he went to brown

Translation: Kollektivet (The Flat Chat) at 20:26 pm - 12.12

Monday December 12th. Shift part 1 of 2. Even awoke around 10:30. I prepared two slices of bread with brown cheese and jam. He ate one. Went back to bed but yours truly got him out to the living room, played a bit of Yatzhee, and watched a bit of Planet Earth before Noora took over. Even was in a great mood into Noora’s shift. Or, great mood, given the circumstances. Experienced a small positive development since morning.

He was completely chill during my shift.

Owh, Noora. You have to write the way I do. Like what day you had and which shift and what Even was doing. Then you round off with your subjective opinion in regards to Even’s mental state.

Isak: Really, thanks. Both of you. I owe you.

Explain then, Noora, how was Even doing?

I just wrote that he was completely chill. He was sleeping the whole time. Gave him a cup of tea.

Would’ve been more fun if you wrote it the same way as me.

Eskild, now you’re crazy


Don’t gang up on me.
Isak, how’s Even doing now?

Okay. We’ve gone out to buy kebab. Out is good.

Out is very good.

Isak: Thx again peeps


twinning :’^)

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jungkook oneshot #1

written using the prompt: “we’re unintentionally wearing matching shirts. of course they’re gonna assume we’re dating.”

words: 393 (lol this is one of the shortest pieces of shit i’ve ever written)

a/n: this is real short and real pointless but i loved the prompt a lot, almost as much as i love kookie.

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Monday 12.12.16 at 8.39pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Chat : “Collective” (Isak, Eskild, Linn, Noora)


Eskild: Monday December 12th. Shift part 1 of 2. Even woke up around 10:30. I made him two slices of bread with brown cheese* and jam. He ate one. He went back to bed but yours truly got him into the living room, to play a bit of Yatzhee and watch a bit of Planet Earth before Noora took over. Even was in a great mood when Noora’s shift started. Or as great a mood as can be, given the circumstances. Experienced a slight positive development since this morning

Noora: He was completely chill during my shift.

Eskild: Argh, Noora. You have to write it like I did. Like what date and which shift and what Even did. And end with a subjective statement about Even’s mental state.

Isak: Thanks a lot. To you both. I owe you

Eskild: Well tell us Noora, how was Even doing?

Noora: He was totally chill, as I just wrote. He slept the whole time. I made him a cup of tea.

Eskild: It would have been funnier if you wrote it the way I did

Noora: Eskild, now you’re acting crazy

Linn: Yes

Eskild: Don’t team up against me
Eskild: Isak, how is Even doing now?

Isak: OK. We went out to get a kebab. Out is good

Linn: Out is very good

Isak: Tnx again peeps


*Brunost, or brown cheese, is a dark whey cheese considered to be one of Norway’s most iconic foods

Photos // Josh Dun

Requested by a sweet anon 🎆

“You’ll be travelling more than staying home, is that okay for you?” a small man in a business suit asked, his eyes narrowed and fingers crossed in front of him. His navy striped suit clashed horrifically with my choice of clothing, and I was beginning to wonder if that would affect my chance at getting the job.

“I love travelling, and what would be better than being able to take photos of it all,” I grinned, and the business man tilted his head slowly.

“You need to be careful what photos you take, and posting unauthorized photography of the set or band will mean an immediate loss of your job,” he went on, and I nodded firmly. His dark brown eyes stared at me, before a small smile played at the corner of his lips.

“I think your talent and style will be perfect for the job. Twenty One Pilots will next go on tour in precisely two weeks, so start packing your equipment and luggage now. Everything you need to know is on the sheet in front of you, and if you have any more questions my email is in there too,” the man said, gesturing towards a stack of papers sitting in front of me.

A smile was dancing on my lips as I shook hands with and thanked the man sitting opposite me. I set off home to start packing immediately, my brain swirling with the thought of the upcoming adventure.


I dragged my photography equipment and suitcase through the airport early one morning, my eyes scanning the area for the other band staff of Twenty One Pilots. I wasn’t exactly sure what the band staff or members looked like, and I was cursing myself for not doing extra research.

I soon spotted a large group of mainly men crowded around various suitcases and clothing, and my eyes were drawn to one man clutching a wooden ukulele. I recognized this as the lead singer of the band, and dragged my luggage in his direction.

As soon as I reached him he turned around to face me, his light brown eyes and short hair complimenting his appearance. 

“You must be Y/n, judging by all the photography equipment,” he gestured and I nodded in reply.

“I’m Tyler,” he said happily, stretching his hand out for me to shake. I rearranged my bags so I could grasp his hand, before my eyes drifted to the left and stopped on a masculine figure.

His arms were muscular and bulk, and I could clearly see the outline of muscles in his chest through his white singlet. A colorful tattoo decorated his left arm, and his hair was a bright shade of yellow. A smile finished off his appearance, and he soon looked over to me and that smile grew.

“Josh, this is Y/n,” Tyler said, introducing the yellow haired man to me. Josh stuck out his hand just like Tyler, and I stared until I realized I was meant to shake it. A blush crept up my cheeks as Josh chuckled.


I fell asleep on the plane, and it was Josh who woke me up. I was slightly embarrassed, but tried not to show it as I scrambled to get my luggage. They had a tour bus waiting for us, and there was plenty of room for everyone to sit and get their suitcases tucked away.

I was immediately taking photos of all the crew, as well as Tyler who was playing songs to keep us all happy. But most of my camera roll was quickly filling up with pictures of Josh.

I tried to stop it, but I’d constantly find him reading or tapping a tune on his knees, and he’d just look so perfect for a picture. Tyler soon noticed my habit, and smirked at me whenever he caught me. My face would quickly turn red and I’d pretend to take a photo of a plant of some sort.

One morning I was sat in the tour van, my laptop perched in my lap and my fingers clutched around a spoonful of cereal. Most of the crew had already set out on their daily chores, and I had woken up late to eat my breakfast in silence. 

To my surprise Josh soon emerged out of the bunk area of the bus, and in his fingers he clutched my camera. His finger was pressing the arrow button over and over again, and my stomach flipped as I realized he was looking through my camera roll. 

“What are you doing?” I asked frantically, accidentally dropping my spoon into my bowl and splashing myself with milk. Josh’s eyes narrowed as he looked at my camera, before he looked up at me with a confused expression.

“These photos are all of me,” he whispered, holding my camera up to show me a picture of him laughing behind his drum kit. I tried to hide my terrified expression with one of confusion.

“What do you mean? There are equal pictures of both you and Tyler,” I lied, and Josh cocked his head to the side.

“For every photo of Tyler there are at least fifteen of me,” Josh continued, and my stomach sank even lower. I looked down into my lap, my eyes not wanting to see Josh’s gaze anymore. I heard a shuffling of footsteps, and the seat beside me sank under someone’s.

“I think they’re amazing,” I heard Josh’s voice whisper from beside me, before I felt a set of lips press a kiss against my temple. My eyes widened as I looked up to see a cheeky grin on Josh’s face, before he stood up and headed back toward the bunks. I knew my face was turning red, but I also could also feel a grin playing on my lips. 


“It’s been three minutes.” | Nicolas Brown | Gangsta e.2


Jonathan & Ish-Bosheth + Of Kings & Prophets 1.01 ‘Offerings of Blood’ 

I love watching people play this game, its so much fun!! Seriously, go check everyone out on their youtube channels (lordminion777, garuku bluemoon, patrckstatic, and jpw03)
and obligatory @lordminion who’s on tumblr!!! If ya see it, i hope you like it lol

August Halloween Challenge: 31 Days of Halloween Fun Facts

Fun Fact 18/31 >>> So many kids felt bad that Charlie Brown only got rocks during the “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” special, that they started mailing bags of candy addressed to the character. Ironically, Peter Robbins, the child actor who voices Charlie Brown, received a lot of rocks when he went trick or treating. He said that a lot of the other kids found it funny, but he sure didn’t.

Nightmares were never a problem. Keyword “were”. They were so common Brown Recluse had lost count of how many he had.

But they never bothered him until “they” came around.

He heard a familiar scream and saw a figure fall to the ground. He ran over and held Happy Beans lifeless body close to him.

He shot up, wide away and out of breath. His heart pounded into his chest as he looked to the side. Happy Bean was sleeping peacefully, unaware of the turmoil he went through.

Brown Recluse sighed in relief and stroked Happy’s brown hair, just to reassure himself that it was really them. Once he calmed down, he fell back asleep.
Blood stained his hands as he desperately tried to stop Happy’s bleeding. Their breath became labored with every agonizing moment. Brown Recluse begged Happy not to go as the life faded from their eyes

Brown Recluse woke up, drenched in sweat. Another night, another one of those cursed nightmares. His hand travelled to the other side of the bed for Happy.


Brown Recluse quickly looked over. Happy wasn’t there. Was… was it real? Did it really happen?! Were they really gone?!

Happy yawned as they put the empty glass in the dishwasher. They had woken up a few minutes prior and had to get a drink of water.

Happy went back into the room to see Brown Recluse up. He looked… distressed.


Brown Recluse looked up at their voice. At seeing them, tears sprung from his eyes.

“Oh-oh no!” Happy hurried over to him, “Oh no, uh, are you alright… oh no you’re crying, of course your not alright, how stupid of-ah!”

Happy didn’t finish their sentence before Brown Recluse pulled them to him. He buried his face in their hair as he adjusted his hold on them.

Happy was speechless, but they wrapped their arms around him. They both stayed like that until they fell back asleep.

Hanamaki Takahiro Headcanons

He needs more love so

Matsuhana College HC’s | Matsuhana Highschool HC’s | Matsukawa Issei HC’s

-          Makki has a gap between his two front teeth and his sticks his tongue through it when he’s focused/concentrating.

-          He also pokes straws through it to drink because it entertains him.

-          Makki is one of two children, and his younger sister is the year below him at Seijou. She doesn’t come to any of his volleyball matches because she thinks that sports is boring and she doesn’t want people to know that she’s his sister. She has a reputation to uphold.

-          Makki merely told her that at this point nothing could ruin her reputation as a ‘whore’.

-          They both know that the other doesn’t actually mean the shit they say, though.

-          Most of the time, anyway.

-          Makki’s hair is dyed, and naturally it would be a sandy brown. He went through a ‘rebel’ phase in middle school, though, and the pink hair became his trademark, so he keeps it up.

-          His family is hard up cash wise, and his mum told him he could either buy the hair dye or get his hair cut at the salon. The hair dye was more important, and so his mum cuts his hair.

-          She always cuts it so short because Makki moans the whole time and she wants to do it as infrequently as possible.

-          Makki’s skin is perfectly clear, even through puberty. His sister hates it, as she constantly gets blemishes.

-          The tooth gap is a family trait.

-          Their dad left the family for another woman when Makki was in his first year in middle school, and occasionally turns up to try and hang out with them. Makki fucking hates him, and is really bitter whenever they try to hang out.

-          Makki grows in bursts, so he’d go months sticking at one height before shooting up in a matter of weeks, and then going back to not growing at all for months again.

-          He gives all his old t-shirts to his sister because she likes to sleep in baggy clothes.

-          Makki doesn’t do closed mouthed smiles – he’s all grins and teeth, and they’re always lopsided. He can’t smile evenly, it just doesn’t happen.

-          He has a small nose, what most people call a button nose.

-          He clicks his fingers.

-          His casual clothes usually consist of jeans and hoodies, and his t-shirts are all second-hand. Jeans are expensive, and so are hoodies, so he’ll wear them repeatedly for as long as he can.

-          Because of this, all his jeans are very scruffy and faded, and often have tears in them that people think are a rebellious stylistic choice.

-          He cuts holes in the cuffs of his hoodies to poke his thumbs through so that they cover his hands, because he gets cold easily but he can’t text with gloves.

-          Oikawa bought him some really nice fingerless gloves for his birthday to remedy this.

-          Makki has them in his pocket 24/7, but he only really wears them when around Oikawa because it makes Oikawa happy.

-          When Matsu was eight he fell and cut his forehead so bad he needed stitches. He cried incredibly hard.

-          It left a scar, and he calls himself the Boy Who Lived and claims everyone should treat him nicely because he’s the chosen one who will one day slay Oikawa.

-          When Makki first met Iwaizumi, he hated him and would mimic anything he said in a stupid voice.

-          Iwaizumi never noticed, and to this day has no idea that Makki hated him.

-          Makki and Matsu didn’t become more than teammates until the end of their first year of highschool, but when they did their friendship snowballed.

-          Whenever he acts up at home, his mum smacks him upside the head, and in retaliation Makki sticks his tongue out at her when she’s not looking.

-          Makki’s laugh is incredibly loud, and he always closes his eyes and covers his nose and mouth with his forearm to stifle the noise.

-          Makki used to play dolls with his sister when ‘she was still cute’.

-          He was so good at choosing his dolls outfits that his sister used to take them and swap them for her ones.

-          When she takes up the whole sofa, Makki will lay with his back on the floor and stick his feet in her face.

-          Makki is the type of guy to get away with shit that other people would get caught for – for example, if he were at a club and the bartender wasn’t looking, he could steal four bottles without being caught, whereas if anyone else tried that they’d probably be seen and kicked out. The others hate him for it.

-          On the topic of alcohol, he cannot hold his liquor, and is the biggest lightweight.

-          When drunk, he’s incredibly clumsy and vulnerable, and way too trusting, meaning that he has to be babysat by someone at all times.

-          In college, he lets his hair grow out, and starts switching the colours.

-          He has a part time job at an ice-cream stand, and will sometimes slip some money from the register. He’ll always replace it at a later date, though.

-          Makki makes stupid faces in all of the team pictures/his friend’s selfies.

Somewhere Under The Rainbow (Bucky x Reader)

Got a super awesome request from an anon asking for one half of the couple to have the mindset of John Meyer’s Stop This Train lyric “I’m not colorblind I know the world is black and white” and the other half to be Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods lyric “The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color”. I hope you like it! If not please feel free to request again!


Bucky could see colors. He could see the green grass of Central Park when he went to clear his mind. He could see the dark brown wood of his bedrooms floor as he stared at the ground before finding the motivation to get up in the morning. He saw the red blood of his friends and enemies run together on the battle fields. He saw a lot of red.

But there wasn’t meaning to these colors. To Bucky everything was just black and white. There wasn’t a joy to be felt in the green grass, a comfort to consume him from the warm dark brown wood, not even a sadness to be mourned at the redness of the blood he saw on an almost daily basis.

It wasn’t that the world was colorless, just that the colors were meaningless.


You, however, were a different story.

When you were younger you had been injected with an experimental serum that had made you go colorblind, but in return you were able to see into the future. Fury had found you reading palms and predicting people’s futures in a rundown building in your small hometown. When he asked you to join the Avengers shortly after the Battle of Sokovia you didn’t hesitate to say yes and were soon a vital member of the team.

You got along great with most of the team. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming, but sometimes their requests could get overbearing. Tony and Bruce were always asking how much of certain chemicals to use in their experiments, Pietro was always asking if he was going to get caught if he tried to prank someone, Clint always asking which team he should bet on. Honestly sometimes it got a little overwhelming.

That’s when you would turn to Bucky.


For some strange reason you never had visions when you were around Bucky. Even when you had first met and you tried to look into the future to see if you two would become friends all you had gotten was static.

At first you had been kind of frightened, and had tried to stay as far away from the assassin as possible, but over time you found yourself gradually gravitating towards him during times of stress.

Bucky had at first been on edge around you. He couldn’t remember all of his past so he sure as hell didn’t want to know about his future. That’s why when you first started shadowing him around the tower a few months after you had joined the team he would panic and go lock himself in his room until he was sure you had left. Yeah it might seem childish but when someone who could see into the future was following you around it either meant you were probably about to die, or worse, she was trying to be friends.

So that’s how it went for a few months. Bucky trying to mind his business and you just popping up unannounced to ruin his perfectly good mood. At least that’s how it was until the Library Incident.


Bucky was flicking through an atlas in the towers library when he heard a thud! and some mumbled curses a few aisles away. His head snapped up and his eyes narrowed when he finally placed the voice. He quickly snapped his book shut and started storming over to the aisle you were hiding in.

“Why do you keep following-?!” His voice quickly trailed off when he saw your eyes were red and puffy, and you had a look on your face that showed you had truly believed you were alone.

“I’m sorry!” You sniffled and quickly brought your hands up to wipe the tears that were trailing down your cheeks. “I didn’t mean to be loud or disturb anyone. I-I can leave.” You hiccupped in the middle of  your sentence as you bent down to pick up the book you had accidently dropped on the tiled floor.

Bucky stood there awkwardly as you put the book back on the shelf and tried to move around him so you could leave without further embarrassing yourself. “Wait! Um… (Y/N)… Are… Are you ok?”

You whipped around to give Bucky a skeptical look. He looked sincere (uncomfortable but sincere) as his eyes flickered between making eye contact with you and looking anywhere else. “I.. Yeah, Bucky I’m fine.” You willed your lips to twitch upwards as a sign of being alright, but now that Bucky was truly looking at you there was no denying it. You were about to leave and pray Bucky wouldn’t go tell anyone he had found you crying in the library when his voice stopped you short once again.

“(Y/N)! I was just about to go to Central Park for a little bit. You could maybe join me if you want?”


A trip to Central Park had been just what you needed. Bucky listened to you rant and rave about how all anyone wanted to talk about with you was the future. He said he could sympathize because people only wanted to talk with him about the past. Most of your walk was shrouded in silence but every once in a while someone would start a conversation.

When Bucky finally got to ask why you had been following him all this time you almost laughed. “No it’s not because you’re going to die,” you assured him with a genuine smile lighting up your face, “It’s because I can’t see when I’m with you.”

“Can’t see?”

“Yeah like the future and stuff. With everyone else I’m always getting these random flashes about what’s going to happen to them later on, but with you? I can’t even tell you what you’re going to eat for dinner.” You went silent as Bucky had a thoughtful look on his face. His eyebrows were knit and his head was tilted slightly.

“And that’s a good thing?” He finally looked up and asked you after a few minutes.

“Yeah,” you breathed out, giving him a large smile. “It’s a really good thing.”

After that you and Bucky were practically inseparable. At first it was daily walks to Central Park, then sitting together during meals, then requesting missions together, and then once in a blue moon one of you would sneak into the others room after a bout of bad dreams. But it was never anything serious. Just friends. At least that’s what you had to keep telling yourself.


“BUCKY!” You were being held back by Natasha and Clint as they wheeled Bucky away on a gurney towards surgery. “Let me go I have to go make sure he’s ok!”

“(Y/N) they have to take care of him. He’ll be fine.” Natasha pulled you into a tight hug as you started subbing.

“Where is Steve?” Your eyes flashed as you pushed yourself out of Nat’s embrace so you could look her in the eyes.

“(Y/N) I-”

“Where. Is. Steve?” You were growling at this point. You had a bone to pick with the super soldier and no one was going to get in your way.

“He’s getting checked out in room 522,” Clint spoke up from behind you. You didn’t even turn around to say thanks as you stormed off to find the man who had put Bucky into danger.

“Whoa!” Steve jumped in surprise as you threw open the door to his hospital room. “What’s going on?”

“This is your fault!” You shouted as you stormed over to the Captain who was now standing up and holding his hands up in surrender.

“What are you talking about?”

“Bucky! He’s hurt because of you!” You accused Steve and jabbed a finger at his chest.

“Hey! Now that’s not fair!” Steve grabbed your wrist so you couldn’t poke him anymore. “You told me we would be fine!”

“No Steve! I told you that you would be fine! I never said anything about Bucky!” Tears were starting to pool in your eyes again. “I never said anything about Bucky.” Your voice cracked as you leaned into Steve’s chest and starting crying again.

“(Y/N) he’s going to be ok. I’m sorry,” Steve placed a strong hand on the back of your head and another around your shoulders to give you a reassuring hug. He really needed Bucky to be ok. You both did.


“(Y/N)?” Bucky’s voice was hoarse and scratchy. His eyes were struggling to stay open against the harsh lights of the hospital room.

“Bucky?” Your breath rushed out of your lungs as you hopped out of the chair you had been trying to get comfortable in for the past four days. “Bucky are you ok? Are you in pain? Do you want me to call the nurse or the doctor or get Steve-?”

Bucky gave a small laugh as he looked up at your worried face. “I could use a cup of water?”

“Yeah!” You almost knocked over the bedside table and the pitcher of water on it you were shaking so badly. “Here you go.”

“Thanks.” Bucky quickly drank the glass of water before giving it back to you for you to place it back on the table. Before you could ask if he needed anything else though he grabbed your shaking hands in his warm steady ones. “Why are you shaking so bad? I’m the one in the hospital.”

His attempt to lighten the mood only made tears start spilling out of your eyes as you finally realized he was going to be ok. “James Buchanan Barnes you scared the hell out of me!” You threw your arms around his neck and you could feel his arms wrap around your waist.

“(Y/N) I’m fine.”

“But we didn’t know if you would be!” You argued as you stood back up. “The doctors didn’t know and I couldn’t see!” You swallowed hard as you stared deep into Bucky’s eyes. “Bucky you’re the one person I’ll never be able to know is safe. I’ve never been so worried in my entire life.”

“It’s (Y/E/C)” He was staring at you with an intensity you had never known he possessed.

“What?” Your eyes flickered to the monitor beside his bed thinking it would tell you why he wasn’t making any sense.

“(Y/E/C)”  He repeated. “That’s my favorite color. You asked me the day before I left on my mission with Steve, but I was scared to answer.”

“Why?” You couldn’t talk above a whisper. You weren’t sure if you were asking why he was scared or why it was his favorite color. You just wanted to know why.

“I was scared you would know I only started paying attention to colors after I met you. Your eyes are the only thing that convinced me that the world wasn’t black and white.”

You couldn’t contain yourself anymore. You pressed your lips to his in a heat of passion and even though the angle wasn’t ideal the kiss was perfect. And that’s when you finally saw Bucky’s future. In every scene was him with you. You two holding hands, curled up together on the couch, carrying moving boxes into a small house, and the last thing you saw before your lips separated was Bucky standing tall and proud beside a priest as you walked towards him wearing a beautiful white dress.

“(Y/N)?” Bucky’s voice made you snap your eyes back open. He had a tender smile on his face and you just noticed his hand was cupping your cheek.

“I saw you,” you told him. An undertone of giddy excitement could be heard behind your breathlessness. “Your future! I finally saw it!”

“Oh yeah?” Bucky’s smile only grew as he saw your eyes light up with excitement. “What did you see?”

“I saw us. In a world of screaming color.”


I hope you guys liked it! Requests are open!(:


A:  Don’t worry – I’m sure McKay is sitting at a work station fixing this problem as we speak. (Samantha Carter)

B:  Okay, look – I don’t think we’re gonna have any luck opening those doors on our own. We’re probably just better off waiting for McKay and the others to figure out what needs to be done and which doors are even safe to open. (Jennifer Keller)

C:  Rodney. He went to pick up Katie Brown for a lunch date. Have you been in that plant room? There’s no computers, no radios…
…he’s gonna be freaking. (John Sheppard)


Definitely C.

anonymous asked:

hospital au: bodhi was hospitalized. he went to the stairwell to smoke and a brown-haired guy was already there sitting in the stairwell, smoking. bodhi leaned against the wall, lit up the cig, "what are you here for?" "broke my arm" they didn't learn each other's name until a few days later

or better yet, bodhi is cassians doctor and he sees him smoking in the stairwell and he’s like “you do realize there people here with lung cancer and asthma right?” and cassians just “yes that’s why i’m in the stairwell and not the er”

unsolicited helen gansey headcanons bc they’ve been rattling around in my head and i need to write them somewhere

  • Gansey got ‘the third’ tacked onto his name but Helen got stuck with two middle names, something old ladyish like Margaret Rose.
  • When Gansey started off on this whole Glendower quest, Helen did some seriously thorough research on the subject (because she’s nosy and because she also cares about what her brother gets up to). However, she always acts blasé about it whenever he brings it up and frequently pretends not to remember/know what he’s talking about because she secretly loves the wild gleam he gets in his eyes whenever he explains something related to the quest.

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Like chocolate

Summary: Phil didn’t plan his first month of the new year at the university to go this way with a brown-haired boy wherever he went. 

Genre: University AU

Warnings: They swear few times. 

A/N: Cause why not to write a phanfiction at midnight? Also English is not my first language, so if you see any mistakes, feel free to let me know.

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Doll Sehun

“Mum you didn’t have to give me a present. You have given me really expensive things all year, I don’t need a birthday present.” I mumble but she just gives a cheeky smile.

“You’re going to London next year and I’m gonna miss you and I remember when you were little and you collected those cute porcelain dolls, well I remember that one doll you spent ages looking for, and guess what I found!” She says her pitch raising as she got more excited.

“He was on sale and the owner said that he would suit a girl your age.” She continues and I stare at the large box in shock.

“This is… Oh my he’s perfect. Exactly as I always thought he would be.” I murmur as I rip the lid from the box pulling out the doll. He went to about my shoulder and had chocolate brown hair. I continued to stare at the doll admiring the detail in the eyes.

They were enchanting, a pool of brown with sharp eyebrows. “Mum he’s perfect.” I say placing him lightly on a chair giving her a tight hug. “Thank you.” I finish as I place the doll back into the box before finishing the night off sending my mother to her own home.

Walking back to the dining room I pull the male doll back from his box, placing him on the chair staring at him with a smile. Though it was kind of creepy to have a doll this big just sitting in my apartment, it meant a lot that my mum still remembered everything.

Looking back towards the box a small piece of paper caught my attention. Picking it up, i smile reading the gorgeous calligraphy on the front.

Dear Owner,

My name is Oh Sehun. I am a loyal companion who has a lot of love for others. I like bubble tea and ramen and will enjoy being taken care of. I am thankful for you finding interest in me.

If you will please say the following words out loud.

For me to be released,

your logic must cease.

I will love you forever,

please become my lover.

I hope we will meet soon.

xx Sehun.

Finishing the note I frown at the last word. Lover.

What did that even mean? He’s a doll, he can’t even breathe. I look at the doll once more before placing the note back into the box.

“I’ll go have a shower. Don’t move or I will probably fall out a window.” I say making sure the doll was sitting perfectly upright, before walking down the hall into the bathroom.


Walking out of the bathroom with loose sweat pants on and a white tank top, I pull my hair into a loose bun before walking back into the dining room to check the doll.

“Good Evening ma'am, My name is Oh Sehun and you seem to be my owner.” A deep voice carries through the apartment and I let out a shriek.

“This cannot be happening.” I yelp falling to my knees looking up at the tall lanky boy.

“This is reality, Miss. I’m sorry if I frightened you, I just wanted to introduce myself but it seems you’ve already read my note.” He says politely offering a hand to pull me off the floor.

“I will give you time to understand and will wait patiently for your acceptance.” He says taking a step back when I flinch away from his hand.

“I…just don’t feel too good.” I mumble before blackness surrounds me.

A / N

I hope you like this one! I know Sehun is a lot of people BIAS so I will most likely turn this into a short story.

(PART 2) (PART 3)