amazing ceremony with our friends and family. The entire day had been a blast but the best part was coming. Our two-week honeymoon in Italy.

We finally arrived at the fancy hotel together. We were both damn excited to get in our room that was on the highest level of the hotel. It was like a penthouse just for us! Jared held my hand as we walked into the elevator. ‘’I love you so much’’ I whispered happily. We were both still in our nice wedding clothes. After all, we had gotten married in Italy. It was so beautiful here so it was perfect.

Jared looked extremely hot in his suit and tie. His hair was a little messy from dancing but it was still sexy. I was just getting warm in my dress. ‘’I love you too’’ Jared told me sincerely. Those words still made my heart beat. He didn’t need to spoil me with diamonds and gold to make me love him. Jared was such an amazing man and I was lucky to call him my husband. It still felt unreal!

We got out of the elevator and arrived at our room. It was like a palace! Everything was fancy and gorgeous, even the door knobs. We had plenty of time to check out everything. We hurried straight to the bedroom. Although this was a romantic day, he still teased me and I teased him. We found the huge bedroom quickly. There was a king sized bed in the middle of the golden room. The walls were white with golden patterns. Everything looked like it belonged to a king.

I loved this but I would be happy no matter what as long as I had Jared with me. He let go of my hand and he walked over to the stereo. He wanted to put on some romantic music for us. I saw candles all around the room and a lighter on the nightstand. Of course, I lit the candles. Soon everything was perfect.

Jared turned to face me and he reached out his hand for me.I smiled widely and grabbed it. The music and the candles made this super romantic and sweet. ‘’A dance before the main event could be nice’’ He whispered into my ears, making me giggle.’’Good song choice’’ I let him know while wrapping my arm around him. we were really close and he led me. Slow dancing with Jared was something I appreciated a lot. It was just me and him and the moon on the pretty night sky.

‘’Who doesn’t like Beyonce on their wedding night?’’ Jared thought out loud. Then he put his big hand on my lower back to keep me close. The words were perfect. ‘’ ..Don’t fly me away. Don’t need to buy a diamond key to unlock my heart. You shelter my soul. You’re my fire when I’m cold , I want you to know ..’’ I listened to the words with a smile. Then Jared started singing along with his unbelievably beautiful voice.

‘’You had me at hello, hello, hello, you had me at hello..’’ He sang ever so softly. I looked up into his eyes. I could hear that he meant what he sang. I decided to join him. ‘’Cause it was many years ago baby when you stole my cool, ‘cause you had me at hello’

Jared smiled at me. Then he stopped dancing so he could place a kiss on my head. My heart was full of joy and happiness. He walked behind me and started to untie my dress. His hands were working smoothly like it was easy. ‘’You’re so gorgeous Y/N’’ He let me know while undressing me. I felt like blushing. Although we had been together for years, his words still made me feel appreciated and happy.

My dress cascaded down and left me in my white underwear. I stepped out of my dress and turned to Jared who was already shirtless. ‘’Let me help you with that’’ I offered him and I hurried to unbutton his black pants. He kept his eyes on me while kicking off his pants. Now we were both in our underwear. I was still amazed by Jared’s body. His personality was fucking perfect and on top of that, he looked perfect. But if he would ever get into an accident and change on the outside, I’d still love him. No one could replace Jared.

‘’Think fast’’ Jared chuckled and quickly picked me up. I squealed and wrapped my arms around his neck. We got in bed where he put me down so I was leaning against the soft pillows. He crawled on top of me and I wrapped my legs around him. Finally, he leant down and pressed his silky lips against mine. I shut my eyes and tangled my hand in his hair.His lips felt so marvellous. It didn’t take long until our heated kiss turned really deep. Jared nibbled my bottom lip which made me part my lips.

He used that chance to push his tongue in my mouth. I moaned into our kiss and let him explore my mouth. Our tongues brushed against each other. He was almost choking me because of the amazing kiss. I didn’t want to pull back but we had to breathe. Jared pulled his head back and our eyes met again. Both of our lips tinted red and I saw my lipstick on him.

‘’I want you’’ I admitted heatedly. Jared smirked and then took a deep breath. ‘’I’m right here princess. I’m not going anywhere’’ He promised and then rubbed his hands on my thighs. His delicate touch caused a shiver to run down my spine. He moved his fingers towards my hips and kept a strong look directed to me. I arched my back impatiently which made him press me back down against the bed. ‘’Jared’’ I whined with a pout. ‘’Patience kitten, we have all night’’ He reminded me with a voice that got deeper the hornier he got.

Jared reached for my bra and slipped his hands under my back. As simply as that he unclasped them and threw them away. My chest was exposed to him and I could tell that he enjoyed the sight. ‘’So pretty’’ He purred and cupped my boobs. I bit my lips and smiled. Soon Jared started massaging my boobs and I felt goosebumps on my skin. Damn his touch was magical!

‘’Are you horny?’’ He asked me while pinching my nipples. ‘’Yes Jared’’ I moaned a little bit. I noticed that his blue eyes had turned darker. The more he massaged and pinched my boobs, the more sensitive they grew. I got really wet and these undies were awfully in the way. Jared lowered himself so he could press a kiss on my stomach. Then he planted kisses in a both down towards my heat. Meanwhile, his hands were rubbing my thighs to awake all my senses.

Just as I thought he would touch me down there, he froze. He looked up at me with a devilish smile. ‘’Jared pleaaase’’ I scoffed making him laugh. ‘’Okay baby girl, I won’t be a huge tease tonight’’ He was kind to me. Then he bit the fabric of my panties. I watched as he slid them off with his teeth. Damn, he was hot.

He reached the end of my feet and he threw away my panties. I watched as he got up and he removed his last piece of clothing as well, revealing to me his huge cock that looked pretty hard already. Jared got back in bed and crawled slowly towards me. I smiled at him and did a ‘come here’ motion with my finger, luring him to me.  Jared reached me and wrapped his strong arms around my legs.

‘’You’re so wet’’ He stated happily and then faced my wetness. Heck yeah, I was. ‘’Just for you’’ I mewled like a good girl. Jared licked his lips and then lowered himself. I was really impatient and I felt like I would lose my mind soon. Then finally he went down on me. Jared put his mouth on my clit and he licked me so he could get a proper taste of what was his.

I moaned softly because it felt so good already. He gave my clit full attention by licking it and nibbling softly. It didn’t take long until his fingers snaked to me and he pushed two of them inside me. ‘’Fuck’’ I gasped as his long fingers stretched my walls.  I grabbed the sheets and looked down at him while he was working his magic. The sight was incredibly hot. Jared kept eye contact with me which made it even more amazing. He knew exactly how to treat a lady!

He curled his fingers and bit my clit a little harder making me moan loudly. ‘’Fuck yes J’’ I responded to his actions. His long fingers brushed against a very sensitive spot and the sweet pleasure from his mouth made it feel fantastic. I pushed my hips up so I could get closer to him. Suddenly Jared started fingerfucking me harder while licking my most sensitive nub.

I nearly rolled my eyes to the back of my head but I wanted to keep eye contact. I could hear how I wet I was. A knot formed in my stomach and I felt like I’d come undone.Jared added pace and it caused me to cry out in pleasure. A few seconds later my orgasm approached and my walls tightened around his fingers. I wailed out his name as the pleasure took over me. Jared still fingered me but slowly so I could ride down my high. A little later he removed his fingers and crawled up to me.

‘’Wanna have a taste?’’ He purred and showed me his glistening fingers. I nodded and opened my mouth happily. He pushed his fingers in my mouth and I started cleaning up nicely. I knew it was one of his weaknesses. I made sure to circle my tongue around his fingers just like I did to him when I was giving him a blowjob. ‘’Okay I think I’m speaking for both of us now, I can’t wait anymore’’ He growled and pulled out his fingers.

Tonight was super special, not just because it was our wedding night, our honeymoon. We would also do it for the first time without a condom. We wanted to be super close. ‘’Are you ready?’’ Jared asked me while getting in place. He grabbed his member and placed his tip at my wet entrance. ‘’Yes’’ I told him and then held onto the sheets again. Jared pushed himself inside of me slowly and stretched me more. It was so different. It wasn’t just a slimy rubber layer. Now I could feel him, skin to skin.

Once he got a few inches in, he lowered himself closer to me so I could hold onto his shoulders. He was huge and that wasn’t a lie. his size always had me surprised. It’s like I could never get used to it and I loved it. Once he was fully inside, he started thrusting softly. It wasn’t rough at all. Things went slowly because we wanted to feel each other. we weren’t fucking, we were making love.

‘’You feel so good princess’’ Jared grunted with a sexy raspy voice. His cock was throbbing in me. I could really feel everything. I bucked my hips towards him to create a slow and steady rhythm. Jared hid his face in the crook of my neck and he started kissing me. The sensitive pleasure was absolutely overwhelming. I dug my nails into his back and curled my toes.

‘’Jared ah..oh my gosh’’ I whimpered in pure bliss. Although he wasn’t pounding in me, I felt like I was a firework. He easily hit my G-spot and each time I felt a wave of pleasure shooting through my body.After a while, we were looking into each other’s eyes again. Our bodies got covered in a thin layer of sweat as we kept going. This felt so special. This was love, not sex. So it was easier to just love it.

‘’I love you so much baby’’ Jared groaned in satisfaction. ‘’I love you too’’ I tried to tell him as steadily as I could but I was a moaning mess. Suddenly he turned us over so he was on his back and I was on his chest. I smiled and tried to sit on him which made me even more sensitive. My hands were on his chest and he grabbed them with his. Then I started riding him slowly so I was practically rubbing myself onto his cock.

I watched how Jared’s confident face turned to a more vulnerable one as I made him feel good. His plump lips parted and the veins under his eyes got more visible. Then he moaned so sexily that simply that could’ve made me come. I loved making him feel good. So I added a little pace and it made me moan too. He was so deep in me that I nearly reached his balls. I couldn’t get enough of him!

‘’Just like that’’ Jared growled and moved his hands onto my hips so he could keep me in place. Jared started moving my hips in a motion that drove us both crazy. ‘’Oh my gosh J’’ I yelped as he started pounding in and out of me. The pleasure grew so intense that I couldn’t keep myself up anymore. I lied down on his chest so my boobs touched him. Then I squeezed his shoulder tightly as he thrust his cock in me. ‘’You’re so good baby girl’’ Jared purred deeply.

Our eyes met and I got an overwhelming desire to kiss him. So I used my other hand to direct his face closer to me and I pressed our lips together. We were both obviously close to our orgasms so he started adding pace until he was going really hard. I moaned into our sloppy kiss. It felt so good that a tear rolled down my face.

‘’I’m c-close’’ I gasped on top of his lips. Jared nodded and pushed my face closer to his. Just a few seconds later I came the second time tonight. My entire body stiffened for a brief second as my powerful orgasm took over all my senses. I dug my nails into Jared and then I screamed out in satisfaction. All I felt was an amazing bliss of the orgasm and him. Jared had to make me cum before he would.

He still slammed himself into my sensitive wet walls which made my body tremble. His strong arms held me close to him and I knew he wouldn’t let go. Finally, he reached his high as well and an unfamiliar feeling approached. Jared’s cum shot inside me, filling me up. The warm seeds felt strange but I didn’t mind that feeling either. He slowed down until he didn’t move anymore. Yet he stayed inside me.

We were both panting as we came down our highs. I felt like I was in heaven. ‘’Holy shit that was amazing’’ Jared breathed out and ran his hand through my hair. I looked into his eyes and nodded. This got me sleepy but I knew that we were both ready for round two sooner or later.

‘’It sure was but it doesn’t have to stop there’’ I giggled happily. Just then he pulled out and I felt his hot cum squeezing out of me. My eyes shut and I sat up, making his cum run down my leg. Jesus his load was big. ‘’Oh my gosh J’’ I gasped while standing up. My legs were a little shaky which was fine but the cum on my legs felt a little weird. Jared looked at me like he was in a daze or something.

‘’That’s really hot’’ He let me know. ‘’Hot?’’ I smiled. I guess so. ‘’Well..how about we go and check out the bathroom? Maybe we could make this happen again?’’ I suggested flirtily and bit my bottom lip. I didn’t have to tell Jared twice. He got up from the bed and got closer to me. Just as he thought he could pick me up, I stepped back as quickly as I possibly could. ‘’You gotta catch me first’’ I showed him my tongue. Jared gave me a mischievous look. ‘’You’re gonna get it girl’’ He warned me and just like that round two began..

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92 tree bros, maybe with some jared? that'd be fun

#92 “That SOOO classifies as a date”


“Ja-Jared shhhh! Please!” Evan begged as he covered his friends mouth. He didn’t need any passerby’s to hear that. What if someone from school just so happened to be passing by his house? “I-I don’t even know if it was a date okay!” 

“Well what the fuck did you do on this outing.” Jared asked. He promptly sat down on Evan’s couch, awaiting the other teen to answer him.

“Look after he shoved me we talked in the computer lab and he apologized and gave me my letter back-”

“He gave you back your weird sex letter?” Jared laughed. God that was great! Did Connor even read it or know Evan Hansen, of all people, wrote a sex letter about his sister.

“It wasn’t a sex letter Jared!” Evan exclaimed. Why was Jared so insistent that he wrote a sex letter about Zoe Murphy?! “Well whatever, he asked me to go get ice cream as an apology and we hung out in an orchard and he brought me home after dark.” Evan explained.

“That SOOO classifies a date Hansen.” Jared pointed out. “All you need is a kiss goodnight and it’ll be like the 1950′s making a comeback.” Jared smirked. He couldn’t believe Evan actually went on a date with someone, let alone Connor Murphy.

“Jared! Friends can hang out in abandoned orchards and eat ice cream! It’s not just for couples!” Evan protested. He also failed to mention that their was a slight kiss on the cheek from Connor but it was only an accident!

Connor had went to reach for something and Evan moved and Connor’s lips connected with Evan’s cheek. Both boys ended up blushing furiously and Evan had left the car in an instant.

“Fine whatever you say Evan.” Jared put his hands up in defense. He let out a laugh and shook his head. “But it was so a date.”


SO! This picture!! I walk in, I have 2 photo ops. First one, was a hug. I’m straight in there;

Me: “Right, I hug Jared”
Jared: Nods
Jensen: “YES”
Me: Jensen hug me
Jared: Hugs me
Jensen: “YES”

And then we have this fella. I asked for their cheesiest grins possible. I was worried y’know. I don’t know what they’ll do.


Got it signed y Jensen first of all, and he just chuckled at it and I got the smile. Then it’s Jared’s turn. And well, he’s like! YES, THE GOOFY PICTURE I LOVE IT. AND ACKLES WENT ALL OUT! Sometimes he doesn’t, you got lucky. 

And well Jared, you’re not wrong. 

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connorxevan, okay so evan and connor are dating but connor still tries to ya know commit suicide and evan goes to visit him in the hospital and all that, pls give me angst

Here we go!! Um,,,, its painful to write angst for these boys not going to lie. They deserve all the happiness in the world!!!!!! Protect them!!!!!!

(just a note i kinda had them lowkey not be out to anyone? Like only zoe knows that the two are dating) (also i couldn’t resist making jared a side character)


It was Zoe who called him. Evan had missed the first call. His phone was on silent, and was face down because Evan was reading. When he had finished the chapter, Evan picked up his phone. There was a missed call from her from about 10 minutes ago, but before he could call back, she called again. Panic started to slowly rise within Evan, but he pushed it down as he answered the call.

“H-” He started but Zoe cut him off.

“Connor is in the hospital,” Her voice was rushed, and out of breath like she was running somewhere.

“W-what?” It was like someone had punched him, all of the breath in his lungs was gone.

“He tried to kill himself-” Zoe let out a sob. “Evan, he’s in the hospital. Get here as soon as you can.”

Evan didn’t know how he ended up at Jared’s front door, but all he knew was that Jared had a car, and Jared wasn’t two inches away from a panic attack so he could drive. Evan pounded on the door again, barely registering the pain in his fist.

The door whipped open revealing an annoyed looking Jared.

“What the fuck do you want, Hansen?” Then Jared seemed to notice the tears that was currently running down his face. “Evan? What is wrong?”

“C-can you drive m-me?” Evan knew he was stuttering but he could do nothing to control it. His whole body was shaking.

“Where?” Jared had already grabbed his keys and stepped outside. Evan followed him, and climbed into the car.

“The hospital.”

“The fuck? Evan what is going on?” Jared started the car and pulled out of the drive way.

“Connor is in t-there.” Evan’s voice cracked, and he pinched the inside of his left arm.

“Shit man.” Jared went quiet. “Is he like your boyfriend or something?” Evan felt too tired to lie about it anymore.



The rest of the car ride was silent.

At the hospital, Jared made sure that Evan got to the Murphy family. Zoe stood up as he rushed in, and hugged Evan tightly. Evan hugged back, trying to stabilize his breathing.

“You can go to see him. He’s sleeping right now.” Zoe whispered, her voice weak. “Room 201.”

Jared stood awkwardly as Evan pulled apart from the embrace.

“I can just stay here, call your mom and if you need a ride home…” He trailed off. Evan nodded at him, not trusting his voice.

Room 201 wasn’t that far away, he only had to turn 2 corners. The door was slightly open, and from the window in the door Evan could see his boyfriend sleeping on the bed. He looked slightly paler than usual, but other than that it looked like he was just sleeping. Evan very slowly opened the door, but it still creaked loudly. Connor shifted, and sleepily opened his eyes.

As Evan stepped into the room, all it took was one look at Connor for Evan to break down again. His face crumbled, and he sort of stumbled towards the hospital bed. Connor looked at him, silent.

“I missed the first call.” Evan spoke finally, the few walls that he had left breaking. Connor moved over in the bed, making room for Evan. Evan climbed in, and placed his hand on Connor’s cheek. He was crying again. Connor crinkled his eyebrows, and bit his lip.

“I’m sorry.” Connor started, but Evan shook his head.

“Don’t- just, please.” Connor wasn’t crying but Evan was, his breath coming in ragged short whispers.

Connor pulled Evan close, and kissed him on the forehead.

They could make it through this.

Dear Evan Hansen Reverse AU: Peanut Butter Cookies

It had been weeks since the funeral and it psychically hurt Jared to step closer to Evan’s house. Every step weighed down like a cement brick until he found himself at the front door. Mustering up the courage he knocked on the door. For a moment he thought the house was empty and was getting ready to turn and leave when the door opened. There stood Heidi Hansen with a surprisingly bright smile. She looked very different from a from the last time he saw her.
“Jared!” He was surprised when she went to hug him. He awkwardly accepted.
“Hi Ms.Hansen, it’s been a while.”
“Well don’t just stand there, you came just in time I was making cookies!” That’s what the smell was, Peanut Butter Cookies. Evan’s favorites.
“Ms.Hansen, there’s something I need to tell you…”
“Can you wait a minute? I don’t want the cookies to burn.”
“Oh yeah, course.”
“You can go take a seat in the living room I’ll be out in a few minutes.” Nodding Jared made his way to said room. It was overwhelming, everything was exactly the same with the exception of the quietness of the house. That was until he heard another voice coming from the living room.
“-atever you say Evan.” Jared looked around the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. There on the couch sat Connor Murphy talking to the empty air next to him.
“What the fuck?”

The Birthday Boy (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WC: 2116 

Warnings: Gets pretty steamy, insane awkwardness and fluff, Jared makes one or two innuendos 

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton 

 Summary: It’s Jared’s birthday and things escalate. Unfortunately, Mrs Kleinman sees a side of her son she wishes she hadn’t.

A/N: This is partially inspired by @sincerlyyme ’s Walnut Pt. 2 BC my god it was so good. Enjoy 

“You’re just salty that Valentina got eliminated that early, Kleinman.” I said, shoving my boyfriend’s shoulder.

“She didn’t deserve to leave that soon! And thanks to Nina Bonina whatever the hell she calls herself Brown. Speaking of which, at least Valentina got Miss Congeniality. Nina’s just a pessimist who thinks everyone’s out to get her.” Jared said, and I placed a hand on my chest in mock offence.

“I’m hurt Jared. Truly, that hurts me deeply.” I said and Jared snickered, pushing his glasses up nose.

“I hurt you deeply.” Jared muttered, and my eyes widened. I scoffed and smacked Jared’s chest lightly.

“It’s Friday afternoon, babe. Can the sex jokes start on Saturday? Please?” I said and Jared chuckled, kissing my forehead.

“Fine, but only because I love you.” He said and I smiled, bringing him into a kiss. I cupped his face, and I chuckled at the involuntary smile on his face when I pulled away.

“I love you too, my wonderful meme.” I said, and Jared snorted, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“Thanks babe. Well, here we are. Mom’s home, so I guess the sex can start on Saturday, as well.” Jared said and I rolled my eyes, trying to fight the blush spreading across my cheeks.

Jared opened the door and held it open for me. I kissed his cheek gratefully, and he went a dusty shade of pink.

“Hi mom.” Jared shouted, and Meredith turned around, a smile on her face.

“Hello birthday boy. Hello Y/N. How was school?” She asked, shutting the oven door.

“It was alright. This one here got an A plus on her English exam.” Jared said, wrapping his arm around my waist.

I went pink and Meredith cooed, walking over towards us. “Congratulations, Y/N. I bet you deserved it.” She said, and my blush deepened.

“Thanks you guys. Do you mind if I head upstairs and just put my stuff down?” I said and Meredith nodded.

“Of course. You know where everything is, honey.” Meredith said and I smiled at her.

“I’ll head up with you.” Jared said, and Meredith arched her eyebrows.

“Your door stays open, young man.” Meredith said, and the two of us went bright red.

“Thanks mom.” Jared muttered as we walked upstairs. I chuckled, shaking my head as we walked into Jared’s room.

I threw my backpack down on the ground, and sat down on Jared’s bed. “I’m closing the door.” Jared said, and I laughed, patting the space on the bed next to me.

“Sit down, you rebel.” I said. Jared chuckled and sat down next to me, resting his head on my shoulder.

“Happy birthday, babe.” I said after a period of silence. Jared lifted his head and kissed my cheek, his glasses pressing into my face.

“Thanks Y/N. You wanna play Cards Against Humanity?” Jared asked, resting his hand on my knee.

“I have another idea.” I said, smirking slightly. Jared arched his eyebrows, his glasses slipping down his nose.

“And what would that be, Y/L/N?” Jared asked, leaning back on his hands. I bit my lip, and I noticed Jared shift awkwardly.

I leaned forward and connected my lips with his, kissing him eagerly. Jared kissed me back with fervour, and he wrapped his arms around my waist, pushing me forward.

Jared hovered over me as I laid down on my back. He broke apart from the kiss, panting slightly.

“This is much more preferable than Cards Against Humanity.” He said and I chuckled, taking his glasses off his face.

I put them down on the dresser next to his bed, and resumed the kiss. I tangled my hands in his hair and tugged gently, eliciting a moan from Jared.

He broke away and I whined at the loss of his lips on mine. “Someone’s eager.” Jared teased and I glared at him, smacking his chest.

“Like you can talk, Kleinman.” I said, gesturing to the tent in his shorts. His cheeks went a bright pink and he chuckled sheepishly.

“Touché, babe.” Jared muttered, pressing a kiss or two to my neck. I took in a shaky breath as he found the most sensitive part of my neck.

“God you’re good at this.” I breathed out, and Jared smirked. His hands wandered up my shirt, and they situated on my breasts.

“I love you so much.” Jared said, and he tugged my shirt off. I smirked as his eyes widened, his jaw reaching the floor.

I recently bought a set of lingerie specifically for Jared’s birthday. The set was an emerald green colour, and was lacy and beautiful.

“Is, uh, is this new?” Jared said, still in shock. I nodded, pressing kisses along his jawline.

“Uh huh. For the birthday boy.” I whispered, throwing my legs on either side of Jared’s waist. I felt his erection pushing against me, and I moved my hips forward.

Jared let out a throaty moan, the friction driving the both of us crazy.

His eyes fluttered shut, but a smirk settled on his face. “Well then, happy birthday to me.” He muttered, and my smirk grew.

I ran my hands up under his shirt, and noticed him shudder as I trailed my fingers along his skin. I slowly pulled his shirt off, and I smiled at his bare chest.

“You are stunning, Jared. Absolutely stunning.” I said, pressing kisses down his chest. His breathing got heavier, and he inhaled sharply when I reached the top of his shorts.

“Y/N, please. I want you. Right now.” Jared said, his hands firmly gripping my waist.

“Consider this my present to you.” I said, winking at him as I unzipped his shorts. I went to tug them down, but I heard something that made my heart stop.

“Jared Robert Kleinman, I told you to keep your door… oh my god!” The two of us flew apart, and scrambled wildly for our shirts.

“Mom!” Jared shouted, sitting himself in front of me. Meredith’s jaw had dropped so low it was almost on the floor, and her eyes were the size of saucers.

“I, uh, Jared. You were, uh, oh my god.” Meredith sputtered, looking frantically between the two of us.

My face was about the temperature of the sun, and I wanted nothing more than to crawl up in a hole and die.

“Did you at least have a condom?” Meredith asked after a lengthy stretch of silence.

Jared nodded meekly, opening the top draw of his dresser. There was the half empty box of condoms Jared purchased a month ago when we first considered sleeping together.

“This… this is open. So this isn’t the first time?” Meredith asked and the two of us nodded awkwardly.

“Well, uh, I’m a little upset that my boy is growing up so fast but, I was a teenager too, once.” Meredith said, chuckling slightly.

Jared and I both laughed awkwardly, and Jared rested a hand on my knee.

Neither of us could look Meredith in the eye, so when she left we simply stared at the floor. She closed the door behind her, and the silence was deafening.

“Jesus Christ.” I muttered, running a hand through my hair. Jared nodded, lying down on his bed.

I flopped down next to him, and he wrapped his arms around my waist. “I thought I knew what awkward felt like. I was so wrong.” Jared said, resting his chin on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry that didn’t quite work out, babe. We’ve still got tomorrow.” I said and Jared chuckled, the vibrations from it hitting my back.

“At least we’ve got a story to tell, I guess.” Jared said, and I nodded, turning my head slightly to press a kiss to Jared’s cheek.

“Oh, that reminds me. I’ve got another present for you. One that doesn’t involve sex.” I said and Jared let out a melodramatic sigh.

“Damn. My favourite presents involve sex.” Jared said, and I rolled my eyes, pushing his arms off my waist.

He pouted at me and I shook my head, picking up my backpack. “Your present’s in here, so look away.” I said, shooing Jared away.

I pulled out his gift, and took in a deep breath. “Happy birthday, Jared.” I said, handing him the present.

I sat down next to him, and wrapped an arm around his waist. Jared was smiling brightly, and I felt my stomach flip at his happiness.

Jared kissed me softly, before turning his gaze to the object in his hands. He plucked the card off and opened the envelope, chuckling at the card’s front cover.

“Roses are red, violets are ew! Oh my god, babe, this is genius. You know how much I love Jimmy Fallon.” Jared said, kissing my cheek.

“I know. I picked up a pack of various Jimmy Fallon themed cards when I was at the NBC studios last summer.” I said and Jared nodded, opening up the card.

“My dearest Klein-meme. Really Y/N?” Jared said, raising an eyebrow.

“Keep reading! It gets better.” I said, gesturing for him to keep reading. He chuckled and nodded, resuming his reading.

“Today is your birthday! You are officially one year closer to death. My god, you’re so morbid.” Jared said, and I rolled my eyes.

“Just keep reading, you nerd.” I said, smacking Jared’s chest.

“I don’t care whether you don’t age well, or if you age really well (that would be preferable though). I will still love you for you. The crazy, adorable man I love with all my heart. You make my days brighter and my life more enjoyable. I will never stop loving you, Jared, even if you die before me (you old man). Sincerely, your adoring and devoted girlfriend, Y/N.”

Jared paused, setting down the card. He sniffled slightly before pulling me into a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around him tightly, running my hands up and down his back.

“I love you so much, Y/N. Thank you.” Jared whispered, squeezing me gently.

“You’re very welcome, Jared. Now open your present.” I said, kissing his temple.

Jared nodded, wiping away a stray tear as he picked up the present. He tore off the paper, and his jaw dropped when he saw it.

“How did you get this? Every book store I’ve been to has sold out of this.” Jared said, holding the book tightly in his hands.

It was a copy of As You Wish, which was written by Carey Elwes, who played Westley in The Princess Bride. It was a collection of behind the scenes stories from the movie, and I knew Jared would love it.

“Online shopping, babe. It took me a while to find it, but I know how much you love The Princess Bride, and I remembered you telling me you wanted this a while back.” I said, scratching the back of my neck.

“This… this is absolutely perfect. My god, I am so in love with you it isn’t funny.” Jared said, putting the book down next to him.

I felt my cheeks heat up, and Jared grasped my chin lightly. “I’m serious, Y/N. You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen, second to only Chris Pine because damn.”

I let out a giggle, and nodded in agreement. “For real, though, I love you so much, and I am so glad you came into my life.” Jared said, and I rested a hand on his face.

“Just kiss me, Jared.” I said, and Jared chuckled, running his free hand through his hair.

“With pleasure.” Jared said, and he captured my lips in a gentle kiss. My stomach filled with butterflies, and I rubbed circles on Jared’s cheek.

Jared pulled away slowly, and I noticed a few tears run down his face. “Hey, babe, don’t cry.” I said, wiping away his tears with my thumb.

“I’m just really happy. That’s all.” Jared said, chuckling slightly. I smiled at him and pecked his cheek, taking one of his hands in mine.

“You wanna turn on the TV, watch some Friends, and just cuddle with me?” I suggested and Jared’s smile widened.

“That sounds like the perfect birthday. The fact that I’m spending it with you is the cherry on top of the birthday cake.” I laughed at his joke and took in his appearance.

His eyes and cheeks were slightly pink from crying, his hair was ruffled, and his glasses were off.

“You look beautiful, Jared. Or handsome. Whatever works.” I muttered, and Jared’s cheeks darkened in colour.

“If I’m sure of one thing, it’s that you’re stunning, Y/N. I’d stake my life on it.”

My Jensen Photo Op Experience @ HousCon 2017!

So for my Jensen photo op, I wanted to recreate the BTS scene shot from 11x04 “Baby” when Jensen is flexing with Jared in the back staring at it.

I went up to him, and he said, “Hey!” All excited while patting me on the back. “How are you doing?” (He still remembers me. I’m still dead.)  I said I was doing good and asked how he was doing. He said he was doing good too.

I told him there was that picture of him flexing with Jared in the back staring at it, so I asked if he could flex for me and act all smug and smirky while I pretended to be Jared. He went for the pose, already flexing, and I go stand behind him making the surprised face. However, Chris told me that I was too much in the shadows and couldn’t see my face well, so initially I thought I would have to go for a new pose since Jensen started to put his arm down. Then suddenly, I have both Chris making a forward motion hand gesture and Jensen saying, “Why don’t you come up right here?” So I move closer, and here’s me, literally hovering behind Jensen’s back, my hand on his shoulder, his bicep literally next to my face, and I just awkwardly tilted my head down to give some semblance of me staring at it because I was so close! (It was very thick. *sweats*)

This earned some wows and cheers from the audience. I think I heard someone say, “Oh my god!” when we were posing. We both chuckled, and I thanked him before giving Chris a high-five as I was leaving.

And apparently, after talking to one of the IMAlive volunteers, my op was known around HousCon as the op of the guy BITING Jensen’s bicep. Super embarrassing! It wasn’t my intention (consciously), but I love how it turned out!  Jensen smirk kills me in this op, and he continually kills me every time I see him.

Jared Kleinman headcannons (Clothes Shopping)

A/N: I’m not sure these fit the request

-You dragged him to the mall at like 8 am because you didn’t want to be surrounded by people

- He was not happy about it and you let you know that

- “You’re honestly the most annoying person ever”

- “Shhh, Jar., you know you love me. If you didn’t, you would have jumped out the window.”

- “I still might”

- When you actually go to the mall, he insisted you get a milkshake to apologise for bringing him so early

- When you were sitting down, you explained why you brought him there

- “We’re seniors now! We gotta look stylish and shit. We rule the school, we gotta look like we do at least.”

- “We don’t rule over anything, but I’ll indulge”

- You first took a stop at Forever 21 which was just like stepping into a tumblr aesthetic blog

- You looked around for some nice high waisted shorts as Jared trailed behind you

- “But why do they have to be highwaisted?”

- “I don’t wanna have a muffin top, Jared”

- “But I have a muffin top everyday, we could be muffin twins. You always say my muffin top is cute”

- “Because it is!”

- He did the lil hug from behind thing, “Anything you do is cute.”


- “Whatever, you loser”, you said using a half assed insult to mask your feelings-

- You tried on a sunflowers dress and Jared said ZOOWEEMAMA which made you blush cuz you knew he meant it as a high compliment

- Then y’all made your way to Hot Topic

- “Maybe we’ll see Murphy here!”

- “Jared don’t be an ass”

- He gasped, “If I’m not an ass, then what am I?”

- But at Hot Topic, he kept on wearing the accessories

- “Babe, do I look good in this Louise hat?”

- “Jared! Take that off! The person who put that on before you could have had lice.”

- He would also put on the bras and ‘try to seduce you’

- “Hey, how about we get outta here and I’ll show you what’s under this?”

- Some random employee would catch him and yell, “Sir! Take that off right now!”

- He’d get you kicked out by repeating that and putting on the underwear also

- It was hilarious though

- Then you guys left the mall and went to Kohls

- Jared found a shirt he really liked with a portrait of Batman painted on Starry Night

- You found a nice shirt with your Harry Potter house crest on it (EVEN IF YOU’RE HUFFLEPUFF OR RAVENCLAW BECAUSE ALL OF THE HOUSES MATTER! M’KAY? M’KAY!)

- You two are comfortable with each other so you try on your shirts in the same fitting room because why not (there are places with undefined fitting rooms, fight me)

- When Jared takes off his shirt first, you just give him a hug and call him a big teddy bear

- “Get off me that’s gay”, he says with a blush

- You guys are blushy people when you compliment each other

- He does the same hug thing when you take yours off but you don’t tell him to get off

- You look in the mirror and just smile at the two of you

- You’re both cubby but it doesn’t bother you

- It used to, but since you two started dating you were always there to pick each other’s confidence up when you’re a lil down

- Jared always said it just gave more of you for him to love

- But he never admits to saying that, or any cute things for that matter

- But then he ruins the cute moment by saying something stupid

- “Wanna have sex?”

- “Jared!”

- cue his mischievous laughter

- But then you actually put the clothes on that you came to try on

- Jared wouldn’t stop complimenting how good you looked in the shirt

- You told him how the shirt he picked out for his personality

- Jared bought both of the shirts and you two went to his house to cuddle (and make out whoops)

- you didn’t leave with a lot of clothes, but you still had a blast

Heart to heart.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,937
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 5 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

The next Friday, you were standing in front of your fridge, glaring at it. “How dare you.” You mumbled. “I’m starving, and you might as well be empty.” Nothing looked appetizing enough. Shutting the fridge with a sigh, you turned to the counter and opened the bottom drawer, and pulled out some take-out menus.

You were bent over the counter flipping through them when you heard a knock at your door. “Coming!” When you pulled it open, you were surprised to see Jared. “Hey. I thought you were heading home, like usual?”

He shook his head. “Gen’s..” He shrugged. “She’s still pretty pissed at me. It was strongly hinted at that I should probably stay away for a bit.” He licked his lips.

“I’d say I’m sorry, but you kinda deserve that.”

Keep reading