he weighs as much as a boyfriend anyways

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Geno’s booth is still empty at 6:30.

Sid bites at his thumbnail and frets.

He’s usually here by now, holding coffee and looking sleepy and ruffled and unpacking his hand knitted scarves and mittens as he asks Sid about his latest crop of apples or pumpkins from across the aisle, slowly getting more animated as the caffeine kicks in.

By the time the market opens at seven he’s completely awake and ready to greet the public with a warm smile and fights off the chill on even the coldest of mornings.

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The Plan-Michael Clifford

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“I’ll never write a fake dating fic!”-me last year

Basically a university au/fake dating au where your parents and michaels are both constantly in your dating lives so you fake date to get them to stop bugging you, but actually fall for each other in the process

Throwing yourself down on your bed, you sighed loudly. “I don’t even want to see my parents this weekend.”

“Join the club.” Your best friend Michael said, lying on top of you horizontally so that the two of you were arranged like a human plus sign on your tiny dorm bed.

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Reclamation | Oh Sehun Drabble

Genre: Angst

Numbers: 35 with Sehun; requested

Even the ticking of the clock weighed heavily on your heart at this point. Tick, tock, tick, tock, every night until you couldn’t wait much longer. Some nights, Sehun would enter your home just before you passed out, but there was nothing to say to each other. Both of you were exhausted. Soon enough it didn’t feel like it was your boyfriend coming into the room anyway. Ever since his company launched his career, there was a stranger on your bed every night. Your friends worried about you, saying it was an unhealthy relationship and that you should leave before he hurts you. You wondered, was it really you who was unhappy? Your mind wandered and you lost sleep thinking about it. You’d wake up before him just to see him leave, to make sure he was okay.

“Y/N…” Sehun’s voice was hoarse and rough.

Of course, there was no way you could blame him: he had worked so hard for this. It was his dream but you felt like you were only getting in the way. You encouraged him and showed the most affection you could but it wasn’t enough. You, too, were tired.

“Yes?” You played with his hair.

He didn’t answer, dozing off like an angel while you watched as you did most days. It reminded you that he was here and not just an illusion; that he wasn’t a stranger. You called out his name softly, making sure he was completely asleep and your assumptions proved to be right. He didn’t move an inch.

“Are you happy with me?”

Suddenly, you gasped when he lazily placed a hand on your cheek, chuckling. When was the last time he had cupped your cheek like that? When was the last time he was so close to you, breathing on your lips? When was the last time you could feel his heart beating like that? Biting your lip, a tear rolled down your cheek as memories of the two of you flooded your mind.

“I’ll prove it to you in any way possible, even if it takes me the rest of my life. I promise I will.”

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I lost the ask but an anon requested KidLaw about a week ago; Kidd trying to stay awake, waiting for Law to return from work!! It took me a while (this is my fourth try hopefully Tumblr will post this!) Thanks for the request though!! So cute!! ( o v o )

Kidd’s eyes were barely open

Suddenly his eyelids weighed a ton. It was physically impossible for him to keep them open; it felt like gravity was pulling them down with an enormously strong force. Admittedly it felt ridiculous – how could a pair of eyelids feel like they weighed a ton? Eyelids were only two pieces of thin skin after all, they could impossibly weigh a ton. How much could a pair of eyelids weigh anyway? Did he have to ask Law to cut off an eyelid of one of his patients in order to find out? Fuck, now he was thinking like a psychopath.

It was two in the morning and any sane person would have been home by now. Kidd knew that Law’s shift had ended three hours ago, but that the stubborn idiot wouldn’t leave until he had all of his paperwork neatly organized on his messy desk. Sometimes Kidd hated that his boyfriend was such a perfectionist, never being able to endure the slightest irregularity in any form.

He stared at the TV-screen with an empty look on his face. There was literally nothing good on TV. Currently he entertained himself by watching a program about UFOs. There were some dudes insisting that they totally had seen an UFO, and a couple of UFO-experts said that it most likely was true. Soon the program moved on and they had started discussing ghosts – now a woman claimed that she had a ghost living in her vacuum cleaner. Law might be insane with keeping everything tidy but these people were raving mad.

Kidd sighed, deciding that watching these lunatics was too tiring for him. He zapped through some channels and eventually some porn popped out of nowhere and he quickly turned down the volume, hoping that the old lady next door hadn’t heard the blonde woman’s loud moans. He swallowed and blinked at the TV-screen, watching the porn with judgmental eyes. That was not how it worked at all. In fact, those positions looked uncomfortable to say the least. And why were the women wearing big earrings and high-heeled shoes? It was highly impractical – the earrings would get stuck everywhere and they could accidentally hurt each other with those sharp heels.

After a while he got horny anyway. And Law wasn’t around. Now he started to become needy on a whole other level. At first he had waited for Law in order to spend some quality time with his boyfriend but now he just wanted to spend another kind of quality time with him. Fuck.

Kidd sighed and decided to text Law. The last reply he had gotten from the surgeon had been something along the lines of ‘Fuck off, I’m doing hospital-stuff, you wouldn’t understand’. But now Kidd literally couldn’t fuck off until he had something to fuck off to. And Law was the only thing he could fuck off to. So he sent him a text.

‘Trafalgar. Come home now. I’m bored.’

Law didn’t reply. Kidd had kind of anticipated that so he walked to their bedroom, took off his shirt and stood in front of their mirror. Watching himself with a smug smirk, Kidd felt the phone vibrating in his pocket.

‘No. Still got a few papers to organize. Important.’

Kidd didn’t even care if the reply was negative because he knew this would change his boyfriend’s opinion. He smirked, gently pulled down the waist band of his pants, revealing a bit more of his muscular body but not enough. Snapping a picture of himself posing like this, he sent it to Law.

‘Changed your mind yet?’

The reply came thirty seconds later.

‘Fuck paperwork I’m coming home.’

Kidd chuckled. “Wow, that was easy”, he mused for himself.

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