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YOO Merry Christmas @irishgirl982! I was your secret santa for the @mlsecretsanta​ exchange! :D You requested anything from the lovesquare so here’s some fluffy Adrinette! Hope you enjoy it! C:


The Lightwoods are having none of your shit. (x)

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first of all… 5? this how i know the devil is real… but anyway lets get into it.

5) John at the Graham Norton show. listen..a sweater+a suit jacket (in deep fall colors) was enough but what pushed this over from “i just look this good” to “fry an egg on me” is the hair - the fade, the lineup, the LINE on the side. 

4) The Queen of Katwe London Premiere. I love me some John in print. I love me some John reminding me he’s Nigerian.

3) BAFTAs. Even when he’s wearing classic colors he does it big. Why settle for boringass matte black when you can go velvet.

2)Promoing TFA - random place. The look that changed me. The long coat, the shades, fitted jeans, all black, the way he’s standing, one hand in his pocket, gazing to the side, serving LOOKS. this look changed me as a PERSON. i went from a northface jacket kinda girl to wearing on sale matte brown coats from zara.

1) TFA Premiere. Are you surprised? You’re not. The day he reminded all these regular-degular hoes at the premeire w/him that HE was the ONE. he told us finn was gonna be a jedi with this look. he came into my house on this day to wipe away my tears w/his one gloved hand, slick down my edges, steal me from star trek and i embraced him into my heart as my main. i actually didnt know sw existed before this look and really…did anyone?

oh gosh…Okay… so this happened over a couple days? this bad has been bugging me a bit to be created and i couldn’t help but listen finally. but he actively confused me because he was fire but also skeleton…? SO HE IS BOTH? He also doesn’t have a name, but was lovingly given the name of Teddy from another character xD so that’s what i’ve been calling him.

So meet Teddy~! my fire skeleton so is wearing tights that make his legs look like they are made of bone… mh… Teddybear you are odd.

Also, here he is without the friggin’ background since I was unsure if i liked it or not but i got carried away…

YUP. enjoy XDD

autumn iwaoi headcanons:

  • since they were little kids they collected the fallen leaves to give them to their mothers, they still do that
  • oikawa owns 384584 sweaters and at least 3 of them he stole from iwaizumi
  • iwaizumi wears turtlenecks and oikawa feels offended by his fashion choices
  • oikawa has an unhealthy pumpkin obsession and will eat literally everything pumpkin flavoured. when he was five he tried to eat the pumpkin candle and iwaizumi likes to remind him about it 
  • oikawa absolutely loves evening walks, so they go out for a walk almost every day
  • oikawa tried pumpkin carving once, he managed to get both him and iwaizumi hurt so he’s not allowed to do this anymore
  • when the weather is bad they stay in bed all day, listening to the rain and cuddling under tons of blankets


  • “oikawa, it’s november 1st, it’s not christmas yet”
This sums up not all but most confuse non kpop fans. READ BELOW.

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There’s so many other scenarios that can go with this pic, dealing with this topic but this is just a few. Numbers 2, 3, and 5 is hilarious, because It looks like he’s mouthing it. You can add others, when you re-blog, if you like.

1. Them: “Why he steady changing hair color?”

    Me: “That’s a different person”

   Them: *GIF*

2. Them: *See’s 5 members…..then 4 more pop up* “Damn there’s more?”

    Me: “Yes…yes there is.”

3. Them: “Is he wearing makeup?”

    Me: “Yeah so what?”

    Them: *GIF*

4. Them: “Is that a boy?”

    Me: *Angry* “Yes, that’s a fucking boy”

    Them: *GIF*

5.  Them: *Keep seeing members do a 18+ dance* “Is this porn?”

      Me: *mumbles* “Hell yeah” *Out loud* “No it’s not porn, what’s wrong with you?”

Jumin Han with Sebastian Michaelis’ outfit (WIP).

I thought he would like to wear this outfit, and it actually suits him :3

some random Stan O War II thoughts, feel free to add

  • Stan fits the old curmudgeon stereotype but he’s not actually too bad with modern tech, which leaves him in charge of using any modern gadgets like phones/laptops/etc
  • he’s also in charge of any repairs to the ship because every time Ford touches anything, they wind up with seven more broken items and two tools lost overboard
  • Ford packed nothing but sweaters and Stan packed nothing but t-shirts. Stan has to borrow sweaters now and then when they’re in colder waters
  • 97% of the sweaters are Mabel-made (the other 3% is the single sweater he was wearing when he came through the portal)
  • Ford’s favourite food to get when they dock at port towns is fish and chips. Stan’s is a good, hot stew
  • they got into a fist fight on deck once
  • it was because ford thought they should attempt to lure a kraken directly to the boat by tying a carcass to the hull
  • stan did not think it was a good idea
  • Every day at sundown, they stand on deck together and lean off the edge, watching the sunset. Sometimes they talk, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes Stan makes hot chocolate. But barring storms, they always do it. It’s their favourite part of the day