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“The Office” Facts & Trivia
  • During the first season of the show, NBC seriously considered cancelling the show because other shows like Wife Swap were outdoing The Office’s ratings, but after Steve Carell’s “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” the show made a breakout. 
  • Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute, originally auditioned for the role of Michael Scott. 
  • Originally, the TV show Parks & Recreation was supposed to be a spin-off show with Rashida Jones (who played Karen in The Office), but the spin-off idea was scrapped. 
  • The Office was originally supposed to air on FX or HBO before it landed on NBC with a wider audience. 
  • The episode “The Farm” in The Office’s final season was supposed to be a backdoor pilot for a new spin-off TV show starring Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute). However, NBC passed on The Farm and the episode was simply another one in a very long final season. 
  • Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela) are best friends in real life. 
  • John Krasinski (Jim) and BJ Novak (Ryan Howard) went to high school together. 
  • Some of the writers of the show actually acted in the show. Mindy Kaling (Kelly), Paul Lieberstein (Toby), and BJ Novak (Ryan) were among them. 
  • Steve Carell almost missed out on being Michael Scott because he was working in another NBC sitcom titled “Come to Papa.” 
  • The Officer’s producers originally wanted to make Jim and Pam’s relationship an interracial love story. 
  • Oscar Nunez being gay was unplanned. He would not have been gay if not for a pink shirt he wore because of the wardrobe staff. 
  • When the show was still airing, tons of people came up to Jenna Fischer (Pam) and told her they were disappointed with Pam’s “strong willed personality and assertiveness.” 
  • John Krasinski (Jim) shot the videos of Scranton in the opening credits and theme song of the show. 
  • The opening credits of The Office revealed the real Penn Paper Building on Mifflin Avenue in Scranton.
  • The show’s cast often surfed the Internet in between takes. 
  • Four characters had the same name as the actors who played them - Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith and Creed Bratton. 
  • The character Ryan Howard got his last name from a popular athlete. 
  • Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) and Ed Helms (Andy) were batch mates together in a school in Georgia.  
  • Poor Richard’s Pub is actually a pub in Scranton. 
  • The opening credits of The Office revealed a section of the Los Angeles Municipal Code. 
  • Steve Carell was never a fan of the British version of the show. 
  • Steve Carell placed a British flag on his desk in the show to honor the British version, although he didn’t even have a desire to watch it. 
  • Jenna Fischer kept her character Pam’s engagement ring in the series. 
  • The value of Pam’s engagement ring was around $5,000. 
  • The warehouse used in the basketball episode was really just below the actual office. 
  • Dunder Mifflin is now recognized by the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Paul Giamatti was NBC’s first choice for the role of Michael Scott; however, Paul turned down the role. 
  • Before his audition, Steve Carell had only seen 5 minutes of the British version of The Office. 
  • Seth Rogan auditioned for the role of Dwight Schrute. 
  • Angela Kinsey originally auditioned for the role of Pam. 
  • Kate Flannery (Meredith) originally auditioned for the role of Jan. 
  • Phyllis Smith, who played Phyllis, was originally the casting director for the show, but producers loved her so much, they created a role for her. 
  • Oscar Nunez didn’t think the show would be a hit, so he kept his jobs as a server and babysitter after he got the role. 
  • Jenna Fischer’s real-life pregnancy was not an issue for writers because they were already planning a Pam-Jim pregnancy. 
  • Dwight Schrute was supposed to leave the show after the ninth season and have his own spin-off show titled “The Farm.” 
  • In the episode “The Launch Party,” John Krasinski accidentally signs Meredith’s pelvic cast with his name and not Jim’s name.
  • In the episode “A Benihana Christmas,” Michael, Andy, and Jim dine at the exact same Benihana restaurant that Carell’s character goes to in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.”
  • Before the show, most of the show’s writers had never had a writing job before. 
  • Mindy’s roommate made an appearance in season two of the show, playing Brenda Matlowe, an executive from Dunder Mifflin corporate who came to evaluate Michael’s “leadership training exercise” in season two’s “Booze Cruise” episode. 
  • Before B.J. Novak was hired on the show, he was working as Ashton Kutcher’s lead accomplice on MTV’s Punk’d in 2003. 
The Transfer

The Transfer (m)

Word count: 9.4k

Genre/Warnings: language, angst, smut, dirty talk

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: You’re a sophomore in college who always runs away from relationships. That is until you meets Jung Hoseok, the South Korean transfer who shows you what a relationship can be. Although you know it’s wrong since he’s your best friends Jimin’s new roommate.

(Again this is my old story from my Wattpad (5sos version on there) but I wanted a Hoseok story and to finish this one.) Plus I was listening to Selena Gomez’s song, Bad Liar and yeah.

Parts: two

“Kook?” you yelled threw the apartment. You waited until he answered, “Yes Puddin’?” He yelled back.

“Do you need me to wash any clothes for you? I have a little more room in the washer!”

“Yes, one second!” You heard him shuffle in his room grabbing his hamper. He walked through the den and kitchen to the laundry room. “Thank you, Puddin’.”

“You know Jimin called me Puddin’ the other day,” you said taking his clothes out and sticking them into the washing machine.

“That’s my nickname for you!” He pouted, leaning against the door frame.

It was true, ever since sixth grade. You never wanted anyone to call you by your name for some reason. You thought it might have been some teen rebellion thing. So when you came to school one day with a Harley Quinn shirt on Jungkook took that as the chance to call you puddin’ and it just stuck. You two had been best friends since and now you were in college together. It was your sophomore year at the University and you loved it. Your parents had also found the two of you an apartment close to the school, so you could “stick together,” as your parents called it. They always thought you two would end up together but you two were too close for that. You loved Jungkook but you could never be in love with him.

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Something about Fate

Dean decides to go to a new psychic in town - just for the hell of it, of course - with his roommate Castiel, and doesn’t get the reading he was expecting.



“Hey, Cas, have you ever been to a psychic?”

Dean watched as Castiel looked up from his book with his eyebrows pinched together.

“No.” A pause. “Why do you ask?”

Dean shrugged.

“Garth texted me. Apparently there’s one in town that he went to yesterday and he’s obsessed. He said she really knows her stuff.”

Castiel raised an eyebrow before returning his attention to the textbook he had sprawled across their kitchen counter, so he could eat and study at the same time - a sight that was not all that uncommon in their apartment.

“Psychics don’t exists, Dean,” he said, matter-of-factly, as he turned the page. “People who claim to be psychic are scammers hoping to draw in the desperate or the gullible. Garth is the latter, I’m afraid.”

“Hey, he’s not -”

“Remember when Gabriel told him that stop signs with a white rim around them were optional?”

Dean rolled his eyes and pulled out a stool on the opposite side of the counter from his roommate.

“Duh, Cas. I know that they aren’t legit. Everyone does. But at the very least they’re supposed to be super good at reading people and then you essentially pay them to tell you what their first impression of you is.”

A small smile crept its way across Castiel’s face.

“I could tell you that for free, you know.”

Dean flipped him off as he got up and pulled out an apple from the refrigerator, not even bothering to look back as he did so.

“Whatever. I think it could be kind of cool.”

“Then by all means…” Castiel wrote something down in a notepad and flipped to the next page. “I think you should do it. I have free time tomorrow if you’d like to find this psychic then.”

Dean tossed the apple between his hands.

“You’d come with me?”

“Of course. I would never miss the opportunity to witness someone predicting your death.”

Castiel laughed as Dean flipped him off again.

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The Train - Part Two

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4100

Prompt: Y/N walks in, and Harry notices she’s wearing yellow again, this time it’s a yellow sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and brown ankle boots, her hair is pulled back into a pony tail with a white scrunchie with little smiling suns and he swears that he has to squint to look at her. “Oh! I know you-you’re the guy from the train,” Y/N beams, “Harry, right?” she sets down the tray of muffins.

“I didn’t tell you my name,” Harry snaps.

Y/N pouts, “well yeah, but I’m also not stupid,” she says.

“Are you joining us today Harry?” the man asked, “I’m Seth, I run the group.”

“Why else would I fucking be here,” Harry grumbled.

Y/N grabs a muffin, ignoring Harry’s sour attitude, “here, they’re made with love,” she smiled, holding out the blueberry muffin.

“Fuck off,” Harry says. He watches as her smile fades and the glint in her eyes seems to disappear, for a split second Harry feels like a dick, but then he realizes he doesn’t care and Y/N should just shove the muffin up her ass.

Part One

Harry felt empty.

Drinking seemed pointless and as did life. He found himself wishing he could be a part of crowds, go out and enjoy life, but he couldn’t. Every time he did force himself to go out he was counting down the seconds till he could be back in his own space. He felt as if her were drowning, as if he were sinking and everyone just happened to swim right by him. He felt like he was screaming for help, for someone, for anyone to just hold him, to just lay with him, but no one listened.

He had disconnected from everyone completely, shutting off his phone, not checking his emails, or even going on social media. The only time he left his house where for the meetings, anytime Seth could fit him in, and train rides. Each and every time he hoped Y/N would be there, but after three meetings he had given up.

Harry hadn’t showered in three days and he looked like it. He wondered if he smelled but he really didn’t care. He had no one to impress and at this point anything he did felt like a ten-mile race. He almost didn’t show up for group therapy because that meant getting out of bed and facing the reality that is life. The world that tells him what he’s feeling is all in his head and he needs to get over it and write more music. The world that tells him it’s okay to have a fever or break his leg, but the moment he feels alone and numb he needs to get over it. The world that wants Harry Styles but not Harry Styles.

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Markiplier Lives: Episode 2

Wow! That episode was a real humdinger! I am loving this so far, it’s like an Agatha Christie book, but with Mark’s hilarity. This episode seemed pretty standard for awhile, but it was dropping all kinds of bomb shells in the last few minutes. Let’s go through this piece by piece. FYI, I’m looking at most of this evidence through the lens of my Markiplier Lives theory, though there totally other theories and details worth discussing without this point of view. Anyway, Onward!  

  • The Detective is very insistent that he DID NOT move the body. Which is exactly what he would say if he either A) DID move it, or B) Mark is alive and left to hide.
  • Once again, the first three on the scene of the crime are the Detective, Butler, and Chef, again in the same order. Setting the stage and continuing the charade by playing off one another. 
    • They could also be trying to tell you that Mark is alive by entertaining the zombie idea. The body’s been moved! On it’s own? We haven’t ruled out that possibility. Seems like they’re trying to give us a clue. 
  • The Colonel has “experience” in the matter (which I think means the matter of zombies), as does the chef apparently? That coupled with the end scene reveals a lot about both characters, but I’ll get to that down the line. 
    • According to the Butler, the Colonel and Mark were the same age. This combined with the fact that Damien has known Mark since childhood and that this party was “getting the gang back together” makes it pretty clear that the three are childhood friends. This is further supported by the photos we see later on in Mark’s bedroom. 
  • The Detective makes a good point (surprisingly). Why? Why would someone kill Mark? If we believe the theory that Damien and the Colonel are Dark and Wilford, then their motives seem obvious, get Mark out of the way. But I’ve seen the theory that this tells the origin of Dark and Wilford’s characters. If that’s the case, then one or both of them may have had some other beef with Mark, possibly related to the woman in the photo and at the end (Who I will be calling Pam for now, since we don’t know her in universe name yet, and I just love Pam to pieces anyway). 
  • The Detective flat out says that it’s possible that this whole “Shindig of a hootinanny was just a ruse.” This even further supports that Mark is the mastermind behind all of this, and that he’s using his apparent death as a means to an end. 
    • The Detective has also apparently known Mark for years, just as the other guests have. He hints that Mark has been acting odd lately and that he doesn’t know why, but the security footage from Oct 7 says otherwise. 
  • The Detective says that he trusts you, even though you just met. This fits with what I speculated yesterday, that after seeing your reaction to the “murder,” he has decided to trust you. Heck, he flat out says so. “You don’t look like you have a reason to kill him.” He doesn’t think we did it. Even if we did, he can keep an eye on us by letting us get closer than the others. He does say he’s an excellent judge of character, but you can’t always believe someone who says that. The sultan of Agrabah was an “excellent judge of character,” and his “most trusted advisor” nearly ran him out of castle and kingdom. 
  • Anyway, he apparently determined the cause of death was being stabbed 37 times (new theory, Carl the llama did it), poisoned, beaten, strangled, drowned and shot, all in that order. Huh. 

Not a lot of visible trauma on that there corpse. As someone who watches too many crime tv shows, let me tell you, if he was stabbed, strangled, beaten, drowned or shot, we’d probably be able to tell, even from that angle. And if that had been important, I think Teamiplier would have put it in, at least some cheap blood makeup on the face or chest. But there’s nothing. Which makes me think that the Detective is just being outlandish and theatrical, something he’s proven he’s good at, if nothing else. 

  • Mark’s bedroom was in disarray. This points to one of two events. There was either a struggle before his death (or apparent death, whichever), or the room was staged to add to the illusion, like when (INDIANA JONES SPOILERS) Elsa ransacks her room in The Last Crusade to stop Indy from suspecting her. 

The photos on the table show Mark and Damien together happily (sorry for the light, I couldn’t get a better shot):

Mark, Damien, and the Colonel together happily:

And Mark and Pam together happily, while Damien and the Colonel look less than thrilled:

This progression of people in the photos suggest to me the progress of Mark’s life and relationships, and things became complicated when Pam entered the picture. Hm…

  • Yikes! The Colonel has some major creep abilities. Not to mention he has a remarkable ability to bend the rules of time and space, just like a certain pink moustached man I know…
    • He and the Mayor have been friends for a long time. But he and Mark apparently have had a fallen out…perhaps that’s why his picture in the bedroom is the only one that’s broken (the one you hold up before he appears)? 
  • Ok. All theories aside. I love the scene transitions between the Colonel and Damien. The costume changes, the slick transitions, it was seamless. Bravo, Teamiplier, I re-watched that part like three times just for the pleasure of seeing it unfold. Bravo. 
  • Back to theories: The Colonel is very familiar with the grounds, mentions that the pool hasn’t aged a day, the “old golf course,” and later calls the manor “his own home.” More on that later. 
    • He seems intent on trying to make you suspect Mark’s staff. And that comment about him being tough to work for reeked of personal connection. Again, more on that in the last scene though. 
  • Dear old Damien also is suspicious of the staff, and of the Detective. He would “stake his life on the innocence of the Colonel or yourself.” He also implies that there was an eighth person present. 
  • This last scene. This. Last. Scene. It is beautiful. Beautifully acted, beautifully shot, the transitions between the Colonel and Mayor are seamless, you really believe that they’re in the same room together. So well done. And there’s so much to unpack here! 
    • The Colonel says that the Detective is the one who insulted him. But the Detective says that the Colonel was the first to be aggressive. Who do we believe? While I  think that the Detective is in on some plan with Mark, I still don’t completely trust him. He seems unstable, and the death of his previous 15+ partners (I keep trying to count the photos, but they’re never in frame enough) is  increasingly suspicious. 
    • The Chef calls the Colonel “Private,” and he says “you’re not my boss anymore!” Moments later when the Detective calls him a murderer, the Colonel shouts that he “will not be called a murderer in my own home!” 
    • And Pam. 

Pam is fabulous. 

  • But back to the Chef and Colonel.
    • The Chef once worked for the Colonel, back then a Private. But the Colonel apparently also once worked for Mark. So it stands to reason that the two of them once both worked for Mark, or perhaps served under him? Speculation time. 
    • If Mark was once a commanding officer in the army with the Colonel (Private then) and chef serving under him, and then got popular on YouTube and quit his army job, effectively abandoning his army buddies, it could explain the Colonel’s hostility towards him, especially in the first episode. “Oh look at me! My name is MARKIPLIER nowForget all my friends or people who helped me along the way, just look at my MONEY!” That’s some harsh resentment there. Maybe Mark cut the Colonel out of his life after he got famous, and the Colonel’s been harboring a grudge. That coupled with the fact that Mark apparently went back and gave the chef a job, but not the Colonel…it explains his attitude, at any rate. 
    • But it goes beyond Mark leaving the Colonel behind…the Colonel once LIVED in Markiplier Manor??? There are a few possible explanations. One, Mark and the Colonel could have originally still been friendly after Mark’s big break, sharing the manor until they had a falling out (possibly over Pam?). Two, Markiplier Manor may have originally been the Colonel’s house, but he was forced to move out due to financial restraints, after which Mark bought the manor, which would obviously infuriate the Colonel. Not only would Mark not help him, but he even stooped so low as to buy his old house? It could also be that Mark and the Colonel are related in some way, and they grew up in that house together. I don’t place a lot of stock in that idea myself, but it’s a possibility. Let me know what you think!

I think does it for this post for now. I’ll probably add to it more in reblogs and reblog other things too, getting feedback and reading other people’s ideas is the best part about this! But my closing thoughts are these: This episode does not disprove my Markiplier Lives theory, if anything, it adds some more evidence towards it. 

Happy Theorizing!

Worth The Risk {Part 09}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 /
Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 

Word Count: 2675
Warnings: panic attack tw, swearing, angst (?), probably gonna be sad

A/N: and here’s the next part of Worth the Risk! Hope you enjoy - i’m feeling a little awkward about this part? it felt choppy.. but i’m also just sick and stressed and very tired lol so idk if i’m just being hard on myself or if this is genuinely bad hoo boy but anyways, enjoy!

Originally posted by allthisherostuff

“Not me, birthday boy”

Bucky looked up at his best friend in confusion. Who else would have gone through the trouble for his birthday? He wasn’t particularly close to that many people in the tower and as far as he was concerned, he didn’t deserve any of this.

Steve continued to smile as he watched his overjoyed friend try to make sense of the situation.

“Which dame do you think is capable of putting together something like this, Buck?” Bucky turned around, eyes scanning over those in the room.

There was only one other person whom he was close to, and when his eyes met hers, he knew he had to be right. He took two large steps until he was face to face with Pam.


Pam began to speak, mentioning something about Y/N, but Bucky wasn’t paying attention as he pulled her into his arms.

“What did I do to deserve a friend like you?” Bucky mumbled, looking down at his friend in adoration as they slowly began to pull away from one another. “Thank you so much.”

Pam nodded mutely, a small smile making its way on to her lips. But Bucky was so overwhelmed at that moment that he failed to notice discomfort behind it, or the panicked looks being exchanged around him. He was so overjoyed that evening that he had become blissfully unaware of the mistakes he and his friend had just made.

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Remember that episode from the office where dunder mifflin got a surplus and they had to get a new thing for the office til the end of the day and pam wanted new chairs but jim wanted a new copier? And pam went over to jim at lunch and said he should reconsider and that she was going to win and then jim asked if she was mad and she said no and leaned on for a kiss but stopped and threatened him and THEN kissed him and at the end when they got the chairs jim went over to her and asked for copies and did the exact same thing? That was hot as fuck i want that relationship RIGHT NOW

Red and Blue (Pt 2)

Continued from this

The Host went out of his way to avoid Dark for quite some time.

He had arrived in the void not much longer before he discovered Dark and Wilford’s tragic pasts. He knew everything there was to know about them. The only problem being that they had no idea he knew.

The day Dark left his broken cane with the Host was the day he discovered. The Host has the ability to see a story through objects. He can mentally bring himself into the item’s perspective, and through the cane he witnessed things that no human being should ever need witness. Suppose that’s why he was the only one who would figure it out.

That was, until the video’s release.

Mark’s hiatus left the egos all without attention for quite some time. The video’s suspense had revved them up for a bit up until the day the final episode was released.

At first, the others thought Dark didn’t want to watch out of annoyance. The episodes took the place of their Friday movie night, which Dark usually didn’t attend. They were planning on binge watching all of them straight through together.

Normally Wilford was the first one to complain about the movie selection. On this fateful Friday the 13th he was not even a mere thought in anyone’s mind.

Up until the very last episode.

Throughout the course of watching, the Host could do nothing but sit and twiddle his thumbs. The truth could not be hidden any longer.

The first episode finished.

“It was the chef!”

“My calculations are not feasible at the moment, but I can currently conclude that it was the detective.”

“No, the butler’s too suspicious in my book! He didn’t even drink anything!”

“Bruh, we were trippin’ balls.”

“How ‘bout us? Did we do it?”

“It looks like this is the first video where Mark portrays himself accurately.”

The room erupted in laughter.

“Guess the community is a bit more calm this time around.” Bim said.

“What do you mean by that?” Dr. Iplier asked.

“None of the characters he’s playing have showed up here yet.”

“Don’t jinx us, now Bim.” Silver laughed.

“Why do some of them sound… familiar?” Bim asked.

“You have to remember that Mark is human. He only has so many voices he can make.” Dr. Iplier explained.

“Are none o’ y’all gonna question why the chef has cameras?”

“The detective and Mark were the only two people seen in them.”

“For all we know it could be Damien. He was suspicious.”

“Bro, I think we should trust him.”

“Not so sure about that.” Bim said, “Something seems off about him.”

“Maybe it’s the fact that it looks just like you and almost everyone in the room.” Tim suggested.

The second episode finished.

“Is that Pam?! Oh, she’s gorgeous!”

“The description reads ‘Seer’. Is she going to summon some sort of demonic entity?”

“I think it was the colonel! Everything points at him!”

“Bro no. It was obviously the detective. He went off on his own.”

“Still think we dun it…”

“They’re throwing us off of every one else’s trail! Gah!”

“I don’t like the colonel’s laugh.”

“You’re right. Just doesn’t suit him.”

“Yeah. And those stripes just didn’t look right.”

“Why did the colonel call it his house?”

“Are we not gonna talk about how trashed Mark’s room was?”

“Again, it seems to be the most accurate depiction of him.”

Google didn’t click on the next video. Instead he read the description.

“What the–?” He clicked the Tumblr link that led him to the Jim’s daily news report.

“Uh oh.” Bim muttered.

Before they knew it, the door crashed open to a swarm of Jim’s tumbling in and onto the floor.

pammers86  asked:

Hi! So can I request a blurb please? I would LOVE to see a Harry blurb based off the song, There's Us by the Backstreet Boys? Ever hear of it? It's fantastic! Thanks 😘😜😘

can you do a harry writing where y/n is an architecture student came to study in London

Could you do one where Harry tries to break you out of your shell because you’re a shy person and keep turning him down when he asks you out, that would be so cute x

Hey Susie! After a week I have now gotten through all of your blurbs/one shots about Harry and love them all. Would you maybe write a little something about you maybe moving in with Gemma in London and Harry meeting you that way and developing a crush on you and how that would all pan out?

So…Pam sent me this request and I’d been sitting on all the others for awhile and a light bulb went off, this would make a great series.  

There’s Us is one of my favorite love songs ever, not even because it’s my boys who sing it.  It is a beautiful, angsty, pull emotion out of you from the depths of your soul type song and they sound like angels singing it.  If you’d like to hear the song, you can go here to listen.  I based it mostly off the chorus.

This will be three parts.  Starting with this.  I hope you enjoy it.  

Thanks to @harrys-furrowed-brow​ for the banner

The Beginning…

Ok so it sounds weird when I say it.  But I love buildings.  My friends always tease me, because honestly, who in the world loves buildings.  But I do.  I love the curves and the straight edges.  I love the way windows are placed.  I love the way corners come together.  I love the old buildings with intricate carvings on the outside and new buildings with their modern lines and clean outlines.  I was a geek for it.  If there was a channel all about buildings, I’d watch it 24/7.

I got the chance to go to London when my Structural Design professor, Mr. Franzen, handed me a brochure about studying abroad.  He knew I would never have gone for it without his goading.  So every day as class let out, he called me over and asked me if I’d applied.  I finally did, never thinking for a moment I would get chosen.  But I was.

I had a month to plan how I would get over there, a job situation and where I would live.  I made the decision fairly quickly that I didn’t want to live in any school housing while I was there.  I wanted the full London experience.  So, I got online one weekend and I figured everything out.  My parents bought me the plane ticket, bless their hearts.  I found a job at a book shop in the area where I wanted to live.  The lady I spoke to on the phone said she was the owner and in her thick British accent, “I been lookin’ fer someone for a bloody year!”.

The hardest thing to find was housing.  But the school’s website had classifieds on it where students could advertise things and one of them happened to be rooms for rent.  I emailed the first couple that looked promising and after a few responses, I had my living situation handled.

I was off to London a week later.

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 40: Shock

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Your POV

With your hand wrapped in a towel to stop the bleeding, you let yourself be pulled from your work trailer. Jared and Jeannie stayed behind, making sure no one messed with the evidence, while Jensen guided you to his trailer.

It was easier letting him guide you, than having to think for yourself. Seeing the rose there, along with the note had messed with you more than you liked to admit, and you couldn’t see anything past that. “Why?” You whispered, a tear slipping down your cheek.

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anonymous asked:

If you could tell me more about Ivy!Jason and Gardeninghoe!Tim please.


ah, yes, the famous gardeninghoe!tim AU ahaha
first of all thank you for asking cause i’m dying to rant about this, and also sorry this is so long but i think way too much about this AU and have talked about it with a lot of cool people who gave me even more ideas so I have a lot to say;

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Who Killed Markiplier

Okay, so there are a lot of theories and good explanations revolving around possessions and stuff. That’s cool, and I love that and wholeheartedly agree with those, but I want to talk about the amazing dedication that went into a (basically) no pay project.

The attention to detail, for one. I freaked out about this on Twitter XD. The newspaper headlines, the little clues on the Detective’s wall, the authenticity of everything, the trashed room.

And second, which has been freaked out over in the community, EVERYONE’S ACTING. No one ever feels out of character. Except for maybe Pam, who felt a little fake in her first scene in Chapter 3. But ESPECIALLY Mark. He’s better than some professional actors! And everyone else, they stopped becoming “Mark” or “Tyler” or Pam". They became their characters. When I first saw them I knew who they were played byn but by the second chapter, I thought of Damien as Damien and the Colonel as the Colonel. And they felt real. Like Damien had the air of a Mayor, evident in the way he holds himself, the way he dresses, the way he talks. The Colonel feels insane, broken.

And lastly. The effects. The sounds, the editing. They were perfect. The lightning looked a bit comical, but that was probably intentional. The effects were perfect, the spectral characters (Celine and Damien) looked distant yet willing to help, like a lot of afterlife often appear. Oh, and lets not forget the camera work. It really felt like you were there with them (and don’t we all wish we actually were) and the transitions were clever.

All in all, the storytelling and the way Teamiplier pulled this off was brilliant. It would honestly not be a surprise if Mark went to TVs and big screens. WKM had me waiting impatiently for the next part and wishing for more - something that rarely happens. Especially to the point where I watched each episode twice in a row, maybe more.

@markiplier - I look forward to any videos coming out when you go out of hiatus, I applaude you and Teamiplier.

Companions, not so secret crush

Cait: “Do I have to fucking spell it out for ya?” Cait wasn’t good at sharing her personal feelings with people and when she did she wasn’t delicate about it, “I know what I’m feeling aint one sided. I’ve seen the way you look at me,”

Sole knew better than to stop off at a bar, seeing as Cait liked a drink from time to time and now Cait was on Sole like fleas on a cat.

“I want to be with ya and I know you want it too, so you might as well just say it,” Cait slurred making Sole laugh as they tried to stop Cait from falling from her bar stool. What she was saying was true, there was no doubt about it but she was wasted and probably wouldn’t remember doing this in the morning.

“Why don’t we talk about this in the morning? Right now, you need some sleep.”

Curie: Curie made no secret about her obvious crush on Sole. She could barely control her urges, let alone her feelings, as she’d only had a synth body for a couple of weeks. There were so many things to think about, all these feelings towards life and towards Sole.

“Curie?” Sole waved their hand in front of Curie’s face, snapping her out of her thoughts. Curie smiled before apologising, “I just cannot stop thinking about you, these feelings, what do they mean?” Curie said nonchalantly, making Sole blush. It wasn’t every day that someone would be so blatantly forward with their feelings for someone, but then again it was Curie and she didn’t have a filter.

“Oh, I seem to have made you uncomfortable?”

“No, no, that isn’t… I just wasn’t expecting… well that, really,” Sole wasn’t expecting that in the slightest and now they weren’t quite sure what to do about the thoughts about Curie running through their mind.  

Danse: Sole glanced over at Danse, who had his eyes fixed on Sole’s ass. Sole held in a laugh as Danse looked away, hoping he hadn’t been caught but he had, again.

Scribe Haylen had informed Sole of Danse’s little puppy crush on Sole and Sole hadn’t thought much of it until they started noticing the small things Danse would do for them. Sole had cleared out their storage chest aboard the Prydwen, only to watch Danse, from a distance, putting extra ammo and fusion cores in there.

“Are you okay Paladin?” Sole asked a smile forming on their lips as they watched Danse stammer, he’d been caught, again. He apologised and Sole would laugh as he excused himself, nearly stumbling over his own feet as he hurried out of the room. Sole couldn’t help but notice that Danse was cute when he was blushing, way too cute.

Deacon: “Word around HQ is that a certain spy had maybe developed a crush on a certain vault dweller. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you Deacon?” Sole teased, running their fingers lightly up an unexpected Deacon’s chest.

They were running on an op for PAM, trying to find a stray courser that happened to escape the Institute’s blast. Sole watched as Deacon’s face went all different shades of red.

“Who me? Nope. I know nothing about that,” he tried to play it cool but even his disguises couldn’t save him from the relentless torment he’d receive from Sole.

“Right, well that’s a shame, because…” Deacon watched behind his sunglasses as Sole slowly unzipped their vault suit. Deacon’s breathing hitched in his throat as his eyes fixed on Sole’s exposed chest. He dragged his lip between his teeth, waiting for Sole to reveal all to him, wanting it.

“If you find the spy you let me know,” Sole winked before leaving a flustered Deacon, very frustrated.

Hancock: Sole caught Hancock’s eyes as they raised their glass to their lips, throwing back whatever alcoholic beverage Charlie had poured for them. Sole had heard the rumours, not that Hancock kept his feelings a secret, he was very open about his conquests. Sole leaned into Hancock, resting their hand on his chest as they put their drink on the table next to them. Hancock was a flirt and lucky for him, Sole was too, whatever game he was playing, Sole would gladly join in.

“What’s the word around town, Mr Mayor?” Sole whispered into Hancock’s ear, sending a shiver down his spine. Sole was awfully close to him and it took everything in his power not to pull them into him.

“Sunshine, I think you already know,” he said back, his breath tickling Sole’s cheek. Hancock knew that Sole was aware of his feelings, but just like them, he could play this game, all day long.

MacCready: Sole had saved his son and they were very attractive, so it wasn’t a surprise to him when he felt that familiar pang in his heart whenever Sole entered a room. He’d only felt this way once before and for a man who wasn’t good at sharing the way he was feeling it was pretty damn obvious. Everyone could see it, the way he looked at Sole and the way he spoke to them. But Sole seemed to be oblivious.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” Sole asked with a smile as they noticed MacCready looking at them. He shook his head, looking down at the table. It was at that moment he wished that he was bold like Cait or Hancock.

Later that evening Hancock had filled Sole in the crush and they felt stupid for not seeing it earlier. So, Sole did what Sole does best, they teased him about it. They sat back down at the table, leaning in to MacCready as they spoke, their lips mere centimetres from his. Sole made sure they were touching MacCready, even it was a simple brush against their arm. Now Sole waited, waited for MacCready to make his move.

Nick: Ellie’s words played on Sole’s mind, in fact they couldn’t forget it and now they found that they may have developed something for their favourite Synth detective.

“He was so grateful, you’re all he talks about. You’ve done so much for us and for him, I can see why he fancies you,” Ellie had slapped her hand across her mouth but it was too late, way too late and now Sole didn’t know how to act around Nick.

“Is everything alright? You seem distracted?” Nick stopped moving, titling his head a little as he eyed Sole in concern. And then Sole felt that melting feeling in their heart. They didn’t know how long they could keep up this charade.

Piper: “What’s wrong with her?” Sole asked Nat, as Piper stormed through the door to Publik Occurrences.

Piper had laughed at something Sole had said, snorting loudly in the process which caused Sole to laugh at her.

“Oh, she has a crush on you. She told me,” Sole looked from Nat to the door, so that is why she was mad. Piper had a crush on them? That was the best news they’d heard in a while.

Sole found Piper, tapping away at the keys of her type writer, she knew Sole was watching. Sole watched from over her shoulder, she was furiously typing.

Turns out Sole is an asshole

“Oh, come on I didn’t mean to upset you,” Sole tore the page from the type writer, making Piper stand up in a huff, “When were you going to tell me?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Sole smiled at Piper, she was adorable when she was mad. Sole leaned into her.

“You have feelings for me,”

“Oh my god,” She dramatically threw her hands around as she spoke, Sole caught her hands, pulling her into them.

“You should’ve just told me,” Sole smiled mischievously. If they thought they were off the hook, they were very mistaken.  

Preston: Preston thought he was doing well, hiding his crush on Sole, but he was wrong, so very wrong. Mama Murphy saw it, as she sees everything.

Preston watched as Sole spoke with a settler in Oberland Station, he loved the way they took the work of the Minutemen so seriously. He tried to shake off the feeling of butterflies in his stomach as Sole walked back over to him.

“We’re all done here, should we head back?” Sole said, but it didn’t register with Preston as he was too busy inside his own head, “Preston?” Sole nudged his arm gently, snapping him out of his thoughts, instead he focused on Sole’s smile.

“Yes, lets head back General,” Deep down Sole knew of his crush but for now they just wanted to let this situation play out. And if the situation goes on for too long, they’d have to do something about that.

Undeniable Heat Chapter 43: The Convention

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

After the late night last night, you and Jensen slept in, enjoying your amazing suite and all it had to offer. Ordering room service, the two of you enjoyed breakfast in bed, spending some much-needed quality time together before the business of the day.

“So, what’s on the schedule for the day?” You asked him before munching on a strawberry. 

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In public : Conor Maynard Smut

(this was a request, where y/n and conor hate each other but are secretly fucking)

“Be nice to each other.” Oli warned you and Conor was you climbed out of the uber.

“Depends whether she’s going to be a bitch or not.” Conor scoffed, trailing behind you and Oli on his phone.

You were meeting Joe, Mikey and Jack at the restaurant for dinner. Caspar and Josh were currently in South Africa visiting their family which is why they weren’t joining you.

You wore a long sleeved sparkly dress, which had a low neck so it showed a bit of cleavage, along with some high heels. Everyone had dressed up a bit as it was quite a posh restaurant.

“Please, i’m only a bitch to dickheads.” You shot back at Conor which caused Oli to groan.

“Seriously, stop now.” Oli sighed, walking ahead of you.

The thing is, you and Conor were secretly ‘friends with benefits’ however you weren’t even friends. Who knows what you’d call it. All the boys thought you both hated each other - which you did - but you were both sneaking around and sleeping together.

The sneaking around made it so much more fun for you both and the fact you both hated each other only turned you on more. You thought Conor was a dickhead, yes, but also very attractive and tonight, as he rocked black skinny jeans and a black button up shirt you honestly wanted him so bad. You didn’t understand how he was so good looking. As you were walking into the doors of the restaurant, you felt Conor quickly pinch your bum as he used his other hand to grab open the door.

You shot him a warning look but he just winked. Thankfully, Oli was in front so he didn’t notice.

“We’re joining the table for Sugg.” Oli told the man who greeted us and he guided us to the table where Mikey, Joe and Jack were.

“Wow, Y/N you look great!” Jack complimented you as soon as you got there. Instantly you could feel the jealousy coming from Conor.

“Aw, thank you babe!” You replied as you kissed him on the cheek, greeting him.

The funny thing was you and Jack were both really flirty people, which Conor hated. As Conor had to act like he hated you, which he did, it was so obvious that he hated the fact you would flirt with his younger brother.

Honestly, you loved winding him up. You took a seat next to Jack after you said hello to the other boys. Conor then sat down next to you, which Joe made a comment about.

“Y/N and Conor next to each other… Is that really a good idea?” He laughed.

“Don’t worry, I won’t even look at her.” Conor said. You just smiled in response, nodding at Joe.

As the night went on, you and Conor ignored each other as you and Jack flirted. You could almost feel the steam coming from Conor.

“Jack, I think i prefer your hair down like this, you look sexy.” You told Jack as you noticed his hair was down, spread across his forehead rather than it being up in his usual messy quiff. As you said this, you rested your hand on Conor’s thigh which caused his whole body to tense.

“Thanks, babe. I literally couldn’t be bothered to style it today.” Jack told you as you ran your other hand through his hair.

Soon, the waitress came over to your table ready for orders. Your hand stayed on Conor’s thigh, lightly moving your fingertips up and down. You quickly glanced at him, his face held a stern expression and he shot you a warning look.

“Conor? What you having?” Joe asked from across the table.

This was your moment. You moved your hand right up to his crotch, gently palming him through his jeans. The boys didn’t suspect a thing as you weren’t making it obvious at all. Conor’s face started to go red as he stuttered over his words.

“I- i’ll have the u-um lasagne please.” He quickly spoke.

The waitress nodded as she wrote down the last order and left the table. Conor grabbed onto your wrists, stopping you from your actions just as you felt he was getting hard.

“Fucking stop, Y/N, now.” Conor spat at you, looking angry.

“Stop what?” Jack spoke up from the other side of you.

“U-uh she keeps kicking me under the table.” Conor groaned, trying to cover up the fact you were just teasing him.

“Well you’re exaggerating. I did it once and it was an accident.” You quickly replied, making it believable.

As you looked back to Conor, you noticed his eyes were on your chest. As soon as he realised you were looking, his eyes shot back up and he licked his lips.

“You two never stop arguing.” Jack laughed. It was so tempting to just add in a comment about how you don’t argue when Conor’s fucking you senseless. You decided against it though.

As Jack got into conversation with Joe, Conor reached his hand over and rested it on your exposed thigh. You gulped, knowing he could easily get you back. This was the last thing you wanted, the boys would definitely realise as you were the worst at keeping quiet.

“Really need the loo.” You quickly announced before standing up and making your way to the toilets. This left Conor shaking his head at you. The ladies toilets were empty and so you walked up to the large mirror that was behind the sinks. You noticed your cheeks were flustered and hair was a bit messy.

As you fixed your make up, the door opened. You were expecting another girl to come in, needing to go toilet. But no, in walked Conor.

“This is the ladies.” You told him.

“Shut the fuck up, get in there.” Conor growled, grabbing your hips and pushing you into the nearest cubicle. A small smirk played on his lips which made you excited.

As soon as you were both in and the door was locked, his lips attacked yours. You were pinned up against the wall with your arms around his neck. He kissed you harshly, trying to let out his frustration. As you felt his jeans against you, you noticed how turned on he was.

“Someone’s excited.” You giggled against his lips.

“Shut up and get on your knees.” He told you. You didn’t need to be told twice as you went down to his jeans.

Quickly unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down his legs, you then started to pam him through his boxers. When you looked up and made eye contact with him, you could tell he was enjoying it but wanted more.

“Don’t tease me, you slut.” You groaned.

You went to his boxers, pulling them down, exposing his length. You loved Conor’s length, he was quite big, but not too big. He always filled you up perfectly.

Kissing his tip, Conor grabbed onto your hair. You kitten licked him a few times before popping him into your mouth. He immediately moaned out a ‘fuck’. He loved it when you sucked him off. It was about the only thing he complimented you about.

“Uhh, babyyyyy.” Conor moaned out as you bobbed your head up and down on his length.

You put all of him into your mouth, trying your hardest not to gag. Just looking up and seeing Conor in this state was enough for you to swallow. As he looked down, you made eye contact as you continued to bob up and down, sucking him.

Taking him out of your mouth, you began to pump him quickly. This caused him to hiss out loud. The main door to the ladies toilets opened, meaning Conor had to be silent now.

When you put him back into your mouth, you knew he was close. He grippeonto your hair tightly and screwed his eyes shut, you moved your mouth up and down him quickly as you sucked, sending him over the edge.

Suddenly, he released into your mouth. The warm liquid didn’t taste the best but you swallowed it anyway. When Conor finished, you smiled up at him. He ran his hand through his hair as you stood up.

“You’re amazing.” He whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your lips.

When the toilets were empty, you both got of the cubicle and cleaned yourselves up.

You walked back to the table first. Everyone was looking at you as you sat down.

“Conor is such a dickhead!” You groaned.

“Don’t even bother.” Joe laughed, shaking his head.

They didn’t suspect anything, just that you both had an argument by the toilets. When Conor came back and sat next to you, he sent you a wink.

Distraction (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

 Request:  HI HUMAN ! Can i have a bucky request where the reader is buckys girlfriend and he’s been on a mission for the past couple weeks and it’s finally the day he’s coming home and so she’s pestering all the Avengers repeating herself and bouncing up and down going, “how about now? how about now? how about now?” and she’s easily distracted so they keep getting annoyed and just handing her random objects like lucky charms or something silly? and it’s just general fluff and humor? Thank you so much!!

Words: 2,794

Warnings: None

To say you were annoying was an understatement.

It’s not like you were a bother, or a pain to the other Avengers, you were annoying in a cute way. At least that’s what they decided once the pestering and nagging and bouncing had stopped. You were one of the younger Avengers and your personality showed it. You were bubbly, energetic, kind, fast, and most certainly saw the good in just about everyone.

Perhaps that’s why you ended up with Bucky Barnes, you didn’t care about what he did in his tragically sad past and you certainly brought a sense of positivity to his life. He had changed a lot over his time spent at the Avengers tower with the rest of the team; in a good way of course. You fell for his smile, it was near the beginning of his time at the tower when you saw him smiling with Steve and you caught a glimpse of the breathtaking smile.

From then on you were a nervous mess around him, you fell unusually quiet whenever he was in the same room and often because a stumbling mess of words that never made sense. You choked on your smoothie one morning when he scared you in the kitchen. It had only been you, him and Bruce home that morning as everyone else was on missions, running errands or out of town.

You were casually sipping your smoothie in the dark kitchen when he came in and turned on the light, you jumped and a large mouthful of smoothie got caught in your throat. This led to you dropping your drink, hitting your hip on the counter, and you were coughing while holding your hip while a chunk of your drink slid down your chest and stained your white shirt. It was embarrassing but once it was over you two started laughing together for what seemed like forever in the early hours of the morning.

Two weeks later you went on your first date together and you had been together ever since.

However during those years together, every time Bucky went on a mission longer than a weekend, you drove everyone crazy. You would pester and talk and prank and become so overly dramatic. Everyone knew you did it as a distraction, a way for time to go by quicker until you saw him again. You liked it better when he was not on some dangerous mission, you worried more than usual while he was away. What if HYDRA found him? What if he got hurt? What if he got kidnapped? What if he died?

The aching feeling in your chest while he was away felt like you were suffocating. So many things could happen, one thing could go wrong and he would be gone. The stress caused painful headaches and anxiety.

But today was not a stressful day, it was not a sad day or a painful day, it was a happy day. Bucky was coming home from a two week long mission and you couldn’t be more excited. Considering the mission was only supposed to take two days, this day was even more exciting.

For the rest of the Avengers, today was a long day. Today was the day that you would pester to no extent, and it all started at precisely 5:00am. 

“Wake up! Wake up! C’mon, wake up!” Sam cringed and covered his face with his pillow more, pressing it against his face to try to make the noise stop. His body bounced lightly as you stood on his bed jumping up and down. You were not a morning person, that was one thing you and Sam bonded most over; sleep.

So for you to be up before the sun had risen, and even before Steve went out for a run, was most certainly a surprise.

Sam groaned into his pillow, he was glad his face was being covered or else the bright overhead light of his room would certainly cause pain to his sleep filled eyes. The sun hadn’t even risen but yet you had opened all the curtains to his windows. 

“Sam! Sammy! Sams! Samother! Samillion! Sam, bam, dam, tam, pam, wam-”
“What do you want, woman?!” Sam shouted into his pillow but it was muffled enough to not wake anyone else near Sam’s room. 

“Let’s go to breakfast! We could go to Panera, Starbucks, Ben’s, Harold’s Coffee, Strange Donuts-no! Let’s go to Steak and Shake! Wait no, we should go there for lunch, yeah lunch is better! Where do you wanna go? I don’t know where I wanna go - but oh my god, we could go to Denny’s-” 


“No? Okay well there’s always Russ and Daughters, I’ve never been there, I wonder if it’s good, do you think it’s good? Oh what about Kitchenette, I went there with Clint last week it was good-” 



“What’s the time?” 

“5:00am, bright and ear-”

“Get out.” 

“No need to be hasty-”

“Have you been drinking?”

“Only coffee! You want some, you need some, you’re grumpy-”

“How much coffee have you had?”

“Oh, only three cups-”

Three cups?”

“I know, I need more-”

“It’s only five, how long have you been up?!”

“Mm, not for sure, I needed the energy-”

“I highly doubt that.”

“Oh I know! Let’s go to Big Daddy’s!” You giggled, you were still jumping on his bed trying to get him out of bed but also the caffeine that pumped through your veins caused you not to stop moving.

“Get out!” He grabbed one of the pillows he was using and tossed it in the direction of your voice. You only laughed, but he could hear it hit you. You jumped off his bed and landed with a thump before he could hear his door crack open.

“So no Big Daddy’s?”

“Out! I said out!” He threw another pillow and you giggled before slamming his door shut just in time as the pillow connected with where you previously were.

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Find You

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! I’m really sorry for that! I have been working on this for a few days, I coudn’t really find the words that I needed to write, so it has been sitting on my computer waiting ot be finished.

i hope you enjoy!


The first thing you notice when you wake up is that you are, once again, tied to a chair, and in the middle of an abandoned warehouse.

“It’s about time you woke up!”

“Hello, Harley”

“Mr. J went out for a bit, lookin’ for that man of yours. I wanted to stay, I like talkin’ to you!”

“I like talking to you too, Harley, it’s just the Joker I don’t really like.”

“Puddin’, wouldn’t hurt ya! I wouldn’t let him!” Harley jumped of the shipping container she had been on.

You had known Harley before she had met the Joker, before she had even taken the job at Arkham. The two of you had remained friends, much to Jason’s displeasure, even after she had gone crazy, even going as far as protecting each other from the Joker. After you had a “talk” with the Joker he had started being nicer to Harley. Of course your friendship with his girl didn’t stop him from kidnapping you and completely trashing your apartment.

“So he went to find Hood?”

“Yup! Said that he trashed your apartment jus’ to scare him!”

“And he had to knock me out?”

Harley just hummed conformation as she worked on releasing you. At this point you knew that it would be a mistake to run, the Joker had probably set traps all around the building, so it was just safer to stay and talk with Harley.

“Well, it looks like I’ll be here for a while, so we can catch up. How’ve you been? How’s Pam?”

The apartment is completely trashed, broken glass litters the floor, the couch is overturned, and there is blood on the floor. Grocery bags hit the floor when Jason notices the Joker card in the middle of the flood. As soon as he sees the card he immediately whips out his communicator and starts calling in backup.

“B, Y/N’s been taken by the Joker! The apartment’s trashed and there’s blood in the floor. I need you and Robin to get here as soon as possible!”

“We’re on our way. Robin and I will be there in 10 minutes. Suit up”

“I’m calling in Nightwing and Red Robin. I want everyone here. We need to find her!”

Throwing down the communicator Jason rakes his hands through his hair, trying to calm his breathing. Of course he knew that Y/N had remained friends with Harley, but if the Joker told her to do something, she would do it. Jason quickly called up his other two brothers, letting them know what happened, and they both agreed to meet at his apartment.

“There was a Joker sighting in Crime Alley an hour ago. My sources say that he was leaving a warehouse”

“Hood, just got another sighting. It seems like he’s looking for you. He probably wants to brag about stealing your girlfriend.”

Jason nodded quietly and headed toward the window, “If he wants me then he can have me.”

“You need to think this through, what do you think will happen if you go to him? Do you think he’ll just tell you where she is?”

“No” Jason growled, his gloves creaking as he clenches his fists, “But I can make him talk”

“Jason …”

“I won’t kill him, Dick, don’t worry. He’ll just gladly give up Y/N’s location when I’m done with him.”

Finding the Joker’s location was the easy part, but actually catching him, that was a different story.

“Get back here you fucking clown!”

The Joker just cackled when Jason barely avoided another trap. “Come and get me, Hoodie!!”

A rubber bullet hit the Joker in the side, causing him to stumble and allowing Jason to finally catch up. Jason hauls the Joker up by the lapels of his jacket, “Where is she?”

“She who? She, she, she, there are so many she’s!! Gotta be more specific, Hoodie!”

Jason just snarled and threw him down, “You know who!! Y/N!! Where is Y/N!!”

“You didn’t need to yell” The Joker pouted up at Jason, “She’s in the old textile warehouse with Harley. She can’t get out, and you have to play some of my games to get in!!”

There was a soft thud from behind the two, “Let him go, Hood. He just told you where she is. Nightwing will take him back to Arkham. Red Robin, Robin, you, and I will go to the warehouse anf start disabling the traps. She is safe with Harley, you know that.”

“Harley is just as crazy as he is!! Harley could go postal on her! We don’t know!” Jason shouted

“You need to calm down. We know where she is. The longer you stand here arguing with Joker the longer she is trapped with Harley”

Throwing the still laughing Joker at Nightwing, Jason turned and started to walk toward the edge of the roof, “Let’s go get Y/N, I need to make sure that she is safe”

Laughter echoes in the warehouse, “Harley, you nut!!”

“I know! I know! I’m sorry!”

“I can’t believe you set off one of the Jokers traps! You know where that all are!”

Harley huffed, still hanging upside down, “I forgot about this one. Are you gonna help me down?”

“I suppose I can. I’m gonna climb on the box right here, hopefully I won’t fall”

“I’m gonna laugh if you fall!”

“You laugh at everything, so that wouldn’t surprise me”

Harley giggled, “Hurry up and cut me down! Your boyfriend will be here soon!”

“And how do you know that?” You start cutting the rope with the knife that was strapped to Harleys thigh.

“Because he’s right behind you!!”

You whirl around, letting out a yelp when you lose yoru footing and atart to tip over the side of the box. Strong arms stop your fall, “Hey, sweetheart”

“God damnit, Hood! You scared the shit out of me! I could have fallen!”

Jason chuckled and pulled you closer to him, “I wouldn’t have let you fall, you know that”

Tension that had been there since your kidnapping began to drain out of you both. “I’m glad you finally found me, I was starting to get a little worried”

“Nothing could keep you away from me, you know that.”

“Awwwww!! You two are so cute!”

“Shut it, Harley, let me reunite with my boyfriend”

Jason chuckled and pulled back a little bit, “You look like you go into some trouble, Harley” She just crossed her arms over her chest, “Well, I don’t want to leave you hangin’, but the police are on their way. Batman disabled all of the traps, and I’m taking Y/N back to the Cave to get her checked out”

“Is Puddin’ on his way back to Arkham?”

“Yes, you’ll be joining him shortly”

“Alright, you’ll come visit me, right Y/N?”

You reach out, giving your friends a side hug, “I visit you every time you go back, what makes you think I wouldn’t this time?”

“Someday you’ll get tired of me” Harley whispered


The bright grin that one word left on your friends face made it a lot easier to leave her hanging there for the police.

Once back at the apartment, which had been cleaned, Jason wrapped you in another tight hug, “Don’t you ever scare me like that again”

“I’m sorry, I’ll try harder not to get kidnapped”

Pulling back he held you at arm length, “Not by the Joker. I don’t mind Harley as much because she seem to be relatively sane around you, but not him. He’ll kill you without a second though”

“I know. I’m sorry”

“It’s okay, everything’s okay, not that I got you back”

You lean up and kiss the underside of his jaw, “Can we order take-out and watch a movie? It’s been a stressful day for us both”

“Yeah, we can do that. And you’re sure you aren’t hurt?”

“The blood was the Jokers, I already told you that”

“I know, but I thought that you were hurt, that he had hurt you”

“I could tell you were scared, you managed to talk to Bruce without starting a fight!”

Jason chuckled and tucked you into his side, “I was too busy trying to find you to really pay attention to the others. Batman and Robin disabled the traps, Nightwing took the Joker to Arkham, and I went in to get you. We actually seemed to work together really well.” He placed a gently kiss on your forehead, “I love you”

“I love you too, Jay. I’m really glad you found me”

“I’ll always find you”

I Don't Wanna Live Forever

“I’m literally getting on my car, Charlie. I’m coming.” Adam rolled his eyes as he opened the car’s door and got inside. He hung up the phone, throwing it in the passenger’s seat with a sigh. Why did Charlie have to make him leave the house and put his track on hold for a meeting?

He drove through the streets, glad there wasn’t much traffic. The faster he got there, the faster he could leave.

He stopped at a red light, getting his phone so he could check on something while he waited for it to turn green. Once it did, he went ahead and in the moment right in the middle of the road, a car hit him full speed. He felt everything spinning around him, his mind no longer cooperating with him, he felt frozen. Hitting his head, he blacked out, waking into unconsciousness. Everything was black.

Taylor was just flipping channels when his name came on. She rolled her eyes, figuring it was probably nothing and there the images started rolling in. His car was wrecked. A wave of panic rushed to her hearing that he was rushed to the hospital. Was he okay? Of course not, he’s in the hospital but it could just be to get a check up, nothing major. But with his car looking like it was, the car she had been in many times, there was no way he was okay.

She had to remind herself that she wasn’t close to him anymore, that she couldn’t just jump in the car and walk into the hospital to know if he was okay so she decided to wait. But it the worry that had settled into her brain was taking over and she couldn’t even think about anything else. He had to be okay. She hated to admit that she cared about him but she did. You can’t love someone so deeply and not care about them even after they hurt you.

It was now two in the morning and she was wide awake, sitting up in bed, phone in her hand, desperately trying to know if there was more information about the accident. It wasn’t doing any good, she had a flight early in the morning, back to Nashville.

She got out of bed, taking a few deep breaths because her mind was going into an endless spiral and she needed it to stop. She needed it to stop because the possibility of him being hurt badly or worse…that was terrifying. Utterly terrifying.

It was four in the morning when she decided to call Adam’s phone and it rang about four times before the call was taken. But it wasn’t Adam on the phone. It was Charlie making her even more worried.


“Tay!” Charlie breathed out. “You know about it?”

“The accident? Yeah it’s all over the news. How is he? Is he okay? Is he hurt.” She fired her questions, albeit afraid of the answers.

“It’s bad, Tay. I’m trying to get hold of his parents and friends but I don’t know, I…I can’t…it’s all my fault. I made him come to the meeting. It’s my fault.” Charlie rambled, emotion thick in his voice.

“Charlie, you’re not making any sense! Calm down and tell me what happened!” Taylor raised her voice slightly.

“He’s unconscious. They say he hit his head. He was on his way over to a meeting I made him come to and some crazy ass dude just went pass a red light and hit his car pretty bad. They say he broke his leg but his head is the worst.” Charlie told her and she shut her eyes taking a deep breath.

“It’s not your fault, do you hear me? It’s the other guy’s, okay? Charlie, I need you to calm down so you can call Pam and David. Or maybe call Sophie.” She said to him, trying to stay calm. From the way Charlie sounded, she knew it really was as he said, bad.



“I know you guys broke up and all that but can you call Adam’s parents?”

“Charlie,” she sighed. “I’m not sure I can do that. Either way, I’m leaving tomorrow, well today. I was just worried about him.” She but her lip, running a hand through her hair. If she was being honest, she just had to make a call and cancel the flight. She had nothing having to do with work for a few days and the thought of having to call Adam’s parents, especially his mother who had been so lovely and kind to her after her and Adam had broken up made her the least bit uncomfortable because she knew they’d fly over and she would cancel the flight and she’d go to hospital and she’d be with them and more importantly, with him.

“Okay.” Charlie frowned. “I’ll promise I’ll call you if there’s any news.”

“Thank you, Charlie.”

Despite her efforts to stop herself, she cancelled the flight and stayed in LA. In case anything happened, she’d be close and although she didn’t really want to face it, she was concerned.

Charlie had stayed in the hospital the whole night, waiting for Adam to wake up and the doctors had told him it wouldn’t take long. They had also told him that there was a possibility of memory loss which worried him a bit but at least he was out of danger.

Sitting on the chair next to Adam’s bed, Charlie noticed him move his finger making him jump off his seat.

“Adam?” He called out carefully. Then pushed the button to call the nurse.

After a few basic questions, like his name, age, date of birth they left him alone with Charlie.

“My head feels like it’s about to blow.” Adam mumbled, trying to sit up.

“You me scared there, mate.” Charlie chuckled softly and watched as Adam shut his eyes sighing. Then after a second, his eyes shot open and he looked around the room.

“Charlie, was Taylor with me? Where is she? Is she alright?” Charlie’s eyes widened at his question.

“She wasn’t with you. Why would Taylor be here?” He questioned, confused.

“Because she’s my girlfriend, Charlie and I almost died, she’d be worried.” Adam explained and Charlie stood frozen for a second, not really knowing what to say.

“Right, yeah. I’m just gonna go have a word with the doctor okay.” He nodded his head, walking towards the door.

Memory loss. He had no recollection of the last six months. So no break up, no fighting, no online outburst. All gone from his memory. So in his mind, Taylor was his girlfriend and they were happily in love which would be hard to break it down to him so Charlie didn’t know better than to call Taylor.

“Hi, any news? Is he alright?”

“Good news is he’s awake.” Charlie told her.

“Thank god, that’s great.” Taylor breathed out a sigh of relief then quickly realized there was something else. “Okay, what’s the bad news?” She gulped.

“I…” Charlie cleared his throat. He was afraid of what her reaction would be. “He doesn’t remember anything that happened in the last six months.”

“The last six months? You mean…” she gasped. “He doesn’t remember…”

“Your break up, yeah he doesn’t.” The silence on the other side of the line worried Charlie. Obviously this would be a complicated situation. After all Taylor and Adam had gone through, how the mistakes they had made had become almost irreparable, this would be hard. “Taylor, say something, please.” Charlie murmured.

“You need to tell him.” She snapped. “You need to tell him what happened. I don’t care.”

“It’s gonna break him.” Charlie warned.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s the truth. It’s reality.” She sighed.

“I think it’s better if you’re the one to tell him.” Charlie said.

“What why?” She questioned.

“Because you were there. You know what happened, I don’t. Adam doesn’t really open up about that time. He didn’t say much when I asked about it.”

“This is great. Just great. I haven’t seen him in months, Charlie. Months. Do you know how hard this is for me?” She sighed. She could feel herself overthinking it. It would be the first time she saw him ever since they broke up and she’d see the man she loved, not the one she had left but the one she fell for.

“Taylor, please, I can’t do it. I don’t know how. You have a way with words, you can make it easier on him. I just…please.” Charlie begged her.

“I’ll do it.” She decided. “But I’m not sugar coating it, okay? I’m telling him the whole story. I know it’s going to hurt him but I can’t do it any other way.”

She entered the hospital, the nervous feeling becoming bigger by the second as she knew she was a second closer to be face to face with Adam. She walked up to the reception.

“I’m looking for Adam Wiles?” She spoke gently with a smile.

“Name.” The lady behind the desk asked, busy with whatever she was doing on the computer.

“Taylor Swift.” She told her quietly not wanting to attract attention. The lady looked up from her computer, her eyes going wide.

“Oh hi! It’s you, wow!” The woman chuckled.

“Yes,” she looked at the woman’s tag, reading it. “Jessica. His room?”

“His friend warned us you’d be coming. He’s in room 105.” She smiled.

“Thank you.” She nodded.

As she entered the elevator with people with nervous looks on their faces, much like hers. She started thinking about the reasons these people were here. Births, sickness, visiting people. She wondered the reason for their nervousness, wondered if it was anything like hers. Then her mind travelled to Adam. She had been preparing her speech all the way to the hospital. She’d tell him why things went wrong what she felt on her end and what he had told her on a very long conversation after all the mess, what he had felt. She’d tell him about how they both screwed up, what lead to them breaking up in the first place and why she left.

She saw Charlie standing by the door on his phone. She called out his name and he looked up, smiling. Giving him a hug, she opted for asking how he was instead of going straight for the Adam topic.

“I’m good.” Charlie answered. “You?”

“I’m okay, I think. I’m not sure how I feel right now.” She sighed and Charlie bit his lip.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled. “I know it’s hard for you. It’s just that none of us really understand what went down and you can tell him everything.”

“I know.” She nodded. “Should I go in?” Taylor questioned, staring straight at Adam’s room in front of her as she took a deep breath.

“You ready?”

“Might as well get it over with.” Taylor shrugged.

She opened the door slowly, admittedly scared of what she would be faced with. He was there, sitting up in bed, looking a little beat up but not too much. His lips spread into a huge grin that took over his face.

“Babe!” He called out and felt her heart drop. God, she hadn’t heard that in ages.

“Hi, Adam.” She murmured, looking a little awkwardly standing by the door. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m better now. Where’ve you been? You must be worried sick. If me having a cold gets you worried I can’t imagine what you felt.” He chuckled and she felt like she was in a wicked dream. She felt as if she was in the past and she desperately wanted to tell him the truth because she couldn’t handle this Adam. The old Adam.

“It’s okay.” She cleared her throat. “Um, I…when are you free to leave?”

“A couple of days and I’ll be home.” He smiled softly. “What’s up with you? You’re off.” He noted and shifted setting down her purse on the chair next to his bed. “Not even a hug?”

She felt trapped, a little breathless as she heard his voice almost like a distant thought. “We need to talk.” She choked out.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, looking at her as her eyes travelled anywhere but him. “Babe, come on!”

“Don’t call me babe!” She snapped and he looked taken back by her reaction. “I’m sorry, that’s not how I wanted to go with this.” She took a deep breath, shaking her head, trying to clear the mess inside her head.

“What the hell is happening?”

There was a pause, silence taking over because she needed to gather her thoughts and he was waiting for an answer.

“You lost your memory.” She began. “You have no memories of what happened in the last six months. You’re missing a lot, Adam!” Her eyes widened a bit as she talked.

“Are you joking?”

“No.” she breathed out, finally looking back at him.

“How different can things be?” Adam furrowed his brows and Taylor felt her heart sting in her chest. He had a lot coming his way.

“We broke up.” She mumbled after a few seconds, playing with her hands. She didn’t want to look at him. Didn’t want to see the look she had hoped to see when she left him. Not that she liked seeing him hurt but it would’ve meant that if he was hurt then he cared.

He didn’t say anything, trying to take in the new information that had fallen into his hands. So they weren’t together? She wasn’t his girlfriend anymore? He felt his heart break as it sunk.

“Was I the one who broke up with you?” He asked a bit hesitantly. She shook her head, the silence making her want to run off. “Okay” He whispered. “Oh my god…” she saw tears welling up in his eyes and her heart broke just like his was breaking.

He felt as if his world was crashing down. The floor breaking beneath him and he was free falling into a never ending hole. His heart breaking in a million pieces. She had broke up with him. He didn’t have her.

“I’m sorry. I know it’s hard but I had a few reasons to leave you.” She gulped down the lump in her throat, playing with her fingers.

“What did I do?” He asked her quietly, sniffling.

“Well…” she took a deep breath. “You pushed me away, started spending more time in the studio and ignoring every attempt I made to spend time with you, at least that’s what I felt, like you just stopped caring but you just took it for granted that I’d never leave.” She shook her head, the memories becoming all too vivid in her mind, memories she had tried to ignore. “It felt like you didn’t want me anymore. You stopped trying, stopped coming to big events with me, you got jealous every time a guy talked to me for more than a minute, we had a few big fights and you accused me of cheating on you at the MET Gala. I hated it, hated the way you talked down on me like I was just something to pick up and play around and then drop it whenever you felt like.” She laughed bitterly and he could see the pain evident on her face as she relived those moments in her mind. How in the world was he capable of hurting the woman he loved most was beyond him. “I just wanted you to love me so I tried, I even declared my love for you on national television and still, it was all the same. I tried too much, I tried to fix what was broken beyond repair and you didn’t even notice me when I felt like I was yelling at you to love me again, you just stared blankly as I packed my suitcases and left.”

“I didn’t- I didn’t try to get you back?” He asked her, wondering what made him turn out like that.

“No.” she shook her head. “You Just ranted on social media about how terrible I was.”

He almost choked. “I did what.”

“Well I did throw it that I was seeing someone after you at your face but goddamn it, you won the golden medal for how petty a person can be.”

“You- you were seeing someone? You broke up with me for someone else?”

“No!” She told him immediately. “He was just there. He was a rebound.” She assured him, not even knowing why she felt the need to do that. “And you were pissed about it and also the fact that I confirmed that I wrote ‘This is What you came for’ so yeah…”

“Wow…I really am missing a lot.” He whispered burying his face in his hands.

“I know this is hard, trust me, it is for me too but you needed to know and I couldn’t pretend.” She mumbled, watching him uncomfortably, wanting to leave as soon as possible and at the same time, she wanted to comfort him, tell him it was okay.

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s just…I don’t know how I could’ve done something like that, it’s a bit unreal.” He breathed out. It felt as though someone was crushing his heart, stomping on it repeatedly in hopes to cause more pain. “Are you okay now? Is it better?”

“It’s okay, you can never ask for too much. It’s not the best but I guess it gets better.” She shrugged and he nodded.

“Anything else that happened I should know about?” He asked, smiling softly trying his best not to break down.

“About us? We’ve covered all the basics I think.” She pondered for a moment. “Well, I’m not sure how to explain what you felt but I could…try?”

“That would be nice, yes.” He nodded.

“What you told me was that you didn’t feel like anything was wrong until the MET gala after we had this huge blown out fight, you said you were too caught up on everything you were working on and you just couldn’t make time for me or you forgot or something. Then you started to feel like you were losing which was the truth so you took me out to the Bahamas again to fix it and everything so we decided to split there or I guess I did, you just went along. Then a month later I started seeing someone for fun because I needed a distraction, he was nice but you were hurt by it. You said it felt like I was telling you I did cheat on you since the guy was the reason for our fight and who I hung out with a bit at the MET. Then I guess we just started throwing things at each other’s faces out of spite. You said shit about me online, I walked around the world with him.” She found herself laughing a little bit at the situation. “It was ridiculous, really.”

“It sounds ridiculous and nothing like us.” He runs a hand through his hair, trying to make sense of everything.

“That’s what happened to us.” She frowned.

As if remembering something, his eyes widen. “Do we talk to each other again? After all that?” He questioned and she smiles at this, nodding.

“We do make up, sort of. We have a civil conversation about our feeling and we agree to be friends. All is well.” She chuckled.

“Just friends?” He mumbled quietly, hoping she hadn’t heard him.

“Yeah, it’s not like we could just go back so um…yeah.” If she was being completely honest with herself, she knew deep down that her feelings for Adam were buried within her, still there and they had never gone away but actually bringing herself to be vulnerable again was terrifying and besides, Adam had shown no signs whatsoever of wanted to get back together when they talked. “Listen, I have to leave now. I have a meeting in a couple of hours.”

“Oh. Yeah that’s fine!” He nodded, forcing a smile. She stood up and for second, pondered hugging him goodbye but decided against it so she just waved, smiling at him.

“I hope you get better, Adam. Maybe I’ll visit or something, sometime.”

“That would be nice, yeah. So I guess, I’ll see you.”

“Take care! Bye!”

And with that he was left alone with his thoughts. He had lost her. He had broken her heart and he knew one thing for sure, he was going to get her back. No matter what.

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 52: Decisions

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Waking up the next morning, you could hear the sounds of the landscape company outside, already hard at work in your backyard. As you lay there, you were glad, happy that your backyard would soon be ready to enjoy. But then you remembered the events of yesterday, and you could feel the panic start to set in. You had no idea if Brad would be stupid enough to show up again, and the thought that he might be out there, while you laid in bed with Jensen was enough to have you sitting straight up in bed.

“Wha…what is it?” Jensen asked, waking up instantly. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he glanced at you, watching as you climbed out of bed. Wrapping your arms around your waist, you headed straight for the bathroom. Leaning over the sink, you could see just how frazzled you felt. Your hair was a bird’s nest from sleeping, and you had the start of dark circles underneath your eyes. But it was the pale skin and the wide pupils that showed how upset you were.

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My favorite trash moment: The Elevator Look

Season 5B was a rough one. I had wanted the show to zoom through the plotline. I will not even mention the ladies name, Jessie, but eventually Rick started to see his chocolate in the sunshine, and all those feelings from the road came back to him. He looked her up and down like, Yes my queen. Whatever you say my queen. You rule this kingdom, my queen.” And MIchonne was looking all goddess like because the sunlight was at it’s highest and she had her vivacious glow. I loved this scene.

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I was like, Yes ma’am miss Pam. My ship is still standing, they are still strong(my Antwan Fisher moment).

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A couple of episodes later they went canon.

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And now life is sweet